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THE NIGHT SHIFT: jeff wittek tells the truth about his eye

  • Published on Jun 2, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • on today's episode, we confront jeff wittek and ask about rumors (that we made up) if his eye injury was faked for clout, plus we do a burger tasting with adin ross and pamibaby, and we spend some time in adin's room and we should probably get disinfected afterwards.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Mike Majlak Vlogs
    Mike Majlak Vlogs  11 months ago +1410

    donate to the children's eye foundation to end preventable vision loss in children: www.classy.org/give/152455/#!/donation/checkout

    • Luke Carroll
      Luke Carroll 9 months ago

      Class fucking act

    • yu shaaa
      yu shaaa 11 months ago

      We want more jeff and mike ...i just loved this duo so chill so fun .. jeff have gone through alot past year seeing him chill and happy wid mike put a smile in my face .... we want more of this duo

    • K Z
      K Z 11 months ago

      Still no 1 mil 😂😂😂need girls my guy

    • K Z
      K Z 11 months ago

      😂😂😂still no 1 mil views, everyone is only here for the girls and your views show it on this video 💀💀💀

  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek 11 months ago +7141

    Thanks for doing something positive with your platform mike. If you can help save one eye your making a huge difference. Class act.

    • Emeka okuzu
      Emeka okuzu 11 months ago

      Mike being close to Jeff with a gun on his head saying good

    • Arlene Cox
      Arlene Cox 11 months ago

      Mike said q small donation. Thats just becquse hrying to look good. Cheap skate

    • Just some polar bear
      Just some polar bear 11 months ago

      d a v i d
      d o b r i k

    • Rahjohn Lee
      Rahjohn Lee 11 months ago

      @HeyStepBro g

  • Nick's Strength and Power
    Nick's Strength and Power 11 months ago +2571

    You’ll be a wonderful father Michael

  • Edward Tse
    Edward Tse 11 months ago +145

    Jeff's dark humor is just something you don't find everywhere.

    VEE3RDEYE 11 months ago +1101

    So excited for the next Impaulsive episode. Wouldn't be the same without you Mike

    • Xitorte
      Xitorte 11 months ago

      @Devin Franks fax brings a more level headed view and not one sided no matter what topic

    • Jay Em El Jay
      Jay Em El Jay 11 months ago

      Yo BMike it's fckd up Dwarf Mamba is no longer in the intro!!

    • breadwinner315
      breadwinner315 11 months ago +1

      @Devin Franks someone finally speaks the truth in dis bitch

      EBITDA READtheBOOK 11 months ago +2

      Very true - it's better

  • M4NNY
    M4NNY 11 months ago +3738

    Congratulations on becoming a dad 👨‍👩‍👧

    • RoadRunner9501
      RoadRunner9501 11 months ago

      @Sean McMenamin yea we know that...kinda disappointed about that too

    • Sean McMenamin
      Sean McMenamin 11 months ago +1

      He’s just not the dad

    • RoadRunner9501
      RoadRunner9501 11 months ago

      @Aviator Gamer damn that's fucked up.,.i was so disappointed to see them split

    • Aviator Gamer
      Aviator Gamer 11 months ago +2

      @RoadRunner9501 yeah mike has confirmed that he’s not the father

    • RoadRunner9501
      RoadRunner9501 11 months ago

      @Aviator Gamer well at first i had no idea she was pregnant but i actually don't believe Mike Is the father, she has a new BF already

  • Adam Letmon
    Adam Letmon 11 months ago +711

    Mike's eyes looking a little puffy from crying all night over becoming a father... Feel better soon Mike

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay 11 months ago

      Being a father is better than having slightly over 100k. Trust me. I think I'd be the same if I had a million. I know I would cos I wouldn't sell her for 2 million. I'd be so annoyed as hell losing the money and despise her for a month but no way could I consider selling her.. Think about that bro. I spent 30 years avoiding kids and wish I didn't

    • Sean McMenamin
      Sean McMenamin 11 months ago

      He’s not the father though

    • Filipa Natálio
      Filipa Natálio 11 months ago

      I cannnnooottt 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Adam Letmon
      Adam Letmon 11 months ago +3

      @Isra Carbajal nah he said on impaulsive he's not the dad. Just trolling

      AMAZING WORLD 11 months ago


  • Owen Hellinger
    Owen Hellinger 11 months ago +172

    Mike: "make a world a better place" *donates to eye foundation
    Also Mike: *promoting pornography app*
    Conclusion: Mike is indeed a juxtaposition.

