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10 Strangest Unsolved Video Game Discoveries - Part V

  • Published on Jun 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to keeps.com/oddheader to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.
    Sometimes you come across a mystery in a video game that makes you want to pull out your hair…this is why today we’re looking at 10 more unsolved mysteries in video games, part V.
    Games featured (Spoilers)
    Half-Life 2
    Watch Dogs 2
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Doom Eternal
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    Observer: System Redux
    Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
    Assassin’s Creed II
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    Clips and References
    Half-Life 2
    • Half-Life 2 Devel...
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Doom Eternal
    • Doom Eternal myst...
    • Giant Crocodile -...
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    • Kalle Demos Fores...
    Observer: System Redux
    • Забрутфорсил паро...
    Assistant editor: Cassandra Lipp
    Official Clip Capturers: Cassandra Lipp, oddheader, Evan Hill, and Doomdood
    Special thanks to Evan Hill, howard e frogge, AR56br6, ABWrenchSlinger, Primary_Intention181, catrickTV, HawaiiSalad, CycloneJoker, RoboD.J.64, Lore, Lovecraft, Zoe B, and Marcus for their contributions to this video.
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  • oddheader
    oddheader  Year ago +647

    Head to keeps.com/oddheader to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.

  • Elysian Aura
    Elysian Aura Year ago +6682

    That crate baby thing seems a lot more like an injoke at Valve then an actual speedrunning strategy honestly.

    • Mar Hawkman
      Mar Hawkman Year ago +569

      yeah maybe. It's so off-the wall it feels kinda like the devs are going "if only these speed runners could speed-run like us"... with dev hacks...

    • K.R.
      K.R. Year ago +777

      i think people are overthinking it. there probably was a bug in a physics engine during the development, when a player would put a baby in a crate and tries to pick up the crate - it would send them flying. that seems like a likely glitch especially for the time period it was developed, since we still get these types of bugs nowadays (like the swing glitch from GTA4)
      the glitch in HL2 was fixed, but it remained as an inside joke among the developers.
      i'm just speculating, but it seems like the most reasonable explanation.

    • Mar Hawkman
      Mar Hawkman Year ago +44

      @K.R. but why talk about a bug that you already patched oout?

    • Tale
      Tale Year ago +336

      Or... They could just be messing around.
      It's not the first time a game dev just mentions something* completely untrue and stupid and then sits down to watch people try over and over, inches meantime making people buy and play his game.

    • Kris
      Kris Year ago +168

      It's already a known fact that it was just something the communtiy was doing around the release of Half-Life 2, that inspired the Gnome achievement in Episode 2. Nothing special about it, just a joke to that.

  • Pure Killcam
    Pure Killcam Year ago +1814

    Crate baby explained: “However, while they were coming up with ideas for Achievements, they became aware of a Half-Life 2 challenge that players had devised of grabbing the baby doll found in the playground near the City 17 Trainstation, putting it in a plastic milk crate, and carrying it as far as it can possibly be taken through the game. This evolved into an in-joke for the team that they dubbed the "crate baby". They eventually decided to develop this concept into the full-fledged Achievement of transporting the Gnome from the beginning of the game all the way to the end” - Combine OverWiki

    • Aria Vachier-Lagrave Ch.
      Aria Vachier-Lagrave Ch. Year ago +136

      Wait, so you are saying the joke stems from the community joking around and now a large portion of the community actually clueless about the joke?
      I assume the crate baby thing must have started a long time ago and the influx of new players unaware of it

    • dogecoin investor
      dogecoin investor Year ago +92

      @Aria Vachier-Lagrave Ch. I mean Half Life 2 is gonna be 18 years old this November, so it's not that hard to believe. If it's not a dev joke that some rando with a Wikia account anonymously added to an article, it's probably something from early HL2 fanpages with obscure dev interviews that nobody's bothered to archive. Like there's so much old Half Life 2 shit nobody cares about its ridiculous. Anyone else remember Concerned?

    • Nauty Moose
      Nauty Moose Year ago +11

      But wait, didn't he say after "It'd cut his speedrun by half!"?

    • Flynn Taggart
      Flynn Taggart Year ago +24

      i remember watching the ign video that this originally came from, so i was dumbfounded that in this video oddheader was taking it so literally when it was very obviously an inside joke/reference, in fact i was pretty sure they flat out explained it in the ign video. i guess he didn't watch it lol.

    • Cosmic Jenny
      Cosmic Jenny Year ago +17

      @Nauty Moose They were clearly joking.

  • PixlPixel
    PixlPixel Year ago +606

    The water trick in wind waker only works with water from the forest haven, which in-universe is stated to have magical properties thanks to the great deku tree. This is actually incorporated into part of a sidequest where you have to travel to different islands watering Deku plants with the water before it loses its magical properties after 30 minutes.
    My guess is that the water trick works as a sort of tactic for speedrunning the dungeon if you manage to reach the boss within the time constraint. As for what it means in the universe, it's likely that magic water from the forest haven is harmful to a plant of evil.

    • Doggo
      Doggo Year ago +8

      It's definetly a good speedrun strat but how did no one discover it in 15 years.

    • Chuck Testa
      Chuck Testa Year ago +38

      @Doggo They did, it was known. Just so well known that no one thought to claim it. There seems to be a bit of Mandela affect about it appearing in a Nintendo Power or strategy guide.

