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  • Published on Sep 29, 2021 ver繹ffentlicht
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  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  Year ago +844

    One of the most brutal coolers of all time. Do you agree?

    • James Minyo
      James Minyo Month ago

      VERY easy to fold,horrible shove

    • Noah Talley
      Noah Talley 2 months ago

      It was brutal but so satisfying to watch!

    • Scotty Mully
      Scotty Mully 2 months ago

      Lol no

    • HighOnJesus666
      HighOnJesus666 3 months ago

      So you're saying there's a chance

    • Perc 31
      Perc 31 3 months ago

      This happened to me everyday in online poker

  • Steven Williamson
    Steven Williamson Year ago +1837

    I never get tired of watching Vanessa lose, thankfully for me there are so many different situations of her doing it I'll never get bored.

    • Randomness Slayer
      Randomness Slayer 8 days ago

      @Yalla Miami As of 2014 at least, she had over 11.8 million in live poker tournament earnings.
      You sound like a bigot, "a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group." Note I am not saying you ARE one, but your remark is just straight up wrong and based on clearly incomplete anecdotal evidence (or it is hyperbole, as there ARE videos on Clip-Share where she does come out ahead).

    • Ralf986ms
      Ralf986ms 16 days ago

      Vanessa been for years one of the most skilled and aggresive players in the Field , a pleasure to watch but a nightmare to play against too

    • Bob Dylan
      Bob Dylan 20 days ago

      @Yalla Miami what do you mean shes not a chick?

    • TM PH
      TM PH Month ago +1

      She just looks so miserable all the time and I just naturally root for her to lose.仄儭

    • Brandon Szpot
      Brandon Szpot 2 months ago

      She was objectively one of the best players in the world. If you played as much as she did, youd have double the number of clips wherein you lose.

  • darrel stinkmeaner
    darrel stinkmeaner Year ago +4892

    "Chances of getting away here are about as good as Vanessa and I dating" lmfao

    • Tyler DeBoy
      Tyler DeBoy 11 days ago

      Whatdihe saaaay?

    • Saint socram N韁ma穩瓊
      Saint socram N韁ma穩瓊 2 months ago

      He never had the makings of x varsity athlete

    • GalaxyGal040-15
      GalaxyGal040-15 3 months ago

      @Homeless Partridge Nothing wrong with being lesbian. She just sets off everyone's gaydar. Nothing wrong with that.
      Also she is a lesbian and has been married 9 years.

    • Tony George
      Tony George 4 months ago

      @FudgeMyLife Liv is fine af

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross 4 months ago

  • Just Some Guy with a Goatee
    Just Some Guy with a Goatee 3 months ago +205

    I love the way Chen called Vanessas all. Very respectful, almost as if to say sorry, but I rivered you

  • Jared Wilkins
    Jared Wilkins Year ago +464

    I appreciate his apology. He realized how lucky he got when she pushed all in.

    • Dionysus
      Dionysus 19 days ago

      @Commenter exactly

    • Bigg chill81
      Bigg chill81 6 months ago

      I wouldnt have apologize considering if he doesnt hit the flush hes folding

    • abraham kim
      abraham kim 7 months ago +1

      He knew she had a hand the second the floor was revealed with her tongue pressing on her cheek. His possible over pair kept him in, then paid off. He knew he sucked out on the river.

    • Teorror87 2
      Teorror87 2 8 months ago

      @Punk Slapper because she's trash and overly invested in playing with emotions instead of actual skill.

    • Bang Malik
      Bang Malik 9 months ago

      fluse dong

  • BUSTAcap
    BUSTAcap 2 months ago

    Joe never disappoints on the commentary

  • NFT Prophet
    NFT Prophet Year ago +204

    You left out the best part! Her reaction at the end after the hand

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Year ago +15

    Watching her lose never gets old.

    • Brandon Smith
      Brandon Smith 9 months ago

      @Shay Bowskill, shes known as a reckless poker player, but gets mad when people call her and win. Shes easy to beat.

    • Shay Bowskill
      Shay Bowskill 9 months ago

      Why? What did she do?

  • SystemExclusive
    SystemExclusive Year ago +506

    First best thing in poker: Hellmuth trash talking. Second best thing: Selbst getting coolered

    • Danny Estrada
      Danny Estrada 10 days ago

      @Brandon Szpot Oh no, he's name-calling. We wouldn't want to be labeled as a bad person. Nobody cares, dude. Nowadays, being called those names is a badge of honor.

