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I Snatched a Robot and Found THIS...

  • Published on Nov 15, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Isaac Explores
    Isaac Explores  2 months ago +17740

    Disclaimer: No Robots were harmed in making this video. The robot is safe and sound.

  • Peter Fox
    Peter Fox Month ago +3923

    Bro committed a federal crime for a Clip-Share short with no ads 🗿

    • just something
      just something 2 days ago


    • Malek Hekal
      Malek Hekal 4 days ago

      ​@Navdeep Sekhon the shorts fund is so small I bet huge short youtubers make not that much money

    • DatOneGuy InTheCorner
      DatOneGuy InTheCorner 5 days ago

      @Calamity o.O if there was the internet would be a far more boring place

    • Meguminnnnn!!
      Meguminnnnn!! 5 days ago

      You think shorts has ads?

    • Sean
      Sean 5 days ago

      They should throw the book at all of em

  • Drew Paste
    Drew Paste 6 days ago +769

    This guy is the reason why robots are gonna fucking kill us.

    • Miłosz Skowroński
      Miłosz Skowroński Day ago

      ​@Jamal Cloud It may be staged, but did they ask the robot for consent? Did they pay it a fair wage for appearing in the video, plus damages for mental distress? No? And that's why the robots are gonna kill us one day.

    • JupiterKnight
      JupiterKnight Day ago +1

      @ABHI what

    • Spidery_stream10 O
      Spidery_stream10 O Day ago

      Bro fr💀

    • Gabriel B
      Gabriel B Day ago


    • Meder kurd
      Meder kurd 2 days ago


  • Desko
    Desko Month ago +825

    “So anyways im stealing someone else’s property”

    • K Izzy
      K Izzy 18 minutes ago

      @sprite 🤨😐

    • billy bob
      billy bob 3 days ago +2

      Pretty sure he had permission considering it had a single SD card in it.

    • Desko
      Desko 4 days ago +1

      @Azura 2.0 :(

    • Azura 2.0
      Azura 2.0 4 days ago

      You sound like a loser :/

    • Indiana
      Indiana 5 days ago +2

      ​@mando ya

  • Rapid Rabbit
    Rapid Rabbit Month ago +161

    Yes, please document all of your criminal activities and upload them to Clip-Share. Amazing plan. Keep it up!

  • Natalie Moss
    Natalie Moss Month ago +1049

    Thank you for being so determined to share your future felony charges with us on Clip-Share!😂

    • TheOrangeRoad
      TheOrangeRoad Month ago

      Lmao people think this is real?

    • Carpinado
      Carpinado Month ago

      @Lil Wasabi bro I’m joking around go outside for a walk or smthn🤣

    • Lil Wasabi
      Lil Wasabi Month ago

      @Carpinado lmao you only have keyboard to talk shit online

    • Carpinado
      Carpinado Month ago

      @blur that’s a lot of chocolate

    • blur
      blur Month ago +2

      ​@Carpinado if the chocolate bar you stole was worth over 1k then yes thats a felony

  • Badass BobY
    Badass BobY 9 days ago +277

    The robot trying to "run" away and them just lifting and taking it back is hilarious for some reason.

  • nezo
    nezo Month ago

    This just appeared on my shorts and now I'm laughing this is quality content 10/10, 5 stars, would watch a sequel.

  • CBonPC
    CBonPC Month ago

    Imagine getting into a good school like Arizona just to get expelled for stealing a food robot and PUBLISHING THE PROCESS ONLINE

  • Dragon Of desteny
    Dragon Of desteny Month ago

    I expected:
    So we placed him out there in the desert…. To see if he could find his way back home

  • DM Wanderer
    DM Wanderer 2 months ago +41866

    Imagine being the guy who ordered food, watching the robot approach from your window or something, then seeing 4 guys kidnap it.

