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What Is Right To Repair?


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  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything Year ago +44100

    I too agree that we should be allowed to take things apart.

    • Meta Future 2030
      Meta Future 2030 8 days ago

      What about the right of compatibility !?? (at the level of combining different brands).

    • Sayantani Saha
      Sayantani Saha Month ago

      wish I could replace my screen with OLED

    • Sayantani Saha
      Sayantani Saha Month ago


    • Jessica Kirsh
      Jessica Kirsh 2 months ago

      I agree, we should be able to repair / take apart things the things we *own*.

    • Hudero
      Hudero 2 months ago


  • SmoothJK
    SmoothJK Year ago +2287

    Apple: We stopped giving you chargers when you spend $1,000 on our phones because...we love the environment.
    Also Apple: We made it almost impossible to replace a screen on an otherwise fine phone because...we hate the environment?

    • LetGoMyLegos
      LetGoMyLegos 2 days ago

      @Mr. Kobus true

    • LetGoMyLegos
      LetGoMyLegos 2 days ago

      @zafuro id say pixel is

    • Luke Thorpe
      Luke Thorpe Month ago

      Because money

    • Enderloch
      Enderloch 3 months ago

      @zafuro iphone is the only iphone in the iphone world.

    • A B
      A B 4 months ago

      Exactly this , Apple hypocrites

  • The Smart Dumb Guy
    The Smart Dumb Guy Month ago +45

    As far as John Deere goes, a friend of mine had an issue related to the electronic control system, ecu, pcm, whatever you want to call it. JD gave him such a hard time that he came to me and had me build an open source ecu to control the entire tractor (Speeduino based). It gave him complete control over every aspect of that damn thing and JD is not happy. Now his warranty was just about up and doing something like this will void your warranty, but if done right takes the piss outta some of these companies

  • Maya Natasha Pirzada
    Maya Natasha Pirzada Year ago +325

    “Imagine you have a job that requires drug testing and you quit the job ……… and they still try to test you for 5 years” my god. How can apple even legally attempt that?

    • Big_matt
      Big_matt Month ago +5

      @Bob Roberts This statement is referring to apple doing inspections up to 5 years after being an AASP, which is ridiculous, and had nothing to do with purchasing their product on a consumer level.

    • Bob Roberts
      Bob Roberts 4 months ago +2

      Because you had access to the terms of use prior to the purchase, and at the time of purchase; and every opportunity to not buy an apple product.
      You could’ve gone Sony, Nokia, the Google backed phone, or any other non apple product.

    • Patthon Sirilim
      Patthon Sirilim 7 months ago +6

      Cuz you gotta agree with them on this terms or else no certification for you.

    • Michael Crawford
      Michael Crawford 7 months ago +14

      Money talks, doesn’t it?

  • d coughla
    d coughla Year ago +867

    In the UK, a new “right to repair” law is expected to be introduced this summer. Details are sketchy on which appliances are covered. However, it is proposed that manufacturers will be legally obliged to make spare parts for products available to consumers for the first time. A legal right to repairs in order to extend a product’s lifespan to 10 years.

    • ProjectPhantomEden413
      ProjectPhantomEden413 8 months ago +1

      That kicks butt! Just like them mandating a universal USBC cable for all phones, it's just better for people and better for the environment tbh, go UK

    • Hamsters
      Hamsters  Year ago +1

      @Brendan Lawrence then people will just stay with their phone they already had. They earn nothing xD

    • Everything's Fine
      Everything's Fine Year ago +1

      If you’re talking about samsung s6 yea but samsung s8 and UP are still fast phones , and the SD version never slowsdown

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth Year ago

      @90AlmostFamous I mean, you're kinda exaggerating, but I agree with the general point you're trying to make.

    • 90AlmostFamous
      90AlmostFamous Year ago +1

      @Dishant Seth yea most Samsung phones starts getting slower itself while older apple phones are underclocked purposely. But despite that I see iPhone 6 users still happy with their phone while the same generation Samsung owners want new phone

  • PowerTrain
    PowerTrain Year ago +17084

    When Louis, linus started talking about this. I honestly thought you and others won't speak on this because on the dependency getting new products early etc. But getting your voice out on this, has raised my respect for you tremendously.
    Watching you from 7 years, won't stop ever

    • It's_Flame
      It's_Flame 9 months ago


    • Praneet Kumar singh
      Praneet Kumar singh Year ago

      @Nikita Kaur Exactly the same feeling. Surprised that the popular opinion is different. He should've called out apple for not providing charger brick and at the same time taking anti-repair stance.

    • Sudeepta Ghosh
      Sudeepta Ghosh Year ago

      There bread and butter is not early access to products ..it their rapport with the channel viewer ...

    • Karayip Mavisi
      Karayip Mavisi Year ago +1

      @Dxshawn k, I'll keep drinking the "cool aid"

    • Dxshawn
      Dxshawn Year ago

      @Karayip Mavisi Oh, and yes, you absolutely are an Apple fanboy.
      Nothing, not even a single thing you listed is even remotely a good reason to eclipse someone's right to repair. Ridiculous the idea that I shouldn't be able to repair because I might get a different color component which Apple or so painstakingly went out of their way to color because that's really what matters..looks over function....again. yall are hilarious.

