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My Electric Hummer has a HUGE Problem... and its all my fault.

  • Published on May 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • MY EV HUMVEE BROKE AND ITS ALL MY FAULT! - Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video! New Audible members get a 30-day free trial. Visit audible.com/jerryrig or text "jerryrig" to 500 500 to try Audible today! Ive been noticing a weird sound coming from the back of my Electric Hummer as ive been driving around... But it was hard to tell exactly what was going on. Let me know if you can spot what happened...
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  • Sainishant Biradar
    Sainishant Biradar 6 months ago +6748

    Hey, can't wait for the teardown once it's done

    • Auxable
      Auxable 4 days ago


    • AHomelessDorito
      AHomelessDorito Month ago

      @JerryRigEverything don’t worry you’ll never finish it 😂😂

    • kimcorradini
      kimcorradini 2 months ago +1

      @JerryRigEverything when is the next Hummer video?

    • M
      M 2 months ago

      @Dingus Bingus that would probably be extremely dangerous😂

    • John Wick
      John Wick 3 months ago

      Especially the bend test.😁

  • jeffery schmidt
    jeffery schmidt 2 months ago +195

    It's been a few months, I would love to see a new update on how everything is holding up.

    • lez carpenter
      lez carpenter 27 days ago +2

      @XV tf do you mean, why is that even an issue and isn't even something mentioned

    • XV
      XV Month ago +1

      He needs a new electric engine for the back wheels, that’s the only way he can make it work lol. I doubt he will though.

    • Yukon Don
      Yukon Don Month ago +1

      Lol he’s not smart enough to figure it out

    • Bob Kersting
      Bob Kersting Month ago +2

      Agreed. Was this supposed to be the last video?

    • Shivesh
      Shivesh 2 months ago +1


  • The Mup
    The Mup 6 months ago +519

    Diff company: "Let's put a nice hat in the box for Jerry. I bet he'd love it!"
    Jerry opening the box: "Get that friggin hat outta my shot!!"

    • Andre van Kammen
      Andre van Kammen 4 months ago +2

      @Onur Sarıçiçek He finally knows where he lost his hat.

    • Peyote Cody
      Peyote Cody 5 months ago +1

      Lol it's a joke, he's a great guy

    • Sebastian Cetera
      Sebastian Cetera 5 months ago +4

      Yea that was rude ...

    • Chris Hayes
      Chris Hayes 6 months ago +4

      Pay for Play!

    • Onur Sarıçiçek
      Onur Sarıçiçek 6 months ago +57

      imagine the poor employee who placed that hat into the box seeing this video, the heartbroken face :(

  • Based Bidoof
    Based Bidoof 6 months ago +68

    I liked that impact drill camera shot, where it shakes everything as it's hammering. Something about it gives you the visual feeling of what it's like to feel the vibrations, rather than just hearing them.

    • Everyday Back's Broken
      Everyday Back's Broken Month ago


    • jupiter universe
      jupiter universe 2 months ago

      @Based Bidoof You've got a lot of free time it seems.

    • Based Bidoof
      Based Bidoof 2 months ago +1

      ​I saw @jupiter universe at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
      He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
      I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.
      The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
      When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

    • jupiter universe
      jupiter universe 2 months ago


  • 1867charlesb Beasley
    1867charlesb Beasley 6 months ago +74

    You should have a protective cover underneath the Hummer for the coolant lines so when your off-roading they don't get snagged and ripped out

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke 6 months ago +1444

    So nice and convenient you could just pop into front wheel drive to get home 😅

    • ManuPFdo
      ManuPFdo 6 months ago

      wow hey authentech

    • rj mac
      rj mac 6 months ago

      Doing that on a regular car just means taking the drive shaft off

    • Skeeter McSwagger
      Skeeter McSwagger 6 months ago

      Well even though the electric motor output isn't going to overwhelm the new larger correct U joint and yoke in HI-Range, I don't know if he considers what would happen if he put the transfer case in 4-LOW which would probably more than double the torque output of the electric motor at that point......🤔

    • Ecospider5
      Ecospider5 6 months ago +2

      I think they have made sure the controllers on all the new awd electric vehicles can run if one motor fails. That is more of an electronics solution where this was a mechanical solution.

    • TdrSld
      TdrSld 6 months ago +15

      @Aidan Lutley he's not using the HMMWV t-case, he has an Atlas II and it allows for split operation. The Atlas II ccan be put into Rear Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive, or Four Wheel Drive as the two out puts have their own high/neutral/low range selectors.

