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Final Destination (2000) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 22 395

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  3 years ago +7827

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    • Colby Hicks
      Colby Hicks 3 years ago +15


    • Kana
      Kana 3 years ago +13

      @Colby Hicks 2nd

    • SullaSpark
      SullaSpark 3 years ago +10

      Dead Meat Yes thank you I have been refreshing sense 9

    • Raveon Pulluaim
      Raveon Pulluaim 3 years ago +17

      OMG I Have Waited A Long Time For This Thanks Dead Meat!

    • voxus
      voxus 3 years ago +4


  • Dang
    Dang 2 years ago +9886

    Person: *avoids death*
    Death: so you have chosen death

    • rawr
      rawr 2 years ago +252

      Person:no I chose too avoid death now UNO REVERSE CARD

    • Mouse boi
      Mouse boi 2 years ago +49


    • DigitalRedux
      DigitalRedux 2 years ago +39

      Im dead..

    • _AF_
      _AF_ 2 years ago +43

      Person: *pulls out uno reverse card*

    • A plush can
      A plush can 2 years ago +8


  • max.cr33p
    max.cr33p Year ago +5069

    final destination is the only thing that can make people, who've never had anxiety, understand anxiety

    • rosie xxo
      rosie xxo Year ago +268

      everyone has had anxiety but not everyone has had an anxiety disorder

    • American CountryBall
      American CountryBall Year ago +95

      @rosie xxo thank you, was about to comment on this but it seems there’s still some smart people out here. I might as well add a great job and a have a good day

    • Someone Who has a gun
      Someone Who has a gun Year ago +27

      A series that shows my anxiety on the big screen
      I'm now scared.

    • Brady King
      Brady King Year ago +3

      If I go downstairs will I find you there?

    • Cherry_demon💖🛼
      Cherry_demon💖🛼 Year ago +4

      What about having anxiety? That will make people who never had anxiety understand anxiety

  • Maya Wolf
    Maya Wolf Year ago +1489

    Ah yes, the movie series that has traumatized many generations into not driving behind trunks and of sorts

    • It’sBreezayy
      It’sBreezayy Year ago +79

      I’m still scared till this day to see a truck with logs or medal rods or roller coasters 🎢 just nope 👎🏼

    • Hallo Hello
      Hallo Hello Year ago +23

      @It’sBreezayy or elevators or escalators

    • Jetstream Sam
      Jetstream Sam 11 months ago +19

      at that point being in a prison full of psychos is more safer than any of those things

    • Nyah G
      Nyah G 8 months ago +22

      I’m not getting in no tanning bed, I’m not dicking around in a hardware store, I’m not driving behind trucks with logs or steel beams, and I’m not doing uneven bars in gymnastics

    • Corvid.Monarchy
      Corvid.Monarchy 5 months ago +4

      My sister is terrified of log trucks and we live in Maine /a logging state/

  • Woodsy
    Woodsy Year ago +991

    I always thought it was funny to think Death didn’t realize clear was next until Alex says it out loud. He’s stalking Alex, hears that, and just leaves, putting out the lamp.

    • LinguaPhiliax
      LinguaPhiliax Year ago +84

      My theory about kinda confusing bit is that Alex somehow managed to intervene his own death, so it skipped him and went onto Clear.

    • Edward Bo
      Edward Bo Year ago +11

      Etac death: pretty Much what happened.

    • royvie
      royvie 7 months ago +13

      death is pretty mmuch like: oh, i must've had a mistake on my list.

    • Torherk_18
      Torherk_18 3 months ago +15

      Alex: It isn't my turn!!!
      Death: Understandable, have a nice day!

  • BrokenShips
    BrokenShips 2 years ago +2741

    Final Destination has one of the scariest original horror movie ideas.

    • Jamie
      Jamie Year ago +33

      FD and Childs Play are among the scariest ideas

    • BrokenShips
      BrokenShips Year ago +8

      @Jamie Totally.😬

    • Shaun Hayes
      Shaun Hayes Year ago +40

      @Jamie Child’s play not at all. “Lol possessed doll, how fucking dumb”. Don’t even talk about the sequels

    • Jamie
      Jamie Year ago +76

      @Shaun Hayes your own toy coming alive and trying to murder you anywhere you go is fucking terrifying

    • Shane Claypool
      Shane Claypool Year ago +10

      @Jamie just drop kick the dummy

  • MadScienceBro
    MadScienceBro Year ago +452

    My dad thought it would be hilarious to show me this film the night before I was going on a 26-hour flight to New Zealand, which was also the first time I ever got on a plane. I was 13 and that was the most intense 26 hours that you can imagine. Thanks a lot, Dad. 🙄