  • The BushLeague Naturalist NOW

    It's kinda funny to think about Tesla wanting you to go to a Tesla certified body-shop for a Tesla quality repair, when they are at least anecdotally know for bad panel alignment

  • J V
    J V Month ago +4

    The first hurdle which reduces your right is the way you pay for the item you purchase. As an example the leasing for cars will limit the amount of miles that you can do in a year. Because you are only allowed to use the car within certain limits and under certain conditions until you pay that symbolic last one dollar token. Small prints.

  • Petraja
    Petraja Year ago +686

    Stop with this "It's because of safety" excuse, it's about all money and monopoly-like control.
    Nice video 👍

    • Juan Carlos Lopez Valencia
      Juan Carlos Lopez Valencia 7 months ago +1

      Or because of the environment

    • Hmmallo _
      Hmmallo _ 9 months ago

      This is true except for electric cars like Tesla idk how it works in the us but if you want to work on an electric car you need to do an extra class. So you don’t kill yourself while working on it

    • Jermie crn
      Jermie crn 10 months ago +2

      The minute you lift a car to work on it, you run the risk of dropping it on yourself and die. From that point, any safety concern is just an excuse to stop us repairing OUR stuff. I'm just waiting for ev conversions to get more accessible and then get over dealing with car compagnies once and for all.

    • KVP
      KVP Year ago +1

      yeah, I can understand but just imagine that you use some shitty Chinese battery for your damaged apple battery you may face some severe consequences. But apple should allow the selling of parts to some verified and skilled repair people without any tax or anything. but the cars shouldn't be modified for safety reasons.

    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc Year ago +2

      @Dan Smart I literally damn knew that it's only the Hugh Jeffreys that made some iPhone swapping like that so he can go to a same conclusion

  • CommanderDreg
    CommanderDreg 2 months ago +4

    your discription of right to repair was very useful. i still think the name of the movement 'right to repair' is misleading and unhealthy, but phraseing it in the terms of apple not being allowed a monopoly on repairing there product makes way more since to me.

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips Year ago +22451

    Let's go bois!!!!

  • YT YE
    YT YE Month ago +4

    Repair is one thing, but on the side of developers, you can't test your app on your iPhone without paying apple $100 first, and you have to pay that every single year.

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez Month ago +2

    There is no discussion. On europe you have the right to repair. And if several consumers demand the company at the same time, they are going to win.
    But most people don't know they have this right (in fact most people don't feel confident enough to repair their devices in the first place) so some shady companies like apple try to get away with it.

  • American Nomad News
    American Nomad News Year ago +79

    She's totally right no one should live in fear after buying a product and then modifying that product to no harm to the rest of society to their enjoyment and to improved use of the product.

    • Bob Roberts
      Bob Roberts 4 months ago +3

      But you broke a contract that you were under no duress to agree to. You CHOSE that product freely.
      Dislike being accountable for your decisions, I take it?

  • FalconUx
    FalconUx 8 months ago +32

    You should be very proud of this video, Right to Repair bill has been just passed in New York city and it's on track to become law. This video was very informative, as are all your videos, & clarified what's really at stake. Thank you !

  • Tech Aisle
    Tech Aisle Year ago +2677

    This is huge. Influencers using their influence to bring a change, for the better. Massive props to Louis, Linus and Marques!

    • Michel Oliveira
      Michel Oliveira 2 months ago +1

      Check out Hugh Jeffrey too, his videos repairing iPhones otherwise "unrepairable" are amazing.

    • Jason Vorhees
      Jason Vorhees 5 months ago +1

      Also Hugh Jeffreys

    • Mark
      Mark Year ago

      1...2...3... apple banned Marques... then he will do about face lol

    • James Faction
      James Faction Year ago

      @AltsekBUL it's not like all "influencers" are the same any more than all politicians are the same, or all teachers. Or all drivers. Or all actors. I do have issues with the whole "influencer" concept tho

    • christipof
      christipof Year ago +1

      @AltsekBUL well I agree with you there but he does have influence based on his brand and following he just doesn't promote fake lifestyles or bad information

  • Trace26
    Trace26 Month ago +2

    They're getting harder to repair because they want it to be hard to repair.

  • Dave Greenwood
    Dave Greenwood 2 months ago +8

    As a former kid who used to and now an adult who still loves to take everything apart, I agree that we should be allowed to fix our stuff. Thank you for mixing in discussions about these important issues with more reviews of the next piece of tech.

  • LuqSkywkr
    LuqSkywkr Year ago +48

    In a colossal win for the Right to Repair movement, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published a statement where it unanimously approved the prioritization of aggressive action against manufacturers who impose unfair repair restrictions on individuals and independent repair shops.
    We need to push to make this a law of the land!

    • Luke L
      Luke L Year ago

      most recent MKBHD vid: Apple announces right to repair program haha

  • Niki Gaming
    Niki Gaming 8 months ago +11

    It's kinda creepy if company calls you one day and says "hey we know what you did with your product."

  • MR MR
    MR MR Year ago +2399

    Louis Rossman getting the recognition he deserves. That guy is fighting for all our rights

    • Steve Gee
      Steve Gee 3 hours ago

      @Jörg Heilmann You are to wise for the Clip-Share comments section.

    • Chris Carmona
      Chris Carmona Year ago +1

      @Aaron Westley But still one of the biggest tech youtubers out there. Him lending a voice will reach those who only dabble in tech.