  • tullgutten
    tullgutten 6 months ago +110

    You should weld up an steel "cage" for the middle driveshaft so it it fails again you prevent it bouncing around to much and may damadge the batteries.
    Have it to be 1 cm clearance up and down (maximum suspension travel) and 2 cm to the sides or a little more to not be hit while the rear flexes in corners..
    Easy job and may save your vehicle/batteries/life

  • Kashif Hassan
    Kashif Hassan 37 minutes ago +1

    Need more videos on it jerry

  • Nathan Zellmer
    Nathan Zellmer 5 months ago +11

    Hey, sorry to bother but I've been really curious about how you figured out the power train you needed to pull this beast around. Im looking into building an older 1966 f-100 into an E-Truck but I can't figure out how people figure out what their motor needs to be able to do, what controllers will work with what motors and so forth. I'd love some feedback on how you figured out your system and built it up!

  • Andy Mason
    Andy Mason 6 months ago +8

    Love this video series!
    Here’s a piece of info on the HMMWV and the way they were designed to work originally. It’s called throttle/brake modulation. When you feel wheel slip, let up on the throttle. Then you put your left foot on the brake, right foot on the accelerator. Then you accelerate more or less and brake more or less depending on what you’re feeling the vehicle do. It’s been ages since I learned about this, but you should look it up and give it a try!

  • krisskuli
    krisskuli 6 months ago +15

    8:28 feels good to see that this happens to other people as well ^^

  • Tyler Pickett
    Tyler Pickett 6 months ago +2

    Those Torsen differentials are super cool, they "multiply" the torque the spinning wheel sees sending it to the stationary one. On the last climbing test you probably would have been able to make it by gently applying the brakes, making the torque on the spinning wheel appear to be higher causing a multiple of that torque to go to the stationary one.
    The exact multiple here is dictated by the friction surfaces of a washer pack between the two gears that the output shafts insert into, it can be tuned to a certain degree but is a bit of a pain to do consistently.

  • MrDrhate
    MrDrhate 6 months ago +3

    I love the fact it took you less than a second to take that sweet ride off road right after you fixed it!!!! All those hours building and seeing that you didn't just build it for fancy highway vehicle but for some off road fun is what it's all about!!!! Freaking awesome!!!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 6 months ago +1

    I really love watching your positive attitude about things in life. Things don’t fix itself when you get mad and have a complete meltdown. Keep up the great work!

  • Scoob
    Scoob 6 months ago +338

    You forgot to put Teflon sealer in the yoke splines, this will cause a leak later. Big fan here been watching this build since day one. Keep it up.

    • Ben Sinor
      Ben Sinor 6 months ago +7

      Not really. Even on a diff that seals on the yoke, the nut tightened will stop the extremely minor amount of fluid trying to go past the splines. Not really worth worrying about.

    • Fusion
      Fusion 6 months ago +15

      Liked to get it boosted higher

  • Rob Peters
    Rob Peters 6 months ago +18

    I really love watching your positive attitude about things in life.
    Things don’t fix itself when you get mad and have a complete meltdown.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Adem Omerovic
      Adem Omerovic 6 months ago +1

      Usually what I would go through 🤣

  • EatSleepBassRepeat
    EatSleepBassRepeat 5 months ago +1

    Definitely route all the harnesses as far away from the driveline as possible, I’ve seen driveshafts “grab” and quickly remove other components located nearby. As stated above a driveline loop is also very recommended. Great build, taking notes to build the hmmwv I have at my shop right now.

  • Scott Nunn
    Scott Nunn 6 months ago

    I don't think I would have tried the cement with the cooling lines hanging there. I can't wait to see what this can really do. I have really enjoyed this series.

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 6 months ago

    Yep, melding old and new parts together is always difficult and running around without the cooling lines connected is not good test parameters! Just saying. Will you be using a patina finish? Coating the existing paint with a clear coat to provide protection? Thank you for sharing all of these videos!

  • PersonalDroneRepair
    PersonalDroneRepair 6 months ago +610

    I could be mistaken but it looks though your rear differential is leaking a drive shaft.

    • funnyyylock
      funnyyylock 6 months ago

      @Varadero124 dude no way

    • Varadero124
      Varadero124 6 months ago

      Can you tell me when? I can't spot anything out of the ordinary...

    • Warren Steel
      Warren Steel 6 months ago +5

      @DFPercush yoke's on you I guess 🤷

    • DFPercush
      DFPercush 6 months ago +7

      @Warren Steel I don't get it, please ex-spline

    • Ashish Sharma
      Ashish Sharma 6 months ago +6

      @Warren Steel even funnier 🤣

  • James W.
    James W. 2 days ago +2

    So, are you done with videos regarding the truck? I'd love to see if you've done anything else to it.

