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If You Build It, I'll Pay For It!

  • Published on Dec 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming  2 months ago +13997

    Subscribe to be in a video!

  • Legoman
    Legoman 2 months ago +37442

    Imagine finally getting into a mr beast Minecraft challenge only to get the 10 dollar prize 💀💀💀

  • Chinh Xuan
    Chinh Xuan 2 months ago +701

    I love how consistent and yet so different every episode is:

    • Graffi7
      Graffi7 Month ago


    • cloxzz
      cloxzz 2 months ago +7

      Well the videos arent consistent cus this episode doesnt have the bruh meme guy

  • AI makes stuff
    AI makes stuff Month ago +266

    Kudos to Jimmy for delivering even on the last day of the year. Happy New Year to all!

    • Nick Ayaphat
      Nick Ayaphat 10 days ago

      Jimmy can you play Garten of banban

    • Htin Lynn Kyaw
      Htin Lynn Kyaw 23 days ago

      Air Jordan and I will be in the next week to see you tomorrow at your house in the morning's a week to see you 3

    • Htin Lynn Kyaw
      Htin Lynn Kyaw 23 days ago

      Mr Beast,i,m,pig,fen

    • Graffi7
      Graffi7 Month ago


    • parody mr beast
      parody mr beast Month ago +1

      how to build minecraft house in roblox?

  • Share2Shere
    Share2Shere Month ago +47

    love how much energy they have when making videos for the world

  • Slim Cerrone
    Slim Cerrone 2 months ago +317

    Mr. Beast is just a straight up boss. All the joy he brings to peoples lifes is honesty do inspiring. Dude and his crew make me want to be a better human.

    • Stephanie W
      Stephanie W 2 months ago

      Its true

    • Chua Ming Kun
      Chua Ming Kun 2 months ago +6

      @Sadbushmonster Well that's what a competition is if you lose you lose.

    • Sadbushmonster
      Sadbushmonster 2 months ago +4

      Bro juggles around money in all the losers faces tho

  • Brah
    Brah Day ago +1

    Jimmy has produced us with so much content ❤

  • MrUnknown
    MrUnknown 2 months ago +243

    Jimmy delivering even on the last day of the year. Kudos to you my man and a Happy New Year to all ❤

    • Slow Down Men's Health
      Slow Down Men's Health 20 days ago

      Happy B-day!

    • your mom
      your mom 28 days ago

      Damn bro you're an OG

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell 2 months ago

      @YeaMan "Paige" 💀

    • Alfred Johansson
      Alfred Johansson 2 months ago

      @Gdrevjshfdj thx i know that il have a terrible year since my grandma just got diagnosed with an untreatable cancer and she has about 4-5 months left

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans 2 months ago +692

    If I was on the $10 section, I would just build a lottery ticket

    • Lim Kee Chee
      Lim Kee Chee 5 days ago

      ​@golab His use of it is actually correct bruh. He's speaking *figuratively* .

    • Flamed_editzz
      Flamed_editzz Month ago +1

      @ceferinaalmoite there way more than $10

    • Gaming On Roblox
      Gaming On Roblox Month ago

      I would get a $10 Robux Card

    • Chaos
      Chaos Month ago

      I would get infinite beast chocolate

    • ceferinaalmoite
      ceferinaalmoite Month ago +1

      For me i would build a BTS concert tickets 🤣🤣

  • allzqx
    allzqx Month ago +76

    I love how much energy they have when making videos ❤

    • SML
      SML Month ago

      @Graffi7 u wish

    • Graffi7
      Graffi7 Month ago


    • Sam
      Sam Month ago +3

      Pak. Man. 0

  • BlahGaming
    BlahGaming 28 days ago +24

    I love your videos, man! You truly are an angel straight from heaven. You give so much. My family is going through a rough patch with money, but I'm glad I can still watch your videos. It makes me happy to see you help others.