    • Will0OG
      Will0OG 5 months ago +54

      Dads: we do a bit of trolling

    • Night Train123
      Night Train123 2 months ago +3

      Bad turbulance? :D

    • kaizen
      kaizen Month ago +3

      your dad is a menace.I would not ride the plane after that if i were you

  • Vanessa Thomas
    Vanessa Thomas 2 years ago +7243

    Final Destination is probably the only horror movie franchise that genuinely scares me. Something about dying by "accidents" is way scarier than being haunted by a murder happy knife guy. Of course not every one is made equal, some have way too unrealistic deaths, unrealistic deaths don't work so well in an "accident" based series.

    • MARICHAT is my name And LADYNOIR is endgame
      MARICHAT is my name And LADYNOIR is endgame 2 years ago +166

      Yh we pretend number 4 dosent exist those deaths were so unrealistic

    • Morinkashi
      Morinkashi 2 years ago +245

      It's also the reason why I developed a fear of roller coasters.

    • Archer Warren
      Archer Warren 2 years ago +18

      @Morinkashi you get it-

    • Aishutoon
      Aishutoon 2 years ago +171

      @Morinkashi That stupid roller coaster scene still creeps me out. It reminds me of a Danganronpa execution....

    • Khaos-is-online
      Khaos-is-online 2 years ago +120

      Im happy someone else agrees with me! I’m obsessed with horror movies but this is the only one that has truly made me afraid because of the concept.

  • Kaøtic
    Kaøtic 2 years ago +2765

    Someone: _avoids death_
    Death: “you weren’t supposed to do that”

  • O-Normandy44
    O-Normandy44 Year ago +465

    Someone might’ve explained this but imma say it anyway. At 7:12 the glass breaks because of the shockwaves that came as a result of the explosion. It’s realistic that shockwaves can break glass but what is unrealistic is that the shockwaves traveled to the glass in under 5 seconds the plane exploded, realistically it should’ve taken over 10 seconds for the shockwaves to travel to the glass and destroy it.

    • Daunt
      Daunt 10 months ago +34

      Yeah I was about to type this. Apparently not many people know what happens during or after an explosion occurs.

    • Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
      Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness 6 months ago +11

      James disappointed me there

    • Eleanor Cooke
      Eleanor Cooke 2 months ago +1

      ​@Daunt most people are misinformed by shooter and war games and films.

    • Oniplus
      Oniplus Month ago +2

      @Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness disappointed by what? he said he wanted to see it "mythbusted", means he don't know and he admitted it while also wanting to be educated about it, give him some break when he don't always in the know m8

    • Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
      Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness Month ago

      @Oniplus i was dissapointed that he lacks pretty basic knowledge about how explosions work. his mythubusting comment was a lot less curiosity and lot more misplaced skepticism based upon false beliefs.

  • CDesigner
    CDesigner 10 months ago +225

    With how ominous his warning was, and how he said "See you soon," I like to think that in a version of the story, Bloodworth wasn't actually a mortician. He was Death itself. Just my impression from watching this Kill Count.

  • Some Relativley Uninteresting Seal To Listen Too

    Honestly as someone with a massive sense of paranoia, Alex honing in onto random, innocuous things as “threatening” feels incredibly at home

  • Horror Movie Gamer
    Horror Movie Gamer Year ago +156

    I've always wondered if death was a force of nature or its own entity in the Final Destination series

    • Wiseass Skeleton
      Wiseass Skeleton 7 months ago +31

      The latter. There are apparently some FD books; according to them, Death is a malicious entity that enjoys coming up with fucked up ways to kill people because... well, it's Death. Who's going to tell it to stop?
      There's also apparently a dream sequence in one book where we get a description of how Death's physical form looks. It's possibly one of the most metal things I've ever heard of: an incomprehensibly titanic effigy made of the bones of every animal that's ever lived - and died.

    • Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
      Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness 6 months ago +4

      @Wiseass Skeleton cool one

    • The Ultra Atomic Gamer
      The Ultra Atomic Gamer 5 months ago +3

      Damn, that visual alone would make a cool death metal album cover.

