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Lian Li Lancool III Case Review: Build Quality, Thermals, & Cable Management

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  4 months ago +102

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    • Becks Pham
      Becks Pham 26 days ago

      I've just upgraded to i9-13900K and RTX 3090Ti but my old bequiet! Dark Base Pro 900 seems not cooling the CPU. Any suggestion between Lancool III/ Corsair 5000D/ P500D/ H7 Flow @Gamers Nexus? I really want focus on the airflow and cooling.

    • Bowl_Of_Pho
      Bowl_Of_Pho 2 months ago

      @NewModz you’re mom

    • NewModz
      NewModz 2 months ago

      gaming god

    • Sam Vega
      Sam Vega 4 months ago

      Ordered mine and ordered a tool kit too, I'm so excited to get my water cooling kit and utilize the tool kit for the first time.

    • Recon FX
      Recon FX 4 months ago

      Are you gonna be looking at the HAF 700 Evo?

  • Dil
    Dil 4 months ago +1567

    I wanted to thank the team at GN for single-handedly reviving the airflow-focused case market. Thanks in large part to your exceptional case reviews, I'm the happy owner of the best case I've ever owned, the Lancool II mesh. While I won't be upgrading to the third gen, it's nice to see all of the attention to detail and quality of life improvements Lian Li is committed to providing in future iterations of their cases. It shows they care, and that there's always room for improvement in a very crowded market with lots of competition.

    • Animalyze71
      Animalyze71 29 days ago

      Lian Li was thoughtful to provide 2 glass side covers for a reason most idiots complaining below about are completely clueless to. Let's see if they can figure it out.

    • Animalyze71
      Animalyze71 29 days ago

      @Steve Watson No it makes you a nitpicky twit who doesn't know what side of the case is which, the back of the motherboard side is commonly called the back, hence Backplate on the cpu cooler and so on (Unless all your cable management is done on the inside or the back you think of which holds the I/O plate). Seriously go find another hobby this one has you wound up too tight.

    • Animalyze71
      Animalyze71 29 days ago

      @DawnJTard The frame is sturdy Smart Alec, meaning little side to side movement, especially when fully loaded. No one ever said glass was sturdy, however it's not ultra brittle glass so there's that.

    • Samsara
      Samsara Month ago

      @Azzajay Brah 215 is amazing! Not to mention super cheap

    • Kiwi
      Kiwi 3 months ago

      @DawnJTard can agree with that, always takes me by surprise when I have to move my PC xD

  • Peter Yan
    Peter Yan 4 months ago +340

    I love how GN has a veritable library of cases, and Steve just casually pulls a case from a shelf like a book.

  • Agent B
    Agent B 4 months ago +228

    I love how dynamic this video is! Showing different angles and rooms, seeing Steve walking around instead of standing stationary behind the desk, and even the camera being handheld, all gave this video a really nice and very warm feel. Props to Andrew for the excellent filming and editing, and to the entire team for creating such great content! ♥ It's also an awesome change to have Patrick doing part of the review! I hope that becomes a constant for future case reviews. It's great to hear more thoughts on the case directly from the other tester, and it's just great to see more of Patrick in general. 🙂

    • Indpendent
      Indpendent 3 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus I completely agree with Agent B!

    • Sean O'Brien
      Sean O'Brien 4 months ago +2

      @Ace Strife I think that's just a cameraman moving the angle, zoom, and focus. Point of origin has rarely moved in most GN videos that aren't live streams.

    • Ace Strife
      Ace Strife 4 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus Oh, has it? It's moved around a lot in most of the videos so I figured it was being held almost all the time.

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  4 months ago +42

      @Ace Strife It's actually mostly been on a tripod, so the poster is right.

    • Yu Producciones
      Yu Producciones 4 months ago


  • siberx4
    siberx4 4 months ago +51

    I''m honestly shocked they've managed to cram that much (apparently functional) mechanical complexity into a case for this price point, especially while retaining pretty favourable thermals. Overall I think Lian-Li has done a pretty great job here.

  • michael holmes
    michael holmes 4 months ago +513

    Interesting to see Lian Li's implementation of a resizable bar.

  • Janghan Hong
    Janghan Hong 4 months ago +148

    "It's not abnormal to remove the front panel that wayl But for a case this advanced, with all the different levers, springs and gadgets, that might be winning our "Best Mechanical Design of the Year" award; they haven't done anything to advance the removal of the front panel."
    This actually applies to basically every Lian Li case ever. This problem is so widespread that there's a cottage industry of people 3D-printing replacements for those plastic clips that they have been using since 1993.

    • Rodiculous
      Rodiculous 4 months ago

      3d printers are amazing, so many uses

    • SpecialED
      SpecialED 4 months ago +7

      Also Steve: _lets just yeet this black front panel to prove my point_

  • runningreturning
    runningreturning 4 months ago +190

    I feel confident saying that this is the most well shot case review on the channel. Love the direction you guys are taking right now, great job to all involved.
    Also. 30 lbs. empty! The next iteration needs to work towards reducing the weight imo.

    • RicochetForce
      RicochetForce 4 months ago

      @Eric Mann Wow, I hadn't heard about that case in YEARS. And yes, back then a 20lb case was heavy as hell. I'd assume you were talking to me about a full tower if you quoted a figure that high for an empty chassis.
      Yeah, Lian Li is fond of using thick rolled steel.

    • Eric Mann
      Eric Mann 4 months ago

      @RicochetForce Reminds me of my first gaming PC, Thermaltake Damier V6000A but even that was "just" 20lbs.
      I also thought the Lian Li Dynamic was a little heavy too being 1 pound heavier but damn, 31 lbs really is nuts.

    • runningreturning
      runningreturning 4 months ago +1

      @ZloyDick Ideas like that are why companies put metal weights inside of cheap plastic garbage. You think it's better because it's heavy 😂

    • Starscreamious
      Starscreamious 4 months ago +1

      @ZloyDick No. Wrong.

    • ZloyDick
      ZloyDick 4 months ago +1

      The weight is sign of reliability.

  • Phil T Kaswahl
    Phil T Kaswahl 4 months ago +36

    It's actually good that Lian Li actually looks like it's taking review feedback seriously.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 4 months ago +3

    I got this case as soon as it became available in my region. Till now, I am loving this very much. The temps have been good. It looks great. I have added 360mm radiator on top, stock 140mm fans on front and back and 3 120mm fans below the GPU. The only thing which I have a gripe about is the magnetic mechanism for securing the back panels. For someone who is not good at cable management, it just takes additional effort to route the cables through specific cutout marked on the panels. Also, one thing to note, if the bottom fans are RGB, the shoddy cable management at the bottom is very much visible.

  • Spaneito Gaming
    Spaneito Gaming 25 days ago +4

    I am really glad to see my Lian Li Lancool II Mesh is STILL a top charter especially when comparing to the Lancool III. I absolutely love my Lancool II Mesh, and it was all thanks to you guys at Gamers Nexus to help me find one of the best upgrades I could have done for my system. However, I will say, the little things that Lian Li did to improve the design, speaks volumes for me. They actually care about the products they are pushing out.

