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The Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Is a $1 Million Sports Car Icon

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
    The Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing is an automotive icon -- and today I'm reviewing it. I'm going to take you on a thorough tour of this amazing car and show you all the quirks and features of the 300SL Gullwing -- then I'm going to drive the 300SL and show you what it's like on the road.
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  • Steve Keate
    Steve Keate Year ago +1429

    I love the way Doug DeMuro can "borrow" a million dollar Mercedes from a preservation society like a normal person borrows books from the library. When I borrow cars from the museum, I end up in court.

    • SC1089
      SC1089 11 months ago

      More like a test drive. It's not like you see Doug having them back at his house. Obviously the owner has to go over all of the details with him, and is likely often standing just off camera. Then I would bet that Doug has some really huge insurance, to be certain that if he should wreck it, it will be covered.
      As well, at this point he can be considered "professional". Despite the enthusiasm he shows, as if he were an ordinary Joe, they know he's not going to jump in and start messing with everything. The owners know that Doug will be very careful, and will ask before he messes with anything

    • Trippin off Heem
      Trippin off Heem Year ago +1

      666th like

    • Arich Henneman
      Arich Henneman Year ago +1

      The museum drives the cars over to Jay Leno's garage for him to try.

    • mihan2d
      mihan2d Year ago +4

      It's nothing compared to when a guy he barely knew just threw him the keys for a $10 mil Agera RS for the day and went on his business. Mind you Doug wasn't even such a mega famous reviewer back then.

    • Tom Chillen
      Tom Chillen Year ago

      @J shut

  • Omer Faruk
    Omer Faruk Year ago +246

    Haven't seen Doug this excited in a long time. Please do more CLASSICS!!!!

  • Ashley Black
    Ashley Black Year ago +137

    As an Australian seeing those two open holes in the back of the cabin seems absolutely insane to me. I wonder if there’s any Gullwings down here that has mesh on that. It’d give me so much more piece of mind haha

    • mgoblue0970
      mgoblue0970 Month ago

      > What does being Australian have to do with it?
      If you've ever been to Oz, the bugs are something else down there.

    • Cal's Car Corner
      Cal's Car Corner Month ago

      @CheesyTV Those massive Huntsman spiders...

    • Kaitlyn L
      Kaitlyn L 4 months ago +6

      @CheesyTV they had to ban the Peppa Pig episode which said spiders are friendly because of how intense they can be in Aus

    • Ashley Black
      Ashley Black 5 months ago +5

      @CheesyTV snakes

    • CheesyTV
      CheesyTV 5 months ago +2

      What does being Australian have to do with it? Those holes would actually be far worse in a cold climate (the car has no heater, remember).

  • Haydn Mowbray
    Haydn Mowbray Year ago +242

    The reason it has Sterling Moss' name on it is because he used to own it. He sold it through Bonhams auction house in 2015 and you'll note there's a 2015 UK tax disc on the windscreen. Those tags for the Mille Miglia were Moss' when he won the race shortly after signing for Mercedes in 1955. Read up on him, he was a fantastic racing driver and his ownership would elevate the value of this car even more

    • Erick Phoenix
      Erick Phoenix 2 months ago +1

      @エイリアンさん oh wow, thanks for correcting it. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know that it was Stirling Moss 🗿

    • エイリアンさん
      エイリアンさん 5 months ago +1


    • Afrousel
      Afrousel Year ago +7

      Yeah I knew this was a UK car when I saw the plate, records state it was exported to the US in 2019.

    • David Tong
      David Tong Year ago +14

      Astonishing. Thank you.

  • a funyun
    a funyun Year ago +30

    Doug, it's so awesome to see how far you've been able to come. To think you'd be able to roll around in a 300SL Gullwing even a couple years ago seemed so distant, yet here you are. Congratulations.

  • J Bello
    J Bello 9 months ago +10

    My first ride in a 300SL was when I was a kid in the early 60’s. My dad was in the passenger seat, his friend was the driver and I was curled up on the rear luggage shelf behind the seats. The engine sounded good but lacked power down low, but it cornered incredibly well. For safety reasons, we never exceeded 100 MPH.

  • Kendall
    Kendall Year ago +2307

    “Frankly if I crash this car, I rather not survive” yes exactly lol that car is beautiful

    • Schlomo Ubermann
      Schlomo Ubermann 7 months ago

      I would rather survive.

    • Omni Yambot
      Omni Yambot 9 months ago

      @Sparky Winkler huh

    • Sparky Winkler
      Sparky Winkler 9 months ago

      @Omni Yambot uh ok

    • Herra Käärme
      Herra Käärme 9 months ago

      @MaFu s Yes. And I fully agreed with you. I just said that if you first watch a few videos showing the horrible drivers plaguing the roads, you definitely don't want to risk taking this car out there.

    • MaFu s
      MaFu s 9 months ago

      @Herra Käärme Did you even read my comment?

  • Lekooky
    Lekooky Year ago +99

    3.0 i6 with 240hp is honestly amazing considering there are many 6 cylinders out there nowadays with less than that lol.

    • Bruno Begic
      Bruno Begic 2 months ago +2

      Lets not forget that this was the first ever production car that had direct injection. I took most manufacturers another two to three decades to ditch carburetors and switch to direct injection. That makes it arguably the most influential car ever made if we ignore things like the Model T and the Daimler Motorwagen.