    • twinkle4703
      twinkle4703 Month ago

      During Todd's death scene the water that he slips on slowly moves back into the bottom crack of the toilet. It's a small detail that has really bothered me for a long time. I think it's an entity. If it wasn't then the water would stay on the floor. By the way, even IF it's an entity why would death cover up it's tracks....it's very easy to get hung up on this nuance

    • Horror Movie Gamer
      Horror Movie Gamer 29 days ago +1

      @twinkle4703 better question is why is it the only time that happens in the entire series?

  • Onyx Savior
    Onyx Savior 2 years ago +11037

    “The plane’s gonna explode!” Dumbledore said calmly

    • i dork
      i dork 2 years ago +151

      Will we ever get over this?
      Edit: I love how the only responses I've gotten for this comment are just "no" 🤣

    • Liquid Sleep Games
      Liquid Sleep Games 2 years ago +205

      HARRY did you put your name in the goblet of fire.
      No sir
      Did you have one of the older students.
      Dumbledore the goblet couldn't possibly be bewitched by a 4th year cried moody.
      I read to much

    • Alex Sung
      Alex Sung 2 years ago +22

      @i dork nope

    • ThomasTankEngine78
      ThomasTankEngine78 2 years ago +21

      @Liquid Sleep Games it wants me to watch Harry Potter again-

    • Sol ☀️
      Sol ☀️ Year ago +7

      @i dork nah

  • Artemis Moore
    Artemis Moore 2 years ago +323

    I think this is one of the scariest concepts
    Not getting killed by some guy in a mask with a big knife
    But escaping death once and then knowing that you can never escape your fate, you will inevitably die

    • Céline
      Céline Year ago +14

      That’s just normal life tho

    • Dreigonix
      Dreigonix Year ago +4

      On the other hand, because of that, there’s absolutely no narrative tension. We all know they can’t succeed, so why even watch the movie?

    • Artemis Moore
      Artemis Moore Year ago +11

      @Céline I mean, yeah, but death does not literally follow you with a purpose of killing just because you were, like, destined to die or something and escaped

    • Artemis Moore
      Artemis Moore Year ago +9

      @Dreigonix for interesting ways for people to die? I always enjoyed and even cringed a bit at some of the deaths in the movies, they are pretty neat

    • Edward Bo
      Edward Bo Year ago +2

      @Artemis Moore etac death: I mean, so long as they escape me without cheating, I will let them go you know.

  • Alexei Karashov
    Alexei Karashov Year ago +148

    For anyone wondering about the seat switching mention that confused James, it’s saying that Alex wasn’t actually next in line to die, he had already evaded it

    • Final_Destination
      Final_Destination 4 months ago +3

      No he was originally sitting in the back but the two girl asked to switch with him and he did switch (in the premonition) but in “real life” he didn’t switch seats with them

    • itsakindamagik
      itsakindamagik Month ago +1

      @Final_Destination he kinda avoided switching with them becuz he just freaks out and hops over to the seat he would have sat in had he agreed to switch with the two girls
      so it does kinda confuse folks

    • Final_Destination
      Final_Destination Month ago

      @itsakindamagik yeah, he was pretty paranoid the whole movie

  • invisiblegirl81
    invisiblegirl81 11 months ago +22

    Clear was the only smart one in the group. Believing Alex and even showing gratitude for her survival.

  • shixsu
    shixsu Year ago +59

    Who else kinda feels bad for Billy? He didn’t deserve to die no matter if he stayed on the plane or if he got of. He just seemed like a chill guy who got bullied.

  • Dave Opel
    Dave Opel Year ago +54

    Credit to Tony Todd for bringing Bloodworth to life. I can only imagine if he was that intimidating as a teacher. "Fail the next test again and I'll see you in Summer school"

  • Wi-Fi TV
    Wi-Fi TV 2 years ago +2270

    When I was a middle schooler, I watched final destination 4 at a friend's house, and then a week later my parents took me to a nascar race. I was terrified the cars were gonna flip into the stands

  • aspacecocoon
    aspacecocoon Year ago +76

    You know you would think that Death would know about these premonitions and take them into account. Honestly I think it actually LOVES the opportunity to do these stupid elaborate and sadistic kills

    • Cracker Jack03
      Cracker Jack03 8 months ago +9

      “Oh thank god. I can finally spoil myself.”

    • monoduck
      monoduck  14 days ago +4

      Someone: **gets a vision**
      Death: omg finally lmao

  • That Christian Teen
    That Christian Teen 2 years ago +85

    If Tony Todd is ever in a movie you can almost guarantee he's gonna be epic.

  • James Brod
    James Brod Year ago +40

    It makes a ton of sense that this would start as a script for an X-Files episode, I can totally imagine Mulder and Scully trying to find the survivors of tragic accidents in order to stop “Death” from claiming them.