  • D H
    D H 4 months ago +9

    I’ve got the Lian Li Cool 2 Mesh, and built my own pc with it. I found it to be a very easy unit to build in ( I’ve built four pc’s so far, and this was the easiest case to build in). I actually think the older unit looks better than this new one. I also wonder if the new side panel latches that run all the way down both sides of the front of the case are actually slightly blocking airflow compared to the older case which doesn’t have these latches on it? The older design that required the bottom doors to be open before the glass panels could be opened was perfectly fine in my opinion, and adding these massive latches on the new case is a step backwards as they are potentially a fail point with over usage. Also, the two solid metal doors on the back side that cover all the cables for neatness are far better on the older model as they can be screwed shut rather than using magnets. From personal experience, I struggled to get all the cables bolted behind the doors, and the magnet version would have been a giant pain to have to deal with. I can also verify that, once you get all you components in this case and it’s ready to turn on, it’s a VERY heavy boy! I built my son’s gaming pc using another case (admittedly with a smaller GPU) and my pc is probably three times heavier than his. Another improvement that could be made to both the older and newer case would be to use the Lian Li SL120 Uni Fan Infinity ARGB PWM 120mm at the front of the case. It would increase the price, but these fans look far better, and with their interlocking system you would only have one cable to deal with rather than each fan having its own cables.

  • mepizzasmangled
    mepizzasmangled 14 days ago +1

    The overall quality of GN is truly unrivaled. Thank you and team so so so much for not giving in to trashy tech trends and staying real. Don't ever change, you guys are amazing!

  • Vancha
    Vancha 4 months ago +17

    There's a special kind of absurdity about replacing the solid panel on the back with tempered glass so you can see through it, and then implementing solid panels to hide what the glass lets you see through to.

    • Nikola Mladenoff
      Nikola Mladenoff 4 months ago

      I personally really like that. Using the normal Lancool 2 right now and I can't go back to steel-back cases anymore. Just makes both sides of the case interesting and if you were to put RGB SSDs there, it would become a feature of itself. Not everyone puts their case with the back to the wall. :)

    • Chronical Cultivation
      Chronical Cultivation 4 months ago +1

      It's so they can sell you extra RGB strips

    • Steven Juris
      Steven Juris 4 months ago +1

      Corsair is teaching other manufacturers well.

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez 4 months ago +8

    Becuase of you, Nexus, I decided to go with the Lancool 2 Mesh and I couldn’t be happier. The cooling on it is insane and I just wanna say thank you for going out of your way to do this for us!

    • Spaneito Gaming
      Spaneito Gaming 25 days ago

      Agreed. I also own a Lancool II Mesh and it's amazing.

  • MacroSec
    MacroSec 4 months ago +14

    I got the lancool 2 mesh when GN originally criticized the original case and the thing is an absolute beast. Love these in depth reviews and the comparison charts are very helpful!

  • Notpoop
    Notpoop 4 months ago +3

    Lian Li always takes me back. They were ahead of the curve with their case designs. The squared off full glass aesthetic was basically perfected by them.

  • Joshua Stedford
    Joshua Stedford 4 months ago +3

    I can definitely see the improvements in the video's layout. From the Case Hallway to Patrick's take on Case details, this video's structure is a definite improvement 👌 One of my favourite channels around that lets us pc nerds embrace being pc nerds

  • Mr. Everything
    Mr. Everything 4 months ago +1

    Honestly the biggest and most welcomed change to this case is the ability to mount fans on the top of the PSU shroud. Its super annoying having plenty of space in my lancool ii on the psu shroud to mount fans, but no spot for the fans to actually screw into. This is especially annoying in my wifes case because she has a blower style GPU cooler and could benefit tremendously from the extra airflow those fans would provide.

  • Jesse Bates
    Jesse Bates 4 months ago +2

    While watching the review I also thought it to be an ~$250 case--Seeing the list price at $150-170 is surprising and refreshing. To me, it looks like a killer case at this price point.

  • Mark H
    Mark H 4 months ago +13

    It does my heart good to see the 215 still hanging with the newcomers near the top of the chart. I bought mine back when it was still near it's original MSRP of $70, partially as a result of your review, and it's been fantastic. Great review as always, and this looks like another great effort from Lian Li with some nice design elements for more complex builds.

    • Christopher Thorpe
      Christopher Thorpe 4 months ago +2

      I also got my 215 last year at msrp and it's such a great case! Sure it doesn't have all these gimmicks but as far as looks, price and cooling goes there isn't anything better imo.

    • Deagle760
      Deagle760 4 months ago +3

      Great purchase. I’m looking to build my first pc and all the good cases that gamer nexus recommends are all over their msrp lol.

  • Davidx 117
    Davidx 117 4 months ago +1

    Fantastic review, I think this one beats the previous Lancool in looks (II & II Mesh) and I love the amount of fan/rad mounting options and the fact both PSU shroud doors are mesh but we'd need a follow-up on this case to really know how useful shroud mounted fans and rads would be (it was mentioned talking about shroud mounting in the thermal section but I didn't hear anything about it there). A follow-up video could also perhaps show the results of a bit of torture testing of all the door mechanisms, nothing extreme but enough to show how well the mechanisms hold up through a number of uses
    Last thing, wish they didn't have glass on both sides, it really doesn't add much to the look having glass on the side behind the motherboard tray, would rather it be a metal panel and reduce the cost a little bit (but I will say those cable covers do make the glass there viable as an attractive option for anyone that does like it)

  • Avboden
    Avboden 4 months ago +12

    honestly what this shows me is just how damn good the lancool II mesh was/is. Honestly if it can be had cheaper than this new one i'd say it is the best competitor if you don't need the new fan flexibility

    • Andrew Bedford
      Andrew Bedford 4 months ago

      @Akasahi So I have my rig on my desk, I have a 360 rad in the front, and ive never noticed an excess build up of dust due to this gap, and its really not that big of a gap, its finger width, its there so you can pull off the front panel. Its a real non issue.

    • Akasahi
      Akasahi 4 months ago

      @Andrew Bedford But what about the hole below? How was the dust collection?
      I have my rig on a living room.

    • JustA Body
      JustA Body 4 months ago +1

      @ShadoW Everything except the plastic hard drive things feels so high quality and is actually useful. I have a 280 and it didn't quite fit op mounted, so it had to be used as intake as well. I even use one of those metal phone holding rings as an door handle and it looks like it was part of it all along. Best case I ever owned for sure!

    • ShadoW
      ShadoW 4 months ago +1

      I got mine for like 100 euros and its the best case ever, stock fans are good but pretty noisy and you can fit the arctic 360 in the front, the finish and quality overall is unbeatable at the price :)

    • JustA Body
      JustA Body 4 months ago

      Even Lian Li knows it. They recently increased the price of the Mesh II because it was undercutting the competition by 50 bucks or so. I got mine for 80€ now it's selling for more than 120€... The III feels a bit over the top with too many niche features.

