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Struck by Thunder?! FIRST TIME DIVE Brian Johnson and AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" Live at River Plate

  • Published on Nov 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Our patrons always bring me the best music. This time, for my first time ever, I'll be listening to the legendary AC/DC in a live performance that is incredibly massive. I hear Brian Johnson has a lot of differences between him and Bon Scott, whom I plan to hear soon, and even then. . . AC/DC's sound is so legendary I'm bound to make it a part of my normal listening repertoire.
    Join professional opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff, as she listens to AC/DC for the first time, performing "Thunderstruck” Live at River Plate.
    Written by Angus Young and Malcolm Young - Performed by AC/DC
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    Elizabeth Zharoff is an international opera singer and voice coach, with 3 degrees in voice, opera, and music production. She's performed in 18 languages throughout major venues in Europe, America, and Asia. Currently based somewhere between Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona, Elizabeth spends her days researching voice, singing, teaching, writing music, and recording TONS. She also plays Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons.
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  • The Charismatic Voice
    The Charismatic Voice  4 months ago +50

    We just released merchandise! Check out the full line-up here: thecharismaticmerch.com

    • Loveyatoo
      Loveyatoo 14 days ago

      yea, merch named "pause" :D

    • Mikael Þorsteinsson
      Mikael Þorsteinsson 17 days ago

      Just wanted to give you an info about the "population" at this concert. It was about 200.000, but they have performed in front of over 1.5 million people in a concert in 1991.

    • azznbad1
      azznbad1 26 days ago

      I read the band has now made up with Brian and are going to be touring in 2023 some 45 years after this show. You can see them in person. Lol

    • azznbad1
      azznbad1 26 days ago

      Elizabeth, I've noticed crowds shock you in many videos. Back in the summers of the late 70s and early 80s, I attended probably 20 shows with 80,000 plus at them. People today are just softer and won't attend things where they are shoulder to shoulder with other sweaty rock fans. I recently saw a stadium show, with Greenday headlining, but it wasn't the same.
      It was in a dome with ac, and I heard people complain because they were sticky, which, as someone who watched Sammy Hagar in 103⁰ Heat with 85,000 of our closest friends, I found it hilarious. Just a different time and different expectations from a show.

    • Anders Myrvold
      Anders Myrvold Month ago

      Motorhead. You need To listen to the voice of Lemmy.

  • rick Kennedy
    rick Kennedy 4 months ago +5288

    "I'm sick and tired of people saying that we put out 11 albums that sound exactly the same. In fact, we've put out 12 albums that sound exactly the same.“ - Angus Young

    • 2ndhand sextoy
      2ndhand sextoy 12 days ago

      Love Angus!

    • Phil Montgomery
      Phil Montgomery 12 days ago

      LOL too funny. I've got to say that I've only recently discovered your music. I'd heard of AC/DC before but I guess I was just stuck with the groups that I was used too. I'd like to say thank you for being around until I got a bit smarter and listened to your music. And I'm glad I did but ashamed that it took so long. 67 and climbing!

    • Paul Mayon
      Paul Mayon 15 days ago

      I remember that quote. Mic drop quote

    • Aaron Leverton
      Aaron Leverton 18 days ago

      @Denni Wintyr One extra album: T.N.T. But most of it ended up on the foreign High Voltage and most of the original High Voltage wasn't heard outside OZNZ until '74 Jailbreak in '84. And Dirty Deeds didn't make the US until '81 and then without Jailbreak, it's main single.
      Atlantic were absolutely clueless.

    • Central Coast Transparency
      Central Coast Transparency 20 days ago

      @Russe 4 chords

  • John G
    John G Month ago +147

    Eric Clapton once said to Angus Young at a party, that "all your songs are based on 3 chordes" Angus replied "Yes, but I know all 6". AC/DC still the greatest rock and roll band in the world even in their 60's

    • Ron T.
      Ron T. Day ago

      Reminds me of something I read years ago. George Thorogood was being interviewed by a reporter, I think just after his second album was released, about how he felt about his rise in popularity. George, always modest , said that he had a hard time understanding it . George said "I only know four chords, . . . . .but I know 'em cold !"

  • TwiggyHetfield27
    TwiggyHetfield27 Month ago +235

    What honestly almost made me cry was seeing the audience. A SEA of mostly young faces, maybe in their 20s & 30s, hell maybe even teenagers by the looks of some of them. Music is generational. To have a band like AC/DC who came about during the 70s, during my parents youth, & to see SOO many people of the younger generations LOVE the music warms my damn heart. Good music has no expiration date. It lives on forever.

    • Ian Malkav
      Ian Malkav 7 days ago +1

      @Tony Cooke It was, for sure!

    • Tony Cooke
      Tony Cooke 7 days ago +2

      ​@Ian Malkav that must have been Epic 🔥

    • Kenneth Y
      Kenneth Y 7 days ago +1

      I play music from my youth in the late 60s-70s all the time. I had ACDC on and asked my grandsons if they heard of them. They said no, I asked if they thought they were popular, they didn't know, so I put on the video of this concert in River Plate... needless to say they were amazed. 😄

    • Joliie
      Joliie 14 days ago

      I came to AC/DC in the late 80 early 90s, Razors edge being the cassette that was worn out.

  • Alexia Alexander
    Alexia Alexander Month ago +78

    Please accept this with the utmost of respect...your reaction to AC/DC is simply -- adorable!

    • Vincent Nastri
      Vincent Nastri 9 days ago +1

      She is so adorable too!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Moon Witch
      Moon Witch 20 days ago +1

      I'm older, GenX, a lot of my friends are younger and introducing them to stuff with this kind of power and kick is hilarious fun.