    • dotmeme
      dotmeme Year ago +3

      Give this person a heart

    • The Troupe
      The Troupe Year ago

      U got a simalar idea to mine about the evil flower

    • Oblivionyx
      Oblivionyx Year ago +6

      @Chuck Testa 100% this I remember doing this back in the day on multiple playthroughs, not a recent discovery lmao.

  • The Yorkshire Pirate
    The Yorkshire Pirate Year ago +257

    Hi Oddheader, the Broken Sword easter egg is actually a bit added to the gba and directors cut versions of the game, it's a reference to one of the games sequels (BS 3 I think) which you come back here and open that door :)

    • Humphrey bogus
      Humphrey bogus Year ago +4

      Yup yup

    • Doggo
      Doggo Year ago +2

      and what happens when you open the door

    • The Yorkshire Pirate
      The Yorkshire Pirate Year ago +10

      @Doggo It's a plot point related to that game rather than the original BS game :P Give it a playthrough it's a great game :)

    • Doggo
      Doggo Year ago +22

      @The Yorkshire Pirate I cant my pc is literally a sewing machine

    • RedXIII400
      RedXIII400 Year ago +11

      @Doggo okay but can it run Doom?

  • Tanner Tadlock
    Tanner Tadlock Year ago +119

    The forest water instakill is a known thing. Kalle Demos is a parasite that was feeding on part of the forest but couldn’t touch the Deku tree because of its magic. Speedrun routes have used it before, but it ended up being slower because the current route with super swimming wouldn’t let you get a bottle early enough

    • Samuel Sigg
      Samuel Sigg Year ago

      I ordered

    • Ryleigh Miller
      Ryleigh Miller 4 months ago


    • Tanner Tadlock
      Tanner Tadlock 4 months ago +2

      @Ryleigh Miller I’m not sure I understand your confusion. It’s what the Wind Waker section of this video is about, and I was clarifying that it’s been known and the lore reason why.

  • Usman Tariq
    Usman Tariq Year ago +21

    I love stuff like this even the creepy ones like this. It’s amazing that how much gamers spend so much time to see Easter eggs like this and start figuring out what these developers were doing while making these bizarre and creepy Easter eggs to begin with. Want more to these please.

  • Kyezoar
    Kyezoar Year ago +1394

    I love how you called the Fortress of Doom, Doomguy's House.
    Thats such a casual name for a floating castle station in space

    • Tony Peppermint
      Tony Peppermint Year ago +5


    • Tibb.y
      Tibb.y Year ago +76

      Well I mean is he wrong

    • TheHeartless Gamer
      TheHeartless Gamer Year ago +89

      @Tibb.y ya it's Doomguy's chill pad, his house is actually a bunny farm

    • Kyezoar
      Kyezoar Year ago +60

      @TheHeartless Gamer His gamer domain

    • based
      based 3 months ago

      You see, while the doom slayer isn't ravaging hells armies or spending thousands of years in hell just to fight demons, he goes to his rabbit hutch and pets bunnies for hours at a time

  • kojimbek
    kojimbek Year ago +42

    There's simply no one who can present such content the way oddheader does. He could talk about anything with this background music (that he produced himself) and I'd watch it, or listen to it. He really needs a podcast.

  • randomlittlebitch
    randomlittlebitch Year ago +35

    Its good seeing that HP Lovecraft is still doing well playing games and looking for secrets

  • Regularshowman
    Regularshowman Year ago +21

    From what I've researched online, although I haven't played it to confirm it myself, the Broken Sword door is an Easter Egg related to the third game. It's also in the PC Director's cut, leading me to believe it's probably something from the third game that you can interact with properly which is in the DC version for continuity.

  • Gamesux
    Gamesux Year ago +18

    Im almost 100% sure that the "crate baby thing" was just them putting the baby in the crate and then seeing how far they could carry the crate.
    Which explains why it inspired the achievement where you have to carry an item through the game.

  • eidola89
    eidola89 Year ago +11

    This channel always gives me chill, nostalgic, relaxing vibes. I love it here.

  • Senpai 2.0
    Senpai 2.0 Year ago +3779

    I think the egg thing is literally *the* easter egg. and the fridge egg is the second easter egg, hence 2 eggs.

    • Jameson Weimann
      Jameson Weimann Year ago +122

      2 eggs 1 bra

    • Glitchy Kitten Crew
      Glitchy Kitten Crew Year ago +335

      Or it could be the man is offering an egg in these trying times

    • Dark Neutralguy
      Dark Neutralguy Year ago +85

      Could be some roundabout Sonic reference to Eggman with the dude being a man who gives you an egg. Or in otherwords, an Eggman.

    • AkiraDKCN
      AkiraDKCN Year ago +36


    • Mari Ano
      Mari Ano Year ago +11

      Thought the same

  • jake Thomas
    jake Thomas Year ago +5

    I find odds videos really entertaining and I always re watch old ones not only for the little comedic bits but how good his videos are

  • Cosmic Jenny
    Cosmic Jenny Year ago +610

    Once we find out what the deal with "crate baby" is, we can move on to tackling the baseball minigame in Tetris Plus.

    • xJ4C0Bs
      xJ4C0Bs Year ago +29

      this is a damn good reference thank you

    • Student Of Etiquette
      Student Of Etiquette Year ago +14

      I feel like you just have to bring the baby to the red crate. But I have no idea

    • Shen
      Shen Year ago +5

      I wish we someday find a pac-shop in a pacman game

    • KytusGAME
      KytusGAME Year ago +5

      I mean i just beat the drowning minigame so

    • kumi
      kumi 11 months ago

      we already have

  • K W
    K W Year ago +11

    I always wondered more about that Giant Squid in Assassins Creed. Thank you Oddheader. You really went into detail on that one.