  • Black Person
    Black Person 2 years ago +548

    This is more of a “Death Count” than a “Kill Count”, really.

    • Products 4 u!
      Products 4 u! Year ago +18

      Same thing

    • zachary carlson
      zachary carlson Year ago +35

      yea thats kinda not a good distinction, because even though there wasnt a person doing these deaths, the issue is that we use the word kill even for accidents, one could say that billy died when a piece of carters car flew through his neck, but we also can say he was killed when a piece of carters car flew through his neck.

    • 🌸🌱
      🌸🌱 Year ago +9

      both "killed" and "died" can be used interchangeably

    • Products 4 u!
      Products 4 u! Year ago +5

      @🌸🌱 no killed is when someone else does it

    • ORANG
      ORANG Year ago +27

      @Products 4 u! No it doesn’t work like that you could say “He got killed by a falling brick”

  • Cameron Wiley
    Cameron Wiley Year ago +132

    18:54 I love this because I imagine it like even death was confused by the movie.
    It's like death is in the cabin saying "Ok alex I'm coming to get you. Rest in pi... Oh what's that you got there? What are you reading? Her seat was... Oh. Well ok then, I guess I'll just come back later then."

    • Edward Bo
      Edward Bo Year ago +11

      Etac death:I needed a refresher. I was extremely tired.

  • Jayden Torres
    Jayden Torres 2 years ago +3435

    I love how Terry’s cause of death is “hit by a bus real freakin hard”

    • Dimitri Warchief
      Dimitri Warchief 2 years ago +69

      Only he didn’t use freakin
      Except he did

    • N-N YT
      N-N YT 2 years ago +37

      Get over it!
      *Walks in the Road*
      Bus: oh ok Well

    • Jabari The Golden Lucario
      Jabari The Golden Lucario 2 years ago +12

      @N-N YT Should’ve said Road Roller and MUDA MUDA MUDA

    • N-N YT
      N-N YT 2 years ago +1

      @Jabari The Golden Lucario missed shot

    • dicey*
      dicey* Year ago

      It aint wrong

  • Brooke Sargent
    Brooke Sargent Year ago +21

    Todd dry shaving bare skin is probably the most disturbing part of this whole movie

  • Dragondud
    Dragondud Year ago +140

    "You gotta be a fucked up god to take down this plane"
    He says as if God himself didn't kill basically all of humanity (except for the boat dude and his family) that one time

    • Professor Chimp
      Professor Chimp 3 months ago +6

      He did it out of mercy though since humanity was evil and violent

    • startalizing
      startalizing 2 months ago +4

      @Professor Chimp I can't imagine humanity was more evil and violent back in Noah's day compared to the last 100 years.

    • itsakindamagik
      itsakindamagik Month ago +1

      it is not like humanity didnt have it coming tho

  • BigBaconBot
    BigBaconBot 11 months ago +21

    It's great to see James' growth as a content creator. The improvement in the narrations has been amazing. Just visiting this series again because it's a classic.

  • Informator
    Informator Year ago +78

    Out of everyone who had the vision
    I think alex browning is the most smartest about death's design
    Heck he even death proof himself and a cabin

  • mykie francis
    mykie francis Year ago +32

    I like to think that Tony Todd ' s character was also involved in an accident much like Alex ' s and that ' s why he knows so much about death .

    • It’sBreezayy
      It’sBreezayy Year ago +6

      Yesss we need a backstory for him on how and why he knows so much 😱😳👏🏻👏🏻

  • Nathan Bosdash
    Nathan Bosdash 3 years ago +13917

    Purge: Takes about 20 minutes to beat the kill count record
    Final Destination: Beats it in less than 5 minutes

  • Songbird
    Songbird Year ago +46

    I burst out laughing when I first saw Terry get hit by the bus, I thought it was funny she told them to drop dead then promptly did so herself lol

    • jsdzx
      jsdzx 7 months ago +5

      One of my fondest memories in life. Was in army at school for our job. It had to be 20 of us watching this on VHS on a 27 in tv lol. When she got hit we lost it. Think of the biggest pop in wrestling. We were so loud “ohhhhh”

  • back pack
    back pack 10 months ago +32

    I’m absolutely fascinated by these films, I’ve read the plots and looked up all the trivia etc but the only one I’ve ever managed to watch all the way through is 3. They just freak me out so much! The fact that there is no visible killer and no escape is so scary to me (I’m a massive wimp tbf)

  • DementisXYZ
    DementisXYZ Year ago +25

    2 years later, but we can add one more horror credit to Devon Sawa (Alex Browning), as he now plays the father and uncle in the Chucky TV Series.

