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Double Life Episode 2: Burn It All DOWN!

  • Published on Jun 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome to Last Life season 3 renamed Double Life smp - episode 2! We start Double Life Ep2 by bringing the Jellie Pandas to Grians base that he is setting up. Unfortunately, they were not welcomed with open arms. So I build a Jellie Pandas sanctuary and petting zoo. Later on, the Ranch boys come over and steal my horse and I burn down the Ranch with fire!
    Hope you enjoyed episode 2 of Double Life session 3 on the Life SMP! See you in episode 3!
    * The Jellie skin maker: TitanLyarrah
    * A Very Plump Jellie Resource Pack: www.planetminecraft.com/mob-s...
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Comments • 1 875

  • GoodTimesWithScar

    Thank you for watching and see you in the next episode!


    Jellie looks extremely chobblesome here :D

  • Desi Survivor

    I love how Grian's episode is named "Building up" while Scar's is named "Burn it down"

  • Simon Jenkins

    I love that scar is just playing regular SMP Minecraft while everyone else is preparing for the war to come

  • Hero Wither

    Every season, someone messes with Scar's pets. Every season, he retaliates. When are they gonna learn?

  • Braedyn Howard

    Only Scar would set someone's house on fire when his soulmate is building the largest wood castle ever. 😂

  • LordOfFreaks

    I love how scars immediate reaction to getting his horse stolen was to burn down the perpetrators house

  • Lolli_Popples

    Scar enabling both Scott and Pearl is hilarious.

  • E F
    E F  +483

    Pearl: talking about hurting Scott

  • William Br
    William Br  +284

    Scar is probably the most chaotic hermit when it comes to this entire series. That’s why he is my favourite. He doesn’t care about winning or prepping as much as the other hermits, he just wants to have fun. Love you Scar!

  • sweetpeach
    sweetpeach  +622

    Grian's basically Scar's mother this series. The way Scar asked permission to burn the house down and report it back is like a toddler telling his mom how good he did in school but still failed

  • Scroty McBoogerballs

    Scar: "They can come here and blow off some smoke!"

  • ShinyMew76

    I like how most of the builds on the “Life” series are all mainly just random forts and quick houses, and then scar goes and terraforms like it’s hermitcraft. That’s why scar is one of my favorite hermits, he puts a ton of love into his builds and gives it all his effort

  • Jungle The rainwing

    Scar is litterally a kid with Grian as his guardian, telling Scar to keep his outdoor pets outdoors, owning the house, making Scar do chores

  • Eris K.
    Eris K.  +83

    the contrast in episodes is just amazing. first "living with the jellys" directly followed by "burn it ALL DOWN!" I really enjoy your whimsical psychoticness.

  • Person
    Person  +141


  • CMinorOp67
    CMinorOp67  +215


  • jayvhon calma


  • Anonymous Wolf

    If Grian's gonna abandon Scar as his soulmate, my petition is for Scar to become Pearl's soulmate.

  • Bee K.
    Bee K.  +1

    I love how wildly different the various soulmate relationships are. The contrast between Joel "I'm Etho's biggest fan!" and Scar "Turn around, wafflehead" is so freaking funny.