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Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)

  • Published on Nov 24, 2014 veröffentlicht
  • Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)
    The Park is Open - June 12
    Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure based on the novel “Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton. The screenplay is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Trevorrow & Derek Connolly. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.
    Jurassic World will be released in 3D by Universal Pictures on June 12, 2015.
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  • Jean Khast
    Jean Khast Year ago +2699

    Man, i miss 2015. I miss the hype for this, Age of Ultron, Fast & Furious 7, Star Wars 7, Hunger Games 4...

  • sayyestofairness
    sayyestofairness 3 years ago +3641

    That logo was EVERYWHERE that summer. It was like the 90's all over again.

    • Amani gaming
      Amani gaming 2 days ago

      Long story short BEST SUMMER TO EVER EXIST

    • BMFG zone
      BMFG zone 2 months ago

      Crazy fun times

    • Aswathy Athira
      Aswathy Athira Year ago


    • MrSaurus
      MrSaurus Year ago +1

      @KaijuStudiosG2K That's cool. I had also graduated from middle school when this movie came out. So nostalgic

      GAMING FREE FIRE Year ago

      O nice

  • abraxasdraco
    abraxasdraco 3 years ago +3770

    5 years ago, still give me the chills

  • incorres
    incorres Year ago +725

    who’s watching this in 2021 while being excited for Jurassic world: Dominion

  • Godzillarex
    Godzillarex 8 years ago +265

    Awesome! I like the simple premise of the film. The humans need to team up with the "normal" dinosaurs in order to take down the hybrid dinosaur that they created. Very cool. I just hope T-rex makes his grand return. I would hate to see him shoved to the sidelines like he was in JP3. He is the logo after all, and by far the most popular and coolest dinosaur out there. T-rex vs. D-rex, I hope it happens!

    • A_ PRSN
      A_ PRSN 9 months ago +4

      @sirslimesey u right my bad bro 😭

    • sirslimesey
      sirslimesey 9 months ago +5

      @A_ PRSN bro this happened 7 years ago I don’t think they care anymore💀💀

    • A_ PRSN
      A_ PRSN 9 months ago +1

      it’s a she bruh

    • Jins Thomas
      Jins Thomas Year ago +2

      Everything you said came true!!!

    • Aeroland
      Aeroland Year ago +4

      @pupp3tStudios It did happen.

  • Swrve
    Swrve 7 months ago +290

    Can't get over how this movie started another fantastic trilogy! Thank you Universal! This trailer never gets old!

    • Buto
      Buto 2 months ago

      @Howey nah jurrasic world was a good movie yall just want " a masterpiece story" or whatever from a dam dino movie get a life these blockbuster movies were never made for that my god what to people want from a dam dino movie insanity

    • Howey
      Howey 2 months ago

      @Buto top tier is very generous, it was basically an okay movie that gets an unfair advantage by being linked to a franchise as loved as Jurassic Park. The same way people think SW episode seven isn’t bad and it’s only 8 & 9 that suck

    • Buto
      Buto 2 months ago +1

      @Howey the last 2 were bad but the 1st jurassic world was top tier shyt

    • Jae S
      Jae S 2 months ago

      The newest one sucked

    • draco and the adventures
      draco and the adventures 3 months ago

      ​@Howey because we don't care about the plot or acting, unlike you

  • Destroyer Playz
    Destroyer Playz 8 months ago +43

    7 years now. Can’t believe it still one of my favorite movies and I can’t wait for the Jurassic world Dominion.

  • Mr. Allosaurus
    Mr. Allosaurus Year ago +111

    I love how the first minute doesn’t even need dialogue because it’s just so amazing

  • Mineral Grey
    Mineral Grey 2 years ago +147

    Bruh, 5 years and still one of the best movies to come out that year. The scene were owen just rides next to the Raptors is just Iconic, literally Chris Pratt did an amazing job and this movie as well as Guardians pushed him to stardom

    • Mobius One
      Mobius One 9 months ago

      *the best movie to come out that year

    • UnknownFlickZ
      UnknownFlickZ Year ago

      @ButterBallin’ money barely means anything now

    • Dinesh Sharma
      Dinesh Sharma Year ago

      And Irrfan khan @siman masrani

    • ButterBallin’
      ButterBallin’ 2 years ago

      @King Ghidorah Damn straight!

