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NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Ay-Yo' MV

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • NCT 127's 4th album repackage "Ay-Yo" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform: NCT127.lnk.to/Ay-Yo
    01 Ay-Yo
    02 Faster
    03 질주 (2 Baddies)
    04 Time Lapse
    05 DJ
    06 불시착 (Crash Landing)
    07 Designer
    08 윤슬 (Gold Dust)
    09 흑백 영화 (Black Clouds)
    10 Playback
    11 Skyscraper (摩天樓; 마천루)
    12 Tasty (貘)
    13 Vitamin
    14 LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)
    15 1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)
    NCT 127 Official
    / nct127
    #NCT127 #Ay_Yo #NCT127_Ay_Yo
    NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Ay-Yo' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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Comments • 81 695

  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +13715

    really can't get enough of this new era 🤩

    • Sripattra Ketsungnoen
      Sripattra Ketsungnoen Day ago


    • Fhe Bye
      Fhe Bye 2 days ago

      Hah Clip-Share?

    • Олег
      Олег 3 days ago

      Не выпускайте еду! Мы сами сдохнем

    • V4mp6re
      V4mp6re 4 days ago

      What you doing here Clip-Share 😳 anyway!! Whose ur bias 😝✊

    • Mailee
      Mailee 8 days ago

      Same Clip-Share... same

  • Полина
    Полина 4 days ago +11

    Эта песня слишком прекрасная, я скоро умру:_)

  • ursoulty
    ursoulty 10 days ago +12


  • 듀듀
    듀듀 4 days ago +10

    진짜 우리칠 짱이다

  • Kioshi
    Kioshi 7 days ago +10

    この曲が出て以来、私はそれを聞くのを止めることができません.振り付けと彼らの声は信じられないほどです. 私はこれらの人が大好きです
    (AY YO=それは素晴らしい)

  • Grasela Rita Baun
    Grasela Rita Baun Month ago +1865

    Yuta we know you have a amazing vocal, don't worry you did it well

    • Arin_
      Arin_ 2 days ago

      ​@Lyrl01 can you explain it more? Because I don't understand 😓

    • nawal Styles
      nawal Styles 27 days ago

      @Lyrl01 you are so annoying but like for real ! Move

    • K K
      K K Month ago

      @heididon’t even waste your time with them 😵‍💫

    • Lyrl01
      Lyrl01 Month ago +1

      @heidi And I just pointed out the distinction, whether it's necessary or not is subjective and doesn't matter, this is public comment section 🤷‍♀️
      You came at me so aggressively, what did you expect lmao

  • Lee N
    Lee N 4 days ago +16

    What's remarkable about this group, is their ability to get better & better. They are so cutting-edge and extraordinary performers. Every one of them brought their A-game in this awesome song. Well done 👑🥂🎉

  • Sandii
    Sandii 14 days ago +63

    Can't get enough of this new album. My kids got me into NCT I love it.

    • Nany Hwa
      Nany Hwa Day ago +1

      It's so amazing got to know NCT from my students & enjoy their wonderful music & daily life ❤🙏😊

    • Cezzinie 🐻
      Cezzinie 🐻 6 days ago +2

      So cute haha Welcome to Neo Zone 💚

    • Maria Sofia
      Maria Sofia 12 days ago +4

      @Sandii my mom is 55 and she also loves Nct127 because of me 💚

    • Sandii
      Sandii 13 days ago +7

      I'm 45YRS old and I love NCT 127. My girls got me hooked on this Kpop.

    • Maria Sofia
      Maria Sofia 13 days ago +5

      I love this comment 💚

  • lolboy -
    lolboy - 13 days ago +89

    i have to commend nct 127. they stick to their style of music. they dont try to fit public perceptions to try to make a catchy hit

    • alexandra
      alexandra Day ago

      his style is incredible

    • Cristina Chambi
      Cristina Chambi 4 days ago


    • noin
      noin 13 days ago +12

      and mind you those catchy hits that public likes never last and usually age badly lol

  • Kim Sayong
    Kim Sayong 13 days ago +22

    If you won't let us hear Yuta's voice at least let us see his face 😭

  • Ewellyn Santana
    Ewellyn Santana 7 days ago +9

    Adoro a parte do Doyong e do jungwoo é tão bonita 😍

  • 지룩 Ji-look
    지룩 Ji-look Month ago +3954

    They gave Taeil the screen time he deserves. Now we need more YUTAAA

  • Yussira Alvar
    Yussira Alvar 13 days ago +22


  • ナジョモサジミダチェツ大好き最推しジヒョちゃんSet me free


  • MM
    MM 26 days ago +12


  • Violette
    Violette 7 days ago +17

    Summer comeback for 127 . Manifesting

    • noin
      noin 6 days ago +3

      PLEASE they also have anniversary at that time it's a perfect time for 127 comeback🕯🕯🕯