  • James Mullarkey
    James Mullarkey Year ago +35

    I like Terry’s death it was really sudden and unexpected and the the first time I saw it I was like “oh shit”

  • AdventureKitty101
    AdventureKitty101 10 months ago +19

    I just realized that if someone started freaking out on a plane similar to Alex, I would have no idea what to do since I would think of this movie, get off and survive or die in a potentially more painful way sometime later, or stay on the plane to either survive and the person was just having an anxiety attack or die in the explosion.

    • Twistedsilver
      Twistedsilver 3 months ago +1

      You just made me think of this so deeply

  • jennifer romero
    jennifer romero 3 years ago +7848

    The purge: we got the most kills
    Final Destination: hold my plane
    Zombieland double tap: not so fast
    DBPM3: *giggles*

    • Justin Townsend
      Justin Townsend 3 years ago +153

      More like hold my death

    • Jay_5_bulldog
      Jay_5_bulldog 3 years ago +115

      Purge just kinda dropped the plane lmao

    • LordTRex
      LordTRex 3 years ago +41

      Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Of Light: Hold up Boys

    • JMulvy
      JMulvy 3 years ago +13

      *hold my vodka.

    • Koden X
      Koden X 3 years ago +48

      "Us"'s ending: Am I a joke to you?

  • ControlledChaosStudios

    My theory of what Bluddworth says about inciting a fury in the Grim Reaper, is actually the reason for the complicated deaths in the movies.
    His original design where horrible deaths. They usually were over pretty quickly and maybe painlessly sometimes. (Again, stretching that a fair bit but humor me.)
    But, you cheated death and now he wants to make you suffer. Now, death could just stop your heart, but that's what I think Bluddworth means by angering him. Instead of something simple like a heart attack, he wants to toy with you. He wants you to suffer. He wants everyone you save to suffer.
    Let you stew in your grief, then kill you in a complicated messed up death that you probably see coming but have no way to stop or worse, your in horrible agony the entire time (Case in point Tods death)
    That's what I think. I genuinely love these movies so I thought about it for a long time."

  • Llody로이드
    Llody로이드 11 months ago +8

    i really liked how billy's 3/4 decapitation was spoiled early on the movie when the reflection of the plane traced across his face.

  • K
    K 8 months ago +16

    As someone with serious flying anxiety... I feel every single one of Alex's nervousness moments prior to the flight. ALL of those things would freak me out, too.

  • MMaya
    MMaya Year ago +42

    the first FD is legendary. I was in first year of highschool, me and my classmates went to the movies almost every weekend. I had to lie to my mom that I am watching some comedy because she hated me watching horror. but this really was golden age of teen horror. Final Destination, Scream, I know what you did last summer, Urban Legend, Ginger Snaps. Good times lol.

  • The Esoteric Espresso Queen

    I've been binge rewatching Kill Counts and going back and watching the movies I can find. This channel is an endless source of entertainment!

  • Terri Sparvier
    Terri Sparvier 2 years ago +1027

    I like how Dead Meats videos got longer because he actually explain scenes and how the person dies other than other channels they only shows us the death. Keep up the good work Dead Meat

  • Sea Monkey
    Sea Monkey 2 months ago +3

    “Sir we will remove you from this plane.”
    “Fuck you, I’ll remove myself.” Still my favorite line, ever.

  • QueenBee123
    QueenBee123 11 months ago +17

    I love that in the scene before Tod's death, they have an owl appear as in some cultures, owls are omens of death! I'm sure that was intentional as well!

  • Buffy Glimmers
    Buffy Glimmers Year ago +30

    I wish they would’ve given us the original ending I’d much rather see Clear as a mother to Alex’s child than her dying in a sequel. She honestly deserved the happy ending consider all she’s been through .

    • Aza Aza
      Aza Aza Year ago +10

      I agree, but Final Destination is all about nobody getting a happy ending.

  • Rush
    Rush Year ago +45

    The warning sign at 10:08 is even better in German, since "Tod" also means "death" in german

  • Jake Staten
    Jake Staten Year ago +14

    I liked this movie for the reasons you said he was over worrying about. I feel like this movie really shows how crazy some of these coincidences could actually be. Always admired this franchise for that, which is why ive watched it 100 times

  • Devon Hopper
    Devon Hopper 2 years ago +1577

    Billy straight pissed himself after barely missing the train and I'm not gonna lie, I would have too. Props to the writing team and director for making that visible and VERY realistic thing.