    • Doggo
      Doggo Year ago +2

      I remember seeing that years ago in a Guru kid video

    • K W
      K W Year ago +1

      @Doggo I saw it quite a few years ago as well can’t remember where. I was always into sea monsters in video games I used to be obsessed with finding those type videos and sadly there aren’t many 😢

  • Scantier
    Scantier Year ago +456

    The "crate baby" is actually "legit" if someone has the time to do it: Just bring the baby to kleiner's lab (you don't need to bring the blue crate) and then drop somehwere in there. Once you're back in the lab several chapters later the baby will be there. Nothing happens but hey it's a cool easter egg

    • Juliette
      Juliette Year ago +4


    • Mega Brick
      Mega Brick Year ago +46

      If I'm not mistaken, it's similar tech to what they use for Left4dead's saferooms, where even though it's technically a separate level, items inside remain consistent.

    • pipebombmailer1978
      pipebombmailer1978 Year ago +12

      i don’t think that’s a easter egg I think that’s just how source levels work

    • Unwanted Entity
      Unwanted Entity Year ago

      Rip to those who wasted their important time doing this ;-;

    • Chief Hydropolis
      Chief Hydropolis 6 months ago +1

      @pipebombmailer1978 The first lab map and the map you get teleported to are completely separate maps, which rules out it being the same map and the engine importing physics objects.
      I imagine the developers added a specific trigger or whatever to save a maps' dynamic objects in your save-game, then had the game re-import those objects with an offset using another trigger.

  • Haydhn
    Haydhn Year ago +2260

    i feel like the half life devs were for sure just trolling. listen to their voices lmao

    • Alistair
      Alistair Year ago +115

      either that or they're referencing something that was removed in development

    • CAD
      CAD Year ago +102

      Sounds like an inside joke

    • Bubbly Dragon
      Bubbly Dragon Year ago +29

      Fairly sure it was a bug found during playtesting that got patched out quickly

    • Outre
      Outre 8 months ago +1

      Valve do like to joke around, like how they claimed they thought “Hoopy the Hoop” from Portal was going to be the big meme of Portal and not “The cake is a lie” (obviously a joke on there part)

    • Nagito komaeda
      Nagito komaeda 7 months ago

      Well yes but no the crate baby is a good speedrun tactic😊

  • AndyNPC
    AndyNPC Year ago +8

    "Crate baby" was just a reference to a funny little challenge they used to do during playtesting. Put the toy baby in a milk crate and try to bring it to the end of the map without it falling out. It's what inspired the rocket gnome achievement in episode 2, which is why they bring that up too. Pretty sure that was explained at least partially during the original video.

  • Revolution Studios
    Revolution Studios Year ago +2

    Putting the Baby in the Crate is actually something explained in the very same video - it was an in-house challenge, to see how far you could get the baby in the crate through the game.

  • Kasia
    Kasia 10 months ago +1

    I barely played AC2 but I still came across that squid interaction and it was quite the jumpscare. I was just sure it came back later in the game as I never finished it. Interesting!

  • Matt Munsinger
    Matt Munsinger Year ago

    I worked at Nintendo in 2009-2010. The Windwaker water trick was common knowledge, back then. It was even used as an example of the kinds of hints and tips that we gave callers through the community support line.

  • Angel McFarland
    Angel McFarland Year ago +73

    For the fembot mystery what i could see is a 4 digit code required and four fem-bots that left their post then fall to the floor.
    Curious, as though they might be trying to say something to help the player with that problem.

    • Epic Sans
      Epic Sans Year ago +17

      Hmmmm perhaps you need to enter a code AFTER the bots fall I'm sure you can brute force the code but perhaps the bots themselves have the code somewhere on them or based off the way they fall

    • Jay M
      Jay M Year ago +2

      @Epic Sans Or even around were they were, but yes the numbers for said code might have something to do with those creepy messed up cyborgs

    • Epic Sans
      Epic Sans Year ago +4

      @Jay M I'm really excited to see what we can find out about this mystery

    • LilyFlare
      LilyFlare Year ago +9

      Would make sense why she says, "Not finished."

    • k4rec4
      k4rec4 Year ago +2

      This entire thing is new. It doesn't existed on the original game.

  • MrMars
    MrMars Year ago +1551

    The Kalle Demos Mystery is most likely solved, as the water by the koroks is extremely pure, and the boss lives in extremely murky, and poisonous water

    • Mar Hawkman
      Mar Hawkman Year ago +147

      yeah I've heard of it years ago as being an... esoteric, but known boss fight strat.

    • Zap Unknown
      Zap Unknown Year ago +12

      You explained it 100 times better than me

    • CyberTruckerAlpha
      CyberTruckerAlpha Year ago +49

      I was about to mention the same thing. That Forest Freshness™ taking out the nastiest stains.
      My question is does it still work after 30 minutes?

    • Chompsky Honk
      Chompsky Honk Year ago +101

      Water straight from the Deku Tree's forest is essentially holy water; it's only natural a demonic plant die from it.

    • MrMars
      MrMars Year ago +13

      @CyberTruckerAlpha no, it becomes regular water

  • KrayfishKarl
    KrayfishKarl Year ago

    I remember reading about the Wind Waker trick in a news article a little while back. Since it was discovered way after the HD re-release, it makes me wonder what the devs were thinking about back in 2013. Like when doing their once over with Kalle Demos, they wondered, "How on earth has nobody found this yet?"

