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How The West Can Stop Putin, with Exiled Critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky | Intelligence Squared

  • Published on Jun 9, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Mikhail Khodorkovsky has experienced first hand the wrath of Vladimir Putin. Here, in conversation with his co-author Martin Sixsmith, Khodorkovsky shares his unique insight into Putin, the Russian regime and the president's abuse of power. Drawing from his new book ‘The Russia Conundrum’, Khodorkovsky reveals previously unknown information about his own life to show how Russia really works and how the West can truly begin to blunt the Kremlin’s imperial ambitions.
    A successful oil tycoon and once the wealthiest man in Russia, Khodorkovsky was arrested at gunpoint in 2003, stripped of his assets and jailed on politically motivated charges. After almost 10 years in prison, he wrote a handwritten letter to Vladimir Putin pleading for release to see his terminally ill mother. This release was granted on the condition that Khodorkovsky leave Russia for good. After the death of his mother, Khodorkovsky began to criticise Putin publicly once more, eventually becoming one of the most notable critics of Putin and his regime.
    The translator is Elena Cook.
    This event was recorded live at London's Union Chapel on 8 September 2022.
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  • Notes from the Underground
    Notes from the Underground 8 months ago +153

    As a translator, my hats off to the translator. More than an hour of non-stop impeccable translation of phrasing and mood

    • Volty De Qua
      Volty De Qua 7 months ago

      «As a translator, my hats off to the translator. More than an hour of non-stop impeccable translation of phrasing and mood»
      No way! I am not translator, but I do have enough experience that it was enough to parrot what was already said and said again. Talking the talk is not that difficult to translate when you already know what the talker is going to say.

    • Notes from the Underground
      Notes from the Underground 7 months ago +5

      @Volty De Qua maybe you should consider becoming one, then. For me personally, it is exhausting, especially in front of large amount of people.

    • Volty De Qua
      Volty De Qua 7 months ago

      @Notes from the Underground No way. For on-the-fly translation only under the very same condition - know in advance, more or less, what is going to be said, and the cognitive / semantic complexity. Could be for text, sometime in the future, if I don't find enough inspiration to be translated myself. :)
      (btw I learned English by myself)

  • Sagani
    Sagani  7 months ago +165

    The interpreter is amazing. Nothing gets lost in her translation. Very clear speech, no "EEH", "MEEH", no parasite words, no double meanings. Precise and straight to the point. Bravo!

    • Scott Sawyer
      Scott Sawyer 7 months ago

      I agree. Great interpreter.

    • Pa Bis
      Pa Bis 7 months ago +2

      I read this comment before I had listened and watched the entire presentation. I have to agree she was absolutely world class! They make a powerful and compelling team.

    • Дмитрий Соколов
      Дмитрий Соколов 7 months ago +2

      As professional Ru-Eng interpreter I may admit this but I have to note that the cosequtive interpretation is much easier then simultaneouse one.

    • Scott Sawyer
      Scott Sawyer 7 months ago +4

      @Дмитрий Соколов Of course it is. It seems to me that he understands English pretty well but just doesn’t feel comfortable speaking, especially when you are trying to convey complicated responses. I emphasize with him in that sense. I am amazed at the talented interpreters who work at the UN. I wonder wonder how much they get paid?

    • David De Franco
      David De Franco 7 months ago +1

      From a non-Russian speaker...lol.

  • Cyberklutz
    Cyberklutz 7 months ago +92

    The most intelligent and substantive navigation of the Russian reality, ever! And may I say, would never have been possible without such a brilliant translator. She materialised the intelligence of Mikhail that so often gets "lost in translation". Well done.

    • carl rosso
      carl rosso 7 months ago +4


    • Вася
      Вася 7 months ago

      @Mike , your opinion doesn't matter. Just close up your mouth buddy and listening Hodora Mishutky.

    • Максим
      Максим 8 days ago

      @Вася насколько я понимаю тут удаляют комменты несогласных, очень удобная знаменитая западная свобода слова :))))))))

    • Вася
      Вася 8 days ago

      @Максим , ну её в сша, когда дело касается денег и уровня жизни на 2-3порядка больше чем в рф, об этом даже спорить нету смысла. А вот когда речь заходит о полит повестке и реально огромных, умопомрачительных деньгах, то между большевиками западными и большевиками восточного блока ничего не меняется, ровным счётом.

  • Juergen Ernst
    Juergen Ernst 8 months ago +159

    Hat's off to that translator. She translated off the cuff as if she had prepared a script. Not sure if I ever seen a better and more fluent performance in any language.

    • Nesho D
      Nesho D 8 months ago +3

      How do you know ...Do you speak Russian?

    • frusia123
      frusia123 8 months ago +16

      @Nesho D I know Russian well enough and I agree the translator did an amazing job. But even without knowing Russian, the way she spoke, the speed with which she found words in English, all this shows an incredible skill.
      I have a feeling you never had a go at interpreting between two languages, let alone do that for an hour and a half, if you can't appreciate what she did here.

    • MGTOWTakeru
      MGTOWTakeru 8 months ago +2

      @frusia123 I know that lady was amazing. Although it was unnecessary for her to further add and clarify at times as we got the message. Like for example when he responded simply with the word “Covid”. That’s all he said, he never said “a simple answer” as she added but it’s ok.

    • frusia123
      frusia123 8 months ago +4

      @MGTOWTakeru I think she did more of it towards the end, and I believe that she was getting tired. When the brain gets tired, it goes into a kind of trance mode to be able to keep going.