  • John Kerr
    John Kerr Month ago +85

    That move of Angus is his emulation of Chuck Berrie's duck walk. I also love how the whole stadium pulses as if it is one organism.

    • Animalyze71
      Animalyze71 18 days ago +2

      @ironman211dr It his signature move, He based it on CB but didn't steal it, there are big differences.

    • ironman211dr
      ironman211dr 20 days ago

      i did not know that thanks bro I thought it was his move

  • Fernando Moreira
    Fernando Moreira 5 days ago +2

    O melhor show que o AC/DC fez em toda a carreira foi esse, no River Plate, os argentinos devolveram para a banda toda a energia desse incrível show.

  • Mr. Security
    Mr. Security 4 months ago +3829

    Brian Johnson spent many years preparing to become the lead singer for AC/DC by working in a Iron Mill, smoking pack after pack of cigarettes and downing thousands of pints of beer.
    That's the kind of training you just can't get at Juliard.

    • Manj Sher
      Manj Sher 7 days ago

      ​@Snicklefritz bon had to die to give birth to our acdc.

    • Central Coast Transparency
      Central Coast Transparency 20 days ago

      @John Kirby Powerage!
      Diamonds, and dust
      Poor man last, rich man first
      Lamborghinis, caviar
      Dry martini, Shangi-La
      I've got a burnin' feelin'
      Deep inside of me
      It's yearnin'
      But I'm gonna set it free

    • Central Coast Transparency
      Central Coast Transparency 20 days ago +1

      Bon still sounded better. He was a singer, not a screamer straining on almost every note. And no, I’m not a Brian hater. He’s great, but he’s never going to be as good as Bon was. He has kept AC/DC alive and kicking, there’s no arguing that, but had Bon not died, can you just imagine…I can.

    • Johnny b. Goode
      Johnny b. Goode Month ago

      She's been thunder struck

    • Mr. Security
      Mr. Security Month ago

      ​@MsBenlane Ozzy said it was easier giving up heroin than quiting smoking

  • Donald K. Hoaty
    Donald K. Hoaty 2 months ago +70

    The original singer for AC/DC, Bon Scott, who died in the early-80s, had a very unique (high distortion) voice. When Brian was later recruited to join the band, they challenged him to see if he could create develop a similar (and still unique) sound to that of Bon--since the vocal sound was such a big part of the band's identity and success. Brian had to try a few times to to find the sound they were looking for, but eventually got to the sound you heard here. Bon's sound may have been more natural to him than this was to Brian, but Brian truly owns it now. I'd be curious to see what you thought of a Bon Scott song that was also sung later by Brian.

    • Beena Plumber
      Beena Plumber 5 days ago

      @Aaron Leverton Looks like my memory (or the documentary I watched) is a little shabby. I remembered it differently, but I'm obviously mistaken. Maybe I read into it that he must have learned something from the pipers, I dunno. Damn, I'm only 56! I feel old.

    • ??!??
      ??!?? 5 days ago

      Fun fact bon Scott said to the band if anything happened to him that they should get Brian to get the band going.

    • Aaron Leverton
      Aaron Leverton 11 days ago

      @Beena Plumber He was a drummer in the pipe band.

    • Beena Plumber
      Beena Plumber 11 days ago

      @Aaron Leverton Not so. Bon had played with a pipe and drum band before. I don't think he ever claimed any particular skill at it, but he did know how to play the instrument at that level. George knew that when he asked him to give it a try. Bon went to the store and came back the next day with a really expensive set of pipes. I know he really worked at it to get it sounding just right.
      When they played it live, in the videos I've seen, the sound was a recording, and Bon was miming, but bagpipes are difficult to mic live, especially in a way that would allow him to move around, an obvious necessity for Bon. (We have technology now that would make live pipes sound great with a wireless rig, but not in the 70s.) Also, playing to recorded pipes detuned would allow them to continue playing with their guitars in standard tuning.

    • david verheyden
      david verheyden 11 days ago

      The original singer when AC/DC Was on the rise was Dave Evans ,, he didn't last at the band before he was replaced by Bon Scott.

  • Bryan Brewer
    Bryan Brewer 2 months ago +40

    you have no idea how loud and soul moving their concerts are until you are there....

  • mark kavanagh
    mark kavanagh 2 months ago +97

    AC/DC Live at River Plate is the best ever concert film.EVER.
    And that band can make a stadium feel like pub gig and everyone in it together.
    Love them.

    • Arthur Bishop
      Arthur Bishop Month ago +8

      BEST FUCKING AUDIENCE I've ever seen or heard. Now, those are ROCK AND ROLL FANS!!!

    • fui plu
      fui plu Month ago +4

      Megadeath live in Argentina..symphony of destruction..just as great

    • Timothy Halbert
      Timothy Halbert Month ago +3

      Give Pink Floyd Pulse Live a shot. Every part of that concert is perfection.

  • Rob Bouchard
    Rob Bouchard 2 months ago +39

    This is a perfect example of an AC/DC live performance. I have been to a lot of rock concerts and the energy at an AC/DC show is unmatched.

    • Mickeyislowd
      Mickeyislowd 10 days ago +2

      @cristina pisaneschi The women are god dammed gorgeous.

    • cristina pisaneschi
      cristina pisaneschi 25 days ago +1

      This is what you get at an Argentinian crowd 🤩🤩

    • Jeramy1440 Jack
      Jeramy1440 Jack Month ago

      Pantera concerts were the closest thing I experienced to the same energy. Saw AC/DC with Metallica crazy show.

  • Robbie Sisson
    Robbie Sisson Month ago +29

    “Hells Bells” was THE song for me when I was a kid. It was the first AC/DC song I’d heard with Brian Johnson and it was the first track on Back in Black which was the first album after Bon Scott passed. It really changed my idea of what hard rock could sound like and it changed the sound of AC/DC forever. You can really hear his tone and voice much more on that track, especially the album version.

