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Jennifer talking funny thing about her picture

  • Published on Jan 16, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • James Poirier
    James Poirier 2 months ago +29516

    Got a love how he confused French with Spanish

    • ram9781
      ram9781 Month ago

      ​@Veronica Rassu that is not a french accent

    • Sarah Touati
      Sarah Touati Month ago

      I'm French and was just about to write that 😂 i laughed at his Spanish un pikito is what he said 😂

    • YellowOrange 312
      YellowOrange 312 Month ago

      @Rinaldo Jäger no it was very clearly french woth the stereotypical “hon hon”

    • Sam B
      Sam B Month ago

      ​@Ryan tout court I'm English and lived in Italy for eleven years and France for a year. She did not sound Italian, she sounded French.

    • Sam B
      Sam B Month ago

      ​@Rinaldo Jäger she did a French accent.

  • Carlos P
    Carlos P 2 months ago +12462

    She did a French character and his response was a Spanish character. 😂

  • Mossfaerie
    Mossfaerie 2 months ago +5138

    "jennifer talking funny thing about her picture" solid description there

  • LordRampentHump
    LordRampentHump 2 months ago +24209

    I like how his French is Spanish

    • Vince
      Vince 27 days ago

      Thats US Logic

    • BaneSIlvermoon
      BaneSIlvermoon Month ago

      @supergremlin5339 It's not, like I said it's a sword. Has a thicker hilt and a pointed blade.
      But an "upside down cross" is a cross of Saint Peter ... so I'm not sure what point you were trying to make, repeatedly, in every comment.

    • SuperGremlin
      SuperGremlin Month ago

      @BaneSIlvermoon yeah I doubt it's a cross of saint Peter just because it looks like it doesn't mean it is

    • BaneSIlvermoon
      BaneSIlvermoon Month ago

      @SuperGremlin they are swords. And an inverted cross is the Cross of Saint Peter anyway. Get a grip.

  • Filipe Peralta
    Filipe Peralta Month ago +160

    “Your French is very good sir”
    “Gracias” - Mr. Bean

  • Brenda Benoist
    Brenda Benoist 2 months ago +565

    The question I have is: Why is she wearing an upside down cross as earrings?

    • Kimberly Heary
      Kimberly Heary 26 days ago

      @masochistmommy420 "check the comments"? Like some how someone elses opinion will change my beliefs. I am not swayed but someone elses opinions.

    • masochistmommy420
      masochistmommy420 26 days ago

      ​@Snow Rider stop saying buybull like that it's kinda annoying

    • masochistmommy420
      masochistmommy420 26 days ago

      ​@gigi76 Belle that's sad

  • RS
    RS 2 months ago +4879

    I used to think that after the photoshoot, it’s the producer or makeup people responsibility to turn back to the model/celebrity to their original self.

    • Retro feniks
      Retro feniks Month ago

      @Sam H I mean, jokes are subjective. Or do you get to dictate what's funny?

    • Sam H
      Sam H Month ago

      ​@Retro feniks I mean, jokes tend to be funny 🤷🏼‍♀️.

    • Privately Private
      Privately Private Month ago +1

      @Retro feniks wow

    • Retro feniks
      Retro feniks Month ago

      @Privately Private yes and *I* made the joke regarding the producer, can you read?

    • Privately Private
      Privately Private Month ago

      @Retro feniks ok…but OP asked whether the responsibility is/should be on the “producer / MAKEUP PEOPLE” (producer presumably only PLANNING/ENSURING it’s done BY the makeup people)…

  • Monica Wright
    Monica Wright 2 months ago +49

    Her earnings 👀

    • Elle O
      Elle O 9 days ago

      Right....I was wondering if anyone else noticed that.

    • Joshua Runkle
      Joshua Runkle Month ago +3

      The first thing I noticed

    • Danielle Rob
      Danielle Rob 2 months ago +3

      @Enter Name oooo hunny, the devil is a liar! Lol

  • Bobbie Daniel
    Bobbie Daniel 2 months ago +2

    The dress Miley wore in Flowers 🤣

  • Billy M.
    Billy M. 2 months ago +3208

    she is an amazing woman... love how she explains her life experiences.