    • max
      max 8 minutes ago

      ​@Matyáš Gamudo Vodička r/IhaveReddit

    • Perty Boi
      Perty Boi 12 hours ago

      I’d be very upset

    • wil
      wil 16 hours ago

      ​@Matyáš Gamudo Vodička fuck up nc

    • serbian wolf gaming
      serbian wolf gaming Day ago

      Bro best comment

    • Benji_mx15
      Benji_mx15 Day ago

      Pure devostation

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 Month ago

    this is one of things you do for laughs and fun and it winds up being a felony

  • Mewtwo
    Mewtwo Month ago

    Lol I lost it when the robot tried to escape 😂🤣

  • Ramram Mande
    Ramram Mande Month ago

    When someone with talent and hard work made this robot. And you got these kids with masks.

  • Death The Reaper
    Death The Reaper Month ago

    I'm imagining some poor person who's baked af watching his food robot get hijacked in the middle of the street from his dorm window

  • 山乇几ᗪ丨Ꮆㄖ
    山乇几ᗪ丨Ꮆㄖ Month ago +1

    "So I spent the last 3 weeks of my life learning how to be charged a federal crime."

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago

    3 weeks to plan that? Best not to advertise that fact really 😂

  • Chakat Nightsparkle
    Chakat Nightsparkle Month ago +1

    And The Cost of the Robot is most likely well over $1,000 so Felony Charge right there for Theft. So yeah.

  • BlueFeral
    BlueFeral Month ago

    Got the whole circus laughing 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Power
    Power 5 days ago +84

    So we live in an era where people publicize their felony now?

    • Sad Satisfying
      Sad Satisfying 18 minutes ago

      And we also live in an era where people get mad at staged content.

    • rainyxdays
      rainyxdays Day ago +1

      and almost a million people like the video apparentally

    • Michael
      Michael 2 days ago


  • Water Droplets
    Water Droplets Month ago +162

    Meanwhile , Dad to his 3 kids : " to prove that I'm not a liar and to make up for the past incidents I've ordered pizza for u guys"

    • Strayworks
      Strayworks 3 days ago

      Oh god I love how seemingly dark this is

    • maysaa alrefaee
      maysaa alrefaee 3 days ago

      How unfortunate.

    • Water Droplets
      Water Droplets 3 days ago +2

      ​@LucY Gamingjust glad that atleast few people get the joke 😁

    • LucY Gaming
      LucY Gaming 3 days ago +2

      XD, this comment should have more comments

  • Fredfredbug4
    Fredfredbug4 3 days ago +5

    This shouldn’t be how I found out food delivery robots exist now

  • Sergeant Seven
    Sergeant Seven Month ago

    But why? Someone paid for that food, and you stole it? And the robot has gps, the company can find it...

  • sanodraiter
    sanodraiter Month ago +426

    imagine stealing a robot and leaving him in the desert and he starts to make his way back home

    • K Izzy
      K Izzy 12 minutes ago

      @Jayant.S bro that’s not a good idea murder s not the awnser

    • GamingAnarchy! (JetTaters)
      GamingAnarchy! (JetTaters) 6 days ago

      ​​@Jayant.S School maintenance worker injury incoming
      A flamethrower would make OSHA scream

    • Иван Иванищев
      Иван Иванищев Month ago

      ​@Jayant.S or a bomb

    • Jayant.S
      Jayant.S Month ago +3

      @MexiCarSpotter The manufacturer might add a flame thrower or a stun gun and then it might get interesting 😮

    • MexiCarSpotter
      MexiCarSpotter Month ago

      If its solar charged, that AI will learn a lot....

    EL PAKISTANI Month ago +1

    Legends says, that one student is still waiting his food.

    • GamingAnarchy! (JetTaters)
      GamingAnarchy! (JetTaters) 6 days ago

      He's waiting on the delicious SD card that was the only thing in there
      My personal favorite snack all the time

  • Tommy Kelso
    Tommy Kelso Month ago

    Just documented yourself and a bunch of your friends committing a crime 😂😂😂😂

  • Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    how nice of you to publish a recording of yourself stealing