  • Daniel Egor
    Daniel Egor 2 months ago +375

    I think the guys who stayed and built in the 10 dollar should be in another video for contentment ❤️

  • Aish Roblox TV
    Aish Roblox TV 8 days ago

    MrBeast. You are an inspiration. Thank you. I love your videos 💚💚

  • razor2570
    razor2570 2 months ago +3367

    I know that guy wanted to see his family but that kitchen build was way better imo

    • Jackson Hoover
      Jackson Hoover 7 days ago

      @InternetDweller your family is more important than ANYTHING, it just a kitchen

      COLEY PLAYZ 8 days ago


    • Pharaoh
      Pharaoh 13 days ago

      @Rasmus Raahede Knudsen why would you lie about family just to go to the U.S.A

    • Adam Shekoni
      Adam Shekoni Month ago

      @Bob The Bacon how is it heartless there is zoom at the end of the day

  • Eric Doler
    Eric Doler 2 months ago +132

    Keep up the good deeds man wish I could do the things you do for people

  • Elysian
    Elysian Month ago +117

    imagine putting your heart and soul into building something for a chance to win just to be hit with "i dont get it" "i cant buy that"

  • SCech8
    SCech8 23 days ago +15

    5:58 I’m so happy for him🙂

  • JustYouAverageHonky
    JustYouAverageHonky 2 months ago +314

    I feel so bad for the person who built the Mario, especially when you look at who they lost to 😭

    • ceooftoast8118
      ceooftoast8118 4 days ago

      @Pharaoh hamster deserved to lose; that cage is awful for a hamster and he likely would’ve bought the (awful) cage alongside it in that state.

    • Pharaoh
      Pharaoh 5 days ago

      @JustYouAverageHonky k

    • JustYouAverageHonky
      JustYouAverageHonky 5 days ago

      @Pharaoh meh, the eyes, the shape of it, the cage and area it has, the whole thing is just kinda mediocre

    • Pharaoh
      Pharaoh 5 days ago

      @JustYouAverageHonky really for me the only problem with the hamster is the eyes

    • JustYouAverageHonky
      JustYouAverageHonky 5 days ago

      @Pharaoh yea that’s true but it wasn’t a good build neither was the Mario but it was better than the hamster

  • Seereal Crime
    Seereal Crime 15 days ago +4

    Hey Jimmy, thank you for making us happy with your content. Every content is worth watching. Great job!

  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller 2 months ago +5531

    Ngl, if I got the $10 I probably would have made a Big Mac

  • Super Roblox
    Super Roblox 2 months ago +20

    I am impressed by the efforts and feelings you put into your videos!!

  • Akarshan Lepcha
    Akarshan Lepcha 2 days ago

    Man that pokemon card guy really did a lot hardwork just to get the beaten by a wedding ring 👽😂

  • Scary Teacher 3D Gaming

    I love how he makes games for all of us 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jona.e
    Jona.e 21 day ago +6

    I love how consistent and yet so different every episode is

  • Lil’Nate
    Lil’Nate 2 months ago +1844

    This is a great way to end this year. Hope to see more content in 2023 Jimmy, keep it up

    • Gdrevjshfdj
      Gdrevjshfdj 2 months ago

      @Red yes

    • Red
      Red 2 months ago

      @Gdrevjshfdj are you high?

    • whentered foxy
      whentered foxy 2 months ago


    • Uzzz
      Uzzz 2 months ago +1

      @adamlikeslac hes telling the truth, this is most likely the downfall of MrBeast.