  • Dhora Ray
    Dhora Ray 8 months ago +111

    The guest speaker is wow! Speaking his mother tongue, beautiful Russian and the interpretation is beyond excellence! The message sent to the world is of vital importance to the thinking world.

    • woron33
      woron33 7 months ago +8

      @supernova808 Thank you very much for this nice remark! Mr. Khodorkovsky has no opportunity to react to your remark personally, so I'll do it for him. He was born in Moscow, USSR in a Russian-speaking family. His father is a russian jew and his mother is a native russian. Both worked as ordinary chemical engineers at a soviet military plant. I doubt Mr. Khodorkovsky has ever heard Hebrew as a child.

    • marshuswp
      marshuswp 7 months ago +3

      @supernova808 Hi there Vladolf Putler ZZZombie

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      What is the message?

  • Cheenee
    Cheenee 8 months ago +572

    This translator / interpreter is amazingly good. With native fluency in both languages I can truly appreciate her skill and talent.

    • roy jacobs
      roy jacobs 8 months ago +31

      She is helped by the speaker limiting himself to bite sized statements

    • Vladimir Shilov
      Vladimir Shilov 8 months ago +6

      @roy jacobs True.

    • kurzhaarsilva
      kurzhaarsilva 8 months ago +18

      She is probably a second generation. They are pretty amazing being able to speak both languages on a native level. All of that is lost with third generation as a rule, but she's good, you are absolutely right.

  • Karl
    Karl 7 months ago +29

    Poignant, yet hopeful. Khodorkovsky honesty evokes and inspires a vibe of revolutionary truth and forewarns us into a united reality.

  • Betty Madsen
    Betty Madsen 7 months ago +14

    Extremely informative discussion into the thinking and economics of Russia and its leaders! Thank you!

  • Ali Iyaz Rashid
    Ali Iyaz Rashid 7 months ago +5

    One of the more interesting talks I've had the pleasure of listening to, recently. Excellent work team. 👏

  • Nadia Rusak
    Nadia Rusak 7 months ago +161

    Khodorkovsky is an absolutely interesting and compelling speaker. The interpreter is brilliant! I am natively fluent in both Russian and English. I can appreciate her talent.

    • B M
      B M 7 months ago +3

      Is a reformed crook. A true Russian businessman. Like most Russian businessmen today.

    • Pavel Rott
      Pavel Rott 7 months ago +3

      @B M As a Russian saying goes, a grave won’t fix hunchback. He’s a thief and a crook.

  • Martyn Lee
    Martyn Lee 8 months ago +65

    Top notch translator , gets across the context and also the feelings expressed

  • Glenn Nielsen
    Glenn Nielsen 7 months ago +53

    Ten years in prison and still fighting. That is an unusual level of courage. Inspiring.

    • Elianny Cardoso
      Elianny Cardoso 7 months ago


    • Glenn Nielsen
      Glenn Nielsen 7 months ago +2

      @Mike It must be fair to say that this is purely something you and I can speculate about, as we have no factual basis to conclude anything. What I relate to is that historie shows it is risky to disagree with Putin. Yes, he must be smart or he wouldn't have created what he has. In addition, he states in the interview that we need skilled people and not politicians to resolve the conflict. There may very well be something to that. He seeks answers by studying history in relation to his reference to Nazism. I would call that smart, that you study, think and are flexible to change your position according to what the facts indicate.

    • Glenn Nielsen
      Glenn Nielsen 7 months ago

      @M.Đ What about Putin?

  • Dhora Ray
    Dhora Ray 8 months ago +35

    So much touching to realize what an intellectual power is inside this guy. Especially when you are witnessing and going through very poor intellectually run of the Russian state. Hence come all the present time catastrophe.

    • Marienka Vergnes
      Marienka Vergnes 7 months ago +1

      I totally agree with you! If you aren't doing so already, I highly recommend watching videos by Sergey Guriyev, too.

    • ruyaal
      ruyaal 7 months ago

      A hero and an intellectual 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      And in English?

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly 8 months ago +61

    I found this forum quite good and have forwarded links to many in my circle. Superb job by the translator and moderator. As so many have noted, I would hope this is viewed by politicians in the west.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      So what did he say?

    • Volty De Qua
      Volty De Qua 7 months ago

      @Kenneth Keen «So what did he say?»
      Less than nothing. I knew quite well who's him, but I hoped to hear something not that primitive. I remember that I wondered how could he be that stupid to think he could sell the Russian strategical assets to other states (neither in US you can do that) - that I realized that if he didn't try that nobody would have touched him whatever tax problems etc etc. Add on top of that he was also trying to advance "politically". Such a naive plot! Was he, or some others, that naive?
      The person you were asking what did he say? - It is all about conformism. They would parrot the same considerations if you present them a real crocodile that tried to bite Putin.

  • Tim Ijtsma
    Tim Ijtsma 7 months ago +24

    all that is said by this guy and all people remember how good the translator is ? ......come on what this guy says is gold.... all politicians should be instructed by this guy

    • MatkalYael
      MatkalYael 7 months ago +2

      Thank you Tim. I was wondering the same thing when I started going down the comment?
      Khordokovsky, had endured the worst of human kind. Pure evil.
      Let’s not forgot he was one of the first to warn the world about Putin.
      The translator is just doing her job. We thank her. But Khordokovsky is the reason I clicked on this video.

    • julia zdes
      julia zdes 7 months ago

      Khodirkovski lost his credibility long ago. He maybe talks well, but it is only the wrap. He is not meaning good for Russia and Russian people. Like Zelenski is no good for Ukraine and Ukranian people. They both are really interested only in themselves, their families and buds.