    • Peter Freeman
      Peter Freeman Year ago

      Just not fighting against faulty Microsoft software which makes just about every non-Apple computer faulty from new to trash years later

    • Bruno dos Reis
      Bruno dos Reis Year ago +2

      @Chris Carmona he’s doing it because nobody else cares to put in the work, but he thinks the same way about himself and even said it in a video😂

    • Chris Carmona
      Chris Carmona Year ago +1

      @Apenkoppen Unlisted Loved it that they're giving legitimacy to Louis' movement. Maybe Lew from Unbox Therapy could do a video next.

  • Wilson
    Wilson Month ago +1

    that's why I use an older model of phone because anything happens I'll just fix it myself

  • Edward Fletcher
    Edward Fletcher Year ago +27

    Thank you for covering this movement, it's incredibly important !

  • Samba B
    Samba B Year ago +6

    Your ideas get better, this video definitely need more and more support. Right to repair!

  • alwaysyouramanda
    alwaysyouramanda Year ago +26

    This just reminds me of my childhood expectation to leave school with an intimate knowledge of how how a microwave works and maybe the ability to make one myself.

  • Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann Year ago +18795

    18:49 Man that killed it. Thank you so much for covering this. This was beautiful.
    I completely get that lots of people consider youtube their profession, and their job - and rightfully so, you all do amazing work. and that making a video like this can make it more difficult to get access to products or early looks at products into the future, given almost every company has a very anti-right to repair stance. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you putting your living on the line to talk about this. I hope others appreciate it too.
    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Ben Canon
    Ben Canon Year ago +2

    "Just keep using a thing as long as it works."
    And now I'm subscribed. Really nice to hear that sentiment.

  • ADM
    ADM Year ago +21

    Once MKBHD says “let’s talk about that”, I know it’s gonna be a good video

  • j g
    j g Year ago +7

    I love how well balanced this take is

  • Maximum Bombastic
    Maximum Bombastic Year ago +11

    When talking about Right to Repair and Apple it's important to mention that there are numerous cases where apple says that in order to repair your phone they would have to replace so many components that it would be cheaper to buy a new phone. When in reality all they would have to is remove some corrosion on a connector. They are not only making it harder to repair the phone yourself, they are literally lying to you when you ask them to repair it.
    Additionally, they now pair all the components in a phone with each other so that, even when you get the exact same genuine replacement component, the phone would refuse to accept it and not function properly. It's a really evil corporation but people are like "oh shiny, bling, nice!"

    • DaOne5
      DaOne5 9 months ago

      Very evil like when eve bit the apple in the garden of eden (hmm maybe that's why they have the apple logo bitten off) stay woke

  • Hugh Jeffreys
    Hugh Jeffreys Year ago +2146

    I feel like it would of been good to have mentioned the software locks on Apples iPhone, especially since they disable certain functions even when using genuine parts.
    Overall the video was entertaining and the right to repair issues where well covered.

    • Glen Nash
      Glen Nash Year ago

      @Koldobika Iñaki Even replacing perfect apple screens with perfect apple screens results in TrueTone being disabled.
      Ruining your screen quality despite the part being exact.

    • Defence Bangladesh
      Defence Bangladesh Year ago

      saw your swap screen video.

    • Ziverch
      Ziverch Year ago

      @Koldobika Iñaki hugh Jeffrey made a video on it
      It’ll be better to watch it
      It’s called iPhone 12 repair or smth like that

    • Manish Singh
      Manish Singh Year ago

      @LDTech the point is that there should be repair choices. if anyone want more security they can go to genuine service centre. the person who does not want security choose his preference.

    • Maxim P
      Maxim P Year ago

      Very true, I share this sentiment.

  • Kornison Kiseli
    Kornison Kiseli Month ago

    Got to put a stop to this bs with legislation. Like we did with car manufactures who made it impossible to change light bulbs on one's car. All parts should be available on the market for anyone who wants to buy them.

  • Seth Feldpausch
    Seth Feldpausch Year ago +57

    It honestly pisses me off when Apple touts it “pro environment” messaging, while wasting so many resources by being anti-consumer. It’s all just a big virtue signal, while they take your money! There’s a lot to like about Apple products, but the business end is undeniably shitty!

  • Daniel Blas
    Daniel Blas Year ago +1

    Great video and take! Right to repair! Love the honesty and information given.

  • Lg Hammer
    Lg Hammer Year ago +1

    This was a really awesome video 😃 The iPhone 12 (Red) that's used for making this vid is totally just like mine, my 1st iPhone (&favourite new phone experience) this makes me appreciate it even more now. Seeing the tensor chip, battery and even screen removal process was seriously neat, so thank you 🙏🏽 I think a screen should definitely be sold, by Apple for making quick repairs yourself. I believe that'd be an environmentally friendly alternative, even if they sold it for 150$ or something, that'd be really cool! Apple makes incredible screens, + with the dBrand screen protector and one of Apple's MagSafe cases it's pretty tough. My goal is to make it to iPhone 16-18 release before thinking of buying a new phone
    And side note: With my vehicle, which I rarely drive (I bike and walk pretty much everywhere)it has a recall notice. So I called today, and ask if I can get it in this Friday.. bruuuh, I'm scheduled for February (3 months from now) and it's for a SOFTWARE UPDATE, LOL! How much is this process gonna cost the company.. they should have at least thought to design it with the ability for users to update the software, either manually or automatically. & The rear-view camera needs a fix, they wanna charge top shelf $.. and I'm like, "Can you at least put a camera in that's like this year's tech, c'mon" or what about "Sell me the camera (preferably newer tech than ~10years old) and I install it"

  • Trickord
    Trickord Year ago +1744

    this video isn't company friendly. it's consumer friendly. respect for sticking up for the people.