  • emeQve
    emeQve 4 months ago +13

    I've had a Lian Li mesh 2 case mostly because of GNs favourable review as well as following an aesthetics style that I wanted. My only minor complains is that it's so heavy and that the io is on the top meaning my kitties could step on the power buttons as they love to enjoy the warmth in winter. This new case has definitely solved the 2nd issue. Would be great if there was an option that didn't have the tempered glass panel on the back side to reduce weight slightly. Anyhows! kudos to Lian Li for improving an already decent case even further and to GN for their amazing work

    • Steven Juris
      Steven Juris 4 months ago

      @Alex Lee try a 5000x.

    • Gavin Buck
      Gavin Buck 4 months ago

      @Fruchti I suffer the same problem with my Pure Base 500DX, I've shut my PC down just from unplugging a USB. :)
      The button is far too touch sensitive.

    • Fruchti
      Fruchti 4 months ago +1

      I know the pain with cats with my be quiet 802. They always seem to hit the power button accurately haha

    • Alex Lee
      Alex Lee 4 months ago +2

      I thought the case was heavy until i lifted a fractal torrent, and i thought that was the heaviest until i lifted the O11 dynamic..

  • TheJellyGoo
    TheJellyGoo 4 months ago

    I really like many of the ideas Lian Li brings to the table, some of the executions are still a bit eh but that's just how it goes. Would I need a case now there would be quite the difficult decision between some of their cases or the Torrent which I got in my last upgrade. Fractal definitely needs to stay on course and also improve should I ever consider a new case.

  • SonOfAtreides
    SonOfAtreides 4 months ago +13

    You could say this case is a-DOOR-able. I feel like this is going to be on my short list for my next build.

  • Vladimir Enev
    Vladimir Enev 3 months ago

    I have had the lancool 2 mesh for nearly two years and I'm pretty happy with it. My main complaint is the stock fans aren't the best. I had to replace one of them because is was making an annoying grinding noise. I hope to use the case for many more years as I bought it with longevity in mind.

  • Ethan LeGrand
    Ethan LeGrand 3 months ago

    Great review!! I upgraded in December from an NZXT h710i to a Lancool ii. I love the case. It dropped my temps 10-15 degrees. The case looks great and I’m a fan of the doors.
    The Lancool 3 has so many more features that make the case even better. It offers mesh filter kit for the top, front, and bottom, where they previously didn’t offer a front mesh kit on the Lancool 2. USB-C comes preinstalled! The Lancool 2 usb-C kit was a pain to install. And being able to use the O11-Evo gpu riser kit allows us to have PCIE 4.0 riser cable now.
    I love my Lancool 2 and my next build will be in a Lancool 3. Again great review and props to the Lian Li team for the massive improvements to an already great case

  • Aimless Idiot
    Aimless Idiot 4 months ago

    Man, these features, this high quality of a case, and then to even get an additional _four_ RGB fans included with it to boot makes this one absolute banger of a deal! I don't understand how they are able to offer this much value for just $150, but I'm not going to complain!
    I have been rocking a 8700k with a 1080ti ever since their individual release windows, and by blasting my 8700k with sufficient voltage to run that biaaatch at 5GHz on all cores with it running at approx. 80°C at full load has luckily managed to buy me all the time I needed to ride out the previous shortages! But now, after sitting out the previous two GPU and five CPU generations, I'm finally looking to build a new rig somewhere this fall, just as soon as the new GPUs and CPUs are here, and I think this is going to be the case I'm going to build that new system in!
    I'm really leaning to going full AMD this time, and I'm almost 30 me, but I have always only had blue and green systems for as long as I can remember. I honestly don't think i have literally ever really had an AMD CPU in my rig before...

  • purringc
    purringc 4 months ago +2

    Proud owner of the Lancool II Mesh. Bought based on your excellent review. Glad to see Lian Li fine tuning the design.
    The only thing I really dislike about the III is the covers for the wires. I like being able to take them off and then securing them with a screw. Not everything needs a magnet.
    Shame about the HDD backplate. I actually use that.
    Anyways, can't wait to see the Lancool IV!

  • John Chen
    John Chen 4 months ago +90

    I pre-orded this case two weeks ago and I should be receiving it before the end of the week. I'm an owner of the Lancool II, and although I liked it, I decided to upgrade to the Lancool III once I saw that Lian Li addressed all the things I found annoying/disappointing about it's predecessor. Thank you for doing such a great review on this case, Steve. You are my "goto" guy for comprehensive reviews/testing of products. Keep up the stellar work.

    • John Chen
      John Chen 13 days ago

      @YayoKB the case is very well designed and provides excellent air flow. It is big and have, but air flow and build quality is most important

    • YayoKB
      YayoKB 13 days ago

      I'm looking to get this case. How's it been so far?

    • John Chen
      John Chen 4 months ago +2

      @HTR I agree. I regerts buying them, but spilled milk. 😭

    • John Chen
      John Chen 4 months ago +1

      @HTR I never got to test the included case fans on my mesh performance. I replaced them with Noctua NF-F12/F14 iPPC 3000 RPM fans. They are loud as hell under full load but it’s rare for me to hit those temps. I disliked that I could only mount a 240 radiator on the top of the Lancool II, but with the III I can mount up to “440” (but I’m only going 360).

    • John Chen
      John Chen 4 months ago +3

      @HTR I just went through my order history and saw that I bought it from Newegg in late 2020 for $119 plus tax and shipping for a total of $138 (Mesh non-rgb). I looked up general release information and you are right. The performance retail was $89. So I got ripped off. lol. Good times. 🤣

  • Nubs and Bolts
    Nubs and Bolts 4 months ago

    Thank you for doing all the in-depth research into the important details that can affect performance, also take the tail chasing research that many of us do. Being a LianLi O11D Evo owner I gotta say they make amazing cases, though the one I got is a bit bulky for me but that's all I could get (wanted Pantex meshify). I've only owned a maingear tower from 2006 and an old HP envy that i upgraded back in 2014. My dreamachine replaced my dell 7559 and got to say its super fun to be back building/optimizing everything.

  • Caleb J
    Caleb J 4 months ago

    for the price I'm actually quite impressed with the bnumber of features and mechanical complexity. the extra potential for gpu airflow might be nice for upcoming GPUs

  • Marc Wolfe
    Marc Wolfe 4 months ago

    Glad to see some custom/DIY options getting more creative with mechanisms comparable to what's often found on OEM cases.