  • Adam Gonsalves
    Adam Gonsalves 11 months ago +10

    I don't get the hate Mike gets. Honestly, I think he's fucking hilarious, and makes great content

    • Brandon Duran
      Brandon Duran 11 months ago

      What do you think about that fake laugh he has 😂

  • Sarah Tobin
    Sarah Tobin 11 months ago +1

    Mike! So glad you’re back and feeling better mentally. Loved hearing you on Impaulsive yesterday

  • Thunder Chicken
    Thunder Chicken 11 months ago +2087

    Mike got that “pregnancy glow”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Andrew The Transformer
      Andrew The Transformer 11 months ago

      @Thick nut 70 aha yes. Living the classy life can lead to a lot of drama as with many social media influencers/celebrities

    • Thick nut 70
      Thick nut 70 11 months ago

      @Andrew The Transformer I mean hers is classy living, it’s not just living life

    • Sarthak Sarkar
      Sarthak Sarkar 11 months ago +2

      Mike is not the father he announced it on impaulsive

  • Danny Leno
    Danny Leno 11 months ago +61

    Mike is like the rich uncle that knows he’s rich but doesn’t like to talk about it but you can definitely tell he loves to very subtly remind you that he’s rich. I love him lol

    • Stock Hodler Sunny
      Stock Hodler Sunny 11 months ago

      Mike is who Steve’s uncle jimmy wouldve been if Clip-Share was a thing 30 years ago.

      ICXNIC _PUBZ 11 months ago

      Lmao dont have that

  • Isaac Caballero
    Isaac Caballero 11 months ago +3

    Mike thank you for amazing content!! You always manage to make me hungry when I watch your videos lmao. You’re an inspiration to a youngin like me 😎 you’re the fucking man mike 💯

  • TheTristanDixon
    TheTristanDixon 11 months ago +2

    Sending positivity your way Mike, congrats on being a dad!!

  • Landon Haynes
    Landon Haynes 11 months ago

    mike i love how "real" you are love your content

  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgone 11 months ago +780

    Happy Belated Fathers Day Mike!

  • Hashem Bader
    Hashem Bader 11 months ago

    one of my favorite vlogs a lot of positivity and entertainment.
    Keep it up!!

  • Brandon Whitehouse
    Brandon Whitehouse 11 months ago

    Mike, your the man! I wish David participated in all the burger reviews! Love to see them either way!

  • AaronMichael
    AaronMichael 11 months ago

    The last comment you made hit home and made me smile, made me feel good, made me want to donate to kids who are dealing with blindess. Thank you for this video.

  • Kieran Furzer
    Kieran Furzer 11 months ago

    Keep doing what your doing Mike! Love the positive vibes bro! Big fan much love from the UK💙

  • yu shaaa
    yu shaaa 11 months ago +1

    I love this duo so much , we all want to see more of you both together 😬😬

  • Ikaika Tilton
    Ikaika Tilton 11 months ago

    We definitely need more of the squad in your videos. Good stuff, bro!

  • andrusk
    andrusk 11 months ago

    loved this episode! keep killin it mike!

  • Jonathan Tamney
    Jonathan Tamney 11 months ago

    Mike been watching ya since ya started so proud of how far you have come. The book and all your success is truly deserved , an you have been a huge motivator. I thank you for that we have similar stories and I have beaten my demons as well. You need to check out All American Hamburger in Massapequa New York hands down the best burger on the east coast they have been killing the game since 1963 and they never changed a thing but added items they also have a family owned ice cream parlor next door trust me when I say this is a must for you to check out your on Long Island New York also there’s a lot of other burger places to rate as well. Hope all is well brother deff check it out on line and see if it’s something ya would be interested in...

  • TheeJuntauu
    TheeJuntauu 11 months ago

    Good to see you back to it Mike! Can’t wait to see you on pre and post fight impaulsive!

  • Connot Mckeever
    Connot Mckeever 11 months ago

    Keep it going Mike great respect for you and your humour keep it real bro 💯

  • Brianna Torres
    Brianna Torres 11 months ago

    Hi Mike, love you & Jeff. please keep the videos coming with him!

