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Hopefully 2023 Is This Smooth

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Ashley Landsberg
    Ashley Landsberg Month ago +38883

    This guy is a prime example of people who think that OCD is a mood or want.

    • Angelic
      Angelic 7 hours ago

      @LowGPUYes tf you do. Here comes another one hitting my biggest pet peeve. I’ve been saying this, but not everyone with OCD operates the same, y’all need to know that! Just cuz you’ve seen people hate on their OCD or be sad about it doesn’t mean you can’t laugh about it or joke about it. People joke about their disability’s deal with it. Also how you going to say what he forgot about or not. You know what imma stop 🛑
      Agree to disagree?

    • LowGPU
      LowGPU 8 hours ago

      @Angelic You forget that you don't have to talk to the person about it, you can see it. He says it bothers his "OCD" and then a couple seconds later he forgets about it, clearly not what a person suffering OCD would do.

    • Angelic
      Angelic 8 hours ago

      @LowGPU you’re wondering about the wrong thing.

    • Angelic
      Angelic 8 hours ago

      @LowGPU “IF” (keyword: IF) just shows that y’all don’t know him at all and are getting mad at him for no reason. I get that people bitch over everything but if y’all know nothing about a person then keep it as that. I don’t think he has OCD, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it! I’m not his doctor, his mom, or a person who knows him deeply, so who am I to tell him what he has?

    • LowGPU
      LowGPU 14 hours ago

      @Angelic They are "One of those people" if they think OCD is a mood, I wonder if you are too.

  • Frostbitéd
    Frostbitéd 17 days ago +2977

    Bros the definition of a self-diagnoser

  • OH CRUD ...
    OH CRUD ... 15 days ago +298

    As someone who suffers from OCD I would like to remind others that OCD is not a synonym for perfectionism

    • OH CRUD ...
      OH CRUD ... 4 hours ago

      @Noel Garcia Yeah, OCD combined with other anxiety disorders and sensory issues can be an absolute monster to handle sometimes. Couple months ago I had a legit meltdown over not being able to find a Wii remote

    • Noel Garcia
      Noel Garcia 4 hours ago +1

      It’s literally suffer. An example of OCD in this context would be cleaning your car due to an intense anxiety/paranoia (for example, cleaning your car because you fear someone will belittle you for it, ruin your social status, and thus ruin your life)
      Edit: i suffer with OCD as well btw! Properly diagnosed too

    • Zek Dabeast
      Zek Dabeast 6 hours ago +1

      @Yayo Ivanaj huh bro is your grammar up to par?😂

    • Yayo Ivanaj
      Yayo Ivanaj 8 hours ago

      "suffer" lmao

  • washimi
    washimi Month ago +4706

    Bros self-diagnosing himself 💀

    • Kenz_just_better
      Kenz_just_better 13 hours ago

      @christopher gum what does that have to do with being gay-

    • Mrpeachees
      Mrpeachees 13 days ago +1

      Self diagnosis is completely valid, if you honestly believe you have it. Getting diagnosed is PRIVILEGE that most people don't have. Being undiagnosed doesn't mean you don't have it, or don't suffer just as much from it, as people who are diagnosed do.

    • blush wink
      blush wink 15 days ago

      Well ☝️ to be technical there Arrre some things that can be self diagnosable ☺️☺️💡 if your smart enough ofc

    • RandomGamer
      RandomGamer Month ago

      oh wow I'm laughing so hard rn hahaha 😐

    • Ilovemydog
      Ilovemydog Month ago

      @washimi you might be subscribed and forgot to unsubscribe

  • Miu Iruma
    Miu Iruma 17 days ago +244

    As someone with OCD, it ain’t all about being a perfectionist

    • everything doesn't last forver :)
      everything doesn't last forver :) Day ago

      @Miu Iruma like I said, everyone has a different reaction just because the way you see people handle ocd are like that doesn't mean he should act the same, and if you don't know the guy irl you can't judge him from off one video, sure you can think he's faking it, but you have no evidence other then this one video one can consider you "reaching" a little to far

    • Miu Iruma
      Miu Iruma Day ago

      @everything doesn't last forver :) no but if it was really bugging his ocd, he would say it like it’s a personality trait. And yes, people (especially many people in the comments) can gather that. If it was truly bugging him, he would be like ‘oh nooo my ocd’. He’d be freaking out over it or keeping it silent. People don’t normally wanna publicise ocd and even if he magically does have it, I get that there may be a certain extent that he has it, like mildly. But his tone of voice when he’s saying it, he magically just switches it up when he sees that it said 2023 and starts to be happy again. It would still annoy him if he did have ocd.