    • caleb lau
      caleb lau Month ago +1

      U sure she amazing? Have you not read or heard any of her news lately. Even just within the past year. Yikes.

    • (Sandwich)
      (Sandwich) Month ago +1

      She could fart and the OP would find it interesting

    • Taylore Catherman
      Taylore Catherman Month ago +1

      @Fatma Khabthani so you spoke to Miley yourself you guys are besties?

    • Hannah West
      Hannah West Month ago

      @Fenni you have those earrings too...? That explains a lot. Not arguing with someone who just does not get the obvious.

    • Meg Schuler
      Meg Schuler Month ago +3

      ​@Hannah Westikr, I saw that too
      She's not a good person. Never has been. Trust me, I know ppl who know her personally, she's not good. Ppl are so easy to brainwash I've seen

  • CG741 Graf
    CG741 Graf 2 months ago +110

    The dress Miley referenced, perfect.

  • mimi R
    mimi R Month ago +32

    🎶🎶"I can buy my own flowerssss, I can hold my own handdddddd" 🎶🎶

  • karen patterson
    karen patterson 2 months ago +276

    No one noticed the upside down cross earrings ?

    • masochistmommy420
      masochistmommy420 26 days ago

      ​@Cash Money Satanism is about loving yourself and believing you are your own God it doesn't really have anything to do with Satan anyone can have any religion they want and any opinions they want

    • masochistmommy420
      masochistmommy420 26 days ago

      ​@Diamond no it isn't

    • masochistmommy420
      masochistmommy420 26 days ago

      ​@Stephanie C everyone can have opinions

  • Aarika Wilbert
    Aarika Wilbert 2 months ago +60

    Are those upside down crosses?

  • Morgan Villas
    Morgan Villas Month ago +2

    Got to love to upside down crosses.

  • Emily Gonzalez
    Emily Gonzalez 2 months ago +91

    Upside down crosses?

    • zieg feld
      zieg feld Month ago

      ​@Hannah West its not though

    • Ken Baker
      Ken Baker Month ago +1


    • Migz H
      Migz H 2 months ago +2

      Definitely went through the comments to find everyone else who noticed that 👹

    • Fenni
      Fenni 2 months ago +4

      yes, love it, very cute:3 i have the same ones^^

  • Sarah Touati
    Sarah Touati Month ago +2

    Lol her French accent doesn't sound frebch at all it sounded German to me and Jimmy literaly spoke spanish words I'm rolling 😂😂

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money Month ago +2

    Glad to see all the faithful spreading the word on about this
    Very attractive down to earth funny cool

  • Stacy Richards
    Stacy Richards 2 months ago +37

    Yeah we all know was uptown worshipping the devil

  • L.R
    L.R 2 months ago +2

    I can actually relate. Oil does not come out easily it takes days and many many showers

  • Sadao Mao
    Sadao Mao Month ago +11

    it's amazing to see Jennifer Lawrence the first French speaker making history.

  • Snowy Donahue
    Snowy Donahue 2 months ago +239

    Her earrings. Illuminati got her.

    • Ashes to Ashes
      Ashes to Ashes Month ago

      @Janet Dotson he asked to be crusified upside down because he did not feel worthy to face the same death as his savior. I have researched for thousands of hours occult symbolism and rituals on top of studying my bible so that im not just easily offended but well prepared. Now listen to this. Im a female under 25 who has been released from a feminist, communist, liberal and degenerative mind. I have an inner peace that is indescribable due to the Gospel. Do you truly believe people go out wearing this symbol as a way to honor Christ?

    • Janet Dotson
      Janet Dotson Month ago

      ​@Ashes to Ashes google Peter's cross of look it up in the bible. It is a symbol of humility because of the apostle Peter . Do y'all easily offended types ever read that book you like to lay claim to?