    • James W.
      James W. 2 days ago

      @JerryRigEverything thanks for the reply! I've been looking forward to those videos and keep checking my subscription feed to see if you had anything posted and nothing popped up. So I figured I would ask. Btw, I bought two of your utility knives and they're great quality. Love the blue color. Also helps with Linus backing your good name too (not that you need it) my friend and I watch your videos religiously and look forward to the new content when it comes. Keep up the fantastic work. Thanks again.

    • Dominik Rudolf Ettrich
      Dominik Rudolf Ettrich 2 days ago

      ​@JerryRigEverything Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. Have a very pleasant Holiday season!

    • JerryRigEverything
      JerryRigEverything  2 days ago +4

      I'll post again soon.

  • nguyen925
    nguyen925 4 months ago

    Great work and awesome repair & diagnosis ! Can't wait to see more progress 😄

  • Tenkae10k
    Tenkae10k 5 months ago

    With the additional weight added from the batteries I feel like you should definitely add a roll cage that is spec'd to your ground weight. So in the event of a roll over you arent getting crushed by 6k pounds of battery and steel.

  • Badger fabs.
    Badger fabs. 6 months ago +1

    Easily one my favorite builds lately. Ps. Your tire pressure was way to high for any sort of crawling.

  • The Dro
    The Dro 6 months ago +431

    1:09 "dont push the gas..." 😂

    • Paul Stubbs
      Paul Stubbs 6 months ago

      I thought the only gas was from your rear-end when something goes 'crunch'

    • Eye Of Horus Wadjet
      Eye Of Horus Wadjet 6 months ago +3

      Where we are going, we dont need no gas!!!

    • Doge ˁ ̊ᴥ ̊ˀ
      Doge ˁ ̊ᴥ ̊ˀ 6 months ago +14

      Don't, conduct the electrons, aight I'll see myself out.

  • Pierre X
    Pierre X 6 months ago

    That's awesome. Also, it's incredibly complex. Even with all the tutorials in the world, this doesn't feel like a DIY project. So many comments pointing to this or that being likely to fail next. Wonderful to watch the truck come together though.

  • Ecospider5
    Ecospider5 6 months ago +7

    The placement of the breaks is really cool. Definitely comes from its heritage of indestructibility.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 6 months ago

      Especially that break of the drive shaft.

  • Mohammed Almomen
    Mohammed Almomen 6 months ago

    When anything related to the gears meshing you must calculate the diametral pitch which is Pd = number of gear teeth / diameter of the gear, and the two gears must have the same value.

  • Honored zithma
    Honored zithma 3 months ago

    Curious on the range with your 100kw system 🤔 especially since it has a 80mph limiter. Also curious on how the half shafts will hold up to the quoted max torque. If all goes well I would want to see you sell the custom parts you made for others to ditch the diesel/gas trend and go zero emissions. Either that or sell/open source your 3d designs (but I know this is a business and that's unlikely). Awesome work and I look forward to the future videos.

  • Mike Costello
    Mike Costello 6 months ago +1488

    Speaking of safety, it was noted in a previous video that the electric assisted steering you have is going to fail because you have the assist on the input side of the steering box. With a hydraulic assisted steering box the electric assist needs to be on the lower or output side or you are going to rip the internals of the box apart and have ZERO steering when it happens. The input side is designed for the low force, ie your arms, it's the output side that's boosted. You've boosted the input and that wont hold.

    • kimcorradini
      kimcorradini 2 months ago +1

      @JerryRigEverything when is the next Hummer video?

    • Saden Uttie !
      Saden Uttie ! 5 months ago

      @Average Alien emotional damage

    • Carlos A
      Carlos A 6 months ago

      @Average Alien electric cars have never failed, you can still use a 100+ year old electric car with the same motor just new battery, either you're a troll or clueless, either way pretty pathetic for an alien even an average one.

    • S _DHARNI
      S _DHARNI 6 months ago

      @岩盤グレムリン the area of concern in your idea.......is these biofuels are energy net positive or net negative.....net negative means you have to utilise more energy as input and output is less than input....corn is in the field of net negative, sugarcane is little bit positive.....also in the usa the corn idustry is jst for stabilising jobs on which the politics is played......the land area under agriculture is not available to meet the both needs as human food and vehicle fuels.....population is increasing.....so this option is not viable my friend....try to understand.....it is good only for surplus production, which is not a case of long shot, jst temporary.

    • 岩盤グレムリン
      岩盤グレムリン 6 months ago

      @S _DHARNI Depends on what foods you use for fuel. America's corn farms actually only put less than half of their actual yield to market, the rest is held by the government and/or simply disposed of, and that's not counting the portion that goes to market but ends up spoiled before being bought.
      You can also get fuel from crops in multiple ways. If you extract the oils they can be used as-is for diesel, while the sugars and starches can be fermented into ethanol and the remaining biomass can be turned into syngas through gasification. Syngas can then be further processed into diesel or high octane gasoline, or used in place of natural gas.
      However, they are currently looking into even more efficient ways to produce gasoline, such as algae farms and hydroponics so farms can expand vertically instead of horizontally.

