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Fans display Ukranian flag in front of Russian player Rublev

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 4 299

  • Peter Collins
    Peter Collins 2 months ago +35798

    He was more bothered by the bad language they used towards him!
    He did not start this crazy war, he is simply a Russian who is against the war.
    Big respect Rublev!

    • Azizan Midon
      Azizan Midon 14 days ago +1

      Yes, no war.
      Ukraine should stop attacking donets and cremia. Their people have the right to choose and they choose to go back to and united States of Russia Federation.

    • scotland638
      scotland638 20 days ago

      @Vjetar That's not a nice name to call those people in Iraq, shame on you.

    • Alex Watson
      Alex Watson 23 days ago

      America who started the war. Get it right

  • bravo carlos
    bravo carlos Month ago +2741

    That man has class he handled that better then a lot of other people would have

    • bravo carlos
      bravo carlos 9 days ago

      @Senad Spahicc yes I know and that's what I'm speaking on, others would not have taken the words or the flag being flown in their face lightly, waving the flag behind him was meant to be an insult towards him as well as the words spoken

    • SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeer
      SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeer 9 days ago

      Better *THAN, not THEN

    • Sinthrax 11
      Sinthrax 11 11 days ago +1

      He handled better than the azz holes doing it.

    • TheRobustEmpyrean
      TheRobustEmpyrean 25 days ago +1

      Probably because a lot of other people are just sick of hearing politicians cry about Ukraine every other day, and constantly being told to care more about it than their home.

  • doedie
    doedie Month ago +1401

    We're all just people in the end. He showed more of his humanity than most

    • Sim Sam
      Sim Sam 12 days ago +3

      @Denysyes they did swear for no reason. This guy Didnt attack ukraine

    • zizou
      zizou 25 days ago +1

      Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and every conflict has happened.
      Just don't be duplicitous

    • Ali Razi
      Ali Razi 25 days ago +3

      @Denys they did tho what did he ever do to them

    • Lad rakeo
      Lad rakeo 26 days ago +6

      @Denys he isn’t the one attacking there country is he now ? They have no reason to hold any grudges against the dude.

    • Denys
      Denys 26 days ago

      ​@Ali Razithey didn't swear him for no reason tho

  • Ankit G
    Ankit G Month ago +8730

    Should we blame all Americans for the million lives lost in Iraq?

    • Скованные
      Скованные Day ago

      @Connaeris understandable? What??

    • skelethorn bro
      skelethorn bro 23 days ago

      The US has never gone a decade without war since it was founded. The longest year without war is only 5 years during the Great Depression.

    • Magnetosphere
      Magnetosphere 24 days ago

      @Akash Murukesh Yeh well done, and that was at the hands of Islamic war lords and Islamic sectarianism.

    • Akash Murukesh
      Akash Murukesh 24 days ago

      @Magnetosphere bro around a million lives were lost in the first 5 yrs

    • Magnetosphere
      Magnetosphere 24 days ago

      @Akash Murukesh They didn’t kill hundreds of thousands, it was more like tens of thousands.

  • Joe Myers
    Joe Myers Month ago +296

    You can see he's a nice guy.

  • Chicago KillinEm
    Chicago KillinEm Month ago +22

    Pure class, the writing on the camera moment will certainly be a reminder of this time period

  • Eugene Victor Tooms
    Eugene Victor Tooms Month ago +4584

    He's more mature than 99% of the politicians nowadays.

  • Peter Hernandez
    Peter Hernandez Month ago +68

    Guy was a class act. He didn't like the heckling, not the flag. Smh at some people. They actually think this Russian tennis player makes warctime decisions. Lol

    • Kasimir
      Kasimir 29 days ago +5

      No one thinks he makes the decision's but there are a lot of russian sports and pop stars that publicly support the war.
      But it's nice to see there are at least some Russians that can think for themselves.

  • xnavyro
    xnavyro Month ago +145

    We need more level headed leaders like this man!

