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  • Mr. Amazing Works
    Mr. Amazing Works  Year ago +171

    Hi everyone! Do not forget to click like, comment, share and subscribe.

    • Major Aasum
      Major Aasum Month ago

      @Smug Smugly youre gonna drill a hole in your wife and hang her from the cieling? :P

    • Guido Weegels
      Guido Weegels Month ago


    • Smug Smugly
      Smug Smugly 2 months ago

      Going to try this process on my wife.

    • Bhupendra Dubey
      Bhupendra Dubey 4 months ago

      @Luis Ong ..

    • PO Kurieen
      PO Kurieen 5 months ago

      Roberto GoTm

  • Ирина Плахотская


  • シバターサック


  • Wurstwasser Hans
    Wurstwasser Hans 2 days ago +1

    Pfui deibl ist das Ding hässlich!

  • ミドリBook
    ミドリBook 3 days ago +1


  • 小林慶子
    小林慶子 4 days ago


  • Susan Harrow
    Susan Harrow 6 days ago

    Are you kidding me???? THROW THE FRYING PAN AWAY!!!! Men

  • 原良子
    原良子 7 days ago


  • B K Life in Japan
    B K Life in Japan 7 days ago +1

    Good to know 😄

  • Aviators Dran
    Aviators Dran 10 days ago

    The music is not so good.

  • Mika Mueller
    Mika Mueller 12 days ago +1

    Crazy!All this work for nothing!!

  • Mika Mueller
    Mika Mueller 12 days ago +1

    All this work for nothing!! I prefer Ikea!

  • Hiroshi Honda
    Hiroshi Honda 13 days ago


  • sola scriptura
    sola scriptura 13 days ago


  • Katie von Olendörp
    Katie von Olendörp 14 days ago

    Ich bin übelst gespalten...
    Die Elektrik...dafür gehörst Du wirklich gemeldet. Nix ist geerdet, dann ein Seil, egal ob Naturfaser, die hübsch brennt oder Kunstfaser, die hübsch schmilzt und dann erst brennt...
    Das ist wirklich verantwortungslos und unüberlegt.
    Ansonsten ist die Idee, eine Pfanne zu recyceln, großartig.
    Allerdings stieg ich als Künstlerin an dem Punkt aus, wo Du diese wahnsinnig geile, lebendige und super reflektierende Oberfläche mit dieser Plastik-IKEA-und Baumarktoptik versaut hast. Das finde ich furchtbar langweilig, tot und würde mur sowas zuhause für kein Geld der Welt aufhängen, denn Plaste kann jeder. Sieht nach China aus. Vorher war das sowas zwischen Vintage und Industrial.
    Zuviel des Guten und das Interessante übersehen, würde ich sagen.
    Von der Musik bekam ich das Bedürfnis, mich zu erschiessen. Oder lieber den Ton abzuschalten.
    Musik: nervtötend!
    Idee: super und vielfältig einsetzbar, auch als Wandleuchte, Schale, Pflanzschale, Steeldrum?
    Elektrik: dafür sollte man Dir den Hintern versohlen, Junge!
    Umsetzung: echt schade. Was Gutes wieder kaputt gemacht.
    Ich melde das hier nicht und hoffe, die Leute können denken oder lesen die Warnung(en).
    Aber ein Like kann ich dafür auch nicht geben.
    Und Deinem Kanal folgen? Eher nicht...

  • Donald Cusack
    Donald Cusack 17 days ago

    Unsafe in sooooo many ways!

  • stonesforlife
    stonesforlife 17 days ago +2

    Oh look...that guy has an old frying pan hanging on a bit of rope from the ceiling...

  • ks56e1115
    ks56e1115 17 days ago


  • анна иванова

    а ручка от скороводки где? Заныкал?????

  • ダンサンのゲーム実況チャンネル



    YAMA OKU 17 days ago +1


  • Julia Voorthoeve
    Julia Voorthoeve 17 days ago

    What an incredibly ugly lamp

  • marie d
    marie d 17 days ago +3

    Very creative. If you have the tools and time....great! Nice shirt!