  • ai
    ai 9 days ago +22


  • daily things
    daily things 13 days ago +15

    Taeil 💚 Johnny 💚 Taeyong 💚 Yuta 💚
    Doyoung 💚 Jaehyun 💚 Jungwoo 💚
    Mark 💚 Haechan 💚 Stan N .C . T 🔥

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel 23 days ago +13

    it deserved more and so much more

  • MM
    MM 11 days ago +13


  • Hinata
    Hinata  5 days ago +13


  • aiko kil
    aiko kil 28 days ago +60

    I really don't understand why people didn't like this, I'm addicted to this song aaaa

    • Swegbish
      Swegbish 11 hours ago +1

      It's so catchy

    • aiko kil
      aiko kil 8 days ago

      @wastelifetakenotes fr !!

    • wastelifetakenotes
      wastelifetakenotes 9 days ago +4

      it’s always the super bangers that are the victims of underappreciation 😭😭😭

    • Valérie Verdier
      Valérie Verdier 10 days ago +1

      Same for me 😊

  • Chaneque
    Chaneque 12 days ago +17

    Aún no supero que NCT 127 haya venido a COLOMBIA

  • Audrey
    Audrey Month ago +859

    Yuta, Johnny and Taeil getting the lines and screen time they deserve is what I wanna see😭

    • IreneSerrano
      IreneSerrano Month ago +5

      @T E A L members with the bare mimimum normally are Johnny and Jungwoo, Yuta has been getting much better in these past comebacks, now Johnny and Jungwoo also getting sth decent in this MV. But of course all the Main Rappers and Main Vocals will always get the Most because that is their role in the group. I'd rather see the positive evolution. There was zero evoltion for Taeil's parts, mostly some high pitch scream here and there and shameless screen time, and justice has been made in this MV. All the main vocals have their share, except Haechan linea and screentime is reduced compared to other MVs, but you nee+ to cut from someone else if they want to give more to others. There's not much one can do in a 3'40 minutes long song. I'm sure Yuta and Haechan will get more in the next comeback and then most probably Johnny, Jungwoo and Taeil parts will be reduced again

    • T E A L
      T E A L Month ago +11

      Yuta is getting screentime and line in which alternate universe exactly? They did him so dirty again and here comes the fake narrative as if Yuta is not the member with the least bare minimum for the nth time now!

    • Momo Hirai
      Momo Hirai Month ago +4

      @Erica Cella i agree with you

    • IreneSerrano
      IreneSerrano Month ago +41

      Actually this MV has given Johnny and Taeil more lines and screentime than ever!!! Yuta is having more or less same as always here

    • Erica Cella
      Erica Cella Month ago +102

      Taeil and Johnny got really decent screen time and lines. Yuta is the problem. Literally three lines

  • Genia
    Genia 18 days ago +23

    This MV deserves a billion views.

  • LunavissLovesNCT 💚
    LunavissLovesNCT 💚 3 days ago +7

    NCT sigue siendo NCT tienen una forma de hacer música muy propia de la SM, amén, Ay-Yo no es la acepción, es totalmente lo que me esperaría de ellos

  • Tyto Alba
    Tyto Alba 11 days ago +16

    This is a really cool MV. NCT 127 has always been super exploratory and artistic. Alternative.

  • beth nao
    beth nao 27 days ago +14

    the show must go on❤

  • Dari
    Dari 12 days ago +27

    Lee Taeyong nunca decepciona ✌️

  • loudyzen
    loudyzen Month ago +177

    This is so unique I’ve never heard something like this in kpop. NCT is literally a enrichment for the industry.they truly are incredible…

    • Ata Ramz
      Ata Ramz Month ago +2

      NCT is “the genre” itself

    • Avocado
      Avocado Month ago +9


  • Ana Loor
    Ana Loor 10 days ago +8

    Perfección con Sincronización NCT 127 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Kady
    Kady 14 days ago +13


  • ai
    ai 24 days ago +8


  • LunavissLovesNCT 💚
    LunavissLovesNCT 💚 10 days ago +13

    Amoo, comenzando de manera buena el 2023, sigan haciendole stream a Ay-Yo

  • euphoria
    euphoria Month ago +423


  • MM
    MM 9 days ago +12

    HAPPY 21M♡

  • Czennie — WenZhou
    Czennie — WenZhou 15 days ago +10

    ¡Son unos reyes! ♡

  • ai
    ai 12 days ago +19

    Billboard TOP15に、Ay-Yoで5作目のランクインさせたの、KPOP史上2番目のグループだって!