    • everything doesn't last forver :)
      everything doesn't last forver :) Day ago

      @Miu Iruma could be then again none of us know him personally, you got all that by the tone of his voice? And through a video? People show diffraction reactions to what they find annoying

    • Miu Iruma
      Miu Iruma Day ago +1

      @everything doesn't last forver :) yes but I’m pretty sure how he was saying it and by his tone of voice, he wasn’t actually freaked out and his mood suddenly changed. That shit would be bugging people for minutes even hours

    • everything doesn't last forver :)
      everything doesn't last forver :) 10 days ago

      @Miu Iruma no one here knows his exact symptoms of OCD and how severe it is

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 days ago +133

    This is the type of guy to self diagnose himself with a 5 second google search 💀

  • zzvex
    zzvex Month ago +6359

    pov: that one person who makes OCD their whole personality.

      WINNING SMILE 10 days ago

      ​@hailey martin sane bruh

    • hannahiy
      hannahiy 13 days ago

      he doesn't even have it...

    • Carla Poupart
      Carla Poupart 17 days ago +1

      I got OCD 😢 but my parents don’t know that I got diagnosed with it but it’s ok

    • BarkXY
      BarkXY 29 days ago

      @capybara enjoyer thanks for the clarification I didn't know if it was ocd or not😅

    • RandomGamer
      RandomGamer 29 days ago

      @capybara enjoyer yes

  • Karma Dream
    Karma Dream 16 days ago +116

    if you ever feel useless, remember that this guy exists

  • _Rabbit_
    _Rabbit_ 16 days ago +39

    OCD is not a joke, I have it. It’s the kind of thing that haunts u at night, thinking if u don’t take a step back u might not make it in the morning. I have to realise my door all the time.

    • positoniX
      positoniX 13 days ago +2

      I knew a guy who had a severe case and attempted to kill himself because of the unbearable stress that he had because of it. He was a creative person and would constantly obsess over all the tiniest details of his content and think that he would lose everything he worked for because of it. And people like this turn this into a joke. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • HalfOfAPixel
      HalfOfAPixel 15 days ago +3


  • Taylor G.
    Taylor G. Month ago +2789

    As someone diagnosed with OCD; you don’t have OCD! OCD is not just tiny details; it’s more than that.

    • Eli
      Eli 5 hours ago

      @V Z was Zoloft the first medication they tried for you cause that actually does far more damage than good.

    • F Gohnson
      F Gohnson 14 days ago

      @Jojo Joe⭐️ we can change things.

    • HalfOfAPixel
      HalfOfAPixel 15 days ago


    • Aude
      Aude 15 days ago

      Hope you’re doing okay man. My close friend has OCD, and it makes his life absolute hell. Sending love ❤

    • Logan R
      Logan R 16 days ago

      yep my thoughts exactly

  • Lyric Avery
    Lyric Avery 16 days ago +257

    This dude woke up today and chose ocd as a ✨mood✨

  • ravxn
    ravxn 16 days ago +43

    He’s the type to ask so many questions before the movie starts

    • L Salazar
      L Salazar 12 days ago +3

      He's the type of friend that doesn't get invited no where

  • Hi guys
    Hi guys Month ago +9714

    He’s the type of guy to talk during the movies 💀

  • LEON .
    LEON . 14 days ago +10

    bro decided to just magically develop ocd…

    ATUL DWIVEDI 17 days ago +12

    This guy never shuts up

  • Siddarth Rawat
    Siddarth Rawat 22 days ago +2308

    If you feel jobless, remember this man exists.