  • Professor Numnutz
    Professor Numnutz Month ago +6272

    He’s not a government decision maker he’s a tennis player. We know the difference between a government and its citizens. He’s a class act

    • Professor Numnutz
      Professor Numnutz 27 days ago

      @Alex Speleers that’s ridiculous

    • Triola
      Triola 28 days ago

      @KonanTheBarbarian that's not ironic at all. Both Israel and Ukraine are defending themselves against genocidal monsters

  • Yo Sneed
    Yo Sneed 23 days ago +2

    Dude is all class

  • cave man
    cave man 22 days ago +4

    I don’t remember Americans athletes being treated like this for their country crimes!!

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +5979

    He did not mind the flag, he did not appreciate the bad language towards him. He is the nicest guy and does not deserve this.

    • Alex
      Alex 18 days ago

      @Tom Janssen definitely made it more interesting. 😎

    • Richard Haven Classic Barber
      Richard Haven Classic Barber 24 days ago +1

      It's a shame we haven't see any Yemen flag or Palestinian flag or money and weapons send to Armenia.

    • Surya K
      Surya K 26 days ago


    • Triola
      Triola 28 days ago

      @Rihan_Yogibear ok and? What's the problem with it?

    • Rihan_Yogibear
      Rihan_Yogibear 29 days ago

      But Ukraine supports Israel 😂

  • Tulio Alvarado
    Tulio Alvarado 26 days ago +7

    Mad respect for this man!

  • Radek Gabriel
    Radek Gabriel Month ago +40

    We need more Rublevs

  • DC D.
    DC D. Month ago +6012

    Of all people, Rublev did not deserve to be name called. He is one of the nicest, most polite players in the circuit.extremism in any capacity should be nipped in the bud.

    • Mr. Fahrenheit ✪
      Mr. Fahrenheit ✪ 7 days ago

      @LucasJRice russia is not a criminal country and war has another to do with politics

    • M39
      M39 7 days ago

      To everybody bringing up politics this war is beyond politics. Russia is a criminal country now, however this man does not deserve to be insulted.

    • KKar
      KKar Month ago +1

      Says a lot about the other sides supporters.

  • Salvador
    Salvador Month ago +28

    Shoutouts to him for not retaliating like the people shouting swears.

  • Elena Diaz
    Elena Diaz 19 days ago +4

    So now it’s free to display the Palestinian flag? Or the Afghan flag? Or the Iraqi flag? Or the Lybian flag?

  • Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo Month ago +1221

    "Let's disrespect a Russian tennis player because their government invaded Ukraine!"

    • da Costa
      da Costa 6 days ago

      @Gino Lorenzo I believe you’re the one not so smart.

    • Lad rakeo
      Lad rakeo 26 days ago

      “Because putin will definitely care and stop the war woohoo !

    • Triola
      Triola 28 days ago

      People are harassing random Jewish people on streets and think that "palestine is free"

    • Triola
      Triola 28 days ago

      @Gee Gee yeah, let's believe russian mainstream media instead lmaoo

  • FlipNasty
    FlipNasty Month ago +18

    He's just a tennis player... their flag doesn't bother him and shouldn't.. but this is what real hatred looks like and what love looks like as well!
    Classy Andre

  • Zacuue
    Zacuue Month ago +10

    Hope that there are more souls like him.

    • rcidzMike4555
      rcidzMike4555 Month ago +1

      A brave man not doing anything to stop his government

  • Bay Rat
    Bay Rat 2 months ago +3282

    So much respect for the way Rublev handled this.

  • Herminio Villanueva
    Herminio Villanueva Month ago +5

    I remember that. Classy move

  • maharlika17
    maharlika17 Month ago +1

    God bless him!

  • James Newing
    James Newing Month ago +3772

    When the US and UK invaded Iraq, I don't remember their players getting the same treatment and banned, how do tennis players control their Govs actions? Shows how thick people are.

    • Icarium
      Icarium 28 days ago

      @Triola so Russia was shelling Donbas for 9 years? Your saying Russia was shelling Donbas for 9 years and they’re the ones who killed the 15,000 people in the Donbas area since 2014? Just think about what your saying for a minute? Take your time and think about it.