  • Shea
    Shea 2 months ago +54

    Need more of these!!!!! Great content, and keep up the great work 👍

  • Christian King
    Christian King 2 months ago +238

    Unsurprisingly and ironically, Chandler wasn’t around to rate the golden toilet because he was probably pooping😂

    • Ajuran Productions
      Ajuran Productions Month ago

      @Shaarav Guha ask me a question and I will answer

    • Shaarav Guha
      Shaarav Guha Month ago

      @Ajuran Productions Neither of your two religions make an sense to me

    • Hadi Faiz
      Hadi Faiz Month ago +2

      bro why is there a religion war in the replies

    • Ajuran Productions
      Ajuran Productions Month ago

      @Gintoki Sakata that's literally islamophobic what did I do? I just stated something

  • Hadar Hadar jasm mhmd

    Carry on, professional legend❤❤❤

  • Eline
    Eline 2 months ago +18

    I would love to see Jimmy and the boys playing Raft. Imagine the amount of chaos they could create playing that. If I was rich I would pay money to see that video! I bet Karl gets eaten by the shark first! Also would be great for a Team Seas promotion!

  • mogget
    mogget 9 days ago

    the 10$ one could have gotten them a bag of skittles

  • Xen_
    Xen_ 2 months ago +847

    We need more of these videos because they are genuinely a fun time

  • PUBG King 👑
    PUBG King 👑 2 months ago +97

    This man always tries to do something new and extra ordinary and make his audience feel excited for every next, video love you

    • MehMET Kayabaşı
      MehMET Kayabaşı Month ago

      @ace bencede Türkçeye cevil

    • Yiğit efe Bektaş
      Yiğit efe Bektaş Month ago +1

      Minecraft xxtenations are the best and most likely will have the chance of winning your life and your future will never get

    • Sara Kam
      Sara Kam 2 months ago


    • germany
      germany 2 months ago +1

      @the monkey in the box no

  • Bjarne
    Bjarne 2 months ago +13

    Mr. Beast continue to make good entertaining videos.

  • Slow Down Men's Health

    Absolutely awesome! keep it up my man!

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Bro the guy with the throne of money was so clever, he can make a throne of money out of it then spend it on whatever he wants to.

    • DoodleDoo CG
      DoodleDoo CG Month ago

      bruh bot

    • TheCookieChild
      TheCookieChild 2 months ago

      Pick at the throne almost like a bowl of candy until it’s all gone 😂

    • TheCookieChild
      TheCookieChild 2 months ago +3

      He’s gonna pick at the throne almost like a bowl of candy until it’s all gone 😂

    • Gabe Da Goat
      Gabe Da Goat  2 months ago +4

      @Lapte Batut wire transfer is what he probably ment, he never actually gives out cash in his videos he takes it back then wire transfers it to them so they dont have to deal with cashing it in and stuff

  • Bindu Khanal
    Bindu Khanal 17 days ago +1

    I want that guy to have a drum set

  • FoundAPeanut
    FoundAPeanut 2 months ago +4467

    He’s gonna need another 50k to finish the throne, lol, i’m betting you anything it’s more like a footstool.

    • Mateusz Słomka
      Mateusz Słomka Month ago

      Yo, wanna make material about Arsenal, that shooter game on Fabwelt blockchain? Is it worth to play and mabe have some potential to win BTC on it?

    • Pomsky Life Nova
      Pomsky Life Nova 2 months ago

      Round 2 here we go

    • Deja
      Deja 2 months ago

      No no, he converts them to Rupees. He becomes a millionaire. easy.

    • Noob monster134
      Noob monster134 2 months ago

      Mr beast can I be in your next? I have a Clip-Share Channel

  • AXE FF
    AXE FF 2 months ago +12

    """one of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something .he always respect us , the audience and his team , and he is polite in all his videos .we congratulations ourselves on this achievement . more to come 💕💗

  • Monny
    Monny Month ago +14

    I love this series, keep it up!

  • Envixity
    Envixity 25 days ago +3

    6:01 You can see the sadness in his eyes.

  • Kaden Hafen
    Kaden Hafen 2 months ago +40

    I really want to see all the people who didn't show up compete. Give them another chance!

    • Dust
      Dust 2 months ago +2

      They had a chance and they gave it up

  • Anhad and Aqeedat
    Anhad and Aqeedat 9 days ago

    The $500 kitchen was really amazing

  • Riggity Ron Reviews
    Riggity Ron Reviews 2 months ago +2313

    Crazy that people bailed. I'm down for the next one, whatever it may be.