    • Credit Score by Attorney
      Credit Score by Attorney 10 days ago


    • Planet Star
      Planet Star 12 days ago


    • Sebas Pato
      Sebas Pato 14 days ago

      @layo ramirez is the man reacting bruh

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 14 days ago +1

      If you feel worthless, remember people get offended by others doing literally anything

    • Dr3dzee
      Dr3dzee 14 days ago +1

      If you feel poor remember this dude has a luxury car while being “jobless”

  • Carla Poupart
    Carla Poupart 17 days ago +9

    Bro dose not have a OCD I do he just thinks it’s a mood OCD makes me miserable OCD is basically a disorder that some people have sadly . So like your brain triggers yourself to do something that you can sometimes control but sometimes can’t help it I have OCD bro dose not he probably is like left out ❤ thank you for reading this And yes I liked my own comment lol

    • Carla Poupart
      Carla Poupart 8 days ago

      Ok but I have OCD I was diagnosed

    • Leyleh Adoris
      Leyleh Adoris 14 days ago

      Well said Carla. Most people have no clue how OCD really affects the person mentally psychologically and emotionally all at once.

  • Teefoff
    Teefoff 14 days ago +4

    he’s the type of guy to ask a person if their okay just so they can ask him back

  • Inday Christine
    Inday Christine Month ago +1954

    He’s the type of guy that won’t shut up in class

    • Wwe Fam
      Wwe Fam 6 days ago

      Or ask dumb questions all the time

    • Mihewi
      Mihewi 7 days ago

      ​@Lucius Warrens true

    • L Salazar
      L Salazar 12 days ago

      This guy is on Different kinds and levels of Drugs please leave him Alone he's in DENIAL

    • Palli Jkivea
      Palli Jkivea 15 days ago

      ​@Huirong Yang too*

    • Asenowo Ayomide
      Asenowo Ayomide 19 days ago


  • Carter
    Carter 15 days ago +4

    My man exposing himself and caught red handed

  • Tyler Coneen
    Tyler Coneen 14 days ago +2

    If you ever feel useless just remember this man exists

  • oItzBlack
    oItzBlack 27 days ago +2563

    This dude woke up today and decided to turn on OCD

    • Mohamed-Ismail Y. Rakha
      Mohamed-Ismail Y. Rakha 12 days ago +1


    • oItzBlack
      oItzBlack 16 days ago +1

      @Cringe Animations thanks for the clarification

    • oItzBlack
      oItzBlack 16 days ago +1

      @AC current yeah...

    • AC current
      AC current 16 days ago +1

      life would be so much easier if I could just turn it off 😔

    • oItzBlack
      oItzBlack 16 days ago +2

      @Thatsme Wolfy yeah I'm sorry to hear you have OCD. I was just joking saying that he sounded like he was saying that OCD was like a thing you can choose to have or not. Because OCD is not easy to get rid of.
      *Anyways thank you for your comment have a lovely day!!! ❤️*

  • Aliya Sandford
    Aliya Sandford 4 hours ago

    bro drew those lines straighter then my grandma

  • Anthony Graetz
    Anthony Graetz 7 hours ago +1

    This guy is my brain after a 4 day music festival.

  • Devon Adrian
    Devon Adrian 26 days ago +2524

    People with OCD actually don't announce it, or expect it. They just look on in horror or freeze up. Every single situation hits different.

    • Cameron Ortiz
      Cameron Ortiz 8 days ago

      @Amaterasu I completely understand dude it sucks and sometimes I feel like a freak but can’t help it man for me I obsess over stds so I’ll wash my hands before and after using restrooms and if I touch anything in a bathroom by accident I got to wash my hands again or just with personal items idk it’s weird can’t really explain to people why I do this stuff feel like they won’t understand

    • YeOldeMorgan
      YeOldeMorgan 12 days ago

      I have OCD and when a room in the house gets slightly dirty and the floor needs sweeping it's a brick wall in your brain, as long as the mess is visible and in your relaxing area it's eats you alive and fogs your brain, it's hard to feel happy of motivated to do anything or even work out simple thoughts others can in any scenario where there's junk or clutter laying around. Also having to set a cup down on the table multiple times because you don't like the way it felt when it left your hand.