  • Dylan Matthews
    Dylan Matthews 11 months ago

    Hey man that donation to that charity is amazing. As a kid who almost lost there eye to being stabbed in it at 14 seeing you do that warms my heat. I dont normally subscribe to channels but ya got me

  • Wizard Wilson 36
    Wizard Wilson 36 11 months ago +1

    Mike your a loyal funny recovering drug addict that brings happiness to millions. I appreciate your dark humor and willingness to level up and bring legit entertaining content to those who enjoy watching a slim ball turn into a work of art. Love the content bruh, and I’m honestly glad your not in that toxic relationship with Lana anymore. Don’t get me twisted I love the chick. It was killing the vibe, sorry not sorry 💯 on another note, you need to collaborate with Jeff more, he’s an interesting character. Plus he’s popping right now dawg. Picture the views you’ll gain from squeezing out that clickbait sponge.

  • Trinity Cherry
    Trinity Cherry 11 months ago +3

    As someone that works in a nursing home and knows first hand what happens to people’s eyes when you get older, this charity is actually sooooo important

  • The actual Guru
    The actual Guru 11 months ago

    I fucking love this show, mike wtf man you gotta be one of realest people I’ve seen on the internet. Hope you’re having a wonderful day 🎉🎉

  • Oliver Stretch
    Oliver Stretch 11 months ago +319

    Congrats on becoming a dad Mike!

    • Sarthak Sarkar
      Sarthak Sarkar 11 months ago

      Mike is not the father he announced it on impaulsive

    • james anthony
      james anthony 11 months ago

      @Darth Fer Not a chance it is Mikes.

    • yayaboi
      yayaboi 11 months ago +1

      @Darth Fer i don't think its mikes baby💀

      TRICKS AND V-GAMES 11 months ago +1

      @Ezra Przytyk he got lana pregnant

    • Darth Fer
      Darth Fer 11 months ago +3

      @Ezra Przytyk we don’t know but we think he is (100%) because Lana Rhoades announced that she is pregnant and Lana is Mike ex

  • Sergio Junior Rodriguez
    Sergio Junior Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Keep up the great work Mike. You are doing great things. I hope to meet you in person one day. Hello from Mexico 🇲🇽❤️

  • Samantha Whitter
    Samantha Whitter 11 months ago

    So good to see u looking happier and healthy. Love u and Jeff together.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 11 months ago +4

    As Jeff said, “Class act” I love this episode and seeing you with people laughing and eating cheeseburgers Michael

  • Dominic Razzano
    Dominic Razzano 11 months ago

    Say what you want about this dude but he has a good heart and is positively impacting lives with his story and his actions much respect Mike

  • mw znooz
    mw znooz 11 months ago +53

    jeff is such a cool guy. i love the dynamic between mike and jeff

    • Sara
      Sara 11 months ago


  • Charge
    Charge 11 months ago

    I actually came here after watching the impaulsive episode. So glad to have you back Mike, it was like you never left for (1 episode) not 10 nor 20, just 1.

  • Aitchbarz101
    Aitchbarz101 11 months ago

    Mike and Jeff collabs have been complete fire 🔥
    Keep it up guys!!

  • Aidan Bond
    Aidan Bond 11 months ago

    A lot of people give mike a hard time and I don’t quite get it. He’s such a nice, caring, amazing person. The podcast is better with him, his videos are great. He’s just overall a great character

  • Crystal Waters
    Crystal Waters 11 months ago

    Love this. Mike is back! I love how serious he is about his burgers 😂😂

  • Melly Rara
    Melly Rara 11 months ago +159

    Could you imagine being mike's child😂this is perfect

    • K Z
      K Z 11 months ago

      It’s not his🤡😂😂😂and see how this don’t got that many views??? Because he needs girls to use💀💀he’s falling off

  • thawisemann
    thawisemann 11 months ago

    this is an incredible night shift ep. first jeff collab, and first pami and adin collab, first pami and adin youtube appearance as a couple. burger review. dani!! so much content man. incredible job on this one. keep up the quality work.

  • A's Unlimited
    A's Unlimited 11 months ago

    Thanks mike!!!! The donation link is def very thoughtful my niece was flown to UCSF at 24 weeks in august and she had to have two eye surgeries within 3 months a premature baby, thank you mike!

  • DozaIsHere
    DozaIsHere 11 months ago

    Also keep making more vids with Jeff you guys are by far my favorite creators

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson 11 months ago

    EYE really like what you’re doing recently hope you’re doing well!