    • Glory to God
      Glory to God Month ago

      I just tought that i was only one who saw this ..upside down cross ...on her ears ..

    • Ken Baker
      Ken Baker Month ago

      Fame and Fortune.
      Ask Jack Black.
      Don't walk away.

  • Madelyn Toro
    Madelyn Toro Month ago

    I believe you are such a natural, talented human being. Stay strong and wonderful 😊

  • Steve’s soulmate
    Steve’s soulmate 2 months ago +12

    I love how the text just gave up when they started talking at the same time

  • bluepicks
    bluepicks 2 months ago +850

    Her laught at the end ❤️

  • Emms Si
    Emms Si 2 months ago +2

    The earrings 👀

  • Und3r7ow
    Und3r7ow 2 months ago +1

    love the upside down crosses for ear rings.. satan runs deep in this 1

  • Amie Gamble
    Amie Gamble 2 months ago +8

    The earrings are probably not actual upside down crosses. They are probably designed to draw your eyes up or down. Dangle earrings are very common. The proportions don't look right to be crosses.

  • somegirl5rock
    somegirl5rock Month ago +4

    If you ever need grease out of your hair, saturate it in a bunch of conditioner and leave it in for many minutes, THEN shampoo after

  • Chris22
    Chris22 Month ago +20

    Jennifer Lawrence was the first woman to ever be in a photo, fact.

  • Snow White
    Snow White 2 months ago +22

    Plain sight!🙏✝️

    • Digesting Butterflies
      Digesting Butterflies 2 months ago

      The upside down cross is actually known as the cross of peter or peteran cross. Its actually a christian symbol, used by catholics originally. Peter didnt want to be crucified in the same manner as jesus was so he asked for it to be upside down in order to respect jesus and his death. Learn your own religion lol. There is a lutheran cross she could wear if she was actually trying to portray what you fear. No matter what it is, it doesnt mean she believes it just bc she wears it.

    • Tyler Brown
      Tyler Brown 2 months ago +3

      Right I was like how is no one talking about that?!? 🤦‍♀️

  • Kathleen Ramos
    Kathleen Ramos Month ago +2

    Loud earrings

  • o
    o 2 months ago +5

    Hoping y’all have a safe week. God bless

  • ModelMan412
    ModelMan412 2 months ago +6

    What…literally they talk about absolutely nothing…

  • Natalia Prado
    Natalia Prado Month ago +2

    Upside down cross for earings?? Am I seen anti christ symbol here??? They keep telling us who they worship.

  • T. L.
    T. L. Month ago +2

    And now we know where Miley got the inspo for the slicked back hair in Flowers lol

  • LaaTera🙃💕.
    LaaTera🙃💕. 2 months ago +88

    “I can take myself dancing”

    • Mrinal
      Mrinal 2 months ago +5

      Yeah, Ditto here!

  • Trish Austin
    Trish Austin Month ago

    Love her!

  • Escape of the Bride
    Escape of the Bride Month ago +2

    Nice upside down cross earrings. 🙄

  • flowersandoranges
    flowersandoranges 2 months ago +13

    If your hair is ever that greasy, and you have a product that you just can't get out of your hair. Use dish soap, it will strip the mess out of your hair so you'll need to deep condition after, but it will get the grease out.

  • Edwin Smith
    Edwin Smith Month ago

    what a fun person to hang out with!

  • Jane Tamplin
    Jane Tamplin Month ago

    Love the picture with gold dress. 💛 hope he's BUYING you flowers. ..whoops he did

  • Melanated Noir
    Melanated Noir 2 months ago +45

    LMAO I'm just going to be the weirdo and point out she has upside-down crosses as earrings I know somebody somewhere knows what to do with that information

    • Tanika Gabrielle
      Tanika Gabrielle 2 months ago +1

      And it was also a fashion trend in like 2016 I think? 2017? Idk a few years ago.. I swear people have mass amnesia or something but at one point fashion was flooded with upside down crosses, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing those awful graphic leggings with upside down crosses.
      Don’t be a paranoid loon. It’s not a good look.