    • Voidy
      Voidy 2 months ago

      @Larre Valentine fr like $10 is enough for 4 times at McDonalds or gas money like you wouldnt hear me complaining XD

    • HE’S coming soon
      HE’S coming soon 2 months ago

      Dear friend, believe in the Son of God.

    • Larre Valentine
      Larre Valentine 2 months ago

      @Malice i bet you would be the kind of person who leaves without trying to put any effort on one of many challenges of Mr.beast because you were place on a $10 prize challenge.
      You do sound entitled because you think by waiting too long you should be place on the highest challenge and it doesn't work that way.
      Considering they're approximate of over thousands of people trying to wait for their chance to Participate.

    • Larre Valentine
      Larre Valentine 2 months ago +1

      @Voidy because they were giving the opportunity to enter a challenge where we have seen it before, the people who are complaining are the ones who comments on the video about how some would be butthurt in been place on a 10$ prize challenge and it shows their true persona.

    • Aidan Reusze
      Aidan Reusze 2 months ago

      no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your worse for saying that

  • 鸡蛋糕
    鸡蛋糕 2 months ago +2132

    I feel like they aren't judging the builds fairly, they are just comparing who has the saddest backstory

    • Queens Gambit
      Queens Gambit Month ago

      ​@Luke bc the build was trash

    • Bejaminmaston1
      Bejaminmaston1 Month ago

      Whatttttttt noooooo
      They have yet to be serious

    • alp
      alp Month ago

      yea i was literally thinking about that

    • Melody Edits
      Melody Edits Month ago

      and that’s a good thing ? -

    • crystal
      crystal Month ago

      Ik but its their money

  • Decklan's Special
    Decklan's Special 2 months ago +51

    i love how when he does comedy he makes people laugh but then the people who were competing get a zero lol

  • TerminatorX
    TerminatorX 8 days ago

    I feel so bad for that drum guy :( 😔💔

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago +94

    When Jimmy’s the CEO of Twitter, it’s gonna be worth more than 25k

  • ColtForce Player
    ColtForce Player 9 days ago +4

    3:34 when 500$ turns you into Heisenberg

  • Melt
    Melt 2 months ago +89

    Swifts toilet was a master piece

    • Asher Nelson
      Asher Nelson Month ago +1

      it really was it should have won

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell 2 months ago

      All these comments are just: "OMG HIIII AIDOFJSJAKAOPSSPSLSKSK" just stop it bruh focus on the video

    • Yunder
      Yunder 2 months ago


    • Juz Mario
      Juz Mario 2 months ago +1

      Omg melt hi

    • Dani Roblox
      Dani Roblox 2 months ago

      @Melt Wussup!

  • NotCatac
    NotCatac 2 months ago +73

    Imagine wanting a diamond, so you make scenery around said diamond, but Jimmy doesn’t understand it 😂😂😂

    • EFresh
      EFresh 2 months ago +11

      fr that guy put so much effort just to be dqued

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad 2 months ago +9

    Honestly who couldn’t love mr beast always changing someone’s life❤

  • Farah Shaffou
    Farah Shaffou 7 hours ago

    If I got the $10 bill, I will draw $300

  • Y.
    Y. 2 months ago +26

    Throne is actually genius. He can take the money out of it as he needs.

  • عبداللہ 🥀
    عبداللہ 🥀 12 days ago

    Contestant : Jimmy, I made this because i wanna meet my family.
    Meanwhile the boiz : 10 10 10 10😂❤

  • Alexandre Cardoso
    Alexandre Cardoso 2 months ago +6342

    Now I want to see that throne.

  • Erik Crowell
    Erik Crowell 2 months ago +18

    Hey whats up love the content its very uplifting to see everything you do keep it up

  • Abner Perdomo
    Abner Perdomo 2 months ago +13

    A youtuber more philanthropic than any non-profit... What a time to be alive!