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown 18 days ago +1

      Coolered???? that last card didn't help improve her hand at all.... in fact her hand only goes down in value after each card all she had was a set and bet away her chips with a flush on the board

    • Brandon Szpot
      Brandon Szpot 2 months ago +1

      Misogynist detected

    • Voices Of1
      Voices Of1 4 months ago +1

      Third best thing. Liv Boeree

  • Amanda Abrante
    Amanda Abrante Month ago

    Algu矇m consegue explicar como a Chen ganhou? Sabendo que o outro cara tinha 3X JJJ .

  • Zorica Tasic
    Zorica Tasic 9 days ago

    when she said "Im all in" and he instantly said "I call" while showing the nut flush was so brutal. I saw Vanesa being cooled so many times. ALSO, I saw her in similar situations HAVING NOTHING and doing this ... I like her style, BUT she is over aggressive TOO OFTEN.

  • Jr Elizondo
    Jr Elizondo Year ago +159

    This always happens to her and I always like it

    • 8JLZ8
      8JLZ8 Year ago +3

      @Michael Jandreau I don't think she cares, you know, with her millions and all

    • Stephen A.
      Stephen A. Year ago +1

      @Michael Jandreau I think she has a law degree and passed the bar, not sure what kind of law she does or how lucrative it is. I like Selbst, but can respect your stance. In any case I do believe her bankroll is largely the result of years of playing big buy-in tourneys and binking some huge scores along the way.

    • Michael Jandreau
      Michael Jandreau Year ago +6

      @Stephen A. i don't have a dog in this fight but isn't she also a Lawyer also? Plenty of cash for the bigger tournaments where 12 million could be made in a half a dozen or so, high buy-in games. Normal people don't have that advantage, they usually grid for years to make that fraction of her wins and display greater skill and are more humble than she'll ever display. Long way of saying that i'm not impressed with her.

    • Stephen A.
      Stephen A. Year ago +3

      @Alex Sainte-beuve While the latter is true I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion of the former considering she's accrued nearly 12 million in tournament earnings and only started working at a hedge fund in 2018.

    • Alex Sainte-beuve
      Alex Sainte-beuve Year ago +5

      @Vladimiro Rivera Tovar she didn't make most of her money in poker she is working for an edge fund making millions

  • F Nigs
    F Nigs 2 months ago +1

    Chen is a cool guy he handled Vanessa's terrible emotional control very well

  • Shaun New Bedford
    Shaun New Bedford Year ago +14

    See her face. She was ready to cry 唐唐 love it

  • Jordan Brace
    Jordan Brace Year ago +51

    I never get sick of watching Selbst lose...

    • Jordan Brace
      Jordan Brace 2 months ago +1

      @Brandon Szpot Can't stand him, why? He is whiney and when he gets outplayed, suddenly its "poor play", but when he does it, he is a "great player". Even more hypocritical than Selbst.

    • Brandon Szpot
      Brandon Szpot 2 months ago

      @Jordan Brace but Im sure you love Helmuth yea?

    • Jordan Brace
      Jordan Brace 8 months ago +1

      @Anonymous Person You completely missed what I said. I dont hate aggressive play styles, I hate whiney children who can't lose with dignity

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 8 months ago +1

      @Jordan Brace she is onw of them though. Im sorry her aggressive playstyls isnt made for you but there isnt one right way to play poker

    • Jordan Brace
      Jordan Brace 10 months ago +1

      @Chevy Tahoe I love how her stans came in here acting like I hate women or something. There are good female poker players that are fun to watch. She is not one of them.

  • Ballin
    Ballin 9 months ago

    Worth it just to see Vanessa smile at the end

  • f0reverdirt
    f0reverdirt 5 months ago

    Hey PokerStars peeps,
    I just wanna say that I really enjoy your vids and shorts but it would be really nice to see more of the player reactions at the end of the hand.

  • Streaky Drip
    Streaky Drip 10 months ago +27

    His chances of getting away here, are better than my chances of Vanessa and I dating Lmfao 不

  • Kingdomrecordsurban
    Kingdomrecordsurban Year ago +79

    Hahahahaha i just loved her dissapointed face 不不不

  • PaperYGO
    PaperYGO 4 months ago

    Even Chen was like Im so sorry

  • Granada Grows
    Granada Grows 6 months ago +1

    Her face at the end

  • Trevor
    Trevor 9 months ago +1

    One of the few times she wasn't playing ridiculously aggressive with no hand and she still finds a way to lose it. The universe is not kind to her lol

    • Brandon Szpot
      Brandon Szpot 2 months ago

      Except for her 12 million dollars in poker winnings, I suppose? And her being an elite player for several years?

