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MJF’s Reign of Terror Has Just Begun | AEW Dynamite, 11/30/22

  • Published on Nov 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Juan Oro-Barcenas
    Juan Oro-Barcenas 2 months ago +1193

    This is MJF at his peak. Mad props to this young man and his ability to gain nuclear heat in a short time.

    • kelbo sskii
      kelbo sskii Month ago

      @superdave not really

    • KingNick1004
      KingNick1004 Month ago +1

      I’ve been watching him since he was an up & comer in the Indy scene in Brooklyn. He was always great on the mic, skillful wrestler, and destined for stardom. Look at him now. So proud of him.

    • Xaliby
      Xaliby Month ago +1

      Can’t believe this is the last time we see william regal in AEW

    • Eric Nordrum
      Eric Nordrum Month ago +1

      He hasn't even reached his peak yet.

    • Alex Wangechi
      Alex Wangechi Month ago +2

      He's just incredible. He's the best thing in pro wrestling right now and already one of the greatest heels of all time.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Month ago +152

    If this was Regal's last Dynamite, what a way to go out. Perfect selling, perfect facial expressions.

    • Cloudy
      Cloudy 26 days ago

      And here I am month later and it’s officially true tho you probably know

    • Mason
      Mason Month ago

      Yeah go to the Hall Of Shame Regal hahahaha hahahaha

    • KingBurton HD
      KingBurton HD Month ago +6

      He's retiring? I don't get much into the politics of the business anymore. I rarely watch the show either. Really just watch for the goat MJF cuz I been watching him since MLW.

  • siphosam mahlangu
    siphosam mahlangu Month ago +331

    "Something needs to be done, about this piece of shit" Tony Schiavone always kills me when he gets heated about MJF😂😂😂

    • Hoshang Koul
      Hoshang Koul 18 days ago

      He's what JR was to Triple H 😂

    • hedge hog
      hedge hog Month ago +1

      william regal rip 2022

    • El-youtub3r
      El-youtub3r Month ago

      i hope tony is MJF next "victim" so to speak´, i so sick and tired of hearing him bash MJF like that every week. You're an announcer not another wrestler you old has-been!

    • Jeremy Hegg
      Jeremy Hegg Month ago +18

      I still remember cracking up at Bash at the Beach 1996 when he closed the show saying "Hulk Hogan you can go to hell, straight to hell"

    • Tony P
      Tony P Month ago +9

      I noticed everyone says Piece of shit in AEW. I'm just wondering if they eat that for breakfast.

  • Prxv 2599
    Prxv 2599 Month ago +138

    An entire 12 minute promo having great crowd control switching them from cheering to boo’ing him telling a great story with and amazing ending. MJF truly is amazing on the mic

    • Anthony 538
      Anthony 538 Month ago +4

      This is 10x better than the PG scripted promos “ You suck” 😂😂😂

  • One Winged Redhead
    One Winged Redhead Month ago +127

    One thing I love about the way that AEW upload their Clip-Share content is unlike other promotions, they pick a starting point that gives you all the context you need and show the material in its entirety. Makes me very happy as a UK viewer, meaning I can sleep well and then be just as caught up as someone who watched live! Love AEW, me xD

  • Ayush Chhablani
    Ayush Chhablani Month ago +23

    The reply by MJF to that email "The game has changed........" is God level. Hope this reign last long

  • J Williams
    J Williams Month ago +33

    The fact this was a 12 minute promo and kept the crowd in control while disrespecting them is legendary

  • Saul Badman
    Saul Badman Month ago +36

    Schiavone's reaction to the belt was absolutely glorious lmaooo

    • Kevin Budzinski
      Kevin Budzinski 5 hours ago

      "Blech! The Triple B sucks!"

    • ShaiVaughn
      ShaiVaughn Month ago +3

      “He has DESECRATED our title…. He has DESECRATED our title!” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Keaton Stemler
    Keaton Stemler Month ago +53

    Being that this event, it was truly a masterclass of villainy. As he walked out, we had to cheer him. I felt like I witnessed AEW history.

