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Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 (Part 2)

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • I BET YOU DIDNT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN LOL (watch till the end)
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  3 years ago +37129

    WATCH PART 1 HERE! (watch the entire thing) clip-share.net/video/tQ4m4zD7BBA/video.html

  • Zeffu
    Zeffu 3 years ago +23786

    Press F to respect Troy
    he's trying best for his family

  • Natalie King
    Natalie King 10 months ago +1790

    the fact he was out there swinging to help his family while his dad is fighting for life is just incredible im so proud of him

  • DHM
    DHM Year ago +5164

    Everyone's looking at Karl being the camera man but I'm looking at Chris still picking on Karl even when he was the camera man 😂

    • Thanh VIet
      Thanh VIet Year ago +163

      because chris loves karl so much that jimmy must bring him to the team though :)

    • joe rego
      joe rego Year ago +6


    • joe rego
      joe rego Year ago +4

      I don't now what to say

    • Amanda descoteaux
      Amanda descoteaux Year ago +3

      I know right

    • Demilstarz
      Demilstarz Year ago +25

      I’m I the only one who felt so bad and screamed “ NO KARL 😭”
      Just me,
      .. ok

  • fortnite battle pass
    fortnite battle pass 5 months ago +273

    I love how Karl look horrified when Chris blew the air horn. 🙃

  • Dale Jennings
    Dale Jennings Year ago +309

    I'd do ANYTHING just to hang out with these guys for a day!

  • IVgangsters
    IVgangsters 2 months ago +19

    I’m so happy to see this and I love the fact that you guys were so supportive ❤

  • Mr Beasts Toe Nail Clipper
    Mr Beasts Toe Nail Clipper 3 years ago +20396

    Chandler waiting for the billion dollar challenge so he can show his true power

  • SparkX
    SparkX Year ago +227

    Everyone's a cameraman, a participant, a helper, a coach, a judge in the challenges of MrBeast 😂❤️

  • Chenoa Phipps
    Chenoa Phipps Year ago +107

    Chandler might be losing the challenges but he is a good man

  • legendary_ofgodbacon
    legendary_ofgodbacon Month ago +25

    Let's just appreciate how much time effort he puts in these videos to make our day huge respect!!🤞❤️

  • BubblegumZeus
    BubblegumZeus Year ago +159

    marcus was so funny and my favourite. never would have expected for him to be kicked for using drugs…

    • Soccerboss792
      Soccerboss792 Year ago

      Wait who? The leader? What drugs

    • BubblegumZeus
      BubblegumZeus Year ago +7

      @Soccerboss792 marcus was kicked for suspicions on using drugs

    • Léonards
      Léonards Year ago +1

      @BubblegumZeus was he the black one or the man bun guy?

    • BubblegumZeus
      BubblegumZeus Year ago +1

      @Léonards yeah we was african american

    • 49_AI&DS_Varun Sodhani
      49_AI&DS_Varun Sodhani Year ago

      @Léonards The man bun guy is Jake The Viking, he's currently off the MrBeast team too

  • Oliver Cropper
    Oliver Cropper 4 months ago +22

    Keep up with the great content jimmy. Respect to troy he is Da man as well as your legendary crew

  • TroJan
    TroJan 3 years ago +35337

    I appreciate the love and support you all have given me. I truly do appreciate that. ❤️ Jimmy, I can’t thank you more honestly for this opportunity. It was a blessing to be in an atmosphere with a lot of cool guys and compete in this challenge. My dad is doing better for all who’s wondering so that’s great! He’s happy and proud. Much love to you all!! ❤️ love you guys.

    • Samuel Jacobs
      Samuel Jacobs 3 years ago +1807

      Glad to hear it Troy you did great!

    • John Scherer
      John Scherer 3 years ago +1394

      Hey dude we all love you and best of luck and prayers to your father!

    • o
      o 3 years ago +272

      Love you too 😘

    • The cheese Man
      The cheese Man 3 years ago +367

      I'm just happy that you made it so far in the challenge, I hope your family will stay stafe✌

    • Brant Scarbrough
      Brant Scarbrough 3 years ago +231

      we where all rootin for you man

  • LazySloth
    LazySloth Year ago +553

    Chandler: janitor
    Karl: cameraman
    Chris: Forever best friends with Jimmy 😍

  • W£!R£D_C0RE
    W£!R£D_C0RE Year ago +784

    Karl was a good cameraman and now a good streamer/ Jimmy’s best friend

  • Mia Lazarine
    Mia Lazarine 9 days ago +3

    Love your videos Jimmy they are really good.

