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  • Published on Nov 29, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • WhistlinDiesel
    WhistlinDiesel  2 months ago +1496

    Properly designed and amazing looking clothing now available on Monstermax.com!!! Very limited supplies

  • David Forde
    David Forde 2 months ago +856

    The suspension badly needs springs, but this is an insane build regardless.

    • hambahaldjas01
      hambahaldjas01 5 days ago

      springs suck, it needs active hydraulics

    • Reub Roper
      Reub Roper 12 days ago

      @Real _RX if its over 1600 hp it wouldn't have enough torque though,

    • Angus Hoover
      Angus Hoover Month ago +3

      Gotta love all the pro-fessional suspension ex-sperts on here.
      These shocks use oil, piston valving and nitrogen. May even have internal spring's. I would recommend limiting straps.
      That said, now that the truck is under full power, all that is needed is to actually "tune" the suspension.

    • Jason Sparshott
      Jason Sparshott Month ago

      @Wesleey Sutton what ? I know all about full floaters … clearly you don’t know the definition of a full floater… you may need to go go back and follow Suzuki and there Full Floater Showa line before you make another stupid comment. Do you even understand how hydraulic nitrogen, spring assisted suspension works s at all … ? I mean really

    • Wesleey Sutton
      Wesleey Sutton Month ago +3

      @Jason Sparshott you clearly don't know about shocks fox been making full floats for years

  • LaDainion Baker
    LaDainion Baker Month ago +35

    I can't even believe he got it moving this good. Absolute insanity

  • ryan stepho
    ryan stepho Month ago +15

    Keep grinding, truck looks bad ass can’t make it perfect without a few test runs.

  • T
    T Month ago +3

    I wonder how hard it would be to put in a big gyroscope balancing system in it to prevent body roll... Or if that is even a thing. I have seen small 2 wheel motorcycles stay balanced using them, but i dont know if that would work in a huge monster truck like this.

  • Noah Hansen
    Noah Hansen Month ago +14

    Imagine bringing this BEAST of a truck to the next Sema Show 😮

  • Redwolf Maddox
    Redwolf Maddox Month ago +466

    The amount of dedication and work put into this truck is just astonishing. Good going Cody

    • Jeff Runyan
      Jeff Runyan Month ago

      ​@Tracy Copping he's a fln tool and his fans are simpletons

    • Jeff Runyan
      Jeff Runyan Month ago

      ​@ClapDemNalgas exactly. Total POS

    • Edmund Blackadder
      Edmund Blackadder Month ago

      @TDOGAZ he broke it just going up the hill and its suspension can't even hold the thing upright. he maybe should have hired whoever designs monster trucks to build it for him instead of some guy he met Grinder

    • TDOGAZ
      TDOGAZ Month ago +1

      Yeah and it's a POS that can barley make it up a small incline hill even with 2 engines. The whole geometry and physics about it just doesn't make any f****** sense. It's useless. Whoever built that doesn't under stand simple physics. He probably sank 300grand into it just to break and not work.

    • Edmund Blackadder
      Edmund Blackadder Month ago

      all for it to get destroyed inside of 15 minutes

  • Nate Bender
    Nate Bender Month ago +5

    Instead of the sway bar, try a hydraulic sway bar. Linking both sides with an actuator that is linked hydraulic. If you wanted to get really fancy you could even tune it.

  • ctdieselnut
    ctdieselnut Month ago +1

    I'd be embarrassed to say I had a hand in the suspension/driveline. I've noticed in every video until this one there were solid mounted x braces going from frame to axle. Now that they're removed, I see why they had them in there. Someone totally goofed designing and spec'ing parts for this thing.

  • Tasospro1011O
    Tasospro1011O Month ago

    to be absolutely honest we have to respect Cody for escaping being ran over i hope he keeps up the good work and maybe test a lotus elise someday

  • true grit
    true grit Month ago +7

    Insane to see wher this truck started to what it is now 👏 🙌

  • K.I.S.S. Data Technologies

    I love that literally every part of this build is overkill yet somehow you managed to tame and break the beast on the test drive, must have been that sway bar.

    • Александр 1212
      Александр 1212 Month ago +2

      l love how that big fat F you to environment and ecology

    • shuen
      shuen Month ago +4

      @crazy silly i once read if you made the earth into a football, that it wouldn't even be able to roll properly/at all. I assume it's not just mountains but also with the bodies of water removed, huge deep holes making it that uneven.
      I know you didn't ask but i just thought of it lol

    • crazy silly
      crazy silly Month ago +12

      @Perinne because the earth is a giant triangle!