    • Triola
      Triola 28 days ago

      @Icarium it was Russia who was shelling people all these 9 years

    • mrkv4k
      mrkv4k Month ago

      @Robin Hood War is not fcking "politics".

    • 0hn0haha
      0hn0haha Month ago

      And we actually voted for those people in fair elections too, and reelected them. So we had more of a hand in it than any regular Russian or Ukrainian citizen had in this

  • CoachBighead
    CoachBighead Month ago +13

    Respect. This is why athlete need to carry themselves properly

    • rhys oulton
      rhys oulton Month ago

      And a pen... Fair play to him.. class from start to finish

  • Legendary Legacy
    Legendary Legacy 29 days ago +2

    Humble guy

  • Connaeris
    Connaeris Month ago +1507

    Class act... He wasn't bothered by the flag and addressed the issue respectfully and without escalating it. I liked Rublev before for how he played and now I like him even more.

    • TheChosenOne
      TheChosenOne Month ago

      @bluerocker27 You know what, I ain't discussing. You do you

    • bluerocker27
      bluerocker27 Month ago

      @TheChosenOne in the video he’s complaining and it’s clear as day

    • bluerocker27
      bluerocker27 Month ago

      @TheChosenOne read my original comment and stop making up a narrative … where have I ever mentioned a flag ???? I said he was complaining and he was … absolutely ridiculous and desperate to make up what I said

    • TheChosenOne
      TheChosenOne Month ago

      @bluerocker27 you literally did lmao
      The original comment was "He wasn't even bothered by the flag."
      Your answer was "Didn't you see the video? He was bothered by it"
      Stop talking nonsense.

    • bluerocker27
      bluerocker27 Month ago

      @TheChosenOne I never said anything about a flag … I said in the video he complained and he did … end of sentence

  • Ros1kk
    Ros1kk 21 day ago +1

    such a great guy!

  • Virgilio Dollentas
    Virgilio Dollentas 6 days ago +1

    True Humble Man.👍

  • Katelyn Ngatai
    Katelyn Ngatai Month ago +372

    Major respect to this guy. He didn't criticised the guys that's verbally abused him he just want to stop the abuse. 100% respect to you

  • Nikisright
    Nikisright Month ago +19

    That was disrespectful! How did they allow this kind of disrespect to a player?

    • Milenko Dukic
      Milenko Dukic 24 days ago +2

      ​​@Cxar71 didn't you watch the clip? The problem here is about insulting a player solely because of his nationality. He has been openly anti war since it started. He even said, he is ok with the flag and complained about being insulted which is just stupid and disrespectful of the people behind him.

  • JL Zivi
    JL Zivi Month ago +1

    I love Rublev. 😢

  • Josselin Brunet
    Josselin Brunet Month ago +420

    Rublev is a good guy no doubt

    • Daffydj
      Daffydj Month ago

      ​@Shawn Their name makes slightly more sense, after all, it does take one to know one. 🤔

    • Shawn
      Shawn Month ago +7

      @Incel Detector you must be an incel mad at the world

    • Incel Detector
      Incel Detector Month ago +2

      u must be his friend or something

  • GTR Turbo
    GTR Turbo Month ago +1

    Proud to be Russia

    STRING BEAN Month ago +1

    GO Russia

  • small ming Jr
    small ming Jr Month ago +167

    Tennis is not for everyone, we need to improve audience's quality

  • HMonster 1
    HMonster 1 Month ago

    I wouldn’t recommend staying in any buildings that have more then one floor. Ya never know when you might “slip” and fall out an open window!

  • Jamie Lomas
    Jamie Lomas Month ago

    Handled beautifully

  • Арчи
    Арчи 2 months ago +659

    "Fans harass player so umpire ask him wether he wants those scummbags to be kicked out" - that sould be accurate video title.

    • Ascendance
      Ascendance Month ago +7

      when umpire is actually a legit...

  • O. Bottechia
    O. Bottechia 27 days ago

    Major respect...