    • ButterBallin’
      ButterBallin’ 2 years ago +2

      @UnknownFlickZ This movie although not completely on par with originals had great and memorable moments. This movie also made like a billion dollars in the box office soooo.

  • NirvanaMania
    NirvanaMania 2 years ago +711

    If it weren't for freaking covid, we'd of gotten a Jurassic World: Dominion trailer this week.

    • Mobius One
      Mobius One 9 months ago

      @Brandon Mahoney
      Spot on, dude. Thanks for speaking up about it.
      Isn’t this trailer freaking awesome? I love it!

    • Mobius One
      Mobius One 9 months ago

      @Ethan Im
      Your comment calling the other dude a “deranged trumpy” definitely hasn’t aged well seeing what has come to light recently.
      I hope you have risen above childish insults and name calling now as well.

    • Yadhu Krishna k
      Yadhu Krishna k 9 months ago +4

      its here👀👍🏻

    • Arav Singh
      Arav Singh Year ago

      @Brandon Mahoney What 'trustable sources' are you talking about?

    • _hassan_editx_06
      _hassan_editx_06 Year ago


  • Melina Strua
    Melina Strua 5 months ago +10

    I'm so nostalgic:(( can't believe it's been seven years, such a greaat movie, and by far the best of the new trilogy

  • Vishal Bhatia
    Vishal Bhatia 2 years ago +3040

    *RIP to Irrfan Khan who played Simon Masrani in this film.*

  • mia
    mia Year ago +30

    i’ve seen this movie like 10 times and the trailer still gives me chills

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman 5 months ago

      I'd say its the second best Jurassic Park movie, with the original in 1st place, Dominion in 3rd, and FK in fourth. The two Jurassic Park sequels were both just boring, repetitive survival films, and I get that's the point about these movies, to survive, but the thing is, the JP sequels both lack the charm of the 1st film and rely too much on survival. In fact, they can't really call it "Jurassic Park 3" when there's no park. JP 2 is slightly justified by the "The Lost World" in its title, but its not off the hook. The same thing goes for it too.

    • Alok Sinha
      Alok Sinha 6 months ago

      @Shahid Mujawar yes you can try it. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece but it's legitimately the best movie of 2015.

    • Shahid Mujawar
      Shahid Mujawar Year ago +2

      Is it a good movie??

  • Brandon
    Brandon 9 months ago +149

    Anyone here after Jurassic World Dominion Trailer?!

  • Lovely
    Lovely 5 months ago +7

    honestly will always remain my favourite jurassic world in the trilogy truly good times. can’t believe it came out 7 years ago today I feel nostalgic

  • Ginny O'Keefe
    Ginny O'Keefe 2 years ago +19

    The raptor scene at the end still brings tears to my eyes

  • Luke Mackie
    Luke Mackie 2 years ago +4

    I still remember how stoked I was on this trailer, I even tried to get friends to watch it. Genuinely one of the most intriguing trailers for a movie out there.

  • Cailyn Charron
    Cailyn Charron 7 years ago +1237

    I saw this movie last night, and It was probably one of the best movies I've seen in awhile. Hoping there will be a Jurassic World 2.

    • Josh Manison
      Josh Manison Month ago

      Boy do I got some wild news for you

    • Tim's World
      Tim's World 5 months ago +1

      There is 3 movies

    • Budi Santoso
      Budi Santoso 5 months ago +1

      Even now there is jurassic world 3

    • Son Dogeku
      Son Dogeku 5 months ago

      Welp we got a whole trilogy and I gotta say that I did enjoy it all of them altough fallen kingdom in my opinion is my least favorite out of the franchise it still had lots of fun and well with the new and last one dominion I loved it alot

    • Cailyn Charron
      Cailyn Charron 9 months ago +2

      @BEEFCAKE CHANNEL that’s really cool i didn’t ask

  • Arun Kumar Sharma
    Arun Kumar Sharma Year ago +6

    This movie was so good. I remember the hype when it was released. It even surpassed marvel at that time. It was a masterpiece. I really love jurassic Park franchise.

