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I was FORCED to buy a Chromebook….


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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  4 months ago +934

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    • going home
      going home Day ago

      Because it's a dead-end every time you need to do something out of the ordinary. Then you will never find a suitable app. The best bet for all-around computer users is Windows and this will be the case for all foreseeable future. Admittingly sad, but this is a fact. To put it bluntly, everything else is for trivial work. The world would be so much better if there was a comprehencive tool to make software for all platforms at once or at least for the five most common. Such a tool isn't even hard to make - just time consuming. Many have tried, few are quite successful, yet no banana.

    • Buddy
      Buddy Day ago

      LINUSSS WHYYYY!!!. I've owned a couple of chrome books and personally, the Asus Chrome book C423N is an amazing chrome book, the best I've ever used and I have had mine about a year and a half and it's still amazing. Even if you aren't going for anything like that it pains me to see you buy that one you got for your son as I have used one of them and they are nowhere near as good as you can get for £300. Good video though

    • Japan mp4
      Japan mp4 21 day ago

      Funny thing is I have a windows laptop for school, and it is SO MUCH BETTER. Faster loading times, easy file management, practically one of the last windows laptops at my school since they are "upgrading" to chrome. I will treasure this laptop to the very end.

    • David Hancock
      David Hancock 29 days ago

      Linus you are great, from the UK.

  • BattMarn
    BattMarn 4 months ago +6927

    This video could very easily just be called “Linus figures out how to make his kid’s school laptop tax-deductible”

    • SeaMarie
      SeaMarie Month ago

      @Per Kroon Same here; my niece is only in 3rd grade, yet she gets a Chromebook, with a nice protective case, that she can take home with her. It's a Dell, and honestly doesn't look like a complete piece of garbage, which surprises me. She's very careful with electronics, so no problems there! Well ... at least until my dad accidentally broke the USB C end of the charger ... Lol! Luckily her teacher's super nice, and it was less than $20 to replace that.

    • Jason Moore
      Jason Moore Month ago

      Some schools provide the Chromebook if you don't have one or can't afford one you just return it after the school year

    • WonderLure42
      WonderLure42 2 months ago

      @Little Jackalo Correct. The fact that it’s required but not provided by the school is what makes it a write off.

    • WonderLure42
      WonderLure42 2 months ago

      If it’s required and not provided by the school, then it’s automatically tax deductible already.

    • Tasago
      Tasago 2 months ago

      with a sponsor

  • Yeah it’s me
    Yeah it’s me 3 months ago +1238

    to be fair the chrome books are REALLY good at what they’re built for. like if you’re basically just writing papers and researching and that sort of thing then it’s all you really need. i’m in college and i’ve been using one and it work perfect

    • EXODST
      EXODST 6 days ago

      I dont know if really good are the words, but cost effective maybe. Im so glad i bought a PC instead of playing asphalt 8 on my old Chromebook lol. I guess the Chromebook just didn't have what i needed for work so its just not for me.

    • Fun With Ariyan
      Fun With Ariyan 13 days ago

      @Remon i had a horrible ASUS and it couldn't even run pycharm so i dont think a chromebook can.

    • Hatchtopher
      Hatchtopher 16 days ago

      @Ethansackbot you just have to do a search for the caps lock key. :p

    • Hatchtopher
      Hatchtopher 16 days ago

      @RiseUpToYourAbility Most Chromebooks do fall under the $500 price point. Manufacturers make a $1000 model because there are consumers out there who believe that the more you pay, the better the product...which isn't always the case. It's called "prestige pricing," pricing a product higher than comparable competition to give the impression that it's a superior product. For $1000 you can almost get a different chromebook for every day of the week and they will all do a relatively good job at what they're designed to do. I am a Chromebook fan but I could never justify spending 4 digits on one. For that money just get a regular laptop (as long as it's not a Dell or HP) and upgrade your RAM. If its the Android OS that one is after, there's a glut of emulators out there which are free and of respectable quality.

    • RiseUpToYourAbility
      RiseUpToYourAbility 17 days ago +1

      Literally any computer can write paper and do research. That is why chromebooks make sense at the $500 and under price point. When they are charging $1000 for a chromebook, you have to be better than the competition. Being good enough is no longer good enough.

  • robert
    robert 4 months ago +252

    Imagine being the BestBuy employee watching Linus mess with every chromebook and then do his little freak out when the security alarm went off.

    • Pork C. Fish
      Pork C. Fish 26 days ago

      I took my Mom to get a Chromebook for her a few weeks ago. She set off all the alarms.

    • Unfortunate on blitz
      Unfortunate on blitz Month ago +11

      best buy employee: Linus, y r u in the chromebook section lol
      takes pic*
      this gonna be a meme

  • Robert Lamb
    Robert Lamb 3 months ago +111

    As a best buy employee, I was happy to see this and help me learn more about the Chromebooks, even though I generally avoid selling those unless the customer directly asks for it specifically

    • Robert Lamb
      Robert Lamb 3 months ago +5

      @pepsi cherry yeah i get the same thing, first thing i say is that it is a very limited computer without the Windows OS, but some people specifically need Chrome OS or just want it to browse the web

    • pepsi cherry
      pepsi cherry 3 months ago +15

      No joke but when I worked in retail and normal people were looking for a notebooks, I always did not recommend to buy Chromebooks. First they saw the price, it was lower than normal notebooks so they were interested. I did know these people had no idea it does not have Windows OS in it. To avoid the dissapointment and

  • Jonathan Pritchard
    Jonathan Pritchard 3 months ago +60

    I've been using a Chromebook for terminal-based dev work through crouton since 2015 (and the past 2 years through crostini). Low-end Chromebooks fill a nice and somewhat overlooked niche in computing. They trade compute power for absurd battery life (my previous 2015 Acer Chormebook was still getting 6+ hours after around 5 years of use). The $150 - $200 price tag makes me far less worried about taking it out and about where it could be damaged/broken/stolen. And at this point most all casual/productivity/school/work computing tasks are just done through a browser, so what used to be a restriction for Chromebooks really isn't much of one anymore.

    • Keifer May
      Keifer May 25 days ago +1

      @Tihomir Rasperic agreed on this! Once my Chromebook was end of life (no more software updates) I deleted Chrome and installed Gallium OS as my daily driver on that machine. It works great and it's something like a decade old machine now. I write C programs, Python scripts, run a BurpSuite proxy, and do relatively straightforward hacking CTFs and war games on it. You're not gonna be brute forcing stuff with huge wordlists on the ancient CPU with like no ram, but it works for my use cases. Can stream video and do whatever word processing, programming, and compiling that I need.

    • codedisciple
      codedisciple 29 days ago

      "Terminal-based dev work" could you elaborate more on what that entails? I'm very curious.