    • Perinne
      Perinne Month ago +2

      shadowsandfire I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe.
      I got it in my about tab.

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  • Jason Petersen
    Jason Petersen Month ago +7

    Seeing Cody in the cloud of overheating disappointment saying “what happened” made me lose it 😂😂😂 I fucking love this guy

  • Cary Misenar
    Cary Misenar Month ago +2

    Thats awesome! Nice to finally see it all working👊🏻 I’m happy for you 😎

  • Hero EDM Music
    Hero EDM Music Month ago +3

    A beautiful masterpiece by a legend with endless talent, appreciated forever.

  • SwyzzLomo38
    SwyzzLomo38 Month ago +3

    I am so excited to see more videos of monstermax! Love watching whistling diesel

  • Turbo Enthusiast
    Turbo Enthusiast  2 months ago +7226

    Can’t we just appreciate how well this truck is built.

  • Hunter Loza
    Hunter Loza Month ago +1

    You’re videos are literally the best on Clip-Share!
    Never stop being whistlindiesel!
    Love ya Cody 🤣 get that bigger sway bar✌🏽

    BULLIT DEAD ON Month ago +2

    I keep watching his video you guys are amazing the truck is truly a masterpeice great job to every one that worked on this truck yall should be very proud

  • Robert Brandal
    Robert Brandal Month ago +2

    Bigger Sway bars will help for sure but some sort of spring will as well, whether that be a giant coil springs (ugly) or big torsion bars. Will not only help with sway but also stop the suspension from being so soft like that, give you a little more rebound when it articulates aka a smother more truck like ride. If that's what you're going for anyways.

  • Motor Lane
    Motor Lane Month ago +7

    It would be cool to see this Monster at a Monster Jam event 😎

    • Matteo N
      Matteo N Month ago

      It's like twice the size of the monster jam ones 😭

    • Tᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ 👉@preston @preston
      Tᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ 👉@preston @preston Month ago

      thαnks fσr чσur suppσrt🎗️🎗️🎗️🎗️
      чσu hαvє вєєn sєlєctєd fσr tσdαч’s gívєαwαч єхєrcísє🎁🎁🎁dm tσ clαím

  • chefdab
    chefdab Month ago +143

    I love how no matter how strong he builds something, he still manages to break it.😄

  • Westen Sanchez
    Westen Sanchez Month ago +3

    That mud flying everywhere was amazing👌

    • TÉXT MÈ ① ⑥⓪⑨ ④②⑨ ③⑥⓪⓪
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  • River Rat
    River Rat Month ago

    Great build, but are you sure the shocks have the right amount of pressure in them. They should support the weight of the truck and keep it level while setting still. The sway bar should only help in off camber situations. Just my opinion.

  • bowling
    bowling Month ago +4

    try to build a self leveling system with four winches that release and retrive the line to evenly distribute whieght

  • Wesley Bowles
    Wesley Bowles Month ago

    You need a way higher stall converter to make up for the reduction in gear ratios.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +610

    Cody is such a hard working nice guy

  • Chris Allen 383
    Chris Allen 383 Month ago +2

    Progress is progress, when this truck has all the issues ironed out it will be an engineering marvel for the world to see

  • vertiCal {}{}{}
    vertiCal {}{}{} Month ago +1

    Been waiting years to see this thing come to fruition and actually function properly. Still waiting

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith Month ago +1

    I was expecting it to tip over backwards. The front end looked so high. Epic

  • Elijah Mugo
    Elijah Mugo Month ago +1

    Who else would love to see how this handles in the dunes?

  • TheSavageProdigy
    TheSavageProdigy 2 months ago +34

    This is honestly the first time I've seen him kinda upset about a truck and I don't blame him, this is an amazing piece of machinery designed here, dual engines and transmissions is a wild feat to achieve, and to see parts break on it including the engine and other major mechanical parts (that poor suspension) and he wasn't trying to destroy it for once, it just really sucks, but I'm sure they'll fix it.

    • Jason Litherland
      Jason Litherland Month ago +2

      Haha yeah he was legit shook

    • spartanx169x 169of300
      spartanx169x 169of300 2 months ago +6

      dual engines and transmissions have been around since the 60s. Its nothing new in general. Go see a tractor pull.