    • Cory Gibson
      Cory Gibson Month ago

      I have the same sell on this band as that one song brought me in

    • Tony Bates
      Tony Bates Month ago +1

      Yeah, if she is going to react to Brian Johnson, it has to be from one of his first three albums with AC/DC. Hells Bells is an incredible song, but I would also suggest something like Shake a Leg, or really anything off of For Those About to Rock. His voice on the Razor's Edge is so different sounding, it's almost like it isn't the same guy anymore. I will say that more recent concerts like this are a vast improvement over that late 80's-90s sound. I prefer the way his voice sounds here over the original recording of Thunderstruck.

  • Paul Riddle
    Paul Riddle 4 months ago +1528

    THat man is 73 years old and still sounds as good as that.... They are one of the most iconic bands of all time.

    • Chris Spurk
      Chris Spurk 22 days ago

      @Melissa Struxness not true.

    • Barry Dano
      Barry Dano 2 months ago

      @Jeff Richards actually if you Google it you will hear many versions of the story all with the same conclusion. Basically Bon picked Brian as his replacement.

    • Paul Riddle
      Paul Riddle 2 months ago

      @Melissa Struxness Go look it up. Hes talked about it extensively in interviews.

    • Melissa Struxness
      Melissa Struxness 2 months ago

      @Ned Rini listen at one point that happened. Look it up. I did not know he was cleared to go back. Jeesh CHILL

    • Melissa Struxness
      Melissa Struxness 2 months ago

      @Sugarcat did not know that. Glad he is back. Last I heard he could not sing because of how loud it all is. So happy about that

  • Walhuf
    Walhuf Month ago +27

    Angus’ “chicken walk” and “running in circles on the ground” are staples of lead guitar pageantry. Emulated by many, loved by all.
    These guys are the definition of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And it definitely ain’t broke. RIP Malcolm.

    • Chris Spurk
      Chris Spurk 22 days ago

      Chicken walk??? Never heard that. The other commentators are right about that

    • Jason Pringle
      Jason Pringle 27 days ago +6

      Duck walk was originated by Chuck Berry in the 50s but Angus certainly perfected it.

    • Mike F
      Mike F Month ago +5

      "Duck walk" my man..

  • Maurice Clemens
    Maurice Clemens 2 months ago +39

    Brian Johnson’s singing voice sounds like a bag of screaming cats! Amazing he’s been able to maintain his voice all those years. Amazing vocalist. So much respect!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. I get such a kick out of your excitement with this music. This concert was 40+ years ago! That move Angus uses is from Chuck Berry.

    • biggiemal
      biggiemal 14 days ago

      @64lonelyman Pretty sure I'll never be in a better rock concert. Especially in this era...

    • 64lonelyman
      64lonelyman 17 days ago +1

      You’re probably talking about the 1991 MoR Donington concert. Which is imho far superb to River Plate. Don’t get me wrong, RP was still a great show, but Donington much, much better.

    • Nebuca MV
      Nebuca MV 22 days ago

      ​@Animalyze71 I was just wondering. The picture quality clearly is not as low as it was in the 80s. 😆

    • Animalyze71
      Animalyze71 Month ago +9

      It was 2009 when this was filmed at River Plate. 14 years roughly.

  • Jeff Allen
    Jeff Allen 29 days ago +10

    "It's like the entire stadium is shaking!"
    That would be because it is. So much energy at a metal show, especially at an AC/DC concert. The audience at a metal concert often, if not always, become this singular animal, kinda like how a hive of a thousand bees acts as one. It's part of the beauty of being at a show. One of my favorite parts.

  • Naked Hook And Florida Outdoors

    If you have not heard them or done anything yet, I think you would truly enjoy Cinderella and Tom Keifer's vocals. Nobody's Fool could be a good start, for a first dive. Truly one of the most unique, distinctive and excellent voices in rock.

  • Catmanxii
    Catmanxii Month ago +10

    AC-DC is one of the few bands I've seen live that feels like an earthquake has happened at the gig, the combination of the band & the crowd make everything including the ground shake...Everything & everyone usually gets moved at an AC-DC gig!

  • Fred Jones
    Fred Jones 4 months ago +575

    Someone once asked Angus how it felt to be the greatest guitar player on the planet and he replied "I'm not even the greatest guitar player in my family". Very humble.

    • Kevin Thompson
      Kevin Thompson Month ago +1

      I always thought Brian sounds like he’s singing with clenched jaws through a mouth full of toothpaste.

    • Timothy Jahn
      Timothy Jahn 2 months ago

      @def1ghi Jealously... Thats about it. Well that and Clip-Share commenters who have done absolutely nothing and know even less.

    • def1ghi
      def1ghi 2 months ago +2

      What's not to love about Angus? He plays his 5 foot 4 inch heart out at every show for his fans.

    • Jasper Janssen
      Jasper Janssen 3 months ago +2

      When Marty McFly does the duckwalk, I guess he’s probably imitating AC/DC, the film’s conceit being that that inspires Chuck Berry, who inspired AC/DC…

    • James Dunn
      James Dunn 4 months ago

      Damn, this just makes me cry.

  • Kevin Belrose
    Kevin Belrose 7 days ago

    this whole concert is available to watch and the crowd energy from hundreds of thousands of amped up fans is amazing

  • Matthew Good
    Matthew Good 2 months ago +7

    I once read a quote from Angus Young, that it always takes him hours to come down after every show; their concerts rock that hard and he puts that much energy into his live performances.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 months ago +7

    I'm mesmerized by this. I absolutely appreciate how authentic all your reactions are to everything. Loved this!