    • Tihomir Rasperic
      Tihomir Rasperic Month ago

      @k1lerbee replace the chromeos with some popular linux distro and the matter is solved

    • Jonathan Pritchard
      Jonathan Pritchard Month ago

      @k1lerbee They generally push security updates for around 5 years, pretty good for a sub $200 device.

    • k1lerbee
      k1lerbee Month ago

      do you still get security updates.. the fact that their an expiry on updates is the main reason discouraging me on getting a chromebook

  • nimoy007
    nimoy007 4 months ago +8445

    As a retail employee, it's good to know that the security alarms on Lenovo Duets are equally touchy in every store. -.-

    • Graysen beeb
      Graysen beeb 2 months ago

      Lol, high value item xD

    • random
      random 2 months ago

      @Aura The Draak L O L

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 2 months ago

      36 And anyone who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.” John 3:36

    • Dodge Gaming Official
      Dodge Gaming Official 3 months ago

      If there stealing one, just let them. They need it more than you

    • Shocknaw
      Shocknaw 3 months ago +1

      *breathes near duet*
      The alarm: SCREEEEE

  • Toxic
    Toxic 3 months ago +449

    I bought my mom a chromebook that can be folded into a tablet and runs pretty great for $150

    • Ganymede shipyards sfs
      Ganymede shipyards sfs 11 days ago

      @Shirley Coles-Griffiths I do not accept apology

    • Shirley Coles-Griffiths
      Shirley Coles-Griffiths 11 days ago

      i was going to get one but the person i was talking to said they break easyly if u bend it lots sooo..
      yeah not sure..
      Omg i made u scroll so far down sorry.....

    • Ganymede shipyards sfs
      Ganymede shipyards sfs 29 days ago


    • MineatomTR
      MineatomTR 2 months ago

      @Docn1ght you know his mom well I guess 😂💀

    • Overload Gaming
      Overload Gaming 2 months ago

      Sort of like mine I can fold mine back as well

  • HeyItsEvan
    HeyItsEvan 3 months ago +88

    In college, I worked for the tech department at my old high school, and the fixes for Chromebooks were SO easy compared to Apple and Window devices.

    • Sauer Crowd
      Sauer Crowd Month ago

      Besides the mainboard of a 150$ device decides to stop working good luck getting any data Form the emmc as still a lot of people dont write down their damn account data. Also hardware repairs for 150$ devices are just not worth it in the Most cases.

    • Jennej Jdkdjdj
      Jennej Jdkdjdj Month ago +1


  • ChrisHood
    ChrisHood 4 months ago +46

    my school started giving us chromebooks a year back. unfortunately, they took the lockdown of features to seriously. to the point where it is essentially unusable. i wish i could list examples but they disabled any way to view cpu usage or anything similar. they have keyloggers, software that can see every kid's screens, rumored to even have camera spyware. teachers can also connect to the computers and like take control of ur mouse or keyboard. they also have a custom play store that only has the microsoft products like office 365. they also go so crazy blocking websites that some of my teacher's stuff has been blocked. i do not touch mine lmao

    • Task Force 141
      Task Force 141 20 days ago +3

      This is why many kids don't take care of their chromebooks.
      The more restricted it is, the more the child will see it as just another "textbook" or cheap/disposable school appliance.
      Besides, if it gets trashed or broken, they'll give you another one since they're so cheap.

    • TyphoonSkip1982
      TyphoonSkip1982 Month ago +1

      good thing i live in a country that didnt care bout chromebooks. you could have a sick ass rig and you will be fine no problem

    • david fishwick
      david fishwick 2 months ago +2

      @Guten tag, DOOR STUCK! Omg.....how can ANYONE have a functional internet experience if 80% of sites are blocked? That's absurd. If my laptop could not access 80% of sites i just wouldn't bother!

    • Guten tag, DOOR STUCK!
      Guten tag, DOOR STUCK! 2 months ago +2

      oof for ours we can go to sites but like 80% are blocked so that's an L

    • Sega Megadrive
      Sega Megadrive 2 months ago +3

      You can literally block every website with our school's software, one person coildn't even access Google to research the topic

  • Nathyn Brendan Masters
    Nathyn Brendan Masters 3 months ago +78

    “If I wanted to spend MacBook money, I’d buy a MacBook.” I felt that.😆😆😆

  • J Dragonblade
    J Dragonblade 4 months ago +6230

    i like to imagine his son was horrified having to tell linus he needs a chrome book.

    • BeetleBuns
      BeetleBuns Month ago

      @Angus Meigh maybe if they stop using chrome os, but until then, NO. There is no foreseeable future where a chromebook is good.

    • Angus Meigh
      Angus Meigh Month ago

      Chromebooks might be good in the distant future. But at the moment and foreseable future they are cheap and nasty computers!

    • Nathan Gebreselassie
      Nathan Gebreselassie 3 months ago

      @Mike's Laser Stuff Couldn't survive one 30 yrs ago either.

    • Nathan Gebreselassie
      Nathan Gebreselassie 3 months ago

      @SoggyPeanut91 He wouldn't say "ugh" for a Mac. Macs aren't compatible with like, any games. And
      Linus is still a parent, he prob doesn't want his kid to play games in school. Plus, Macs are good for productivity.

  • real human
    real human 3 months ago +35

    When I was in somewhere middle or elementary school Google offered free chromebooks for the whole school, but only if they agreed that they could track student cookies… needless to say, it wasn’t allowed

  • Veradel97
    Veradel97 2 months ago +4

    I did four years of undergrad/grad school on just a chromebook. Honestly I thought it was great since I only needed it for surfing the web and writing papers on drive. The battery life was insane and it was very portable. Not to mention CHEAP.

  • Terry O'Fee
    Terry O'Fee Month ago +2

    I use a chrome box for work related stuff , and I’m honestly surprised google only really push this for business. Buying one for personal use is next to impossible.

  • Robot Justice
    Robot Justice 3 months ago +18

    This makes me miss my netbook. Lightweight windows 7, I think it had like an 11 inch screen, but man, I took that sucker everywhere. It did everything a glorified word processor appliance needed to do, and all for a quarter the price of the dead laptop it replaced.

    • Kyle
      Kyle 3 months ago +1

      both acer and asus still makes great small netbooks running windows. They are absolutely amazing and quiet, and only sips power like a smartphone

  • Roan O'Connor
    Roan O'Connor 4 months ago +2834

    Linus: "knowing that he's my son, he will probably forget his charger"
    Me: knowing he's your son, he will probably drop it after a segue to ridge wallet.

    • ilovefunnyamv2nd
      ilovefunnyamv2nd 4 months ago

      @Le Mau asked.....what? You can't make a sentence with only 1 word

    • Just A YouTube Commenter
      Just A YouTube Commenter 4 months ago

      @Le Mau Hotel: Trivago

    • Erich Toven
      Erich Toven 4 months ago

      @No Body Sure buddy. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

    • Erich Toven
      Erich Toven 4 months ago

      @No Body Im done with this conversation. So long buddy.