    • Skaterhaube
      Skaterhaube Year ago

      @Sam Miller Okay that doesn't prove anything like I said Elon is pretty casual. When deciding who to interview people choose the most welcoming and least disrespectful

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller Year ago

      @Skaterhaube Sandy Munro's time is limited from running his engineering firm but he still got an interview with Elon even if Sandy's channel doesn't have the view numbers of a Linus Tech Tips.

    • Skaterhaube
      Skaterhaube Year ago

      @Sam Miller Only to a lesser extent and Elon Musk only joined Joe Rogans postcast because he's not that business oriented in the first place but Marquez is easily able to have interviews with CEOs even if their time is limited you don't get that with most youtubers

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller Year ago

      @Skaterhaube Elon reached out to Sandy Munro and Joe Rogan just to mention a few.

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller Year ago

      @Skaterhaube They don't only reach out to him. There are other Tech Clip-Sharers and plenty non-YT tech press.

  • Josue166
    Josue166 Year ago +3

    *Probably one of the best videos this channel as EVER put out.* Thank you!!

  • Big Pun
    Big Pun Year ago +28

    Man, I love the intelligence of this without the emotionalism and sensationalism that is all too common these days

  • A P
    A P Year ago +2

    One of the best videos I've seen in a long time. Thank you MKBHD.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Year ago +1

    Good to find a good tech video that explains stuff in a way that people might actually understand

  • Alan
    Alan Year ago +1056

    You made perfect sense for this. We don't feel like we are customers anymore, more feel like we rent their products.

    • YourAvgHuman
      YourAvgHuman Year ago

      @Eli Santiago atleast give consumers choices lmao. Like luis said in the vid. They can control but people want to buy official part and assemble themselves. The thing is, the dont sell the official part unless they repair themselves when the repair is actually easy af

    • YourAvgHuman
      YourAvgHuman Year ago

      @Eli Santiago luios rossman can repair macbooks and doesnt break after that for just a few bucks

    • purpley
      purpley Year ago

      @Glitter Fart ok zoomer

    • Glitter Fart
      Glitter Fart Year ago

      @purpley ok boomer

    • purpley
      purpley Year ago

      @Glitter Fart i dont think u understand the meme fake woke

  • Garret Gray
    Garret Gray Day ago

    I'm actually surprised companies haven't taken to suing the consumer when they repair their things. Effectively it could be argued the consumer is taking money from the company by not buying a new gadget or sending it in for repair.

  • Luiz Fernando R Oliveira

    Great video and great arguments! I had a faulty battery on my Galaxy phone and the authorized service told me I had to change the battery and the motherboard for a insane cost! I couldn't find a way of buying a battery or changing it anywhere other than the Samsung's authorized service.

  • AJ’s Green Thumb, LLC

    This was a great discussion. Thanks for promoting the conversation!

  • Rashotcake
    Rashotcake Year ago +9

    Love Louis Thompson, guy makes a lot of sharp observations

  • Rudi Winkelstein
    Rudi Winkelstein Year ago +40

    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    • Thomas Johan
      Thomas Johan Year ago

      Just buy other phones which are cheaper and easier to repair. If this comes out then all those pro consumer companies which are already making good phones would have been for nothing. You are not just giving up your rights but you are also telling the competition that no matter how consumer friendly they are you wont buy their phone. Its extremely anti competitive.

    • Charlie
      Charlie Year ago +3

      The problem with this quote is it has way too many qualifiers that are valued individually and without them it doesn’t mean anything

  • Jürgen Rosmarion

    I love the idea to have an explicit right to repair what I have bought.
    I don't have a Fairphone 3 yet but next time I buy a new smartphone I will consider it because I like the idea of having a sustainable phone that's easy to upgrade and repair.

  • Aaliyah Wilson
    Aaliyah Wilson Year ago

    My computer screen broke and I can confirm that this is true, especially with Apple!! Great video, very informative

  • auntifranny
    auntifranny Year ago +2

    Really appreciating the content, the sound quality, and editing. Thank you for this!

  • Levi & Leah
    Levi & Leah Year ago +2645

    Dude it’s so awesome to see a massive creator talking about this! Thanks for another great video my man!

    • TheNightwalker247
      TheNightwalker247 Year ago

      @levi cool to see you on here. Did you check out the teracube 2e? It's taking some important steps in the right direction with repairable phones.

    • Sam Sam
      Sam Sam Year ago

      you make a great point but your eyes are very black, please get some sleep.

    • Peter Phillips
      Peter Phillips Year ago

      We love you Levi! Glad to see you on here.
      Anyone interested in sustainability check out this dude!

    • kelvinvalencio
      kelvinvalencio Year ago

      Been following louis rossman and other right to repair type of videos for a while, and mkbhd finally talking about it is just unreal

    • Rayan Yahyaoui
      Rayan Yahyaoui Year ago

      @YRS Dior i

  • Cupcakke Freak
    Cupcakke Freak Year ago +3

    I hope the EU will do something about it and force manufacturers to provide documentation or produce spare parts.

  • Tiago J
    Tiago J Year ago +8

    BigCorp CEO - "we need to fight right to repair, what do we do?"
    "It's simple... Make things intentionally unrepairable!"

  • LateNite
    LateNite Year ago +2

    Dude you are the FIRST reviewer brave enough to do this kind video. Thank you so much. I'm subscribed.