    • Timothy Pickard
      Timothy Pickard 3 months ago

      @Buschfan08Right but the difference is your Ford Edge has a 3.5l. For a 3.0 to be putting out that kind of power is insane for the 50s.

    • Buschfan08
      Buschfan08 4 months ago

      My 08 ford edge has 265 hp. Not much less than that

    • xtn's youtube
      xtn's youtube Year ago +6

      @ironymatt Right? Heck, I remember even in the early eighties we thought 60hp/liter in a street car was doing pretty damn good. Of course now I'm driving 130hp/liter naturally aspirated, and some forced induction cars can do well above that.

    • ironymatt
      ironymatt Year ago +17

      80 hp/L in 1954!! Granted it was designed as a race engine, but still, that's massive for the era

  • NotsoJoe Rogan
    NotsoJoe Rogan Year ago +6

    You can tell this is a dream come true for Doug. The authentic amazement really shines through especially as he's driving and talking about the vehicle's mannerisms and some history. Glad to see you got to drive an automotive icon that you looked up to for years. Great work Doug!

  • just some minced garlic

    This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful car ever made. Ive been waiting for this video for years Doug. Thanks buddy.

    • eliseo n
      eliseo n 6 months ago

      @Jemand that okay 😊

    • eliseo n
      eliseo n 6 months ago

      @Jemand that okay 😊

    • eliseo n
      eliseo n 6 months ago

      @Jemand that okay 😊

    • eliseo n
      eliseo n 6 months ago

      @Jemand that okay 😊

    • eliseo n
      eliseo n 6 months ago

      @Jemand that okay 😊

  • Ray Larkin
    Ray Larkin 2 months ago +1

    I am so pleased to see you review this absolute icon of automotive history. And while sparse in many modern features, this is the best example of less is not just more but positively THE MOST! Thank you Doug, this without doubt will my favorite review because of the glee you have just being near it!👍🏼

  • Shub-Niggurath
    Shub-Niggurath Year ago +2

    My parents had a 190 SL convertible, a similar-looking, lower-cost contemporary car. I've never been in a 300 SL but the interior looks very similar to the 190 SL that I knew growing up, it was my mom's crown jewel. I never got to drive it unfortunately because my parents had to get rid of it before I could drive, due to money issues and the cost of maintaining it. But I loved that car and greatly enjoyed riding in it every time we took it out. It doesn't have rear seating but there's a bit of space behind the front seats and I could just sit there for the ride (facing sideways). My parents' everyday car actually wouldn't start on the day my mom had to go to the hospital to give birth to me so they had to take the 190 SL instead. It's interesting and a bit mysterious to me why the 300 SL Roadster has the same turn signal as the 190 SL, but the Gullwing has a different one.

  • Alexander N
    Alexander N Year ago +1663

    Gull-wing doors by engineering necessity has to be one of the most German things of all time

    • Inception
      Inception 2 months ago +1

      @Adaś Miauczyński cringelord

    • Adaś Miauczyński
      Adaś Miauczyński 8 months ago

      Auschwitz-birkenau is most german thing of all time

    • 9some
      9some Year ago

      same thing w/the fender things

    • Romeo
      Romeo Year ago

      es des aushmitz

    • uli wehner
      uli wehner Year ago +1

      Yule Calma i did, and i know. why are you telling me this?

  • Cristóbal E.W.
    Cristóbal E.W. Year ago +9

    I love how Doug explains things. The little details are the most interesting

  • watching watches
    watching watches Year ago +3

    I don't remember the last time I saw Doug this excited over a car. It's neat to see somebody this happy I know I would be extremely happy just being near this car let alone driving it OMG

  • Gregory Dahlen
    Gregory Dahlen 3 months ago +1

    Good job Doug. That was a lot of material to cover in half an hour. Glad you finally mentioned the handling improvement of the roadster (indirectly that is... due to the lower pivot point of the rear swing axle... always an issue with the 300SL).

  • Fredly G
    Fredly G Year ago +112

    Always loved this car!! At 16 years old in Springfield NJ, there was a lady, who was a palm reader and she owned a 1956 Gullwing. It had a for sale sign on it and she was asking $9,000.00!!!!! I wanted it so bad, but at 16 years old in 1975, who had an extra 9 grand!!! If was was able to buy it, I probably would have sold it a couple of years later for $12,000 and thought I did great, lol!!!

    • Gabriel Morales Gonzalez
      Gabriel Morales Gonzalez Year ago +1

      When I did read "Palm reader" I was like... does she studies palms or read about palms trees?
      Then I realized it was the palm from the hand.

    • Mike Walton
      Mike Walton Year ago +1

      @Joe Schmoe Ever heard of Sophia ? - I used to date her ! 😁

    • Joe Schmoe
      Joe Schmoe Year ago +2

      @Mike Walton yes. ever heard of Sophia Loren, Pablo Picasso, Wm. Randolph Hearst, and others?

    • Fredly G
      Fredly G Year ago +2

      @Mike Walton OMG, lol!!!!

    • Mike Walton
      Mike Walton Year ago +2

      @Fredly G - Now, let me read your palm, yes, yes, I can see you are just going to miss out on a million dollar car 🤣

  • Jeremy Rust
    Jeremy Rust Year ago +1

    This is awesome that Doug got to review one and drive it. Also, huge props to Mercedes for letting them out on the road and supporting them for all these years!