  • DonnieTipton
    DonnieTipton 5 months ago +2

    I've always been taught than when measuring the preload on the pinion you want to get the measurement while the pinion is moving, and not the initial value. The reason I was told is that it takes more torque to initially move the pinion than it does to maintain movement.

    • Pier Paolo Scian
      Pier Paolo Scian 2 months ago

      Ofc due to sliding friction. The static coefficient is usually higher than the dynamic coefficient, i.e. you have to input more force to wind friction to initiate movement rather than the force needed to maintain the same movement

  • Trent Young
    Trent Young 6 months ago

    I’ve loved every step of this project. I wanted to do this to an f250. Is that electrical noise as bad in person as it is on camera?

  • Gears & Bricks
    Gears & Bricks 2 months ago

    Also, i really enjoy your content here, especially accessibility equipment like the Rig. Thank you, and please keep sharing your progress on the moon rover thing. Your videos are helping me with ideas for my own projects, so thank you!

  • George McCormick
    George McCormick 6 months ago

    I am so glad I binge-watched this series, Jerry. This was awesome, and so is Whisper... she's a beast !!! Well done, Brother !!!

  • Bennett Hackett
    Bennett Hackett 6 months ago +392

    I think it would be cool and a good idea to put some skid plates underneath the Hummer for events like the cement pile where you're scraping the ground. A skid plate would protect your drive shaft and coolant lines. It's been so cool to see this thing come together!

    • Paul Stubbs
      Paul Stubbs 6 months ago +1

      And cover all that messy wiring just waiting to get ripped out.

    • 岩盤グレムリン
      岩盤グレムリン 6 months ago

      @John Adams All the internals might be up high, but they aren't actually protected in any way, and as the cement pile shows, they are still low enough to be damaged. With all the new electronics and cooling packed down there, there is definite cause to be concerned about them being damaged. All it takes is one slightly sharp piece of asphalt being kicked up by the tyres for things to go catastrophically wrong.
      If the electric humvee can't handle the weight of the skid plate it originally had, maybe it should go back to being diesel and just run on biodiesel instead.

    • RZZ 1701
      RZZ 1701 6 months ago

      I appreciate Jerry mounted a camera instead of any skid plate.
      There can always happen something unexpected while testing any never-before-intended-to-be-compiled components.
      Well, failing might be no option; but sh*t can and will happen anyway. The sum of failures is called experience.
      Jerry riggs everything - and "everything" includes to compensate any glitches either!
      Thank you Jerry for documenting what you're doing.
      It is much cheeper to me to let you make all those expensive experiences.

    • Bennett Hackett
      Bennett Hackett 6 months ago +3

      @Black Jeep Convertible Yeah, that was kind of what I meant by adding a skid plate. Obviously some people didn't understand.

    • Black Jeep Convertible
      Black Jeep Convertible 6 months ago +2

      The humvees we had in Iraq had a completely flat undercarriage. One big sheet of metal

  • mem
    mem 6 months ago +3

    can you do offroad comparison with non-electric hummer? maybe with ChrisFix vs Your hummer, would be interesting to see... or any other gas hummer, I wanna see how much more your capable is than the average hummer

  • Chase Moss
    Chase Moss 6 months ago

    Authenticity is the best word I can think of to describe everything you do on this channel. 👌🏼

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez 6 months ago +4

    All this and I’m impressed by how you cut the metal bands on the package. I’ve always went to get my tinsnips and never thought of using two adjustable wrenches.

    • thallheim
      thallheim 5 months ago +1

      Another quick one is using the claw of a hammer.

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 5 days ago

    Why don't they make cars simple so that repair could be easy.

  • Charlie Lehardy
    Charlie Lehardy 6 months ago +425

    I'd recommend a safety loop for the drive shaft in case you have a similar problem again. It'll help keep the shaft from hitting the ground if either the u joints or the shaft itself break.

    • ronald fleming
      ronald fleming 3 months ago

      A flopping shaft is very destructive. I lost mine after ujoint disintegrated and the splines seperated.. Bought following car a new grill and radiator after the shaft became airborne.