    • acrimonyacce
      acrimonyacce 13 days ago

      Exactly me-

    • Zwax3
      Zwax3 13 days ago

      As someone with OCD I can confirm this

  • Bobobear
    Bobobear 4 days ago

    Ok but can we talk about how fucking PERFECT those lines were!!?? 💀💀

  • Nobody
    Nobody 14 hours ago +1

    Guys. OCD is a combination of compulsions and obsessions. The inability to overcome them. It even states in the DSM-V-TR that common themes include symmetry, cleaning, taboo thoughts and harm (APA, 2022 p. 266). Self-diagnosing is a serious issue but you should never put someone down or doubt them if their OCD falls under a common trait. Perhaps he is just loosely using it and it's not accurate, but you still shouldn't deny his experience.

  • mint
    mint Month ago +1183

    this guy is the kind of person who says "omg im so OCD" after cleaning his room

    • drive 2786
      drive 2786 20 days ago +2

      or wash after taking a dump

    • Mr. Sofi
      Mr. Sofi 21 day ago +3

      I'm more than positive he's never even heard of the actual definition of "obsessive compulsive disorder" before smh

    • animeXgamer
      animeXgamer 25 days ago +1

      ​@Super’sGamingUniverse i can help

    • Super’sGamingUniverse
      Super’sGamingUniverse 25 days ago +1

      466 lIkEs AnD nO rEpLiEs? LeMmE fIx ThAt

  • MindsetMastery
    MindsetMastery 12 days ago

    that mans accuracy is out of this world

  • Tidevicu
    Tidevicu 14 days ago +2

    OCD isn't just about being organized. Imagine having to brush your hair so you don't feel you want to gouge your eyes out. Or doing everything in threes.

  • Walter White
    Walter White Month ago +3064

    He's type of guy who explain anything in the middle of the movie

  • jbizzle
    jbizzle 14 days ago +1

    My car is literally this dirty so I'm definitely doing this tonight

  • hex and emery
    hex and emery 3 days ago

    He is the type of person to talk non stop in a movie

    JAIL TIME! Month ago +1593

    he's the type of guy to ask "yo you good bro" when you are dead on the floor missing an arm 💀💀💀

    • Tamilore Enitan
      Tamilore Enitan 14 days ago


    • Shticky
      Shticky Month ago


    • Yulix
      Yulix Month ago

      @Mickky Jay 😂😂😂😂

    • Makeup By Rima Studio
      Makeup By Rima Studio Month ago

      @Pauline Edwards 😂😂

    • Mickky Jay
      Mickky Jay Month ago

      If ur dead, missing an arm isn’t gonna make much difference to the situation.

  • hyper bladez playz
    hyper bladez playz 7 days ago

    bro this guy drew me whole entire art career on a CAR WINDOW?

  • °-chocolate tea-°

    bro woke up and decided to choose OCD as a mood 💀💀💀

  • Dioorrrr
    Dioorrrr Month ago +798

    He's the type of guy that won't shut up during a movie 💀

    • yowei
      yowei 29 days ago

      @موسیقی غذای روح است thats racist

    • yowei
      yowei 29 days ago


    • RandomGamer
      RandomGamer Month ago

      @Miguel Pastel uhhh thanks?

    • Miguel Pastel
      Miguel Pastel Month ago

      ​@RandomGamer your profile picture is very inspirational and helpful

    • RandomGamer
      RandomGamer Month ago

      Oh wow your analogy is super super funny hahaha 😐

  • SpaceBat StuckonEarth
    SpaceBat StuckonEarth 16 days ago +2

    OCD left the chat at the end.

  • IcyYT
    IcyYT 14 days ago +1

    “You were supposed to be cleaning my car, not making a picture!”

  • 𝘤𝘢𝘰𝘪𝘮𝘩𝘦.

    Let's leave using OCD as a personality trait in 2022 😅✌
    Edit ;; some of ya'll apparently can't read 😅😅

    • Jonah Gaming
      Jonah Gaming 15 days ago

      @Pixyl you might wanna delete this comment

    • YourRandomArt
      YourRandomArt Month ago

      @Mario Pacheco yasss and oh no my ✨adhd✨ I didn’t focus sorry what did you say?