  • talha driss
    talha driss Month ago

    Lovely guy

  • David Brackett
    David Brackett Month ago +210

    I LOVE this guy. It’s not his fault. He handled that very well.

    • David Brackett
      David Brackett Month ago

      @Dejan Stoimenovski The answer is the same my friend. PUTIN. Russian people don’t fear it. It’s Putin. Rublev showed it here by the way he handled this situation.

    • Dejan Stoimenovski
      Dejan Stoimenovski Month ago

      @David Brackett I didn't asked about Putin. Russia has huge concerns about Ukraine in NATO, or do you maybe expect that Russia dies along Putin.
      So why is Russia fearing NATO at their doorstep, do you know?

    • Dejan Stoimenovski
      Dejan Stoimenovski Month ago

      ​@David Brackett and who's fault is it that Russia sees Ukraine joining NATO as the biggest threat for their own security?

    • David Brackett
      David Brackett Month ago +1

      @5 Star Reviews Putin is at fault for invading Ukraine 100%. He is the leader of where Rublev is from obviously. There’s absolutely no need to get aggressive on a Clip-Share comment like you are with me. You talk about aggression let me ask you Who is the aggressor you or me?

  • Jon Epoint
    Jon Epoint 23 days ago +1

    He‘s a great sportsman

  • Barberousse marseillais


  • Rusty SpyGoat
    Rusty SpyGoat Month ago +32

    Rublev behaved incredibly and earned my respect. Those holding the Ukraine flag exposed their idiocy...

    • Rusty SpyGoat
      Rusty SpyGoat Month ago

      @Calom that is but half the story. Politics is way way more complicated than that

    • Night Owl
      Night Owl Month ago

      Coming soon near you

  • Shaun Chamberlain
    Shaun Chamberlain Month ago +2

    Handled it like a champ

  • M L
    M L Month ago +3

    What a man 👏

  • Коля Петров
    Коля Петров 2 months ago +976

    they showed what kind of pigs they are, he showed what kind of person he is

    • Bohdan
      Bohdan 25 days ago

      @Edgeemer buddy I am from Ukraine. Do you even hear the nonsense you’re saying? Can you imagine your country wherever you lived invaded another country and someone just told you to move out of your home that you’ve lived your whole life or at least many years. Think what you saying before you say something stupid

    • Edgeemer
      Edgeemer Month ago

      @Bohdan and he has no possibility to move his family out. Of course, the government. How many Putins are fighting against Ukraine? Or that it is "we are not in politics" russians?

    • R A
      R A Month ago +3

      Average Ukrainian right there

    • Коля Петров
      Коля Петров Month ago

      @Tanja Zakurday в палату бегом!

  • Prajith PP
    Prajith PP 28 days ago

    He is the perfect man I'm proud of you brother

  • oscar melgar
    oscar melgar Month ago

    Respect for this man.

  • mirkezza
    mirkezza Month ago +153

    I have never seen someone gain my respect so fast🙏

  • Vince Vijfhuizen
    Vince Vijfhuizen Month ago

    Class act

  • Drago Srbljanovic
    Drago Srbljanovic Month ago +1

    Russia #1

  • StatiC
    StatiC Month ago +127

    This guy has earned my respect so hard. Not only because of this situation, no, because he's one of the nicest players out there and he proved that many times before.

  • Lungelo Gift
    Lungelo Gift Month ago +1

    We love Russia either way

  • manCHlLDx
    manCHlLDx 29 days ago

    Just because you belong to a country does not mean you support all the choices they make…..and it’s not like you can say “well I just won’t support this business anymore…” mad respect bro

  • NathanRSM
    NathanRSM Month ago +186

    Rubkev is a great fellow. He deserves all respect

  • Joseph Beers
    Joseph Beers 28 days ago +1

    go Russia

    • Triola
      Triola 28 days ago

      Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦💙

  • Drew Dawg
    Drew Dawg Month ago

    I respect the man and what hes doing however you just got that camera man fired for ruining his lens 😂😂