  • Dylan Torres
    Dylan Torres Month ago +23

    You know it’s crazy to see how far you’ve come, from the Amish days and fields to a whole complex for yourself. You really did it brother. You went through the trials and trio on this channel. And why I have so much respect, you have not changed one bit. Materialistic shit means nothing to you and I see your message. Life isn’t just about the fancy cars and fancy clothes all that shit will be there. The memories you make making these videos is what matters. Much love brother ❤

  • Dino's Shed
    Dino's Shed Month ago

    You don't need a swaybar, you need to incorporate a set of coil springs into the dampers or have an active hydraulic system controlling pitch and yaw.

  • Connor Bermes
    Connor Bermes Month ago +2

    Low key that poor dirt bike took it like a champ 😂

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    Wow this thing is a beast well done bro love watching ur video

  • Twisted Chasing Chris
    Twisted Chasing Chris Month ago +125

    Providing good content to Clip-Share. Hell yes. Been a longtime fan. Always nice to get the notification of a WD video because I know it’s quality content.

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris Month ago

    Cody never stop doing what your !!!! Your a legend

  • Kurtis Denney
    Kurtis Denney Month ago +1

    Come a long way from power washing interiors. Nice form!

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  • Jay Michael Russ
    Jay Michael Russ 27 days ago +2

    Seeing the dirt bike crushed hurt my soul lol have to save and buy a daily driver then I can start saving up for months to buy an enduro so I can ride on and off road lol Monster Max looks awesome Cody!

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  • Celow bandzz
    Celow bandzz Month ago +5

    Any one else sad they are in need of a dirt bike 😂and this man crushed like it was rock❤

  • Mr Plow
    Mr Plow 2 months ago +458

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the sound of an unrestricted diesel motor. That truck sounds amazing!

    • Capt. Obvious
      Capt. Obvious 2 months ago +1

      Not sure 🤔 Can we ?

    • dabaer76
      dabaer76 2 months ago

      Umm that would two✌️ diesel engines actually!!👍👍

    • BP Productions
      BP Productions 2 months ago +4

      I absolutely hate DEF systems and ever since my dad deleted his LML I always love the clean turbo out the 5inch exhaust

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 2 months ago +5

      LBZ duramax fer dayz!

  • Tractor Bagwell
    Tractor Bagwell Month ago

    The sound of monstermax whistling is insane. I love the content bro

  • Dominic Garcia
    Dominic Garcia 29 days ago

    On a real note I’m low key impatient for the next monster max video but even more so the next upgrade like worlds biggest tires from those super loaders in big mines lol but really what ever the next upgrade is I’m so damn curious

  • Devin Cartwright
    Devin Cartwright Month ago +1

    It’s needs air suspension just like a semi too. Independent leveling valves might fix it

  • Kenneth Sonier
    Kenneth Sonier Month ago +1

    That didn't turn out as planned 🤔 back to the drawing board and another 100,000 bucks you should be good to go 😉 keep up the great work Cody and crew 👍✌️🇺🇲

  • Dylan
    Dylan 2 months ago +355

    honestly never seen WD scared or afraid to break something. that just goes to show you how much time, dedication, and love he has for this truck

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    • Olivier Savard
      Olivier Savard Month ago

      @Kyle Marshall he literally showed in videos the dudes who built it you dumbass

    • Kyle Marshall
      Kyle Marshall Month ago

      @gregorizi to a numpty fuck like you

    • Kyle Marshall
      Kyle Marshall Month ago

      @Olivier Savard were you there?

    • Raddpuppy
      Raddpuppy Month ago

      That shackle on the back of the truck is about $8k alone 😂

  • realjessewolfe
    realjessewolfe Month ago +1

    This thing is INSANELY cool. Its like Monster Truck meets Earth Mover.

  • Lobotomy racing
    Lobotomy racing Month ago

    You need to use your limiting straps to pretension your suspension so you don't move so much

  • Ethan Esterhuysen
    Ethan Esterhuysen Month ago +1

    Bro continue doing you, living wild & free. I hope monster max performs ×10 betternext video. So the haters can be quiet and listen to that beast roar. Haters are gonna hate. But they are gonna fall behind!!

  • System Of A Downs
    System Of A Downs Month ago

    Such quality friggin content 😁👍

  • MegaRetr
    MegaRetr 23 days ago

    I can't even believe he got it moving this good.