    • Darkness
      Darkness 2 months ago +7

      You mean the Cross of St Peter? It’s a Christian symbol. When St Peter was to be crucified he said he was not worthy to die in the same alway as his lord and savior, and so he was crucified upside down.
      It’s association with devil worship comes from anti-Catholic bigotry which associated Catholic symbology with satanism.

  • Barry Sargent
    Barry Sargent Month ago

    gotta love those upside-down crosses.

  • Amy Jo Hoppins
    Amy Jo Hoppins 2 months ago

    dawn cuts grease, yes, we use it in salons! it is that secret shampoo ingredient!

  • I identify as a velociraptor

    She's the first women to ever be in a photoshoot

  • A K
    A K Month ago +2

    Am I the only one that noticed her earrings look like an upside down cross?

  • Richard Herrera
    Richard Herrera Month ago +1

    She’s so beautiful and funny

  • ℍ𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕖 🧿

    Greased back hair… gold dress… Flowers - Miley Cyrus

    • Fantasy Land
      Fantasy Land 2 months ago

      @Basabdatta Deb many celebs write songs about exes and what happened but Miley song is not bad it's about self love that you need a guy in your life to be happy.

    • Jennifer Huffman
      Jennifer Huffman 2 months ago

      She was the inspo.... Jus sayin

    • Fantasy Land
      Fantasy Land 2 months ago +1

      That's was I was thinking about

    • theford
      theford 2 months ago +8

      Oh for fuck sake

  • Sweet Supernova
    Sweet Supernova Month ago

    hahah when she does the accent “I speak French, too 😉”

  • Saundra Driscoll
    Saundra Driscoll Month ago

    Love this!

  • Faryal Gul
    Faryal Gul 2 months ago +174

    Is she wearing an anti-Christ in her ears? 😂

    • masochistmommy420
      masochistmommy420 26 days ago

      ​@Faryal Gul what does it matter anyone can have opinions and freedom to wear/say what they want religion isn't everything

    • Banks Clover Baywatch
      Banks Clover Baywatch Month ago +2

      I don't think it's a cross, but if it was, Peter was crucified upside down because he said he wasn't worthy to die in the same way as the Lord. So it wouldn't be anti-Christ anyway.

    • ari
      ari Month ago

      @Scorpio you can see the pointed tip of the sword at the top

    • Faryal Gul
      Faryal Gul Month ago +1

      @Winloor holy for devils 😂😂😂🤪

    • Faryal Gul
      Faryal Gul Month ago +1

      @Taylor Frink with all the Hollywood horror movies, i can only think its an antichrist 😂

  • Life
    Life Month ago

    she's so adorable 😍 💕

  • shad marshall
    shad marshall 2 months ago +1

    Nice earrings. I’m sure it’ll be worth it 1 day.

  • Emily Dunn
    Emily Dunn 2 months ago +30

    People can’t tell a long broad sword from an upside down cross 😂😂😂

    • JJ
      JJ Month ago

      Don’t be ignorant

    • amaka 🎰
      amaka 🎰 Month ago

      ​@Chase it's st Peter's cross

    • Ryan Mc
      Ryan Mc Month ago +1

      It's not like those two things look incredibly different. Especially on film from 15 ft away. Good job being super cool and way better than everyone else for recognizing earrings. I bet you're super fun at parties

    • Tamara Adams
      Tamara Adams Month ago +10

      @Chase Yeah, I noticed. I lost all respect for her when I saw that.

  • Paul Odom
    Paul Odom 2 months ago

    so beautiful indeed and gorgeous too.

  • TIm G
    TIm G Month ago

    Gotta love the earrings 🤘🤘

  • Danielle Morse
    Danielle Morse 2 months ago +21

    Liked till I noticed the upside down cross earrings. 😳

    • Aiesha Nichole Oliver
      Aiesha Nichole Oliver 7 days ago

      For real...nervous black male children were really not trying to be like you.

    • Akasha Jones
      Akasha Jones 11 days ago +3

      Poor baby. Get your blanky and have a nap.