  • teppec
    teppec Month ago +6

    Brian Johnson is one of those voices where once you hear it the first time, it is so instantly iconic you will always instantly know who he is, what band he's with, and what genre of music he's singing the moment you hear it again.

  • Brandon Michael
    Brandon Michael Month ago +5

    I love Rock because you can embrace things like Brian's voice and Angus having fun on stage like basically no other genre does

  • Dave “Zealdave”
    Dave “Zealdave” 4 months ago +382

    That concert was not just a one night crowed. The River Plate concert was three concerts and was recorded over the three nights. A crowd like that at one concert is impressive, to do that for three nights is pure insane in the greatest way.

    • Dave “Zealdave”
      Dave “Zealdave” 23 days ago

      @German Balbuena Uruguay and Argentina share a boarder and probable fans but I think we can agree South America make the best fans. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

    • orlock20
      orlock20 4 months ago +1

      There have been acts where 3.5 million people showed up. That's larger than the population of some states in the U.S. Even a paying crowd of 220,000 is a scary thought from a logistical standpoint.

    • David Smith
      David Smith 4 months ago

      @NecramoniumVideo I've seen the lads many times. Biggest show? Over 400,000 people in Toronto. Their 2nd biggest show other than Moscow. Bloody awesome!

    • lucaskobain
      lucaskobain 4 months ago +1

      I'm pretty sure it was filmed on the second show, not 1 and 3. I was at those two and kinda regret not getting a ticket for the DVD night. But yeah, they were all like this

  • Mark G.
    Mark G. 2 months ago +11

    I saw AC/DC so many times in the 70's when Bon Scott was the lead vocal. I feel fortunate to have kept my hearing intact. And Angus is far calmer here than he was back them. He never stopped headbanging back then. He would get on the shoulders a guy and carried him around thru the crowd while still playing. His guitar playing is unique. Your analysis of Brian was very insightful.

    • Mark G.
      Mark G. Month ago +1

      @Eric Jones Never saw anyone else do that.

    • Eric Jones
      Eric Jones Month ago +1

      Went around the floor of Market Square Arena in Indianapolis 1981 Back in Black tour with no breaks in the action!

  • Sean Woodburn
    Sean Woodburn 8 days ago +1

    Brian has AMAZING control...he practically whispers in fact.
    He attributes his longevity to not belting.
    The down beat in the intro...first measure accents on 1&2, second measure syncopates on 2&4.
    These guys are masters of playing space.
    Fantastic breakdown and I learn so much about vocal technique from your comments.

  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins Month ago +7

    When you release just how big the crowd is tells you just how good this band is.

  • Ernie Rice
    Ernie Rice 2 months ago +11

    I saw an interview with Van Halen once where they talked about AC/DC, they were playing in Los Angeles and VH was on later in the day and they were wondering why the venue was shaking. It was AC/DC pounding the concrete and they were glad they didn’t have to follow them on the stage.

  • KalliGusta
    KalliGusta Month ago +15

    Around 70000 a night and they did 3 gigs sold out at River Plate Stadium. Greatest rock band ever 🤯🤯

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 12 days ago

      70000 is more than the ratio between the loudest and quietest sound that can be on an uncompressed CD recording

  • darren durbin
    darren durbin 2 months ago +219

    Not a band alive that has as many songs that instantly make you want to crank the volume when you hear it as AC/DC does!!

    • Paxpaul
      Paxpaul 8 days ago +1

      Hanson comes close.

    • DrJman's Place
      DrJman's Place 10 days ago

      Idk. Iron Maiden has a similar experience.

    • Crash 709
      Crash 709 15 days ago +1

      Turn it up to 11

    • Richard White
      Richard White 18 days ago

      Iron Maiden does, and they still sound much better than AC/DC does live. Love AC/DC, but they sound horrible live and can't hold a match to Iron Maiden.

    • Animalyze71
      Animalyze71 18 days ago +1

      @Worgen Well technically Yes but they had to sell out in order to capture that market. Sadly I was done with that group around the Re-Load era and I remember them playing small venues during their Kill em all pre release days with Dave Mustain.

  • Phil Gallagher
    Phil Gallagher 25 days ago +6

    Something that is never mentioned is that Brian is still singing with this power, and still as high today. HE IS SEVENTY FIVE YEARS OLD!!!
    Also, he's a Geordie (from Newcastle in North East England) and has a very distinct accent in his speaking voice which leaks into his singing.

  • JP Travis
    JP Travis 2 months ago +7

    I love her face when she starts listening 🤣, literally all of US when the song starts 🤣!

  • Karina Liashchynskaya
    Karina Liashchynskaya 8 days ago +1

    I was lucky to see AC/DC in 2015 during their pop-up concert rehearsals. It was unreal. In their earlier songs you can hear that he is working more on sounding the way he does, but by now he actually speaks with the distortion you hear. Unreal experience

  • TheKaneECO
    TheKaneECO 29 days ago +5

    Amazes me how good they sounded during this concert. They were all pushing if not over 60 years old. Rock grandads for sure

  • M T
    M T 14 days ago

    I truly enjoy watching your reactions and the immense knowledge of music, vocals and lyrics you share. Thank you

  • A Carter
    A Carter 4 months ago +328

    Angus' skip-strut is his own twist on Chuck Berry's "Duck Walk". This man loves performing. Very quiet, private, not "rock-starry" behavior offstage, but a total wild man while playing. Brian had a really cool TV special, in which he hung out with Robert Plant, the members of Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Def Leppard, and you get to see what they are like as "real people".

    • Gregg Castro
      Gregg Castro Month ago

      @alex hawkins Probably you mean “Big Mama Thornton”

    • alex hawkins
      alex hawkins Month ago

      Actually Chuck Berry copied a old bad ass black woman I can't remember her name but was one who was a big part of starting the rock movement.