  • Oswaldo Zuniga
    Oswaldo Zuniga Year ago +1170

    if you're going to break the "only post 80's cars" rule, you do it this epically

    • The Cool Bear
      The Cool Bear Year ago

      @God DeMuro OMG, your profile pic!

    • Joel Sanford
      Joel Sanford Year ago

      @Diablo ////CLS55 Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how many Advance Design trucks are still around? Those are some of the most durable vehicles ever made.

    • Diablo ////CLS55
      Diablo ////CLS55 Year ago

      @Joel Sanford this Gullwing was definitely made to last. Can’t say the same for all the American cars made in this era😂

  • YoBar
    YoBar Year ago +4

    Doug should do more oldtimer and classic car reviews! This is absolutely lovely! ❤‍🔥

  • Neon Reign
    Neon Reign Year ago +7

    The design of the body style on the 300 SL Gullwing is stunning. It's also nice to see the era of Mercedes that was far more reliable with more mechanical overengineering than what we see today with electronical components that degrade over time.

  • Bruce Snyder
    Bruce Snyder 27 days ago

    Thanks Doug! I've been a fan of the 300 SL for 60 years and learned a couple of new things from you.

  • pauldzim
    pauldzim Year ago +3

    Doug, seats and steering wheels that adjust up and down are a relatively recent feature, I think as late as the 70's they were pretty uncommon. So not crazy at all for a 50's car.

  • Simon Kolokoff
    Simon Kolokoff Year ago +5

    I would love to see Doug do a small offshoot channel or whatever for classic cars. It doesn't totally fit with his regular format, but this was a great video and I'd love to see more like it. I've liked his other couple classic car reviews as well.

  • Minnesota and whatnot
    Minnesota and whatnot Year ago +1108

    What a beauty. I definitely plan on buying one of these after the lease is up on my Corolla.

    • Money Finders LLC
      Money Finders LLC Year ago

      😉👍👍 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Talveen Rakhra
      Talveen Rakhra Year ago +1

      This made me chuckle :p

    • bitcoochie
      bitcoochie Year ago

      @brian5o how about instead of buying 300 SLs he just buys 1

    • brian5o
      brian5o Year ago +1

      @Seva Loginov The 300 SL Gull Wing is a car about passion, not about common sense or which is actually better. From a matter of resale alone, the Gull Wing is King regardless of it being the lesser of the 300 SLs.

  • Lemon Acid Rounds

    The old silver arrow is an absolute beauty and the story behind it is fascinating. After the WW2 the Mercedes Benz factories are almost destroyed entirely but they made a great comeback for a few years and when they came up with this model they won races like Le Mans 24 hours which was a wonderful achievement. I've read somewhere about it.

  • Sam Houghton
    Sam Houghton Year ago +2

    Great video and a truly iconic car.
    Just to add the 'pop out' door glass can be removed for ventilation but the main reason for the design is for the occupants to able to get out should the car be in a rollover.
    The gull wings obviously won't open if overturned so at least you can crawl out through the window aperture.

  • Grand Machines
    Grand Machines Year ago +5

    The key to interesting reviews is to let the product be in the center of all things, not the person. You’ve nailed this one as well Doug! 😊

  • ricky v
    ricky v Year ago +3

    Seeing Doug drive a legend is empowering. Thank you for sharing your experience with us sir.
    I wish you’d romped on it a little more. 😉

  • RandomRandy
    RandomRandy Year ago +2

    Must've been an absolute honor Doug, to get the dream chance to drive a true mammoth in automotive history/prestige. The 300 SL Gullwing is truly a piece of rolling art. I find great admiration in the old Mercedes Benz. I'm an old soul, trapped in a 37 year old frame.
    Funny/True Story: My father tried to buy one when he was living in CA back in the late 60's. Sadly, the man declined my father's generous offer. He truly loved these Gullwings. The particular example was Black/Brown interior. His soul was old when it came to vehicles, particularly loving Duesenbergs. Funny enough, his true love was his '69 GTO which he was able to purchase off the showroom floor in Orange CA after he and my mom tied the knot just a week after Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the moon.
    He'd do the unthinkable come the summer of '74 when the Gas Crisis was in swing. He traded it in on a new Pinto. Yep, the hatch that would explode if hit just right from the rear ((that's what she said)) His Matador Red/White 4spd. Goat was always the one car he always regretted ridding himself of, even in his dying days. At least he had passions, one of which he'd drive with a smile each and every time.

  • katka rapu
    katka rapu Year ago +932

    The level of trust Doug has these days: "This is the James Webb Telescope, easily one of the greatest achievements of mankind and today, I'm going to review it."

    • BijahD
      BijahD Year ago +3

      @Peter Schmidt I agree except he doesn't know what he's talking about unfortunately. He's a good entertainer though 👍

    • Peter Schmidt
      Peter Schmidt Year ago +2

      Jokes aside, I'd say he earned it. He knows what he's talking about, he genuinely loves his job, and he doesn't thrash on the cars he reviews.

    • 1Hundred
      1Hundred Year ago

      He reviewed some other classics multi million cars in Dubai

    • BijahD
      BijahD Year ago

      A big achievement for a catagorically clueless "car" guy.....

    • mse
      mse Year ago +1

      he will get to drive the mars rover next.