  • Xaytana
    Xaytana 4 months ago

    I like the approach of the backside doors, and this kind of design could be taken so much further. Find a way to secure them, add a door over the SSD mount, make them a bit more sturdy, and clean up the chassis bezel, they could easily stand in for a full side panel. Hell, they could do this on both sides and have optional glass panels instead of solid panels, similar with mesh panels, though on the display side the doors would have to interlock rather than having a tray to latch to. Personally, I don't entirely like the magnet approach, I'd rather have something more secure, even if that means more mechanical complexity. Stemming from this, having the motherboard area and PSU area being modular would also be a nice touch, that way you can swap from a basement to an attic, with the front fan area being it's own separate module as to not obstruct fan compatibility; this modularity would fit the door approach nicely. This approach could also make it to where the motherboard unit could be flipped between sides, as there is some market for reverse-mounted boards; stemming from this, with some modification to the overall case and making the motherboard module square, the motherboard could also be rotated, which also has some amount of a market. The next generation of this case could easily become a modular system, and there could also be a variety of modules, such as replacing the front-mount fan module for a side-mount fan module, alla the O11's design, or a front extension for full watercooling support, or a taller front unit to support an attic+basement build, a double-wide system could also exist, etc., as the base case itself would just be a wireframe skeleton with either doors or drop-in fan mounts, really the only 'panel' parts are just beauty panels such as the front panel. Modular casing should really be the next step in case design, give more options to the consumer with less full-case SKUs, having things broken down into modules could also help with warehousing depending on the approach taken, instead of having a dedicated case and dedicated XL version, or dedicated mesh version and dedicated standard versions, etc., having components broken down into individual parts that can be bundled upon order will minimize warehousing needs, not to mention you can offer a larger array of options for a singular case designation; though this can get messy on the retailer side of things. I've argued these same kinds of points on a few cases previously, there's potential for it to work, one of these companies just needs to actually do it to get the ball rolling, especially when it's seemingly so close to actually happening as some case design iterations are becoming more modular in design philosophy but the chassis itself isn't physically broken down into modules yet.

  • Mike Oleksa
    Mike Oleksa 4 months ago +1

    I remember when Lian Li was mainly an expensive, definitely not mainstream, PC case manufacturer. The OG O11 Dynamic and Air, along with the Bora fans, really opened the floodgates for an entirely different market for them. The O11 Dynamic itself has had several spin-offs. The O11 Air has had a few modified follow ups. The Bora fans led to the UNI fans, probably some of the most popular fans sets on the market. The Lancool line has been introduced and exploded with many models. Most importantly, most of their products fall into an affordable price point and get better with each new model. Hats off to Lian Li! They really do seem to listen to reviewer and customer feedback and make better products as they grow in the market.

    • protocetid
      protocetid 4 months ago

      Lian Li making an unpainted aluminum case with good airflow be a dream come true for me. I miss the look of their old school lineup, looked for the Max Pro looking one on eBay a dozen times.

  • NoFailer
    NoFailer 4 months ago

    Thanks for those in-depth professional reviews! You are the reason I bought the Fractal Meshify 2 Compact and did not cheap out on a case for the very first time. I also got a case for my girlfriend because you recommended it. We are both pretty happy and I personally cannot believe how much easier it is to upgrade and service your PC with a case that is designed to make it so simple. Love you and the team, keep it up!

  • Brady Tribble
    Brady Tribble 4 months ago

    I went from the NZXT H510i to this case and over all, pretty happy with it. It has a few issues though.
    1:There isn't enough room in the back cable tray for large GPU's like the 3090ti to fit all the cables, especially since the cable shipped by EVGA is criminally short and needs extension cables.
    2: The power button is extremely easy to accidently touch while using the front ports. I've changed my power setting just because of how easy it is to depress.
    3: you lose one of the bottom drive trays if you have a power supply above 1000ish watts. The power supply actually runs into the back most tray.
    4: the front fan cage is poorly designed and doesn't fit well with 240 and 360 sized radiators. I'm not sure what it is but it feels like it just doesn't work.
    Regardless of the above, I really like this case and would more than likely purchase it again. My biggest gripe is the magnets on the cable doors...who thought that was a good idea for cables.

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt 4 months ago

    For the price, the features are incredibly detailed. It looks like a case that I'd actually be proud to be able to display both sides of it like at the edge of a desk instead of having it at the back of your desk hiding the back of the case against the wall.
    I think a cheap neodymium bar magnet might fix the side panel door issue.
    As a p500a owner, finding a case that isn't excessively large that could support a 420 mm radiators is fairly difficult. Looks like this one could do it with some compromise. I just don't like 120 mm fans, they're loud, don't move as much air. I feel that 140mm is my favorite fan size.

  • Nicolas_Cage_Bees
    Nicolas_Cage_Bees 4 months ago

    I'm still quite happy with my BeQuiet! Pure Base 500DX but this case is super interesting and it's cool to see the continued innovation in the case market. This review is just another example of why GN is my most trusted reviewer of hardware. Keep up the great work guys!

  • SidePiece
    SidePiece 4 months ago

    I love gamers nexus case reviews! I was building my current pc last year and I couldn't decide between a couple of options. I chose the thermaltake view 71 after seeing the in depth review by GN. Then I also bought the EK 360 Elite aio based on another GN review. Some people say it's too expensive BUT it came with 6× 120mm argb fans which really move a lot of air. Those fans are over $20 each so a little over $120 worth of fans. I got the aio for 20% off plus a $10 gift card newegg gave me. I paid $169 for the aio so if you deduct the price of the included fans it means I paid $50 for the rad and pump

  • Sam Vega
    Sam Vega 4 months ago

    I love the way this thing looks. Too bad I needed way more room for water cooling, I just picked up the Thermaltake p8 TG it'd be amazing to see you guys do a review on it. I know that's not likely to happen its a 300 dollar case but its so cool and worth it imo it also comes with a pcie riser.

  • RicochetForce
    RicochetForce 4 months ago +26

    Thanks for the review, guys! I was looking into this case to potentially replace my Lancool II Mesh, but I think I'm going to stick with what I have. It was routinely losing to the LC2 Mesh in your tests, and its dramatic increase in size, weight and price over my case dissuaded me further. I agree that things like the spring loaded latches, side panel release mechanism, etc... all look like stuff primed to fail. I'm not sure if Lian Li will be providing replacement parts for this case 5-6 years from now.

    • RicochetForce
      RicochetForce 4 months ago +1

      @Blafard666 I do agree that GN will eventually have to bite the bullet and move on to more modern, intensely hot components to provide more representative results.
      It reminds me of how Noctua's large coolers like the NH-U12A, U14S, NHD15/S seem to perform no better than bog standard heatsinks on low thermal loads. But when you force a massive amount of heat on them, the smaller units quickly get overwhelmed and the actual performance of the large towers becomes obvious (cooler + quieter while providing that cooling).

    • Blafard666
      Blafard666 4 months ago

      @RicochetForce I totally agree, especially with your last sentence. But isn't that proof that such a modest test-configuration will always cripple the bigger cases ?
      20:05 On the standardized fans test, is it a coincidence that all of the 5 cases beating the LC3 are compact/smaller cases ?
      I believe GN testing format misrepresent the compared performances of larger cases at the benefit of smaller volume ones.