    • manuel lubian
      manuel lubian 7 months ago

      @julia zdes What do you mean about Khodorkovsky not being good for Russia? Could you elaborate?

    BCSTS 7 months ago +9

    So beautifully done...BRAVO ! I so enjoyed & was enlightened by the candid, thoughtful explanations of Mikhail ! This interpreter is also the best & most engaging I have ever seen! Thank you all for these insights !

  • Meina Vook
    Meina Vook 8 months ago +51

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you. Very interesting to hear his thoughts. I wish him well and succeed in his mission to open Russia in the near future. First time I see a translator who is so skilled and talented.

    • 言行一致
      言行一致 4 months ago

      Русский непропорционально важен как широко распространённый жаргон почти 285 миллионов человек, а также как официальный язык Организации Объединённых Наций (ООН), независимо от того, что кто-то думает.

  • Barbara Smatlanek
    Barbara Smatlanek 7 months ago +15

    the translator was amazing..love Mikhail! looking forward to the book and the future participation of Mikhail in the development of a Russia which will be easier on its population

  • deadcandance
    deadcandance 4 months ago

    As a person growing up in a non-Western world, it hits me every time when hearing anyone from my side of the world struggling to explain a dictator or our mentality to the West. Quite like watching the Handmaid's Tale series, which is so naive and simplified the world.

  • Peter Holt
    Peter Holt 8 months ago +64

    Excellent programme. Echo’s of Nelson Mandela. Briefly two aspects: First his analogy of a trapped rat and ‘friends’ is of vital consideration to mankind right now. Second his reference to the need for professionals to aid politicians is of absolute necessity.

    • Cheryl Yoke
      Cheryl Yoke 8 months ago +1

      Yes, professionals not politicians.

    • ruyaal
      ruyaal 7 months ago +2

      Nelson Mandela is turning in his grave after that stupid comment.

    • manuel lubian
      manuel lubian 7 months ago

      @supernova808 That's pretty interesting considering that he was a practicing attorney when, he was put on trial and jailed (for 27 yrs of his life). Hmm. Smh.

    • manuel lubian
      manuel lubian 7 months ago

      @supernova808 R U for Real?
      Are you not aware of the fact that his sham trial and lengthy prison stay was politically motivated? Having him in jail for so long for no reason other than politics only served to elevate him to near martyrdom status.

  • David Ramsey
    David Ramsey 7 months ago +9

    An excellent and insightful interview,. All the questions were on point, combined with refreshingly considered and thought provoking answers from Mikhail and Martin. I truly hope that Mikhail lives to see Russia progress or even achieve a parliamentary democracy and more important be able to return to Russia.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Now at last we get a little light - no mention of the woman who played such a huge part in this work. What did he say?

  • Johnny FD
    Johnny FD 7 months ago +10

    Fantastic talk. I loved the format, hearing him speak, then the excellent translation.

  • standishgeezer
    standishgeezer 7 months ago +3

    Fantastic translator! Caught not just the words but the essence and mood of the conversation.

  • meraki.
    meraki. 8 months ago +17

    Since a few years I'm eating books about the Sovjet Union and Russia. And damn, what a complicated situation. Biggest problem imo is that the government and officials no longer allow the harsh but true history, make it better than it was or simply ignore it. As a result, it can never be learned from. Generations grow up with no or wrong knowledge of what their parents and ancestors went through. Which will make you see things like the Z more often in the future and the polarisation more understandable.

    • jacq danieles
      jacq danieles 8 months ago

      You're "eating books"?

    • meraki.
      meraki. 8 months ago +2

      I read that much, absorb it as food 🌚

    • John Doe
      John Doe 7 months ago +1

      Я тут наконец то прочитал 1984. Так вот это и есть нынешняя Россия (

  • frusia123
    frusia123 8 months ago +116

    This man, his straightforwardness and humility, reminds me of Polish intelligentsia of the Soviet times. People who could have had good lives if only they agreed to collaborate with the government, instead they chose life of poverty and persecution. This idealism is real. This idealism of Mr. Khodorkovsky is shared by Kasparov, Kara-Murza and other Russian dissidents. And however controversial this might sound this is also the idealism of Zelensky and of many other Ukrainians today. In our turbulent part of the world, this unshakable integrity is a survival strategy - not physical survival of course because what they do is dangerous. But it's a kind of soul survival. Perhaps this isn't always appreciated or even well understood in the West: these people are prepared to give their lives for truth. In fact, that's what they're doing.

    • Macha
      Macha 8 months ago +6

      The unshakable what of zelenski ? Is it a joke ?

    • Ennedie ND
      Ennedie ND 8 months ago +21

      President Zelensky the heart ans soul of his martyr people 🇺🇦💛💙
      Super leader👍Slava Ukraine✌

    • frusia123
      frusia123 8 months ago +6

      @Macha Have been binging on the Russian state media lately, eh?

    • Dhora Ray
      Dhora Ray 8 months ago +9

      Soul survival ! So much true.

  • Amanda B. Recondwith
    Amanda B. Recondwith 7 months ago +11

    He's a patriot, and she's an excellent translator. I envy her ability to so quickly translate what I find to be a very difficult language!

    • CosmicGate184
      CosmicGate184 7 months ago +1

      He‘s a corrupt traitor

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago +2

      Putin is a patriot and a true Russian. You are a man or a woman or something between - thankfully Mr Putin is ridding Russia of all that weird stuff from SanFransicko...

    • Christos Friend
      Christos Friend 7 months ago

      Looks to me like native english speakers don't know their language very well..