    • Adam Jurzyk
      Adam Jurzyk 6 months ago +1

      Hummer is probably heavy enough to not let that happen, but older "rear light" trucks could be rolled over when that shaft hits the road. Safety loops were a standard future on them because of that.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 6 months ago +6

      @Charlie Lehardy And lots of electrical cables for various stuff. There really should be protective covers under those cable runs, so rubble and dirt won't randomly cut control cables. If it was still military he would also have to consider landmines exploding under the car, but for civilian off road use, basic plastic or steel covers should do.

    • Charlie Lehardy
      Charlie Lehardy 6 months ago +14

      @Mr Dingles Hah, yeah, like the ones that were keeping it hanging off the ground!
      Thankfully with this setup, there's no exhaust or fuel lines to take out. Although there ARE brake lines still.

    • Mr Dingles
      Mr Dingles 6 months ago +30

      Not only the ground. Components around it as well. I was quenching waiting for it to hit coolant lines. Even when he did the small offroad, I'm just thinking about those lines

  • Jimmy Westbrook
    Jimmy Westbrook 17 days ago

    This has been my favorite build ever, even though I am not big yet on electric. I love the power, just the grid needs to go from coal to hydrogen powered plants to maintain the output needed.

  • LigerSupremacy
    LigerSupremacy 6 months ago

    Hey, thanks for this EV Humvee series. I was going to convert an old 3500 to electric but after watching you struggle and persevere through this build, I'm just going to buy an F-150 lightning.

  • George endres
    George endres 6 months ago

    You should install a drive shaft loop for added safty and protection

  • Vicious Hanzo
    Vicious Hanzo 6 months ago

    i would personally get a drive shaft loop to protect everything from getting destroyed if that happens at high speeds

  • Dallin Bruun
    Dallin Bruun 6 months ago +2

    Wow this has been SO much fun to watch. You're awesome man, can't wait to see more.

  • Trenton B.
    Trenton B. 6 months ago +1

    Dont forget to install tons of extra screens and cameras to match the new hummer ev! youve got to do something with all that dash!

  • Kevin Dunlap
    Kevin Dunlap 6 months ago

    Hey, love the videos, I'm a fellow H1 owner. Was looking at converting mine as you are. Saw the price tag on the electric motors but I still might take the plunge and do it. Just wondering have you calculated or done a range test on the batteries?

    • Kevin Dunlap
      Kevin Dunlap 6 months ago

      Good point, I wasn't thinking when I posted that, thoughts got away from me. I have an open top H1 that weighs in at 6700lbs. I'm thinking his should be lighter. Some of these other EV's are fairly heavy because of the weight of the batteries. It's awesome project.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 6 months ago

      Well according to the video, he only got 20 miles on that drive shaft, so checking the range on a full charge would have to be later.

  • Andrew J Queen
    Andrew J Queen Month ago

    I also feel like I've heard this being a common issue for EV conversations. Some of the old parts are just aren't strong enough to handle the torque of the new motors.

  • Justin
    Justin 6 months ago +211

    Super cool! Can you take it to a metal scrapyard when you are done to put it on a scale to see how much it actually weighs now? Would be interesting to compare the new electric weight to the old diesel weight. Using corner weight scales too would be interesting to see how weight distribution has changed, but I think those are a bit harder to find.

  • giowirjo
    giowirjo 2 months ago +3

    what happend to this thing ?
    Would love to see you make more videos of it

  • Terry Gibbons
    Terry Gibbons 4 months ago

    I love how they( the differential vendor) sent you a hat, and it just gets tossed aside. Would love to see this thing. so many questions. Keep up the great work.

  • eroi bior
    eroi bior 5 months ago

    I predict the output shafts or the gear hubs will be the next weak point. The entire drive line from engine to wheel hubs will need upgraded to withstand extra power.

  • Peter Adair
    Peter Adair 6 months ago

    The rotating resistance in the carrier is how we measure pre-load of the carrier bearings. Bearings are not loose, or in “end-play” which you can measure with a dial indicator.

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden 6 months ago +233

    One thing I've always heard is, gears designed for ICE engines don't play nice with electric motors. They tend to snap in two from the instant torque.

    • tasmedic
      tasmedic 6 months ago +1

      This "rate of torque increase" issue was solved in sports cars of the 1960's. They had a vulcanised rubber doughnut coupling in the drive train which basically acted like an elastic band, absorbing energy when the torque peaked. The other advantage was the unwinding of the elastic forces which then fed the stored energy to the wheels smoothly as the vehicle accelerated. Very simple, cheap, and effective.

