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Col. Macgregor: Ukraine Is Being OBLITERATED

  • Published on Apr 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner to update us on the Ukraine Russia war. Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares thoughts on Scott Ritters battle assessment, China, North Korea, Biden, the US dollar and de-dollarization.
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    Timestamp: 0:44 Has Bakhmut fallen?
    2:50 Bakhmut is the keystone of this war
    5:40 General Milley goofs and says Ukraine cannot win this war
    8:20 DC will provoke China to engage in war and rumors of war
    12:20 The US could not bring the NAVY against the Chinese Navy because of new strike capabilities
    15:30 China only has one goal in this war
    16:40 Pentagon orders B52 and aircraft carrier towards North Korea
    16:50 North Korea is used by the Russians to distract US military
    21:20 China now searching boats
    24:00 China could be shut down quickly but they are infiltrating America through VISAS
    28:00 Why Finland really joined NATO
    1. I think at this point we can confidently say Russia has taken Bakhmut or at least enough of it to claim victory over the city. Do think Zelenskyy will finally order his troops to fall back or will they dig in and try to hold until the very end?
    2. General Milley said recently that he doesn’t believe Ukraine can beat Russia this year. He said he believes they will but based on their definition of winning which is to kick Russian forces out of Ukraine it’s a very difficult task and not something that will happen in 2023. Do think this is the general being honest or is it word play because now his comments don’t have to come true and he can start dripping a Ukraine loss based on Zelenskyy definition?
    3. Finland has now joined NATO, so we’ve officially broken another promise of not putting NATO on Russia’s border, do you think Russia will make future moves on Finland or is the real beef between Russia and Ukraine?
    4. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he will actually be flying to Finland later in April to coordinate military interaction and planning with our two countries.
    5. The US senate has finally voted to repeal the congressional war authorization for military use in Iraq. Why did this take 20 years and why were so many democrats and republicans so reluctant to end that tragic and wasteful war?
    6. The pentagon has ordered A b52 bomber along with an aircraft carrier with fighter jets to head to the Korean Pennisula to make a show of force to north korea and Kim Jung Un. Is it wise to have US military in the area as North Korea ramps up its threats against the US, South Korea and even Japan or is this just more poking the bear that could lead to escalation?
    7. Recently I had former CIA agent Ray McGovern on my show. He said he believes Putin and Russia likely got China’s permission or blessing to launch this attack on Ukraine and now China is coming in to clean it up after going too far so China can get back to building trade relations with Western Europe. What are your thoughts on this?
    8. Recently House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hosted Taiwan’s president here in the US. China vehemently condemned the meeting and warned of consequence. Do you think China is gearing up for war with the US as some top military personnel have suggested or is it all bark and no bite as it would cripple China’s economy and significantly alter global trade?
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  • Stephen Gardner
    Stephen Gardner  5 months ago +180

    💵Check out Stephen current CASH GIVEAWAY: www.yourbridgeplan.com/youtube
    Timestamp: 0:44 Has Bakhmut fallen?
    2:50 Bakhmut is the keystone of this war
    5:40 General Milley goofs and says Ukraine cannot win this war
    8:20 DC will provoke China to engage in war and rumors of war
    12:20 The US could not bring the NAVY against the Chinese Navy because of new strike capabilities
    15:30 China only has one goal in this war
    16:40 Pentagon orders B52 and aircraft carrier towards North Korea
    16:50 North Korea is used by the Russians to distract US military
    21:20 China now searching boats
    24:00 China could be shut down quickly but they are infiltrating America through VISAS
    28:00 Why Finland really joined NATO

  • Katie Mac
    Katie Mac 5 months ago +329

    All the interviews you do are so informative..Thank you for them .
    I pray for peace in our world. 🙏☮️

    • Faith Moore
      Faith Moore 5 months ago +12

      Katie , I am praying for peace in all hearts, minds , and I pray for protection. Most importantly, I pray that all get to know and become closer to God !❤

    • Celesa Sheldon
      Celesa Sheldon 5 months ago +14

      We need peace in the world.

    • Felix Bruette
      Felix Bruette 5 months ago +14

      For peace to happen! United States government must remain within their borders of the United States Constitution . And NATO dissolved😊

    • Katie Mac
      Katie Mac 5 months ago +6

      @Faith Moore Great prayer..I'm going to start praying for peace in all hearts and minds too..Thank you.