  • Oop
    Oop Year ago +12

    I saw these films when I was like 7 and it made me so paranoid and afraid of dying. Especially the plane stuff. I’m going to Italy and Spain for a school trip and so many wrong things go through my mind, like “what if we run out of fuel over the ocean”

  • MllM€N¥t
    MllM€N¥t 10 months ago +29

    Here a fact for you: towards the end of the fifth movie, Sam and Molly happen to be on the same plane that Alex and the others were on, so that means we’re back at the beginning of the series, IT’S A NEVER ENDING LOOPHOLE!

    • Drake Smith
      Drake Smith Month ago +2

      I’d say that’s more so just them wanting a prequel. It just so happened otherwise it goes around.

  • princeofsorrow
    princeofsorrow 9 months ago +7

    I've loved movies since I was a kid, and even though I'm not new to this channel, I have to say that I respect what James A. Janisse does, not only through his amazing descriptions and reviews of movies, but the fact that he is an avid fan of horror films, which shows in each of his videos. Keep doing it, my dude!

  • eli moody
    eli moody 5 months ago +33

    I can imagine the grim reaper saying "CHOO CHO MOTHER*******!"
    as if he doesn't take his job seriously

  • calico cat
    calico cat 3 years ago +273

    I love how alex 'calmly explain' what he saw in his premonition ...

  • Fluffcake
    Fluffcake 2 years ago +99

    Final Destination movies are like one minute you're making soup and the other your entrails are spilling on the floor and your house is on fire.

  • Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron

    As someone who is terrified of flying , although I have flies before I have extreme issue getting myself psyched up enough to go on a flight, I totally get Alex’s paranoia. Everybody has that one thing that really gets to them and for some, it’s riding on a plane

  • SheepsMen
    SheepsMen Year ago +10

    This is one of the few horror movies that can scare you for years.

  • Alycia Mendoza
    Alycia Mendoza 2 years ago +12

    I've always loved this franchise and I was exited to finally come to it on this channel.

  • Risjohn Shelton
    Risjohn Shelton 10 months ago +8

    The Movie Series That Made A Whole Generation Fear Almost Everything

  • 6 twister 4
    6 twister 4 2 years ago +6758

    A Moment of Silence for the Former Kill Count Record Holder.

    • Not_Henry 161
      Not_Henry 161 2 years ago +362

      Are you talking about this former record holder? Zombie land double tap beat it. It got 373 kills

    • Jared Cutright
      Jared Cutright 2 years ago +281

      Actually 376 kills, but you were close. But yeah, moment of silence for the original record holder.😔

    • gelin09
      gelin09 2 years ago +20

      Who was it

    • Centurian2005
      Centurian2005 2 years ago +57

      Belko experiment?

    • Darn
      Darn 2 years ago +107

      but cabin in the woods killed everyone soooooooo

  • MachoMachoMan Vert
    MachoMachoMan Vert 10 months ago +8

    I still cope with the fact that some of those a-holes decided to hate Alex just because he saved their sorry asses from getting fried.
    Man these pre 2000s movies were wild.

  • Pramusetya Kanca
    Pramusetya Kanca 10 months ago +9

    I love that Death has an affinity for teens in this universe.

  • GrimyDuck0077
    GrimyDuck0077 Year ago +8

    I love how after the knife block falls in the movie, the block behind James tips over as well.

  • king of games and anime
    king of games and anime 2 years ago +4

    I think Alex was looking at the storm outside, not the plane. Honestly, I’d be hesitant to get on a plane during a lightning storm too.

  • Oliver Dyer
    Oliver Dyer Year ago +11

    The weird death-water thing with Todd could’ve been avoided if they just designed a set floor with a drain! Not super common for home bathrooms, but better than out of place reversed footage

  • Zak
    Zak 3 years ago +9286

    "Final Destination was released in 2000" "Shrek was released 2 years later in 2001"
    Quick math

    • SlewedBoot25934
      SlewedBoot25934 3 years ago +888

      Star wars reveng of the sith was released 7 years later in 1999

    • milkman0110
      milkman0110 3 years ago +275

      Hol up

    • T J
      T J 3 years ago +586

      Toy story 4 was then released 18 years later, in 50 b.c

    • THAT person
      THAT person 3 years ago +425

      Avengers endgame was released 10 years ago way back in 1969

    • BitterLemonade101
      BitterLemonade101 3 years ago +29

      Orsha _ Wait wha-

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander 2 years ago +19

    Thanks for getting Clear's name right. SO MANY PEOPLE insist on calling her Claire.