  • Reginald Dyson
    Reginald Dyson Year ago

    I know this took you alot of consideration man. Two of your favorite companies right here. Just know, people are gonna use this to push legislation. I hope you're ready. Haha!

  • Curtis Judd
    Curtis Judd Year ago +891

    Great coverage of a complicated topic. I agree that there isn't a simple answer, but engineering things from the start with a bit more repairability of the most likely to break parts as one of the design priorities makes sense to me.

    • Patrick
      Patrick Year ago

      @Duke truth

    • Duke
      Duke Year ago +1

      No, the answer is VERY simple. If I buy your product I should be able to do whatever the fuck I want with it.

    • Patrick
      Patrick Year ago

      @Curtis Judd there's nothing about integration or software being part of the product that implies not building something to be repairable or not making available the things needed to repair. That's a straw man argument

    • Curtis Judd
      Curtis Judd Year ago +1

      @Patrick Interesting - thanks for that.

    • Patrick
      Patrick Year ago

      @Curtis Judd we do know for sure it's come out in court documents. Louis has talked about it before.

  • Aristides Tranquillini Neto

    Ok, I usually don't comment on Clip-Share videos, but this is an awesome topic. Regarding the safety argument, I honestly think it could be used in the company's disadvantage (considering Brazilian law, and I believe laws from many other countries, from what I studied).
    I can honestly see a court ruling that if a company goes that far to protect the product from the owner, if the owner succesfully makes a change to the product and there is an accident or something similar, the company should also be held liable, since they took it as their responsibility to "babysit" the owner.
    A simple analogy would be a website where you can leave comments. If the company evaluates the comments before they are published, if any comment generates a problem (such as being racist), the company could also be held liable, since it analyzed the comment and decided it was okay.
    That is one of the reasons companies try to not intervene that much in some aspects, even if technically the could, since this would help avoid liability.

  • Sam has a YouTube channel

    Went to repair an Apple device, the employee told me that it would be just as expensive to repair it as to buy a new one because they use custom tools

    • Sam has a YouTube channel
      Sam has a YouTube channel Year ago

      @b1tb0mber oh really? That’s interesting

    • b1tb0mber
      b1tb0mber Year ago

      @Sam has a Clip-Share channel i imagine the "custom tools" they're referring to are things like pentalobe/triwing screw drivers for undoing screws on phones or like the logic board removal tool for macbooks. im arrogant enough to think that is precisely what they are talking about and theres nothing special about them other than they're marginally more difficult to find

    • Sam has a YouTube channel
      Sam has a YouTube channel Year ago +1

      @Julio Francisco Guillen Oliveira well it was a separate non Apple store, the guy obviously was just as annoyed as we were and understood our frustrations. The way he said it, Apple gives them custom tools and only allows them to repair with those

    • Julio Francisco Guillen Oliveira
      Julio Francisco Guillen Oliveira Year ago +3

      They don't even put effort in the excuses 😂

  • Hunter M
    Hunter M Year ago

    I’m glad this has come to light,
    As a customer since iPhone 3G I am upset to hear about to repair process.

  • BlueCloverLeaf
    BlueCloverLeaf Year ago

    Unless defined by law, they are just safety guidelines. You own the item! The rest should be up to owner. What many companies do are unacceptable.

  • Powdah
    Powdah Year ago +503

    Such an informative video and something I’d never considered. Love it!

  • Paul Winther
    Paul Winther Year ago +12

    Safety has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! She is right it's purely about control!

    • Paul Winther
      Paul Winther 20 days ago

      @Martynas Stanaitis I wish you were right, but Tesla has been making it almost impossible to get replacement parts or allow 3rd party technicians to work on their vehicles well before supply chain issues, so not quite the case. With what you were saying about safety inspections as long as it passes the state's requirements, the manufacturers should not have any right to deny service. Which doesn't make it about safety, which makes About control.

    • Martynas Stanaitis
      Martynas Stanaitis 20 days ago

      U talking about tesla "truck" lady? ... she literally chopped up teslas structural components including passenger safety cage. It definitely is a safety concern. Never mind Tesla - here in EU you would have to convince your national road safety agency that the franken-car is still roadworthy aka do a full structural review. Otherwise all you can do with the car is drive it(slowly) in your yard. Not saying it can not be done but it will cost time and a money - and of course the guys doing the chopping need to be specialists.
      Also ... any large capacity lithium batteries are REALLY dangerous. So yes part of it is definitely safety. On the other hand a lot of electric - pure electric platforms are very modular and simple so definitely repairable ... so I do agree that some sort of middle ground should be found.
      To be fair in Teslas case .... for now at least, they are not deliberately putting up roadblocks like apple - parts are available to 3rd parties and reasonably priced but the frustration is that their supply lines are f*ed and a lot of ppl are angry due to that sometimes they have to wait months for spare parts.

  • Fox Mind
    Fox Mind Year ago +3

    I just discovered this channel and I am IN LOVE with the format. Really interesting, in-depth, and articulate. Wish I found you sooner!

  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen Cooper Year ago +1

    Heard of this guy. First video I've watched. This is the best side or you you tube. I learned a lot and I ain't tech savvy. Good quality content. ☺️

  • American Nomad News

    There will be a point where the repairability will reach an intractable peak and drive a trend to begin increasing the repairability while increasing the sophistication of the technology. Only one last thing over complicating things it's not always improving them.