    • -KARMA-
      -KARMA- Month ago +1

      ​@Sakina Kyna they are saying leave it in 2022 as in don't do it this year, 2023

    • -KARMA-
      -KARMA- Month ago +2

      ​@Gerald Jones they are saying leave it in 2022 as it don't do it this year, 2023

    • ToiletClogger25
      ToiletClogger25 Month ago +3

      @Aqim Julayhi yeah it can be not having things the right way, having a certain way to do it, thinking that if you don’t do something or do it the right way something bad is gonna happen. This is called magical thinking. I think it may only apply to the thinking something bad is gonna happen. Also, it can be very specific like, u can’t touch a certain color, you only do things for a certain number of time etc. As someone who had really bad ocd and still is on medication, the magical thinking can be really bad. Thoughts of something bad happening while fighting the urge to do your ocd routines can be really hard. I recommend for anyone out there to go to your doctor and try sertraline and get a therapist. Cya

  • zetsubo
    zetsubo 5 days ago

    If you ever feel useless, remember the man on top of the screen.

  • joshua laryea
    joshua laryea 15 days ago +1

    Dude's sales pitch is excitedly impatient

  • liliy
    liliy Month ago +629

    I feel like he's making his OCD a personality trait

  • Ana Rivera
    Ana Rivera 2 days ago

    This is the type of guy to bring an apple to the doctor to protect himself. Reminder ocd is not mood or or vibe, its Amy serious

  • Walt House
    Walt House 14 days ago +1

    I was sleeping so well until my O.C.D. woke me up from a dirty dream.

  • Nty :D
    Nty :D Month ago +928

    This guy is the example of not shutting the hell up

    • Luz Noceda
      Luz Noceda Month ago

      @arthur morgan He doesn't have OCD.

    • Luz Noceda
      Luz Noceda Month ago


    • yeah yeah yeah
      yeah yeah yeah Month ago +3

      It's a bit necessary since he's doing a reaction video. But the problem is that his reactions and commentary are not entertaining at all. He's just literally describing the stuff in there, like we have no eyes. 🙄

    • Wings of Hope
      Wings of Hope Month ago +6

      He is frm India

  • CrimsonMey
    CrimsonMey Day ago

    all my math notebooks be like

  • Jazzmin Forrestall
    Jazzmin Forrestall 6 days ago

    Don't actually do that, it can make microscopic scratches on the window that makes it really difficult to clean in the future.

  • Sock man
    Sock man 19 days ago +1321

    Definition of OCD or Obsessive compulsive disorder
    Obsessing over minor details or behaviors with the feeling that something bad will happen if its not done correctly.
    Example: “Shoot, i forgot to flick the light switch 3 times before closing my door, so now my families all gonna die”
    This was my therapists definition she gave me shortly before diagnosing me.
    OCD is not just getting upset when its not perfect. Its driven by irrational thoughts and fears of what could happen if its not perfect.

    • Sock man
      Sock man 3 days ago

      @Chase Mcalpine what do you mean?

    • Sock man
      Sock man 3 days ago

      @Martin Ralev Get a diagnosis or do more research before stating you have something just in case its something else

    • Martin Ralev
      Martin Ralev 3 days ago

      So i have ocd but i guess i didnt know👍

    • Chase Mcalpine
      Chase Mcalpine 3 days ago

      I have a little question how

    • Natu Nath
      Natu Nath 3 days ago


    ZINKY INK 9 days ago +1

    If someone constantly points out that they have OCD, they probably don’t have OCD.

  • Princess of cute
    Princess of cute 15 days ago +1

    Our family car looks like that, but so do many other cars around. It’s the area, they get dusty really quick

  • seren99dipity
    seren99dipity Month ago +256

    OCD is not a joke. It's a prison. It's a loop

    • hannahiy
      hannahiy 13 days ago

      right. it pisses me off as someone actually diagnosed with it

    • Leyleh Adoris
      Leyleh Adoris 14 days ago +1

      Exactly! people don't know the intense pain involved

  • z o m b i e
    z o m b i e 15 days ago +1

    i have OCD too, i scrubbed my body in the shower with the green side of a sponge for 3 hrs bcs i could feel dirt crawling under my skin, we’re literally so similar bestie