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming 11 months ago +252

    *Freakin’ sweet!*

  • That’s Life
    That’s Life 11 months ago

    I love the Realness Mike brings to Clip-Share the OG of the vlog world

  • Ava'sMusicvidz
    Ava'sMusicvidz 11 months ago

    Congrats on having a family!🙌🏾

  • Mars :
    Mars : 11 months ago

    Make sure to look after ur health Mike. You’ve been looking really tired lately. Also, Congratulations on becoming a dad

  • Justin G
    Justin G 11 months ago

    Yo man I’m 33 and work 70-80 hrs a week as a surveyor. I’ve been subscribed to you since 100k. I hope y’all both do great. Y’all are definitely upselling but I agree with that. I subscribe to you and Jeff both and thank you for the content!

  • Nico RgMz ✓
    Nico RgMz ✓ 11 months ago

    An episode of the Night Shift will always make my day better, greetings from Lima-Peru.

  • harry farley
    harry farley 11 months ago

    Don’t normally comment Mike but I love u bro, love everything you do changing lives

  • Gore
    Gore 11 months ago

    Lost my eye when I was 6 due to cancer, so to me this means a lot. If I had any extra money I'd donate too but I'm a broke bitch living paycheck to paycheck. Thanks Mike you're the bomb

  • Jason Parreno
    Jason Parreno 11 months ago

    Good man Mike... I lost vision in my left eye at the age of 8... went through a mental phase where I was bothered by people not knowing if I was talking with them and they’d look behind them and say, “you talking to me” yet I’m standing right in front of them... if I could fix my eye, I probably would but bog respect to you for sticking by a friend and helping him get through it.

  • Chicago
    Chicago 11 months ago

    congrats on being a dad mike
    much love

  • AJ Dejewski
    AJ Dejewski 11 months ago +5

    When mike started explaining the burger and adin started laughing I was dead

  • Garret glime
    Garret glime 11 months ago

    What a great life mike went from being a addict to a guy who reviews cheeseburgers to a dad congrats

  • Tim Luke
    Tim Luke 11 months ago

    I wish I could re find his channel so I can binge watch everything again realest guy on the internet deadass.

  • Nimra Ali
    Nimra Ali 11 months ago +1

    You are like a big brother! Adore you mike

  • Kevin Cron
    Kevin Cron 11 months ago

    Now that Mike's not on impulsive I don't have to watch it any more thank god. Keep being you mike

  • Chandresh Kathuria
    Chandresh Kathuria 11 months ago

    Love the new intro❤💯 keep it up my guy💯 can't wait for new impaulsive episode❤💯

  • Ale Orellana
    Ale Orellana 11 months ago

    Sorry, you've had a hard couple of months. Remember that things always get better. Just know that for the people you have impacted, your content means a lot! ✌️🏼 and ❤️

  • Jhonny Cruz
    Jhonny Cruz 11 months ago +333

    mikes gonna be wanting us to watch the ads all the way through so that hes got enough money for the kid💀

    • Todd Smith
      Todd Smith 11 months ago

      @stokrenden lmfao true

    • stokrenden
      stokrenden 11 months ago +1

      @Todd Smith Yes but having 20 million dollars in assets means that that child will never starve

    • Todd Smith
      Todd Smith 11 months ago +1

      @stokrenden you know "net worth" isn't how much money they have right?

    • Sarthak Sarkar
      Sarthak Sarkar 11 months ago +3

      Mike is not the father he announced it on impaulsive

  • ObiWonKobe
    ObiWonKobe 11 months ago

    Great video bro. Loved the adin and pami look on here. Keep the positive vibes brotha. Love you always rooting for ya!

    KING DJ TRIPLE DEMON 11 months ago

    Mike these videos make my day better when I’m having a bad day

  • lmg
    lmg 11 months ago

    Everything mike stands for is just fucking riiiiight!! 💕🙏

  • Mithun Nair
    Mithun Nair 11 months ago

    Bro Mike and Jeff are the best combos we can get❤️🔥. Bring him more in the vlogs❤️🔥

  • Matts MTB Madness
    Matts MTB Madness 11 months ago +69

    Let’s go!! Jeff and mike best duo ever

  • Mobi Floyd
    Mobi Floyd 11 months ago +3

    congrats bro happy to hear your gonna be a dad

  • Sharkmankill Games
    Sharkmankill Games 11 months ago +1

    Congrats on the Kid Mike. You and Lana will make great Parents!! 😂
    *Sarcasm Intended*

  • ami ne
    ami ne 11 months ago

    Lowkey ,mad respect for Mike tbh cuz with the drama shit but still hanging in there keep up the good work mate