  • Jeff Lester
    Jeff Lester 9 months ago +4

    It is Always a Joy to see Selbst get railroaded!

  • LTZ videos
    LTZ videos 11 months ago

    She had a great year in 2014 I think. Won big tournaments. PCA super high roller I think. Like always, the champion had a lot of lucky in final table. After this I think she doesn't won nothing else.

  • Couldnt care less
    Couldnt care less Year ago +17

    LOVE IT!!! Cant stand her. Absolutely love to see her lose

  • Jacob Starr
    Jacob Starr Year ago +68

    with all the poker ive watched i feel like Selbst gets coolered the most of anyone ive ever seen besides maybe helmuth

  • K Xyooj
    K Xyooj 9 months ago

    The commentator comparing Chen's chances are funny af 不不

  • Richard C
    Richard C Year ago +613

    I love it when ur to confident n the river is the doom card.

    MUSBFRANK 10 months ago

    Yessss, Vanessa goes down in flames again, surprised she didn't accuse him of slow rolling her even though be showed and apologized in less than a second! 戊

  • Charlie
    Charlie 8 days ago

    The look on his face when chen called lol

  • Corrupt IOS
    Corrupt IOS 6 months ago

    LMAOO this is brutal cracking triple jacks on the last river card 不不不

  • BC4467
    BC4467 2 months ago

    That's brutal, but watching Selbst lose is just as good as watching Phil lose in my opinion 不

  • Austin Figueroa
    Austin Figueroa 3 months ago +1

    I dont know who he is but the guy who does color commentary for these Poker broadcasts is always amazing

  • jblsd79
    jblsd79 9 months ago

    Love the witty commentary.

  • RogueRonin.Gaming

    Always love watching Vanessa lose, shes so easy to dislike!

  • Dustin Is Driving
    Dustin Is Driving Year ago +243

    When the jiggities just dont cut it and the nuts smack ya in the face

  • Ibims DaAdi
    Ibims DaAdi 10 months ago

    When you lose with 4 of a kind against 4 of a kind, that's brutal

  • Tuko99x The ugly
    Tuko99x The ugly 5 months ago

    Ive played poker at various levels for many years. In the end there are very few players that are actually good, even ones that truly understand the game rarely take their emotions out of it. It all comes down to luck, because poker is gambling and people are always going to chase no matter how much you make them pay for it.

  • Sammy Joseph
    Sammy Joseph Year ago +3

    She played very well except for the all-in!

  • Mr.Knickerbocker
    Mr.Knickerbocker Year ago +2

    He's got the nuts!不不不

  • Don Jones
    Don Jones 10 months ago +1

    Anytime that guy losses always a good day

  • Julio Perez
    Julio Perez 2 months ago

    That was brutal 不

  • Pat Runkel
    Pat Runkel Year ago +1

    Love to watch Doug get beat !!!

  • Rafael Negron
    Rafael Negron Year ago +2

    I love the look on her face. Her spirit broke.

  • Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor 2 months ago

    Absolutely love seeing her lose!

  • Simply simple 7
    Simply simple 7 Year ago

    Holy fuck that sucks. Thats my luck always. My luck is always on the flop. Ive played so many of hands just like this and got screwed on the turn and river. Absolutely insane.

  • Panos Zoe Over Zero
    Panos Zoe Over Zero 6 months ago +1

    Something so satisfying seeing her lose. Good!

  • Terry Hobbs
    Terry Hobbs 4 months ago +1

    I love watching her take tough beats.

    RUSTY Year ago +1

    You can almost hear the heartbreak.

  • David Stern
    David Stern Year ago

    Does Vanessa ever not get coolered? Im starting to feel bad lol

  • Anton Floor
    Anton Floor 2 months ago

    Can someone explain this outcome, why Chen won with a 8 7?

  • Peter Donkey-Doo
    Peter Donkey-Doo 6 months ago +2

    It's hilarious that he says there's more chance of him dating a lesbian than a straight woman . That's how much Liv is out of his league

  • Ben Crandall
    Ben Crandall Year ago +2

    as an experienced player, she should have seen that there was a glaring possible flush there, and shouldnt have gone all in.

    • Mister Iamthepope
      Mister Iamthepope 11 months ago

      @Commenter excellent!!