  • Exotic Gamer
    Exotic Gamer Year ago +19

    Omg the hype when this came out was unreal that was a true masterpiece of a movie

  • soumita
    soumita 5 months ago +9

    Oh boy! After 8 years.... This still gave me chills... Anyone in 2022 !?

  • Gabby Dela Paz
    Gabby Dela Paz 4 months ago +5

    the best comeback movie of all time.. Until now It still's give me goosebumps

  • Activate the rings?
    Activate the rings? Year ago +1

    Went to watch this movie with my brother when it first came out and I was literally in tears. The new soundtrack and encredits were absolutely beautiful. The kids were cheesy, yes, but the movie still had amazing moments. Middle half of the movie was pure tension. The raw power of the indominous rex had me at the edge of my seat. This movie took all the nice bits from the first 3 movies and mashed them together surprisingly well. An amazing loveletter for the fans.

    • Activate the rings?
      Activate the rings? Year ago

      Let's not talk about Fallen Kingdom doe. That movie was utter shit. Makes JP3 look decent (JP3 is actually decent on my book doe) the script was a fucking mess. The hunters were boring asf. And the indoraptor was laughable at best. The damn thing wasn't even intimidating. I've never felt so disgusted while watching a JW movie before

  • Spectatorz
    Spectatorz 9 months ago +4

    I remember that back in 2015 I used to watch Jurassic World related videos all day. What memories. It will always be my favorite movie series."

  • Prakash M
    Prakash M 10 months ago +3

    7 years later, the preview still fills that awesome chilling feeling...

  • EnderEthan 14
    EnderEthan 14 5 months ago +6

    Screw what all the critics say. Every Jurassic Park/World movie is great and I don’t care about the inaccuracies in these types of films because the dinosaurs are clones of their ancestors and they can look However you want them to.
    Say with me. Lovers gonna love, Haters gonna hate.

  • alex
    alex 8 years ago +90

    Got the chills watching this trailer. The original Jurassic Park was basically my childhood. Not expecting this one to be as good as the first, just happy they're making another one and ready to see how good it will be. So excited for June 12.

    • Bane's Basement
      Bane's Basement 8 years ago +4

      @Alex Hall Alex I think that as long as it has the same tone and feel of the first movie it'll be great. That brachiosaurus shot and the island lockdown with Chris Pratt pumping his shotgun ready for a fight for his life... and the kid watching helplessly at the dinosaur and all we see is the shadow... man the trailer alone has ranked this film higher up then the two sequels.

    • CosmonautKiwi
      CosmonautKiwi 8 years ago +10

      Finally a positive comment :D

  • The ConGaminator
    The ConGaminator 11 months ago +2

    not even close to my favorite Jurassic film, but dang, this brings me back.
    The hype. I was a kid watching Jurassic for the first time, this was an EVENT.
    I miss 2015, that was a great year, so many good memories.
    I'll hold onto that.
    It's JW 2015's only saving grace from me. NOSTALGIA

  • JinXx
    JinXx 2 years ago +3

    Wow the ending with blue jumping on the trex to fight the indominous Rex really gave me chills I basically would have died if all the raptors were there to fight😭

  • Luke Baxter
    Luke Baxter 3 years ago +2

    One hell of a trailer. I still get goosebumps. It does such a great job of teasing what would be in the film with the idea of a fully functional park (which was something I always wanted to see as a Jurassic fan) and the truly interesting idea of hybrid Dinosaurs. Plus the creepy piano rendition of the JP theme makes the trailer work so well.

  • Mr Groovy
    Mr Groovy 11 months ago +1

    I still get chills watching this trailer. I was only 13 at the time and I remember the hype for this film.

  • J.A.
    J.A. 4 years ago +1160

    3 years later i still get Goosebumps watching this

  • Brianna Jackson
    Brianna Jackson 5 months ago +1

    This one was my top favorite out of all movies thus far. Respect for the very first one that came out. But this one, man they did right on this one 👏👏👏

  • Velocxty
    Velocxty 5 months ago

    It’s been 7 years…
    Time flies.
    Amazing trilogy!⚡️

  • Paul Steward
    Paul Steward 2 years ago +301

    Remember the hype when Raptors running with Chris Patt?