  • Bams Kamm
    Bams Kamm 17 days ago

    Not UL approved, Insurance company will not have to pay if it causes fire, not grounded, if home inspector notices any of this it will hold up closing of escrow- BUT other than that it shows ingenuity and is a cute vid.

    • marie d
      marie d 17 days ago

      Did no know you could buy non UL approved electrical wire assemblies

  • サブ垢サブ垢
    サブ垢サブ垢 18 days ago


  • Phil Sergent
    Phil Sergent 18 days ago +3

    I love genius Up-Cycling! Well DONE!

  • Angelina MOR13 Шичавина

    Какую только ерунду не придумали?

  • Валерий Пинегин

    Переводчик видимо не знаком с русским языком , но сковорода и кастрюля , это разные вещи .

  • Garage- M
    Garage- M 19 days ago


  • Jennifer Bolland
    Jennifer Bolland 19 days ago

    Ha ha... Who's got all that kind of equipment/tools to hand!!!!

  • Ste Le
    Ste Le 20 days ago

    Well, might catch your place on fire. No biggie.

  • 花の伊舎堂
    花の伊舎堂 20 days ago +1


  • sebastian niemiec
    sebastian niemiec 20 days ago

    This one have wrong proportions between bulb and top. It's simply wrong. If using much smaller bulb, size of golf ball, then ok. Think about it.😁

  • Amy Chiang
    Amy Chiang 20 days ago +2

    Thanks for sharing. I don't think I will do it !

  • Андрей Евдокимов

    Прикольно, мне понравилось

  • Иван Московка

    Как хорошо что есть перемотка видео

  • Mustang Boss
    Mustang Boss 21 day ago

    Looks like shit

  • nlo114
    nlo114 21 day ago

    Rather than drilling the hole and fitting the lamp, the rope could be made into two short loops. These loops would be attached to either side of the rim of the pan. The pan is then inverted, the loops fitted over the ears, and bingo! you have a heavy-duty tin-foil hat that will repel the strongest conspiracy theories on the web. (Best not worn in a lightning storm)

  • rmanowski
    rmanowski 21 day ago

    What will he do when his wife asks "where is my pan?" This is a typical job for a pensioner who has a lot free time to do similar thinks. If you count time and cost of materials you discover that IKEA is much, much cheaper.

  • fang alan
    fang alan 21 day ago +1

    Roses are red,
    violets are not blue,
    I finally got a like,
    but why is it blue?

  • Funny Clip
    Funny Clip 21 day ago

    To late

  • Hans-Walter Rievers
    Hans-Walter Rievers 22 days ago

    Also wenn man die Arbeit und all die Einzelteile zusammenzählst bekommst du so etwas ähnliches zum halben Preis in fast jedem Lampenhandel oder bei einem der großen Versendern! Von deinem kaputten Händen und Umweltschädigung durch all die Schadstoffe garnicht zu reden!!!

  • Baris.Ju
    Baris.Ju 22 days ago

    It's ugly. Just gonna buy a new one for the exact amount you wasted on the other stuff, doing this shit of a lamp.

  • fred liebing
    fred liebing 22 days ago +1


  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 22 days ago

    Not enough radiant light, because the pan isnt deep enough.
    Most ceiling fixtures have a deep bell with a shiny finish on the inside to reflect light downward (I was a residential electrician for 20 years), so that it doesnt escape upwards or out the sides.
    That said, you did a great job re-purposing that old frying pan. Definitely better than throwing it away!
    Was the escutcheon from an old door knob?

    • Bill Brusky
      Bill Brusky 19 days ago

      Nah. He probably bought an old working lamp from Good Will and tore it apart for the parts. Then through the rest away... Just kidding. I just watched to see what he ended up with. Cool idea. But like many things crafty people do, it's all about the story - not so much the practicality.