    • Commenter
      Commenter Year ago

      I've seen too many overplays like that from her to think she's a great player. Her aggression scared people for a while and then they figured her out and she stopped playing when she couldn't succeed with her nonsense anymore.

  • Hovik Hovhannisyan
    Hovik Hovhannisyan Year ago +13

    She gave him way too good of a price on the turn. She bet 80K on the flop, and only 150K on the turn. After the turn, with 2 Diamonds on the board you want to bet big.

  • Richie Said That!
    Richie Said That! 11 months ago +1

    "I call"
    Her face...

  • AlotL1keVegas
    AlotL1keVegas Year ago +1

    Hahaha this is the second hand I've seen her get smashed in 不不不

  • Jerry Harris
    Jerry Harris 6 months ago

    No one deserves that more than Vanessa

  • Soumitra Mukherjee
    Soumitra Mukherjee 6 months ago

    From 7%-100%, what a luck she has

  • Dean
    Dean 8 months ago

    How the hell did she miss the flush? No even a little contemplation before moment before shoving?

  • J Strongbow
    J Strongbow Year ago +1

    Man this guy got coolered BAD

  • Abel Garza III
    Abel Garza III Year ago

    She thought she was onto something

  • Arbaz Raza
    Arbaz Raza Year ago

    I think shes the bad luck of poker

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 8 months ago

    Venessa has taken a hilariously high number of bad beats lmao

  • Jonathan Vega
    Jonathan Vega 11 months ago +5

    Shows that hes got the nuts

  • wickedtoast
    wickedtoast 5 months ago

    She gave away the biggest tell ever when that flop hit.

  • Jordon Kuby
    Jordon Kuby Year ago +1

    I love this for so many reasons

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R 2 months ago +1

    Guy just casually makes fun of his love life and we all just not gonna address it

  • Shaun Freeman
    Shaun Freeman Year ago

    Everyone just letting that Vanessa dating joke slide lol

  • Abhi Gautam
    Abhi Gautam Year ago +4

    The way he said I call

  • Pete W.
    Pete W. 10 months ago +2

    Lets go Chen!!!

  • Generic White Mexican
    Generic White Mexican 10 months ago

    He felt so bad for calling xD

  • REZzzzMEeee
    REZzzzMEeee Year ago

    That commentating was Epic ending it w the

  • iEaTBeaNs4bReAkfAsT
    iEaTBeaNs4bReAkfAsT 11 months ago

    Chen was smooth wit it

  • John Rupesh
    John Rupesh Year ago +43

    This happens all the time when you play online.

    • Gc B
      Gc B 18 days ago +1

      YEP. the amount of drama causing hands online is truly unreal. why, one time my royal flush got beaten by a better royal flush.

    • gunna 2k
      gunna 2k 4 months ago +2

      Every other hand

  • Manobes Padhy
    Manobes Padhy Year ago +26

    Happiness is seeing Vanessa lose不

    • John Winchester
      John Winchester Year ago

      @My Little PonY she is a spoiled brat usually. She is the female version of Phil Helmuth without the slighty comedic persona.

    • some people can't handle the truth
      some people can't handle the truth Year ago +1

      @My Little PonY probably because she acts like a douche when she loses.

    • My Little PonY
      My Little PonY Year ago +1

      Why is that? Any backstory or reason?

  • JP
    JP Year ago +119

    do we all love watchin her lose

    • brad turner
      brad turner 7 months ago +1

      Yes and don't really know why! Lol

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person 8 months ago +1

      @CountYourBlessings terrible calls yet still is able to make q profit from a form of gambling

    • CountYourBlessings
      CountYourBlessings Year ago +8

      @WillyWiggles besides a sore loser just makes really horrible calls

    • CountYourBlessings
      CountYourBlessings Year ago

      I enjoy watching it

    • WillyWiggles
      WillyWiggles Year ago +5

      @JP that's rough, I thought that hate stemmed from her play style.

  • The New Guy
    The New Guy 8 months ago

    People saying in the comments they never see her win. Ive seen her win a NAPT tournament with my own eyes. So . Theres that.

  • History Motors
    History Motors 8 months ago

    La chica queda con la cara pregunt獺ndo"eso se puede hacer?" 不不不不不不

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 10 months ago

    Possible flush & straight on the table and she goes all in? She's reckless

  • TM PH
    TM PH Month ago

    Selbst is one of the saddest looking poker players to watch regardless of winning or losing but twice as bad when losing.