  • Saurabh Patil
    Saurabh Patil Year ago +13

    He explained the defination of ownership Better than my Law School teacher 😂😂

    • Daschickenify
      Daschickenify Year ago

      Worst teacher I ever had was a business law teacher in high school

  • Jaa Maar001
    Jaa Maar001 Year ago

    This is a very good video, they want to have total control on us. When I buy a house, the bank is not involved when I modify it. The thing is I bought it, so I own it!

  • Sebastian Reitz
    Sebastian Reitz Year ago +3

    I like that you work together with others to inform us and help us to make the world a better place. And I really like that you invited Louis :-)

  • FredrickTesla
    FredrickTesla Year ago +31

    The problem of viewing an increase in quality with an increase in complexity is that the complexity is not from quality, the complexity is from Apple and similar companies realizing that minimalist aesthetic drives profits. There is nothing saying that your Iphone couldn't be 5% larger and use the extra space to make the components much more reparable. And not only that, there are videos out there showing that if you take two identical IPhones and swap the screens and logic boards in them, they gain artificial glitches and malfunctions because Apple has installed serial numbers into the software of the phone that allows it to detect when anything has been swapped, even for identical apple produced parts. All those glitches and malfunctions seem to magically go away when you put the factory parts back in.
    The increase in complexity is not an accident and it's not from quality. It's done on purpose solely to drive profits.

  • George S.
    George S. Year ago +1592

    This guy literally made a video that can potential hurt him from getting early access on new products. Instead of thinking of himself and his channel, he chose to talk about a topic that has to do with the people. Massive amount of respect.

    • just some guy without a mustache
      just some guy without a mustache Year ago

      Apple doesn't pay people to say good things about their products but samesung does this is why he doesn't mention samesung

    • Just Plain MƎEN
      Just Plain MƎEN Year ago

      @Breast Milk Gaming Companies get plenty of Clip-Share press. You be a fool to rely on a single person. Also some products sell themselves. MKBHD can say the iPhone causes a flesh eating virus and it would still sell millions, and he'll probably will still get one

    • Iisakki Kaaretkoski
      Iisakki Kaaretkoski Year ago

      The more channels start making videos like this the better! It will also have the effect that the companies cant stop giving these awesome people thr products they need because it would give loads of bad press to them.

    • santosh kumar
      santosh kumar Year ago

      Same by indian legend tech youtuber Geeky Ranjit

    • R H
      R H Year ago

      This guy might be more powerful than the manufacturer companies. Who do you trust?

  • aakash datta
    aakash datta Year ago

    You can always repair any smartphone or any appliances or product yourself once the manufacturer warranty is over and if you have not paid them for any extended warranty or any care plan, so then since the product is out of warranty any user or consumer can decide whether to repair the product themselves or via third party companies who give you a warranty with the replaced product or replace the product at the company certified service center.
    All of this totally depends on how much you want to spend on the replacement or repair ( your budget) and the amount risk involved in any of those three methods.
    As far as Right to repair goes, you just have to wait for the manufacturer warranty to finish, then you can do whatever you want to do with the product, because once the manufacturer warranty is over they legally cannot force you to get the product repaired at their service center. It is then totally the consumer or users choice on how he wants to get his product repaired or replaced.

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson Year ago +9

    Safety / protecting people from themselves, defines authoritarianism.

  • Holphana Scott
    Holphana Scott Year ago

    You own things that break down/consumed over time. The creation of software created the need to protect things that don’t explicitly require maintenance.
    So instead of teaming up the human race and creating a permanent infrastructure of programs we can all share and use to make the world a better place we decided to protect our personal individual interests to sell a product.
    Good job.

  • kamalesh goggi
    kamalesh goggi Year ago +1

    this is so cool! you should make a part 2!

  • Shantanu Kumar
    Shantanu Kumar Year ago +1320

    I really did not know that printers don't allow you to photocopy money. On my way to try it. 😂

    • coolelectronics
      coolelectronics Year ago

      @DarwishEG I think its the newer ones

    • Abhinay Raikar
      Abhinay Raikar Year ago

      @Wiryan Tirta yeah, I get my HP cartridges refilled with ink at a local shop and it works well, saves a lot of pennies

    • Jorginho
      Jorginho Year ago

      I work in tech and let me tell you there is always a way.

    • MiniDevilDF
      MiniDevilDF Year ago

      @Mactastic many cartridge chips now can no longer be reset, like we used to do

    • MiniDevilDF
      MiniDevilDF Year ago

      @Mattia good old epson. I had to flash custom firmware onto my printer thanks to them

  • Chinmay Bapat
    Chinmay Bapat Year ago

    Finally a good video! Control = Apple. You won me just with that. Next time don't hype and praise them for every poor and gimmicky thing they do. They don;t do any good for the tech world. Nothing! The charger fiasco being the latest great big harm from Apple to the world!

  • Legominder
    Legominder 27 days ago

    13:30 It's also getting simply more premium and perfectionist. Most of the things perfectly integrated don't need to work perfect to be safe.
    Legal enforced modularity with interface standards will solve the complete issue. Also USB or eSATA have only been standards. Standardization works!

  • RainbowNebula
    RainbowNebula Year ago +17

    This made me think about some Chinese products I have lol.
    Like, we had a chinese vacuum cleaner robot break the other day, and repairing it was the easiest thing ever. We bought the spare pieces the needed changing, watched a video on how to do it and just fixed it no problem. Now the robot is as good as new lol.
    Now when we want to repair other stuff, specially from big companies in the US, it's all a crazy mess. Most of the time you are supposed to call them to take the product and fix it. And when you try to do it yourself, you find out that their products are made in a very unintuitive way on purpose, so you can't fix it. Plus buying spare pieces is a nightmare. It sucks.