  • Jungvely Shine
    Jungvely Shine 10 days ago +18

    aku setiap dengerin lagu NCT 127 tuh berasa keren banget 😎

  • Bubu
    Bubu 7 days ago +18

    Best song

  • Jaehyunsrealgf
    Jaehyunsrealgf Month ago +160

    Yuta is shining with his 5 second screen time

    • Elijah Pham
      Elijah Pham Month ago +4

      @Angel Skye I mean Taeil had more screen time than the previous title tracks. we all know that the title track usually favour rap lines.
      i dont want to put any hate on other members, and i am happy that Taeil is the second member with most line during 2 baddies era for the whole album.

    • Ca
      Ca Month ago +4

      He has such a cool magnetism, sm is doing him so bad 💀

    • Angel Skye
      Angel Skye Month ago +5

      I'm happy he had more "screen time" than he had lines.. 2 lines and the first one wasn't until 2 minutes in💀

    • Elijah Pham
      Elijah Pham Month ago +25

      im happy that Taeil has more screen time but then i realize Yuta just got 5 secs....

  • 2 baddies 1 porsche
    2 baddies 1 porsche 17 days ago +9

    quiero cantar esto en un concierto, por favor en la siguiente gira vengan a Perú

  • ちたぽんぬ
    ちたぽんぬ 23 days ago +7

    dance practice見てイリチルの事を改めて尊敬した❤

  • Naka Yumoto
    Naka Yumoto 8 days ago +13

    Let’s get to 100M for 2 Baddies and 50M for Ay-Yo!!

    • Snooy Woo
      Snooy Woo 8 days ago +3

      Yes. sticker to 100M too

  • sofia
    sofia Month ago +69

    this song is making me re-stan nct...

    • wastelifetakenotes
      wastelifetakenotes 9 days ago +3

      welcome back, prodigal son *hugs

    • diana
      diana 9 days ago +2


    • ae
      ae 9 days ago

      Is it only NCT ​​that you follow?

    • sofia
      sofia Month ago +8

      @0.o because I stopped listening kpop and started liking other type of music, but now I'm loving nct again!

  • Bel Love ByA
    Bel Love ByA 13 days ago +10

    Los extraño 127 ♡

  • 1312 mahiro
    1312 mahiro Month ago +378

    Yuta's vocals are precious.

  • Sandy S
    Sandy S 12 days ago +14

    I love this song...And I think they did a great job picking who did each part

  • ai
    ai 14 days ago +16


  • ナジョモサジミダチェツ大好き最推しジヒョちゃんSet me free


  • LunavissLovesNCT 💚
    LunavissLovesNCT 💚 5 days ago +12

    Vamos por los 22M, va subir lento pero a fin a año debe estar en un buen número siquiera considerando que el title de un album repackage

  • clarie💀
    clarie💀 17 days ago +14


  • HARU2 KT
    HARU2 KT Month ago +592

    I want to see more of YUTA's singing and dancing

  • Ale Z
    Ale Z 16 days ago +83

    I just hope that the company can take care of them in their next projects, I feel that every time SM is forgetting them and concentrating on the youngest. Let's stay together and fight for a future that came from success 🥺🤞🏻💚.
    Ay-Yo was a great album and things were achieved without the help of the company, the last few times we have done everything alone!

    • Cezzinie 🐻
      Cezzinie 🐻 6 days ago

      ​@Erica Cella No please, I love both 127 & Dream so much, Wish they both last longer & forever if possible

    • Erica Cella
      Erica Cella 13 days ago +6

      I feel the same! It's probably because the dreamies are doing REALLY well in sk nowdays and for 127 the e-word id getting closer to 😭😭😭 that's probably why they created the unit with doyoung jaehyun and jungwoo

  • Redmayne
    Redmayne 19 days ago +14

    독특한 목소리 독특한 스타일
    어디서 들려오든 귀를 기울일 수 밖에 없는
    유일무이 우리칠

  • RoJa
    RoJa 10 days ago +38

    This song sent me down the NCT-127 rabbit hole and I'm so glad I'm here 💚

    • Oh dude he’s flirting
      Oh dude he’s flirting 9 days ago +4

      Welcome, since you like this then you’ll probably like their song called Limitless!!

    • drea w
      drea w 9 days ago +3

      Welcome. Gimme Gimme was the song that did it for me

  • ai
    ai 11 days ago +11


  • ai
    ai 11 days ago +13


  • Angel
    Angel Month ago +483

    I'm so happy Taeil's finally getting the lines and screentime he deserves NOW YOU BETTER DO THE SAME FOR YUTA

  • Ren
    Ren 28 days ago +22

    Love the beat, harmony and breakdown so much. This reminds me why I love kpop.

  • Hinata
    Hinata  13 days ago +23

    Amazing song

  • notsyori
    notsyori 11 days ago +12

    O Nct só lança hit

  • Junahbie Reas
    Junahbie Reas Month ago +13

    The song + the choreo is really awesome!!!