  • Kris
    Kris 5 months ago

    I wish he would have waited it out to call to the point where she even called a clock.then be like ok ok ok I guess Ill call with the flush!

  • FT A
    FT A 4 months ago

    月儠窸 刷 刷窸 赬篧鴔 貒

    RJMRHR Year ago

    Calls to show that he has the nuts 不不不

  • neisco jackson
    neisco jackson 4 months ago

    She played it wrong... Should've gone all in pre-flop and then yelled, "I have pocket Jacks" before he had time to act ...

  • Pat Riley
    Pat Riley 6 months ago

    She went all in with a straight, and flush possibility on the board. Why? Would he call with less than that? Terrible bet.

  • Deviouss
    Deviouss Year ago +1

    Chen shows he had the nuts. Lololol

  • K
    K 10 months ago

    I love when selbst loses, her face pisses me off lol.

  • Chalae See
    Chalae See Year ago +2

    this was intense man

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    I never see her win lol

  • Eduardo Sanchez
    Eduardo Sanchez Year ago

    I love watching her lose!!!

  • The SbcGuy
    The SbcGuy Year ago

    The jokes are amazing

  • Pt Bot
    Pt Bot Year ago

    If she went all in on the turn, then yeah. But when she jam after flush draw made it, thats just a bad place to jam.

  • B. R. Supreme-Constitution

    Chen is likeable because he doesn't give off an arrogant vibe like Vanessa.

  • Avery killian
    Avery killian 11 months ago

    Wait so he was bluffing right? And she fell for it?

  • Marshall Wages
    Marshall Wages 11 months ago

    I've never seen her make a good call. She must be afraid to win, she beats her self more times then not.

  • Christian Prepper
    Christian Prepper Year ago +19

    *Chen saw Selbst's "tongue-in-cheek" tell.*

    • Kulas Nikov
      Kulas Nikov 7 months ago +1

      No he didnt圭ouldve folded

  • mystelio
    mystelio 3 months ago

    篣域 謔禺 科賈 木. 儠諤貐渠庖 賈賄 月窶 axs賈穈 科貲渥ˉ穇 月渥鴔

  • Commander.Erwin485

    That dude with the set got coolored

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas Year ago +40

    Is it really a cooler when you shove with a set and there's a straight & flush draw on board??

    • Homeless Partridge
      Homeless Partridge Year ago

      @Counterfeit what exactly is a hidden hand? There is no such thing.

    • Whatever yh
      Whatever yh Year ago

      @sztomcat I disagree regarding the river and probably regarding the turn too. If she would check the river then every hand that is beating her would shove, and I don't think you can fold after that since your are getting 3 to 1. Betting would at the very least get some value from worse sets and two pair hands.
      I don't think overbetting the pot on the turn would be profitable either since a flush draw should only call if he's getting about 4 to 1 or better. He would fold if you overbet the pot since in order for the call to be profitable he would need to win 35% of the time or more. If he folds she loses money on average of course.

    • Pablo Caro
      Pablo Caro Year ago

      @Tom Murphy Are we talking about the better line or how to specifically play against her? The fact that shes taking the risk to go broke like that doesn't mean the hand is correctly played. Thats a pretty wet board where you shouldn't be bluffing that much cause there are no stronger hands folding nor weaker hands paying, beeing that the case, your best option is to X so AT LEAST you let him bluff. And i'm beeing optimistic about his calling range here, If you know that shes stupid aggressive, your under str draws should fold to her donk reducing his river range.

    • Tom Murphy
      Tom Murphy Year ago

      @Pablo Caro If you're folding against Vanessa's player type at these high levels with over pairs you will get demolished.

    • Pablo Caro
      Pablo Caro Year ago

      @Tom Murphy Miss value? Thats what you don't understand, all those hands should fold to your 3rd bullet, you r narrowing his range to flushes or MAYBE an str8, every other handmade worst than an str8 with a blocker is folding river.

  • Tall Milwaukee
    Tall Milwaukee Year ago +12

    You love to see it. Especially with her spoiled toddler reaction afterwards

    • Tall Milwaukee
      Tall Milwaukee Year ago +1

      @skinny weenie find and watch the unedited version. She's like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum

    • skinny weenie
      skinny weenie Year ago +1

      I do t really like her but thats a pretty humble reactions over thousands of $

    • Kurt Tremblay
      Kurt Tremblay Year ago +3

      I can't stand her