  • TheeNobleGamer
    TheeNobleGamer 11 days ago

    Well, I can confirm 2023 has not gone as smoothly as this drawing this far. 😂

  • Lili-Rose
    Lili-Rose Month ago +847

    "nooo my OCD"
    Sighs and checks the comments
    Glad you guys already covered it though

    • osheridan
      osheridan 27 days ago +1

      Yeah, some people normalise using OCD like that, so it's nice to know they're not the majority

    • Ellaine
      Ellaine Month ago

      Lmao me exactly 😅

  • Camryn
    Camryn 3 days ago +1

    "it would destroy my OCD dude"
    Being diagnosed has left the chat
    Self-diagnoseing had joined the chat

  •  JT丂
    JT丂 14 days ago +1

    Scale has left the chat.

  • Picalo
    Picalo 29 days ago +516

    He’s the type of guy who is proud of his OCD and wants everyone to know

    • HalfOfAPixel
      HalfOfAPixel 15 days ago

      I am sure he doesn't have OCD, This video is NOT what OCD is.

    • Ikeman Productions
      Ikeman Productions 16 days ago

      He doesn’t have it and probably doesn’t even know what it is

    • Jacob
      Jacob 16 days ago

      he dont got ocd he just doesnt know what it is

    • Wybel
      Wybel 16 days ago

      @SlappyWhite87 couldn’t be more accurate. Happens to me every day. Same goes for reading too

    • SlappyWhite87
      SlappyWhite87 17 days ago +2

      Only ppl that don't have ocd brag about it. Real ocd is not fun to have. Imagine trying to think something out but if you don't think it out the right way you have to start over. What makes me start over? Not thinking a word right in my head, an outside thought Poppin in and messing my flow up. I can't be distracted or mess any words up or I'll sit there and be consumed by it for hours. THAT'S OCD NOT MISSING A CORNER LINE!!

  • Mohamed-Ismail Y. Rakha

    He the kinda guy that would study for a blood test

  • Nebbish Wizard
    Nebbish Wizard Day ago

    bro if you had OCD you'd have fear of Cthulhu rising out of your kitchen sink rn

  • Analeigh Brierre-Whaley
    Analeigh Brierre-Whaley Month ago +1404

    He’s the type of guy that would ask a billion questions during a movie your both watching for the first time

    • Attitude_Breaker😋
      Attitude_Breaker😋 Month ago +1

      That's me my mom is always like lexi be quite stop asking a billion questions how am I supposed to know I haven't watched this yet💀💀

    • ¶•Axelle•¶
      ¶•Axelle•¶ Month ago +1

      Called me out frrr 😔

    • Dieudonne Mensah
      Dieudonne Mensah Month ago +1

      Sound like Lola in LT

    • McChicken
      McChicken Month ago +12

      Reminds me of a friend who would ask the teacher every little detail. Read about a short story some birds on a playground and he asked. Were the birds on the swing set of the monkey bars. Told him might as well ask if they were gay or straight asking all these useless questions

  • KillowPillow
    KillowPillow 12 days ago

    Bros the type of person to shout during a movie

  • Arsen Omurzakov
    Arsen Omurzakov 2 days ago

    My man the kind of guy to sell a car for keys 💀💀💀

  • Cutie Pets ☆♡
    Cutie Pets ☆♡ Month ago +675

    He is the type of guy to wake you up to ask if you're sleeping

  • ocean 🇺🇦
    ocean 🇺🇦 5 days ago

    he's probably the person that says "omg sorry guys i'm so ocd 🤪🥺" after they like clean their room or something

  • HeyItsCameron
    HeyItsCameron 6 days ago +1

    for something disgusting, that looked so clean

  • Dope ProductionsTM
    Dope ProductionsTM Month ago +758

    For something so dirty that was clean as fuck

  • mistaken
    mistaken 12 days ago

    Forget about the title, the scary part is that he drew not one perfect line, but *many.*

  • Matt Finch
    Matt Finch 14 days ago +1

    "It would destroy my OCD duuuude". As if that's a bad thing

  • Eggoonweekly
    Eggoonweekly Month ago +189

    Bro really diagnosed himself 💀💀

    • Jack the Potato
      Jack the Potato 18 days ago +3

      Fr. I've never seen someone with OCD who's happy to have it. Lol.