    • Карина
      Карина 7 months ago +1

      People in Russia know better who he is, believe me

  • Michael Chabler
    Michael Chabler 8 months ago +6

    Well, I remember people laughing at me for some of the predictions I made in the late 80s. I wasn’t stuck in an organization dependent on making the Soviet Union seem more threatening or more magnificent than it was - maybe that helped my perspective. I also spent some time talking to people from that part of the world.
    I just felt hugely satisfied in ‘89 seeing the faces of the instructors who laughed at me in ‘87.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago +1

      You need to expand - don't be stingy with words. There is no limit. NO one else here is competent enough to write a few lines of thought, other than that the translator (who they presume is perfect.....) is doing a great job.

  • José Marques
    José Marques 7 months ago +29

    This man is an absolute legend! Hope he lives a long and healthy life and sees his country transformed into a peaceful liberal democracy

  • Philip R. Baldwin
    Philip R. Baldwin 8 months ago +71

    I feel that Mr. Khodorkovsky has some really great qualities. Many thanks for taking the time for us.

    • Winston Vanderbilt II
      Winston Vanderbilt II 7 months ago +2

      Yes. He has an almost unlimited amount of criminal energy.
      This man is a real life James Bond villain, only worse. 27:00

    • Winston Vanderbilt II
      Winston Vanderbilt II 7 months ago

      @A M true.

    • Mike Ryzhikov
      Mike Ryzhikov 7 months ago

      @Winston Vanderbilt II Which James Bond villain ended up in SIberia for 15 years and his entire company seized by Putin and for Putin after proposing for transparency and integration of Russian economy?

    • Winston Vanderbilt II
      Winston Vanderbilt II 7 months ago

      @Mike Ryzhikov Khodorkovsky

  • Sam Zilman
    Sam Zilman 7 months ago +14

    Mr. Khodorkovsky did it in very simple words. I hope the audience did understand importance of his speech.
    Doctor Zilman, Pennsylvania.
    PS. In my age of 38, in 1989, I exiled from Kiev and I finally got my New Life in USA 🇺🇸.

  • John Obiro
    John Obiro 7 months ago +21

    What a lovely man. He’s definitely a man of integrity. I wish him all the luck in the world. He deserves it.

    • ruyaal
      ruyaal 7 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's a god one.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Why? What did he say? The comments are all vague and contain NOTHING about what he said. Do you people not tire of bla bla bla everyday? Surely at least ONE can just outline what he said in one brief paragraph or even a sentence? No, yanks and without content - that is who you are. Hollow bins with MuckDonalds and WHispCrisp and nothing else.

  • Cheryl Yoke
    Cheryl Yoke 8 months ago +56

    Please do not miss the forest by looking only at the trees. This presentation did not come to us in order for us to critique the interpreter. I found the content fascinating and informative.

    • marshuswp
      marshuswp 7 months ago +3


    • ruyaal
      ruyaal 7 months ago +2

      The skill of the interpreter is the only thing that can be rescued from this criminal rant.

    • Fanfeck
      Fanfeck 7 months ago +1

      Brilliant interview

    • graham leigh
      graham leigh 7 months ago +1

      @ruyaal Wow. Spot on.Great to see an intelligent soul. Yes I see the lady in the beginning reading from her masters stenographer. Salute.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      What WAS the content?

  • Virve Tšaikovskaja
    Virve Tšaikovskaja 8 months ago +12

    Magnificent quests. There was visible deep understanding between two men, remarkable knowing what they were talking about. Thank You.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Quests are fantastic. I ask what type of car he drives. And if he brushes his teeth in the evening - all those things relevant to my own life.

  • Suzie B
    Suzie B 7 months ago +2

    Thank you very much Mikhail for your time, insight and opinions.

  • O.T. Oss
    O.T. Oss 7 months ago +1

    Kudos to everyone that spoke. Mr. Sixsmith made some very good points and I was very pleased he was part of this discussion. Mr. Khodorkovsky has a fantastic translator but he seems like such an earnest speaker that I wish I knew enough Russian that I could understand him without an intermediary. Perhaps it's time to use one of those online learning services.

  • andrew J
    andrew J 8 months ago +78

    Always fascinating to hear Khodorkovsky's views.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Which are what? (Unrepeatable?)

    • andrew J
      andrew J 7 months ago +1

      @Kenneth Keen Listen yourself and learn something.

  • Athena Koios
    Athena Koios 8 months ago +11

    I have to give Khodorkovski applause for saying that Russia is not Putin and we will have to live with Russia after Putin

    • Elena H
      Elena H 8 months ago +1

      "To live"- not " to leave"

  • Kit Heskethharvey
    Kit Heskethharvey 7 months ago +4

    Thank you for the truth, and the Chairman's unerring instinct in exposing it. Khodorkovky's historical truth, which in the telling of it requires suicidal courage. His translator's truth, conveyed to us with breathtakingly nimble accuracy. Sixmith's truth, which he told us like Cassandra long ago. And yet: Martin's truth was told in the libretto for an opera. There will be a million more artists, hisorians, philosophers telling that truth, right into eternity,: a truth which even Putin cannot silence.

  • Zachary Davis
    Zachary Davis 8 months ago +9

    Thank you for spending the time to create and share this content 🙏🏾

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      They did it all for our good. SO kind and benevolent. No one gained through this process. Even the nazis love this guy so he must be good.

  • Maurice Calvert
    Maurice Calvert 7 months ago +3

    Rarely have I listened to such a brilliant interpreter, her translations are astonishingly accurate. I'm jealous.

