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  • Published on Dec 1, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • landan
    landan Year ago +785

    Fanum can do anything that don’t involve being athletic

  • Lilsausage
    Lilsausage Year ago +175

    AMP is the group we’ve needed for years, Black excellence.✊🏽

    • Lilsausage
      Lilsausage Year ago +1

      @Uzi first off watch your fuckin mouth, second, I’ve watched them as individual creators for years that’s why I’m saying we’ve needed them.

    • S Alexander
      S Alexander Year ago +7

      @Uzi oh nah.... chill

    • Lucas Battles
      Lucas Battles Year ago +16

      So we not gon talk about RDC who been running it ?

    • Millennialmoney101
      Millennialmoney101 Year ago +1

      This is so true

  • Walid Kalifa
    Walid Kalifa Year ago +273

    Low will be so mad at this 😂

    • eyeQueue
      eyeQueue Year ago +7

      @Anthony Rivera lmaoo i forgot hes amp's top opp

    • Zayah
      Zayah Year ago +1


    • Anthony Rivera
      Anthony Rivera Year ago +10

      Walid fine asf lowkey, still a op tho

    STRAIN Year ago +203

    It’s official. Agent loses more than Davis at this point.

  • KiradaGoat2
    KiradaGoat2 Year ago +368

    Agent really proved he doesn’t watch the nba

    • xProdigy1994
      xProdigy1994 11 months ago

      he made me mad all video

    • Your_Barber
      Your_Barber Year ago

      NBA boring af

    • QuentLo
      QuentLo Year ago +1

      When they asked the Hulu question I was surprised he didn't know a star player on his favorite team is Cameroonian.

    • Marni_ET-_-
      Marni_ET-_- Year ago +3

      I was lowkey mad asf Nd disappointed 😐….😂😂💀💀

    • will holt
      will holt Year ago +35

      That Trae young one made me so mad 😭

    ViVO AL PACiNO Year ago +302

    Fanum: I am Picasso’s nephew
    No shade or nothing but amp on HoH just fucking feels so much more natural and funny then 2hype, it doesn’t feel forced.

    • qMarcos
      qMarcos Year ago +1

      @Vincent Jr. fax

    • I’m Bloo
      I’m Bloo Year ago +6

      2hype is forced, amp isn’t

    • Vincent Jr.
      Vincent Jr. Year ago +5

      @Asher Rolle they were until like the past year, now i can't even watch them without feeling bored

    • Quione Davis
      Quione Davis Year ago +9

      @Bane I think you mean sideman 😂😂

    • Bane
      Bane Year ago +11

      @Asher Rolle Facts they just some tea sippers with weirdo accents

    EXXORO Year ago +110

    You got the best duo in the business. Agent and his slides 😂😂😭 man really never wears anything else.

  • The Official Anthony
    The Official Anthony Year ago +51

    If you watched amp bachelorette video you already know fanum could draw🤣🤣

  • UNCuse15
    UNCuse15 Year ago +21

    Davis and Fanum low key are a great duo. They won the bounty hunter AMP vid before this too.

  • SJ4
    SJ4 Year ago +8

    Kai and Duke would’ve been mad entertaining on this

  • YungPresty
    YungPresty Year ago +11

    All jokes aside agent confidence these days is straight inspirational

  • Rxvengevault
    Rxvengevault Year ago +91

    fanum can actually decently draw

    • Suzie Suee
      Suzie Suee Year ago +4

      He used to study Architect in college ! 💪🔥

  • key
    key Year ago +36

    That loss is on Agent 😭

  • Lil Davo
    Lil Davo Year ago +11

    Agent & Chris was making me so mad because they didn’t know some of these questions.