  • Marco Arcos
    Marco Arcos Year ago +1

    Hey Doug, great video as always! Do you think you can get more shots of the exterior of the cars when you’re driving. Seeing it move would be awesome or dash cam type clips

  • Smarty Loc
    Smarty Loc 2 months ago

    Doug…watched this video before, but I love the 300SL. Definitely a dream car. I’m happy that you got to experience driving it and spending time with it. Good job, man. Thank you for making these videos.

  • Tsa Szymborska
    Tsa Szymborska Year ago +4

    Most beautiful car ever built. Thanks for reviewing it Doug!

  • Yaakov Neeman
    Yaakov Neeman Year ago

    Yes! Nothing's better than Doug and a classic car. I always wait for one of these reviews

  • Jim Iverson
    Jim Iverson Year ago +1

    The second horn button probably goes back to the original Mille Miglia, which was the original 300SLs first race. 1,000 miles over the open roads of Italy at full race speed. Each entry had a driver and a navigator, and the navigator may have been charged with using the horn to get spectators out of the road. The oddball door handles were probably to reduce drag at Le Mans to improve speed on Mulsanne.

  • Teach Dem
    Teach Dem Year ago +4770

    Doug: Frankly if I crash this, I rather not survive lol 😂

    • Malachi Mcclinton
      Malachi Mcclinton Year ago


    • James Smith
      James Smith Year ago

      Shalom Doug!

    • Rich Sackett
      Rich Sackett Year ago +1

      The two most liked comments (by thousands) are BOTH, "HAHAHAHA!!! It would suck fer DOUG iffn he crashes it!". We are surrounded by dunces.

    • ossh marvaly
      ossh marvaly Year ago +2

      Teach you watch them yute yah too ?

    • The Stratisphere
      The Stratisphere Year ago

      @Automation I bet you're fun at parties

  • Busman72
    Busman72 Year ago

    I learned a lot of new things about this car that I didn’t know before. Thanks Doug. I’m surprised they let you drive it. Was someone behind you watching you?

  • MainelyW212
    MainelyW212 Year ago +1

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Doug so excited about a horn. Ever. Or about a car in general. Lucky guy! (Hard work paying off is luck)

  • Kaye NineTwo
    Kaye NineTwo Year ago

    I think Doug's in love! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, my friend. I can remember seeing pictures of these Mercedes in books and magazines as a kid in the late 1960's to early '70's, and even at that time - 15 or more years after it was introduced - the 300 SL coupe was perceived as the most amazing and visual car ever made. By the '70's there were faster cars, more powerful cars and more expensive cars, but none as amazing. It was from the future.

  • Michael Esarey
    Michael Esarey 10 months ago +1

    This was the greatest car ever within its time period....When I was a kid I got to sit in a gullwing at the Auburn auction and it was expected to go for $450k and that seemed like all the money in the world, that car is probably worth 4 or 5 times that now

  • Drepplay
    Drepplay Year ago +4

    Hey Doug,
    Have you ever considered doing a POV view while driving? I think it would be cool to add one during the driving section, maybe after the comments/thoughts on how the car drives

  • Kristiāns Ozoliņš
    Kristiāns Ozoliņš Year ago +533

    Fun fact: This is the oldest car Doug has ever reviewed.

    • Gazdatronik
      Gazdatronik Year ago

      @Birdy He's been 37 ever since he was 7

    • Benji
      Benji Year ago

      @azhurelwarrior these cars are cool but I think they actually get less views than a generic modern sports car would

    • hacim
      hacim Year ago

      @John Carpenter fun fact: this is the oldest review to Doug a car

    • Hey Hellcat
      Hey Hellcat Year ago

      @John Carpenter 🤣

    • John Carpenter
      John Carpenter Year ago

      @Jack Thompson Likely very true, but that's less funny.

  • Jean Dibb
    Jean Dibb Year ago

    Excellent review Doug. Lots of interior stuff I did not know about. And I agree - the first true supercar.

  • TheFour Mechanix
    TheFour Mechanix Year ago

    I remember I always hated how this looked as a kid and thought it as a MB version of the Beetle. It wasn’t until recently that I changed my opinion of this car and now i find it GORGEOUS, and it make sense that this car would also be reliable for a old classic

  • Will Vautrain
    Will Vautrain Year ago +1

    What a dream car! I love those plaid seats. I'd consider myself lucky just to sit in one, let alone drive the machine itself. Amazing!

  • john kindon
    john kindon Year ago

    I love your views on these classic cars as they are so accurate it proves how much experience you have for all the classic cars you have driven you are one of the few I take seriously as a mechanic and also have driven a number of high-end cars in my time working for the RAC (the royal automobile club for over fifteen years I used to cover the London to brighten rally with some really old classic cars like Packard's model Ts which was so easy to work on compared to some of the steam cars like whites but I loved the days doing it getting them going again most new every nut and bolt of there car and I learned so much from them now I am retired through an accident at work but would be doing it today if I was fit enough The RAC was one of the best jobs I had ever worked for they look after me still.

  • Kiwi928
    Kiwi928 Year ago

    Cool review... I think it's important to note that a big part of stopping the coupe production was a result the 300SLR LeMans crash in 1955 killing many spectator, which also resulted in Mercedes withdraw from motorsport racing and production of further sportscar right up till the mid-eights...