  • crom131
    crom131 4 months ago +5

    Keep up the good work @Stephen Gardner God bless you and family and Thank you for the time you take to keep us informed

  • Tuazaana TzD Bradley Ndunge-Muheua

    Colonel MacGregor, the voice of reason in a time of logical absurdities and madness of the highest order. The courage and integrity of this gentleman to do the right thing because it is right to do right.

  • james Tyer
    james Tyer 4 months ago +8

    Bless them both and let colonel and Stephan be protected at all costs for speaking the truth for whats going on in this crazy world!

    • Glenn Robin
      Glenn Robin Month ago

      They have been wrong at every turn

  • Mark Sloan - The Enemy of Spin

    that was a great interview Stephen and very nicely moderated. Good job! Col. McGregor makes some excellent points especially about Washington and why the American people are not being represented in the halls and corridors of government.

  • SpaceBat StuckonEarth
    SpaceBat StuckonEarth 5 months ago +10

    😂 I can listen to this dude for hours, honest views with a little sarcasm makes for a great informational interview

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee 5 months ago +380

    Hey Stephen, this was an incredible interview. It’s quite impressive that you’re able to secure such high caliber individuals for your interviews. The fact that you never interrupt them and let them speak makes this even more than worthwhile to watch

    • Niiwin
      Niiwin 5 months ago +10

      for sure ..actual honesty how refreshing

    • jeppen
      jeppen 5 months ago +10

      Macgregor is RT staff. That's hardly high caliber, quite the opposite.

    • Peter Charles
      Peter Charles 5 months ago +2

      He's a colonel. No big shakes.

    • Devin Fraser Ashpole
      Devin Fraser Ashpole 5 months ago +17

      @jeppen Better than CNN though.

    • jeppen
      jeppen 5 months ago +5

      @Devin Fraser Ashpole no, much worse than CNN.

    CAROL HOLSTEIN 5 months ago +4

    Thank you for your hard work and effort you put in to keeping us in the know. Blessings to you, Kayce and your Children

  • Margie CJ
    Margie CJ 5 months ago +35

    Fantastic discussion about the world today. Thanks Col McGregor and Stephen Gardner.

  • Frumious
    Frumious 5 months ago +2

    Go on colonel! I watched the Russian victory parade through Kiev last week. It was awesome to see the rightful control of that city revert to Russia. The death of thousands of NATO troops in the process was a small price to pay. Your wisdom leads us on.

    III GO NE III 5 months ago +15

    This is singlehandedly one of the best interviews with Col. Macgregor on the internet.

    • Coconaut
      Coconaut 3 months ago

      Which really doesn't say much..

  • Jessica Macfarlane
    Jessica Macfarlane 5 months ago +4

    Thank you for most interesting and educational interview with Colonel Macgregor. I always learn something of interest when I listen to him and try and watch every interview with him as being a oldie I try so hard to remember all the information, but sometimes have trouble.

  • Gretchen Gardner
    Gretchen Gardner 5 months ago +58

    I appreciate all these great interviews. So disheartening that our own government can’t tell the truth

    • ebrima kabba
      ebrima kabba 5 months ago


    • Lisa Bibby
      Lisa Bibby 5 months ago +7

      I'm very sad for all of the civilians of Ukraine but this is another war that the United States has no business being in.

  • Peter Bajada
    Peter Bajada 5 months ago +25

    Hats off to Col Macgregor, he always gives an insider's point of view without any discrimination. His knowledge and forewarning are direct and to the point and are delivered in a way that the average person can understand.

    • Thomas MacGinnes
      Thomas MacGinnes 5 months ago +1

      he possess a studied’ mind !

    • rustic35
      rustic35 5 months ago +1

      It's still only his opinion. 🤷‍♂️

    • Gene Larson
      Gene Larson 5 months ago +2

      ​@rustic35 no not his opinion Vladimirs opinion

    • James Hendrix
      James Hendrix 4 months ago +1

      I hope you are sarcastic. Each and every prediction of this clown regarding the war in Ukraine has been proven wrong.

  • Cathleen Lavoie Grey
    Cathleen Lavoie Grey 5 months ago +3

    Thank you! You always provide us with great information!

  • Pasha Baranov
    Pasha Baranov 5 months ago +3

    What an excellent interview! Thank you!!