    • New Entertainment
      New Entertainment 9 months ago

      @Mister Bobby you you thought this movie isnt epic you is just stupid

    • Allosaurus1456
      Allosaurus1456 Year ago


    • Mister Bobby
      Mister Bobby Year ago

      @Airay first off I'm not even a dude, m0ron, lol. Secondly, Fast 9 was also successful, so was transformers the last knight, so is freaking Venom 2. But they're all crappy movies. You 1diot.

    • Airay
      Airay Year ago

      @Mister Bobby Lmao go outside and touch grass man, you're radiating neckbeard vibes. Boo hoo you didn't like it, want a cookie? Jurassic World was extremely successful, I'm sure they totally care about some sad overweight incel living in his moms basement's opinion.

    • Lego My Stego
      Lego My Stego Year ago +1

      @Mister Bobby uh huh

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 3 years ago +27

    the first time I saw this trailer REALLY BUT REALLY made me feel like a 8 year old. watching the old Jurassic park... damn good old memories :)

  • AMC Theatres
    AMC Theatres 8 years ago +1536

    The first trailer for Jurassic World is finally here!

    • Angel Beast
      Angel Beast 5 months ago


    • GiGaZilla
      GiGaZilla 5 months ago +1

      I am here after watching Jurassic world dominion

    • Remy D
      Remy D 5 months ago

      Well I didn't pan pan out well

    • GiGaZilla
      GiGaZilla 5 months ago

      @Fishy ツ yessssir

    • Fishy ツ
      Fishy ツ 7 months ago +6

      Here in April of 2022, Dominion about to drop

  • Tayyaba Mehr
    Tayyaba Mehr Year ago +1

    One of the best ever movies
    Loved every second of it ❤️

  • Servant of The One
    Servant of The One Year ago +1

    I remember finally seeing a Jurassic film in theaters for the first time and it it was something I’ve always wanted to do. It wasn’t this one I saw, (though I love JW) it was Fallen Kingdom. When I was a kid, Jurassic Park was my life, all three originals and the books are so phenomenal I’ve read them both multiple times. I know Fallen Kingdom gets a lot of hate but seeing it in theaters was so amazing and I fell in love with that movie too, easily one of the BEST experiences I’ve ever had in regards to entertainment and no one can ever take that away from me.

  • Kendall Denae
    Kendall Denae 2 years ago +2

    I’m watching the movie on Fox right now. Still one of my favorite movies of all time 🎥 🍿 🦕🦖💗 I remember DQ advertising it on their blizzards and movie theaters with it on their food. I saw it in theaters 3 times. This movie was soo good!

  • Stridor
    Stridor 9 months ago +3

    Flash forward 7 years later it still gives me chills, man I miss 2015

  • Caitlin Wager
    Caitlin Wager 5 years ago +1661

    throwback to when trailers were actually good and didn't show the entire outcome of the movie

    • Danbo 22
      Danbo 22 6 months ago +1

      @Mohamad Moussa you should watch some trailers from the 80’s and 90’s

    • Lucca216
      Lucca216 8 months ago +1

      Bruh, the same year Terminator Dark Fate was released and it spoiled the whole movie

    • Flightless Lord
      Flightless Lord 9 months ago

      ... until the second trailer came out for this and it became one of worst offenders. This trailer was great tho. I remember the hype for JP4 since, god since JP3. And then one day I heard its happening, and BestInSlot did a video and omg yes. It was amazing on first viewing, but looking back couldve been better. Still, the World series is probably the best renewal of a franchise, because fans and creators alike always wanted it. As a kid I was constantly looking up stuff about JP4.