  • Demitrius Smith
    Demitrius Smith Year ago +33

    "White boys of the NBA" is a WILD category lol

  • Santina Amohanga
    Santina Amohanga Year ago +7

    Fanum somehow good at everything

  • DaleAts Overton
    DaleAts Overton 10 months ago

    bro it’s crazy how you can just tell how young AMP is by this whole show

  • devonte daniels
    devonte daniels Year ago +4

    I ain’t gone lie agent n Chris was making me mad not getting to movies right 😂😂

  • ouchie51
    ouchie51 Year ago +5

    this was rough to watch after the through the wire one 😂

  • NBJay Wilks
    NBJay Wilks Year ago +33

    They about to get smoked if they have to go against P and Kenny😂😂

    • Deliberate 87
      Deliberate 87 Year ago +3

      @will holt yes that’s my point exactly but for the other episode they were asking semi hard questions… they clearly gave easier question for AMP lol

    • will holt
      will holt Year ago +2

      @Deliberate 87 there not askin insane questions the shit is common knowledge the shit they asking all you have to do is ring the buzzer first

    • Deliberate 87
      Deliberate 87 Year ago +2

      @will holt let’s stop it… a little bit of basketball versus 2 highly knowledgeable nba podcasters

    • will holt
      will holt Year ago

      Don’t underestimate Davis he know a lil basketball

  • Davonte McLain
    Davonte McLain Year ago +17

    Wow so agent knows absolutely nothing ? Lmfaooo damn bro I was rooting for you 😂

    • Bane
      Bane Year ago +1

      Bro He just plays 2k He don't know shit bout History of Basketball

  • FNS
    FNS Year ago +14

    Agent had a JR moment. He didn’t know the score. He thought it was a dub

    • Suzie Suee
      Suzie Suee Year ago +5

      Right😂😂😂 "giving yall time to catch up" mean while losing by 3 points😭😂

  • Boss Actions
    Boss Actions Year ago +44

    Agent should never claim to know basketball again

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez Year ago +6

    Fanum drawing skills underrated

  • Jah
    Jah Year ago +12

    finally they put chris in one of these

  • Kevin Mejia
    Kevin Mejia Year ago

    Another amp collab.... amazing

  • catie Mathews
    catie Mathews Year ago

    This was fun to watch

  • xRalez
    xRalez Year ago +4

    Fanum looks a bit more lean. He putting in the work yessir

  • XXkkingXX
    XXkkingXX Year ago +2

    agent putting his glasses on should be a meme

  • Katie Thorpe
    Katie Thorpe Year ago +1

    Lucas and Nelson are the most talented hosts in the game

  • Honestabe_9
    Honestabe_9 Year ago

    4:04 Chris could’ve bowed down-the way it’s done after a show for respect to the audience

  • Cj's Just Chillin
    Cj's Just Chillin Year ago +17

    Technically Boston and Lakers are tied for championships so that woulda been a wrong answer 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Eman
      Eman Year ago +1

      That would mean 2 correct answers

    • jgthedondada
      jgthedondada Year ago

      Thank you I literally screamed that in my room

  • OMG.Dayveon
    OMG.Dayveon Year ago

    I love AMP😂🔥

  • MhadiRaw
    MhadiRaw Year ago

    Fanum can actually draw a little bit lmak

  • JrIversonYT
    JrIversonYT Year ago +3

    Kenny and P boutta destroy💀

  • kouki kev
    kouki kev Year ago +2

    man when agent said blake dunked over a mercedes, i was like he was bugging bro

  • isaacking64
    isaacking64 Year ago

    Agent should have brought legend of winning on his team

  • Zo
    Zo Year ago

    Wow fanum going crazy

  • Joe Pought
    Joe Pought Year ago +16

    Fanum getting those new york questions wrong was hard to watch

    • JustInTime
      JustInTime Year ago +1

      Bro i was watching in awe lmao no way he didnt know jeter

    • Joe Pought
      Joe Pought Year ago

      @JONYE I thought Bernard king so I understood that one lol

    • JONYE
      JONYE Year ago +1

      I thought melo too tho

  • DaTopic
    DaTopic Year ago

    I dead knew all those NY questions smh fanum 😭🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Buckzz Duran
    Buckzz Duran Year ago +2

    When Chris did the Trae young celebration I was so disappointed in Agent how don’t you know that

  • From the Slums of Bethlehem

    Those hand shakes look so suspect if Agent and Davis was on the same team, they would have to censor there celebrations.