  • Ryan Lasher
    Ryan Lasher 11 months ago +1

    You and Jeff’s back and forth ball busting is the best shit on Clip-Share 😂

  • Suzzyy
    Suzzyy 11 months ago +6

    EYE love when Jeff makes an appearance 😎

  • Amber Rose Miller
    Amber Rose Miller 11 months ago +24

    love this combo but if fans of Impaulsive thought Mike cuts people off and talks over people they do not even want to knoooow how Jeff does his podcast haha

  • Jesse ironsite
    Jesse ironsite 11 months ago

    Bro i really enjoy watching your videos you have to post more content please your like my favorite to watch on youtube

  • Isaak Alonzo
    Isaak Alonzo 11 months ago

    Loving the Jeff collabs brother 🙏🏻

  • Chase W
    Chase W 11 months ago

    @mike I think you know the question we all want answered 👶 🍼.... but great content glad to have the night shift back!

  • Dylan Ray
    Dylan Ray 11 months ago

    Jeff and mikes chemistry is so good😂😂

  • gvon1989
    gvon1989 11 months ago

    "I'm a loyal boyfriend who's not quite ready to settle down" bro the more videos i watch of you the more similar we are to each other its scary. keep pumping out the stellar content.

  • big_OL_DOINKS_amish
    big_OL_DOINKS_amish 11 months ago

    Great fucking video mike. Love it bro keep them coming

  • C B
    C B 11 months ago

    More vids with Jeff his sense of humor is impeccable

  • DozaIsHere
    DozaIsHere 11 months ago

    Love the fact you collab with Jeff. Also big ups for you to support Lana on her pregnancy

  • Dilan TL
    Dilan TL 11 months ago

    There should be a podcast made up of all the former impaulsive co-host’s, Mike, and Jeff

  • Sea Monkey
    Sea Monkey 11 months ago +13

    Anything with Jeff is golden

  • Ryley Anderson
    Ryley Anderson 11 months ago

    I’m absolutely obsessed with mike’s videos

  • B M
    B M 11 months ago +1

    For those who think Mike is the dad. Laugh out loud. Hell I might even be that kids dad

  • MaxOut
    MaxOut 11 months ago

    I appreciate you having all these young adult woman in your videos

  • Texmex Pride
    Texmex Pride 11 months ago

    I really like how Mike interviews people.

  • Lets Cubix
    Lets Cubix 11 months ago +584

    Seems like Mike is gonne be the perfect
    advertising partner for the Nelk Boys new Seltzer "Happy Dad"

    • payer487
      payer487 11 months ago +1

      Damn true

    • Sarthak Sarkar
      Sarthak Sarkar 11 months ago +1

      Mike is not the father he announced it on impaulsive

    • Hudson Craft
      Hudson Craft 11 months ago +2


    • Pabz
      Pabz 11 months ago +1


    • M1GHT
      M1GHT 11 months ago +3


  • Parker Gade
    Parker Gade 11 months ago

    As someone who hunts, seeing Jeff shoot with the wrong eye hurt to watch😂

  • Reko Sanchez
    Reko Sanchez 11 months ago

    Congrats on Mike Jr! We happy for you bro 👍🏾 #LanaMike4eva

  • Pabz
    Pabz 11 months ago +23

    Careful Mike, the cancel culture vultures might come after you for trying to joke about Jeffs life changing injury😂

  • Jesus Tarin
    Jesus Tarin 11 months ago

    Love your work Mike

  • Olivia Pierce
    Olivia Pierce 11 months ago +59

    Two smart mouth, witty and quick East Coast dudes... love this!!

    • leslie kim
      leslie kim 11 months ago

      Olivia Tyler told me that you're his ex

  • Maymays
    Maymays 11 months ago

    Respect Mike loved the outro of this night shift episode. Donate if you can guys ❤️

  • David Ries
    David Ries 11 months ago

    Finally a new episodes. Also congrats on the kid Mike 🤣👶

  • pluntery
    pluntery 11 months ago +2

    Can't wait to see more of adin and pami

  • Cabe Irwin
    Cabe Irwin 11 months ago

    Solid guy this mike guy. Happy to support in whatever way I can without physically giving you any of my hard earned money 😂.

  • Zack Raso
    Zack Raso 11 months ago +3

    LOVE U MIKE KEEP UP THE AMAZING CONTENT! cant wait for the impaulsive episode and ur podcast!