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Most Dangerous Animals!


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  • Y&YPhases
    Y&YPhases 2 months ago +3792

    Love the fact that Chris is defending the crocodiles after Jimmy basically just insulted them

  • Jess
    Jess Month ago +43

    I love how Chris has so many fun facts 😂❤

  • Rayven Rengulbai
    Rayven Rengulbai Month ago +26

    The jellyfish you see in the beginning are from Jellyfish Lake here in Palau 🇵🇼 . They've lost their ability to sting due to seclusion and lack of predators. Its a beautiful experience and almost other worldly and there are thousands of them.

  • Moon Shine
    Moon Shine Month ago

    As an Alaskan moose are HUGE and are able to jump average height fences, tear down trees, and one shattered one of my windows with its antlers on accident.

  • Vilma Hernandez
    Vilma Hernandez Month ago +7

    How dose Chris just know all these facts 🤔

  • Jet Mangindin
    Jet Mangindin 2 months ago +554

    Love Chris' side comments made it funnier. Jimmy and Chris' chemistry is always awesome! 🤘

  • Serpenteyegaming
    Serpenteyegaming Month ago +1

    If you all haven't scene a moose first-hand they are absolutely massive.

  • SoloMadness
    SoloMadness Month ago +5

    Kangaroos can hurt you alot, but it is very rare for one to attack, you would have to go up right next to one for it to attack you and the females would most likely run away

  • noneyah
    noneyah Month ago

    Chris kills you in reactions. He's way smarter than you. Love ya both. Watch a bit of everything. Might be something you should check out Jimmy

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago +10

    Chris is wearing a legends never die shirt.

  • MisterDarrTV
    MisterDarrTV 2 months ago +1911

    Chris always surprises with bits of random knowledge in these reaction videos, I love it. 😄

    • OddPoppet Esq.
      OddPoppet Esq. 25 days ago

      Chris is really quite knowledgeable to give him dues, I've learnt a thing or two from his wisdom and I'm 9yrs older than him. Man knows his facts 👏

    • Buff Edgar
      Buff Edgar Month ago

      W chris

    • Curtis Snell
      Curtis Snell Month ago


    • Elliot
      Elliot Month ago

      EXCEPT a hippo is mostly muscle

    • Jackie S.
      Jackie S. Month ago +1

      @Mob Productions Ahaha

  • Unbeatable Gaming
    Unbeatable Gaming Month ago

    As an Australian you need to watch a kangaroo fight they’re the best

  • Sunny_Snail11
    Sunny_Snail11 Month ago +3

    0:30 I am proud to have a small lion in my house 🐈 😂

  • Fer Casados
    Fer Casados Month ago

    Chris defending eveysingle one of them is so funny 😂

  • My way to game
    My way to game Month ago +1

    The more richer Chris gets the more poorer he looks 😅😅😅😂😂

  • mxssta
    mxssta 2 months ago +178

    Love it always with the team Chris or chandler whoever it may be! You make the most entertaining videos to watch at night when your tired or in the ,owning to make your day! Thanks for being here!

  • jama
    jama Month ago +1

    i got wrapped up in a portugese manowar, went into shock and still have scars. worse pain ive gone through.

  • Communist
    Communist Month ago +148

    10. 0:08 Lion
    9. 0:44 Snakes
    8. 1:36 Jellyfish
    7. 2:01 Bears
    6. 2:59 Kangeroo
    5. 4:01 Crocodile
    4. 5:02 Moose
    3. 5:51 Sharks
    2. 6:29 Elephants
    1. 7:32 Hippo's

    • Robby Eilerman
      Robby Eilerman 11 days ago

      thank you my savior

    • Preston Coulter
      Preston Coulter 20 days ago

      I think bears should be higher then kangaroos if polar bears are accounted for

    • Ciara Golden
      Ciara Golden Month ago


    • DrKnackHack DrKnackHack
      DrKnackHack DrKnackHack Month ago

      6:47😂😂😂😂😂😂The elephant smacked him in the face and Chris is so funny

    • Borgir
      Borgir Month ago

      @Bombird they kill more than 400 african people a year

  • book
    book Month ago

    I was on a field trip and said goodbye to my dad who was far away (he came with me) and it was emotional i cried, when i saw your videos i felt better.

  • Deathstar105MC
    Deathstar105MC Month ago

    I’m pretty sure the majority of the “crocodiles” shown are alligators 😐

  • JaykersssOnTwitch
    JaykersssOnTwitch 2 months ago +664

    Chris had me dying with the three snakes in a trench coat😂

  • OctoThing
    OctoThing Month ago +2

    if this list had honorable mentions I guarantee badgers would be on it, specifically honey badgers

  • Carter Webb
    Carter Webb Month ago

    I love your videos Jimmy!