    • A really long and unremarkable generic user title.
      A really long and unremarkable generic user title. Month ago +1

      @Bolbii TP bitter and twisted!!

    • Bolbii TP
      Bolbii TP Month ago +3

      Yeah the WHOOLE world will be talking about it for centuries.
      Doctors, lawyers, business owners, celebrities and the LGBTQ will be talking about this during graduation ceremonies, bday parties, business conference meetings, presidential inaugurations etc
      MJF’s promo is a bigger event than NFL SuperBowl, MLB & NBA World Series, FIFA World Cup tournament and UEFA Champions League final combined

  • Ron. -JR- Fleener
    Ron. -JR- Fleener Month ago +36

    What a great segment in Professional Wrestling. Well executed.

  • SuperMarc281
    SuperMarc281 Month ago +86

    Brilliant promo. I was actually worried for Regal. He didn’t move for an age!

    • DrPowerBoy
      DrPowerBoy Month ago +2

      He’s English they have those guards with the tall hats that stand still lol

    • El-youtub3r
      El-youtub3r Month ago +14

      that because Regal is that good of a worker, that he knows how to sell a spot like that

    • John Skinnwr
      John Skinnwr Month ago +1

      Great on the mic but is this still wrestling or a soap opera his gone OTT now

  • Logan Meyer
    Logan Meyer Month ago +19

    It is actually very, very scary how incredible MJF is as a heel with what he can do on tv. Loved every second of it. The only thing keeping aew on the tv

  • Eric Rinehart
    Eric Rinehart Month ago +33

    This dude has my attention every time. This is a dude of wrestling. Best villain I've seen in a long time

  • Chou Levy
    Chou Levy Month ago +38

    Can we appreciate the fact that the lines on his suit are in fact "Better than you" written over and over again

    • Chou Levy
      Chou Levy Month ago

      @NYC_Goody 🤔 maybe appreciate a bit more again ?

    • NYC_Goody
      NYC_Goody Month ago +1

      What would you like us to do after appreciating it, sir?

    • stay true
      stay true Month ago +1

      @Matt H. Bit weird of a comparison and non sensical but ok.

    • Matt H.
      Matt H. Month ago +4

      @stay true so if someone shaves their head are they copying Stone Cold? Who cares if McGregor did it? Not everything that is the same is copying.

    • stay true
      stay true Month ago +3

      He just copied what Conor McGregor did in the ufc

  • MedranoTheLion
    MedranoTheLion Month ago +44

    It's well-known that eventually, Max will have to turn face, as much as he doesn't want to, but he's gonna keep it going for as long as he can, and I'm all for it. I'm genuinely a big fan of his work.

    • D Jackson
      D Jackson Month ago

      He can be a anti-hero like SCSA. A tweener if you will. Turning him face is not going to happen, his character will not work with him being a face. It will water him down and the fans will be put off, just like the fans were put off a face Roman Reigns

  • JosephDiEgidioIII
    JosephDiEgidioIII Month ago +23

    Regal's expressions are always great, from pride to disgust of what he's done when he cuts down Bryan.

  • Seals
    Seals Month ago +30

    MJF & a microphone just go hand and hand. I love his charisma & mic talent

    • Karl C
      Karl C Month ago +1

      MJF's heelish persona reminded me of HHH 1999-2001/2002-2006 heel era and JBL 2004-2005 heel era.

  • Michael King
    Michael King 2 months ago +302

    Brilliantly sold by Regal but what a damn hell of a promo! That was top tier stuff!!

    • Dramatik
      Dramatik Month ago +1

      @Vargas ....Scott Steiner?!

    • Vargas
      Vargas Month ago +1

      Lol He’s just a tiny little k!ke Scott Steiner rip off, with a bit of Bockwinkel mixed in....

  • Chris Van Vliet
    Chris Van Vliet Month ago +25

    That was one hell of a promo

  • KalvinEllis
    KalvinEllis Month ago +24

    "You are now in the era of MJF and my reign of terror has just began".
    And then the ratings came in.