    • _hassan_editx_06
      _hassan_editx_06 Year ago


    • Evolved Turtle Productions
      Evolved Turtle Productions Year ago +3

      granted this trailer entirely misdirects the audience in terms of the film's tone lmao

  • Panda lol
    Panda lol 3 years ago +27

    Looking back when 2019 is almost over and the future of the series is unknown people look back and see this was the real deal. All the hype and nostalgia from this movie is awesome let's hope the final one is a great conclusion

  • R
    R 5 months ago +3

    Still gives me shivers! The movie was good but this trailer was pure gold, no wonder they got 1.6 billions on this one

  • BunnyRemix
    BunnyRemix 3 years ago

    I remember seeing this trailer for the first time. My jaw dropped at 2:21. It was at that point I knew I was gonna friggin' love this movie.

  • BluBlu04
    BluBlu04 2 years ago

    This trailer was so nostalgic I almost teared up. I’ll do anything to take me back to these days

  • Alina Espinoza
    Alina Espinoza Year ago

    I loved this movie and the second one so much! I can’t wait for the third one! Though this movie gives me the chills :)

  • ValkyriNoEdit
    ValkyriNoEdit 9 months ago +1

    Aún recuerdo cuando ví el tráiler y fui al estreno es la única película a parte de Infinity war que me produce emoción y nostalgia

  • Reece Pickett
    Reece Pickett 2 years ago +1

    Coming back to this after 5 years. I have never had so much fun watching a movie before. Especially in theaters.

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith Year ago +223

    If someone’s watching this is 2021, they’re a true true legend

  • KingCodester111
    KingCodester111 4 years ago +336

    I remember the hype for this movie, it was like one of the biggest movies ever. Felt not so long ago yet it's been 3 years and the sequel has just released

    • Monica Tobar
      Monica Tobar 5 months ago

      7 years now :/ that little kid is now 20

    • iachen
      iachen 5 months ago

      Hi I’m a bit late but Jurassic world dominion was released and it was pretty good

    • ItzYaGigaSigmathan💪🥶
      ItzYaGigaSigmathan💪🥶 5 months ago +6

      Hello sorry I'm late but in a couple days the 3rd and final movie of the Jurassic world trilogy is about to release in the US💀

    • ButterBallin’
      ButterBallin’ 2 years ago +7

      Hi I know I'm very late, however I would like to add that this movie still remains one of the top 6 movies in the box office!

  • Joel Jaquez
    Joel Jaquez Year ago +4

    Every time the main theme song piano starts playing = instant chills, 🦖

  • KagamiKenji
    KagamiKenji Year ago +6

    I saw the trailer again today and got goosebumps watching this again, felt like a kid in the hype again when I was 8, now i’m seeing this 6 years later😭

    • Lander Devos
      Lander Devos Year ago +1

      This trailer made so much hype. I remember counting the days until it would be released

  • Chyke 62
    Chyke 62 Year ago +2

    To be honest, after the tragedy that was Jurassic park 3, when I had heard there was a new one coming out, I felt sick...cuz I was and still am a big fan of Spielberg's 1993 movie. But then, I took a chance because of the hype and went to see Jurassic World and I cried. It was like seeing Jurassic park for the first time again. Especially when the t-rex went to the roof and roared at the end....there was something about it that moved me. Colin Treverow did for the new generation what Spielberg did for us in the 90s.

  • Daryl David Sunny
    Daryl David Sunny 9 months ago +3

    The whole movie is in the trailer 😂. Still gives me the goosebumps 🔥.

  • Jordan Sweeto
    Jordan Sweeto 8 years ago +841

    I was hoping for a couple returning actors as I loved them (it doesn't look like there are)
    But honestly after seeing this trailer I'm pretty excited!!
    I love Jurassic Park and I think this will be a great new movie, definitely going to see it.

    • Apollo
      Apollo 2 months ago

      Did u see dominion?

    • Dionel Mejia
      Dionel Mejia Year ago

      Well I think u know that dominion is gonna have some of the original cast from the first jurrasic park movie coming back

    • Reva Desiana
      Reva Desiana Year ago


    • Gudy007
      Gudy007 Year ago +1

      @Tom Buchanan FORGET IT. as not the final film. remember. life always find a way..