  • Cuppa_Joe
    Cuppa_Joe Year ago

    The water mystery in wind waker might have been an easier way of playtesting the game without having to beat the boss. Honestly, it would be pretty tedious if you had to beat a boss every time your wanted to test something after the boss fight. It’s the same reason why the secret pipes exist in super Mario bros for the NES.

  • CouchPotator
    CouchPotator Year ago +269

    The alligator is probably a small "alligator in the sewer" joke, as that area looks like a sewer.

  • PlayrR3D
    PlayrR3D Year ago +217

    "What are you?"
    "I'm one of Oddheader's favorite games"
    "Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?"

    • BigL 90sFunk
      BigL 90sFunk 11 months ago +4

      Well you could have a top 3 for every game genre. Oddheader is a gamer so that list would be big. I realize its a joke but I have so many favorites as well it’s hard to say haha

  • Haodong Mo
    Haodong Mo Year ago

    Crate baby trick is probably related to prop flying. The game lets you pick up objects, which in early versions could allow you to fly. They later made it so that standing on an item you're holding won't let you do that. Placing a baby in a crate probably lets you bypass that.

  • Sindel
    Sindel Year ago +223

    I thought the mystery with the Zelda thing was the theory that every boss has an instant kill built into them, and we've only found one of them.

  • TheWinglessHawk
    TheWinglessHawk Year ago +16

    The Broken Sword one... I think I saw in it that "new" steam version, too! And yes, there is no interaction whatsoever possible. Even with further Items collected throughout the part you can even reach that place.
    *Possible spoiler alert*
    The canal area is connected to the hotel. As you have seen throughout the game, that one dude with the news paper in the hotel lobby ends up being down there in that canal meeting chamber - so logic dictates that there was to be meant like a cutscene or follow sequence, but the devs had a hard time implementing something like that at the time... with the limited hardware resource to back up longer animations... more comic character animations... etc. And yes they made it sound like 18+ still I adore this game and the second game of it. xD

  • jellycrowned
    jellycrowned Year ago +1

    Ah anotha great video. I never tire of seeing what oddities you have to show, oddheader :) Your vids have definitely helped me get through these past 2 years. Thank you for making great stuff and I look forward to the next one!!

  • ProfDriftwood
    ProfDriftwood Year ago +2

    Crate Baby is a challenge of sorts, started by the developers. You don't have to believe me, but I talked to one of the beta testers for the game not long after it came out and he told me about Crate Baby. They would put the baby in the crate. Then the goal was to finish the first level by carrying the crate with the baby inside. It was absurdly hard because the physics made the baby go flying when you took a step. I could not complete it, about the time you start taking gunfire it becomes nearly impossible. This comment was an inside joke about that challenge, not a reference to a glitch.

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name Year ago +1

    I remember watching an interview with Miyamoto or a designer on Wind Waker.
    He said something like the type of flower/plant that Demos was would be realistically killed by the water. I thought it was something like it was a plant who easily absorbed too much water.
    I could be wrong and it could be something like, it was holy water (from what I read of other comments) or he told a story about over-watering plants or something.
    But I remember hearing him in the interview and thinking, 'Wow, people are idiots for not trying it earlier.".

  • Andrei Martis
    Andrei Martis Year ago

    The Squid Easter Eggs throughout the Assassin's Creed series always intrigued me. I really hope more information will be found on that

    • VulpisFoxfire
      VulpisFoxfire Year ago

      For some reason I'm reminded of the symbol of Hydra from the Marvel comics...

  • TheInternetsWorst
    TheInternetsWorst Year ago +1110

    The crate baby thing seems more like the devs taking the piss and referencing (what I assume to be) testers taking the baby in a crate with them, which led to the gnome achievement being a thing. To be clear I've never heard any source talking about the crate baby thing, just that it seems to be what they're implying.

    • StallordD
      StallordD Year ago +20

      Probably that and/or a reference to prop flying that early testers used the crate baby for.

    • Romst
      Romst Year ago +6

      I was thinking it might have been prop surfing like in gmod

    • Zétény
      Zétény Year ago

      @StallordD Hope everything is good with you, I really loved your videos!
      Your comment brought back some good old memories!

    • u aint recognize me hoe
      u aint recognize me hoe Year ago +1

      Thinking like that is why the world record will never be halved (totally not a dev)

  • Drzzys
    Drzzys Year ago +7

    dude you don’t understand how happy i am every once a month when i see he has posted, hope this man dosent retire soon

  • Sketch Fluffer
    Sketch Fluffer Year ago +1

    I could have sworn that killing that one boss in wind waker with the water was a well known trick at this point

  • gamerpainter
    gamerpainter Year ago

    I think the WW one has a reason behind it. the water found near the great deku tree is basically sacred in nature, but once bottled can only keep it's pure nature for a time before going stale and turning back to normal water. It's basically holy water, the flower boss and the deku tree saplings are the only things I can remember that are affected by this sacred water. the saplings end up getting revived (turns out all of the ones that got planted weren't able to thrive all too well without some during its growth.), and the boss ends up instantly wilting upon contact with the sacred water... your basically pouring holy water onto a demonic flower parasite that was harming a very important tree.

  • Leandro
    Leandro Year ago +2

    This channel is just so good.
    Not a single bad video. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Reviewdle
    Reviewdle Year ago +1

    Actually, I had a Wind Waker strategy guide from the original release when I was a kid. It had the Kalle Demos forest water trick in it.