  • ChromaFox
    ChromaFox 3 months ago +5

    I remember back in 2009ish when Netbooks were a thing, then we got Ultrabooks, but after tablets ballooned and settled Chromebooks seem to have taken the Netbook slot of the market for simple and low cost notebook shaped devices and perfected it.

  • Aera Suna Channel
    Aera Suna Channel 7 days ago +2

    I can't complain about my Lenovo Duet. It does exactly what I bought it for, better than I could hope for and better than any laptop or PC

  • Kai Parkour
    Kai Parkour 3 months ago +1

    I used to have exclusively a chromebook before I got my Gaming PC. In order to do things like programming and some gaming, I used crouton at first. Crouton is great and I love how you can switch between ChromeOS and Linux quickly. However I ended up switching to dual-booting ChromeOS and Linux. I found a custom BIOS someone made for Chomebooks that allows you to boot from an SD card which ended up getting significantly better performance than Crouton

  • Jackal
    Jackal 3 months ago +5

    I was half expecting Linus to tear a Chromebook apart and sneak some extra tech into one XD

  • Beowulf tfsmartguy
    Beowulf tfsmartguy 4 months ago +2507

    Knowing Linus, his son will need something drop-proof.

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal 4 months ago

      lol well...um...yes. I'd hope he's not this much a cluts in RL. or he'd need padding all over the house!

    • ilovefunnyamv2nd
      ilovefunnyamv2nd 4 months ago

      @Darryl Jack I like those odds! Personally I lean more towards Linus. The only thing I haven't dropped is my education, not that there was much there to drop

    • Team TheEeveeLovers - TtEL
      Team TheEeveeLovers - TtEL 4 months ago +1

      @datingzone K This is a hot hardware discussion. Not a hot girl discussion.

    • thu trang hoang
      thu trang hoang 4 months ago

      @Chris aka Schulbus what

    • Haydenw86
      Haydenw86 4 months ago

      @The other John Smith even if I knew how, I probably wouldn't believe it. Normally resulted in swapping the top half at best and reducing it to a parts source if the lower chassis was damaged too. Used T420s go for the price of a low end entry level Chromebook where I live at least.

  • gimpalopagus
    gimpalopagus 3 months ago +14

    I kind of feel that if the school is mandating a certain make of product as expensive as a laptop, then they should be supplying that product to the students..

    • Solohelion
      Solohelion 26 days ago +1

      Same, I just assumed that was what was going on all along. Nobody needs computers in school.

  • DivineTarot
    DivineTarot 2 months ago +3

    I remember when I was in my Jr year of highschool, my school FINALLY ended up replacing all of their horribly underpowered Acer and Asus notebooks from the early 2010s, all running Windows 7 Starter. They bought hundreds of Samsung Chromebooks as replacements. Quite honestly, at the time at least, it was a big upgrade. I remember being annoyed that we couldn't use Microsoft office anymore, other than that they were so much better for school vs the underpowered windows PCs they used to buy. They made schooling tasks a lot easier. Fast forward to now, they're still using Chromebooks, most of which the ones they bought in 2015.
    Chromebook is definitely a good OS for a school setting. Other than that, I'll stick to my windows at home.

    • Frost_Glitch2.0
      Frost_Glitch2.0 5 days ago

      I feel this, my school had horribly underpowered hp streams for god knows how long and last year they were finally replaced with hp chromebooks, yet they still haven't let go of the streams,

  • procerator
    procerator 3 months ago

    Chromebooks have their place.
    Heck, I remember using 9" Acer Aspire One in university and it was kind of OK.
    Single core Intel Atom + 1Gb of RAM is pathetic by today`s standards but it was enough for programming back then.

  • Ansel Sirius
    Ansel Sirius Month ago +1

    Chromebooks are actually pretty good pieces of technology whether it be for office purposes, first time computer usage, or for school (schools typically provide them but they aren't that good that's why I use my own)

  • TheUnholyOne
    TheUnholyOne 4 months ago +4959

    "Why can't they just be good?"
    A great question, Linus. Truly great question.

    • John Ekow
      John Ekow 4 months ago

      @Shannon H. Doak Ed.D interesting

    • Shannon H. Doak Ed.D
      Shannon H. Doak Ed.D 4 months ago

      They are better than 👍

    • Shannon H. Doak Ed.D
      Shannon H. Doak Ed.D 4 months ago +1

      @John Ekow WOW, this isn't 2013 there are thousands of apps that work offline!. They also run Android apps that can work offline.

    • Tele Bubba
      Tele Bubba 4 months ago

      @robert campbell Looking at all these other comments, you are the first to get the jist of the question.🤣..........It's a sad day😞

    • Nishant Rajani
      Nishant Rajani 4 months ago

      @Artturi Stolt I mean you can do all that and more with 260 bucks. Just buy a refurb ultrabook and you can get better display an i5 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of ssd plus wayyyy better back-lit keyboard

  • Timo Kampwerth
    Timo Kampwerth 24 days ago

    "Why can't they just be good?"
    love the desperation on Linus's face :D

  • TornadoADV
    TornadoADV 4 months ago +4

    So sad how laptops have gone from a chance to have massive custom rigs with your own style and incredibly longevity....to bottom of the barrel chrome book clones that I remember making fun of with my IT class in college back in 2011.

  • Aeturnalis
    Aeturnalis 19 hours ago

    2:12 "New Windows laptops with MSRPs under $200 do exist, but the ones that we've seen come from less than reputable manufacturers..."
    Proceeds to show Best Buy website with a bunch of Asus and HP laptops for less than $200.

  • iPreston 2.0
    iPreston 2.0 2 days ago

    This video just serves to remind me how incredibly old I am. All I remember needing for school (yes even college) was a pen, pencil and a binder….😭😩

  • Phil T Kaswahl
    Phil T Kaswahl 4 months ago +962

    Son: "Dad, I need a Chromebook for school."
    Linus: "Our family has been dishonored. Shameful display! I mean, seriously, look at that picture quality, and those bezels. Eugh."

    • Norberto Pazzo
      Norberto Pazzo Month ago +1

      @Mut4ntG4m3r In italy to force something like this in public schools google would need to win a public contract against at least two or three other companies, pass a government inspection of the products and then someone ( the school, and so the government, or google itself) would need to pay for them. Never the school can force families to pay for a device (only if you intentionally damage school properties), you can bring any of yours if you want (and they can't lock it or force specific software on it and neither check it for games or inappropriate websites), but thats only if the school allows uses of personal computers, most schools just have one for class that projects on the wall and only teachers can use, and they usually use them just as a giant digital blackboard with paint and to register marks with any browser they find on the desktop

    • Mikko Rantalainen
      Mikko Rantalainen 4 months ago

      Duet 5 has OLED panel... it should be good enough for writing school essay.

