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Hogwarts Legacy: What You Must Do Before Launch

  • Published on Mar 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Hogwarts Legacy is only a few days away from release... there are a couple things you should absolutely be doing before launch! We're talking about them in this video.
    Wizarding World for pre-sorting and wand selection: www.wizardingworld.com/
    00:00 Intro
    00:40 Choose your version wisely...
    01:55 PlayStation is the place to play?
    02:54 Release Timing (VERY IMPORTANT)
    05:00 Early Sorting Hat and Wand Selection
    06:15 Forgiveable Unforgiveable Curses
    07:40 The most important part...
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  • Broomy
    Broomy Month ago +788

    I would love to see them release more story content later down the line. Maybe stuff themed around Azkaban, or even the Tri-Wizard Tournament

    • Greg Hodgins
      Greg Hodgins Month ago

      @Ballad of the Bird Dog they could do a memory. Of the entire tournament.

    • Craig Seddon
      Craig Seddon Month ago

      I'm going to sound like an absolute geek here, but the triwizard tournament wouldn't be cannon. An incident in 1792 meant the triwizard tournament was abandoned and didn't recommence until 1994. As the game is set in 1890, there is no triwizard tournament. Its a shame the game isn't set just a few years later, Dumbledore was a student in 1892 and Grindelwald started at Durmstrang in 1894, it would have been cool if the game was set in 1895 and you encountered them as students.

    • Itotallycare
      Itotallycare Month ago

      Pretty sure that dlc's are very likely.

    • robin97rv
      robin97rv Month ago

      @Vipul Lakra the books are canon, the movies aren't

    • Jamie Grocott
      Jamie Grocott Month ago


  • Sam Hawkes
    Sam Hawkes Month ago +165

    I'm so excited for this. Can't remember being so excited for a game before. I've literally wanted a game like this since I first watched Harry potter as a kid

    • Sam Hawkes
      Sam Hawkes Month ago

      @adam yeh way before the middle. probably after like 1 or 2 hours in depending on how fast you go. the main quest is apparently like 30 hours long so way before the middle

    • adam
      adam Month ago

      @Sam Hawkes yea I’m just happy we can use it in the middle and no in the end

    • Sam Hawkes
      Sam Hawkes Month ago

      @adam true, given how long the game is it really doesn't take that long before you can start using it to be fair

    • adam
      adam Month ago

      @Sam Hawkes thank you so much would be cool if we just had avada kadavra in the beginning

    • Sam Hawkes
      Sam Hawkes Month ago

      @adam no not the begining, once you have access to the forbidden Forrest you can go the dark arts battle arena and you can use it there once you have it. You can't run out of hogwarts as soon as you start up the game, there's a bunch of stuff you need to do first in hogwarts

  • Barbell_Bryce
    Barbell_Bryce Month ago +32

    I know the game isn't even out yet, but the amount of unreal DLC potential is insane! So many great moments/stories to tell!

  • hayden kukola
    hayden kukola Month ago +149

    I’d love a little side quest with the chamber of secrets. Even something like Basilisk speaks to you and you must follow its voice at night avoiding the teachers. Only to get caught in the bathroom by a teacher before you can enter.

    • Austin G
      Austin G Month ago +2

      They confirmed they aren’t adding the chamber

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith Month ago

      By rights we should be able to find and enter anyway as the chambers been there for years before these events and in the chamber there is basilisk skeletons so maybe it was opened a few times would be nice to explore

    • Legolas 89
      Legolas 89 Month ago

      @Twerk For work ikr

    • Twerk For work
      Twerk For work Month ago +8

      Man that would be sick!! Maybe a DLC pack

  • FallenAngel
    FallenAngel Month ago +93

    Trevor is reacting like a teen and I love it because I feel the same 😂

      GAMING BLAZE Month ago +2

      WB is reacting like a scared child

  • GevoArt
    GevoArt Month ago +20

    love that you can just walk up and pick up that drink and see your character actually drink it. in cyberpunk 2077, there was a bunch of times where u just see food and drink outside and couldnt actually interact with it. its such a small detail but makes it more immersive.

    • Vidicus
      Vidicus Month ago +1

      If there was a shortcut, cdpr took it.