  • Hilton Watkins
    Hilton Watkins 8 months ago +21

    I love the joke about the disappearance of Russian hackers, but doubt that the military has no computer capability…😂

    • Archangel
      Archangel 8 months ago +3

      They've all been drafted, they were last seen standing about in open fields looking miserable lol.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      So the content of this great man was ......a joke. Well then there was more to be gained than nothing. There was a joke. So it is worth watching?

    • Ally Hauptmann-Gurski
      Ally Hauptmann-Gurski 7 months ago

      @Kenneth Keen Bill Browder in Red Notice describes some of the methods that Khodorkovsky used to build his Yukos monopoly.

  • Ian Gourlay
    Ian Gourlay 8 months ago +16

    Both were impressive, in fact all three were. The Chairman was, unlike some, not intrusive and did just what she should. Full marks all round. Khordakhovski seemed to be an open and likably decent man, perhaps if Russia can produce the likes of him then maybe there is more than only "shades of awful" to look forward to once Putin is history, preferably "disappeared"? The sooner, the better.
    I think he's got it about right with his thought that it'll take a generation to be free of the present mindset in greater Russia - a Russia that sees the West as an ally rather than an ideological foe.
    Here's a stretch - a Russia invited to be inside NATO might make China rethink its warlike relations with the Western bloc?

    • marshuswp
      marshuswp 7 months ago +3

      We are a long ways from that, but I totally agree that this would be a most desirable future under a thoroughly politically reorganized Russia one day.

  • Pros Ski
    Pros Ski 7 months ago +5

    Переводчик 10/10. Бесконечный респект.

  • Derek Williams
    Derek Williams 7 months ago +3

    Wonderful interview, ably translated in real time. Redemptive, and heedworthy.

  • John Will
    John Will 8 months ago +30

    Interesting. He knows Putin. And he raised a couple of very interesting points. Translator = Excellent.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      What points? No one knows. But you all pretend that the woman did well.

  • Zané Elksnité
    Zané Elksnité 7 months ago +9

    Too late, but here is a question: how do you explain the support for Putin’s war from Russians living in the West- it is real and mind boggling!

    • Marina Vaskovich
      Marina Vaskovich 5 months ago +1

      They watch the same tv programs people in Russia watch. Nothing surprising. Many do not assimilate and don’t know English or any other language but Russian. 15 years ago my husband believed Russian government tv and then went to Russia and was shocked by the views 50 miles from Moscow and beyond...

  • Klaus Solberg Soilen
    Klaus Solberg Soilen 8 months ago +8

    The young man asking if Khodorkovsky is only an opportunist is a good one. Much credit to Khodorkovsky, but he only challenged Putin because he was the most powerful oligarch and thought he could win! Khodorkovsky came to wealth easily and used all means to enrichen himself in Wild West Russia. The romantic story proposed by Martin Sixsmith is just too much, and putting the young man in his place was tasteless.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      So we come to some content. Aha. Someone - clearly not from the UK - has something to say about the CONTENT!!!!
      HOW MANY COMMENTS HAVE I COMMENTED ON SO FAR?? And finally find a German who is willing to discuss the CONTENT of this "interview". Well done Klaus. Sehr sehr gut. Aber nicht genug! Weiter machen! There are many like myself who did not waste their time watching a propaganda show organised by the BBC, but instead looked to the comments for insights. And it is in someway critical - good. We must NEVER accept things without taking a stance of neutrality and objectiveness - that is what I was taught in one of the educational institutions I spent no less than 40 years of my life at.
      And I had claimed that a UK education was second to none - well that was last century. It took a German to BEGIN to unravel this nonsense propaganda show which has the audacity to attack Mr Putin the sworn destroyer of nazi trash in Ukraine.

  • Robert Malone
    Robert Malone 8 months ago +11

    One of the most interesting, informative and inspiring 90 minutes of my long life. Agree so much with Mikhail and his opinion - the generation of change is coming. Very interesting speaker, glad to have enjoyed his insights regarding Russia.

  • BoboA
    BoboA 8 months ago +26

    Great talk! It's always a pleasure to listen M. Khodorkovsky and his calm and wise thoughts. This time the translator was a true professional.

  • Elianny Cardoso
    Elianny Cardoso 7 months ago +4

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    • Elianny Cardoso
      Elianny Cardoso 7 months ago

      @Kenneth Keen I know right? Totally agree with you :)

  • Agnes Dycoco
    Agnes Dycoco 8 months ago +24

    Comforting to know, theres this guy who can still show a public image of a Russian who is still a person of goodwill

    • rosre aviemore
      rosre aviemore 8 months ago +4

      He is just another Gangster who got caught.

    • frusia123
      frusia123 8 months ago +3

      @rosre aviemore oi, so many Kremlin bots here

    • The Zero Line
      The Zero Line 8 months ago +2

      @frusia123 If they said he was lying, I’d agree, but he only and rightly pointed out this guy was a gangster who crossed the wrong person.

  • taron_baron
    taron_baron 8 months ago +8

    I really admire Khodorkovsky, but of course, as he was an oligarch in the 90s, there are unsavory moments in his biography as well. Still, as a Russian I wouldn't be against if he had a relatively high position in the government.

    • Карина
      Карина 7 months ago

      жизнь людей ничему не учит🤦‍♀

    • Pavel Rott
      Pavel Rott 7 months ago

      He’s a crook and a thief. You should find better role models.

    • taron_baron
      taron_baron 7 months ago

      @Pavel Rott who said anything about role models

  • pengu
    pengu 8 months ago +31

    That FSB joke about the two officers in the bar was hilarious.

    • Grinning Setter
      Grinning Setter 8 months ago +8

      "The KGB-building is the tallest building in Moskva. You can see Siberia from the basement." No wonder Russians drink.