      CUTE ART VIBES 2 months ago

      @ceooftoast8118 what do you mean ?

      CUTE ART VIBES 2 months ago

      Hello ...... I really need some financial help cause m suffering from lots of pain n problem so I really need some financial help for my studies n for health treatment of my family can you help me...please. I would be very grateful to you.....please ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️...need some donation please 🙏 😢

  • XXDragonGhost1000
    XXDragonGhost1000 11 days ago +1

    6:23 He really knows how to support-sponsor

  • Penticton Sports Cards & Collectibles

    These are the best videos, thanks for all the awesome entertainment.

  • It’s me Itsyou
    It’s me Itsyou 25 days ago

    actually I'm missing gaming videos from this channel its was really fun watching these videos mrbeast gaming we are waiting you very hard love

  • RealJoshie
    RealJoshie 2 months ago +754

    Happy new years, Mrbeast and crew! I know that you'll go to even bigger heights in 2023!

    • Hayden cole
      Hayden cole 2 months ago

      @Professer Donk124fr his videos aren’t even good anymore

    • Itzdaniellfury._ [Dream Stans]
      Itzdaniellfury._ [Dream Stans] 2 months ago

      @It's_AylaNotLayla 12 month, time is gold and calender is so fast since we're stuck like pandemic covid-19

    • Yuvarani Suresh
      Yuvarani Suresh 2 months ago


    • sir ender
      sir ender 2 months ago

      @FIr3 some people call it new years, not new year, who cares if it doesn’t make sense

  • gamingflix
    gamingflix 2 months ago +15

    This could be the greatest gaming content video idea ever, never get bored of watching these ❤️

  • PoppyTheCat
    PoppyTheCat 2 months ago +11

    You make amazing content!! Really great and you just earned a new subscriber 😊

  • XxGhostxX
    XxGhostxX 26 days ago

    Deberías de doblar otra vez los vídeos de este canal y el de reacciónes en español o al menos ponerle subtitulos

  • บัวเพียน และนุ

    The best thing about this KN episode was how diverse it was. You had a Mexican chef cooking Chinese food in an Italian restaurant.

  • Vansh editz 1213
    Vansh editz 1213 27 days ago

    They knew if they didn't let markeh win they all would be cancelled

  • HyperGlaceon
    HyperGlaceon 2 months ago +81

    9:22 MrBeast6000 came out for a sec 💀

    • NUBOY
      NUBOY 29 days ago +6


  • Natasha Malkova
    Natasha Malkova 2 months ago +2

    He never disappoints us with his amazing content❤

  • Yahanna Gi
    Yahanna Gi 2 months ago +7

    As usual it's crazy and ridiculous...but it must've been fun for them, lol!

  • Canadaball
    Canadaball 8 days ago

    I would be okay If I got a 10$ one.

  • Tiny Tails
    Tiny Tails 2 months ago +9

    I love how the first person in the $50K challenge left it empty like $50K is nothing

  • Andrew Madrid
    Andrew Madrid 26 days ago

    When your dad went to get milk and you enter the challenge you ask for a dad 💀

  • C4RT3R
    C4RT3R 2 months ago +276

    The detail to these builds are absolutely insane! I also loved how one of them just wanted a drum of BBQ Sauce😂

  • BastionElite
    BastionElite 2 months ago +3

    It's people like you who made me start streaming gaming. Keep it up bro! Awesome dude

  • Lia Davis
    Lia Davis 2 months ago +1

    Wow it fills good to see you doing this for your fans you are really loved man

  • Sayed Sabir Al Bari
    Sayed Sabir Al Bari 16 days ago

    How can I get invited to the next "build and I'll pay for it" game?

  • OblivionVoid
    OblivionVoid 2 months ago +6

    Getting picked to be in a Mr. Beast video is like winning the lottery. Winning a Mr. Beast video, is doing it twice.