    • Nicolas Rodriguez
      Nicolas Rodriguez 4 months ago

      ​@Nezzst Engruwuish

    • Nezzst
      Nezzst 4 months ago +2

      @Nicolas Rodriguez engrish

    • Mut4ntG4m3r
      Mut4ntG4m3r 4 months ago +6

      I still dont get that. Its actually possible for your schools to force the specific device of a specific company and you having to pay for it?
      Unless its a programming school for chromebooks, I dont see why you cant install chrome OS elsewhere.
      I doubt forcing a specific OS could be forced on pupils here

  • Sandore
    Sandore 3 months ago +1

    As a Best Buy/Geek Squad employee, I would rather be caught DEAD than selling a Chromebook to a sorry soul

  • Andre Croy
    Andre Croy 3 months ago +1

    This makes me so glad that my offspring are home schooled and have full gaming PC's lol

  • ThatRandomGamer
    ThatRandomGamer 3 months ago

    personally I really recommend the Acer Chromebook Spin 11. its durable, built in sylus, may be a bit slow but it can run games like minecraft (low shaders) pretty well without to much lag

  • Wizardscroll Games
    Wizardscroll Games Month ago +1

    Also interesting to point out that Chome OS is 32 bit not 64 bit even though it runs on 64 bit hardware. They intentionally use 32 bit to keep the memory footprint small. So ChromeOS really was made for inexpensive, low power devices from the very start.

  • Stephen Gere
    Stephen Gere 4 months ago +818

    Imagine walking up and seeing Linus setting off a Chromebook alarm.

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem 4 months ago

      Linus, ADS only!
      why you need him?

    • Madness Reborn
      Madness Reborn 4 months ago

      @pookey Is that so?

    • pookey
      pookey 4 months ago

      @Madness Reborn Well CLEARLY it *doesn't* suck...

    • A random doggo
      A random doggo 4 months ago +1

      That's me

    • Madness Reborn
      Madness Reborn 4 months ago +5

      @Internet Username You mean the timeline where a multibillion dollar company can strongarm an education system to force parents to buy the products of said multibillion dollar company despite it not being the best tool for the job? Why would you possibly say it sucks?

  • 林育任
    林育任 Month ago +1

    I bought a Chromebook about 7 years ago for 175 dollars and it's still usable as a backup PC. They are really good in durability, especially at that price.

  • SMuggi NOLA
    SMuggi NOLA 3 months ago +1

    Bought an Acer 713 at the end of 2020. i5, 8gb ram. Paid $530 for it. It's been serving me very well. I'm a teacher, and chrome does everything I need. All of the grade reporting and attendance tracking schools use are website services. I use chrome extensions and screen grab constantly for making work sheets.
    At home, I have an Asus Chromebox with the same specs. I use a dual monitor set up because I like having up to 3 tabs of material up and then one tab with a Google doc open so I can copy and paste to multiple materials onto to one Google doc. I'm far from a "power user", no programing or gaming. But for putting together lessons FAST, chrome definitely meets my needs.
    I eyeball nicer computers occasionally, but I can't justify upgrading anything I have because it works so well.
    My sister and another friend asked me for advice on what they should get for their work computers. They're in different fields (accounting and public health). My advice for them was to spend the money and get nicer macs or windows laptops. I was wary to suggest Chromebooks given the requirements of programs they might need to install and run for work. That their jobs couldn't be done completely webbased.

  • Escape Key
    Escape Key 2 months ago

    They are Linux-based, so they can actually be pretty useful in some occasions. None that I would use them for, though.

  • PianoMan 2018
    PianoMan 2018 Month ago

    I use them to write novels. I’ve lost information on Apple and Windows systems but NEVER one time on a Chromebook. Well worth it.

  • backslashio
    backslashio 4 months ago +1069

    Linus' son is one of the few where parents know exactly what they need to buy whereas other parents will most likely get one that only has 6 months of OS support left or have some ridiculously overpriced Samsung

    • Vilibuster
      Vilibuster 4 months ago

      hey what can I say I am a samsung fanboy

    • vondeliusc
      vondeliusc 4 months ago

      @NJV Artimations I bought a core i-7 HP workstation Elitebook 8570w for $200

    • boblox man
      boblox man 4 months ago

      @NJV Artimations on a similar note, my mum spent £900 on an i3

    • KUPOkinz
      KUPOkinz 4 months ago +1

      I am 27 years old and my parents are in their mid 50s. Both my laptop and phone were recently destroyed from a fire a week before Christmas and they got me a 2060 laptop and a new Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for a phone (giant tablet phone). I am lucky that growing up in the tech world, I managed to teach both of them what's good and how to read specifications. I love my parents!

    • Rajendra
      Rajendra 4 months ago

      @Possibly Probably just skip it lmao mans gotta eat

  • BSLprints
    BSLprints 2 months ago +1

    I just got a samsung chromebook 4 for $99 and am super impressed by it. Its snappy for every day tasks and I installed arch linux in the VM so I can build rawtherapee from source and do some fancy photo editing on my cheap laptop. Heck it even runs blender in the linux vm (though I wouldn't want to try rendering anything complicated)

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Linus said: is that CPU running at 100% with 720p youtube video, that's embarrassing 🤣
    Looks like that small laptop is struggling with youtube🤣

  • tomas achucarro
    tomas achucarro 3 months ago

    This method is perfectly working with my device. Great job. Keep it up.

  • PrimeTF
    PrimeTF 2 months ago

    "Well this is a good price"
    That line happens immediately before it shows the very laptop that I have for ChromeOS. The only reason I bought it was because of the price, and the only things I do on it are web browser based, like watching videos.
    Edit: Actually looking a little closer, it might actually be a different Acer chromebook. The hinges are ever so slightly smaller than my unit, and the rough plastic bezels imply that it's not touch screen like mine. And that's my primary reason for buying it, as a low budget drawing tablet.

  • Seth Cooper
    Seth Cooper 4 months ago +505

    As someone who is an IT support for 10 primary schools, at least half of my week is spent repairing, maintaining, and setting up Chromebooks for students. It's so painful.

    • redmanticore
      redmanticore 4 months ago

      and, you know, kids break stuff wrestling with each other, so you don't want to give them too expensive computer.

    • ilovefunnyamv2nd
      ilovefunnyamv2nd 4 months ago

      @Chris N cost is a major factor, whether the school is expected to supply the hardware, or the family is expected to.. the device can't be 'out of reach' for the students/district. and individual windows licenses are going for....$100 officially?