    • T A
      T A 8 months ago +1

      Where is the joke, no timing in the comment?

    • Paul Hargreaves
      Paul Hargreaves 7 months ago +1

      @T A 1:22:30....

    • T A
      T A 7 months ago +1

      @Paul Hargreaves thank you. It was worth it. Very good joke.

    • Paul Hargreaves
      Paul Hargreaves 7 months ago +1

      @T A My pleasure 😎

  • Darlin.lxvs_u4ever
    Darlin.lxvs_u4ever 7 months ago +10

    Wow… I enjoyed this a lot, very interesting to understand many things more in detail.

  • Dhora Ray
    Dhora Ray 8 months ago +6

    Oh, how right he is to admit that he wanted his home country to become better. Moreover in his time he did his best. And my students are really thankful to him personally. I heard that.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      He wants improvement. OK Good. And that is it? No gain for himself. Just for others? Whao. He is almost jesus.

  • Nancy Chace
    Nancy Chace 7 months ago +2

    Thank you for sharing. Excellent discussion.

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    Russian sounds like such an intellectual and educated language. It was a pleasure to listen to it!

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Yes, his jacket was interesting and the woman held her hands in such a way that one could write pages about that. The light in the background was fantastic and the camera man did his job so well. The sound levels were up to standard and BBC can always be relied on getting things just right so that the CONTENT is irrelevant as you have all confirmed.

  • christopher cole
    christopher cole 8 months ago +4

    I would have liked to hear more about the role of the Nomenklatura in creating and supporting the current regime and how it could affect attempts for Russia to reform.

  • Aқcaқaл
    Aқcaқaл 8 months ago +53

    I started watching out of the professional interest in the translator's work, but ended up with a positive impression of the meeting. By the way, as a Kazakh, the words of Mr. Khodorkovsky were very obvious to me. Slava to Ukraine / Alga Kazakhstan / Russia w/o Putin / God Save the ̶Q̶u̶e̶e̶n̶ King / God Bless America

    • Nesho D
      Nesho D 8 months ago +7

      Bless America ...Are you serious???

    • Ennedie ND
      Ennedie ND 8 months ago +5

      GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

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      Leah Whiteley 8 months ago +2

      Your country is beautiful.

  • Hilton Watkins
    Hilton Watkins 8 months ago +46

    What gives me a lot of hope is this man, and the understanding he has of the problem. He also has great charisma so I would like to see him have a lot of influence in the future!

  • Sebastian Verney
    Sebastian Verney 3 months ago

    superbly presented, absolutely fascinating, the translator brilliant

  • DeVos
    DeVos 7 months ago +6

    I love the ending. This outlook seems consistent across the world.

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 8 months ago +48


    • GJ Thomas
      GJ Thomas 8 months ago

      Listen to the talk of Feng Cheng Peng the poet warrior. He has been debated by many a schoalors. I feel an intellectual such as yourself will ponder through the night with a hot cocoa ☺️

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Go get drunk jonny, the war starts in ten minutes!

  • Greg Brogan
    Greg Brogan 8 months ago +31

    Even back when Khordorkovsky was an oligarch, there was something about his facial expressions that made him seem more warm and relatable - I think maybe he just cracks a smile more, & seems to have more charm than the average Russian leader.

    • rosre aviemore
      rosre aviemore 8 months ago +6

      Yes he robbed his Country with a smile on his face, the perfect Gangster.

    • Nesho D
      Nesho D 8 months ago +2

      @rosre aviemore haha exactly ...all sociopaths are very smart and can charm you in a seconf

    • Greg Brogan
      Greg Brogan 7 months ago

      @supernova808 -Wow! You can't be a Russian Jew? Russia eve has a Jewish Autonomous Oblast - right?

    • ruyaal
      ruyaal 7 months ago

      You are right, he is as charming as Al Capone.

  • Robbie Mitchell
    Robbie Mitchell 8 months ago +49

    What emerges from this is that the West must be careful to draw a distinction between the Kremlin and the Russian people. The latter must not be alienated. They must be part of the solution as Mikhail says.

    • Igor
      Igor 8 months ago +1

      Spot on.

    • Szabi Csapi
      Szabi Csapi 8 months ago +9

      I reckon it does not really disturb you, Mikhail and the complete West that right now Putin is more popular in Russia then ever was. Btw this is a country where Stalin is the third most popular historical figure... So this kind of approach i. e "I want Putin out, but allied with the ordinary people."is nothing else but baloney, entirely out of touch.

  • EsoxLVCIVS
    EsoxLVCIVS 7 months ago +3

    I thoroughly enjoyed that. I have found Vlad Vexler, Inside Russia and Anna From Ukraine and they all have me drinking in every word like listening to your favourite teacher.

  • Cheryl Yoke
    Cheryl Yoke 8 months ago +4

    I like him. He has excellent business sense and yet a real grasp of what things in life are truly important.

  • Oskars AA
    Oskars AA 7 months ago +2

    Came for the discussion, stayed for the translator

  • Adam Banul
    Adam Banul 8 months ago +24

    As a Polish i wish to see Khodorkovsky as a new president of Russian Federation. That could help to start our states a new - better chapter in polish- russian relations. In our history we had 19 wars! With this man we could enjoy peace and prosperity. All the best !!!! Wsiewo choroszowo drug !!!!

    • To Hell With War!
      To Hell With War! 8 months ago +7

      You dont deciede Who Will be Russian president.

    • Paweł Robak
      Paweł Robak 8 months ago +3

      Don't be so a romantic Pole. It would be a great success if Western politicians took into account his knowledge, especially in the field of energy. I'm Pole too but practical.