  • Owen Loney
    Owen Loney Month ago +8

    Dramatic scenes in the ring as MJF takes to the microphone taunting the crowd and giving his opinions loud and clear ! MJF truly beginning a reign of terror against his AEW rivals !

  • Eddie Ash
    Eddie Ash Month ago +18

    “It’s funny, you said I had much to learn and yet you’re the one who made the deal with the devil”
    - Maxwell Jacob Friedman

  • Sabree Johnson
    Sabree Johnson 2 months ago +412

    This was a hell of a promo right here. MJF has been killing it as a heel in AEW for well over 3 years now. Plus, That's shot behind on Regal was Painful and Brutal. That's one way to get his Reign of Terror to a good start. I wonder what Triple H would think of that. And I Hope Regal will be ok.

    • Kingprez
      Kingprez 2 months ago

      @itsmequeenbee235 I agree is act is getting old , he thinks he is going to be like the TRIBAL CHIEF

    • itsmequeenbee235
      itsmequeenbee235 2 months ago +1

      In my opinion it was his worst promo even the crowd was chanting "boring".

    • I'mTHATJay
      I'mTHATJay 2 months ago

      @Jos Gor it's okay, we know you want to be different

    • Kingprez
      Kingprez 2 months ago +1

      U guys know MJF signed a extension with AEW , he is not going anywhere in 2024.

    • tonyg212
      tonyg212 2 months ago +1

      Just weird ya do that oh I hope he’s get better like he really got hit in the back of the head

  • Paul Watson
    Paul Watson Month ago +13

    The way he closed the segment with the whole email thing from about a month ago or so was perfect.
    Nice way to get Regal off tv and behind the scenes

  • Ethan Goldstein
    Ethan Goldstein Month ago +6

    MJF is the greatest promo in all of wrestling

  • Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood Month ago +5

    That was one of the best heel promos I’ve ever seen.

  • Redfirewolf23
    Redfirewolf23 Month ago +7

    I was so happy when MJF became champion and aligned him self with William but seriously this partnership only was for two weeks also never trust the devil himself MJF is my favorite

  • Elliott Brentnell
    Elliott Brentnell Month ago +12

    MJF is a freaking god on the mic

  • Job Gon
    Job Gon Month ago +6

    MJF is the real deal!!

  • C Morgan
    C Morgan Month ago +6

    Best segment I've seen in ages. Love it.

  • Graham Kavanagh
    Graham Kavanagh Month ago +1

    I could never boo this guy no matter what I love him too much great entertainer.

  • Gernarro Cole
    Gernarro Cole Month ago +3

    To be only 26 years old MJF mic skills are top tier with the greats

  • Madashell1200
    Madashell1200 Month ago +4

    This is the most interesting thing that's happening in wrestling right now.

  • LDN solja
    LDN solja Month ago +6

    This was simply amazing

  • MrPerceptiveReality

    This will be one of the most Epic Title Reigns of all time.

  • A. MirandaHSR
    A. MirandaHSR Month ago

    Even when he was insulting fans he was getting some cheers, I was expecting MJF to get usually booed but ending up cheered at points even if that's not the intention during his reign, the short time he was a tweener proved he can be a great face should he ever turn, but after the attack on Regal I don't think those mixed reactions will happen as fast as I expected them to happen, and seems he'll be the top heel until 2024 and beyond if he stays

  • Chris Caslake
    Chris Caslake Month ago +232

    The fact that he did a callback to a previous segment to wrap it all up is amszing. No one is doing stuff like that. His promos always make sense and have continuity.

    • Lord Galvatron
      Lord Galvatron Month ago

      @Vargas not really but cool story

    • Speedyreedy1218
      Speedyreedy1218 Month ago

      A la, HHH. He did all the time.

    • Marcel Ficoul
      Marcel Ficoul Month ago +1

      Finally, when you cried like a spoiled kid, you get what you want :)
      Stupid federation ... it's just Tony Khan managing the federation like a kid plays with his wrestling toys

    • Vargas
      Vargas Month ago

      He’s just a tiny little k!ke Scott Steiner rip off, with a bit of Bockwinkel mixed in....