  • YammyxJammy
    YammyxJammy Month ago +11

    From a friend who works at the studio they do in fact have future “expansions” planned hence all the “emptiness” on the map ✌️

  • streetburner15
    streetburner15 Month ago +13

    chapters in videos are huge especially this style. i don’t know how much they will improve the viewing side for let’s play series but i’ve very much appreciated you having them for the last couple of videos

  • TheGuardianofAzarath
    TheGuardianofAzarath Month ago +22

    I honestly can't decide which house i'll pick for my first playthrough, though if we can do multiples, i might just do them in order, gryff, puff, raven and snake :P I'm really looking forward to hopefully getting encatations for some of the spells and curses from the books that never got them (such as fiendfyre)

    • Pance _
      Pance _ Month ago

      @Rodrigo Campos ingenious

    • Rodrigo Campos
      Rodrigo Campos Month ago +1

      I want to do a good/neutral run first with Ravenclaw (making desistions like i would do it irl), then a full evil Hufflepuff and then a good boy Slytherin

    • Robin Simp
      Robin Simp Month ago +4

      I feel you I can’t decide between ravenclaw or Slytherin

    • Pance _
      Pance _ Month ago +7

      This is exactly the kind of nerdy lore that I desperately want to see as well 😂 I used to have a booklet I stapled together of the printed-out "Every Spell in Harry Potter" Wikipedia page. Used to be able to name them all and tell you which were never in the movies/only in the movies. I've been wanting to know the Fiendfyre curse forever! Imagine if this is where we learn how horcruxes are made 💀

  • Lucas Jones
    Lucas Jones Month ago +4

    idk about anyone else but i would love to watch you play far more then just the main story id love to see both the story and sides together.

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez Month ago +4

    Trevor, you are an absolute beast for the constant content about Hogwarts Legacy. You’re getting me more and more excited for this game.

  • human
    human Month ago +12

    i cant believe that after almost 9 years of watching you. we’re still getting hyped about the exact same stuff. love you trev. always been a real one.❤❤

  • Grey Vault
    Grey Vault Month ago +1

    I'm looking forward to watching your videos on this game. I'm especially thrilled that you're actually excited and going to take your time with it and have fun. I know people like to see the story unfold and Clip-Sharers feel rushed to get videos out for them, but this is a game Potter fans have been waiting for. It's a journey and it should be played slowly. Can't wait to see your gameplay! 😄👍

  • Axel 2X
    Axel 2X Month ago +8

    Sup Trev, just wanna say, you’re awesome man. I’ll be playing the game but watching your play through. So excited for this journey man

  • CooKi3Monst2r
    CooKi3Monst2r Month ago +72

    Thanks for another episode. God bless you and your family! Can’t wait for “The beginning” episode

    • MaxLikesSnacks
      MaxLikesSnacks Month ago

      @AHeartOnFire The game has an estimated 120 hours playtime. I'm sure the first episode won't spoiler too much.

    • AHeartOnFire
      AHeartOnFire Month ago

      He’s gonna finish the game before it comes out, spoiling it for everybody lol

  • arturam
    arturam Month ago +8

    I'm intrigued to see if the rumors are true that you may be able to visit Azkaban for a brief moment as part of a sidequest if you are in a certian house. I see a very good replayability and have some different quests depending on the house you are in.

    • Lou Winters
      Lou Winters Month ago +1

      Maybe a Slytherin who visits a relative. 😆

  • Jake Klinger
    Jake Klinger Month ago +44

    I can relate with you saying the days feel longer Trev lol, the wait is agonizing. But we are ALMOST THERE!

  • Closer To The Edge
    Closer To The Edge Month ago +7

    I know it's been shown that there isn't really a penalty for roaming the grounds at night, which is probably preferable for an RPG style game, but I do hope there's at least a mission where you're sneaking around the castle, sneaking into the restricted section or.. something like that.

    • Smoke’emIfyagot’em
      Smoke’emIfyagot’em Month ago

      @Closer To The Edge think it’s just the spell

    • Closer To The Edge
      Closer To The Edge Month ago

      @Smoke’emIfyagot’em Really? I know you get a spell that makes you invisible, is there a cloak too?

    • Smoke’emIfyagot’em
      Smoke’emIfyagot’em Month ago +1

      You get something that’s almost like the invisibility cloak so you can sneak around I think

  • sygamingdrone
    sygamingdrone Month ago +10

    Thanks for always updating us and getting us prepared

      GAMING BLAZE Month ago +1

      Get prepared for EMPRESS's Crack LOL

  • Michael Morina
    Michael Morina Month ago

    This has been very helpful Trev. Thank You. I'm a huge fan of the franchise myself. I'm looking forward to playing with you.