    • Gregg Castro
      Gregg Castro Month ago +2

      @Ben Walls Perhaps you are not on the website for you and your interests; the link to the uninterrupted video is given by her, perhaps try it . . .

    • Ben Walls
      Ben Walls 2 months ago

      She is nice enough but she assumes our ears can't hear greatness...and she talks to much....I would like to see her Grammy....no offense sweetie...

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 20 days ago +1

    ACDC are amazing live. The walk and headbanging are trademarks of Angus young. He also does a strip tease. Brian Johnson is the 2nd singer after Bob Scott who died in 1979. He was formally the lead for Geordie.

  • Madzu159
    Madzu159 9 days ago +1

    That really is Angus's signature move. And in some venues he does it on the glass floor, so it can be filmed underneath.

  • Philip
    Philip 2 months ago +2

    Brian is a legend and also the most down to earth person in rock music. A really nice person.

  • Jay The Canuck
    Jay The Canuck Month ago +4

    Blows me away that some people have never heard this song.... This is easily one of the greatest song intro's of all time... I've been listening to this song for probly 30 years... and its still just EPIC to see it live.. That crowd you see is the norm... every show.. world wide... for decades.... That's why it surprises me so much that you have never even heard it!
    Fun Fact... Brian Johnson actually sings relatively quietly.. his mic is gained up and expanded massively because he actually pushes relatively small amounts of air out.. but knows how to direct it properly to make the sound and not damage his voice..

  • David Bell
    David Bell 2 months ago +6

    My brain still has a hard time comprehending that the "new singer" has been belting it out for over 40 years. He's still so very humble. Class act.

  • Keith McCord
    Keith McCord 4 months ago +219

    Wait until Elizabeth finds out you CAN do a rock and roll solo on the bagpipes in It's A Long Way To The Top. Mind Blown. RIP Bon Scott

    • slideryt
      slideryt 16 days ago

      There will never be a Rock song with bagpipes in it.
      Bon Scott: Hold my beer.

    • Sam The Mighty
      Sam The Mighty Month ago

      @Quantum Bee Well their parents are Brits and they moved to Australia during recession when the kids were still Young. :D

    • Quantum Bee
      Quantum Bee 3 months ago

      @Randal Martin Interesting that Brian is from England and Bon was from Scotland, originally but I think the rest of the band is Australian?

    • Quantum Bee
      Quantum Bee 3 months ago

      Definitely one of my favourite songs

    • Mark Stockman
      Mark Stockman 3 months ago

      @Stevilkenevil99 Definitely a Black Sabbath tribute. They even downtuned. Very controversial as there was a serial k1ller operating at the same time they released the song.

  • Matt Hardy
    Matt Hardy 22 days ago

    I love your perspective on these bands that are so foreign to you. As you state in the video, Brian Johnson has an incredibly unique voice. I would love to hear your reaction Tom Keifer of Cinderella. Another incredibly unique powerful voice. Hope to see it someday soon!

  • Moon Witch
    Moon Witch 20 days ago +2

    I think you'd get a blast out of the studio version, there's a bit more depth and nuance offstage. I love your reaction to this, you've pegged the energy and how they play with suspense. Can't wait to get to your Bon Scott viewing!
    And I think folks told you about Angus doing the Chuck Berry signature hop, it's hilarious and fun!
    "Extreme positioning of the overall singing .. hole," did I hear that right? 😂

  • Bella D
    Bella D 18 days ago

    I worked in a stadium during an AC/DC concert in Australia. I tell you what, seeing that many people live is insane. The whole stadium rocked so hard. It was hard to hear the radio calls even with it directly in my ears. It was a fantastic experience even though I was working. Basically got paid to go to a concert 😊

  • Glen MacTavish
    Glen MacTavish Month ago

    What's truly amazing about the success of this group is that they had this huge fan base despite the fact the radio stations would only play one or two of their songs because they were deemed to risqué to play over the air waves

  • Scott Hennelly
    Scott Hennelly 25 days ago +2

    I was just recently turned onto this channel by Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. I love Elizabeth’s detailed analysis. This one is particularly fun since Brian basically screams in key. He definitely changed his approach to vocals after Flick of the Switch though. Much more ‘training’ in his voice than early on.

  • jarrahkin
    jarrahkin 4 months ago +181

    The last time they toured Australia I was on a train filled with fans going to the venue, 18-20 year-olds on one side, 50-60 year-olds on the other, both groups in their AC/DC merch, looking at each in surprise. You could seem them all thinking "Why are you old/young people going to see my band?". it was hilarious.
    Legendary band, with fans spanning generations.

    • John DeF
      John DeF 4 months ago +2

      We old f's schooled em right!

    • HotrodsnRock
      HotrodsnRock 4 months ago +1

      Excellent observation... No other band spans generations like AC/DC. Ive seen 7 year olds and 70 year olds at the same show. Still get chills

    • IcedViking
      IcedViking 4 months ago +9

      Reminds me when I went to see Metallica for the first time as a 16 year old. On my way back home we saw a lot of 50 maybe even 60 year olds throwing horns at me. Felt so cool.

  • Harry Metalhead
    Harry Metalhead 2 months ago +3

    They give you goosebumps when you are there live

  • Peter
    Peter 22 days ago

    I love how analytical your reviews are it’s very impressive and I also appreciate when you compare the similarities in different genres such as rock and classical music!

  • Jason S
    Jason S Month ago +3

    This is one of the greatest live concerts ever, the entire concert.