  • Fish_waffle64
    Fish_waffle64 Year ago +886

    To clarify on the WW part, I had water in my possession because I was doing incentives in the stream (like fill a bottle with forest water to 'disable' the bottle) so Stimpy suggested to water to plant because I had the water and, plants need water :P As for everyone here who may've known about it further ago than I, if you can't find any documentation on something you know, document it, and thoroughly at that. If you can't document it yourself due to lack of hardware, find a friend/acquaintance who can. Documenting it for both HD and SD is how I ended up with credit for the discovery.

    • Wez
      Wez Year ago +5


    • Hidden Gems Reviews
      Hidden Gems Reviews Year ago +68

      My tired ass posted a dumb comment not realizing it was you that originally showed off the strategy back in 2016! My eyes completely glazed over your username.
      Deleted that and wanted to apologize, 10 hour work days are killer!

    • mariotaz
      mariotaz Year ago +12

      Fair enough. Was gonna say, I thought this was known about for a long time

    • Hadaron
      Hadaron Year ago +37

      @Hidden Gems Reviews
      Glitch? It’s using the pure water of the Deku Tree to purge the impurity of Kalle Demos. I don’t think it’s a glitch.

    • Hidden Gems Reviews
      Hidden Gems Reviews Year ago +14

      @Hadaron It isn't a glitch.
      Like I said, tired when I posted.

  • Xankoshu
    Xankoshu Year ago +2

    For the broken sword shadow of the templar Advanced one, The GBA version came out around the time that Broken Sword The Sleeping Dragon came out, in that game you revisit the catacombs and go around that corner to find this new skull door. They added it to the GBA version to show that it was there and to keep consistency. Im not sure if they also added it to the directors cut of shadow of the templar ,that was remade from the ground up.

    • Ash Crow
      Ash Crow Year ago

      Makes sense. Thanks for mentioning this

  • whoareyou
    whoareyou Year ago +1

    Lets be honest, we all love it when odd header uploads

  • RowanVR VODs
    RowanVR VODs Year ago +8

    That one for Wind waker is something I figured out back when I first played it. I think it's just a quick way to defeat the boss

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 29 days ago

    The AC2 one happened to me on my first play through. I remember thinking it was scripted and must be the dev's way of saying falling in the water would be an instant de-synch. Interesting to see it called a rare Easter egg lol

  • Generic friend #256

    Honestly, the Observer easter egg has some genuinely horrific implications and I really don't like to think about horrible the scenario could be.

  • Edd Harr
    Edd Harr Year ago +549

    The "crate baby" thing makes me think of a common exploit in game physics systems where if you stack two items on each other and pick up the bottom item while standing on the top one, you'd start flying.
    Maybe by standing on the baby and picking up the crate you could fly over walls at an early point in Half-Life 2's development.

    • richkawaiipikachu
      richkawaiipikachu Year ago +26

      Sounds like something you can do with Breath of the Wild.
      Stick a crate on top of a mine cart, stand on top of crate, then use magnetic levitation on the minecart & off you fly.

    • Expendable Indigo
      Expendable Indigo Year ago +3


    • Farawaygaming
      Farawaygaming Year ago +7

      @richkawaiipikachu also that same glitch was shown by oddheader in banjo kazzie nuts and bolts

    • BlunderingFool
      BlunderingFool Year ago +2

      How is it I posted this same explanation first thing, got no visible likes, and no engagement? O.o

    • KavaLogue
      KavaLogue Year ago +12

      @BlunderingFool I'll never understand Clip-Share comments. I've had a handful of times in which I've watched a video left a comment, only to return later and see clone comments made after mine that have hundreds or even in some cases thousands of likes, then there's mine, essentially the source material, might have 1 like. Not complaining it's not like people liking my comments makes life easier but it is something I've also noticed 🤷

  • ToritheElf
    ToritheElf Year ago +4

    Thank you so much for having captions on your videos. I find myself needing them more and more frequently, and its getting to be increasingly difficult to watch Clip-Share videos.
    Thank you!! You made me whole day 🤗

  • ThatFunkyDuck
    ThatFunkyDuck Year ago +1

    Adding symbols to the keypad wouldn't double the amount of permutations, it would change it from 10^4 to 12^4, which is 20736, so it is actually close to double.
    But considering that he already checked the ones without symbols, there's 12^4-10^4 left to check, ie 10736 left to check

  • Mango Fruit
    Mango Fruit Year ago +1

    The music is the best part of Oddheader's videos, together with the voiceover. It really sounds creepy and eerie. I love it

  • qsd23
    qsd23 Year ago +1

    This channel will always feel nostalgic no matter what time it is

  • Dougie P
    Dougie P Year ago

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but for the Broken Sword unsolved discovery, it's just an added reference to an area found in Broken Sword 3 which was set to come out a year after the gba release of BS1. In BS3, you return to these sewers and visit this added area.

  • The funny man
    The funny man Year ago +226

    Alright here's something you might want to hear. The crate baby thing was an inside joke that the devs had because players would challenge themselves to bring the baby crate all the way to the end of the game. The devs thought this was funny, so they made the gnome achievement in episode 2 as a reference to this, thus why they say "which led to the gnome achievement"

  • Belial
    Belial Year ago

    Reason I like to watch oddheader #495: he is what I imagine myself to be if I ever record a video. I mean, look at him, he is a master of covering his real awkwardness with pretentious awkwardness. Give this man an Oscar for his acting already!