    • RicochetForce
      RicochetForce 4 months ago

      @Blafard666 As Steve said, if a case loses in specific categories and loses in their standardized configuration, it means the case is brute forcing cooling with its fans.
      What this shows is that the Lancool 2 Mesh has better airflow dynamics as a case than the LC3, and that its stock fans are more than enough to sit at or near the top of the charts consistently.
      It seems the increased volume of the case may be working against it here.

    • Blafard666
      Blafard666 4 months ago

      The LanCool 3 lose to the LC2 in those particular tests, but is still a better case in term of cooling capapcity.
      GN standardised configuration (4x120 mm fans + 1 CPU aircooler) does not take advantage af this case stronger suit : his capacity for more and bigger fans/radiatiors than his competition.

    • zavirca
      zavirca 4 months ago +1

      Same think I will stick to the Mesh II, love that case but it would have been nice if they had a usb c already to go in it. But other than that it was fun to build in and easy to work on.

  • Opus
    Opus 4 months ago +15

    7:15 The bottom mounted io (or option to have it that way) is a great/logical idea, it is a pity that it looks like they got the angle wrong though.

    • Steven Juris
      Steven Juris 4 months ago +1

      Works better on a flatter bottomed case.

    • Dexx the Duck
      Dexx the Duck 4 months ago +1

      I never plug in any USB drives in the front anyway. It's a 100% positive for me.

  • Animalyze71
    Animalyze71 Month ago

    Love Lian Li and Fractal cases, both are my immediate go to brands when making recommendations to my customers and my own builds. Lian Li Lancool II Mesh was the best option when it released and the $89.00 price tag made it an easy grab. Seeing the new Mesh III was much anticipated but at it's way overpriced stance for the level of improvements, the Lancool II Mesh will still be the one I go for. No issues at all with Air cooling setups and it holds enough water cooling options for even top end systems. Sorry Lian Li, I love your cases but $150-$170 for the Lancool Mesh III is too much especially without all the add in options that came with the Mesh II at a $100 price point.
    Special thanks to Steve and the Gang for finally helping the Case market get back to proper airflow and no more the H500 nonsense that was choking PC's for about a decade. Keep up the great work helping with innovation and getting the proper cooling myths busted that other builders promote to the detriment of their customers. Awesome Work GN!!!!
    P.S Hey Steve I wonder if the Hot swap plate for the Mesh II will fit on the bays for this version or the LED strip? You didn't mention if you guys tried to do that, be neat if if they fit if we wanted a smallish upgrade to the III and keep the features of the II. Great video as always!

  • AceTriggerz
    AceTriggerz 4 months ago

    I got this one for the kid I volunteer with, and she loves the case. It was a little complicated, but the case itself looks amazing, and the build looks clean AF because of all the little areas you can shove cables or pull cables through.

  • Andrew Bedford
    Andrew Bedford 4 months ago +17

    I bought the Lancool II Mesh based on your review last year. Its the one case I have purchased were I did not regret buying due to something prettier or newer coming out. I think in some ways the Lancool III is a step backwards, specifically in gpu thermals for example, which lets face is the most important thermal testing as it is the hottest component in the system. I love what they have improved upon over the Lancool II mesh, however I would still buy 2 over 3 purely based on your gpu thermal testing. Lian Li I feel, is really competing with itself here, the Lancool III Is interesting sure, but it is not as compelling as the Lancool II Mesh, especially when considering the high price increase.

    • B M A
      B M A 4 months ago +1

      It's pretty relative considering the amount of variables that differ person to person and environment to environment. My current Lancool 2 has 9 fans total a delidded i7 8700k, 32gb 4000 CL14 ram, Hybrid 3090 Ti with 360mm rad and a 280mm cpu AIO and I've never had CPU or GPU temps go above 55C. One time benching I got it to hit 58C on the CPU but hasn't happened again. I bought the Lancool 3 ASAP. If you were one to buy the Lancool 2 and saw the mesh come out you would likely think the same thing "eh not worth the upgrade" because that's what I was like. Lancool 3 isn't a step backwards at all.

    • CoolCat
      CoolCat 4 months ago

      @Clinton If they are not using the exact same hardware for all case tests, the numbers are meaningless. One can only put cases into one chart, if they were given the same conditions.

    • Andrew Bedford
      Andrew Bedford 4 months ago +2

      @Disgrunto I think he should have pointed this out, as a few people I know would have been looking to possibly looked at swapping out for the Lancool III from the Mesh II, but that would be a complete waste of time, money and effort.
      There is no way I would recommend the III whilst the mesh II is still in production.

    • Andrew Bedford
      Andrew Bedford 4 months ago

      @peanuts Yeah absolutely, overall the previous generation was cooler and cheaper, and in my opinion more robustly designed.

    • Andrew Bedford
      Andrew Bedford 4 months ago

      @HTR Yeah 100% agreed.

  • butterfingersman
    butterfingersman 4 months ago

    very cool case, and very heavy! i honestly feel like this case looks amazing, from an ease of installation angle to the aesthetics as well, it looks great. great review, loved how it was shot.

  • RogueWraith909
    RogueWraith909 4 months ago +1

    I've been looking at Lian Li cases for the last few months as I consider building a new PC over time, they looks good, sound like they're solidly constructed and have space inside with some interesting features many cases don't use. Thanks for reviewing these GN! You guys give people the information they need most!

    • Spaneito Gaming
      Spaneito Gaming 25 days ago +1

      You won't be disappointed. I love my Lancool II Mesh. I couldn't be happier with the functionality, the room, cable management, and air flow that surpassed my Cooler Master case I had for years.

  • Darth Llama
    Darth Llama 4 months ago +2

    I bought a Lancool II Mesh Performance a while back based on the GN review and I am thrilled with it. GN had the best review on the Lancool II and this review is every bit as good.. this case isn't for me, but it was a great job showing all the positives and negatives of this case.
    At this point, I wouldn't buy any case until I watched a GN review first.. you guys are THE authority on case reviews. Please keep it up.. it's really appreciated.

  • Killacamfoo O.G.
    Killacamfoo O.G. 4 months ago

    Lian Li always pushing the design bounds, amazing case.

  • Mike
    Mike 4 months ago +1

    I always enjoy the Patrick segments on the reviews, he's super laid back and points out a lot of useful info for potential users of the product.

  • Irish Giant
    Irish Giant 4 months ago +1

    Great case review. One thing I'd like to see is even when Patrick was pointing out the built in IO, the spec of the different USB ports was not mentioned. I've noticed this is a pattern not only in this review but in the majority of your case reviews. It's usually not hard to find out, but it seems like a spec worth mentioning. Especially since there are about 4 possible data transfer rates they could be in nowadays and there are more than one type of motherboard connector required. Not a big complaint, just seems like it ought to be there in so thorough a review.

