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Does the Apple Watch Ultra use REAL Sapphire!? - (Plus hidden solar!)

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @JerryRigEverything


  • @potatopotatopotatopotatopo8746

    If current popular smartphones had sapphire screens we would see 2-4 year old phones resold without a single scratch, imagine how amazing that would be!

  • @anoopramakrishna

    One advantage of the transflective screen is that it is much more visible in daylight, most other watch faces even at max brightness tend to be washed out when outdoors.

  • @MrDanielmahaniel

    People often forget too that sapphire crystals on watches are very scratch-proof, but they can shatter easier than acrylic or mineral crystals. I would assume the same for a pure sapphire watch screen on phone screen

  • @anb1142
    @anb1142  +71

    I appreciate you briefly informing us on how Sapphire is made

  • @user-rz7bc7zm9d

    There's an easy way to check of the watch crystal is made of sapphire, mineral glas or plexi/hesalite.

  • @mihaisora3329

    It's such a plesent experience to watch your videos Jerry! The calm voice and your straight to the point videos, impartial and detailed are always welcomed.

  • @clayfleming6286

    I have the Epix Gen 2 with the Sapphire screen and love it. Permanently benched my Apple Watch in favor of the Garmin.

  • @user-rp9ih8wq2g

    So Shappire Crystals are coming to phones too? Maybe S23? Or will it only be for the Ultra-Premium versions?

  • @grechyn9andrew

    surely you can tell difference between apple watch with sapphire and without. mine refurbished stainless steel gen 3 purchased in 2018 still doesn’t have any scratches on screen unlike my friend’s aluminum one full of scratches:) sapphire does it’s job!

  • @juhbenward18

    Can you see the differences in a microscope? That would be interesting

  • @guus1033

    On the Garmin there is a button to backlight the display so you can see it in the dark, it’s the top left button. I personally like that you can’t see it in the dark with my Garmin forerunner 245 because when I want to sleep I never accidentally light it up. And it’s always accessible if I do want to see what my heartrate or something

  • @juamparicotero

    The downgrade your phone to upgrade the watch comment was pure gold lol

  • @abirdutta5337

    where did you get that hunk of sapphire? and won't the thermal conductivity make it colder/hotter in colder/hotter environment wouldn't that be a jarring feeling?

  • @Juanixtec

    It might be the coating of the sapphire that is being scratched rather than the sapphire itself.

  • @twitchdoomx

    Hey! I know this isn't a phone, but you are a source I can trust. Is there any way you could do a durability test on the Nintendo Ring Fit? I can't seem to find any tests to see how durable the thing is, and I'm interested since nintendo usually makes easily breakable products.

  • @seraphimvalkyrin4543

    It would be interesting to test the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro against the regular version as the Pro is supposed to have a harder sapphire screen.

  • @dragosalexpop

    One thing to note on the Garmin. If you don't get a sapphire version, be extremely cautious with the glass screen when going to the pool. The ceramic tiles of the pool can scratch your watch glass like it's on sandpaper! Ask me how i know that. (Using a tempered glass protector for such a screen is a must IMO).