  • athena
    athena 2 months ago

    Loved her laugh at the end.

  • Arif
    Arif 28 days ago

    I want to see Jennifer talking to Dakota, I can watch them both talking whole day

  • Lucifer Gamer
    Lucifer Gamer 2 months ago +45

    I can buy myself flowers 🌻❤️

    • Lucifer Gamer
      Lucifer Gamer 2 months ago +1

      @Sarah Paradise it's not 😩
      Have you even heard the song 🥺🤌🏻❤️

    • Sarah Paradise
      Sarah Paradise 2 months ago


    • Lucifer Gamer
      Lucifer Gamer 2 months ago +2

      @Biyangks lol Yeah, I can love me better than you can.🤌🏻🥀

    • Biyangks lol
      Biyangks lol 2 months ago +4

      I can hold my own hand👐🤝

  • vialogan
    vialogan 2 months ago

    Two words: dry shampoo!

  • Roland Hannig
    Roland Hannig Month ago

    She is so great ❤love her

  • Tona Bolding
    Tona Bolding Month ago +5

    For everyone saying "it's a sword" or "it's a st Peter's cross", these days the upside-down cross almost always represents being anti-Christ and if it is a sword, she knows full well what it looks like, especially from a distance. She probably did it intentionally in my opinion.

    • N Jones
      N Jones 11 days ago

      good for her!

    • masochistmommy420
      masochistmommy420 26 days ago

      That doesn't matter anyone can have opinions it's irrelevant

  • Alejandro Uribe
    Alejandro Uribe Month ago

    I need a comedy movie with this two. The chemestry of both Is so funny

  • Jenifer1488
    Jenifer1488 2 months ago

    Love her earrings! 😉

  • K It
    K It 2 months ago +55

    She’s wearing upside down crosses. That’s satanic.

    • ari
      ari 2 months ago

      it’s a sword..

    • Riri I'm
      Riri I'm 2 months ago +1

      Yees you’re right

    • Patrick Mc
      Patrick Mc 2 months ago +5

      They’re actually swords I believe, look at the pointed tip

    • K It
      K It 2 months ago +1

      @No idk but it’s a symbol people use

  • Regina Shorts
    Regina Shorts 27 days ago

    I love seeing Jennifer and Dakota's random shorts 😍☺

  • Brenda Huff
    Brenda Huff Month ago

    Excellent video

  • Max Rebellious Pirate
    Max Rebellious Pirate 2 months ago +15

    I just love this woman so much!!

  • Emiliya857
    Emiliya857 2 months ago

    I love Jennifer! She is so funny :)

  • Stephaniecl19
    Stephaniecl19 2 months ago +38

    Another gold dress.... 🌻🌻🌻

  • Jeff Kahl
    Jeff Kahl Month ago

    Love her. And her personality

  • Diane
    Diane Month ago +2

    Are we just gonna ignore her inverted cross earings

    • Ken Baker
      Ken Baker Month ago

      We're not.
      Look at other replies.

  • Jk
    Jk 2 months ago +164

    i love when she talks funny thing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sarah Meador
    Sarah Meador 2 months ago +1

    Dawn dish soap, sis. If it's good enough for the baby duck from the Enron oil leak, it's good enough for you 🤣

  • David Hawkings
    David Hawkings 2 months ago


  • Marissa Wicherski
    Marissa Wicherski 2 months ago +43


  • Too Odd
    Too Odd 2 months ago

    The photo was worth the effort. In 20 years, she will look back at that and have both the story and the wonderful photographs. One never gets a second chance to record one's youth.

  • Rose Marie
    Rose Marie Month ago

    When my hair gets that greasy, I do body wash and then a mild shampoo, works every time.

  • RuthlessHalfBloodPrincess
    RuthlessHalfBloodPrincess 2 months ago +87

    Why is Hollywood obsessed with upside-down crosses? Evil.