  • Justin
    Justin 4 months ago +6

    Still loving my lancool ii. However, I really do wish they would ditch the dual tempered glass side panels. There is no need for it on the cable management side of the case. It only adds weight and fragility. Getting rid of the glass side panel would also eliminate the need for the somewhat annoying cable panels.

    • CoolCat
      CoolCat 4 months ago +1

      So true. I would even ask for a steel side panel for the other side, so that I could cut a exhaust ventilation cut-out into it for the GPU to directly exhaust its hot air to the side, out of the case.

    • Mike Sugiyama Jones
      Mike Sugiyama Jones 4 months ago +3

      Yes, the tempered glass on the right side is unnecessary but for me it’s not a deal breaker.

  • Jamie A
    Jamie A 4 months ago +1

    I bought the Lancool II Mesh based on the strength on GNs (and others) reviews. It is a great case overall but the only negative thing about it is the mounting for hard drives which are just simple plastic trays which slide into a simple metal mount, if you actually populate these with hard drives they are incredibly noisy since there is no dampening at all; I didn't factor this in when I purchased the case because I didn't realise it was a problem as I experienced zero hard drive noise with my previous case (corsair air 240) as the mounts on that case have dampening; it was also never mentioned by any reviews that I saw - it seems like this is an area that is overlooked by reviewers.
    It seems the hard drive mounts for the Lancool III are much better in terms of dampening just from looking at it. GN do you do any testing with actually populating with hard drives? It seems from only seeing the video that this a small area where your reviews could be improved, perhaps you do test this but it just doesn't make it to the video unless you find a problem w/ it?

    • Jamie A
      Jamie A 4 months ago +1

      Edit: From looking at another video it appears there isn't any dampening on the Lancool III hard drive mounts.

  • Oscyjack
    Oscyjack 14 days ago

    I'd love to see a larger version to accommodate more water-cooling. I'm a big fan of my lancool 2 mesh, and I chose it after having used an 011 xl for a year. But I wish I could get more rads in there

    IVRGN 4 months ago +1

    I have Lancool II Mesh based on your review back then, never regret even one bit. Simple, beautiful, and very good performing case!

  • Keira Pendragon
    Keira Pendragon 4 months ago

    Really appreciate this review! I'm in love with my Lancool II Mesh, which will be getting passed on to my kiddo in a few months when I get the parts together for my first epic build and when I saw the Lancool III was coming out and how roomy it was supposed to be etc I was pretty stoked.
    I've had really good experiences with their customer support and engagement, so just in case, I sent them some of my concerns about the case. I absolutely Love the side door thing and really hope it catches on cause it's a life saver.

  • Kyamil Nasuf
    Kyamil Nasuf 4 months ago

    In light of the review grading system that you guys have started showing in the beginning of the review videos, I think an officially named grading system for conclusions would also be appropriate.
    Since it starts off with information on how advanced the review is, I think a final assessment should carry the same level of seriousness as a proportionate payoff to the newly introduced review scoring you've implemented.
    It could always be attached to a certain type of reviews, if for example, you start providing reviews with varying scores, then this might be implemented for "8 or higher, bro" levels. Or some other meaningful example, I don't know.
    Maybe I'm just talking horse s and you can disregard this comment.
    Edit: yes, I am. It says "Years of experience", not a score. Oops.

  • Hadouken OCX
    Hadouken OCX 4 months ago +4

    I knew that the Lancool 2 is better than the Lancool 3 for many reasons. The Lancool 3 is more of an opponent for Corsair 5000D Airflow or Corsair 7000D Airflow but for the people who want the best GPU, CPU performance and that for €100 or €120 or $100 Lancool II is the way. After all, Lancool II is Born to Push Limits. And well, Lancool III is just Born to Push Microsoft Exel. ^^

  • Gare
    Gare 3 months ago +1

    I'm impressed. Lian Li keeps getting better and so do these case reviews.
    We're really spoilt for choice with some absolutely amazing cases these days.

    • Golden Hate
      Golden Hate 24 days ago

      And they do seem to be watching and improving, which is all we can ask for

  • Venom415
    Venom415 4 months ago +3

    Honestly this would look great with a storm trooper style to it and I would love to see a model like that, white case with black front mesh and black interior/pcie covers/PSU filter vents, heck make fans with a white frame and black fans. Also am I the only one who misses gunmetal colored cases?

    • Black Hat
      Black Hat 4 months ago

      Buy a black one and a white one and mix and match. I've done that for custom orders for clients.

  • Tony
    Tony 4 months ago

    Will def keep this case in mind when I build again, was going to upgrade my older Corsair 230T case but extremely lazy to tear it down and build it again 🤣 The old 230T served me well for 7yrs and 3 builds airflow was not an issue for me considering the age of the case 🙂

  • BraceDeville
    BraceDeville 4 months ago +1

    I bought the Lancool II after watching your review despite the mild concerns you had then. I enjoyed building in it and my thermals have been fine after all this time. Full disclosure, I don't over-clock thus it's not being stress tested. That said, my take away here is that your concerns are mostly around some minor engineering quirks and potential long term effectiveness which for my use case would probably be fine. Plus doors man...it's got doors!

  • Moriarty
    Moriarty 3 months ago

    I'm two years in with my lancool 2 mesh due to steves previous video and it's going strong being carried around several times and moving house once I've played with thermals a lot, you will get scratches and the paint come off where you are playing with screws but all in all very happy with that case and QC and I'm seriously considering buying this one as an upgrade due to the fact I love building a PC and you can't do it often enough. side note: lancool 2 mesh works really well with 2 extra fans at the bottom, 3 140 mm in the front (specs say it can't be done but it can with hexa shaped fans I use 3 kaze flex hexa rgb 140s its fiddly but can be done with the right front mount config) I have a 240 artic liquid cooler 2 up top in push/pull config and another fan in exhaust. I'm getting 47 c under load with a ryzen 5 5600x and 65 c ( 35 c summer time in the uk) on a gigabyte eagle 6600xt ( I have 3 noctua 92 mm fans strapped to the heat sink that makes a huge difference to that budget card and will do until the massive gpu price drop we are all expecting and I can get my 69/6800xt) all in all I have faith in the build quality with the previous generation and I have loved the thermal levels with these cases. Im thinking of upgrading all fans non rgb (kaze flex move a lot of air for a cheaper rgb fan)with appropriate noctua fans buts that's going to cost close to £200 so that's a month by month basis depending if it effects the thermals with each buy.

  • Marcel Aoki
    Marcel Aoki 4 months ago +1

    Impressive details on the review, probably the most in-depth review out there! I own the lancool 2 mesh, and the changes, although minor, are really cool for people who mess with their build a lot! The adjustable panel on the side also helps fitting E-ATX mobod i believe, besides the water reservoir and bigger GPUs

    • Marcel Aoki
      Marcel Aoki 4 months ago

      @HTR yeah, i mean the adjustment, which the 2 mesh also have, serve this purpose as well as the ones mentioned in the video (reservoir/GPU). I think in the official channel they say that you can move the panel to fit E-ATX or water cooler gear, just wanted to add it as it was not mentioned in this vid.