  • Nessie
    Nessie 2 years ago +28

    Fun Fact: he doesn't stand in front of his horror collection, he stand infront of a green screen because his body edit was glitched in one of saw or final destination kill count

  • Shy and Nameless
    Shy and Nameless 10 months ago +19

    „Choo choo motherfuckers.“
    I love it when he says that 😂

  • becca
    becca 3 months ago +2

    every now and then i wander my way back into this playlist. these movies were such a huge part of my life man.

  • SoulStalker46
    SoulStalker46 Year ago +12

    I always wondered if death thought
    "You know, I shouldn't give people premonitions of horrible freak accidents, that way they don't cheat me so I can take them without putting effort on this kill chain thing I got, and call it a day"
    That would've ended the series right there.

  • Migz
    Migz 3 years ago +447

    I love how the knife rack in the background had its knives gone after Val Lewton's death.
    Real subtle, James.

    • AgentPinkify
      AgentPinkify 3 years ago +1

      lol I was wondering if anyone else would notice

    • Speedox 12
      Speedox 12 3 years ago +2

      I’ve sold exactly that brand of knives before.

    • TheSlammurai
      TheSlammurai 3 years ago +4

      How the hell did you notice that!?

    • Migz
      Migz 3 years ago +9

      TheSlammurai I've noticed in a lot of his Kill Counts that James likes to put things in the background that change over the course of the video.

  • Shawn Brok
    Shawn Brok 2 years ago +39

    I interpreted the scene where he realizes that he never switched seats with those two ladies is that he wasn’t supposed to go against that idea, and now worse things are yet to come.

  • choccy
    choccy 4 months ago +5

    As someone with anxiety, it's funny and depressing to watch other people feel how I feel every day.... but with more death

  • Wayne Quashie
    Wayne Quashie 11 months ago +10

    "In Death, there ARE no accidents. No coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes."☠
    - William Bludworth(Tony Todd),
    Final Destination(2000)

  • Inflamed Light
    Inflamed Light 6 months ago +3

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but using the line map Alex had, seeing how many seats there was and the line of events, you can sorta get the ratio of male to female on the plane, starting easy with the French class students - (3:23) 11 Females & 9 Males. Then the plane itself, first shot - (5-14) Roughly 2 Females & 3 Males, along with the poor baby. | Shot 2&3 - (5:22 & 5:44) 20 Females & 21 Males | We also see 3/4 different female flight attendants -- while this is not 287, it breaks it down slightly to; 36/7 Females & 33 Males, About 70 of the people on the plane.

  • Benjamin KIjanka
    Benjamin KIjanka 11 months ago +4

    This video actually made me a fan of Buckcherry. Thanks James!

  • Expio
    Expio 3 years ago +415

    This is the movie that makes you suddenly super aware of your surroundings and then gives you anxiety about literally everything around you.

    • Girts Fridbergs
      Girts Fridbergs 3 years ago +4

      If you're 13yo

    • Mafer Jiménez
      Mafer Jiménez 3 years ago +10

      wow, that is relatable

    • ChikinOnFrydai
      ChikinOnFrydai 3 years ago +3

      Yeah, if you're 12.

    • VcCancerKill !
      VcCancerKill ! 3 years ago +3

      Expio 20XX poundsign relatable
      Like I anxiously all the time from these movies. I’m like ahhh dead comes for everyone but when and where?

    • Jorge Emilio
      Jorge Emilio 3 years ago +1

      @ChikinOnFrydai I can relate since in my elementary school they put us this movies

  • Daniel Holguin
    Daniel Holguin 2 years ago +12

    James I suggest for kills that happen like that (the plane), you count that as one kill when you divide the kills by the runtime.

  • Zips
    Zips 7 months ago +4

    God I love final destination

  • metalpunk
    metalpunk 6 months ago +1

    Buckcherry was one of the first bands I also saw. I went to see Alice Cooper back in March and they were the opening band for Alice. Honestly they are a pretty underrated band. Deserves A LOT of more love.

  • MetaForth
    MetaForth Year ago +4

    My biggest issue with this movie is how forced Alex's incrimination is

  • James Carlson
    James Carlson 8 months ago +3

    That last look of Carter as the sign comes towards him is still one of the funniest reactions in any film, just a look of pure "Oh, you gotta be FUCKING kidding...". Thank god for reshoots.