    • KairosObjective
      KairosObjective Month ago +7

      How uncouth.

  • Anthony 538
    Anthony 538 Month ago

    I love watching wrestling meant for adults 🤟🤟

  • Daria James
    Daria James Month ago +1

    Now that he’s the champ I wanna see him face Daniels on,PAC,Kingston,and maybe Omega

  • D Franco
    D Franco Month ago

    Love how he brought HHH INTO THE MIX

  • TheICONreturns
    TheICONreturns Month ago +2

    Is no one going to mention the massive freaking FLY on MJF's shoulder? Like holy shit that thing is big and it's just sitting there on his left shoulder all willy nilly.

  • Xenosthewatcher
    Xenosthewatcher Month ago +4

    At the risk of kicking a hornets nest: MJF is in the top five greatest heels of all time.

  • Jose Neyra
    Jose Neyra Month ago +2

    Mjf will never surpass Bruno no matter what, not even Roman will surpass Bruno. Back in that time there was no one else to take Bruno's place!!

  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson Month ago +1

    I’m hyped for this title reign

  • PraiseThaDon
    PraiseThaDon Month ago +1

    MJF pushing the fan at the end 🤣

  • iSkittlezz
    iSkittlezz Month ago +1

    Shoutout to the fly on his shoulder. Dude was getting his 30 seconds of fame.

  • Spraymie
    Spraymie Month ago +5

    The only person keeping AEW going MJF 👑

    • Spraymie
      Spraymie Month ago

      @Anthony M
      One of the best wrestling stars to come out in the past 20 years easy and I’m sure everyone would agree on that

    • Anthony M
      Anthony M Month ago

      Absolutely false 😂

  • Gotta Be Frank
    Gotta Be Frank Month ago

    I am looking forward to the Reign of Terror.

  • bharath sivakumar
    bharath sivakumar Month ago

    MJF is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mark Frenzy
    Mark Frenzy Month ago

    I dig the new belt design.. it looks legit now

  • King Of1self
    King Of1self Month ago

    MJF is everything Miz supposed to have been

  • Zxphyr
    Zxphyr Month ago

    This going to be a good story line

  • Clasteau
    Clasteau Month ago

    Freaking brilliant ending by MJF

  • Liam
    Liam Month ago +1

    As so it begins MJF IS FIRE 🔥

  • enigmaticharisma
    enigmaticharisma Month ago +4

    15 seconds in and I'm already hanging on every word, this guy is an all timer. It's been such a pleasure watching him from the jump in AEW and I can't wait to see what's next for him

  • AllwayzeBrightCommon
    AllwayzeBrightCommon Month ago +553

    AEW don't screw this up. Keep the belt on MJF until 2024. Have him have legendary opponents and keep him at Nuclear Heat at all times. We need this type of personality in the industry

    • SRJR91402
      SRJR91402 Month ago

      I love how most every fool who posted a comment here are the biggest MJF mark's LMFAO...And for what reason? Honestly why are Y'all so fuckin' hot over MJF of all people? The bottom line is- he sucks, he can't wrestle for shit(hence why he's only just become AEW champion just now after how many years?...4? And just like Roman Reigns, Max is a pansy-ass little bitch who can't win a straight 1v1 match by himself without cheatin', so...that only says he's not really a real professional wrestler, let alone a champion) yet he's got the audacity to claim "there's no one on his level" LMFAO' MOX, Danielson, Omega, Jericho, Pac and Malikai Black are all well beyond ABOVE Max's level, both in the ring and on the mic and in a straight up 1v1 match, no cheatin' and no assistance, any of those guys I listed would destroy MJF with little to no effort like Brock Lesnar would have done to Roman in that 'last man standing' match if it wasn't literally 5 on 1

    • Knight Rider
      Knight Rider Month ago +1

      @Brandon Lawson I agree, years have certainly gone by fast after I turned 20, next thing I know I am in my 40's lol

    • Brandon Lawson
      Brandon Lawson Month ago +1

      @trahapace150 a year will go by fast. Theyll be fine imo

    • Knight Rider
      Knight Rider Month ago +2

      @Revenge of the Netherrealm I know, he is a total plum 😂😂

    • Revenge of the Netherrealm
      Revenge of the Netherrealm Month ago +3

      @Knight Rider dude, Chickens here is just all but, basically, what "his" name is. Nothing more, nor less.