    • Tom Buchanan
      Tom Buchanan Year ago

      Good thing they are returning in the final film

  • Brayden The Filmaker

    I remember seeing this trailer. I’m pretty sure I was five (I’m not that old) and every time I watch it I’m just hit with this absolute nostalgic feeling that I can’t comprehend. I remember everything about the day I watched this trailer. My mom showed me it because she herself had enjoyed the Jurassic park movies. She showed me the trailer and I immediately got hooked. Ah, memories.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 months ago +2

    By far my favorite move to ever exists so noslagic it’s so great 11/10

  • David L
    David L 9 months ago +4

    In 4 months, the epic 8 year trilogy will come to aned, just like the Dinosaurs did.

    • random boi
      random boi 9 months ago +2

      Yeah its all of the jurassic movies coming to an end . Jurassic park / world are both gonna end after dominion so there won't be any jurassic movie . Probably like NEVER ;(

  • Mori
    Mori 9 months ago +9

    This was 7 years ago and still giving me the chills and the nostalgia, i still remember when we watched this movie in the cinema and it was beautiful. Both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World has a special place in my heart :)

  • Alternative Pictures
    Alternative Pictures 7 years ago +437

    Seriously though, nobody can enjoy a fun summer blockbuster movie like Jurassic World anymore. Everybody likes to nitpick the minor things in movies and call it trash.
    If you hate it, it's your opinion. I thought this movie was a lot of fun and I definitely wanna see it again.

    • J. Swnski
      J. Swnski 3 years ago

      @Entropy that's what @halloweenfriday meant. Everybody crying. Just watch the movie. When the CGI is bad then the CGI is bad. Stop crying. And movies are not there to be short.. They should be 1-2 hours long.. Idiot

    • Jordan Susanto
      Jordan Susanto 7 years ago

      @EntropyKC call the military? nobody wanted word to spread out regarding the indominus.

    • Alternative Pictures
      Alternative Pictures 7 years ago +1

      @Dragon Garchomp I knew it would happen! I am so stoked!

    • Ridley
      Ridley 7 years ago

      @Connor Morley Hey Connor, Jurassic World 2 is confirmed to be released on 22nd June 2018. I am so hyped!!

    • Keromatsu
      Keromatsu 7 years ago +1

      @Dragon Garchomp found you again lol I tried replying on the other video but It got taken down already >_

  • Momcilo Lukovic
    Momcilo Lukovic Year ago +3

    I remember being mega-hyped when this trailer came out and you know what? The movie delivered and then some.

  • -
    - 2 years ago

    This is still one of my favorite trailers, gives me chills everytime i watch it

  • Ramses Barrios
    Ramses Barrios 3 years ago +3

    Made 4 years ago and I still get chills

  • صالح صالحة
    صالح صالحة 9 months ago +2

    I wonder how they trained the dinosaurs for these scenes. Incredible performance

  • Sergio Torres
    Sergio Torres 2 years ago +1

    I remember the day when I saw this movie on my birthday, what a masterpiece 😃

  • pizza time
    pizza time Year ago

    This trailer still gives me goosebumps to this day

  • Studio productions
    Studio productions Year ago +4

    and 6 years later the child in me still gets chills from seeing that logo again

  • The Crimson Dragon Slayer

    I remember when this first hit and a lot of people thought Owen was running away from the raptors in that last shot and then like two minutes later they realized he was running with them. That scene is by far my favorite


    7 years later still gives me the chills

  • Brandon Basiak
    Brandon Basiak 3 years ago +8

    This movie was amazing. You cant change my mind

  • Hamid Gaming
    Hamid Gaming Year ago +10

    Who's here after the new Jurassic World: Dominion 5 minute prologue?

  • Roberta Amorim
    Roberta Amorim 2 years ago +1

    OBRIGADA POR FAZER ESSE FILME TÃO CHATO😪😪😪😪😪😪😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😞😞😞😞😞😠😠😠😠

  • BloodyFlowerFilms
    BloodyFlowerFilms 8 years ago +211

    For people that don't understand, the dinosaurs especially the Raptors are NOT tamed. The director himself confirmed this, that doesn't mean that the Raptors can't be aimed like a weapon at the hybrid dinosaur. Also to people bitching about the hybrid D-Rex, if you think a hybrid is fucking with the source material then go back and read the novel. There is tons of that there. Plus all of the Dinosaurs in the park are not real dinosaurs because their code was spliced with a frog. So all of the dinosaurs are mutants, but the park took it further by making a hybrid. Jeez people, know your facts before you bitch.