    • David Folsom
      David Folsom 4 months ago

      @thesmashtvnetwork that's just.. not true at all. The most expensive repair would be macbooks which some schools have used in the past. Like it's not even close.

    • Dave102693
      Dave102693 4 months ago

      @Jonathan Lam or just ipads

    • Dave102693
      Dave102693 4 months ago

      @ethan socrates no

  • Lee H
    Lee H Month ago

    I've had a chromebook as my main laptop since 2015 and it has served me well. Granted, I do not have a use for anything more than what google has to offer, so it works out well. Google stopped support for this thing around september of last year. I JUST installed Gallium on it and it has breathed new life into this old machine. I wish I would have done this years ago!

  • Greg L
    Greg L 4 months ago +1

    So long as it has 8GB of ram, you can convert it in to a decent linux machine at the end of its Chrome life which remember is only 5 years. Upgrade the SSD to 128GB and you're good to go. My linux ex-chromebook has 4GB non-upgradeable, so watch out for that. It works but....4GB is 4GB. There's no way around that performance hit as applications soon run in to virtual memory and major slowdown.

  • Adrian Chapmanlaw
    Adrian Chapmanlaw 29 days ago

    Love our 14inch chromebook. It works fine, sure it's not super fast but the low price and silly long battery life means if it does get broken it's not the end of the world.

  • Don Smith
    Don Smith Month ago

    I love chromebook, been using one for years. I currently have one with 8gb of ram and an AMD Ryzon 7 with Radeon graphics. It's a lightweight portable beast and does everything I need, including seamless Steam link gaming from my home desktop sometimes. I love it. I'm not a hardcare gamer so I don't use it much for that but for browsing the web and watching youtube, it can't be beat

  • Poison Empress
    Poison Empress 4 months ago +1184

    Linus' son is lucky to have a tech savvy father who knows exactly what to look for in these things, makes using a Chromebook a lot smoother that way. But I feel old when a kid is taking a laptop to school, not a laptop in sight in my schools until my final two years lol

    • stephen meinhold
      stephen meinhold 3 months ago

      laptops and computers didnt even exist when i was in school and the ones that did exist outside had a green screen and were text only.
      i dont think anyone has seen such a leap in progress re tek in such a short lifespan as those born in the 50s in less than 50 years the landscape has totaly changed.

    • Keegan Unick
      Keegan Unick 3 months ago

      @R H also the school provides chrome books for all students but if you already have one you can bring it

    • Keegan Unick
      Keegan Unick 3 months ago

      @R H I’m a sophomore now and it’s an instant write up and it gets taken away if we pull our phones out lmao

    • Tesser Link
      Tesser Link 3 months ago

      tell me about it, i remember the day my school stopped accepting floppy disks for projects and started using flash drives.

    • Simon Bauer
      Simon Bauer 3 months ago

      i now use my android tablets for shool but taking my laptop to it? no. just too heavy and hot. for university where i will be dealing with vms and stuff yes but for normal shool work? no thanks my tablet has enough power for that

  • Archer18sm
    Archer18sm 3 months ago

    What I thought was funny with mine is it had more RAM then SSD. It had 8 GB of ram and only 4 GB of SSD. I asked an admin and they said they only pay $80-$90 per chromebook, depending on the model, even lower if it was used by a different school before.

    • Archer18sm
      Archer18sm Month ago

      @B0L1D it only had chrome. nothing else. there was 400mb or less left i forget

  • Marcus tillman
    Marcus tillman 4 months ago +2

    You should use a old laptop and install chrome os with “Could Ready”.

  • Decline
    Decline 2 months ago

    Also worth mentioning the unparalleled security baked into chromebooks.
    Startup code not from ChromeOS's code tree? Oh no! *reinstalls kernel real quick*

  • nin6246
    nin6246 3 months ago

    Chromebooks used to be decent and at fair cost when they first started entering the market. I remember getting one with an 11.6" matte screen that could stream HD video from Clip-Share for $150 or $200. It also had an SD card slot (the HORROR!).

    • space001
      space001 29 days ago

      I want glossy screens

  • Gwen Ward
    Gwen Ward 4 months ago +285

    I feel like this Chromebook requirement might lead to Linus having some opinions to share at the PTA meeting

    • Harry S
      Harry S 4 months ago

      @Zyt L This. It has more to do with parents wanting their kid's to have their own individual chromebooks and not ones that may have been shared with other kids/touched. It's a covid precaution type situation.

    • Zyt L
      Zyt L 4 months ago +3

      @Justin 3 Maybe there was an option to buy your own Chromebook and Linus opted for that.
      In that case, not only would Linus have gotten his son a better chromebook he also had an opportunity to make a Clip-Share video.

    • Justin 3
      Justin 3 4 months ago +15

      @Zyt L sure, but either way the school should be providing them themselves. Why should I have to pay for something that they will claim software ownership over and lockdown beyond my control?

    • Zyt L
      Zyt L 4 months ago +15

      Linus understands that chromebooks are cheaper to acquire for kids to use in school.

  • Adrie N.
    Adrie N. 20 days ago +1

    I love my Chromebook. easy to set up. great for school 🎒 as far as gaming I would NEVER game on a chrome book there built for simple uses. I wanna build a PC for that. BUT I have to take my finals on my mom's windows laptop. so that's the one drawback. but not every class has a final exam so it works out.

  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 3 months ago +1

    I have a Duet and a Pixelbook Go, and I can't lie, I love them both. I don't use them for much of anything other than some browser based work, watching Clip-Share, and things like that, but they're so much better than what Chromebooks used to be.

  • Caffeinated Bladesmith
    Caffeinated Bladesmith 2 months ago

    As a nontraditional college student I can understand the appeal of a cheap chromebook; it's portable and allows you to create a work/study space that is separate from the rest of your life/temptations. What isn't so great is compatibility, as I've had to default back to my desktop for several classes. I'm taking a spreadsheets class and found out from the instructor that chromebooks can't run the full version of excell, which we need the functionality of for most of our assignments. iNaturalist has been a buggy experience as well, but I'm thankful that we've only used it once so far in wildlife ecology. Last semester I took microbio and, once again, had to go back to the desktop in order to run the lab simulations which made up most of our grades.
    I understand that chromebooks work well for a class that is built around everybody having one, like a middleschool or highschool class, but the fact that they are marketed to students in general is shady. If I didn't have another computer already, purchasing my chromebook would have been a waste of money. If I didn't already have a desktop, or couldn't afford to purchase a 2nd computer, I would have been left with the options of driving to the school that I'm taking FULLY REMOTE classes in so I can use their computer lab, or dropping 2 classes without a grade, while having lost $200. I understand that I should have looked into compatibility beforehand, but this is unacceptable.

  • Harry Michaels
    Harry Michaels 13 days ago

    As someone who finished primary school (or grade school for the rest of you) a few years ago I can confirm that chrome books took over the education and I wish that I could’ve had a windows laptop so bad.