  • RockSleeper
    RockSleeper Year ago +951

    in terms of styling, the SLS AMG did a great job of paying homage to the 300SL while using more modern lines, shapes and features.

    • Kevin Di Mauro
      Kevin Di Mauro 7 months ago +1

      The SLS is a “wannabe “ 300SL. Competition history? Driver history? Yet market prices are???

    • tbonbrad
      tbonbrad 10 months ago

      But let's be real everyone just wants the 300sl with a modern engine.

    • Ritam
      Ritam Year ago

      1000% agreed

    • BDF30
      BDF30 Year ago +1

      Yes. Looks like a shit.

  • Estrada Armory
    Estrada Armory 11 months ago +1

    A simply beautiful car from an underappreciated era.

  • MaxDevlin
    MaxDevlin Year ago +73

    This incredibly classy singer from a big band act called "The Admirals" would play a big east coast circuit including a restaurant/nightclub In northern VA I worked at. She would always pull up in a gorgeous, mostly original condition (mid to late 80's at the time) 300SL. First time she pulled out into the back of the place I was already drooling over the car because I knew exactly what it was, then the door swings up and out steps the singer, legs first, a scene straight out of a 50's detective "Film Noir". After gathering my courage (I was maybe 20 at the time) I started asking questions about the car, and it became apparent that she was a real "Car Girl", and a genuinely nice person. I became good friends with her and her bandmates over the years, and I always made sure I was on shift to see her pull up and step out of that car:) She knew by tacit agreement that nothing was going to happen to her car on our watch...

  • Michalis Chiras
    Michalis Chiras Year ago +1

    Fun fact: my Yaris runs on the same size 185/60/R15 tires 😂. And considering the cars of that era such a tire was looking enormous!

  • xlukas
    xlukas Year ago +1

    I love the turn signal indicator wheel on roadster and those plaid seats! Also the cream/blue theme/chrome theme of the interior. Why dont they make such interiors in modern cars?

    HEINRICXVI 9 months ago +2

    You know you're in something special when people in brand new AMG's are taking videos of you on the road.

  • thedude abides
    thedude abides Year ago +523

    I don’t think we will ever see again such class and style that existed with sports cars from the 50s and 60s. From this beauty to Vettes, Jags, Aston Martins and Lambos. What a time to be alive for a sports car enthusiast!

    • SiisKolkytEuroo
      SiisKolkytEuroo Year ago

      @Celestial what do you mean, why would that be bad? It's gonna be wild

    • XYZ
      XYZ Year ago

      @Robert Schnobert dont you think its because they grew up on the older cars and just have a special sympathy for them? just like I grew up with the Murcielago being the top Lambo. I still prefer it over the Aventador.

    • Aric Beemer
      Aric Beemer Year ago

      1957 Ford Thunderbird.

    • Robert Schnobert
      Robert Schnobert Year ago

      @For The Love Of Noise hahahaha the people in the 1920s preferred the style of 1890 vehicles and called them peak style. It's so funny when people don't realize they simply like whatever they were conditioned to like. They don't even realize they're simple sheep without any opinions of their own hahahahah 🌈

  • Petr Nečesal
    Petr Nečesal Year ago

    I love that Doug has access to any car on this planet and yet the face at the beginning the the testdrive tells you, this car is the one 😀

  • Micro USB
    Micro USB Year ago

    This is legitimately one of my dream cars. I've always appreciated the design and styling of this particular Mercedes. Even as a child. It's just beautiful.

  • 432 Hz
    432 Hz 8 months ago +1

    The pinnacle of quality, class and style ! 🇩🇪

  • Paris
    Paris Year ago +2

    I parked my Ferrari California next to a silver AMG GT, and felt the envy that one must have felt parked next to a gullwing Mercedes - truly a work of art!

  • Deep Blue2
    Deep Blue2 Year ago +7

    I’d rather own the coupe than the roadster despite the lack of conveniences. Those gull-wing doors are epic.

  • Oliur / UltraLinx
    Oliur / UltraLinx Year ago +1130

    Definitely one of the most beautiful cars ever.

    • Luke Kelly
      Luke Kelly Year ago

      @Bizarrer Mummenschanz Good call too.

    • Miljörör för Språkpartiet
      Miljörör för Språkpartiet Year ago

      It really looks like poop, quite literally.

    • Bandosz32
      Bandosz32 Year ago

      I think Aston Martin easily has more beautiful options.

    • BanjurReal
      BanjurReal Year ago

      honestly tho

    • Rambi
      Rambi Year ago

      People who gets tricked in this quite obvious conversation deserves to lose their money.

  • comeberza
    comeberza Year ago

    Every single detail is exquisite. Compare this car with any of its era, it doesn't matter which. This is by modern standars stil VERY well though and put together. The paint colour is stunning, it almost has a pink shimmer to it

  • Jimbo Dee
    Jimbo Dee Year ago +2

    Great information on this very recognisable cars. Never was aware the number of differences between the coupe and the roadster.

  • Yora
    Yora 7 months ago

    That 200+ HP is what makes me really want to drive this.
    That's more power than anything I've driven, in such a tiny car.

  • Stelios Loizou
    Stelios Loizou Year ago +1

    Great video Doug! You should review more old cars 😊

  • AdmiralFloofz
    AdmiralFloofz Year ago

    I love anything on 4 wheels from new to old. Im mostly into american cars from the 60s and 70s but, I have to say that ever since I was a kid Ive been 100% certain that the 300SL is the greatest car ever made in every regard.