  • Timothy Owens
    Timothy Owens Month ago

    This is the wildest thing I've ever seen lol

  • Steven
    Steven 2 months ago +6485

    you just spent the last 3 weeks learning how to go to jail 💀

    • Acktopaf
      Acktopaf 16 hours ago

      And recorded it

    • xdiq
      xdiq Day ago

      @Vito Bro's gonna go to death row for kidnapping food💀☠️

    • just something
      just something 2 days ago


    • Sean Kipinä
      Sean Kipinä 3 days ago

      @Zero I want to go to jail so badly never have my happiness

    • Zero
      Zero 3 days ago

      @Sean Kipinä Good education on how to go back into jail, sure. 💀

  • Meeta’sStuff
    Meeta’sStuff Month ago

    Well hopefully cops handle this once they see the video

  • Brenden Johnston
    Brenden Johnston Month ago

    When the edge runners get serious.

  • Kevin Foster
    Kevin Foster Month ago

    I also would not have expected the occupants of a Subaru to kidnap me

  • TheTheRanger1
    TheTheRanger1 6 days ago +6

    I can’t believe this kind of content gets enough attention to warrant a part 5

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark Month ago

    This is fuck hilarious 😂😂

  • Luke Ownbey
    Luke Ownbey Month ago

    Just admitting the theft on the internet now? I’m glad employers can’t see what you post on the internet. Oh wait they can

  • j a y
    j a y Month ago

    Theft and vandalism, so cool!

  • Dutch People Liberation Army

    if robots ever take Revenge on us
    you are to blame i will tell them

  • Deez is sus ඞ • 69 years ago

    "What a normal day in Ohio"
    Edit: DAD!!! COME BACK!!! I'M FAMOUS NOW!!!

    • Jadiah Torres
      Jadiah Torres Month ago

      Def AZ n they got it from the ASU campus most likely

    • meow
      meow Month ago


    • SageSJ50
      SageSJ50 Month ago +1

      @Deez is sus ඞ • 69 years ago yeah, not surprised you didn't get it though since you're probably 12... you make ohio jokes

    • Deez is sus ඞ • 69 years ago
      Deez is sus ඞ • 69 years ago Month ago

      @SageSJ50 ... Was that an insult 🤨???

    • SageSJ50
      SageSJ50 Month ago +1

      What a funny comment, bet it took lots of effort and thought 😌

  • Stand Alone
    Stand Alone Month ago

    They have GPS tracking on those things! This is clearly fake ! Otherwise his part 5 would include some prison love making lol!

  • Sliver animation
    Sliver animation Month ago

    Great job now that student
    is never going to get his food

    SIENWICH Month ago

    Aight, now the message is clear. If it were a person, we would be in trouble. We need more campus security

  • ☆ Chloe Price ☆

    New GTA Heist: Food Robot

  • Snek
    Snek Month ago +2673

    I'm just thinking about a guy waiting for his food, looking at a tracker when suddenly the robot starts going *very* fast and in the complete opposite direction of his house

    • K Izzy
      K Izzy 17 minutes ago

      @3 Star Perfect Deer desrt?

    • K Izzy
      K Izzy 17 minutes ago

      @Kabob this lazy ass Aint reading 32 words

    • 3 Star Perfect Deer
      3 Star Perfect Deer Month ago

      And suddenly into the desr-...oh....I see someone already said it

    • Devlynn Mitchell
      Devlynn Mitchell Month ago +2

      Be like damn that robot ballin

    • Kabob
      Kabob Month ago +1

      I ain't reading allat 😱😱😈💏

  • ZachElrodGaming
    ZachElrodGaming 6 days ago

    Fun fact, depending on the value of the robot, this may be a felony theft charge.

  • Jeremy Stacey
    Jeremy Stacey Month ago

    Someone once told me that in the future people would film their crimes, and show everybody. And I thought that was Crazy who would do that. But little did I know I was wrong dead wrong. The future is now! Welcome to 2022.