    • Fikri Juanda
      Fikri Juanda 2 years ago

      @Raven Whitless that was dark for a PG 13 Movies

    • ninetysevencents
      ninetysevencents 8 years ago +1

      @Jacob Ferguson
      My mistake. I guess my memory got muddled in the 19 years since I read it.

    • Raven Whitless
      Raven Whitless 8 years ago +1

      @Jolan Pyland Well Samuel L Jackson died in the first movie. But the scientists kept his arm in a lab. They took some of Jackson's DNA and spliced it into a T-rex egg. And that's how this Hybrid dinosaur was created. It's in the book.

    • ninetysevencents
      ninetysevencents 8 years ago

      I was pretty surprised that neither the second nor third movies used the chameleon hybrid concept from the second book. What's more terrifying than dinosaurs? (Virtually) invisible dinosaurs.
      Maybe we'll finally get it here.

    • Sith Spawn
      Sith Spawn 8 years ago

      @131rocketman As far as I know, there are only two novels. The original title and Lost World. I'd recommend reading them. They're barely anything like the movie, and very good reads :)

  • LeanbackMac
    LeanbackMac 5 months ago +4

    Just came back to this wonderful trailer to remind me when the Jurassic series was still good. After seeing Dominion, I thought that movie was a terrible finale and just wish the movie could have been at least as good as this one.

    • Boobie Feet
      Boobie Feet 5 months ago

      For the FINAL time dominion is a good movie not a good finale. You know why it's not a good finale. Because it ISNT the finale there is another trilogy planed already universal told us this YEARS ago.

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 5 months ago

      Jurassic World Dominion was one of the worst movies I saw this year so far! It was absolute garbage.

  • Sprooceyy
    Sprooceyy Year ago +4

    7 years ago, today. This masterpiece came out.

  • Liam Adams
    Liam Adams 2 years ago +2

    5 years later and still getting chills just at the music

  • Leandro Pereira
    Leandro Pereira 2 years ago

    Filme sem defeitos.

  • CocoaCrack
    CocoaCrack 8 years ago +70

    I love this trailer. It doesn't give away too much, it manages to bring a sense of wonder while transitioning into a sense of fear, and overall it looks a lot better than the other sequels, so I'm excited. But I still don't understand the whole "Chris Pratt riding with Raptors" thing. Why aren't they trying to eat him?

    • CocoaCrack
      CocoaCrack 8 years ago

      72 likes and 29 comments?! Da frick?!

    • HenryM
      HenryM 8 years ago +1

      @Daniel Hartley I don't think they're running away from something, because they showed them being released from cages, meaning going hunting with Chris

    • Alejandro Castaneda
      Alejandro Castaneda 8 years ago +2

      Pratt is the Raptor trainor

    • Caledonian Warrior
      Caledonian Warrior 8 years ago

      I just want to say this is the nicest comment chain I've read that's to do with Jurassic World. Others involved people bitching or being arseholes to others and just saying random offensive crap. This one is good though and hope it stays like that
      (walks away knowng he's jinxed it)

    • Nathan Millerberg
      Nathan Millerberg 8 years ago

      They are running away from the same thing he's running from.

  • §aimon FF
    §aimon FF 8 months ago

    7 years ago, still give me the chills 💯💯

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson 19 days ago

    I was SO hyped for this movie man the kid in me was screaming OH MY GOD when i saw this trailer release, and the day it came out i took my mother to go see it with me since she took me to see the first 3 in theaters

  • Laya Raveendran
    Laya Raveendran 3 years ago +6

    Killer trailer...awesome editing ...with legend's music....gives goosebumps even after yrs...thts wat makes it a best Trailer

  • Georg Groeg
    Georg Groeg 2 years ago +4

    Just came back after 5 years to listen to that incredible music again. One day Jurassic World will become reality.

