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Daemon and Rhaenyra Targaryen High Valyrian Language Compilation | House Of The Dragon

  • Published on Sep 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Daemon Targaryen & Young Rhaenyra Targaryen speaking in High Valyrian language compilation | House Of The Dragon
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  • adonia choi

    Viserys’ face when he saw the two of them during the dance will always get me 😂😂😂😂

  • wintermoons1215

    I really have to commend both Matt and Milly for how hard they must have worked to get this language down enough to really act through it. It doesn't sound like they're just saying some made up words, it sounds like they're speaking an actual language. Matt even managed to throw a stutter in there at

  • Tøøbà Khalid

    This language is a love song to these two 😂 but I feel most bad for Viserys for having to deal with these two troublemakers individually, imagine his fear of them getting married. You can’t put two bombs together.

  • Angelina Velaz

    They're both unconventionally attractive people and really aesthetically pleasing to the eye to see together with the same coloring and the long boy/short girl height difference.

  • faye
    faye  +246

    The way Milley talks at the wedding... girrrrrl she knew exactly what she was doing

  • Luna Oliveira

    I’m so curious to know if they’ll immediately go back to speaking Valyrian when they see each other again, or if it’ll take some time

  • Being Anna

    I am learning High Valyrian again all because of them two! And I love it!

  • David Spooner

    Feels weird listening to a neice telling her uncle if you want it come get it but these are Targaeryans so.

  • Nebby Darina

    I knew the first time Daemon put a necklace on Rhaenyra's neck, they will end up together

  • Virgo Queen


  • UD
    UD  +287

    Valyrian will sound beautiful in Emma d'Arcy velvety voice!

  • San Tokki
    San Tokki  +16

    This is beautiful, thank you : )

  • Randomness
    Randomness 21 day ago +10

    The king should have just let Rhaenyra and Daemon continued the dysnasty together and kept just 1 line . LOL

  • Jacky Fong

    Updated compilation after whole season release please!

  • Jay
    Jay 21 day ago +15

    Rhaenyra telling Daemon to take her to Dragonstone and make her his wife is so hot

  • Edward Harrison

    Just finished the High Valerian course, now I just need to polish it.

  • Wonga Nyathela

    Their love language

  • Jacob&Keira4EVA


  • KellMG96
    KellMG96  +10

    She loved him, and he loved her

  • svckshine sunflower

    It's their love language i guess :)