  • Drawing Life Tricks
    Drawing Life Tricks 13 days ago

    so much fun with videos😀

    AMERICANCHEESE 2 months ago +522

    Chris: “He ran out of time”
    Karl: “He does need the watch.” 😂

  • Rylertakesw
    Rylertakesw 2 months ago +3

    I love how MrBeast helps out people it’s just so kind of him and I would be happy with any category I got I just want to be in a MrBeast video

  • snotgroup
    snotgroup Month ago +3

    Fantastic Content! Continue your wonderful work.

  • Mariet Manalang
    Mariet Manalang 17 days ago

    I feel bad for the guy that wants golden toilet,golden toilet paper,mini golf😭

    VIBEX VIBEZ 2 months ago +2

    hey beast enjoy your vids keep up the work i appreciate the fund raisers you do.

  • vRedRoverv
    vRedRoverv 3 days ago

    i feel bad for the guy that wanted to go to north coralina

  • RobotCar
    RobotCar 2 months ago +52

    I always waiting for your new uploads.😘❤

    • bexo...z400
      bexo...z400 2 months ago


    • ethem Kırmızıgül
      ethem Kırmızıgül 2 months ago

      I love the reaction videos! Keep up the good work think!

    • S2GPOYRAZg
      S2GPOYRAZg 2 months ago

      you make the best videos, keep up the great work

    • elmur Elmur
      elmur Elmur 2 months ago

      Thanks for the videos think!You r one of my favourite youtuber.I’m a subscriber.

    • Muhammet eren Genel
      Muhammet eren Genel 2 months ago

      Such lovely 💗️

  • Surendra Singh
    Surendra Singh 2 months ago +13

    Imagine having the best build in the 10 dollar plot 💀

  • Julio Tito sagastegui
    Julio Tito sagastegui 14 days ago

    I can't believe a chair won the 50k against the golden toilet with golden paper with a mini golf game.

  • Ja Me
    Ja Me Month ago +3

    You all are so fun and funny. Thank you

  • Mehdi Amiar
    Mehdi Amiar 13 days ago

    Damn, chandler is an absolute menace to society these days huh lmao

  • Kendall Holtzman
    Kendall Holtzman 2 months ago +616

    i’m glad that guy is going to get to see his family!

    • Jon Mann
      Jon Mann 2 months ago +1

      It was a sob story so he could win, the kitchen guy should’ve won 🤦‍♂️

    • John Weak
      John Weak 2 months ago

      With 100 dollars?

    • Clark Jaensch
      Clark Jaensch 2 months ago

      me too!

    • try again
      try again 2 months ago

      Great to see the love bieng spread!!

    • gojiboy400
      gojiboy400 2 months ago


  • Rachel Russell
    Rachel Russell 2 months ago

    I wanna see you guys build something. The boys should compete with each other.

  • Danial Hussaini
    Danial Hussaini 2 months ago +41

    is it just me or that when chandler is in a video it makes me happy🥰

  • The king of tacos.
    The king of tacos. 13 days ago +1

    If I was in there, I'd be in the 500 dollar one. With my cousin. We would build a p s 5.

  • LiamR
    LiamR 2 months ago +2

    Mr beast love ur vids. Love ur channel. And I love what you do with people by giving them money prizes and overall being an amazing person. Have a agood day

  • trollguy3454
    trollguy3454 21 day ago +1

    Please give that guy his drum set bro

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +403

    loving these videos

  • Account
    Account 2 months ago +9

    You know what those in the $10 section should have done? Build a ~10$ item from the MrBeast store with an original signature and sell it on Ebay for $2,000.

  • Benster11
    Benster11 2 months ago +2

    What beast should do is he should stream the challenges so we can see everything. Then post it later

  • David Milton
    David Milton 17 days ago

    Jimmys true colors have shown at 9:21

  • Ivelisse Rodríguez
    Ivelisse Rodríguez 2 months ago +3

    Keep the good work I love every single one of your vids🤩