  • joeydaveyphoto
    joeydaveyphoto Year ago +489

    this particular 300sl, with the mille miglia medallions and stirling moss' signature, might be the coolest car doug has ever reviewed

    • Michael Eilers
      Michael Eilers Year ago

      I don’t know, does it REALLY top the Vector W8?

    • Curtiss Smith
      Curtiss Smith Year ago

      @Don Swier His victory was in the Mercedes Benz 300 SLR. This car had no relation with the 300 SL oddly enough but was based on the W196. A single seat Grand Prix car. The body was changed to a two seat sports car and powered by a 3 liter straight eight with direct fuel injection. Power take off was mid crank.

    • Muskoka Mike
      Muskoka Mike Year ago +4

      @yungboi contigo Not really. Just think of how much a Cobra would be worth if Carroll Shelby only signed 2 of them? (Instead of every car imaginable).
      Not sure if Moss owned it, raced it or simply drove it. If he owned it, that's provenance, if he raced it? that's bloody legend for the owner. Cars owned by famous people fetch big money at auction.

    • Don Swier
      Don Swier Year ago +1

      For anyone unfamiliar, look up Stirling Moss 1955 Mille Miglia. You'll know why the signature stays on this dash.

    • TheGoldenWither // NikyTGW
      TheGoldenWither // NikyTGW Year ago +2

      @Aaron Lean how much then

  • Alden peng
    Alden peng Year ago

    What an iconic masterpiece. Still rocking in 2022... love Mercedes Benz 300sl

  • Gizamalukeix
    Gizamalukeix 7 months ago +1

    The Gullwing is and will continue to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

  • Skizzy Smith
    Skizzy Smith 3 months ago

    way back when I was about 13, a friend's dad had one of these. He was crazy about superchargers, and had a very good mechanic, (who worked at his engineering company) install one. I remember him saying they replaced the hollow gearbox mainshaft with a stronger solid one. He took me for a ride in it and it was the most amazing experience I had ever had! Being a left hand drive car, and in England we drive on the left, he would edge out to see if the road was clear before overtaking. He would ask me if the road was clear! Oh, gosh, I was trembling so much, but we didn't hit anything. Got up to about 130 which was the fastest I had ever been. Of course, everyone at school listened to my account of this with amazement, their Dad's had Morris eights or a bicycle. Amazing car, I can still remember every detail.

  • Jonathan Stancil
    Jonathan Stancil Year ago +1

    Just an incredible car. Art on wheels.

  • Matthew Gallant
    Matthew Gallant Year ago

    Can you even match this up against modern cars at all? This is such a timeless beauty. I could sit and look at this car all afternoon in a lawnchair. Just never get tired of seeing these

  • Ivan Diaz
    Ivan Diaz Year ago +361

    He finally got his hands on one. The absolute legend.

    • gotham61
      gotham61 Year ago

      I wonder how many times he had to get on his knees to beg Mike Kunz to let him take it out?

    • Planag7
      Planag7 Year ago

      It's exposure it's not a matter of luck

    • Bonzo
      Bonzo Year ago

      @Parker Stallings Now that would be a tough one to find.

    • Parker Stallings
      Parker Stallings Year ago +19

      Now we wait for the CLK GTR

  • TheNuckinFoob
    TheNuckinFoob Year ago

    This is unequivocally one of the most attractive, sexiest cars to ever exist. I remember being very young, single digit age, and seeing pictures of this car and just knowing it's special on a visceral level. To this day it's still gorgeous.
    Not trying to sound cheesy but this car's beauty is absolutely timeless. It's pushing 70 years old and it will still turn heads. And I mean it'll turn heads in a "wow, that's a beautiful, sleek car" kind of way instead of something like in a Ford Model T's "wow, that's a REALLY old car" kinda way.
    Great review and I absolutely love how giddy you can get when reviewing some of these cars. You've been behind the wheel of cars that almost no one will ever get to experience, cars that cost in the 8 digits and you still get more excited to review a car so legendary. This is not a hyper car, it's not even a super car but it is the quintessential mark of automotive beauty perfection. The look appeals to almost every human being that ever lays eyes on it; that's not an easy thing to do and it's been doing it for almost 7 decades and, I imagine, will continue to do so probably until the end of time. I'm not even kidding, in another 200 years this car will not have faded into oblivion; enough people are infatuated with it that it will always be there. If humanity is still here 1,000 years from now this car will be represented somehow, even if it's only in a calendar or something.
    I've been jealous of you in a lot of your videos but in a "that would be pretty cool" kinda way. This is more of a deep seated jealousy mixed with legitimate joy because of the level of respect you have for this legendary, iconic beauty. The fact that you got to inspect and drive the 300SL Gullwing in all its glory almost has no words that will capture the absolute magnitude of an experience like that.
    Two things I would immediately get were I ever to become disgustingly rich would be this car and an original P-51 Mustang. Price would be no object; I would pay whatever I had to pay in order to own such incredibly historic and storied vehicles. Both are truly immortal representations of their species.

  • Dil
    Dil Year ago

    What's insane is this had direct gasoline injection about 60 years before it reached wide adoption. It really was way ahead of its time in virtually every way.