  • Matt J
    Matt J 3 years ago +501

    "I'll see you soon."
    That line, from a mortician, might be the best line in any horror movie.

    • bwp bmp
      bwp bmp 3 years ago +2

      MattheJ1 I am 100

    • Greg Jones
      Greg Jones 3 years ago

      Do you mean coroner

    • A.e Wads
      A.e Wads 3 years ago +4

      Especially from Tony Todd.

    • TheBraunMachine2011
      TheBraunMachine2011 3 years ago +5

      Agreed! I still use that quote all the time with my friends hehe :)

    • TheKaosKilla16
      TheKaosKilla16 3 years ago

      Candyman next count confirmed

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones 5 months ago +2

    The reason that Alex was paranoid by looking at the plane was because it looked rusty and unstable and the giant flight board there were flights being cancelled for some reason.

  • nagaking07
    nagaking07 2 years ago +8

    I remember a point where people would put SFX from the show "Ed, Edd, n Eddy" over scenes from these movies, and they always worked a little too well...

  • Loki
    Loki 10 months ago +6

    I always interpreted Alex as having anxiety more than just being superstitious. As someone with anxiety themself, I've had a lot of moments like his where something that seems innocuous is ominous to me. Or maybe that's just my dumb brain, forget I said anything.

  • MollyPopYT
    MollyPopYT Year ago +4

    my brain works like Alex's in the sense that I worry about everything but not because there's a reason to be worried, just because I have a fear of the unknown and things not in my control.

    USAF KID 11 months ago +5

    When I saw this movie I was afraid of roller coasters and airplanes, luckily I overcame my fears just in time before my vacation to Disney World.

  • Omniarch
    Omniarch 3 years ago +3349

    The belko experiment: we’ll have the highest kill count
    The purge: hold my mini guns
    *final destination: hold my oxygen mask*

    • Sean B
      Sean B 3 years ago +87

      Holocaust: Hold my gas mask

    • discopotato
      discopotato 3 years ago +74

      John Wick: hold my pencil

    • James Seale
      James Seale 3 years ago +40

      Wait till FD 5 with the bridge.

    • EAS Illinois
      EAS Illinois 3 years ago +48

      fd5: *hold my bridge*

    • kermit
      kermit 3 years ago +26

      Omar Dugee Avengers Infinity War: Hold my Gauntlet

  • Erin Lenhardt
    Erin Lenhardt Year ago +17

    Fun Fact: Tod Waggner comes from Paul Wegener who starred in The Golem, Terry Chaney comes from Lon Chaney who starred in The Phantom of the Opera (1925), and Larry Murnau comes from F.W. Murnau director of Nosferatu

  • That Christian Teen
    That Christian Teen 2 years ago +74

    Me after watching the deaths in the Final Destination series: I am afraid of everything. Everything is pain.

  • avery (glizzy gobbler)

    I'm so happy you covered this movie ! Its one of my favorites

  • -Commit-arson-
    -Commit-arson- 7 months ago +3

    If I was in a final destination movie I’d probably be the one who died by falling both in the premonition and the avoidance sequence

  • Cori Trottman
    Cori Trottman Year ago +5

    I know people hate reboots but I wouldn't hate another final destination sequel or reboot. These movies were legit horror to me as a kid

  • The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    * avoids death*
    Death: *he is too dangerous to be kept alive*

  • Seashell250
    Seashell250 2 months ago +2

    4:56 Now that you point that out, I headcannon Alex as having OCD. The feeling of small things setting off the idea that worst fears are going to come true is actually so relatable to me as someone with OCD. Especially at the beginning where he feels like he needs to keep the tag on his luggage.

  • Le Pie
    Le Pie 2 years ago +5

    If we ever get Final Destination 6, I want them to explore why some people get premonitions and cheat death. It’ll add a new thing to the series

    • ItzYoYo
      ItzYoYo 2 years ago

      that's actually really smart! maybe it was chosen by fate for one of the survivors getting a premonition

    • Le Pie
      Le Pie Year ago

      @Caleb Siguenza I find it kind of weird that all the movies are pretty much the same (regardless of quality) and they never tried to come up with a reasoning for that?

    • ItzYoYo
      ItzYoYo Year ago

      @Le Pie well to quote JAJ "but hey, they make these movies to kill people"

  • Melissa Leon
    Melissa Leon 9 months ago +3

    Sean William Scott is funny as hell... I wonder his career was put on holt