  • opportunity53
    opportunity53 5 months ago +25

    Go on Colonel! You are a very honest and truthful person. Coming from a very disciplined professional fighting organisation, I personally feel no one at the moment can be closer to the truth than you.
    I feel deeply sorry for the Ukrainians and the Russians too.
    My question is, for how long would this bloodshed go on?
    Keep up the good work sir 👏👍👌🙏

  • иван иванов
    иван иванов 5 months ago +10

    Спасибо за прекрасный выпуск! Полковник, как всегда, предельно откровенно и трезво смотрит на происходящие в мире процессы.
    Нас ждут ещё тяжёлые и кровопролитные бои; в правящих кругах ещё слишком много трусов с недвижимостью в Штатах, - но мы неминуемо победим, и мир станет свободным от морока псевдолиберальной ультроглобалистской повестки.

    • Ken Williams
      Ken Williams 5 months ago +2

      What utter rubbish are you saying?

    • Вячеслав Ботнарь
      Вячеслав Ботнарь 5 months ago +4

      @Ken Williams он говорит, что во властной верхушке России ещё много либералов, имеющих имущество в странах коллективного Запада, эти чиновники тормозят развитие России, потому как она не важна для них. Они более ценят свои богатства которые находятся за пределами России, а где их ценности, там и их родина.А про кровопролитные бои он имеет ввиду войну, который страны Запада ведут с Россией руками Украины. Опасность состоит в том, что не смотря на многочисленные красные линии, о которых говорила Россия, в конце концов может наступить последняя и тогда конец всем. Так понятно?

  • Tobi McMorris
    Tobi McMorris 5 months ago +379

    Good to have Col Doug Macgregor on your show. We continue to thank you, him and all those non-MSM folks who make great efforts to seek, find, and tell us, the truth.

    • Racquet Mann
      Racquet Mann 5 months ago +8

      Russian propagandist

    • Robert Evans
      Robert Evans 5 months ago +4

      No thank you Patriot for having the courage and wherewithal to speak your opinions , they are greatly appreciated too.

    • V ulture
      V ulture 5 months ago +4

      @Racquet Mann ♥♥♥So true, but like RT and Russia 1 good for a laugh. ♥♥♥

    • bikinya
      bikinya 5 months ago +8

      Facts these men are truth seekers and are heroes

    • V ulture
      V ulture 5 months ago +5

      @bikinya LMAO There is enough battle footage, intercepts and prisoner intercepts to suggest otherwise. ♥♥♥

  • Annadam19
    Annadam19 5 months ago +25

    We so appreciate both Gardner and Macgregor for these enlightening interviews. The Colonel puts things into perspective and Stephen asks good questions. I learn so much from them.

  • Richkingdave Richking
    Richkingdave Richking 5 months ago +49

    I love this man...it's hard to stop listening to him when as he keep speaking facts

    • Tristan Wilkinson
      Tristan Wilkinson 5 months ago

      Thankfully he's telling us facts, that he only knows about. If he told us that the tooth fairy exists, it would be just as hard to stop listening to him. He's just fascinating, in a kind of Colonel MacGregor way. It probably takes him about 4 hours every morning to get away from the mirror in his bathroom.

    • Lukasz R
      Lukasz R 5 months ago +4

      Well he was wrong about everything.

    • Telcontar1962
      Telcontar1962 5 months ago

      @lukaszr8410 can you name just one thing specifically he was wrong about?
      It would be interesting to hear a differing point of view.

  • SolPriceTrojan16
    SolPriceTrojan16 5 months ago +14

    Col MacGregor is one of the few, honest and pragmatic voices on American foreign policy. I hope he gets more popular and has an opportunity to spread his opinions for more Americans to hear.

    • Faith Moore
      Faith Moore 5 months ago

      He is one of the rarest!❤️

    • Mark Aguilera
      Mark Aguilera 5 months ago

      Oh come on! So were Hitler and Stalin honest. What does honesty have to do with truth when you're wrong?

  • reprehensiblereptile
    reprehensiblereptile 5 months ago +6

    Without a doubt this Col. MacGregor is the best interview I've seen ANYWHERE in years (maybe ever). He knows his beans, and counts them well! Thank you SIR!