    • Oren computer & electronics
      Oren computer & electronics 6 months ago

      @Ryukachoo the electric engine take the full rated torque only at max wheel resistance.
      to give hammer good transferability you need fast acceleration at high tprque.
      wheel that spin at 10 RPM cant move this hammer in dirt.( at low gear 4X4)

    • Erik T.
      Erik T. 6 months ago +1

      @Ryukachoo I'm an electrical engineer, I've done a bunch of servomotor motion control tuning. You generally don't want the motor pushing harder than the thing can accelerate anyway - there's no point in adding additional input to a system that can't take it. That energy has to get dissipated SOMEWHERE. In cars this is when you get slip between the tires and the ground, so traction control is pretty much just an automatic way to keep from ruining everything since tires are usually the weakest link.
      (That is, until your tires get more traction than you've been assuming, like a prepared drag strip, and you're suddenly able to exert way more torque. Now you're snapping stuff, and you have to do all kinds of analysis. Or you just keep throwing money at it until it stops breaking 🤣)

    • NitroNuggetTV
      NitroNuggetTV 6 months ago +3

      @Simon Bauer I did say its more about how they're driven. Unfortunately in vehicles intended for performance and off road use its inevitable the the throttle is going to get bumped or mashed. its also especially important you don't break a driveshaft or diff in the middle of a trail, not a spot you'd want to be recovered from. Soft start is cheap insurance if the ECU/speed controller already has the facility for it as many do. After 15mins of driving you wont even notice its there.

    • Simon Bauer
      Simon Bauer 6 months ago +2

      @NitroNuggetTV you could also you know just have feet made of flesh. just dont give full throttle instantly. there is your soft start.

  • Norlice deJ
    Norlice deJ 6 months ago +1

    It's a great thing and this has been my favorite series you've ever made. One thing I did wonder: is there any way to make that high pitched noise go away?

  • Neville McNamara differential specialist

    its mostly known as a collapsible spacer and it collapses and makes the 2 tapped roller bearings have pre load on the pinion gear. you can take the collapsible spacer off the pinion gear and stretch it by putting it on a solid bar in a vice and hitting the bulge with a hammer and it will stretch up to 2mm longer depending on how much you hit it.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 5 months ago +2

    The fact that the drive shaft broke right off, and you can still drive it just using the front wheels, just shows how durable you made this truck. That type of redundancy would be good for the military.

    • Adapt FPV
      Adapt FPV 5 months ago

      You can do that in any real 4x4

  • bobi miiu
    bobi miiu 5 months ago

    You should have a protective cover underneath the Hummer for the coolant lines so when your off-roading they don't get snagged and ripped out

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 6 months ago +64

    There's an orientation to the yokes on a drive line that make a difference on how the universals wear. You need to line up the yokes from the transmission to the rear end.
    Check with a drive line specialty shop to make sure, it's been 45 years since I've last done this.

    • Arm
      Arm 6 months ago +7

      You are right. The u joints/slip yoke that is on the drive shaft need to be in line with one another. Looks like he just slipped it on. Hopefully he got them inphase. Also. If those gears are new. There's a proper break in/ heat phase he needs to do or else he'll blow the gears. Guess we'll wait and see. Love this build.

  • DJ Daryl
    DJ Daryl 4 months ago

    I going to build an electric muscle car so this was good to see the kind of power these electric motors put out👍🏾 good stuff 👏🏾

  • SMGJohn
    SMGJohn 6 months ago +6

    Aluminium skid plate protect your underside, but also it improves drag coefficiency by quite a lot! So it becomes more aerodynamic without ruining the look of the hummer, definitely a worthwhile upgrade.

    • SMGJohn
      SMGJohn 6 months ago

      If it means 5 - 15 more km of range, its better than sitting around and mopping like you have nothing better to do in life.

    • tasmedic
      tasmedic 6 months ago

      Hummer + Drag coefficient = oxymoron.
      Everything above the skid plate still has the aerodynamics of a brick.

    • Jesse Brook
      Jesse Brook 6 months ago

      So, it'll be less than 1.0cd? Cool.

  • linuxguy 11
    linuxguy 11 6 months ago +1

    Shit happens man, its amazing you're doing this stuff. The first motor I rebuilt I forgot to properly install a small cam alignment pin and it fell in the crankcase and broke a small bit ofthe crankcase off. Engine still runs great though as it was just an artifact of casting and not an important structural element. If anyone's curious it was a small 125cc dirtbike motor that I've abused the shit out of trail wrecking (1st dirtbike).

  • Finn Schmutte
    Finn Schmutte 5 months ago

    Quick idea to find out about the history of the humvee: you can get those small rocks and dust analyzed, it can tell you exactly where on the world it is from as rocks are extremely unique

  • Ecospider5
    Ecospider5 6 months ago

    Wow that is definitely an unexpected failure. Tracking all of those details is not easy.