  • Heydin Oloughlin
    Heydin Oloughlin Month ago

    Dude this is awesome to see drive sucks it broke down but you’re always gonna be a cool guy nice job💯

  • the dumbass cowboy
    the dumbass cowboy Month ago

    I love Monstermax can't wait to see Monstermax 3 also it would be cool if you made a monster truck out of a Hilux

  • Donovan Mcfarland
    Donovan Mcfarland Month ago

    Congratulations on getting monster Max to work but I just have a question did your Ford Dooley in the beginning get destroyed?

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  • Tyler Attewell
    Tyler Attewell Month ago +32

    A torsion bar setup from an older tank or APC could work. It would also have the benefit of potentially being adjustable at all 4 corners.

  • kris10an008
    kris10an008 Month ago +1

    you should upgrade to a x2 engine with a hybrid system for 2000hp or 2500hp

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  • GamersLifestyle365
    GamersLifestyle365 Month ago

    your amazing man keep up the hard work truck is great

  • Drop Svt
    Drop Svt Month ago +1

    You really just need to put your shocks mounted further out on the axle side to gain more stability, and some other small things

  • mtb_boiii_67
    mtb_boiii_67 Month ago

    its pretty cool that he kept 98% of the enterior stock

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  • J
    J Month ago

    Wish I lived close enough to buy that 06 crf. I like those bikes and I'm looking for one
    Good luck with the project man. I think you'll make it happen

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  • Kevin Riddle
    Kevin Riddle Month ago +1

    Justice for the man from homedepot!! Thank you brother! That is so shitty what he did to that man

  • Hector Alvarado
    Hector Alvarado Month ago +1

    Cool truck but with land like that I’d get myself atleast two monster trucks to have fun on jumps and turns 😎

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  • TheMallard
    TheMallard Month ago

    hey Whistlin, Just curious, can you do one of your famous durability tests on a Nissan Frontier? I recently bought a 2016 Frontier SV 2wd and I would like to see if I made a good purchase decision lol. Any frontier will do, just want to see how well it holds up,

  • TheOkie Redneck
    TheOkie Redneck Month ago +98

    He looks genuinely happy to have it running and driving

    • Corbin Haynes
      Corbin Haynes Month ago

      @TEXT MË ON TËLËGRAM 👉 @Dude_Dad1 get a job

    • AngryGamer1224
      AngryGamer1224 Month ago +2

      @Shazzam24 lol

    • Shazzam24
      Shazzam24 Month ago +7

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  • DR.Mcstaby
    DR.Mcstaby Month ago

    Needs to invest in springs BADLY, either stiffen up the ones you got or try coil overs.
    also I think bigfoot 5 might be bigger than this

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  • Christian Chaffin
    Christian Chaffin Month ago

    Cody should have a car throwing contest with the excavator 😂

    DEMO'S WORLD Month ago +1

    3:15 "that joint tooted" 😂😂😂

  • Nick Fox
    Nick Fox Month ago +1

    Funniest video to date 😂😂😂 Everything was so perfect, and so far from perfect.

    • TÉXT MÉ ① ⑥⓪⑨ ④②⑨ ③⑥⓪⓪
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  • Luis Paat
    Luis Paat Month ago +36

    I appreciate all your work. I’m genuinely Glad you live a great life. I also respect how you don’t let anyone talk down on your ideas or anyone talk you out of your ideas no matter how wild they might seem. You are on a path to something great.
    Thanks for the great content!

  • Chester stone
    Chester stone Month ago +1

    Lmao they really rolled that truck down the hill on purpose 😂

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    Dude, I know you live near some poor communities everyone does there’s a kid in the community that loves dirt biking and just couldn’t afford a bike. You could’ve just gave it away to someone eating out who has money! Great work on the truck!! Love your vids!!

  • ok
    ok Month ago +1

    Epic truck I wish I had something like that

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  • A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

    to make it really fully functional, you need to add a ladder to the bed

  • Joshua Wallace
    Joshua Wallace 2 months ago +36

    That's got to be the only time I think Cody has ever tried to save a vehicle

  • Resk11
    Resk11 Month ago +1

    I’m ready for monster maxx 12! hopefully bye then the kinks will be worked out 😂👍

  • Real World Marksman
    Real World Marksman Month ago +10

    Dude you’re literally making history. My son loves monster max just like I lived grave digger as a kid. Thank you for making such a badass truck.