  • Sandy W.
    Sandy W. 5 months ago +1

    Thank you Stephen having General Macgregor on many times to let us hear the truth something Milley doesn't do..I am so glad you are now having guests on the show as well as your money management shows

  • Dr. Doolittle
    Dr. Doolittle 5 months ago +119

    Col. Macgregor explains things very clearly and very accurately. A wise voice in a world of chaos.

    • Fritz Forsthoefel
      Fritz Forsthoefel 5 months ago +7

      Can he explain bucha

    • Gaetano Maximus
      Gaetano Maximus 5 months ago +1

      So what if he's delusional.

    • Yopik Sukmana
      Yopik Sukmana 5 months ago +3

      ​@Fritz Forsthoefel what happen in Bucha? Did you know Douma false flag?

    • Margarita Orlova
      Margarita Orlova 5 months ago

      @Fritz Forsthoefel Bucha was a poorly staged spectacle. Have you seen that spectacle yourself? Did you notice a corpse iching and scratching? 😄

  • Richard Juukovsky
    Richard Juukovsky 5 months ago +6

    Great stuff as always. Thanks for the updates. Peace and love

  • GDawg2K2
    GDawg2K2 5 months ago +16

    So uplifting to see an American capable of strategic empathy. Not to mention a student of history and basic reality!

  • Beefconnection
    Beefconnection 5 months ago +16

    Thank you. I'm French and so good to listen to someone has wise and cultured on history. Very interesting and he his right to show the importance of history to analyse the current situation. 👍🇫🇷🇺🇸

  • John Paul Zinner
    John Paul Zinner 5 months ago

    Col. McGregor is great. He speaks well explaining things clearly. He has a good understanding of history. Good guest. Keep having him on. Thanks.

  • Oskar Ostermann
    Oskar Ostermann 5 months ago +2

    Honest man who has the balls to say the obvious.

  • Xavs Brink
    Xavs Brink 5 months ago +51

    This film calms me. There are still wise and honest people on the world who did not loose their brains.
    Thanks to this man!!!!

    • Dalton Mann
      Dalton Mann 5 months ago

      just not enough of them, sadly!

  • Richard Nunn
    Richard Nunn 5 months ago +5

    I'm really glad that you are finally reporting truth and not the BS that the media spews

  • BrewCity 2
    BrewCity 2 5 months ago +20

    The Colonel is always a great source of historical info.

    • Positive Trauma Production
      Positive Trauma Production 5 months ago

      he knows nothing about history. especially about Finlnd-Russia relationship

    • Gene Larson
      Gene Larson 5 months ago

      Sure he is. just listen to what he spews out then embrace the opposite of his position works for me.he is a paragon of consistency

    • Gene Larson
      Gene Larson 5 months ago +1

      Brew city his take on history? All he does is root for the aggressors and criticizes nato and the United states

    • Peter Tattoo
      Peter Tattoo 5 months ago

      @Positive Trauma Production I agree with your comment. And I see many comments from local US-people that is purely based on their own interior problems.

  • Poly-Ticks
    Poly-Ticks 5 months ago +1

    Very good interview, col MacDouglas is a very competent person. With such people in charge of military, it wouldn't be many wars

  • JTJ White
    JTJ White 5 months ago +13

    Keep bringing these. We benefit immensely!

  • Diane Noll
    Diane Noll 5 months ago +60

    Thank you for your insights Col Macgregor. Thank you Stephen for all your digging up news for us. You're amazing!

  • literatious
    literatious 5 months ago

    This #MacGregor interview exposes the depth of deception on so many geopolitical levels, more than any other I've seen. Required viewing! Thanks

  • Kristina K
    Kristina K 5 months ago +32

    Last 5 minutes was an excellent history lesson. Thank you gentlemen.

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 5 months ago

    Colonel Macgregor seems to be one of the sharpest western commentators / thinkers of our time. It's so refreshing to hear his views on everything, and to hear him cut through the false western narratives. It's only a shame he doesn't have more influence within washington.

    • Daphne O
      Daphne O 5 months ago +1

      Also one of the few honest people. Let’s not forget that.

  • Iceman
    Iceman 5 months ago +87

    One a the few people I trust to give honest factual analysis on Ukraine. Thanks Colonel Macgregor and Stephen.

    • niels lund
      niels lund 5 months ago +7

      This MacGregor has been wrong so many times that he is not worth listening to.