  • Eddie
    Eddie 2 months ago +8

    I remember in the 70’s, nobody had heard of this band I was listening to, called AC/DC and I kept asking everyone if they had heard of them and nobody did. 6-8 months later they blew up and everyone had heard of them, they are awesome still today

  • Ron Stoner
    Ron Stoner 28 days ago +1

    Your reaction and critique of this epic song/epic band was so much FUN for me to watch! You really do understand, you really do get AC/DC! LOVED IT, THANK YOU!!!♥️♥️♥️ 👍👍👍

  • Rob Clark
    Rob Clark 4 months ago +292

    First things first. R.I.P. Malcolm Young. One of if not the best rhythm guitarists of all time. Second. Your giggle when hearing these legendary vocalists belt out notes makes me smile. Third. The look of awe of your face as if you cannot believe what you are hearing coming out of their mouths is perfectly natural, because we lifelong fans had the same expression when we first heard Brian Johnson’s voice 40+ years ago.

    • Kaktus Kastl
      Kaktus Kastl 4 months ago +1

      @Richard Knight perfect description. 👌😍

    • BC
      BC 4 months ago +1

      This is Classic Metal. And your beginning to understand why the floor moves. And why there’s so many people there. It kicks ass.

    • Irene Denise
      Irene Denise 4 months ago

      Rest in peace

    • Jason Rudolph
      Jason Rudolph 4 months ago

      And I suspect without auto tune (a tool of some more of the modern acts) which rips off the audiences! 😎

    • phcoh
      phcoh 4 months ago

      And before Brain...

  • blargy72
    blargy72 Month ago +3

    AC_DC has always known how to work a crowd. Just pure, no fuss rock and roll. You can feel the energy coursing through the stadium.

  • Matt McDonough
    Matt McDonough 2 months ago +2

    The song takes on a life of its own live. One of the great stadium rock songs of all time.

  • Gavin Ferguson
    Gavin Ferguson Month ago

    Had the totally amazing privilege of seeing this played live and it’s incredible to be in the crowd

  • Dwayne Sorensen
    Dwayne Sorensen 23 days ago +1

    AC/DC is a life of its own. Their following is legendary. Everyone needs to experience them live at least once

  • Roy Plisko
    Roy Plisko 27 days ago

    I've been listening to these guys since Back in Black and this song just blew me away. That intro is a lit fuse moving toward a bomb. These guys are masters of rhythm memes. It's never complex... but it is as if it has been part of you all your life waiting to get out. Upbeat, downbeat, explosions and silence... it is an alchemy of total rhythm euphoria and you completely lose control of your ability to stay still. What you see in the audience is mostly involuntary IMHO.

  • Phil Leotardo
    Phil Leotardo 4 months ago +169

    I'm a 53 year old Australian, grew up with these guys as national icons, seen them live 3 times. But this Argentinian crowd is the most insane I've ever seen at a concert. You need to check out Hells Bells from the same gig.
    p.s Angus's move on the solo is called a duckwalk. It's an homage to Chuck Berry, one of his major influences

    • Alejandra Gonzalez
      Alejandra Gonzalez 4 months ago

      I saw AC/DC twice in River Plate Stadium, in 1995 and 2009, was incredible!!!!!!!!!! We, the argentinian crowd are the best!! All the bands that played here were amazed!!!

    • Mars Halek
      Mars Halek 4 months ago +1

      Chuck Berry invented it, but nobody's ever duckwalked more miles than Angus!

    • Dmitry *
      Dmitry * 4 months ago

      Phil, how about Airbourne?)) They Australian too? Looks like young blood AC/DC)
      But AC/DC forever, yeah!)

    • spanish peaches
      spanish peaches 4 months ago +1

      @Phil Leotardo jeeez...when the throbbing opening of Live Wire started...i was literally shaking...that has never happened at any other gig ive been to. Happy memories. 👍

  • Rob S
    Rob S 2 months ago

    One of the greatest live bands of all time. But if you really want a true measure of his voice, the studio version is the way to go.

  • jeff canavan
    jeff canavan Month ago +1

    Seen ac/DC live. One of the coolest things is how young and cliff hold down such a solid groove.

  • Tom Murdock
    Tom Murdock 7 days ago

    In my life time I've been lucky enough to see them Three times. Live is a must !

  • dizzybynature
    dizzybynature 25 days ago

    my favorite part is when Brian first says thunderstruck..
    the audience wants it.. they need it.. and with just a second of delay Brian just hands it over..
    he doesnt go over the top, he just gives us all what we so desperately craved and asks for nothing in return but your enjoyment..
    RIP - you will be missed

  • Joe Kroh
    Joe Kroh 23 hours ago

    Angus young is the bomb . He's authentic in his leg stroll lol . So dope and into his roll and guitar and just when he looks tired he goes faster lol

  • Steve Pulford
    Steve Pulford 4 months ago +189

    Since nobody else has answered... Brian does have an excellent clean voice as well, very bluesy sounding. The distortion is specifically done for AC/DC songs. Before joining AC/DC Brian was in a band called Geordie, he used mostly clean vocals with them.
    You should also check out AC/DC with Bon Scott on the vocals, he had one of the more unique voices in rock. I would recommend the songs Highway to Hell, High Voltage and Dirty Deeds as starting points for the Bon Scott era. Better yet do a reaction video.
    Thanks for always putting up killer content!

    • Kernelpickle
      Kernelpickle 3 months ago

      @ondřej Klimeš that rock and roll rhythm?

    • dramoth64
      dramoth64 4 months ago +1

      @Steve Pulford mr Metronome. Hits a beat that you can set a clock to!

    • Steve Pulford
      Steve Pulford 4 months ago +2

      @blackestknights that's not Chris Slade on drums, it's Phil Rudd.