  • ツAZARツ
    ツAZARツ Day ago

    2023 just got even crazier😱🤯

  • Rose M.
    Rose M. 13 days ago +1

    Bro knows his fractions 🫣

  • Nao_gk
    Nao_gk Month ago +703

    Man this guys never stfu 💀💀

    • not-a-simp
      not-a-simp 18 days ago

      @RynchGuy64 if he shuts up at one point we might.

    • RynchGuy64
      RynchGuy64 18 days ago

      @not-a-simp what I mean is that people's are thinking they can just shut up about shit but actually it's on you guys because you guys are really aggressive to this guy let him talk

    • not-a-simp
      not-a-simp 19 days ago

      @RynchGuy64 what do you mean-

    • Natnat
      Natnat 19 days ago

      @kumhar yadav let's just say it has a bad word in it

    • Natnat
      Natnat 19 days ago


  • Ace
    Ace 16 days ago +1

    the way he wants to keep reminding us about his "OCD"

  • chiroshree mazumder
    chiroshree mazumder 12 days ago

    if self diagnosing was a person.

  • Kwong
    Kwong Month ago +1100

    If you ever feel useless, remember this guy exists.

    • Kwong
      Kwong 23 days ago

      @Sean Williams mb g

    • Sean Williams
      Sean Williams 24 days ago

      @Chicken Yep.

    • Chicken
      Chicken 24 days ago +2

      @Penuel Odiaka finally someone said it, not to mention there are people making fun of kids on yt shorts, you heard it right

  • acrimonyacce
    acrimonyacce 10 days ago

    If you ever feel shitty just remember that this guy exits

  • The Gay Banger
    The Gay Banger 11 days ago

    He went from goddamnnit he didn’t get a corner to OH MY FUCKIBG GOD ITS A PERFECT DIST DRAWING OF 2023

  • I’m not making my YouTube name a meme

    I have OCD. I struggled with it alot. OCD isnt wanting everything straight, or in a specific place. It’s your brain giving you disgusting intrusive thoughts and you feel you need to do something to cope with them. You feel like if you dont something bad will happen. Dont say you have OCD when you dont as it offends me and many others.
    Edit: I know there are more types of OCD and alot of people with OCD do need things to be in straight lines, but I just dont like how he uses it as an adjective.

    • HoneyCxme
      HoneyCxme Month ago +1

      @eugeneman18 you even could have intrusive thoughts disorder and you would still have to get diagnosed with a doctor. Bc there’s so much disorders that could be what’s affecting you ! So idk but get that therapy or not just take care of urself :))

    • TSG
      TSG Month ago

      Ok bro, I've got OCD and while he doesn't know what he's talking about the shit ain't "offensive" yall soft ash.

    • Tim R
      Tim R Month ago

      Sorry, I have a personal policy of not caring when someone says they're offended.

    • TheLocalWalmart
      TheLocalWalmart Month ago

      I think my mom had or has OCD, IDK.
      But I know what OCD is and I know how many people struggle with it, it was clear he was doing it as maybe some joke

    • Marjorie Davis
      Marjorie Davis Month ago

      I just learned i have ocd

  • 百合
    百合 17 days ago

    Can we talk about that he made perfectly straight RECTANGLE ?

  • Xiao Le 小乐
    Xiao Le 小乐 13 days ago +1

    Bro got the ruler mode in edit screenshot

  • I’mACoolGhost!
    I’mACoolGhost! Month ago +121

    “My OCD!!” Ayo, that’s not even what OCD is 🤨🤨

  • Naiomi Jones
    Naiomi Jones 2 days ago

    " NoOOOOoO mY OcD dUDe" Definition of a self diagnoser

  • »Brawl_Besties«
    »Brawl_Besties« 5 days ago +1

    POV: Those one kids in class tryna act like they have OCD

  • the bean in ur shoe
    the bean in ur shoe Month ago +405

    Just a reminder that just because you like things to be nice and neat does NOT mean that you have OCD. It can be a part of it, but it is not the entire thing.