  • Finch Hawthorne
    Finch Hawthorne 4 months ago +717

    The issue with school issued or required chrome books and iPads that a lot of people who grew up with the one computer in the back corner of the library or who got a laptop for accessibility don’t clock is the ridiculous oppressive restrictions and surveillance placed on “education” software. Time locks and software restrictions on something you’re forced to buy that remain restricted and may even remain attached to their network long after you should leave it.

    • redmanticore
      redmanticore 4 months ago +1

      linus should test some old games like quake3, cs 1.6 warez version, etc., when he tests. those are the games you use on school computers. so lightweight, they'll work on anything.

    • Nigel Smith
      Nigel Smith 4 months ago

      @David Folsom Thanks for the perspective, I've mostly done after the fact repair. For me personally, I've seen where it's not been required, but then principals or admins request the per device install anyways because of their personal filtering wants. That, and parents who'd choose to have a filtered school computer rather than protect their own network. I could certainly have conveyed the filtering level better though

    • David Folsom
      David Folsom 4 months ago

      @Nigel Smith FYI, having setup the network for a few schools, that requirement is on the school's connection side. IE they have their network locked down. the individual computer does not require it AT ALL. They usually install something on the local machines as well, but it's not required.

    • Dave102693
      Dave102693 4 months ago

      @Jeremy Davis shouldn’t the kids be given a school district issued Google account?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 months ago

      ​@hzuiel I was careful to put two modifiers before calling it Orwellian but ok.
      I called it that because there doesn't seem to be anything to keep this in check. It won't go out of control immediately unless an individual abuses the power of the software, however, this contributes to people growing up without any privacy and the normalization of that. Further, the information the schools are sticking their hands into is really tempting, especially with the shooter problem. If schools can stop these "incidents" before they even happen, who could complain about losing a little privacy?
      While it probably won't happen this way, we'd be foolish to dismiss it entirely.

  • StupidJuice
    StupidJuice 21 day ago

    Right now, I'm in middle school. And yes these are absolutely littered around My school. They do what they were designed to do, but I am very jealous of the one your son has.
    Ours don't have a touch screen and turning display. It's those metallic painted plastic ones.

  • Garrison Simms
    Garrison Simms 3 months ago +6

    I needed something to take notes with in college after my Surface Pro 2 died and I picked up the Acer 14 for $180, with two USB ports AND an HDMI port with full metal body. 7 years later and its probably the best piece of tech I've ever bought. The battery life is starting to fail but there's a whole website that sells Chromebook parts so I'm just gonna do a quick swap myself. 9/10 would definitely buy again.

    • rocckd
      rocckd 16 days ago

      @qgame they are 200 usd and new software

    • qgame
      qgame 17 days ago

      @rocckd why tho. If it is sufficient for their use case there is no sense in upgrading. You cannot even bring up more efficiency because these super low end machines do mot draw virtually any power anyway.

    • rocckd
      rocckd 17 days ago

      bro buy a new laptop

  • David Luis
    David Luis 3 months ago

    had a chromebook acer 14 from 2017 till last summer and it was great. i just wrote the occasional word document, made presentations from time to time and handled netflix and youtube very well. for 200£ release price , 5 years of software support is great

  • Kevin Arzola
    Kevin Arzola Month ago +3

    I cruised through college on a chromebook. It’s the best student computer I’ve ever had tbh. Everyone else would struggle booting up and with updates.
    Mine would fully power up in like 2 seconds

    • Kevin Arzola
      Kevin Arzola 17 days ago

      @RiseUpToYourAbility definitely not the same. I have a MacBook right now and it was nowhere close to the boot up, battery life or even charge of a chrome book. Not to mention the price.
      MacBook is the superior computer for sure. Does more things. But for someone simply note taking and studying, a chromebook simply can’t be beat

    • qgame
      qgame 17 days ago

      @RiseUpToYourAbility to be fair you can only do that if you also own an iphone and you can do that on windows too. It is just definitely less smoot and intefrated than the apple counterpart

    • RiseUpToYourAbility
      RiseUpToYourAbility 17 days ago

      Same with a macbook. Plus you get all your messages synced between your phone and computer. You can also airdrop files between your phone, computer, and tablet easily. You can use your ipad a second monitor. When it comes to anything being in the apple ecosystem is infinitely better. The chromebook has price on their side, which is why $1000 chromebooks baffles me. Why would you not just buy an macbook air at that price?

  • Yossarian Dunbar
    Yossarian Dunbar 4 months ago +1514

    It's worth mentioning that with Chromebooks, Google has made owning a laptop a possibility for millions of kids who would otherwise have no access to this sort of tech (or who's parents would have to make significant sacrifices to buy one). You can knock them for being cheap and flimsy or restrictive, but that's missing the point. These aren't for us (global) 1%ers who are blessed enough to be able to snort derisively at a product because it would lose in a top-trumps style spec-off with whatever we use to procrastinate our working days away. There are countless children who will use cheap Chromebooks to access educational materials and learn in a way that they just wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Thanks Google.

    • σ
      σ Month ago

      thanks Linux community, not Google

    • SP
      SP Month ago

      @Staringcorgi6 Better than Chrome OS

    • Staringcorgi6
      Staringcorgi6 Month ago

      @SP but there’s an issue it’s on windows

    • Liam White
      Liam White Month ago

      I see where you're coming from, but what kid is going to want a laptop when it's locked down so hard that all you can do on it is School work? I know they're super easy to hack and I know of some kids who've done it, but most kids aren't smart enough to do that. Is it easy for kids to get laptops with Chromebooks, oh yes absolutely. However, I don't necessarily think this is what the kids want.

    • azak.gaming
      azak.gaming 2 months ago


  • TheGittlebass
    TheGittlebass 3 months ago

    ive been using the acer c720 since it released and it still works today as well as the day i got it, other than the hdmi port died. for searching the web and doing basic browsing tasks its a great value

  • Kent Hambrock
    Kent Hambrock Month ago

    Personally, I do development on Chromebooks and the long battery life and lack of a fan/enough heat to need a fan on the ARM processor models is what really sells me.

  • Carsynagen !
    Carsynagen ! Month ago

    I was in high school from 2016-2020, and my Chromebook made it through all 4 years. It cost me $150, and although it was on its last legs by the start of the pandemic, it was really good at what it did. It ran google drive, youtube, didn't get too hot, was drop safe, and had a REALLY long battery life, even after over 3 years. So I can say, especially to students, having a Chromebook is a great investment, if u want a nice PC, don't waste money on a laptop you do not need.