  • Katelyn Maplesky
    Katelyn Maplesky 11 months ago +189

    Karl face as he fell over is absolutley GOLD!

  • Tyler Brooklyn
    Tyler Brooklyn 2 months ago +18

    Chris pranked Karl pretty good😂😂😂😂

  • Xyrso
    Xyrso 3 years ago +3021

    I fell bad that Troy didn’t win after hearing about his situation with his dad

    • avium strepitus
      avium strepitus 3 years ago +142

      At least he gets some money to give to his parents and might get some more money

    • Beez
      Beez 3 years ago +4

      Maria Way no u

    • SMH
      SMH 3 years ago +69

      $30,000 is still alot, and he is atleast getting $10,000 which 8s still a significant amount of money.

    • Harrison James
      Harrison James 3 years ago +26

      The guy was clearly faking it because he was smiling when his mum said about his dads heart

    • Shootie
      Shootie 3 years ago +28

      Don’t worry I have a feeling Mr. beast will take care of them anyways

  • ConnorPlayz
    ConnorPlayz Year ago +19

    Loving the videos! Keep up the good work!!!!!! :)

  • ShockWave
    ShockWave 4 months ago +69

    0:51 True cameraman instinct, bro barely moved the camera when he jumped

  • Zetsu Rakuno
    Zetsu Rakuno 6 months ago +381

    Minhas condolências aos dubladores, que devem ter sofrido muito pra dublar tantos videos em tão pouco tempo

    • kawan carlos
      kawan carlos 6 months ago +21

      Eles ganham por hora então quanto mais eles gravam mais eles ganham

    • Леся UwU
      Леся UwU 5 months ago +12

      У старых видео есть уже готовая озвучка ( у mr.bist есть другие каналы с другими языками)

    • yAshiAshi
      yAshiAshi 5 months ago +6

      Só queria saber pq ele tá postando vídeos em português no canal principal, mas tô vendo todos eles :D

    • R1ochi
      R1ochi 5 months ago +3

      são videos antigos ja dublados eles tão dublando só 4 videos por semana

    • minyooon
      minyooon 5 months ago

      Смотря о какой озвучке идёт речь

  • Ravan Jimmy
    Ravan Jimmy 2 months ago +1

    troy, thumbs up bro and omar, doing this for your family. blessings to both u guys

  • becca r
    becca r 3 years ago +1801

    can we pls bring troy back for another fan contest he seemed so genuine and his fam could prob really use it medical bills are no joke

    • Alani’s Luminals
      Alani’s Luminals 3 years ago +40

      becca r trust me. He only asked about his dad for pity or people to feel bad for him and stuff

    • Average Enjoyer
      Average Enjoyer 3 years ago +39

      I'd really want to give hom another chance but it's unfair for the others

  • hola Lola
    hola Lola 6 months ago +116

    Me dió mucha ternura y me hizo sentir muy bien como lo trataron todos a Troy 💕

    • BMBA
      BMBA 6 months ago +5

      Si una lastima que no gano, si hubiera sido Mr beast le hubiera dado 20mil dólares

  • Santiago Espinoza
    Santiago Espinoza 11 months ago +328

    Karl : cameraman now great friend with jimmy
    Chris : 1st subscriber now still his bestest friend
    Chandler : was a janitor
    Tareq: paid a cameraman but now won 131 k from one challenge

    • Gabia
      Gabia 9 months ago +4

      Chris and jimmy were friends in highschool

    • Eraserone
      Eraserone 7 months ago

      Chandler was a janitor?

    • Jayasree
      Jayasree 7 months ago

      @Eraserone same question

    • PhantozXY
      PhantozXY 2 months ago


  • CFN Stevie
    CFN Stevie 4 months ago +6

    I literally watch mr beast when I’m sad just to get happy again love your videos ❤

  • teretorr
    teretorr Year ago +143

    Seeing Karl as a camera man is weird lol

  • The_local pycho heheheh

    Chris might be the best coach of them all ngl

  • Woogy17
    Woogy17 2 years ago +5218

    Troy is the real hero here while his dad is getting shocked to stay alive hes swinging for his family

    • strax
      strax 2 years ago +136

      Man I'd personally say I'd rather spend time with my dad there rather than to get a chance to compete for a Milly that too weeks later , no winner ain't gettin money there rn ..