    • RuthlessHalfBloodPrincess
      RuthlessHalfBloodPrincess 2 months ago +1

      @ari 🤣🤣🤣

    • ari
      ari 2 months ago

      @RuthlessHalfBloodPrincess ?? its literally a sword, look at the top, its pointed

    • RuthlessHalfBloodPrincess
      RuthlessHalfBloodPrincess 2 months ago

      @ari best reply so far hahahaha!👌🏻

    • ari
      ari 2 months ago +1

      it’s a sword not a cross lmao

    • Emi Fukakado-Msjoke
      Emi Fukakado-Msjoke 2 months ago +2

      @NoraMae it’s “satanic” because people want to believe it is. unless satan made it and actually says that it is of him…or god says it’s bad…then…it’s all human made and not actually satanic.
      it’s all made up by people

  • Jeremias Suarez
    Jeremias Suarez 2 months ago +1

    I like the inverted cross rings she's wearing

  • small footprint
    small footprint Month ago

    She's so cute.

  • Bonnie Leigh
    Bonnie Leigh 2 months ago +26

    Has anyone even noticed her upside down cross earrings and realize what that symbolizes?! 😮😮

    • Caship
      Caship Month ago


    • labyrinth
      labyrinth 2 months ago +2

      Why do you care though?

  • Kenny Lee
    Kenny Lee Month ago

    Interesting choice of earrings. I'm sure somebody makes her wear those.

  • kate archer
    kate archer Month ago

    Love her humorous way of talking about things

  • Kathleen Louise
    Kathleen Louise 2 months ago +48

    She is so nice always funny 😁

  • Debra Roberson
    Debra Roberson 2 months ago +1

    Dawn dishwashing liquid soap will get it out.

  • Louise Mills
    Louise Mills Month ago +1

    First thing you learn about washing greasy hair in hairdressing at college...you do a dry wash first! Oil and water as we all know do not mix! So the dry wash (putting shampoo on dry hair) gets the surface oils off. Once you've rinsed that THEN can you go in and do your two normal washes to get it clean xxx

  • Nan G
    Nan G 2 months ago +3

    Upside down crosses. Wow. Hollywood 🤦‍♀️

  • Hereforentertainmentobvs
    Hereforentertainmentobvs 2 months ago +1

    Is that an upside down cross earring? 🌚

  • Lovely Crystal
    Lovely Crystal Month ago

    Her upside down cross earrings just break my heart 😢. Praying for you girl and all the temptations and deals you face for fame.

  • Nakatomino Calamari
    Nakatomino Calamari  2 months ago +4

    I like it when Americans run out French words while mimicking the French and start summoning whatever non-English words they know.

  • Nicole Vahai
    Nicole Vahai Month ago

    I love the chuckle she lets out when he talks in spanish- in piquito in French is un pue- umm puu

  • Tia
    Tia Month ago


  • rayray
    rayray 2 months ago +30

    She is amazing. Apparently she is the first woman in the lead of an action movie.

    • Serenity Gilles
      Serenity Gilles 2 months ago

      lol ikr

    • saron john
      saron john 2 months ago

      @rayray my bad, I thought you were being serious but I see you were joking about her saying she was the first

    • rayray
      rayray 2 months ago +3

      @saron john what is false? She said what she said. Nothing about my statement was false. Apologizing doesn't make it magically go away. She should know that being a Hollywood actress. She got caught up in being woke and logic left the chat.

    • saron john
      saron john 2 months ago +3

      ​@rayray it's false and she has apologised for it, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Sigourney weaver, Jane Fonda, Cameron Diaz and many more have lead action movies way before any of the Hunger games movies have been out. But she has corrected her mistake for saying that.

  • Saina<3
    Saina<3 2 months ago

    Love her personality 😂💖💖

  • Xuma Metcalf
    Xuma Metcalf Month ago

    hahahahaha the spanish he’s so funny

  • Rocky Hyginus
    Rocky Hyginus 2 months ago +7

    Thats an antichrist ear ring.

  • Druva Kumar
    Druva Kumar Month ago

    Those earrings though.... ❤️J3n Law ❤️