  • Jaco Venter
    Jaco Venter 6 months ago +2

    Love your project, I can't wait for you to finish the Hummer and do some real opstical courses.
    I would like to see the end ability of your Hummer, total weight, top speed and acceleration to 60 80 100 and 120 MPH.
    And the distance ability on a full charge.
    You Rock and have been doing a great job there, well done.

    • Reebs
      Reebs 5 months ago


    • MrMotofy
      MrMotofy 6 months ago

      A hummer...at 100...120 is likely a death wish

  • ramesh anand
    ramesh anand 6 months ago

    Can i humbly suggest reducing the rear over hang. You guys have the cutting and welding skills, it’s functional and it will look so cool.

  • Firion Razar
    Firion Razar 6 months ago

    I recommand adding a compressor for inflating your tires after off roading at a lower pressure.

  • kered
    kered 6 months ago +173

    That person at the beginning was really nice she didn’t ask for a picture or anything just showed her support and didn’t make it weird

    • Akari Insko
      Akari Insko 6 months ago

      @anne can confirm, that was also me

    • anne
      anne 6 months ago +8

      that was me haha

    • Troll
      Troll 6 months ago

      @Lakshan NV ooh. A lankan.

    • Lakshan NV
      Lakshan NV 6 months ago +3

      @Jub-Jub Bouvier Where did I say that you need my permission to state your opinion? Just because we criticize bad behavior, doesn't mean that we need to praise normal behavior. That's just common sense.

    • Jub-Jub Bouvier
      Jub-Jub Bouvier 6 months ago +5

      @Lakshan NV sorry next time we will be sure to ask you if its OK to express this sort of thing

  • LMacNeill
    LMacNeill 6 months ago +1

    It's just so cool to see this thing move so *silently* under its own power -- Hummers are usually so *loud* with that big Diesel engine in there. What a cool vehicle!

    • RaXha
      RaXha 6 months ago

      At the same time this is by far the loudest EV i've seen. XD

  • YamiDucky
    YamiDucky 5 days ago

    do I see any issues? nah it seems fine xD

  • Stathis Bikos
    Stathis Bikos 6 months ago

    Love the video! Splines are a PITA, I tend to count like ten times to make sure I don't fudge it up!
    Just mentioning a technicality, just in case you find this interesting: (as this is not the point of the video)
    The torsen differential is not really a "locking" differential. It's a torque "biasing" differential. It will split torque unevenly, with a fixed (maximum) ratio favoring the slower moving (thus tracting) output
    So if a specific torsen diff has a 4:1 ratio it, in a worse case scenario will always deliver a maximum of 4 times the amount of torque to the tracting wheel than it does to the freewheeling one. if the wheels both have traction then the torsen will act as pretty much an open diff. And if the wheels have different amounts of traction they wheel get some ratio depending on the difference in traction.
    This is important difference as it basically means: When you have a wheel in the air, and you're spinning it at constant speed, the only torque it's getting is as much as needed to counteract the friction... not very much. That, times 4 is what you're delivering to the tracting wheel! So basically, not very much! So in order to get torque to the tracting wheel you'd have to let it spin down, then try and spin it up fast to get torque to it (to overcome inertia), thus getting even more torque to the tracting wheel.
    This is in contrast to a limited slip for example where the difference is also RPM based, and thus the diff will lock to a degree and provide significant torque advantage to the tracting wheel (as "the ratio itself" is not fixed, but depends on speed difference) even at constant rotational speed, or, obviously to a proper locker.
    Its still an amazing design though.

  • Mingyar
    Mingyar 3 months ago +1

    Hey jerry, hope life is going well, wondering when will we see another hmvee video, also, I know that the spec sheet from uqm states 295 peak hp (450v x 500amps)/ 746. Never the less , it would be nice to see a dyno video in 4high and 4 low.
    Many blessings to you and your family

    • pvic
      pvic 3 months ago

      i did it. i did it! i binged the ENTIRE playlist just today lol

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray 4 months ago

    I bet this thing would make a dope rock crawler. The low end torque is amazing.

  • Jay Wright
    Jay Wright 6 months ago +1

    Should be putting anti-seize or copper slip on the bolts

  • DrCadu
    DrCadu 6 months ago

    Jerry… I love the way u do things … building it from scratch… it’s a whole new level … hope I could do something like this someday 🫡🥹

    • DrCadu
      DrCadu 6 months ago

      N don’t u dare tearing it down👊🏻👊🏻

  • Tom Hartley
    Tom Hartley 6 months ago

    Great video!!
    If you haven't already please read into uni joint alignment(radially) and in/out yoke angle, input and out side must be on a parallel plane with each other or it will cause vibrations and unwanted torqueing, particularly at higher speed and and ruin more diffs. you don't seem to be running much angle so the effects may not be noticeable but.... best practice ya know :). Thanks Again for the awesome videos!.