    • Aaditya Raj Bhattarai
      Aaditya Raj Bhattarai 9 months ago

      Chinese products are very modular, maybe they are using their old manufacturing units.
      But hey that works

  • Giordano Bruno
    Giordano Bruno Year ago +4

    Safety is never the reason, money is.

  • Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles

    I’m glad the bigger creators are adding a voice.
    It’s felt like Rossman’s been fighting on his own until recently.

    • Jamir Villarosa sesh with Jesus
      Jamir Villarosa sesh with Jesus Year ago

      @TryMyMartini I agree. I 100% would prefer a smartphone with user replaceable battery. Luckily there are some in the market, you just have to look. I recommend LG V20 for a flagship then pinephones for modern ones.

    • Sean Kearney
      Sean Kearney Year ago

      Seriously. Been following him. For years and it's like beating his head against a brick wall

    • Wayfarer Zen
      Wayfarer Zen Year ago

      Yeah. I'm really glad this is getting more attention, the dude's been fighting the good fight for years and deserves more attention and, more importantly, support in pushing this issue forward.

    • Ster
      Ster Year ago

      The 7k a week he makes griping about it does help things a bit, you think?

    • sagich dirdochnicht
      sagich dirdochnicht Year ago +1

      @Nezunish - to be completely fair: Those things are stable and protected enough, that they ain't gonna easily blow up, at least not, if the user is a total madman who would use metal tools or use shere force to get it off.
      But yes, there is no good reason to not mount the battery with something else. There are plenty of options that would make the battery easily removeable without sacrificing the fit.

  • Bound4Earth
    Bound4Earth Year ago +1

    Forgot to mention, Sony is also a company known to remove features on a device you already own and bought. Add them to the list of trash you should avoid like John Deere, Apple, and Tesla. Or at least be aware of it.

  • Keith S.
    Keith S. Year ago

    I remember salvaging my late 2016 MBP, getting excited about it having an NVMe drive, but they use a proprietary connector for no obvious reason... :(

  • Geekdom Entertainment

    Personal experience, I love apple before because of friendly easy to use interface, but the time that I had a problem with my apple phone and pencil and it needs repair, I went to an apple accredited repair shop and they decline to fix my phone and apple pencil, they told me just to buy a new one because they can’t repair it and it’s unrepairable. What?!

  • balaji k
    balaji k Year ago

    I agree with you, Right to Repair as a concept should be made more common among places where you can get your stuff repaired/repair it yourself. These companies say a lot about quality and tech, which they themselves are not convinced whether they want their customers to own their product. It's pretty weird to say that they ask you to pay for your emotions. It's like asking your customer to fake an orgasm. And these brands build something every day to make out lives better is something that they exhibit, which isn't true. Companies like IKEA works the other way around by selling their products and asking their customers to build things. We've seen Kodak do well and we've also seen it die with pride.

  • Jarrod'sTech
    Jarrod'sTech Year ago +2008

    Great to see more coverage of this topic 🙌

      ARUN KUMAR Year ago

      Sir I am your Fan too....

    • Jerin Gogi
      Jerin Gogi Year ago

      yo big fan

    • Maxim P
      Maxim P Year ago

      Hi Jarrod, did you too make a video on the right to repair on your channel? Please give me the link, I couldn't find it. Thank you.

    • tom tray
      tom tray Year ago

      By the way your JT look like pi

    • bimal gupta
      bimal gupta Year ago

      @jarrod good to see you her, big fan of your work!

  • Abdous Jh’s
    Abdous Jh’s Year ago

    Right to repair is getting harder and harder. You remember when smartphone companies stop making removable batteries.

  • Daveed Wells
    Daveed Wells Year ago

    Your 💯 right when we owned something we have the right to repair it i think some companies just fix the problem for future technology

  • Rinya
    Rinya Month ago

    i need the right to repair my life

  • Drawesometoons
    Drawesometoons Year ago

    So as I've always experienced it, you can repair your stuff, though the warranty will be done for if you do. Normally its hard to get the proper parts for a repair but if you're handy you can make it work most of the times. Improvisation is the key. I think it is wrong being more of less forced to buy new instead of repair and companies repair services should be more accessible.

    • Top Tier Tech
      Top Tier Tech Year ago

      See but “improvisation” doesn’t work when you’re talking about things like CPUs and charger ports. If you legally can’t get those items then you can’t repair it. The iPhone 13 will disable faceid if you replace the screen. Even if you just swap 2 iPhone 13 screens. They’re serialized to prevent you from doing it yourself

  • oyenic
    oyenic Year ago +882

    Worked at the Genius Bar and had to turn down customers over the simplest repairs bc I wasn’t allowed to do it and instead was told to push selling a new phone or I’d get in trouble. I’m so glad you are talking about this.

    • StreetJesus
      StreetJesus Year ago

      @Scarlet Ik, I just wanted to state that true capitalism isn't great for some of the population, because judging by your comment, you seemed to be a brainwashed american. I apologise for being so unclear.

    • Scarlet
      Scarlet Year ago

      @StreetJesus Nordic countries have a capitalist system.