  • WaltXander The GameKeeper

    Didnt expect the betrayal to happen immediately. Also, MJF named dropped so many people, yet not Reigns & Punk. He's certainly not the type to hold back in his promos. Makes me wonder if he's just saving that material for later.
    Also, its a little bit of a let down that his custom belt doesnt look like his diamond ring. That wouldve been perfect, having a belt with an appearance thats completely his. Instead of the same plates with a custom strap.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    The way he closed the segment with the whole email thing from about a month ago or so was perfect.
    Nice way to get Regal off tv and behind the scenes

  • Brian Cronise
    Brian Cronise Month ago

    There’s a big part of me that wants to see MJF get pressured into wrestling on Rampage and lose in his first defense…

  • Manny Myllamoto
    Manny Myllamoto Month ago +1

    Anyone else catch William throw in the pack of blood in his mouth when MJF picked up the title 😂

  • Shadow Wilson
    Shadow Wilson 2 months ago +75

    Mjf has personified himself as the greatest Heel in professional wrestling. The man himself has shown so much of a young age that he can do possibly anything to get what he wants and stabbing people right in the back. Let the reign of terror begin of MJF's era!

    • Home Of Tek
      Home Of Tek Month ago

      @jose sampaio 🤣

    • jose sampaio
      jose sampaio Month ago

      Well, the Miz took a 100 dollar bill from a child… That’s a heel right there.

  • SpicusMojificus
    SpicusMojificus Month ago +1

    Now if only they could get the rest of the show to be even a tenth this good

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith Month ago

    MJF is the prime example that you need more than just in-ring ability...AEW has a lot of good wrestlers, but the "Star Quality" aspect is lacking in a lot of them...MJF has that quality that borderlines casual fan vs smart marks.....he doesn't have the greatest in ring ability, but he can create excellent promos and build stories where ppl care about the matches....

  • luke kuehn
    luke kuehn Month ago

    Young guy on a heel title run carrying the company on his back? Yep, MJF is one special dude.

  • KairosObjective
    KairosObjective Month ago +236

    I love how they let this segment breathe right after MJF attacked Regal. More segments need that treatment instead of goin a mile a minute.

  • Bandy
    Bandy Month ago

    Well this definitely is a sign he is gonna at least hold it for a year

  • Adrian Soto
    Adrian Soto Month ago

    I really hate to see the union between MJF and Regal end so soon… it truly could have been a duo for the ages.
    But dammit, if MJF isn’t doing his damndest to truly be a despicable son of a bitch.
    You’ve gotta respect that determination.

  • Barry Green
    Barry Green Month ago

    Still a top heel working the crowd

  • Bob Grenier
    Bob Grenier Month ago +2

    MJF is a bad bad man. This dude is so unbelievable! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Pretty much the only reason I watch AEW.

  • Jonathan Coulson
    Jonathan Coulson Month ago +1

    He’s got a fly on his shoulder the whole promo 👀

  • The Sweet Science
    The Sweet Science Month ago +2

    "... and my other boy, "The Game, Trips..."

  • N00faysatallNoCrackersNoneofthatPeckStuff🤢

    11:32 1/2 was clapping because They thought the promo was finally over. The other half was clapping because it was boring. There is nothing special about the MJF.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Month ago +1

    Ladies & Gentleman we are now in the MJF era! 😈

  • S F
    S F Month ago +6

    There’s an art to heel heat nowadays and MJF is an absolute maestro.

  • Eddie
    Eddie Month ago

    Just imagine if Ric Flair just stay down and had a talk with MJF. MJF would be the greatest heel in history.