    • blackestknights
      blackestknights 4 months ago +1

      If you google 2 cellos you can hear this song done with a more classical flavour. It’s a little funny hearing you say how unique Brian johnson’s voice is as he came in after Bon Scott died and I believe Bon Scott rated Brian johnson as a singer. I like both of them to be fair. AC/DC are a great fun band but the lyrics are not deep and meaningful. I loved your reaction, it was like you were being corrupted by the second. I don’t think you can focus on the vocals and ignore the part the rest of the band play Angus is a great lead guitarist but Malcolm young on rhythm guitar and Chris Slade on Drums keep things tight, along with Bass with george young and others. They are a great pick you up , listen to an AC/DC track and your energy levels rise no matter how tired you may be. Also that move you remarked on I think it originated with Chuck Berry.

    • mcfcguvnors
      mcfcguvnors 4 months ago

      most people left cos of the pausing m8 !! old wives tale that pausing beats copyright ffs YT upload system even TELLS YOU whether its copyright BEFORE you can press publish .jesus these people are annoying - al for more adverts !

  • Zoe
    Zoe Month ago

    I love this song so much, I've made my loved ones promise to play it at my funeral (only in the event I die from lightning strike. I have other "ironic" options for a normal death lmao)

  • jamie norman
    jamie norman Month ago

    Brian Johnson killed it for ACDC after Bon Scott died. Been jamming this band since I was like 6 years old

  • MinusFiveStars
    MinusFiveStars Month ago

    I will forever love Angus Young. You can tell that his instrument is his life.

  • Arthur Karlsson
    Arthur Karlsson Month ago

    Saw them couple of times in Germany way to many years ago and it was always a absolutely draining experience.. I just remember once crying like a baby while yelling out this bloody song. It's a life changing experience seeing them live.

  • Al Z
    Al Z Month ago

    I love your reactions and have already learned some cool things about vocalization here too! I'm glad that you picked my favorite band AC/DC to review. But, as a fan of the band for over 45 years, I would love to see you review their original signer Bon Scott. He has a very distinctive voice, & quite a stage presence! If you do review him, these are 5 very good ones. Let there be Rock / Riff Raff / Whole Lotta Rosie / It's a long way to the Top (if you wanna rock n roll) & Dirty Deeds (done dirt cheap) . Anyhow, keep up the great reactions & have you ever thought of doing a podcast with Justin Hawkins? I think you guys would be great! All the Best Al Z

  • Red Pyramid
    Red Pyramid 3 months ago +291

    Thunderstruck is, was, and always will be a headbanger of a song.
    Long live AC/DC.

    • Tino Contreras
      Tino Contreras 2 months ago +1

      Great hype song

    • Mumbolian
      Mumbolian 2 months ago +2

      No way this is their first time hearing this song. It’s everywhere.

  • Sydney Somer
    Sydney Somer 13 days ago

    ACDC was LEGEND!!!! They were popular when I was a teenager, everyone loved them- always sold out arenas!!!

  • Puddletown
    Puddletown 4 days ago

    Welcome to the club. Now you know why this was our favorite band in high school. Perfection in action.

  • K-Town
    K-Town 23 days ago

    The thing Angus does at around 19:54 is the socalled "duck walk" invented by his great role model Chuck Berry, most known for (Johnny B. Goode). Chuck is also worth a reaction video. He smiled alot while singing. You definately can hear that in many songs, especially on his live performances.

  • Mark K.
    Mark K. 15 days ago

    I enjoy your analysis videos. My favorite song of the Brian Johnson era of AC/DC is 'Who Made Who'. It was done as part of the soundtrack to Stephen King's movie Maximum Overdrive. It too is a real catchy and rocking tune. Showcases Brian's early high register voice. Check it out.

  • Marc
    Marc 24 days ago +1

    Been to three AC/DC concerts - Back in Black, Hell's Bells, and For Those About to Rock (We Salute You). All were amazing. I'm so fortunate to have grown up with such amazing music, really across the spectrum of genres. I'm sure everyone thinks that the music of their generation is the best music, but the fact that this stadium is full of a generation of people that could literally be my children and even grandchildren, is a testament to the greatness of the music of my generation.

  • norahc
    norahc 4 months ago +194

    While I feel that anyone who hasn't listened to AC/DC led a deprived childhood, it is such a pleasure watching Elizabeth react to them for the first time. You can literally see her appreciation and enthusiasm for music grow.

    • RCFourFive
      RCFourFive 3 months ago +1

      There is no way this is a real ‘first time’ - but as with all first time reaction videos on Clip-Share, it’s well acted 👍

    • Republic Of Casuals
      Republic Of Casuals 4 months ago +1

      @Jessica Laurel There's a difference between hearing and listening, so put the pitchfork and torches away!

    • norahc
      norahc 4 months ago +1

      @Rufus Panjaitan during junior high, during one of our free days in math class we were playing "big balls"...our math teacher was also our Sunday school teacher. She actually chuckled at the lyrics

    • Rufus Panjaitan
      Rufus Panjaitan 4 months ago +1

      I was afraid to listen to AC/DC when I was in junior high because my church-going schoolmates said they were "Anti-Christ/Devil's Child". But then I saw "Thunderstruck" video clip on TV, and I regretted why I didn't buy their cassettes earlier 😄

    • thundernels
      thundernels 4 months ago +1

      There is a contract between reactors and their audience. They pretend to have never heard anything. We pretend to believe them. As long as they add value with knowledge and/or entertainment, it doesn’t really matter if they have heard anything. And this channel adds so much knowledge compared to most reaction channels, I would be curious of her reaction regardless of if it was a “first listen” or not. “First listens” are often boring anyway because videos are usually better with a little preparation. So it’s all good.