  • Amb1valentChaos
    Amb1valentChaos 3 months ago

    Has the team at gamers nexus ever thought about doing a sort of best “case” scenario type of testing. For instance if you put the maximum amount of fans and see what the best configuration of max fans would be

  • Alexy
    Alexy 4 months ago +5

    Patrick's presentation was so good! Would be really cool if he could cover some sections for each case review.

  • Anthony Holmes
    Anthony Holmes 4 months ago

    Steve is definitely the one that got me making sure to look at airflow closely when choosing a case. This time around I went with a Antec 700DF, but definitely want to step it up on the next one. And I prefer ones with a place to put fans on the bottom too. I like all the air I can get to my GPU.

  • MaxRei
    MaxRei 4 months ago +1

    I really like the dynamic way this video was shot! It felt fresh and less tense than standing there with a fixed camera angle. Please note that 'tense' really doesn't mean unpleasant! A computer case isn't rocket science by any means, and in my opinion a review of such a thing doesn't need to take itself too serious (like in this video). Just keep experimenting with that, you've already nailed the technical review part anyway.
    My take on the case: Every time a manufacturer tries to implement rather complicated mechanical designs for parts that, under normal operation, almost never get used, it feels a bit wasteful in my mind. They could have left out half of the panels, magnets and springs and that case would still be a top performer on noise and airflow with an easy building experience.

  • Jason
    Jason 4 months ago

    Great looking case and looks easy to build in, i'm a little more excited for the upcoming 216 which should be a less expensive alternative but also a good performer.

  • Azzajay Brah
    Azzajay Brah 4 months ago +1

    I bought the Lancool 215 Mesh based on your incredible thermal results, so I’m VERY excited to see the thermal results of this. I don’t need a case but…. Edit: Ok, I genuinely love the mechanical design so far.

  • Wilfred papaya
    Wilfred papaya 4 months ago

    I’m happy with my Mesh II performance. Nice to see the changes the III have. These cases are heavy though.

  • Kilk428
    Kilk428 4 months ago

    Awesome review! I was definitely waiting for this as I currently have a Lian Li 215 case and I'm interested in some of their newer ones. Would you guys happen to have those thermal charts posted online as well? I've been taking screen shots of all case review thermals to stay up to date. When I build a computer for a friend or family member, I usually choose something from the top of the list(s).

  • Ontario Guy
    Ontario Guy 4 months ago +2

    I love the random tours through the studio during reviews - Looks awesome and super clean.

  • MarcsSpark
    MarcsSpark 4 months ago

    Really loving that case, just wanted to let you know that in the temps benchmark during the first slide, when you talk about the front panel removed its the lancool 2 that's highlighted instead of the 3. Otherwise great in depth review as always. Keep up the great work gn team.

  • LJ
    LJ 4 months ago +2

    I like your price methodology. Hardware Unboxed really needs to adopt that it really effects their reviews.

  • catbertz
    catbertz 4 months ago +6

    Another Lancool Mesh 2 owner here. Love it and not ready to upgrade! I do like some of the new fiddly bits in the LC 3, but don't love the magnetic cable covers in back. I say leave them as thumbscrews. Thanks Steve! 🍺😁

  • auriplane
    auriplane 4 months ago +1

    I'm still using a Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 case from 2009. At the time, I loved the 140mm fans and tool-free design, and I've managed to stick with the same case all this time.

  • ModernOddity
    ModernOddity 4 months ago

    Own a Phanteks P400A, you're definitely right about it being dated. Certain aspects of building felt dated in 2019 already, but it is a hell of a performer.

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 4 months ago +2

    Lancool mesh ii performance is amazing bought the 4000d airflow for another build and honestly the cases are about the same 🤷‍♂️ but overall great cases love both of them

  • b
    b 4 months ago

    Liancool 2 mesh is probaly the best case out there for aircooled setups. I am running the Liancool mesh 2 with a 5800x and 6700xt both OC and aircooled. Temps always low, never any cooling issues! I was also very impressed with the quality it beats my previous Fractal case in every way.

  • madmatt2024
    madmatt2024 4 months ago +5

    The glass side panel behind the MB is probably the most pointless thing I've seen on a PC case. All you can really do with it is put some LED strips back there to make it glow and/or show off your almost out of date SATA SSDs. Other than that, a solid panel would serve the purpose just fine.

    • CoolCat
      CoolCat 4 months ago

      @Black Hat What about cost reductions for shipping a lighter case? Also, why having to use a friend, if it shouldn't be necessary?

    • Black Hat
      Black Hat 4 months ago

      @CoolCat weight isn't important unless you are very weak or building a portable system and if it's the former, get a friend to help you set it on the desk and if it's the latter, get a laptop.

    • CoolCat
      CoolCat 4 months ago

      A solid panel wouldn't just be "just fine", it would be better because one could lose the internal case covers and thus lose weight. The solid panel itself would also weigh and cost less than a glass panel, so overall, there would be a good reduction in weight and cost. I would even like the option of a solid panel on the left hand side as well because I would place the case on the floor, so don't need to be able to look inside, plus one could cut out a side exhaust for the GPU.

  • D260077
    D260077 4 months ago +1

    I pre-ordered this case last week and will be getting it in a couple of days. I have worked in the lancool 2 and the lancool 2 mesh and this looks like it fixed the gripes i had with the others. As someone that is currently using a 13 year old Coolermaster HAF 932 with ripped out front usb ports( done by one of my furry friends). I think it was time to get a new modern case.

  • Cookie23
    Cookie23 2 months ago

    another great case review. i would love to see you guys check out the vetroo al600. it has caught my eye both for being a budget branded case with plenty of fan mounting options. but i am very curious if being from a more budget brand if it is actually worth $100+. but 6 fans in a case that looks to have decent airflow for just over $100 seems like a ok deal.

  • pandazz69
    pandazz69 4 months ago +5

    i wonder if adding 2 fans at the bottom would help with gpu thermals, or maybe its best to buy the regular non rgb version and then just swapping out the fans for better fans. For optimal air cooling.

  • Para WM
    Para WM 4 months ago

    Great review, thanks! Like many here, I am a very content Lancool II Mesh Performance owner. IMO its a bit better priced at $100. I don't see the added value of this one for the extra $50-70. The best thing to me of the II is the physical button for fan speed on top.

  • P S
    P S 4 months ago +74

    Already got a Phanteks P500 and really happy with it but I watch anyway because the content is top notch.
    Thanks Steve and Team GN 👍

    • Louis Friend
      Louis Friend 2 months ago +1

      @Anonymous One I agree, I love the 80s retro look of the Phanteks logo alone, so I guess I'm biased too :) Back to the Future anyone?