  • flybid
    flybid Month ago

    feel so bad for the robot bruh

  • TGN
    TGN Day ago

    I really hope that thing has a transponder in it, people work hard and pay a lot to build robots like this one the coding alone is a nightmare

  • Fellow Chad
    Fellow Chad 2 days ago +13

    Part 5:" how to get out of jail with no tools"

  • Educator Of Needy
    Educator Of Needy Month ago

    Why wear face mask if you are going to post it in your own channel 😂😂😂

  • Baldman80
    Baldman80 Month ago

    breaking bad but its a robot 💀

  • Ghostsccythes 1
    Ghostsccythes 1 13 days ago +35

    Legend says that the kid is still waiting for his food to arrive 💀

  • Kenju
    Kenju Month ago +13

    if you think about it not from a joke perspective, this is quite literally how it happens and how easy it is to get kidnapped.

    • Kyle .S
      Kyle .S Month ago

      @kenju8929 is being a dick a hobby of yours? Or do you just think you're cool because you're behind a keyboard
      I'm just trying to be funny on the internet, nothing more than that so I don't get why you're trying to attack me on a personal level, lighten up dude, were all watching the same short of a guy kidnapping a food robot, not a very serious topic worth insulting strangers over
      Also, I don't type formally to sound older, I say things out before I type them so that I don't have to think about typing, and only use commas as pauses in sentences

    • Kenju
      Kenju Month ago

      @Kyle .S you refuse to get a cc because youre a fucking 15 year old child. dont fool yourself. especially after already saying it. and a word of advice stop trying to talk so formal it doesnt make you look older nor that wiser in all honesty.

    • Kyle .S
      Kyle .S Month ago

      I'll have you know, I'm a fine American who refuses to get a conceal carry because of New York city being a close to me as it is
      Although, I haven't really gotten the alcoholic part down yet, so, maybe a below average American

    • Kenju
      Kenju Month ago

      @Kyle .S tell me you dont own a gun without telling me

    • Kyle .S
      Kyle .S Month ago

      And that's what firearms are for baybee
      Most people don't like the idea of dying, so pointing a doom stick at them is usually enough to stop someone

  • Swifty Coop
    Swifty Coop Month ago

    20 seconds is still a long ah time my team understand 10 seconds

  • Hypers
    Hypers Month ago

    i want my 30 seconds back.

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres Month ago

    Ahhhh another fake video on the internet. Still entertaining to watch

  • the of the
    the of the 3 days ago +1

    The guy who ordered:
    "Why is my food in the grand canyon?"

  • DavidtheZheng
    DavidtheZheng Month ago

    In part 5 they kidnap a DoorDash driver.

  • westabsupply ebay
    westabsupply ebay Month ago

    You guys know that they have GPS right?.... 😑

  • Raja Sims
    Raja Sims 16 days ago +51

    “I tried running Beth, I really did, but those beasts were too fast. Then … then they hold me down and ripped my top off…”

  • Dragon DLuffy
    Dragon DLuffy Month ago

    I have soo soooo many questions, with the first being, this is a fucking thing? If it weren't for this vid, I'd never known this existed!

  • Wiley Ricard
    Wiley Ricard Month ago +7

    That poor robot looked sad as shit tryna roll away when you let him out

  • Clogmonger
    Clogmonger Month ago

    a: (1): an extremely young child
    especially : INFANT
    (2): an extremely young animal
    b: the youngest of a group
    A fetus is a baby. That’s just a fact. Calling a fetus a baby is accurate.

  • Andy Hew
    Andy Hew 9 days ago +16

    If they start equipping robots with firearms, know that you are one of the reason 💀

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    It tried to runaway at one point

  • William Ashley
    William Ashley Month ago

    I could actually see this happening in a movie, good comedy, got a laugh out of this.

  • Pun Master
    Pun Master Month ago +11

    "Wait isn't that our robot?"
    "Well I'm getting fired."

  • Jaylee Cardboard
    Jaylee Cardboard Month ago +1

    this is literally illegal

  • 无人®
    无人® Month ago

    Wait,is this legal?

  • rat
    rat Month ago +1

    U can go to jail for that bud

  • justonelittlefishy
    justonelittlefishy Month ago


  • Soup Superrior
    Soup Superrior Month ago +4

    Poor robot tried to run away from the desert but wasnt fast enough

  • Suday Gupta
    Suday Gupta Month ago +1

    This is the reason we don't have them in India

  • Calamity o.O
    Calamity o.O Month ago

    Also known as a felony. Grats! Didn't they lower the threshold to $500 as well so that's like 2 or 3 felonies worth of theft.