    • lambastepirate
      lambastepirate 5 months ago +4

      @niels lund Yea he said it would all be over quick when the war started, he said Bahkmut would be over run with in a few days that was 4-5 months ago!! The Russians have been being blead white!! All he is is a Russian cheer leader! I would guess thair is a reason he retired a Col rather than a General you think?

  • RickyboyH
    RickyboyH 5 months ago +3

    Outstanding interview, thanks!

  • Blue Light
    Blue Light 5 months ago +31

    I love listening to Col Douglas Mcgreggor! He is wise, sane, and very knowledgeable of everything politics, war and more!
    Thank you for posting this interview!

  • Lena Brown
    Lena Brown 5 months ago +7

    This is EXCELLENT. Such a relief to listen to Col MacG who is informed articulate and wise--all very rare qualities today. I love the way that you let him speak and dont interrupt the is a very professional interview style. Bravo

    • niels lund
      niels lund 5 months ago +1

      Only 3-days after Putin invaded , Macgregor predicted Russia would "annihilate Ukraine if they don't surrender within 24-hours".
      In March of 2022 , Macgregor claimed "Putin had been too gentle with civilians" and that "had delayed his victory
      which will happen within ten days." In September, 2022 , Macgregor proclaimed Ukraine had been "crushed by Russia and bled white"
      and the war was over.....and on and on , up to today when "Ukraine is being obliterated".

    • Anton
      Anton 5 months ago

      @niels lund It's obvious that he has got to do something to make a little extra money. The same applies to Stephen who needs money for his Star Wars toys....

    • dutchdna
      dutchdna 5 months ago

      Every prediction he has made has been in Russia's favor and he has been wrong every single time.

    • Gene Larson
      Gene Larson 5 months ago

      ​@niels lund he's exposed as a joke inaccurate commentary one of putins cheerleaders

  • Gary Myburgh
    Gary Myburgh 5 months ago +5

    Insightful and interesting representation of what is happening. The more diverse my listening becomes, the more I complete the puzzle.

  • Gro Patapouf
    Gro Patapouf 5 months ago +1

    I'm sad as a European, but I thank you for giving true informations.

  • Mas Narto
    Mas Narto 5 months ago +65

    Can't say no more , thank you Steve for featuring Col. Macgregor enlightening insights 🙏🙏🙏

    • roydagger
      roydagger 5 months ago +3

      Very partisan and wilfully ignorant insight by Macgregor.

    • Thomas MacGinnes
      Thomas MacGinnes 5 months ago +1

      show us your colours !

    • Gene Larson
      Gene Larson 5 months ago

      Hey Douglas when the mud dried last year Russian troops could have gone forward you know onward to kiev. Why didnt they ? Your excuse doesn't hold water

  • Eve Baker
    Eve Baker 5 months ago +2

    Thank goodness we have men like the Colonel in our military…very insightful!

  • Nina Subova
    Nina Subova 5 months ago +61

    Thank you Stephen for having Col. MacGregor on your podcast. He is a perfectly polished diamond. He has been gifted the ability to communicate clearly & honestly. I have yet to see anyone with such an enormous treasure chest of infinite knowledge. He is absolutely remarkable.🙏🕊️🌎❤️

    • WarBuzzard
      WarBuzzard 5 months ago

      I mean, except for being wrong about literally everything he’s claimed for the last year, he’s great. I guess.

  • Frank Villager
    Frank Villager 5 months ago +7

    Truth indeed! Thank you for the show, Stephen.

  • Ron Jones
    Ron Jones 5 months ago

    Greatly appreciate these valuable insights in a time of massive government propaganda and news distortion.

  • Andy P Sunshine Isle
    Andy P Sunshine Isle 5 months ago

    A good dose of history can throw light on current issues. Letting guest speakers have the time to explain their opinions is rare .

  • Dennis Kee
    Dennis Kee 5 months ago +2

    Hats off to Col Macgregor and Stephen for speaking up the truth! We salute you both.

    • James Hendrix
      James Hendrix 4 months ago

      Truth? That much be why each and every prediction of this clown regarding the war in Ukraine has been proven wrong.

  • Robin Hubbard
    Robin Hubbard 5 months ago

    Thank you for the movie tip. There is a lot in Hank's 2007 film Charlie Wilson's War that isn't part of the plot . . . if you know what I mean. Colonel if you need help I am available. You are a patriot and a lot of us are with you.