    • foamybubblesexposer
      foamybubblesexposer 2 years ago +9

      @strax true

    • ツSorrow
      ツSorrow 2 years ago +58

      It made me sad when after they called troys mom they asked the other contestant to get out and he just said no he didn’t even feel bad

    • Cade Cunningham’s Burner
      Cade Cunningham’s Burner 2 years ago +16

      Now I want Omar to win for him

    • Cristine With no H
      Cristine With no H 2 years ago +47

      @ツSorrow I don't see anything wrong with him telling no

  • Guitarihaan
    Guitarihaan Year ago +364

    Woah I can't believe Karl was just a cameraman before and now ONE OF THE THE BOYS and my favourite too.

  • ★F4ncy Lunar★
    ★F4ncy Lunar★ 2 months ago +6

    Karl's reaction to the siren was so funny and the sound effects made it even funnier🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 푸팟퐁커리
    푸팟퐁커리 Year ago +24

    You all worked so hard. You all of course.
    Troy's father, I hope you get well soon.

  • Joshua Spath
    Joshua Spath 3 years ago +5718

    Chandler is the friend who’s confusion has become his personality.

    • McLOVIN
      McLOVIN 3 years ago +11

      Alina Way how?🤔🤔

      FMFIREMAN 1 3 years ago +6


    • Joshua Spath
      Joshua Spath 3 years ago +51

      Facundo Muto sometimes I feel bad for him because I became that friend and it sucked.

    • momentos
      momentos 3 years ago +18

      Joshua Spath so...basically me

    • Bret Playz
      Bret Playz 3 years ago +1

      Joshua Spath lol

  • O Weiss
    O Weiss Year ago +9

    I Love what you do. You are amazing!!!

  • stxrho
    stxrho Year ago +44


  • Barbara Correa perez
    Barbara Correa perez 4 months ago +3

    Jajajaj no paro de reír 😂

  • Coasters and Rides
    Coasters and Rides Year ago +42

    Karl’s face was priceless after the horn! 😂

  • Charged Pikachu
    Charged Pikachu 5 months ago +157

    2:13 Karl is just suffering lmao

  • whatsherface
    whatsherface 3 years ago +4108

    Chandler letting Troy know that he did his best and everyone is proud of him was so wholesome and cute

    • Tiki
      Tiki 3 years ago +74

      I wonder if his Friends said the same thing to him, when he lost all those other challenges💕chandler is a good guy

    • Chris B
      Chris B 3 years ago +16

      @thehype -10 / 10

    • 404
      404 3 years ago +8

      Ik I almost started crying

    • Canteloupechainz
      Canteloupechainz 3 years ago +3

      Karina Cat no follow christ

    • vince
      vince 3 years ago +2

      3hour this was up 1.1k likes 🤯😱

  • Mia Love
    Mia Love Year ago +1

    Let it go I'm so proud of you guys that must be really hard a graduation!😀😁

  • Gilda Lim
    Gilda Lim 2 months ago

    He probably has balance issues now after that 20 hrs of swinging

  • Marissa Catocoma
    Marissa Catocoma 2 months ago +1

    Wow that is crazy that they are able to do these challenges I don't think I'd be able too!

  • Tk
    Tk 3 years ago +7921

    Troys mom: they shocked his heart
    Entire fan base: HOLD UP THIS MAN NEEDS TO WIN

  • Jamie Barbery
    Jamie Barbery 8 months ago +16

    Troy is so humble it’s so sweet :)

  • Nandi RW
    Nandi RW 5 months ago +3

    Do you participants still feel your buttocks and legs? Lol (just kidding). It's amazing that you guys accepted this challenge, it's really difficult. I hope that we are all in good health and can go about our routines smoothly.

    SVNDRA 6 months ago +15

    Chandler being sweet to Troy at the end was so wholesome

  • Ethan Gallup
    Ethan Gallup 5 months ago +3

    Just now realizing Karl was the cameraman crazy.