  • Shawn Rowe
    Shawn Rowe 3 months ago +3

    I've had multiple Windows laptops since I was 14 (now 22). I recently decided to save some money and get a Chromebook instead because all I do on my laptops is surf the web. I look at youtube, I shop, do my banking, etc. I don't need all the extra sluggishness from Windows OS. I love my HP Chromebook. It's fast, simple, and easy to use. I might not ever buy another Windows laptop

    • Norberto Pazzo
      Norberto Pazzo Month ago

      Well, you use a computer like a smartphone, you would probably be ok either with a phone + dock, like the samsung dex one.

    • Shawn Rowe
      Shawn Rowe 3 months ago +2

      @MetroGamerKnight I mean if you need to do office work or you like to play games, then a PC is better. But if you're just using your laptop to browse the internet 99% of the time, it's better to just save your money and get a Chromebook

  • JudeOnAir
    JudeOnAir 4 months ago +664

    imagine being a fan of Valve games, waiting 18 years since the release of HL2, and then finally seeing mention of the word Borealis in an official Valve project… and it’s just Chromebook compatibility

    • CrimsonWolf
      CrimsonWolf 4 months ago +1


    • IronIsKing
      IronIsKing 4 months ago +6

      @blue bay Sex

    • blue bay
      blue bay 4 months ago +19

      Valve is just trolling us at this point.
      Wait, when did they not troll us?

    • slighter
      slighter 4 months ago +23

      POV: After you finished HL2, you conceived new life, raised it and got it into College before actually getting the sequel.

    • pointy
      pointy 4 months ago +6

      @Salil Naiskar ***pain***

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner Month ago

    I’ve used a chromebook for Years now, and while the lightweight OS helps long term and having Android Apps, not All the apps made it on there (which boggles my mind)
    I’ve seen people with Larger Tablets, and even your guys covered a few recently.
    What is Google going to do Chrome and Android? Are they ever going to be just one? I feel like Samsung’s recent Large Tablet is a better tale on a Chromebook, and even comparing Dex to Chrome would be interesting

  • Charles Plan
    Charles Plan 3 months ago

    the amount of time it must take to plan out the segways to the sponsors

  • Akhil Shankar
    Akhil Shankar 3 months ago

    You could have installed chrome os in a laptop. Many modern laptops do support these without any hiccups. You have a 32 bit as well as a 64 bit version of chrome os available for installation from chrome's website.

  • Jeffery KL5L
    Jeffery KL5L 2 months ago

    I'd love to see chrome flex Os on a framework laptop

  • Chouci Vang
    Chouci Vang 4 months ago +637

    I'm happy that Linus understands the B.S. with "premium" Chromebooks.

    • Larry
      Larry 4 months ago

      @Prince Cooper Forgot to mention that CrOS is much more secure and who the fuck wants to deal with Windows?

    • oku
      oku 4 months ago +2

      @Prince Cooper The main reason I bought one was for the lightweight OS and boot times, which Windows is atrocious for. I only had plans to use it for development, and one with sufficient specs popped up at a really cheap price. Unfortunately, their implementation for enabling custom keyboard layouts is horrendous, and doesn't work period inside their Linux container, making the device practically useless to me. I did try to get a refund but the retailer required 20% from the initial buying price, so I'm looking at installing a lightweight Linux distro to replace ChromeOS.

    • Alistair Brown
      Alistair Brown 4 months ago +3

      @Johan Antonissen I wonder how many users bought one JUST for the great battery life. As I understand it, high-end Windows laptops are improving-slightly-but-still-poor in this regard, compared to Macbooks and Chromebooks.

    • Lord AB
      Lord AB 4 months ago

      @Larry last year I had to live a couple months with a 2gb laptop so linux with a tiling window manager was my only option, and I loved every second of it, even now with very performant laptop I'm still using that setup.

    • Johan Antonissen
      Johan Antonissen 4 months ago +8

      @Larry indeed, Im also a high end chromebook user and i love it. the reason i went for chromebook is the linux integration and the fact that i find windows an absolute pain to work with. Chromeos is nice and elegant. And its also super easy to deploy some containers, code some stuff and dont forget it has amazing battery life. For quite some time i debated to buy a macbook but I like to stay in the google ecosystem because i have a house full of google home products and a pixel phone (and soon a pixelwatch). I think a premium chromebook as main driver is something that is done by people that would choose to use linux as their default OS but also likes to have the convenience of being able to run default apps without the hassle.

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller 2 months ago

    I bought an Acer R11 chromebook back in 2015 or so and it still runs great 7 years later. Best "laptop" I've ever owned actually.

  • Scarab
    Scarab Month ago

    I would constantly and consistently make life a living hell for school administrators if they made those kind of hardware demands. Admins deserve no mercy from parents, never be kind. They don't deserve it for the "work" they're doing.

  • *•Javier - Kun•*
    *•Javier - Kun•* 3 months ago +2

    It's not such a bad thing either, I have a chromebook and I love it, it's very useful! 😐

  • Lisa Condon Nason
    Lisa Condon Nason 3 months ago +1

    i personally love apple but i have my asus c223n Chromebook (2019) for almost 3 years and im a hardcore user editing videos taking notes and social media streaming i charge it for 2 hours and get about 7 hours of heavy usage out of it which gets me thru the day. i paid 300 dollars when it first came out and tbh i have no regrets so this vid makes me kinda angry and sad

  • Brandon Sullivan
    Brandon Sullivan 4 months ago +562

    I knew watching an LTT video there would be some sort of gaming on a Chromebook

    • Vikram Sarkhel
      Vikram Sarkhel 4 months ago +2

      They've been posting this shit on alot of LTT videos for a while. Just report the bots and move on, eventually they'll get banned.

    • Rodrigo TM
      Rodrigo TM 4 months ago

      How did these bots got here?

    • Blackraven
      Blackraven 4 months ago

      I should've seen that coming.

    • SpaceRanger
      SpaceRanger 4 months ago

      Until they hack an Xbox to run PC games then ehhh

    • Brandon Sullivan
      Brandon Sullivan 4 months ago

      @huntsman710 smh, never had this happen before

  • Levi 11!
    Levi 11! 13 days ago +2

    0:17 someone who actually agrees with me that chromebooks suck…

  • That Developer Guy
    That Developer Guy 3 months ago

    Let me think of a list of companies that I trust even less than Microsoft to develop an OS

  • J Smith -jadynsgames dot com fan-

    Chromebook is actually amazing for education.
    My school gives out the touchscreen asis model.

  • Seth Steiner
    Seth Steiner 15 days ago

    The one at 3:00 is the one I have. I agree it has no ports, and frankly the keyboard on it might be the worst I’ve ever had the displeasure of using. Thankfully, my school provided Chromebooks for our use, and the ones they gave out have better keyboards, but the speakers are trash and it’s a bit too small.