  • Geoff Robinson
    Geoff Robinson Year ago

    Only the Twin-Cam Carrara motor of the Porsche 357 produced the 130 HP +/-. The normal 356 motor started with about 60 hp and eventually reached the 95 hp level. All of this era of German sports cars are pretty cool how they developed. The Mercedes were big cars with lots of power, the Porsches were small and light weight. My favorite 356 is a Pre-A 1955 Speedster, RS80820, owned by a friend, but now owned by the Porsche family and in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. Cool video. The 300 SL is a beautiful car. Thanks.

  • Ted D
    Ted D Year ago +1

    Great review Doug. You should do more antique cars.

  • Gerard
    Gerard 10 months ago

    Very good show Doug, it was my first modelcar, when i was 6 jears old, my dad fiks and made a lot of them…the real car…
    Nice to see your love for this amazing work of art….

  • cowsauce
    cowsauce Year ago +208

    I think it deserved a solid 10 on value. They are dead reliable, highly supported by MB and there are a host of technicians who know how to maintain them. In ten years I think these will be in the 4-8 million dollar range, becoming true unobtainium

    • Rahul Mandala
      Rahul Mandala 11 months ago

      @cowsauce Funny you say that, when as machines, the 300SL's have proven their worth in terms of durability and quality with races like Le Mans on the Nürburgring, Berne, Mille Miglia, and even more importantly, Mexico's Carrera Panamericana, which has proven to be a deadly course for race. Even the Mille Miglia was a serious test for the 300SL's durability. Am I saying that MFI's are flawless? No, perhaps like any classic, they'll need upkeep to continue running, but they have their share of recognition in terms of innovation and victories in racing.

    • TheLarry
      TheLarry 11 months ago

      I thought quality would be a 10. This is MB in their prime. No cars are of better quality

    • cowsauce
      cowsauce Year ago

      @Cen Ciende 100% I only ment in terms of monetary appreciation. They are trash as machines. I would take a small block any day over that stupid mfi. People will try to call me out but I'm building a 280SL with my dad and FUCK that mfi. We have to disassemble the whole injection pump and somehow get it running right after.

    • brian5o
      brian5o Year ago +1

      These cars will absolutely NEVER lose money. I'd be willing to bet that they are a better and more stable bet than buying stocks ...... Just make sure it's insured.

  • tammy aikman
    tammy aikman 2 months ago

    When you see one on the road , yes , but when Doug's behind the wheel , you know your day has been made !!!!

    CYV AND COV CHANNEL Year ago +3

    It is very reasonable to mention that The Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing is an automotive icon. All can be seen from the performance and toughness of this car

  • Pankit Chheda
    Pankit Chheda Year ago +1

    Totally jealous Doug ... It has been my dream car since I was a kid and I hope to drive one someday

  • Carter Hancock
    Carter Hancock Year ago

    Despite being otherwise very technologically advanced for its era, the one thing I always found funny about the 300SL is how it has a reverse-flow cylinder head.

  • uli wehner
    uli wehner Year ago +1

    i would love to have seen a concurrent gullwing build to the roadster: lower sills, adjustable seats, trunk, glove box, radio, back-up lights, etc. maybe hinge the doorglass at the top so you can flip it up? just overall a no excuse every day coupe. oh, yeah, and give it the straight 8 out of the SLR, like the Uhlenhaut coupe :)

  • Mather
    Mather Year ago +480

    Honestly Doug reviewing old cars like that is pure joy I wish we would see more

    • Ryan Frerich
      Ryan Frerich Year ago +1

      @vultureguy33 also he’s bias towards Mercedes especially when he reviewed the ‘89 Cadillac even though a Mercedes wouldn’t even be in the same price range at the time very dumb comparison

    • vultureguy33
      vultureguy33 Year ago +2

      @Ryan Frerich indeed. I like his reviews for their thoroughness but it's despite his snooty "everything new is better" bias. What he also completely misses is the fact that you can't really judge a new car fully without understanding how it holds up over time. Lots of problematic cars seemed awesome when they're brand spanking new.

    • Ryan Frerich
      Ryan Frerich Year ago +2

      @vultureguy33 thank you when I am looking at an old car I’m not giving a rats ass about “modern standards”

      MAGGOT VOMIT Year ago

      Owner: "Did his foot just mar my door sill?" (pulls decorative battle-axe off wall)

    • darthvincor
      darthvincor Year ago

      Same here. All those new fancy cars are so tedious to me: yay, a new Ferrari... oh boy, a 10 million HP Bugatti...

  • cc lemoyne
    cc lemoyne Year ago

    Would have liked to see it and hear it on the track. Nothing crazy, but in action.
    Beautiful styling

  • Cristóbal E.W.
    Cristóbal E.W. Year ago

    Doug must love his job. I'd like more vintage car videos

  • Steeve Ho You Fat

    You know you're a car person when you're genuinely excited about opening the door on whatever car and that having two horns is wild.

  • Zach Lewis
    Zach Lewis Year ago

    I can't believe how calm and relaxed you are driving that amazing piece of history on wheels. I'd be a nervous wreck! I wouldn't drive one even if I had the opportunity due to the fact that sh** does indeed happen. I'd go for a ride in a heart beat but drive it.....I'd love to but no thank you kindly.

  • Jon Bush
    Jon Bush Year ago

    I can't imagine how much Doug pays for liability insurance. Also would love to see Doug's blooper reels - or maybe I would cry, especially with priceless rare cars like this one.