  • Mike Arslanian
    Mike Arslanian Year ago +2

    Those so easy fellas. Y’all actually struggling. 😂😂

  • Vice Versa
    Vice Versa Year ago

    Agent did the worst and somehow Davis did the best….😂🤣😂

  • Angel S
    Angel S Year ago +1

    Bro how did agent not get trae young cmon 😂

  • shay
    shay 10 months ago

    Agent thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in amp but really showed his ass here

  • Muhamad Judeh
    Muhamad Judeh Year ago +3

    This shit is so fire

  • Nicholas Scheid
    Nicholas Scheid 5 months ago

    Damn y’all should put me on this show these dudes slow asl 😂

  • GreenGoblin05
    GreenGoblin05 Year ago +1

    “Fanum, what is your atheistic background?”
    Fanum: “Picasso’s nephew”

  • King Neu
    King Neu Year ago

    It’s crazy cause I thought about The Rock too🤣🤣🤣

  • G . N . B
    G . N . B Year ago

    The last round wasn't fair, you're asking movie titles from 20 plus years ago to one team and then new York related questions to a new Yorker🤦🏾‍♂️
    But all in all good content! 👌🏾

    • G . N . B
      G . N . B Year ago +1

      @ViVO AL PACiNO fair enough

    • ViVO AL PACiNO
      ViVO AL PACiNO Year ago +1

      But they gave agent a Toronto based question he easily got right

  • Deliberate 87
    Deliberate 87 Year ago +1

    Kenny and P winning strictly off the nab questions… they was taking 2 minutes in players like Tyler herro come on now

    • Deliberate 87
      Deliberate 87 Year ago

      @Bryson that’s my point… kenny and p are gonna wash them

    • Bryson
      Bryson Year ago

      Pretty sure they were joking around plus Kenny and p so dis for a living

  • Yurr
    Yurr Year ago +1

    11:36 bro that’s exactly what i said in my head 😭😭😭

  • Real Ty
    Real Ty Year ago +1

    Lamelo isn’t the youngest of his “3 brothers”. He only has 2 brothers. The correct way of putting is “I am the youngest of my parents kids” or something. He isn’t his own brother lol

    • Real Ty
      Real Ty Year ago

      @Olajuwon you didn’t comprehend the video then. It said “I am the youngest of MY 3 brothers...” he only has TWO brothers my guy. Lmao

    • Olajuwon
      Olajuwon Year ago +1

      @Real Ty you clearly didnt read mine… the video said “he is the youngest of 3”

    • Real Ty
      Real Ty Year ago

      @Olajuwon you clearly didn’t read my comment lmfao

    • Olajuwon
      Olajuwon Year ago

      It said youngest of 3

  • Natnal Zekarias
    Natnal Zekarias Year ago

    Apparently Chris is 6'1 but Agent 00 is 5'11

  • C Money
    C Money Year ago

    Why does it bother me so much that agent didn’t get the Trae young celebration right

    • C Money
      C Money Year ago

      I guessed the Lamelo ball one by just looking at the silhouette and knowing what his head is shaped like

    • C Money
      C Money Year ago

      And he got the New York one wrong too! I’m genuinely upset rn (Btw I’m commenting so I’m watching)

  • KDG Kingston
    KDG Kingston Year ago +2

    Davis on timing

  • Smokey T
    Smokey T Year ago +1

    Davis carried 😂😂

  • Elijah Bryce
    Elijah Bryce Year ago +22

    that lamelo ball was easy agent selling

    • King Sims III
      King Sims III Year ago +2

      I thought it was MPJ too

    • leb
      leb Year ago +2

      @Darnell same

    • Darnell
      Darnell Year ago +10

      i thought it was MPJ tbh

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady Year ago +3

      honestly that was his least poor mistake

  • DilaVeak
    DilaVeak Year ago

    Now This Is What I Like To See Bro..