  • Ethan Hegge
    Ethan Hegge 6 months ago +49

    Definitely gotta have you test it with Matt's off road recovery group. They put their rigs through some rigorous trails, would love to see how the hummer handles it!

    • Bob Χάνεντ
      Bob Χάνεντ 6 months ago +1

      Came here for this, I'd love to see that crossover!

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  • Brent Madison
    Brent Madison 3 months ago

    That coolant hose placement save more possible damage. Imagine the diff hitting the pavement while doing 40+ mph. Like a kick stand death trap.

  • ForceablePizza
    ForceablePizza 6 months ago

    you probably shouldve changed both diffs just to be on the safe side just in case someone has put a custom set of gears in the original diffs, you do not want your front and rear diffs having different gear ratios as that will cause the front and rear wheels to spin at different speeds

  • Sunny ViVi
    Sunny ViVi 6 months ago

    i am fascinated by your e-Hummer project ! Got to learn so many things from it in the past year! I do have a very a naive question :-) why did'nt you you think of repainting the vehicle after it was stripped down ?

  • Mayk Thewessen
    Mayk Thewessen 6 months ago

    Lower your tire pressure in off-road, will help enormously!

  • Pieter Ouborg
    Pieter Ouborg 6 months ago

    Not sure if you know, but when rebuilding a driveshaft, make sure the u-joints are "clocked" properly. If they're not then the output will oscillate (speeding up/down) and that may not be desirable... Nice build, I can't wait until electric drivetrains are affordable enough to buy for a "commoner"!

  • Steve DOES
    Steve DOES 6 months ago +957

    You made replacing that part look too easy! haha

    • Wilhaart
      Wilhaart 6 months ago +2

      Designed to be worked for sure, just not be to driven. Those are anything but reliable...

    • Jon Moore
      Jon Moore 6 months ago +2

      Luckily military hummers are designed to be worked on by privates in a motor pool, but Jerry is definitely an organized guy who goes out of his way to understand how stuff works

    • Gibson F
      Gibson F 6 months ago

      just a driveshaft

    • Mr. G
      Mr. G 6 months ago +21

      well every job is 100 times easier when you have a lift on your garage.

  • LinkinPark4Ever1996
    LinkinPark4Ever1996 6 months ago +2

    Unbelievable how you can drive on public road legally without proper inspection, while here in Italy you barely can add a spoiler, let alone build a whole vehicle and drive it legally...
    I can't decide what's good or bad between the 2.
    BTW did you torque and threadlock any bolts except at 9:55? I don't recall seeing that in any of the episodes... would be cool to see

    • LinkinPark4Ever1996
      LinkinPark4Ever1996 6 months ago

      @Andy Ruse yup I've seen some videos from Just Rolled In

    • Andy Ruse
      Andy Ruse 6 months ago +1

      Welcome to Merica.
      Here some vehicles are only taken off the road when they rust through so badly a shop refuses to the liability risk of duct taping the parts together any further.
      In comparison this is pretty tame.

  • Fredrik Alfson
    Fredrik Alfson 6 months ago

    Someone needs to be able to lock the differentials i think. Not going to get very far with open diffs. Great video as always.

  • Joe kle
    Joe kle 6 months ago

    That was definitely great for the environment. So glad it's electric.

  • NeverDoubtHim
    NeverDoubtHim 6 months ago

    I noticed the torsen lockers weren't engaging, I think you need to apply a little bit of break pressure at the same time as you press accelerator pedal, the spinning side needs to get some resistance before the lockers engage... I think that's how torsen lockers work..

  • Riley Murtagh
    Riley Murtagh 6 months ago +56

    I love how the teardown of the differential plays so much like his tech teardowns.
    I would totally love a proper maintenance video on this rig as you continue to own and drive it!

    • Snarky. Live
      Snarky. Live 6 months ago +6

      Once he fixes the weak spots from adding so much power to a historically underpowered chassis, it should largely be maintenance free, maybe a couple of gear oil changes while the driveline breaks in. After that coolant and gear oil ought to be good for 5-10 years or so.

  • BenzTech
    BenzTech 6 months ago

    Im pretty sure that when measuring the pinion turning torque the ring gear assembly should be removed as this adds to the turning torque measurement. In other words you are not getting a true reading and therefore the pinion flange nut it not properly torqued.

  • Be UR Own BOSS
    Be UR Own BOSS 4 months ago

    4:07, thank you! I hate busting those straps and wow you showed me a much easier way of doing so now. Thanks buddy!

  • Mrkus Powell
    Mrkus Powell 6 months ago

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  • Liviu Lvu
    Liviu Lvu 6 months ago

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