  • Dusty S
    Dusty S 4 months ago +589

    I remember seeing Chromebooks with Core i7 processors in them. Kind of overkill, like, very very overkill, unless you plan on hacking it and installing a different operating system on it. 🙂

    • groszak1
      groszak1 4 months ago

      Every single processor starting with Intel Core 2 has been overkill. It's just that bloated software has deluded users into thinking they need more processing power, which in turn leads to even more bloated software. Text rendering is the worst offender of bloat.

    • ilovefunnyamv2nd
      ilovefunnyamv2nd 4 months ago

      an i7 processor doesn't mean anything, they got 2core i7s that are undervolted and underclocked. I was quite disappointed with my company laptop for that reason. the previous generation i5 devices we had were much more powerful

    • Chocoretto
      Chocoretto 4 months ago

      @Michael Pirrone What's the TDP of the i5 in the chromebook?

    • vmannn
      vmannn 4 months ago

      i used to use ubuntu on mine back in 2014 lasting for like 3 years until they sadly patched the dev mode so i couldn't do anything ._.

    • ThroughFallenEyes
      ThroughFallenEyes 4 months ago +2

      @Brandon Watkins Currently on a 2015 Chromebook Pixel LS (i7, 16 gigs of ram, 2560x1700 colour accurate touch screen, and a fantastic keyboard). Love this thing as a second machine for web browsing/media consumption, light photo editing and any work involving spreadsheets or word processing due to the added vertical screen height. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. It was my main computer during university :D

  • Chris C
    Chris C 22 days ago

    I got an Acer 15.6 inch screen 4GB/ 32GB Chromebook for my mom about a year ago and it's not only 1080p but the viewing angles work great. No problems for viewing videos, email, documents, etc. Fantastic buy at 300 and now it's even less.

  • James Baik
    James Baik 2 months ago

    To be honest I was a chromebook hater for a long while, but after I built my gaming pc I desired something mobile. Got the cheapest chromebook I could get from microcenter, then installed linux apps on it using the beta and all I can say is wow. If you don't need to game, then chromebook is just far easier and cheaper.

  • Super Butter
    Super Butter 3 months ago

    I bought this same chromebook earlier this year, flex 5i 4gb ram. I have managed to dual boot using the micro sd card slot with a 256 gb sd, running Manjaro. Wayyy better than Chrome OS.

  • Meming with Jacques
    Meming with Jacques 4 days ago

    Chromebooks are so bad I suspect they might just be a money laundering front for some other less than legal things that Google might be doing.
    (I don't have any examples but that's how uninterested they seem about improving these things)

  • Jacob T
    Jacob T 4 months ago +275

    Only Linus would measure the CPU temp of a chrome book while it’s playing a Clip-Share video while in Best Buy.

    • ilovefunnyamv2nd
      ilovefunnyamv2nd 4 months ago

      its the least demanding typical use case. believe it or not we've had some really craptastic laptops in the past, that had basically no cooling. they were under the keyboard / trackpad and would heat up enough to be uncomfortable to touch.
      Alternatively we had a lot of bottom vented only laptops, which just suffocated if you didn't put them on a tabletop. No resting it on your thighs either...
      Those were the dark days, now you only hear about that when something catches fire or its a gaming laptop with an honest to goodness graphics card installed.

    • Chad
      Chad 4 months ago +6

      i used to download game demos and burn them on cds at best buy LOL cause my internet was shit

    • Lewis Lu
      Lewis Lu 4 months ago +7

      tried that on a bunch of windows laptops myself lmao

    • Jacob T
      Jacob T 4 months ago +1

      @Joel yeah😂

    • Joel
      Joel 4 months ago +49

      It's funny because he is doing that not as a youtuber but as a parent 😂

  • Md.Abdulla Al Waily Khan Chowdhury

    I miss those time when I had to force my parents to buy a Windows Laptop.

  • German Outdoors
    German Outdoors 2 months ago +1

    Well i love chromebooks. on my desktop i still have an full blown OS, but on my mobile device (notebook) i love to have chromeOS installed because i dont have to manage the device at all. Its just safe and runs flawlessly, its cheap with a stunning batterly life.

    BIGDOGGO69 2 months ago

    imagine being his son. it would be sick for linus to drop you a school

  • Mason Muer
    Mason Muer 3 months ago +2

    Love that I'm watching this on my brand new chromebook

  • Hayami Takahashi
    Hayami Takahashi 4 months ago +310

    Chromebooks actually do make sense for schools. Cheap 'individual unit' prices mean even cheaper bulk purchase prices, and with ChromeOS's deplopyment options, it means that these machines are pretty easy to set up and manage from an IT technician's view.

    • Ziegeri
      Ziegeri 3 months ago

      @Monsuco well maybe every school should be funded equally, it would still be a drop in the ocean compared to trillions poured in warmongering. Healthcare I do understand, since free or cheap Healthcare should be a basic human right along with equally good education no matter what your background is.

    • Monsuco
      Monsuco 3 months ago

      @Ziegeri America funds education primarily through state & local governments while defense is a federal matter per the US Constitution. Less than 8% of overall K-12 funding comes from the federal government. Combined federal, state & local spending on education exceed spending on defense. Defense isn't even the largest item on the federal government's budget, elderly care programs are with Social Security and Medicare dwarfing defense spending.
      Put simply, no, cutting defense wouldn't fix education because it isn't even the federal government that is responsible for education.

    • Monsuco
      Monsuco 3 months ago

      @Alexander Our workaround to that problem has been to use what is essentially remote desktop. We have a cloud service provider who can give them remote access to a Windows desktop with Adobe CC and programming tools.

    • Ziegeri
      Ziegeri 4 months ago

      @Monsuco Most countries could just take 0.0001% off from their military budget and with that they would not have money issues to get proper tools for students.

    • some guy
      some guy 4 months ago

      @Gary Clouse unfortunately the truth is Microsoft office is still malware but what else is new I guess.

  • UberMan5000
    UberMan5000 26 days ago

    Man, I remember when I was in school, and we learned on Macintosh Pluses and LC 520's. Where are today's kids going to get the experience of playing Banzai, or hiding their files in massive, sprawling folder mazes?

  • Jakeypoo92
    Jakeypoo92 Month ago

    For any network admins watching this video that have Chromebooks at their schools, please be sure to disable inter-station traffic on your network.
    Chromebooks love to talk to each other, which is fine when you have 3 at home, but when you have +1000 at a school deployment, that often causes what is basically a broadcast storm that shoots the CPU on your APs through the roof, causing processes like handling wireless traffic to become backlogged.
    a frustrated wireless support technician ♥

  • Brian Power
    Brian Power 3 months ago

    I'm a big fan of chromebooks. I use one as my personal mobile computer with a chonky gaming desktop pc at home. You're hitting on the biggest downside of there being so many choices and of that list a lot of them are disappointing.