  • RoJa
    RoJa 20 days ago +43

    These guys really have style, love this song.

  • xxx sakiy
    xxx sakiy Month ago +2739

    don't worry YUTA,we already know you're great and talented

  • Milan Mitchell
    Milan Mitchell Month ago +108

    0:00 To 3:45 is my favorite parts of the song.

  • MM
    MM 7 days ago +10

    シズニみんなでI say Ay-Yo!!

  • luvryang🎀#ateez4thgenleaders


  • Jinan Laskar
    Jinan Laskar 25 days ago +15

    Totally obsessed with this song its super addictive🙌

  • Lillian Galla
    Lillian Galla 9 days ago +14

    deadass the song that made me a nctzen again. literally can’t stop listening.

  • N
    N Month ago +214


  • laura
    laura Month ago +14

    im actually obsessed with this song

  • 어흥
    어흥 Month ago +8

    네오함이 나한테까지 전파돼서 다른 아이돌분들 보면 빡센 춤인데도 불구하고 엥! 스러움... 날 이렇게 만든 엔시티..... 사랑해..💚

    • 지구말로 나는사무이
      지구말로 나는사무이 Month ago +2

      완전 동감이에요ㅠ 이제 딴 아이돌 컴백 할지 말지 궁금도 안 해요 그냥 뭔가 안 맞아서... 네오함이 독특한 맛이라는 뜻이죸ㅋ 으악 엔시티 최고ㅋㅋ

  • yutaoppah
    yutaoppah 16 days ago +17


  • Stephanie Am
    Stephanie Am 14 days ago +15

    Desde que salió no eh parado de escucharla todo el día, es tan adictiva con esos vocales y el ritmo, todo, como no

  • ai
    ai 17 days ago +14

    出だしのAre U Readyの「A」の音程、バシッとあててくるのすごくない?

  • MM
    MM 27 days ago +10



    There is nothing more beautiful than hearing Yuta's vocals, this is magic

  • María Apolinar Pérez
    María Apolinar Pérez 18 days ago +7


  • Gigi Galaxshyn Argantara Guntur

    Owh ini toh genre baru neo-chill hop, so amazinggggg

  • Ashley J
    Ashley J 18 days ago +14

    let's keep going for billboard

  • aNDREA...  :)
    aNDREA... :) 25 days ago +7

    Tremendo estilo con la canción

  • ai
    ai 16 days ago +19


  • xxx sakiy
    xxx sakiy Month ago +769

    YUTA don't worry ,we know very well that you're great!

  • M OTA
    M OTA Month ago +292

    In the midst of the chaos of SM management, we need to be firmly united. I will continue to support nct 127 no matter what the outcome.

  • ainctz
    ainctz 20 days ago +14

    terus dengarkan Ay-Yo!!!!

  • ma
    ma 9 days ago +23


  • Lιᥒkᥲ 👻
    Lιᥒkᥲ 👻 24 days ago +7

    Lindos 🇧🇷💚

  • Rina
    Rina 10 days ago +15

    i will never get tired of this song fr

    ALCONƏCTARINE 22 days ago +12

    Почему эта песня так заедает в голове, слушаю её на репите, nct вперёд!

  • dmpk Âkari
    dmpk Âkari 24 days ago +12

    I can’t wait for Yuta's " cool bumbling boy " ♥

  • daily things
    daily things 13 days ago +10

    Angelic voice Fantastic performance
    Lovely smiles Love ya N C T 🌱

  • Vaikoh
    Vaikoh Month ago +40

    NCT 127 never disappoint me, i love NCT but more NCT 127 even when i'm not totally stan

    • Neha Rai
      Neha Rai 15 days ago +1

      I am also not stan of NCT but I love 127's music ❤️❤️

    • Vaikoh
      Vaikoh 29 days ago +1

      @J1609 Yes, I wanna stan them but it's a bit difficult even so I'm going to do it anyway, even if it's difficult to me. And about the tour, I'm not from the USA, I'm from Uruguay, any kpop group visit Uruguay

    • J1609
      J1609 29 days ago +3

      You should stan them, they'll have a tour soon

  • LunavissLovesNCT 💚
    LunavissLovesNCT 💚 12 days ago +8

    Ay-Yo~ amoo, me gusta demasiado

  • Jessica Ross
    Jessica Ross Month ago +297

    This group's vocals can litteraly end the entire industry their vocal power is insane

  • AbdulMalik
    AbdulMalik 29 days ago +15

    I'm not a fan but this song is legendary

  • wayv world domination
    wayv world domination 12 days ago +14

    Yuta did so well

  • AeriZen
    AeriZen 10 days ago +16

    Let's make it 30M

  • Lιᥒkᥲ 👻
    Lιᥒkᥲ 👻 24 days ago +6

    Amo essa música 💚