  • Chyoden
    Chyoden Year ago

    Im pretty sure the crate baby refers to the devs attempting to bring the baby in a crate throughout the entire game. This would explain how it relates to the gnome in episode 2

  • KingxBuu
    KingxBuu 10 months ago +1

    I did that Wind Waker one shot on kalle demos when I was 10. It’s hinted at somewhere I think in the figurine gallery maybe. It was surely discovered within the first year of the games release by many players. The guy in chat knew what he was doing.

  • m0i_stur
    m0i_stur Year ago +2

    One time I was playing aliens vs predator and I ended up finding a glitch where after I died a few or more times as the predator when you are escaping the facility, I ended up respawning at a checkpoint before the checkpoint that I was supposed to respawn in. The place that I was in look destroyed and had missing textures and invisible objects

  • Christion Higgs
    Christion Higgs Year ago

    I love the scary ones, other youtubers just dont dredge them up like you do. It’s a persisting addiction of something like 10 years at this point

    KELVOID Year ago +651

    My best guess for the ff06b5 is a missing texture reference, that colour of magenta is often used in engines to draw attention to missing materials or textures, and the developers comments was just a way to make people keep engaging with the game. Maybe I'm just being vicious lol, but I recall seeing a few "missing texture refence" messages scrolling around some of the signs in the game and at first I laughed thinking it was like an intentional nod to sometime you'll see windows error message or BSOD on modern signs and billboards but later realized it was actually a bug.

    • CyberTruckerAlpha
      CyberTruckerAlpha Year ago +74

      Even if he was telling the truth, that dev was talking like he was lying. You could be right on the money. Makes sense to me.

    • AzureRoxe
      AzureRoxe Year ago +115

      @CyberTruckerAlpha Of course he's lying, it's a Cyberpunk dev.

    • Expendable Indigo
      Expendable Indigo Year ago +50

      Holy shit that makes so much sense. The missing textures in Source Engine are also magenta/pink.

    • XiahouJoe
      XiahouJoe Year ago +69

      @General GK ? devs lie release a bug ridden disaster and him pointing it out and your assumption is he's butthurt? probably wallet hurt or maybe like normal humans he doesn't like been lied to.

  • VendettaAllan
    VendettaAllan Year ago +8

    I discovered The Wind Waker one when I was a kid, I thought it was common knowledge, until I found out it isn't lol

  • wolf
    wolf Year ago +9

    The wind waker one was known for years. I remember hearing about that trick when I was in school after the game came out.

  • HUNLevy
    HUNLevy Year ago +1

    This actually might be my favourite youtube channel ever. Your videos are so interesting i really love them!

  • Breydon Mitchell
    Breydon Mitchell Year ago +473

    6:43 I like to imagine that it's danny devito giving the player an egg.

  • El Penguino tierno
    El Penguino tierno Year ago +4

    My guess is that the egg is a simple reference to finding the easter egg. There might be more to it, it might lead or unlock another secret room

  • Humza
    Humza Year ago +592

    That Mankind Divided mystery is the closest we'll get to any Deus Ex story continuation :'(

    • Cyborg Soda Collectibles
      Cyborg Soda Collectibles Year ago +44

      Man... I'd be down to crowd fund a follow up.

    • Digging Deeper #01
      Digging Deeper #01 Year ago +32

      As a man who recently did the bank robbing run on his second game run, and explored EVERYTHING, this shit blew my mind.

    • Cyborg Soda Collectibles
      Cyborg Soda Collectibles Year ago +8

      @Digging Deeper #01 the bank is crazy...so much depth.

    • david thy Owl
      david thy Owl Year ago +3

      Your do know mankind divided and the one before are prequel to the og game were you play as a clone of jenson and its hinted prequel jenson is ether a lab made person or a clone since him and og jenson have the same info on their childhood

    • Digging Deeper #01
      Digging Deeper #01 Year ago +5

      @david thy Owl Human Revolution, and I'm not aware of any of those hints. The "OG" guy is J.C. Denton, and I am aware Mankind Divided and Human Revolution are prequels.

  • Tripolar M Disorder
    Tripolar M Disorder Year ago +9

    Whatculture, outside xtra, and many other gaming "top ten list channels have featured the windwaker insta-kill for the plant boss YEARS ago. It is so not a secret, I'm so surprised that it made this list in 2021. I wish I still had the official strategy guide for the GameCube version. It is LITERALLY written on the page on the how-to beat the boss easily.

  • Nicodemos
    Nicodemos Year ago

    The cratebaby trick probably refers to playtesting and the physics playground where players liked to put the baby in the crate. I vaguely remember this being a thing. However it wouldn't do anything for the speedrun, other than making it look cooler and therefore cutting the speedrun in half.

  • Pokemon German
    Pokemon German Year ago +16

    7:15 You forgot that when you start a new save file afterwards and play through the entire game, the fridge will still have 2 eggs, even when you don't pick up any more

    • Kevin M
      Kevin M Year ago +1

      It seems that you'll have to collect an egg in each chapter, and give them to the characters from Undertale.
      I'm sure something will happen when you collect them all. Probably not anything too major though.

    • Pokemon German
      Pokemon German Year ago

      @Kevin M Yeah I know. That's old news by now

  • Bryce Strife
    Bryce Strife Year ago +2

    Some days I'm happy to see you upload, others I get CRAZY hyped! This was a great video, thank you for all the hard work brotha, it was a nice way to wake up and get ready for work.