    • Greg Grimer
      Greg Grimer 8 months ago +4

      He is a corrupt thief

    • Anti Spin Dr
      Anti Spin Dr 8 months ago +1

      @To Hell With War! No, the British ruling class seem to think that is their role

    • frusia123
      frusia123 8 months ago +2

      @Paweł Robak Romanticism isn't all bad. Practicality isn't all good. Balance is always the best. Pozdrowienia.

  • Marcel Charbonnier
    Marcel Charbonnier 7 months ago

    This was fabulous. I wish we had such high standard interviews here in France. There's a lot of boasting the military effort of France in terms of aid to Ukraine, and Ukrainian authorities thanked French authorities for the quality of the provided weapons, but I retain from the statements of Mr Khodorkovsky that the democratic countries should have "spent" much more than what they did in this field as far as the losses they'll endure as long as Putin won't be defeated are immensely heavier...

  • miss price
    miss price 7 months ago +17

    My mother was in Berlin when the Russians arrived. All the women were raped, even in the street, young, old, nuns, disabled etc. I am 74 and can tell you that it takes more than a generation to forget and is probably going on in Ukraine now. I take no pleasure in having predicted Putin's career when I heard that he was KGB and young. Poor old Mother Russia, Federalism is the best option but what about the widespread cultural acceptance of corruption which is, after all, internal decay and will prevent any growth. Excellent content and had me riveted.

  • aloma cowie
    aloma cowie 7 months ago +3

    I've heard him in an interview and he speaks good English !
    This is really just to impress his Russian language

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      NOW we are getting to the truth. Content - this man can speak Russian. Well done! I thought he had a business in Russia, so maybe needed Russian to manage that.

    • Inbucks Wetrust
      Inbucks Wetrust 7 months ago

      @Kenneth Keen Misha was still a young Leninist and a communist in his youth, and how he fell :) Explains for a pack of cookies and a jar of jam to the bourgeoisie what the KGB is. Oh Misha, Vladimir Ilyich would not approve

  • Anna Bondaruk
    Anna Bondaruk 8 months ago +40

    Good talk. Translater is super talented and skilled.

  • Luisa Miranda
    Luisa Miranda 7 months ago +1

    Excellent exposition of theme and translation-two ideologies in dispute. The modern world opens to youth, education, communication, and erudite analysis implemented in views.

  • Daniel Waldron
    Daniel Waldron 7 months ago +2

    Three cheers for the Russian Speaker Mikhail! a great man indeed,he has suffered much in those ten years, and knows what he is talking about.

  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel 8 months ago +18

    Why has Khodorkovsky stopped giving interviews in English for God's sake? I remember him being completely fluent in the language...

    • M A
      M A 8 months ago +20

      Maybe he hopes Russian speaking people will listen as well?

    • Serena Ramsey
      Serena Ramsey 8 months ago +4

      @M A I do agree with guardian angel but then I read your comment. And you make an excellent point. 🕊 🦢🕊

    • Guardian Angel
      Guardian Angel 8 months ago +13

      @M A Well, that sounds logical but there's a catch... The majority of his interviews in Western media use a simultaneous voice-over translation to English, so you can hardly hear him speak in Russian. If I had to guess, I'd go in another direction. Maybe he feels insecure about his English and doesn't want to risk looking for words or being misunderstood about such an important topic.

    • Oga Thingo
      Oga Thingo 8 months ago +6

      May be in the hope Russians might be listing to this interview….?

    • ruyaal
      ruyaal 7 months ago +2

      He is, he's trying to portrayed himself as a humble and hard working man of the people.

  • Vee McG
    Vee McG 8 months ago +18

    Excellent talk thank you. Presenter, speakers and translator all very good.

  • Linda Kelley
    Linda Kelley 7 months ago

    It’s very good to see young audiences learn about the history of Russia and Putins motivations. I’m glad they mentioned how he has hoarded the wealth for himself.KGB officers learn to be master manipulators of people. It takes courage to defy Putin, his critics all face death or prison. As soon as he challenged Putin the hammer came down. Bless Khordovkosky for continued activism and his articulate insights into what led to the collapse of the USSR and the current situation in Russia today. It’s a shame that so much senseless death and destruction is happening because one madman has “nostalgia” about expanding the boundaries back to the good old glory days of the USSR, he’s bringing his own country down.

  • Schofield
    Schofield 8 months ago +46

    He’s so lucky to still be alive

  • Fanny
    Fanny 7 months ago +4

    Excellent translator, thank you.

  • 林柏辰
    林柏辰 6 months ago

    khordokovsky is a man who thinks comprehensively.He is a man with huge talents.he make me recall such philosophers like sucraties.He was handsome when he is young.He is an incredible man

  • Gordon Russell
    Gordon Russell 5 months ago

    The openness & exposure of the brutal truths, is admirable.

  • Robert Moreno
    Robert Moreno 8 months ago +38

    Special thanks to Mikhail Khodorkovsky and everyone else supporting this enlightening conversation.

  • Ekes Andras
    Ekes Andras 7 months ago +1

    When you ask, how long did it take for the Germans to overcome their imperialism, militarism and nationalism you have to start counting from 1918. After loosing that war, it took another huge war that they lost and than the time of another generation. So it is more like 50 years and not just 20. Russia in the 1990ies was very similar to Germany in the 1920ies, gangster capitalism, huge freedom in the media and arts but also a lot of social problems. Now Russia is very similar to Germany in the 1940ies, trying to regain militarily what they lost 1991.

    • Pat Mccall
      Pat Mccall 7 months ago

      Damm. Interesting outlook on it.