  • ZaWrldo
    ZaWrldo Year ago

    That was a magic wand agent? I thought that was a skyscraper or something😂😂 also he didn't know trae signature celebration so that's a massive L. Fanum really didnt know shit about New York either 😂😂

  • Jajuan Ferguson
    Jajuan Ferguson Year ago +2

    Agent was sellinggggg😂😂

  • SeattleMade Dee
    SeattleMade Dee Year ago

    12:38 look at fanum and agent0's faces

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez Year ago

    Amp on top!!!

  • Giovanni Munoz
    Giovanni Munoz Year ago

    When Wanum said his OCK LMFAOOO

  • Psionic X
    Psionic X Year ago

    I would've done great during the box office one only one i missed was hardball.

  • Kris Ess
    Kris Ess Year ago +3

    Agent a casual fr 🤣

  • YRG_JR
    YRG_JR Year ago

    AMP on Top on Gawd

  • Trey Thompson
    Trey Thompson Year ago

    Love the host's

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez Year ago

    This mad funny yo lmao

    AARICK Year ago +1

    Ayeee fanum look like he losing weight🔥

  • Krabby Krabby
    Krabby Krabby Year ago

    11:25 From the head I thought it was MPJ
    11:39 Lmaoo

  • Rome
    Rome Year ago +7

    Which NBA team has the most titles its a tie with Lakers and Boston..

  • Demarcus Cousins
    Demarcus Cousins Year ago

    9:15 I thought Agent was 5’11 and Davis was 5’8????

  • BryceTheBucket
    BryceTheBucket Year ago

    9:39 Man really put a thumbs up

  • -rodrigo
    -rodrigo Year ago +9

    Come on agent always wearing flip flops 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Branden Jayy
    Branden Jayy Year ago

    Night Agent said oh Harlems in Manhattan don’t disrespect us like that dawg lmao

  • Miguel Acosta
    Miguel Acosta Year ago +4

    FANUM = W Drawer

  • Green T
    Green T Year ago

    Broadcast boysssss

  • Chris Funderburke


  • Jamil King1
    Jamil King1 Year ago +1

    Carrrmelllooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏽

  • Drew Escobar
    Drew Escobar Year ago

    Chris 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 MAGIC IDK

  • Youzafool
    Youzafool Year ago

    I don’t even watch basketball like that and I can answer questions faster than them

  • Willie The Kidd
    Willie The Kidd Year ago

    & they gotta go against P & Kenny? Yeeah it’s gg 😭

  • Al Saldana
    Al Saldana Year ago


  • Derqz
    Derqz Year ago


  • Kjsosmooth
    Kjsosmooth Year ago

    I knew it was lamelo from the pick

  • Anthony Nieves
    Anthony Nieves Year ago

    Does agent own anything other than shorts?

  • Raunel Blyden
    Raunel Blyden Year ago +3


  • GlobalJeremy
    GlobalJeremy Year ago

    it’s kinda crazy how i knew the car was Kia as well

  • Low NL
    Low NL Year ago +1

    Agent sold !!!

  • Jaywiththacannon224

    shouldve did the mean look for trae

  • xProdigy1994
    xProdigy1994 11 months ago

    not gonna lie... Agent pissing me off haha

  • DJ frfr
    DJ frfr Year ago

    Questions for cash hosted by cash nasty

  • Icy Diamonds
    Icy Diamonds Year ago +1

    Agent sped for not telling that was Trae young

  • victor
    victor 11 months ago


  • KodakBlackbutimWhite


  • Daniel Côté
    Daniel Côté Year ago

    Agent claim he a Raptors fan yet doesn't know pascal is cameroonian

  • Dannny
    Dannny Year ago


  • Nez Dill
    Nez Dill Year ago

    amp stay clownin