  • bouda karim
    bouda karim 2 months ago +310

    Love this player 🥺

    SNOW LION 28 days ago +1

    SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦 AND UKRAINIANS AND THEIR BRAVE AND FEARLESS ARMY . God Bless And We The People Of The World 🌎 Praying For You Guys For Glory. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 512ioana
    512ioana 23 days ago

    Rublev is nice guy , nice soul 👍

  • Nihom Kong
    Nihom Kong Month ago +241

    This guys got more maturity than the whole of america

    • Random Dude
      Random Dude 29 days ago

      ​@Creg Cune will never happen due to there severe case of exceptionalism

    • skankhunt42
      skankhunt42 Month ago

      U never lived in america.

    • bluerocker27
      bluerocker27 Month ago +1

      @Creg Cune Even better if random people didn’t assume your nationality based on absolutely nothing …. Didn’t know America was in the middle of Canada

    • Creg Cune
      Creg Cune Month ago +1

      ​@bluerocker27 itf be nice if americans could even compute what bias is

    • Sekke
      Sekke Month ago +3

      Yunno that all you ever see is political America right? If you actually got to know an American you’d fine then a whole lot different.

  • Nursemike
    Nursemike Month ago

    We should unite as 1 brothers and sisters not because of different nations but because of humanity regardless of those crap politicians. We know right and wrong give and take. God bless us.

  • darji vijaykumar
    darji vijaykumar 22 days ago +1

    I Support Russia

  • Slawomir Blachut
    Slawomir Blachut 2 months ago +80

    Prowokacja. Respect Rublev

  • Евгений Князькин


  • K S
    K S 27 days ago

    Brave man.

  • lvivboi
    lvivboi Month ago +141

    Love Rublev and I am of Ukrainian heritage. This black and white thinking on both sides of ‘all Russians are bad’ or ‘all Ukrainians are bad’ is ridiculous, idiotic and not helping anything.

    • SerenityNow13
      SerenityNow13 Month ago +1

      It’s only on one side

    • Gift Of The Wild
      Gift Of The Wild Month ago +3

      Obviously most citizens of both countries don't want war. The people starting the wars never end up fighting them.

    • MFstratege
      MFstratege Month ago


  • Brad LaSalle
    Brad LaSalle 27 days ago

    "Sir that camera lens costs $12,000"

  • Werf Onrust
    Werf Onrust Month ago

    Respect for this man

  • Boinkibonk
    Boinkibonk Month ago +51

    It is really hard to tell publicly, how you feel about the war when you are a famous russian and fuel for their propaganda. I have nothing but respect for Rublev on how he handles it.

    • Mr. Fahrenheit ✪
      Mr. Fahrenheit ✪ Month ago

      What he said was not anti russia it was anti war

    • Diego Soto Miranda
      Diego Soto Miranda Month ago +7

      @Flap Drol ofc but media and stupid fans harassing players to "speak out"

    • Flap Drol
      Flap Drol Month ago +4

      In my opinion he doesnt have to publicly say how he feels about the war.

  • VpR
    VpR Month ago +2

    That is how you fight evil. Props to that tennis player👍

    • Ashutosh Kulkarni
      Ashutosh Kulkarni 25 days ago

      ​@mrkv4kaye activist bruda. Go and do all that please.
      He's a player and his job is to play, he doesn't need to put his foot into all the stuff going outside his sport and bring problems to himself and his family, and if that's selfish then so may it be.

    • mrkv4k
      mrkv4k Month ago

      What? You fight evil by tolerating it? How does that make any sense?

  • Vincent Quantinet
    Vincent Quantinet Month ago

    Class player.

  • Marsch na Drinu
    Marsch na Drinu 2 months ago +101

    Gentleman 👍

  • Dragan Canadzic
    Dragan Canadzic 28 days ago

    Nice kid...

  • Wesley Abdulai
    Wesley Abdulai 25 days ago

    Respect to him 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith Month ago +110

    Give that man the respect he deserves.