  • Jeffrey Larke
    Jeffrey Larke Month ago

    Yeah... This is Dope... MJF rocks with the Championship for some time, taking\beating all challengers... Reagal comes back later with a New Challenger and stretch this story out

  • Own Know
    Own Know Month ago

    *Either Kevin Sullivan or Josef Samael would be the perfect choice as a manager for MJF. I would've mentioned Jake Roberts, but I don't know if he's conditioned enough physically.*

  • lloyd sharpe
    lloyd sharpe Month ago +1

    MJF is so far above anybody else in AEW it's not even comparable. Wrestling is not about fake trampoline spots and how many stars Meltzer gives you. It's about talking smack and making it seem real. Ric Flair, Stone Cold. The Rock, Dusty Rhodes, Hogan weren't acrobats they talked you into believing they meant what they say. THAT is what wrestling is all about, not a fake looking "spotfest".

  • Pedro
    Pedro Month ago

    Such a shame on how the AEW treated Regal. They had a legend that could have saved this company slip through their fingers. This company is a complete joke

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero Month ago

    I hate MJF, but the end of that promo was fire. “Allow me to leave you with words you left me seven years ago…”

  • Edreon Shoals
    Edreon Shoals Month ago

    2024 is a little over year away. He could definitely hold the title for one full year

  • BigCountry13
    BigCountry13 Month ago

    I love MJF

  • Bob Grenier
    Bob Grenier Month ago

    Starks / MJF is gonna be a great match I think. Then at Revolution we're clearly getting Danielson / MJF. Beautiful

  • Rob Edwards
    Rob Edwards Month ago

    I text with my sister every Wednesday during dynamite and jokingly said, wouldn't it be funny if MJF turned his back on Regal.,. Then he did. Technically Regal turned his back haha. Aw love MJF. This kid is fucking great. Everything I wish I could've been but my demons and health kicked in. Carry the ball MJF!

  • Paul Batol
    Paul Batol Month ago

    Bruh, I was actually digging this duo

  • Christopher McCray
    Christopher McCray Month ago

    13:16 "Will, the game has changed."
    And is waiting for you to return next month.

  • Lamar West
    Lamar West Month ago

    Oh my goodness the stream of blood on William Regal.

  • AlwaysOnDeck
    AlwaysOnDeck Month ago

    That man's title run is as dead on arrival as Adam Page's.

  • KingOfThe850
    KingOfThe850 Month ago

    MJF is too good

  • luke kuehn
    luke kuehn Month ago

    I really hope Ethan Page wins the Diamond Royale Rumble and gets a push. I think he is criminally underutilized.

  • S P
    S P Month ago

    Its fitting that there was a fly was on MJF's left shoulder for the first part of his promo. All that self-tanner to feast on, I'm surprised he ever left.

  • DemonGrin
    DemonGrin Month ago

    If dynamite is devoting 20 mins of talking every week for mjeff plz keep it in the same segment every week so I can tune out until the wrestling show starts back.

  • Phillip Heaton
    Phillip Heaton Month ago +1

    Mjf is already the greatest aew champion

  • DreSaidSo
    DreSaidSo 2 months ago +94

    this is a certified aew classic

  • Young Chove 15
    Young Chove 15 Month ago +1

    This is 3 year storytelling from his signing in 2019

  • Rodney White
    Rodney White Month ago

    12:31. The moment we all came here for. You’re welcome, folks.

  • Bigtombowski
    Bigtombowski Month ago

    In shoot or in work, physically or on the mic, Regal could still body mjf tbf. MHF still very competent though

  • Adrian Constance
    Adrian Constance Month ago +2

    AEW handled this segment really well.....I especially loved the way Taz being a colour commentary lamented at MJF's attacks on Regal

  • Icematt12
    Icematt12 Month ago

    I just want someone to make his life hell. Think Stone Cold or DX. I don't mind him only wrestling at PPVs but he still needs some presence and frankly concequences.

  • Robbie Blue
    Robbie Blue Month ago +1

    I hear a little flair and a little rock in his cadence. He can talk

    • Scorsese Sneakercon Don
      Scorsese Sneakercon Don 16 days ago

      Gino Hernandez carbon copy ...but mjf is dope. That Hollywood comment he made sounds like what Gino used to say, maybe I go to Hollywood next