  • Joann Mccray
    Joann Mccray 5 months ago +108

    Really appreciate you both for explaining this stuff going on thank you Stephen you are amazing 💙

    • A. Tan
      A. Tan 5 months ago +1

      Very rarely we find honest, factual speaker like Col McGregor in American channels.

    • V ulture
      V ulture 5 months ago +1

      ♥♥More nonsense♥♥♥

    HAVAUDIO 5 months ago +46

    By far the most interesting guest, and knowledgable, geo politically, that ive ever listened to on any podcast, or any program, ive ever seen. This guy knows his $hit...excuse my language, but when the $hit hits the fan, i'm following THIS guy!!!

  • henry kleyn
    henry kleyn 5 months ago +2

    Thank you for shedding light on the subject, can only hope that the powers that be are able to admit their mistakes and rectify the course of action.

  • Lorenzo2930
    Lorenzo2930 4 months ago

    Excellent insight Col. Douglas Macgregor always enjoy your opinion & of cause Stephen thank You for bringing this video to us.

  • Αποστολης Μιχολιτσης

    Outstanding geopolitical analysis by colonel Mr MacGregor! I especially enjoyed the point where he characterises as irresponsible the leaders(so to speak) of European countries who show little or now seriousness in their behaviour and decisions forgetting that they answer to their nations and who are behaving more like partying teenagers! Excelent interview Mr Gardner.

  • Barney Dhokwani
    Barney Dhokwani 5 months ago

    Always admire your truthfulness I wish we have great thinkers like you humanity will survive

  • Faith Moore
    Faith Moore 5 months ago +68

    Colonel Douglas McGregor, thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom. Stephen Gardner, thank you for having him as your guest !

    • James Hendrix
      James Hendrix 4 months ago +1

      You must be joking. Each and every prediction of this clown regarding the war in Ukraine has been proven wrong.

  • Black Smith
    Black Smith 5 months ago +6

    10/10 for that interview. Brilliant.

  • Anniest Hamilton
    Anniest Hamilton 5 months ago +19

    This Gentleman is Soo knowledgeable!!! IT is a great pleasure to listen to him.

  • 希望alex
    希望alex 5 months ago +5

    What a phenomenal interview. Always an educational pleasure to listen to Col. Macgregor.

  • Andonis Kapsalis
    Andonis Kapsalis 5 months ago +7

    I always become wiser by talking to this man. What am honor and luck we have to be able to listen to him unraveling the thread

    MB4LUNCH 5 months ago +91

    Stephen you have the best and most intelligent guests. Thanks so much!

  • Aubree
    Aubree 5 months ago +41

    I will forever appreciate this channel, you've helped me and my family a lot, your videos, and advice are Inspirational and helpful to us. "Anyone who is not lnvesting now is missing a tremendous opportunity." Imagine I lnvested $1,500 with the lady you recommended some time ago and got profits of $9,300 in 3 days. Ms Dawson is the best.🇺🇸🇺🇸

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      John P. 5 months ago +2

      Wow! Nice meeting someone who also knows about with Ms Dawson, I couldn't believe it untill I got $11,600 with a startup of $2,200 in 3 days, I love Ms Dawson.

    • Jackson Hobb
      Jackson Hobb 5 months ago +2

      You’re right, Ms Dawson is good and her good reputation is already speaking for her last week i Invested $1,000 with her and I've already made over $8,200.

    • Stephen Greg
      Stephen Greg 5 months ago +1

      All good lnvestors are conversant with Expert Ms Dawson, She's unique in the field just got to keep to her instructions and you Excel.

    • Michelle
      Michelle 5 months ago +2

      Exactly, I also just started with Ms Dawson and with just $2,000 l've already gotten up to $12,000 from her company in just 3 days with her, her strategies are really mind blowing..

    • Reymond
      Reymond 5 months ago +1

      Please How Do I Contact Her????????

  • Dom Silva
    Dom Silva 5 months ago +2

    Wow! Once again, the honest talking about the truth behind all this situation. Congratulations!!!

  • Gerhard Hock
    Gerhard Hock 5 months ago

    "Didnt hold a referendum because they didnt think they would win it!" Thank you, never thought an American Col. could be so honest and neutral! Yes very right, these new politicians dont act in interest of their countries! Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  • TNorm
    TNorm 5 months ago +50

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