  • farm house
    farm house Month ago

    Vehicles that float on water and use the wheels for propulsion go a lot better if you put the tyres tread on facing backwards 👍

  • puff daddy
    puff daddy Month ago +2

    Reaper wheels but use I-beams for the spears

  • Toby Shaw
    Toby Shaw Month ago +27

    I've watched almost all of his Clip-Share videos and so far I'm thrilled with all his content. Never fails to entertain us on what he's gonna break next.. hold it down bro 💯

    • Dopey Tripod
      Dopey Tripod Month ago +2

      wait till he brings out his VEHICLE WITH SNOWMOBILES FOR TIRES

    • Dan23 7
      Dan23 7 Month ago +4

      Hey Toby you’ve won a “price” ☝🏼☝🏼 😂

  • krzy kid
    krzy kid Month ago

    I think it's funny how everyone is hating on him when he's just living his life how he wants to live it, and he's having a hell of a time doing it.

  • Jorge Pallares
    Jorge Pallares Month ago +1

    Amazing 👏 one time ride

  • Gage Bevington
    Gage Bevington Month ago

    Love the videos and everything you do but the dirt bike hurt my sensitive feelings not gonna lie

  • Railroadcrossingsarecool

    you should put underglow on it maybe, like LEDS with customizable colors

  • Justin Brapps
    Justin Brapps Month ago +17

    That mechanic really took time to build that for him and it’s unbelievable how skilled he is for it

    • JetskiMan445
      JetskiMan445 Month ago +2

      most american bot ive ever seen 💀

  • BCRox
    BCRox Month ago

    So neat seeing twin engines when most of us cant afford gas for one

  • All_Things_IS300
    All_Things_IS300 Month ago

    The dually couldnt have been a planned thing. Could it ? 😂😂😅

  • Team EmPressive
    Team EmPressive Month ago

    Another carnage episode got to love this guy 😂😂

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  • Carolina Shenanigans with TuTu

    I’d like to see the M.P.G on this beauty

  • eloomin
    eloomin Month ago +10

    With the sway bar you could try a heavy solid bar with center drilled out. Removing the center of the bar removes the point that the bar twist’s around. It increases the strength even though it doesn’t sound like it. They used to do this on propeller shafts on large navy ships.

    • Turbo 14
      Turbo 14 Month ago

      @ctdieselnut how bout a forged part there wise guy? Our a billet part? Drilling out a shaft will increase a parts torsional resistance... yesah, you bet it will sonny bub!

    • calummckinney
      calummckinney Month ago

      A hollow pipe stronger than a solid cylinder of equal mass - the same material and diameter bar drilled out isn't stronger.

    • ctdieselnut
      ctdieselnut Month ago +5

      Any size bar stock, of any material, cant get any stronger than solid for a given diameter. You cant make an item stronger by removing material. For aerospace parts, triangles and honeycomb patterns and such are machined into everything to save weight, and certain patterns/designs can retain a high percentage of strength of the part over being left solid, but never become stronger. Bar stock with the 'Center drilled out' is pipe. You're referring to pipe. When a part calls for a hollow structure, you wouldn't take solid bar and drill it out, you'd use pipe/tubing with the dimensions you'd need. There are reasons engineers spec pipe, of various wall thicknesses, over solid. Usually weight reduction, or to be more rigid or resistant to torque on a pound for pound or cross sectional basis over solid. Typically torsion/sway bars are solid spring steel.

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    Phillip Ellis 2 months ago +204

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    • Phillip Ellis
      Phillip Ellis 2 months ago

      @Phillip Marth not a lot. Shout out to your parents! I became Phil in high school, though not because I wanted it. I've always been just fine both ways, and happy to let others choose the one that makes them happy. And if they don't like either, well they can Phillip their mouth with my nuts and won't be able to say so. 🤣🖕 Also, I have a certain group that have always called me Philbert. Honestly, it's my favorite. But kind of reserved for that special circle of friends. What about you?

    • Phillip Ellis
      Phillip Ellis 2 months ago

      @Aufklärung Fahnestock that's a fact. Actually a bit surprised the bike didn't break a control arm or something... Perhaps that's what killed the shocks? 🤣 So, even if it is expected, I'm still impressed.

    • Aufklärung Fahnestock
      Aufklärung Fahnestock 2 months ago +3

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    • Phillip Marth
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    Hint... it's a muscle car and it's worth around $300,000. Haha love your stuff man, keep up the awesome work!

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