  • kway745
    kway745 Year ago +381

    Fun fact: if you’re driving around with the front windows removed, it’s advised that you “keep it under 100”. Otherwise, the rubber-set rear windows can potentially blow out.

    • David
      David Year ago

      @Brett C it’s even wilder
      small k is kilo (a Unit prefixes)
      big K is Kelvin (a base unit for temperature)
      so be careful with the use of small and big letters :D
      But anyway that’s also the great thing, we are live in different country’s and have different opinions about the use of Abbreviations. But in physic we have the same ruels :)

    • David
      David Year ago

      @Brett C fair enough but if we talk I would say nanometer (10^(-9)*m a base unit) or newtonmeter ((kg*m^2)/s^2)unit for torque) so it would be clear anyway
      But also written there are rules -> Difference written: small n = nano, big N = Newton
      7nm means 7 nano meter ( everywhere on this planet)
      7 Nm means 7 Newton meter (also everywhere)
      Keep that in mind nm is not newtonmeter.

    • Brett C
      Brett C Year ago +1

      @David I think it's only until now I'm starting to realize both of our foreign ignorance for each other, I'm sorry 🤣🤣

    • Brett C
      Brett C Year ago

      @David actually you just gave me the perfect example, if you said a 7 nm chip, that might be what I think (size), and if you told me you're electric bike has 7nm, I would assume you're talking about newton meters (torque). If you have the right context behind it, and you understand what they mean there's no need to correct them, like you said it might be because they're from a place where it's correct. And also since you're from Germany, you might not often say that you fill your car up with gas or gasoline, you might say Benzin or petrol, whilst in America its either gas or gasoline, nothing else, it's a different name from a different place of the same thing. If i told a European I put gas in my car, he won't say "actually it's petrol, gas is one of the 3 states of matter" , because he understood the context.

    • David
      David Year ago

      @Brett C of corse i understand that he means km/h. And maybe kph is common in the states (but for sure not in the rest of the world).
      But I understand your point, we gemans take it serious. Especially if we talk about technical things like the basics of the kinematics.
      But another question what would be a 7 nm chip? Just 7 n or you familiar with the fact that the n means nano (multiplied by 10^(-9)) and m is meter.

  • Dette Spaghetti
    Dette Spaghetti 8 months ago

    I love how they put a little Swivel thing over the key hole in the trunk to prevent moisture and water from getting inside The keyhole but when it came to the interior they put two giant holes in the roof where water can Flow right on in

  • aviral srivastava
    aviral srivastava 5 months ago +1

    Hands down, the greatest car of all time. ❤️

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 Year ago

    i feel like the rear roof ports used to equalize pressure should had been added to the front as a way to blow air on you and equalize pressure.or a adapter that connects to that with a hose that then connects to a mercedez helmet that allows your helmet to get air into it from the roof scoop since this was a car ment to be raced.be cool to had utilized this as you get really hot inside the helmet

  • Samuel Rodriguez Rivera

    The very definition of an automotive fantasy!! Thanks for the video...one can almost smell that trunk full of gas spills and hot brake dust :)

  • Philip Presser
    Philip Presser Year ago

    In 1956 or 1957 I had the opportunity to buy a 300SL coupe for (sit down) $3000 which was well within my budget! I didn't because I was concerned about the cost of maintenance, because, as you can hear in the vid, the trainee used straight cut cut gears and because I had an Austin Healy 100 BN 1 (4 banger with a replace BN 2 trainee). The AH was more fun to drive.

  • Alexander Strubeck
    Alexander Strubeck Year ago +387

    Who else would love to see Doug review more pre-1980’s cars like this?

    • Logan Tyler
      Logan Tyler Year ago

      @X-90 And thats totally cool. Im just saying when it comes to his reasoning behind lower views on classics, its cause he doesnt review the ones many people wanna see

    • Bonzo
      Bonzo Year ago

      If Doug reviews the 250 GTO, he will be a legend

    • Nathan Joseph
      Nathan Joseph Year ago

      @Tristan Bass-Krueger The Dougscore is utter BS

    • Tristan Bass-Krueger
      Tristan Bass-Krueger Year ago

      The real reason Doug doesn't review older cars is because then the Doug score stops making any sense (not that it does all that much to begin with).

    • Nathan Joseph
      Nathan Joseph Year ago

      I'm down for more pre-80s cars and more variety on this channel.

  • PS5 Dude
    PS5 Dude Year ago +7

    It's crazy to think that the Germans were able to make something like this in less than 10 years after the WWII, in which their manpower, economy and infrastructure were devastated. Huge respect. 🙌🏼

    • dntlss
      dntlss Year ago +1

      That's no shit,i can't remember what show this was in but it was a comedy i watched a while back and these 2 guys were contemplating a difficult task and one guy asked the guy next to him "you think we can do that?" and the guy replied "they rebuilt Berlin didn't they? lol

  • Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis Year ago

    A BIG thank You DOUG, that has to be the best video you have posted on your brilliant channel.
    More of the same if you can, from an avid viewer in the UK

  • MunworthCrowell
    MunworthCrowell Year ago

    such a pleasure going on a tour of perhaps my favorite car of all time, no less now than when i was a little kid... thanks so much for breaking your only-modern-cars rule for this one