  • valeria nemes
    valeria nemes 8 months ago +7

    Excellent interview subjects and excellent translation!

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Yes, but did he say anything of relevance? One sound-bite? Nothing? How sad......

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray 7 months ago

    Really enjoyed this; I have been an admirer of Mikhail Khodorkovsky ever since he was arrested, I am an avid reader; when Mikhail spoke of the $400000000 being stolen by Putin.
    I recalled this incident that took place around the same time. A Russian who owned an oil company and had a home in the UK; went to Russia on a business trip, the authorities would not allow him to enter Moscow, did not let him leave the airport, sent him back to the UK and his business was stolen! Mikhail was arrested from his private jet when it stopped to refuel on a business trip to Siberia.

  • Alla Brusentsev
    Alla Brusentsev 8 months ago +4

    Very informative interview and excellent translator especially off the cuff.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Informed about what? What do you now know?

  • pr0xZen
    pr0xZen 7 months ago +8

    I was talking to a Russian acquaintance recently, touching on that "support" thing. Kinda explaining to me, he said (heavily paraphrased): _"You Western Europeans have it good, but you've let the American polarization get to you. Everything must be binary. 1s or 0s. With me or my enemy. So when you hear '30% say they're against the war', you conclude 'then this means 70% support the war'. But in reality, when asked, 50% say either 'f*ck off leave me alone', or they say nothing. And you can probably do the math on the rest."_
    He also pointed out that while it is only speculation, when considering the context, when people people are insisting on _not_ answering such a question - in many cases that might be because telling the truth or being a bad liar, could get them in trouble. And considering that context again; there's only really one of those two options that could get them in trouble. Or at least lead them to think that.

    • Aurelia
      Aurelia 7 months ago

      I think most Americans and Europeans do know this already, but thank you for your attempt at enlightening us all.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      PrUxZen has the FIRST comment which actually begins to discuss the CONTENTS, while all the pretty ladies above were so excited to see an interpreter who interprets - just shows how relevant the Russian defector's are to us.

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 8 months ago +7

    What I don’t get it is, if Putin is such a inclement guy, and I concede he is, how is this guy still alive today?

  • House Hold
    House Hold 8 months ago +1

    It would also be interesting to see if that Sixsmith happened to write about how the west got stuck doing america's bidding to their own personal detriment.
    Or ------ maybe he's still writing it.

  • Paul Leigh
    Paul Leigh 7 months ago

    I remember when Bush “looked Putin in the eye……,” thinking he’s totally gullible and will come to regret saying that! Unfortunately, he was arguably regarded at time as the most powerful man representing the most powerful country in the world. Frightening!

  • Samir Suleymanov
    Samir Suleymanov 7 months ago +14

    The translator lady is sharper minded at that age than I am now. Hats off.

    • curiositycloset
      curiositycloset 7 months ago

      She's barely 60

    • Brian Mosley
      Brian Mosley 7 months ago

      @curiositycloset it's all relative. A 25 year old seems ancient to a teenager.

    • curiositycloset
      curiositycloset 7 months ago +1

      @Brian Mosley Just odd that they would think anyone before actual old age would be less sharp. May have forgotten more things than the whippersnappers have learnt, but far from decline.

    • Sebastian Verney
      Sebastian Verney 3 months ago

      juvenile remark

  • Barbar Creighton
    Barbar Creighton 8 months ago +9

    praise be to the interpreter .... The interpreter is EXTREMELY good , and has a very nice style and pronunciation ... ( even though Khodorkovsy is speaking slowly and clearly ,in any case ... )

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago +1

      Yes - you point to the most important point made in this event -

  • Gladkal
    Gladkal 8 months ago +4

    Wow wow wow thank u sooooooooooooo much for this. Very encouraging, inspiring and gives hope during such a seemingly hopeless time we live in now.

  • dingai
    dingai 8 months ago +8

    Mikhail’s most important point: why are politicians and other incompetents daring to have opinions and make proposals about things they don’t understand? His bafflement is a breath of fresh air! It’s time for sober, careful, rigorous, intelligent analysis, strategy, execution… Time to leave behind the juvenile western habit of thinking that every ignorant opinion should be aired and debated. Ask the mechanic about fixing the car. The plumber about pipes. The politicians about popularity contests. Engineers about system design and construction. Scientists about the base facts. The public about their beliefs and sentiments, yes, but not their opinions or guidance…

  • Andre & Beth
    Andre & Beth 7 months ago +1

    Amazing, well worth the time viewing right to the end.

  • Jon V.
    Jon V. 7 months ago

    Great event! Yes, the translator .. she is amazing! 👏👏

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Content was rubbish, but translator amazing. That says a lot.

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    Agree. The translator is beyond excellent. A good discussion.

    • Kenneth Keen
      Kenneth Keen 7 months ago

      Lucy has the core. The language was chosen as Lucy's central point. Nothing was said. But the translation was perfect.

  • Ралюми
    Ралюми 7 months ago +1

    Очень жаль, что нет перевода с английского для российских зрителей. Им тоже очень интересно.😮

    • alla ozdural
      alla ozdural 7 months ago

      Мальчик прочитал вопрос Ходору по бумажке: "Вы говорили о бандитизме Путина и его управление для самообогащения. А как Вы ответите на обвинение в том, что являлись членом клептократии, олегархии, кторая задушила российскую экономику с 91 года? А израильская оппозиция Путину отражает чисто экономическую вендетту против Путина или они мотивированы искренним идеализмом в отношении будущего России? А короче, вы либерал или оппортунист?" Но ведущая свела этот вопрос к "Вы оппортунист или идиалист?"