  • Random Guy on the street
    Random Guy on the street 3 years ago +1856

    Honey: I’m about to sponsor this mans whole career

    • Sohamsta
      Sohamsta 3 years ago +16

      Honey must be loaded rn 😂

    • TheTempest
      TheTempest 3 years ago


    • Kurtis
      Kurtis 3 years ago +1

      What is the music at 2:16 don't ignore

    • redneck_RC !
      redneck_RC ! 3 years ago

      @thehype 7

  • Maisy
    Maisy Year ago +8

    honestly i would last a pretty long time i love swinging and it never tires me out

    SANDHU 10 months ago +12

    we are proud of you troy

  • Melenick León
    Melenick León 3 months ago +2

    Hola Me llamo Kelvin y Soy de Panamá. Me encanta su programa y anelo algun dia ser un participante del mismo.Dios los Bendiga a todo el equipo del programa.👍😍🥇

  • Ward Craft
    Ward Craft Year ago

    I got mad love for Omar. Especially after seeing the ending. True determination

  • T
    T 2 months ago +3

    I love how when Chris loosed his contestant when they’re talking to the other contestants he was just swinging

  • {•Hidden•}
    {•Hidden•} 11 months ago +17

    Honestly I love how they still picked on Karl when he was a cameraman. I know they did it with him to but he just froze while Karl freaked out then decided to lay on the floor

  • Asadullah Nizamani
    Asadullah Nizamani Year ago +4

    The time Chandler teaches us the art of dealing xD

  • го пико е е го пико е

    Чендлер очень хороший человек! это солнышко в команде!

  • Mya Goldner
    Mya Goldner Year ago +4

    Chandler: got promoted from janitor to best friend
    Karl: got promoted from cameraman to best friend

  • Magda Mário Salaude
    Magda Mário Salaude 3 months ago

    Mrbeast o melhor 🤗

  • ツEcore
    ツEcore 3 years ago +4631

    Imagine being asked why you’re a millionaire and having to answer:
    *I sat on a swing*

  • Gabia
    Gabia 9 months ago +19

    Chandler:Janitor to best friend
    Karl:Cameraman to bestfriend
    Tareq:Cameraman waiting for his time

  • Adrija
    Adrija Year ago +1

    Karl's reaction when he got pranked was legendary 😂

  • 🪸Galazy🪸
    🪸Galazy🪸 3 months ago +1

    I would love to do this challenge

  • Tennit A. Farkley
    Tennit A. Farkley Year ago +2

    I love how all of them (excluding the toilet one) is all endurance, but then the actually million dollar one is just testing how long you can send there

  • spark4life
    spark4life 2 months ago +1

    I wanted Troy to win he was doing it for his father 💔

  • Sharpy AU
    Sharpy AU 3 years ago +3049

    Last one to talk wins
    Chandler: “What was that?”

    • Nighttale233
      Nighttale233 3 years ago +87

      Last one to survive the sniper wins
      Chandler:"Why's there this red dot on my forehead?"

    • MrSparkle
      MrSparkle 3 years ago +16

      **Read my name or I ain’t coming lmao**

    • Kt Hwang
      Kt Hwang 3 years ago +13

      Most chandler thing ever

    • memz PF
      memz PF 3 years ago +5

      @MrSparkle Ok I subbed than unsubbed.

    • day tripping
      day tripping 3 years ago +1

      Hahahahaha 😆

  • 2pac
    2pac Month ago +2

    Dude was really swinging the wrong way 😂😂😂😂

  • Emme Gee
    Emme Gee Year ago +7

    I’m loving this series so far

  • Random_things123
    Random_things123 Year ago +156

    I absolutely love when Chris blows the air horn in Karl’s ear and the noise “OH MY GODD” And the jimmy blows it in chrises ear and Karl was on the floor lol

  • Ben
    Ben 5 months ago

    I hope troys dad gets better he deserves the 1M

  • Kap'sGaming
    Kap'sGaming Year ago +5

    Haven't watched the rest yet but I deeply hope Omar wins because he owes that dude 20k and his dad could really really use that money

  • Rin Okumera
    Rin Okumera 6 days ago

    Hope Troy is doing well

  • Dale Anderson
    Dale Anderson 3 years ago +4966

    Troy is da man mad respect to him and sending my prayers to him and his family.