  • Cooper
    Cooper Month ago

    Living in Colorado I’ve had several close calls with mose and bears

  • PAID 2
    PAID 2 Month ago

    Something else dangerous about hippos is it's deadly poo!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Sara gaming
    Sara gaming 2 months ago +57

    Love the editing, storytelling, and explanation throughouts this series. So methodical and i absolutely love it. ❤️

    • tjx BR
      tjx BR Month ago

      Sou seu fã

    • Muscleman8562
      Muscleman8562 2 months ago +1

      I just ate lit cigs in a vid 💪🔥🔥

  • Mr. Beast jr
    Mr. Beast jr Month ago +1

    Hey, @Beast Reacts How do you put out so much amazing content?

  • Nandi RW
    Nandi RW Month ago +1

    I enjoy this reaction when talking and the look on their faces, I hope we are all in good health and going about our daily activities smoothly

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 26 days ago +1

    This man is gonna have great stories to tell to his grandchildren. What a legend🏆

  • Geri Economides
    Geri Economides Month ago +1

    Jimmy: wait, why did he fall to the ground?
    Me, an Australian: whaddya mean, why did he fall to the ground? You ever been kicked by a kangaroo? I tell you what, you ain't walking back!

  • ◇AngeliqueZ◇ #Roadto40

    0:26 I guess Chris and Jimmy never heard about a Maine coon...

  • Amy Li
    Amy Li 25 days ago +1

    I love it when Chris always tells amazing facts!

  • Nelson De La Torre
    Nelson De La Torre Month ago +2

    Mosquitoes 🦟: am I a joke to you

  • Matthew Wone
    Matthew Wone Month ago

    Legends never die, that become apart of you

  • Tylvrsmvlti
    Tylvrsmvlti Month ago +40

    I love how Chris just defending the crocodiles 😂

  • Budda_W
    Budda_W Month ago +2

    I'm from Australia, once upon a time while driving on a remote outback highway. I've hit a kangaroo going at least 100km/h with a bulbar. Pulled over and jumped out to check on it, could see him jumping off perfectly fine.

    • Harmony
      Harmony Month ago

      im also from australia and wombats are actually so damn fast

  • Philipp Keim
    Philipp Keim Month ago

    Love the fact that chris has a juice wrld shirt

  • MJ
    MJ Month ago

    the camera man is always the most dangerous then the person doing it

  • Ivanhoe Mallari
    Ivanhoe Mallari Month ago

    He should've reacted to Casual Geographic instead.


    There's nothing better than a fresh friendly baked JIMMY'S videos and he always makes our day or night even better keep it up

  • Laura Malone
    Laura Malone Month ago

    I just want you to know I love your videos so much.

  • Harold Lopez
    Harold Lopez Month ago

    Pro dad jokes.
    Learn from the man himself Chris.

  • kellly toomey
    kellly toomey Month ago +1

    I love your videos and I had your chocolate at Walmart and it’s the best and I am feeling sick😢

  • Sacred Skeleton
    Sacred Skeleton Month ago

    5:57 actually you pronounced vending machines wrong jimmy

  • BabyBeast NG
    BabyBeast NG 2 months ago +17

    Chris makes everything funny😂😂

  • soumia barda
    soumia barda Month ago +1

    Greetings to you Mr. Best from Morocco, I love you so much😍😍😍

  • pizza socks
    pizza socks Month ago +1

    Orcas: Am I a joke to you?

  • Kyle Tate
    Kyle Tate Month ago

    Jimmy you got some scary intentions. 😳📸

  • Alex Shulga
    Alex Shulga Month ago

    He punched the kangaroo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 🍀It’s your girl, Sophie🍀

    You need to react to I saved a human life-challenge! You are in it!

  • TheBoss_4656
    TheBoss_4656 Month ago

    a bear thought I was one of its cubs when i was five. the bear was blind.

  • zander olson
    zander olson Month ago

    i just noticed legends never die even when the moon is calling you

  • Terror
    Terror Month ago

    Jaguars?? Tigers?? A Jaguar can literally take one caimin

  • MkaMee ML
    MkaMee ML 2 months ago +22

    Chris “Imagine you saw a foreign thing just float from the heavens. Would your first instinct be to go and immediately attack it?”

  • Starkiller1981
    Starkiller1981 Month ago

    Moose attack more people here in Alaska than bears.