  • Ice Fire
    Ice Fire 5 days ago +3

    "People nowadays record and post their crime"

  • CookingUpGaming
    CookingUpGaming 9 days ago +4

    Can't wait till you are explaining this to Bubba your cell mate while he's undoing his belt, getting ready for yah.

  • SlushySword
    SlushySword Month ago +22

    "...and no one was the wiser"
    The cameras:

  • fLAME5ives
    fLAME5ives Month ago

    wow so smart stealing something

  • Rabbit Space Agency

    no food for the children 😁

  • Ash West
    Ash West Month ago

    my guy littlery recorded himself doing a crime

  • TKNewYork18oo
    TKNewYork18oo Month ago +5

    😂 it's so funny I don't know if I should be laughing but when the robot tried to make a break for it .. i was in tears 😂😭

  • Eddie Ryan
    Eddie Ryan Month ago +7

    How to commit a felony in 20 seconds

  • LIL_R3D_77
    LIL_R3D_77 Month ago

    Bro it’s just doing it’s job😭

  • kalamitous gamer
    kalamitous gamer Month ago

    This seems rather annoying for whoever is waiting for the delivery

  • MuscleMan
    MuscleMan Month ago

    Robot looked scared 😢

  • Orangeninja626
    Orangeninja626 4 days ago +2

    Who knew it was so hard to kidnap a food delivery robot

  • Riley Spectre
    Riley Spectre Month ago +113

    I love how the robot acts like an npc you brought out of bounds, just starts heading back in the general direction once you lay your eyes off of them😂

    • Brian Given
      Brian Given Month ago

      Like that one scene from Mr Robot, the guy and girl make a break for it, steal the car back but she can't drive and they crash immediately lol

    • MexiCarSpotter
      MexiCarSpotter Month ago +2


    • Infinity Azure
      Infinity Azure Month ago +3

      What did you expect dude its a robot🤣

  • Wheatley
    Wheatley Month ago

    GPS signal gonna be wildin

  • Nicole Díaz
    Nicole Díaz 5 days ago

    I am sure they talked with the company, if a bot is stolen the operator who supports the bot would erase all info and turn the bot off, it would not be able to move after stolen.. I used to work for a very very similar bot

  • It's just me, chill.
    It's just me, chill. Month ago +3

    Man you guys pulled that off smooth like some delta operators.

  • Shane Wold
    Shane Wold Month ago

    You can see their license plate

  • Aidan Invasion
    Aidan Invasion Month ago +3

    Dude I could just imagine being a bystander or something jus watching 4 dudes in ski masks kidnap a food robot ☠️☠️

  • JustDom
    JustDom Day ago

    Somewhere, in some dorm room, theres a guy that didn't get his hotdog. I pray for that dude.

  • Cooper Adams
    Cooper Adams Month ago

    Committing crimes and posting it. Smart.

  • Bodi Picasso
    Bodi Picasso Month ago

    These robots are real?

  • Hayden Yi
    Hayden Yi 3 days ago

    Technology gives our life more convenient while People like this just do for their own video views. That's why we are still where we are.

  • Andrei Lupin Villagorda Bravo

    Legends says he is still waiting for his food

  • CeeKay
    CeeKay 2 days ago

    The person who ordered the food must be so confused by why the gps is saying it's in the desert

  • Ray Marshall
    Ray Marshall 12 days ago

    People used to ask how we managed to catch people after a crime when I worked for a SO.... I used to tell them that we only caught the stupid ones, the smart ones were much harder to catch let alone prosecute. Filming the commission of a felony then posting it on social media, these are the dumb ones 🤣

  • fire619
    fire619 Month ago

    Some Kid missed a meal because of you monsters

  • Tabrez Alam
    Tabrez Alam 8 days ago

    You guys are on A list when robots take over 🤣