  • pixie
    pixie Year ago +8

    If I was in this challenge I would win! I can swing for days

  • Robin
    Robin Year ago +4

    Honestly, I wanna be in one of these just for the workout

  • Peripheral Paradox
    Peripheral Paradox 5 months ago

    David Goggins would show em how it’s done.

  • jeanmariehakizimana hakizimana

    I love how mrbeast gave Chandler a chance and still lose

  • kai_exile
    kai_exile 4 months ago +1

    that was the most wholesome you got this ive ever head.

  • Egg with 75,000 subscribers
    Egg with 75,000 subscribers 3 years ago +4782

    Troy: Calls his parents
    The whole fan base: Go Troy

    • Lpmulv
      Lpmulv 3 years ago +24

      Good luck getting 75,000 subscribers I wish you luck

    • UnusAnnus42O69
      UnusAnnus42O69 3 years ago +7

      Egg with 75,000 subscribers you copied someone

  • Junko Ishikawa
    Junko Ishikawa Year ago +4

    Imagine joining the challenge it would be hella awesome

  • Bebo Calderon
    Bebo Calderon 6 months ago +5

    I have a question Jimmy, the rule is you can't stop swinging right? Would I have been allowed to stand on the swing as long as it kept going? I would have mixed it up to win this.

  • Tyler Orsborn
    Tyler Orsborn 2 months ago

    Chandler! I’m gonna get a tattoo in honor of you

  • touchpad
    touchpad Year ago +55

    Troy and his story actually hit hard

  • Ant_Man_08
    Ant_Man_08 4 months ago

    Omar is a madman. El loco! What a guy

  • shoaib Khan
    shoaib Khan 3 years ago +2204

    I'm so proud of Troy
    He's a winner in my eyes

  • Wilmer Yanez
    Wilmer Yanez Year ago +4

    "Chandler:from janitor to best friends
    " Karl:from cameraman to best friends

  • Winter Fox
    Winter Fox Year ago

    I feel so bad for Troy he really needed that win. I wanted him to win so bad man damn. That sucks I feel so bad

  • Elaine Elsner
    Elaine Elsner 5 months ago +48

    Bro did anyone else notice that when Troy sat down on the couch after getting eliminated,the tv behind him had super smash bros ultimate on it😂😂😂😂😂

  • Idk
    Idk 8 months ago +9

    Marcus is literally the best he’s so damn funny 😂

  • SmappFr
    SmappFr 2 months ago +7

    Only OG friends remeber Karl as a camera man -2023

  • RyanTyanMyan
    RyanTyanMyan 3 years ago +2185

    Imagine if the four contestants in the final challenge are all Jake’s contestants

  • Mackenzie Parker
    Mackenzie Parker Year ago +1

    Troy went for the sob story route lmao

  • Andrey Smirnov
    Andrey Smirnov Year ago +1

    Karl’s face when Chris blew the air horn tho-

  • Daisy_DawsonAI
    Daisy_DawsonAI 4 months ago

    Chris who was quietly swinging in the background- 😂

  • RJ Kapalungan
    RJ Kapalungan Year ago +17

    Chris: squeak the horn
    Karl: shocked as hell and falls on the ground

  • aiiraxyt
    aiiraxyt 5 months ago

    Chandler is a sweetheart in these

  • Zach Betz
    Zach Betz 3 years ago +3215

    Omar isn’t going to lose. He’s got that crazy look in his eyes and he has the hope of Troy with him as well.

    • TWNS 10
      TWNS 10 3 years ago +28

      Fam it ain’t that deep shut up.

    • Moosification
      Moosification 3 years ago +24

      I will root for Omar in the 5th challenge

      NATURAL GAMING 3 years ago +5

      TWNS 10 it kinda is

    • Maddox Ramirez
      Maddox Ramirez 3 years ago +33

      Shrimp S.S what is the point of being toxic for no reason?

  • Sabah Siddiqui
    Sabah Siddiqui 9 months ago +5

    Chandler was a great coach this time!

  • ashroti
    ashroti Year ago +4

    The look on Karl’s face when Chris honked the horn thing just-