  • Cooseman0614
    Cooseman0614 10 days ago +1

    Ok so Thunderstruck is awesome but watching you experience it for the first time just brought back why I LOVE AC/DC so much! Thank you!!!!

  • Bill mcvicker jr
    Bill mcvicker jr 25 days ago +1

    200,000 people in that crowd got to see one of the best live albums ever made. Brian Johnson was 62 a the time. Years of smoking gave his voice that raspy delivery.

  • Chris Hopkins
    Chris Hopkins Month ago +1

    I'm 34 and have been lucky enough to see acdc twice and I only wish my 3 young boys could see them aswell. Greatest Rock and Roll band of all time just and absolute experience too see them live an experience you can not explain without a massive smile on your face.

  • gibbopg
    gibbopg 29 days ago

    I'm not certain you should be waiting for a vocal melody from Brian Johnson! These guys are great live ... just being part of that writhing sea of people is worth the admission alone.

  • troy dulude
    troy dulude Month ago

    This is my favorite band, seen them several times. Amazing shows. I do however prefer the studio sound when just listening with the exception of, "If You Want Blood You Got It" which is a live album without the noise associated with these/live albums. It's very difficult to capture one of their shows on tape.

  • Ellen Reiser
    Ellen Reiser 4 months ago +90

    Brian is hilarious. You totally need him on tea time.

  • Tim Wingham
    Tim Wingham 2 days ago

    AC/DC Live At River Plate. Perhaps the best live album of all time. Mind blowing.

  • G-urts55
    G-urts55 2 months ago +3

    I'm not the biggest acdc fan in the world, that said, 50+ concerts I've been too, they still take the cake. Hands down.

  • Icebeast77
    Icebeast77 29 days ago

    I saw them at Gillette Stadium in 2016 and electric doesn't even describe them. Absolutely nothing like them period, pure energy.

  • Mick Howey
    Mick Howey 2 months ago

    You need to watch the whole of this gig & then you'll realise how great it is performing in front of 250,000 people best wishes mick.

  • Doug Lewis
    Doug Lewis 2 months ago

    Live at River Plate and Live at Rio are incredible to watch. Large crowds that are into the music.

  • Rob Kinney
    Rob Kinney 4 months ago +224

    Everything about Angus is his signature; the way he dresses, the way he plays, and the way he moves is all his.

    • TheInfected Donut
      TheInfected Donut 4 months ago

      @Mr J W Thats literally what I just said.

    • Mr J W
      Mr J W 4 months ago

      @TheInfected Donut he would come home from school and go to his room and practice his guitar without taking his uniform off. When Angus joined AC/DC ( he was the last to join the original line up) he tried loads of different costumes. His older sister Margaret suggested he wear the school uniform.

    • TheInfected Donut
      TheInfected Donut 4 months ago

      @Charles Gervais Not exactly, before Angus dropped out of high-school he was required to wear uniforms. When he would get back from school he was too impatient to undress and would go to reheseral dressed like that. Their older sister Margaret thought he looked great and said he should stick with the look.

    • Timothy White
      Timothy White 4 months ago +7

      @Rex Rogers I was going to make that comment if you didn't. But just because Angus didn't "invent" the duckwalk doesn't mean he didn't perfect it by making a version totally all his own.

    • Villain Corp
      Villain Corp 4 months ago

      @Johnny Doe 😈

  • Magna Graecia
    Magna Graecia 2 months ago

    I had the honor of watching them live back in '09 in Athens on their Black Ice tour. Trully an amazing experience

  • NJ G
    NJ G Day ago

    Brian Johnson and Tom Keifer of Cinderella sing in that raspy falsetto. Great way to blow out your voice. I believe Johnson was a disco singer before AC/DC found him. Legendary.

  • SL S
    SL S Month ago

    so much to complement about these reviews. level of knowledge, ability to observe so much at once, level of detail in the analysis, and the shear pleasure and excitement of it all.
    i love your reviews! They really lift me up.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 22 days ago

    I seen this live and it was a spiritual experience 🤘😎

  • Scottie
    Scottie Month ago

    I loved Brian when I first heard him in 'Geordie' and used to draw similarities with his voice, and to Nazareth and Dan Cafferty's vocals. I still believe that Dan's vocals were better than Brian's and the diversity of music that the guys wrote had more depth but, as an Aussie, I still love ACDC with a passion. These two bands made my life in the early 70's and into the 80's.
    Rest in Peace Bon.
    Rest in Peace Dan.

  • Andrew McCabe
    Andrew McCabe 3 months ago +228

    You just know you are at an ACDC concerrt when the crowd are singing the guitar riffs.

    • Steve Campbell
      Steve Campbell 2 months ago

      Go to a concert in South America. They do that for every riff for every band.

    • USMC 1911
      USMC 1911 2 months ago +1

      Most people there have seen them at least 5 or 6 times I took my son when turned 17 he was blown away people stood up the first song and never sat down again it must of been my age or they have gotten a lot louder I couldn't hear for two days .

    • Jaron
      Jaron 2 months ago +1

      Rush concerts meet this criteria too.

    • Kholdaimon
      Kholdaimon 2 months ago +5

      At a Metallica concert it is the guitar solo's which are sung by the crowd... It is a really amazing feeling...

  • Cheapskate Coins
    Cheapskate Coins 28 days ago

    This was a more recent concert, back in the 90's when they first wrote this song Brian had a much more powerful voice in the higher notes, he still does great for his age though. You should check out some of their live stuff from back in the 90's.

  • Daniel topel
    Daniel topel Month ago

    i was at this tour and it was by far the best show ive been to. this song and TNT, with the audience involvement and feeling the whole stadium shake,was an experience unlike anything ive felt before
    and to your comment there, yes that whole stadium is absolutely shaking