  • Totten Kopf
    Totten Kopf Month ago

    "Damn, my camera v_v"

  • mark harris
    mark harris 22 days ago

    Deep respect 🙏 👏

  • Tribhuvan Dev
    Tribhuvan Dev 2 months ago +25

    Exemplary sportsmanship

  • Eimi Savage Official
    Eimi Savage Official 25 days ago +1

    He has the right to protest..
    Love and support rublev♥️💪👍

  • Irena Deacon Henriquez

    Why do flags bother them so much? It's not players fault that he is Russian French French Serbian or else🤷🏼‍♀️ everyone deserves their flag. Sport has nothing to do with war and flags wont stop it either

  • Munender Bhadoriya
    Munender Bhadoriya 2 months ago +187

    Respect for Rublev ❣️

  • Cody Cosser
    Cody Cosser Month ago

    FREEDOM of expression. Hats off to the tennis player

  • Scott Anguiano
    Scott Anguiano 29 days ago

    We are all people with no choice and stuck with results from people who can’t do anything but force And manipulate

  • What Ever
    What Ever Month ago +149

    There was no reason for that. Those spectators should have been thrown out

  • Liviu M
    Liviu M Month ago

    He’s one of the victims… he’s human tough, given the choice I’m 100% he’d stop this war

  • Chicco
    Chicco Month ago

    This guy's balls are filled with class and covered by steel.

  • W Y
    W Y Month ago +9

    Maybe someone should display Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Granada/American Indian flags in front of American players for the wars and killings that evil empire has done!

    • Night Owl
      Night Owl Month ago +2

      They wouldn't recognize the flags

  • Reiz Kara
    Reiz Kara 17 days ago

    Respect!!!! To this athlete

  • Mohannad
    Mohannad Month ago

    After that “no war please” putin immediately pulled all his units from ukraine and apologised to him personally

  • Бели Анђео
    Бели Анђео 2 months ago +44


    • I *
      I * Month ago +1

      ​@Sam The flag isn't the issue - abusing, harassing & provoking a player during the match is.

    • Bubble
      Bubble Month ago +4

      @Sam they brought it in specifically against the russian player. that is disrespectful and damaging as they wish to imply he is in support of the war

    • KiKiChRiZ
      KiKiChRiZ 2 months ago +6

      @Andre de jongh yes big provocators!! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago +1

      ​@Бели Анђео what rules did they actually break? Are people still free?

    • Бели Анђео
      Бели Анђео 2 months ago +9

      @Andre de jongh No! Why bring Ukranian flag at match?

  • JJ Oddo
    JJ Oddo 27 days ago

    Class act.

  • ChannelFit
    ChannelFit 25 days ago

    Big up Rublev, handled that like a boss.

  • moe jonas
    moe jonas Month ago +3

    Viva Russia 🇷🇺

  • Samuel I
    Samuel I 29 days ago +1

    An important lesson for all of us around the world.
    It’s not the citizens of ANY country doing the bullshit we all see and read about.
    We’re just people that want to make a living and be left the F alone!

    • परिक्षित पोखरेल
      परिक्षित पोखरेल 27 days ago

      ​@scotland638 when have the Americans, and British ever protested against any of their wars? And you vote for these people.

    • scotland638
      scotland638 27 days ago

      It's the citizens of Russia not objecting to the war is the problem.

  • Katerina Kum
    Katerina Kum Month ago

    This is their essence - to insult people.

  • Mitul Patel
    Mitul Patel 2 months ago +202

    We should keep the
    Sports and politics separately…Players shouldn’t be blamed about their government’ wrong actions

    • Connaeris
      Connaeris Month ago +1

      ​@Big Devoe the US were wrong, and so is Russia. Also, it really shows you didn't grow up in a democracy. If you had, you wouldn't want to trade it with anything else (unless you were already rich and powerful)

    • C. G.
      C. G. Month ago


    • JonWikk431
      JonWikk431 Month ago

      ​@Big Devoe Good one.

    • T P
      T P Month ago +1

      Politics should be banned from sports, schools, businesses, and everything else they have no business in.