    • Scarlet
      Scarlet Year ago

      @StreetJesus every class in the capitalist country are better off than in the socialist country.

    • Scarlet
      Scarlet Year ago

      @ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ yet they don't go back. Wonder why...

    • Dinu Noroc
      Dinu Noroc Year ago +1

      @ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ old people living in Soviet age are nostalguc of that time because they were young. I am from a ex soviet country, an movet to live in an ex comunist country, and I have relatives and know a lot of people that were young during the comunist years. Majority of them are at least a little nostalgic, but whn asked why, they say that it was better times, but when asket to elaborate, the only better thing is that they were young...

  • Top Classic TV
    Top Classic TV Year ago

    Thank you MKHD! Now Apple punished you already , you didn’t receive 2021 MacBook Pro before others but you gained more trust and respect that will be productive very soon.
    Keep beating those greedy corporations

  • RhizaTV
    RhizaTV Year ago

    I agree with a lot of what you said. Here are my thoughts on the matter.
    Regarding the hazards of taking things apart; Yes it is "dangerous" to take electrical things apart, especially if it contains large capacitors that can store a lot of current. This is especially important when working on a power supply. The quick fix is having some basic information about electronics and the right tools.
    A person new to repairing could then read about how to safely discharge large capacitors and then it's perfectly safe to work with (when not plugged in a wall outlet). But here is the beauty of right to repair. If more people were more used to repairing their own equipment, they would share it freely on social media or other online platforms.
    Books are also a good source when it comes to repairing electrical devices.
    Tools are very cheap now and a lot of devices use SMD components that are soldered with hot air.
    It's do-able but takes practice to it yourself.
    I wish I could repair my own devices easier because I think I already create too much e-waste as things are now.
    It's so expensive to get parts that it's easier to just buy a new phone and it's sad.
    My dad's old computer was 25 years old when he retired it, and it was still working at that time.
    Now you can barely have any electrical device last more than 5 years. It can't be good for the environment.
    I think it's also up to us to settle with having an older phone model and not the latest tech all the time. The device is still serving a purpose.
    I dabbled with repairing my own things and sometimes I manage to fix it. I fixed my 10 year old television that was still going strong. I managed to fix it with the help of russian Clip-Share videos that was translated on the fly and I had enough information to repair my TV to a working state. I eventually replaced it but just repairing it added at least 2 years of it's life span. I took to a communal garbage disposal facility so it's taken apart and exposed of properly in a safely manner.
    Try to repair things before throwing them away is not only fun, but good for the environment. You are learning a new skill! What's not to love c'mon?!

  • Reichsritter
    Reichsritter Month ago

    People should be allowed to endanger themselves

  • Sport Bikes Adventures

    Marques thanks for bringing this subject to your massive audience. This definitively bring more light tot he subject.

  • TheBankruptSoul
    TheBankruptSoul Year ago +1766

    I miss the good old days when you can just replace a phones battery within 20 seconds on your own and it never costed you a bomb.

    • Shotblur
      Shotblur Year ago

      @Ohne Mehrwert Sonim XP8. Guess what? You can have both.

    • Kaden
      Kaden Year ago

      @Ohne Mehrwert you can replace the seal

    • Someoneelse
      Someoneelse Year ago +2

      @Ohne Mehrwert there was plenty of IP certified phones with replacable batterys, just like professional radio gear, and military equipment, that is NOT an issue at all

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford Year ago

      @Elliot Casciotti are you from the government?

    • Cin
      Cin Year ago

      @Ohne Mehrwert Yeah your phone can be water and dust resistant without every part having glue old sony phones with water resistant plugs are a proof of that

  • jtandy
    jtandy Year ago

    Very interesting conversation MKBHD. Thanks man!

  • Weiwei Cheng
    Weiwei Cheng Year ago +1

    Thanks for the video! While it asks for a regulation for the "right to repair", after watching this video it is still unclear to me what you are actually asking for. No one can stop us repairing our iPhone, right? If we can open it up and do whatever we want with it, isn't it already a "right to repair"?

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong
      Ms. Chanandler Bong 11 months ago

      You can "try" to repair your iphone, but Apple has gone out of their way to stop you. Say you broke your screen and wanted to change it, and you have a friend who's willing to give you their original iphone to take the screen from, since they got a new one. You do the repair correctly, but you find that touch ID/true tone stop working for you now. Even though you used original parts and did the repair correctly. ONLY because apple chose to disable these features so that if the software doesn't detect the exact part number it was shipped with, it soft locks these features.
      Are you free to repair in this case? You did everything right and still end up with a worse device, which would make you want to upgrade more.

    • Lou Lelea
      Lou Lelea Year ago +1

      It a failed term. The right to repair is more about having access to schematics and documents that assist with a repair to anyone who is willing to troubleshoot their product and fix it with parts that are unavailable to purchase or are locked down when you get a used part and still won’t work because you can’t pair it with the software. It should be called the landfill act

  • bob haz
    bob haz Year ago

    Apple tries to force you to buy a new device by making it so expensive to do simple repair like putting a new battery in

  • Javier Espana
    Javier Espana Year ago

    "For your own safety" will always be the perfect excuse to control and manipulate

  • AS
    AS Year ago +288

    You've got to love Louis. What a straightforward guy. MKBHD: great measured approach; great to hear more opinions on the topic.

  • măriuca♡
    măriuca♡ 2 months ago

    "Last time I checked every John Deere tractor is pretty green" Honestly one of my favorite lines from the video💜