  • Assassin novice
    Assassin novice Month ago

    I actually had to punch a kangaroo and it made me go to hospital after breaking my leg

  • Anti-Spiral
    Anti-Spiral Month ago

    As an African,Simba is a best friend of mine.He aint even on the list for me

  • Christian Ayala
    Christian Ayala Month ago

    The end got me😂

  • teacup
    teacup 2 months ago +7

    how much knowledge can a person have!!! Chris is so smart

  • khushi physio
    khushi physio Month ago

    One time a fisher men saved a great white shark from that day the shark follows the fisher men when ever he goes fishing

  • SMToon Entertainment

    *Chris has so many dad jokes today lol😂*

  • Named
    Named Month ago

    hey i love your guys videos but i think(in my opinnion) the komodo dragon is the dangerous thing on the planet

  • Maugs
    Maugs Month ago +2

    I grew up in a place called " Kangaroo valley" in Australia and at anytime they be on your lawn just chilling. Beautiful creatures

  • Aneil_ 4 Cam click Me
    Aneil_ 4 Cam click Me 2 months ago +15

    Love the fact that Chris is defending the crocodiles after Jimmy basically just insulted them

  • CrazyLeeds
    CrazyLeeds Month ago

    My uncle has swam with great whites but in a cage ofc tho

  • Montgomery Gator Official

    00:07 Lion
    00:44 Snakes
    1:36 Jelly Fish
    2:00 Bears
    2:59 Kangaroos
    4:01 Crocodiles
    5:01 Moose
    5:51 Sharks
    6:29 Elephants
    7:33 Hippos

  • Mack D’Angelo
    Mack D’Angelo 21 day ago

    being charged by a moose was truly one of the scariest experiences of my entire life

  • Alisha Yule
    Alisha Yule Month ago

    Did you know that those 10 feet noises are elks

  • Everett
    Everett 2 months ago +3

    Love the videos. Sit around with my newborn all day and stay entertained watching these. GG Mr beast

  • Edward Roberts
    Edward Roberts Month ago +1

    Haha rename the clip to crocodiles getting messed up 🐊 🦛 🦁

  • Isabelle Guay
    Isabelle Guay 14 days ago +1

    "Do you know what's more dangerous than a jellyfish?"
    A Jimmy-fish.

  • Salim Pae
    Salim Pae Month ago +2

    And Dangerous On Earth🌍

  • BiscuitS
    BiscuitS Month ago

    People die more from getting hit on the coconuts from coconuts than sharks kill humans

  • Nico De Angelo
    Nico De Angelo 2 months ago +28

    6:32 Dude. War elephants were a thing for quite some time and they were VICIOUS.

  • Mr Toronto Man
    Mr Toronto Man Month ago

    Kangaroos are harmless😂

  • Ronald Curry
    Ronald Curry Month ago +1

    You make the most entertaining videos to watch at night when your tired or in the ,owning to make your day! Thanks for being here!

  • Ambi Uncensored
    Ambi Uncensored Month ago +3

    5:35 is soooooo funny😃

  • Puro the goo
    Puro the goo Month ago

    0:03 Have we converted Chris into a furry?

  • tracker200
    tracker200 2 months ago +13

    I love how Chris has a different hairdo every few months

  • Tony Fahd
    Tony Fahd Month ago

    i Was once camping and i got chased by 4 kangaroo's (i had my bike)

  • Michele Maurer
    Michele Maurer Month ago

    I love you guys you guys are so funny

  • Efraim Meira Seferaj
    Efraim Meira Seferaj Month ago +2

    Chris and Jimy make everything funny

  • Lavender_roblox
    Lavender_roblox Month ago +1

    The cameraman is invisible to the bear

  • Maan roman
    Maan roman 2 months ago +11

    Chris and Jimmy are the duo we all need

  • Mjølnir’s Wrath
    Mjølnir’s Wrath Month ago

    Chris rockin that man bun

  • Ali
    Ali Month ago

    Elephant 25 mph Usain bolt 27 mph you can outrun an elephant silly

    JAYHAY 5 days ago +1

    Since I'm Aussie I'll correct it for yeah I'm pretty sure that a crocodile can hold its breath for about 2 hours. I'm pretty sure. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • wtdn2859
    wtdn2859 Month ago

    I think I know why snakes are in here it’s because of the extinct snake titanaboa

  • Angela White
    Angela White 2 months ago +31

    Is it just me or does Chris just become a pro legend with dad jokes now a days lol

  • JJ Carriere VR
    JJ Carriere VR Month ago +1

    You forgot to green screen at the end 😂

  • Dj Brown
    Dj Brown Month ago

    my friend can run 20 mph no cap
    i can go 5-10

  • Donley Malone
    Donley Malone Month ago

    Honorable Mention: Ohio Man

  • Dark Moon
    Dark Moon Month ago

    Is that a megalodon? Me:👁👄👁

  • Dagtastic
    Dagtastic 2 months ago +581

    Chris has so many dad jokes today lol😂

  • doffy
    doffy Month ago +1

    Bro ppl die from vending machine more than sharks

  • Kakashixnaruto
    Kakashixnaruto Month ago

    Elephant from Kerala 😁😁

  • gregory sucher
    gregory sucher Month ago +3

    that's an alligator 4:20

  • Jorge Manuel Pidlaoan

    I love the fact that chris said "alligator" to a ceocidile

  • Chambikko Productions
    Chambikko Productions 2 months ago +35

    love the clips and chris's reactions 😂😂

  • Gina Elliott
    Gina Elliott 4 days ago

    I love the clip where the moose runs at the biker and the biker falls over before the moose attacks lol😂