  • Filipina wife in Taiwan TaiPhil Blogs中国菲律宾语,台湾菲律宾

    its a lot of hardwork really but worth it...

  • david bradley
    david bradley 23 days ago

    yu cin stik him on yus worl ind evrybody fink yu got satylite dich

  • Pipeliner Skilllabro
    Pipeliner Skilllabro 23 days ago

    Damn it mr amazing. Go buy a damn lamp. Help the economy grow.

  • Slick Guns
    Slick Guns 23 days ago

    Why would you want to make
    a light that looks odd ???
    With a light bulb that sticks
    out that looks like a bulls

  • P Patterson
    P Patterson 24 days ago +4

    I praise his ingenuity. It is an intellectual challenge to develop ideas from random pieces. I am not of an engineering mind, but I do have a 2 genius son's whom are kept busy and increase their contribution to this wasteful planet by the development of great ideas being resourceful. I was taught in the Military to take inventory of your resources and "adapt and overcome", this man is clearly employing all of his resources for a challenge and well intended purpose. He is amazing. I am thankful for his contribution to this planet and the positive influence on youtube. Thank you MR AW. God bless you sir and keep going.

  • Dirk Smit
    Dirk Smit 24 days ago +1

    Great recycle

  • Robin Hollingbury
    Robin Hollingbury 25 days ago +13

    all that hassle and all that toxic dust, for goodness sake just buy a new one.

  • Heide Hilbert
    Heide Hilbert 26 days ago

    To much work.

  • Lazaro Franco
    Lazaro Franco 26 days ago

    I was well focused on the project until the gloves came off and all could see were his hairy hands. Am I the only one wigged out?

  • Life Food Tech
    Life Food Tech 27 days ago +1

    Better donate this to someone and buy a new one. Save time and energy

  • Cathie
    Cathie 28 days ago


  • Marion Gerken
    Marion Gerken 28 days ago +1

    Wer eine besonders hässliche Lampe haben möchte ...

  • Martha Caldera
    Martha Caldera 29 days ago

    Thats to much work.

  • Fafar Cop
    Fafar Cop Month ago

    Пойду в IKEA, куплю светильник.

  • Eduard van Koolwijk

    why the nerve wrecking music ?

  • Linda Wheeler
    Linda Wheeler Month ago +1

    Go visit Goodwill..much more fun..

    • Linda Wheeler
      Linda Wheeler Month ago +1

      Sorry guy..I'm kinda poor and the tools, etc, I don't have..painting something is about the best I can do..If you're handy, then go for it!

    • Mr. Amazing Works
      Mr. Amazing Works  Month ago

      Thank for watching Linda Wheeler

  • Paul Gandesa
    Paul Gandesa Month ago

    Lots of effort but it does look good, and it is true recycling.

  • Patricia Gatley
    Patricia Gatley Month ago

    how many days must you scrub that thing?

  • hawa eee
    hawa eee Month ago

    Caption should read "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO TIME WISE" Cheaper and Better to just trash that 'ole beat up pot and get a nice new unused pot/pan set on Amazon.

  • Mona Lepcha
    Mona Lepcha Month ago +3

    Great job, keep it up..... 😊😊😊😊

  • Lisa
    Lisa Month ago

    Chemical C8 on old pots causes cancer (look up DuPont & C8). This is a great video & I appreciate the effort, but contact with skin/lungs/eyes can cause cancer & autoimmune diseases along with birth defects. C8 never breaks down in your system & can be passed through your DNA. Be careful.

  • Jim Coulter
    Jim Coulter Month ago

    Looks a lot better than some of that stuff in Home Depot!

  • MAC
    MAC Month ago

    Ganun palang gumatin ng achuete,jeje,, kabayan sobrang close nung camera sa object, baka mas maganda po kung ilayo niyo ng konte..😊

  • Saima Khan
    Saima Khan Month ago +3

    Omg what a talent very nice use old bartan i like it👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Cooking Museum
    Cooking Museum Month ago +1

    so so nice video