    • Isabella
      Isabella 25 days ago

      @Tyler Ross you make to sence

    • Tyler Ross
      Tyler Ross 25 days ago

      @Isabella so im just saying, if your mom thinks you dont have ocd, chances are very high you dont, but jus saying

    • Isabella
      Isabella Month ago

      I know what I have me and my sister have ocd you don’t even no wait I have are you a mom omg I didn’t know that you were my mom telling me what I don’t have are what I have and no I’m turning 12 this year

    • the bean in ur shoe
      the bean in ur shoe Month ago

      @Isabella what? Ok before you post your comment, look at the grammar. I think what you were trying to say is that you have OCD? But have you gone to a physical doctor and gotten tested for it? You look like you're 9. OCD isn't just "things bothering you" it's flicking the lights on and off, repetitive actions; and having to do things is a certain order or else something horrible might happen, and more.

    • Cannon
      Cannon Month ago +1

      Ocd is whenever you have a fear, and utilize constant rituals to avoid what that fear is. It sucks. I hate ut

  • nErTliE
    nErTliE 10 days ago

    When mental health is an aesthetic

  • Dark Knightwing
    Dark Knightwing 7 days ago

    Well that was an emotional rollercoaster

  • rei
    rei Month ago +665

    This guy is the kind of guy to shush the camera before doing a prank

  • Alya Césaire
    Alya Césaire 16 days ago +5

    As soon as he said “OCD” I looked at him, paused and went straight to the comments. 😭😭 Smelt it from a mile away.

    • Eli
      Eli 5 hours ago

      And he didn’t only say it once… but TWICE 😭

    • Theseus
      Theseus 16 days ago

      😂😂😂me toooo

  • lily reger
    lily reger Day ago

    Why does it look perfect oh my God❤

  • Ducktalks
    Ducktalks Month ago +108

    He's the guy that would be judging characters in movies when he doesn't even know them yet.

  • Eli
    Eli 5 hours ago

    The way my smile faded as soon as he said OCD… that’s not how it works 😭

  • ShreddedCheddar6384
    ShreddedCheddar6384 14 days ago

    He is the type of guy to order a cheeseburger and remove the cheese.

  • Martín
    Martín Month ago +860

    If you think you're useless, remember some people believe this guy cares about perfect things

    • Guinea Pig Loser
      Guinea Pig Loser Month ago +1

      @Honker i thought it was very obvious it was a joke

    • Lynn Tammy
      Lynn Tammy Month ago

      ​@fgfff Fugugi to be a wonderful time No to

    • F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С
    • fgfff Fugugi
      fgfff Fugugi Month ago +1

      @TalentedBat I think you meant round. The earth obviously can’t be round because Minecraft has flat world but no round world.

  • Super Spectral
    Super Spectral  16 days ago

    As someone who has actual OCD, I’m pretty sure this guy does not have OCD, because we almost never bring it up

  • Julian Ore
    Julian Ore 3 days ago

    I don’t believe in getting jinxed, but those who do are in for a rough time

  • Frazer Tapia
    Frazer Tapia Month ago +620

    If you ever feel useless just remember this guy exists

  • Riya Advani
    Riya Advani 13 days ago

    As someone with actual OCD, I have NEVER been this happy of having it 😐

  • ZXAviation
    ZXAviation 16 days ago

    POV: That one person who's turned on OCD mode, yet he still speaks like the narrator who likes to speak the whole time in the movie.

  • TheDetectiveRat
    TheDetectiveRat Month ago +155

    Im very happy so many people acknowledge OCD I remember like 4 years ago when I saw a SSSniperwolf video with an OCD title I explained what OCD was and I was the only person in that comment section to really acknowledge it.

    • osheridan
      osheridan 27 days ago

      Sssniper has a very young and impressionable audience, so it makes sense they wouldn't know better. It's good that people are starting to realise tho

    • RenderHub
      RenderHub Month ago

      ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

    • themilkman
      themilkman Month ago


    • lumines right eye
      lumines right eye Month ago +9

      I have ocd as well, and it makes me so upset tbh because it takes so much out of my life, but I really am glad people have acknowledged it here