  • IorekB92
    IorekB92 Year ago

    The water from the sacred forest is considered special and probably has purifying properties. Considering the boss is an evil parasite, that's probably why it kills it in one shot.

  • sirflimflam
    sirflimflam Year ago +333

    My educated guess for the Broken Sword one is in fact the room and scene in question existed in the original game, but was intentionally disabled/removed before release as it wasn't needed anymore for one reason or another. When they ported it to the gameboy advance, that single room was accidentally included again, making it a fun little glimpse into the world of developer iteration. This has happened a few times before.

    • wardrich
      wardrich Year ago +3

      This is possible, but why would they port it over in the GBA version, unless maybe they missed a bit of code that commented the area out that takes the player to the door screen?

    • sirflimflam
      sirflimflam Year ago +14

      @wardrich That's exactly what I'm assuming. The bit that actually disabled it or marked it obsolete could have been obscure and the ones porting it over simply missed that detail. It explains why the dialogue seems a bit weird/buggy, mentioning the hole one time and never again.

    • Chuck
      Chuck Year ago +14

      The room was included in The Sleeping Dragon released in 2003. They added it to the 2002 GBA release of Shadow of the Templars just to show it always existed there for continuity, since you access the catacombs below Montfaucon in both games

    • Ryan Hunt
      Ryan Hunt Year ago +7

      @Chuck yeah it's also in the directors cut for pc apparently. Makes sense because I'm sure I've seen it and I've never owned any kind of gameboy

    • Gary MacDonald
      Gary MacDonald Year ago +1

      That’s not right, you revisit the area in broken sword 3 and you’re able to unlock the door in that game

  • E X I S T 404
    E X I S T 404 Year ago +1

    Ahhh yes, I bet we'll have a helluva lot to talk about when Deltarune comes out. Toby's knows how to do some wacky secrets

  • CallumboMagumbo
    CallumboMagumbo Year ago +2

    The Wind Waker water trick I’m pretty sure is hinted at in game. I used to do this all the time when replaying the game but can’t imagine I’d have thought of it without a prompt!

  • Shart of Lorkhan
    Shart of Lorkhan Year ago +1

    I remember finding the sewer gator on my first play though and having to reset to the last checkpoint just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating lol

  • Shade Silverwing
    Shade Silverwing Year ago +27

    For the Deus Ex secret, I wonder if this has an untold story element to it, as the series has been cut short by the negative reception of Mankind Divided. I wonder if they had a 3rd game lined up that told more of Jensen's story, as a large part of the story arc was about Adams ability to take augmentations without issues. Another game likely won't be conceptualized now.

    • Sir.Smoke
      Sir.Smoke Year ago +3

      Mankind Divided was negatively received ? first time hearing that, it's an awesome, beautiful game and it deserves praise

    • david thy Owl
      david thy Owl Year ago +1

      You do know mankind is the 3 game right mankind and the previous ones are prequels to the og were shock horror you play as jenson who a clone of prequel jenson who is there a lab man person or a clone them self due they body having the chemicals need to make the drug ppl need got augments well until the nanobot augments come around

    • Hugsloth
      Hugsloth 10 months ago

      THQ Nordic / Embracer Group now own the Deus Ex IP, and are already working on a new game, apparently.

    • Donutismz
      Donutismz 9 months ago

      @david thy Owl sir this comment is fucking incomprehensible

    • Captain Funktastic
      Captain Funktastic 4 months ago +1

      @Donutismz "You do know mankind is the 3 game right mankind and the previous ones are prequels to the og were shock horror you play as jenson who a clone of prequel jenson who is there a lab man person or a clone them self due they body having the chemicals need to make the drug ppl need got augments well until the nanobot augments come around"
      My best attempt at a translation: You do know Deus Ex MD is the 3rd game right (incorrect), and the previously released entries are prequels to the original Dues Ex games (Deus Ex and IW) were "shock horror" (unsure what the intent here is, as there's nothing horrifying in either game). In MD you play as Jensen, who is a clone of Jensen from HR who was apparently cloned as a means to harvest his artificially altered DNA (Which was created in White Helix Labs), to use as a means to circumvent the need for Neuropozyne (presumably by a competitor or other bad actor like Hugh Darrow who seeks the destruction of aug tech anyway) until the tech for NanoAugs is released.

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King Year ago +86

    After tearing all his hair out, oddheader has quite an *odd head.*

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson Year ago +113

    I'd love to see a video updating us on all the old mysteries that have been solved since you covered them

    • Ultradragon16
      Ultradragon16 Year ago +9

      I think a few mysteries from the "Undiscovered Mysteries" series do end up solved and appear in later videos (and I think Oddheader does mention if it was brought up in a video)

    • Bruno
      Bruno Year ago +3

      He already does that

  • Kanser
    Kanser Year ago

    The wind waker thing wasn't a secret, it was in the official guide book I had when I was a kid lmao I'm surprised that more people didn't know this existed. Lore wise the purity and magic of the water that surrounds the great deku tree kills the corruption of the boss.

  • Lawrence Vanwert
    Lawrence Vanwert Year ago

    The Assassin's Creed II squid thing was mentioned in one of those walkthrough books, I remember doing it as a kid and there were instructions on how to make it appear.