  • Hannah Marlyn
    Hannah Marlyn Year ago +7

    Chris Pratt as raptor daddy is just one of the most perfect things in the world

  • RadJack14
    RadJack14 Year ago +8

    I first remember seeing this movie and the trailer in 2015 and I was not disappointed by the results

  • Jianna K
    Jianna K 2 years ago +2

    this trailer will always give me chills, always

  • Jose Centuriao
    Jose Centuriao 3 years ago +11

    This movie is a masterpiece!!!!

  • suntansuperman26
    suntansuperman26 7 years ago +463

    "So you went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea" the understatement of the century.

    • Apollo
      Apollo 2 months ago

      @Fapatuski it happened in the 2nd one!

    • Zuko Halliwell
      Zuko Halliwell 7 years ago +2

      That's putting it mildly! Creating a hybrid dinosaur is probably the stupidest idea in the history of mankind. (But, in terms of screenwriting, it's brilliant.)

    • Soldier Boy
      Soldier Boy 7 years ago

      @Fapatuski Nope xD

    • isaiah reib
      isaiah reib 7 years ago

      @suntansuperman26 every movie in a nutshell (excluding the dinosaur part)

    • Quarky Quasar
      Quarky Quasar 7 years ago

      @lynda Western Lol not again...

  • roberto martinez
    roberto martinez 6 months ago

    Me acuerdo que fue uno de mis mejores veranos de mi vida

  • Arya Faeqy
    Arya Faeqy 8 months ago +1

    I remember waking up at 5 am just to watch this trailer about 20-30 minutes after it was out

  • James Viveros
    James Viveros 2 years ago +4

    Today the same day it was released 5 years ago. The hype was up high and excited to see it after 14 years of waiting after JP3

  • Keef
    Keef 3 years ago

    This trailer and the Fallen Kingdom trailer have never, ever failed to give me goosebumps.

  • Naughty Principal
    Naughty Principal Year ago +1

    I was waiting for for this movie since I watched Jurassic park 3 in my childhood days ,I watched this movie it was like getting something you always wanted.

  • Adam Dow
    Adam Dow 8 months ago

    Loved this return to the Jurassic Park franchise! I got it on DVD for mu 20th birthday back in '15 and watched it with some birthday cake.

  • Jared Alvarez ✸
    Jared Alvarez ✸ 5 months ago +5

    Anybody else coming back to the old trailers in preparation for Dominion?

  • jordan
    jordan Year ago +5


  • Ben Jauncey
    Ben Jauncey 8 years ago +56

    Who else got goosebumps when you instantly recognize that the piano was playing the theme from the original Jurassic Park movies?

    • Ben Jauncey
      Ben Jauncey 8 years ago

      @Steve Romero Haha it was just nice to hear it I guess!!

    • A T
      A T 8 years ago

      One of my favourite music scores of all time. Works AMAZINGLY as an alarm clock. It made me smile when I would wake up lol

    • bloody_albatross
      bloody_albatross 8 years ago +2

      The piano is the best thing about it. Probably the best thing about the whole movie.

    • Steve
      Steve 8 years ago +3

      My piano playing son, who just said the EXACT SAME THING!

    • 손창식
      손창식 8 years ago +3


  • Jenna Fletcher
    Jenna Fletcher Year ago +2

    The raptors running with Pratt on his bike is still on me of the most badass bits ever.

  • Baby Birb
    Baby Birb Year ago +45

    If someone is watching this in 2021, they are a true legend. ❤

    • Reichtangle
      Reichtangle Year ago

      @El Schaett this one is good hands down

    • El Schaett
      El Schaett Year ago

      @Reichtangle How could you watch the classic and then say the new one is good

    • Reichtangle
      Reichtangle Year ago

      @El Schaett bruh I have all are good accept jp3

    • El Schaett
      El Schaett Year ago

      @Reichtangle watch the first Jurassic Park

    • Reichtangle
      Reichtangle Year ago

      Shahid mujahar it is the best movie

  • Tegan pilots a Chicken
    Tegan pilots a Chicken 5 months ago

    Dominion just released but this trailer still gives me chills, and makes me tear up a bit.