    • Anonymous One
      Anonymous One 4 months ago +1

      @Louis Friend "Modern Cases" look like fish tanks and ridiuculous imo... Phanateks cases has a modern look that won't go out of date. a timeless classic

    • CampyCamper
      CampyCamper 4 months ago

      @Anonymous One The matte white looks so damn good I wish I needed a new case so I had an excuse to buy it lol

    • Louis Friend
      Louis Friend 4 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus "dated" is a bit vague of a review term. What part do you consider dated exactly of the P500A Phanteks, compared to what? Or are you hiding your own preference for Lian Li as a brand since you visited them and got some high level connections there?

    • sbowesuk
      sbowesuk 4 months ago

      Also own the Phanteks P500 and love it! Even now it has among the best GPU air cooling of any mid-tower case.

  • Chuck
    Chuck 2 months ago

    When I got my Lancool Mesh 2, I was one of those customers who received their case with the SUPER tight screws. They were nice enough to send me another, free of charge.
    They mistakenly sent me a white version, which I really disliked. I contacted them and they sent me yet another replacement, free of charge and with express shipping paid. They also told me to keep the white one and the one with the tight screws, which I gave away on Twitter.
    I rarely come across customer support like this. They won a customer for life, for sure.

  • Alice
    Alice 4 months ago

    Great review, very happy with my Lancool II Mesh that I bought last year after watching tons of your case reviews and hoping that LIan Li is still making solid cases like these if I ever need to upgrade in the future :)

  • B M A
    B M A 4 months ago +1

    I'm excited for this case, I pre-ordered it ASAP on release. I have the first gen Lancool 2 non mesh and with my recent upgrade to EVGA's Hybrid 3090 Ti and it having a 360mm radiator it will be much more comfy from a space perspectic and from a cooling perspective. I have two first gen Lancool 2's atm and I plan to try and see how I can use the RGB strips in this case because they are gorgeous.

  • Brendan Armstrong
    Brendan Armstrong 4 months ago +1

    For my money, if you want a fully air-cooled build and are anticipating heavy loads on both a high-end CPU and high-end GPU, the Lancool II Mesh is still the pick. It's a fantastic all-rounder that hits the thermal sweet spot between graphics and processor.

    • RicochetForce
      RicochetForce 4 months ago

      Yeah, the Lancool 2 Mesh is still a champ and where 95% of people should look. The Lancool 3's size and price has it aiming towards heavy watercooling enthusiasts.

  • Drafecito
    Drafecito 4 months ago +144

    few things make me happier than in-deep reviews of computer cases by "airflow jesus" himself

    • protocetid
      protocetid 4 months ago

      “Let there be airflow.”
      -PC Jesus

    • Mecha Meister
      Mecha Meister 4 months ago +2

      @yoyigu lancool 3.

    • MegaChonk
      MegaChonk 4 months ago

      @Ontario Guy The 5000D also comes with a criminal lack of fans pre-installed, with only 2 basic 120mm non-RGB fans. If you fill all 10 fan slots, the 5000D's performance increases significantly.

    • Ontario Guy
      Ontario Guy 4 months ago +1

      @yoyigu The review said the 5000D airflow performs worse than the Lancool 3 - but the Lancool has many more future failure points and is super heavy. It kind of just comes down to what you like the look of more and what supports the fan sizes you want.

    • yoyigu
      yoyigu 4 months ago

      @Ontario Guy i need the best case for airflow, 5000d or lianli lancool 3? 10 fans.

  • yurboibrian
    yurboibrian 4 months ago +2

    I wonder how the lancool 3 would preform with different case fan configurations compared to cases that are only able to hold less fans

  • Truckin Bear
    Truckin Bear 4 months ago +1

    I have my current build in the Lancool II Mesh and it's a good case overall but the door issue is a small gripe as well as the screws that hold the front fan mount. I couldn't tell you how many times I have dropped those screws into the case and had a hell of a time finding them after they dropped. Why on earth they decided to use non ferrous screws that have to be screwed into a hole inside the frame with little to no access just boggled my mind. Thanks for the review and I think an upgrade is in order.

  • RedTeamReview
    RedTeamReview 4 months ago +11

    I would buy this but I absolutely *hate* glass panels, especially im the back where cable management needs to be on point and mine is definitely not. If they offered a no glass alternative with room for messy cables? I'm down every time.

    • Tyler Smith
      Tyler Smith 4 months ago +1

      @doublestrike photo 100% every system and rebuild you do you will get better and better finding new tricks or ways to better manage cables

    • doublestrike photo
      doublestrike photo 4 months ago

      @Tyler Smith and also, don't expect to get it perfect the first time. Sometimes you learn from the first cable management exercise and have to do a second or third pass to get it really clean.

    • Tyler Smith
      Tyler Smith 4 months ago +2

      Pro tip, cable management is all about being patient. Don't be afraid to walk away after its built then come back later to fix the cabling with some zip ties. Goes a long way!

    • James Pratt
      James Pratt 4 months ago +1

      @hung chau same -100% and this case has the doors to hide all the wiring. So the argument that @redteamreview does not like the glass because it shows the cable management or that it has to be on point....not true on this type of case ;)

    • hung chau
      hung chau 4 months ago

      I hide my messy cables pretty successfully with lancool II mesh screw in panels. Dont mind the glass.

  • omar abbas
    omar abbas 4 months ago +6

    Excellent job, gentlemen! Couple of points:
    - I think you forgot to add the GPU thermals for the PSU shroud mounted fans
    - I'd appreciate it for future reviews if Patrick would mention if the case comes with an HDD LED, as sometimes the power LED can have a dual purpose of being a power and HDD indicator, or just include some footage of the internal connectors
    - At the risk of sounding ancient, but here goes: does the case come with a beeper? I still use mine which I cannibalized from my previous Thermaltake Chaser I bought back in 2014 as my Aorus B550 did not come with a seven segment display, so I use the beeper for diagnosis...
    Thank you for your hard work. Review was great and definitely like the new style of videos.

    • envirovore
      envirovore 4 months ago +1

      As one that has a 215, I'm going to be ture the guess that this too does not include a POST clear/error code speaker/beeper

    • Potatobattery
      Potatobattery 4 months ago +1

      The last time I've seen a beeper was in my very first PC, an IBM think center. I ripped it out as soon as kid me understood enough about computers to do so. I didn't even know modern motherboards still supported them!

  • Richard Irvine
    Richard Irvine 4 months ago +6

    A new case to check out. Thank you for in depth coverage of products we can use. You guys are just keeping the quality high, and the community couldn't appreciate it more.

  • Roger Bowen
    Roger Bowen 4 months ago

    I was torn with this one. Now I've seen this, I may be more inclined to go full Corsair. PSU, case, CPU cooler, the lot. If the mobo I have in mind supported Corsair RAM it'd be a home run!

  • Flying_Bacon
    Flying_Bacon 4 months ago

    Another great case review, thanks. I got the Lancool Mesh II last year after seeing the review here and loved it.
    The III looks like it is even (just slightly) bigger than the II.