  • Dave P
    Dave P Year ago

    I believe soon after in the Half Life speed run they explain that the crate baby came about because of Valve's testing method, where everyone on staff plays the games whenever they are not working on them, which lead to in office speed runs and jokes. The Crate Baby was a challenge in the office to pick up the baby in the crate at the start and try to go as far as possible which is very difficult. and thus lead to Gnome in Ep. 2 and subsequently Left 4 Dead 2's Gnome Chomsky.
    I am also pretty sure for the Berserk game the keypad could just be brute forced again including the symbols, yes it will take a lot longer but it seems odd to do one and then not the whole thing to really be sure. If time is really a huge hurdle, parallelise it either with VMs playing the game in multiple virtual sessions, or just multiple physical PCs, that each have a section of the range to try and then all start together.
    Similarly for Assassins Creed, has no one made a free cam yet? Surely the Boundary Break series has done this or can get the attention to get it done. Seems like an easy thing to make not a mystery anymore.

  • LPFan
    LPFan Year ago

    Does anyone know how the plant-thing evaded both the general gamingcommunity and proper documentation? Everyone in the Zeldafanbase seems to know about it.

  • THC Greywolf
    THC Greywolf Year ago

    I can’t explain how many times I’ve played broken sword as a kid and I’ve NEVER known about that skull door

  • Ceviche Grace
    Ceviche Grace Year ago +60

    The closing scene of baldheader on the couch surrounded by hair is just immaculate

  • Warren Graham
    Warren Graham Year ago +2

    Eggs are one of the key items you receive early on in Breath of Fire 3 for the PS1. You get them in the McNeil manor and you carry them in your key items for the rest of the game, even though they do nothing. Maybe a nod to that absolutely fantastic RPG?

  • Coy
    Coy Year ago

    I always thought the Assassins creed squid was normal. I had played the game back in the day and that swam past as soon as I got to that ledge I had thought it was part of the level but forgot about it until now. I remember I had forgot about the squid because the platforming in this level was too hard for me when I was a kid and it frustrated me to the point of forgetting the rest of the level

  • RedBronz
    RedBronz Year ago +3

    I love how he looks more interested in his lost hair then the fact it’s off his scalp

  • Will Sith
    Will Sith Year ago

    The concept of a menagerie of sentient sex robots desperately desiring freedom is far more terrifying to me than anything I've encountered yet

  • Kanderion
    Kanderion 5 months ago

    fun fact: there is possibly no way to get the baby doll through the entire game, as there is a teleportation sequence which might glitch the doll out, and perhaps make it not even bringable with you.

  • Evsty
    Evsty Year ago +143

    VNN talked about the crate baby thing with some devs and basically it was an in joke. Some of the playtesters would put a baby in a crate and see how far they could take it through the game.

  • sücco [sue-koh]
    sücco [sue-koh] Year ago

    Crate baby seems to be that they found you could put the baby in the crate and carry it around, which inspired having the Gnome achievement from them trying to keep the baby as long as possible. They're joking about crate baby holding the secrets to speedrunning.

  • DjentSlayer
    DjentSlayer Year ago

    3:50 I actually had a similar experience. However, it was on The Ancient Gods P2. I found a barrel that had the sprite of the zombieman dead on a spike on top of it. I've still got the image, thankfully. I knew there'd be something else similar somewhere else in the game.

    • DjentSlayer
      DjentSlayer Year ago

      The specific mission was the one where you have to light the Torch Of Kings.

  • DaxernsTheNobody
    DaxernsTheNobody Year ago +2

    I remember coming across that in Watch Dogs 2, I just assumed it's the remains of a cut side mission

  • TXF
    TXF Year ago

    The idea of Adam Jensen being a clone could also explain why no one knew about the hidden implants.

  • Ixia
    Ixia Year ago +2

    If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you…
    That’s a very thematic way to summon an eldritch entity

  • Max W
    Max W Year ago +158

    I remember discovering the Zelda trick back in the day when the game came out, I'm surprised to find out that not too many people knew about it. When you first meet the deku tree makes mention of how the water around him purifies anything. I always took that as an in-game hint that the boss could be killed with it and lead me to believe all the other bosses probably have hidden insta kills too.

    • Mar Hawkman
      Mar Hawkman Year ago +60

      Yeah the lore is that the boss monster is corrupted plant life, and you're purifying it with the water. Also it sounds like the person telling that streamer to "water the plant" knew exactly what they were telling her to do.

    • Tony Peppermint
      Tony Peppermint Year ago +7

      @Mar Hawkman You raise a good point.

    • Absurd
      Absurd Year ago +27

      @Mar Hawkman That's what I was thinking. The person probably knew what would happen and was hoping to see the streamer's reaction to it. That seems more likely than the person thinking, "yeah water the plant boss that would be funny".

    • Josh Gamauf
      Josh Gamauf Year ago +2

      And I could swear there was a similar way to take out a boss in Ocarania of Time.

    • Narki Plays
      Narki Plays Year ago +3

      I swear there is a much older let's play that shows the trick. not the 4 year old livestream

  • jim Pickens the 10th

    Honestly, ive looked into alot of the mysteries in cyberpunk, and the sad thing is, theres more in the game files as pointed out by someone on that subreddit dedicated to the statue mystery, basically hinting that the easter egg might possibly be incomplete still until we get some more content in the game...i hope its connected to mr blue eyes

  • Ultra-Rex
    Ultra-Rex Year ago

    I think that with the 'Giant Squid' in the water maybe was meant to be a cutscene showing a guardian of these ruin like waters, prompting you to avoid the water to avoid a gruesome fate

  • *!Myotri!*
    *!Myotri!* Year ago

    The crate baby was probably a way for devs to test the functionality of the achievement