    DARKING Month ago +2

    I kind want to start with minimal magic playthrough and enjoy things like potions, magic beast and magical plants that I'd likely wouldn't even consider (not hard rule, just a way to see more content and try having fun in new ways)

  • ivTun
    ivTun Month ago +6

    im really excited for this to come already. like you said we are HP fans and its surreal we get to experience this soon. 🤩

  • Scylla
    Scylla Month ago +8

    Looking forward to your play through 🎉

  • Sconaldo7
    Sconaldo7 Month ago +1

    Can't wait to watch the play through

  • Yager
    Yager Month ago +15

    man i can’t believe we’re almost there. i remember the delay late last year and i felt like it would take forever. well, here we are. not sure if i’m going to play myself or watch you play first, but either way these next couple months are going to be great.
    edit: just looked at the system requirements and my pc can’t run it. i’ll be watching for now. 😂

    • Hayden Crook
      Hayden Crook Month ago +1

      I bought a series s just so I can run this game and not wait till April😂 my Xbox one x works great for me, this is the only reason I bought a new console

    • Unfknblvable
      Unfknblvable Month ago +3

      Damn dude that edit hurt my heart to the core. Feeling super sad for you. Hopefully you dont have to wait too long!

  • ZE Kate
    ZE Kate Month ago

    I honestly can't wait to watch people play the game! Watching game play will have to do until it comes out on switch

  • Ethan Austen
    Ethan Austen Month ago

    Keep up the awesome work Trev

  • Derael Evans
    Derael Evans Month ago +1

    I’m taking my time with this game like how I did with Pokémon LA/Skyrim exploring doing side quest trying to tame every creature etc 🙌🏾

  • Pure Gamer
    Pure Gamer Month ago

    I’m way too excited for this game . Can’t wait .

  • HeftyLunatic
    HeftyLunatic Month ago +2

    I know they said no quidditch but I'm hoping it gets added later on, even if it was a paid DLC I'd be happy.

  • Alex W
    Alex W Month ago

    Super hyped for this game. Gonna take a while to finish it once I get my hands on it. Time to avoid the internet.

  • ManiacDub
    ManiacDub Month ago +5

    I'm so ready let's go my fellow witches and wizards unfortunately i have to wait till one on the 7th. Also can't wait to watch you play.

  • Ashli Grant
    Ashli Grant Month ago

    Can't wait..I'll enjoy the game through you Trev

  • Michael Gabriel
    Michael Gabriel Month ago

    Can't wait to start playing plus watch your playthrough

  • Kazren
    Kazren Month ago

    Well done roundup of info. Thank you.

  • Micah Steiner
    Micah Steiner Month ago

    Few questions! Are you picking your house based off the wizarding world quiz?
    Have you picked your house yet?
    Obviously assume you’re waiting for the game to drop just curious because we’re days away and I still can’t decide!!!

  • Cornish Family Adventures

    My game just arrived this morning!!! I cannot wait to play it later on once it’s loaded up 💞

  • Bill Cashman
    Bill Cashman Month ago

    This game looks so good! I can’t wait to play it.

  • Modern Talking Central

    Just don't get so immersed that you forget to show up for your wedding. 🤣 And yes. the deluxe edition or digital deluxe edition are by far, the best bang for our bucks. 👍

  • Zuvora
    Zuvora Month ago +3

    I cant wait to see what the modding scene looks like for this game

  • Valdeezy
    Valdeezy Month ago +2

    I don't know if it was an error, but on Twitter when they announced the times you can start playing it was midnight for every location except Los Angeles. So I'm in California, looks like I can start playing it on Monday 2/6 at 9 PM PST! I preordered the digital deluxe edition for PS5, so excited!

    • DT2012
      DT2012 Month ago

      Midnight EST is 9pm PST. It’s been like that forever

  • Henry G
    Henry G Month ago

    A little dismayed there isn't a system like Red Dead, but, still looking forward to finally using the Dark Arts in a Harry Potter game.

  • Stan van Kempen
    Stan van Kempen Month ago

    I have been loving your videos. Do you know if there will be missable quests or even trophies? I would love to 100% this game, but I personnaly dont like that if it requires multiple playthroughs

  • Joshua Hurt
    Joshua Hurt Month ago

    I hope we get to have a play through being an all four houses. If not, that’s OK too.

    • Ryan Barnes
      Ryan Barnes Month ago +1

      You pick your house at the start! My 2nd play through plan to go Gryffindor. They confirmed you get to pick your house or can use the house you where sorted to using quiz on fan site.

  • Kristian Odden
    Kristian Odden Month ago +1

    If this game got a good story we gonna get dlcs for sure. As long as people like the game more content will come, so I truly hope the game is great.

  • Last Try
    Last Try Month ago +1

    I cant wait for this game. I’ve been waiting for a remaster since the GameCube/ ps2 era It’s gonna be amazing having that again but more developed

  • Wetboi Theon
    Wetboi Theon Month ago

    Omg Trevor, you are killing me...I cannot wait for the game .Much love my dude

  • Ana Jakovljevic
    Ana Jakovljevic Month ago

    I really, really hope this game will go on sale for Easter sales.

  • Calin
    Calin Month ago

    Are you fully decided and commited on what house you will do your first playthrough ? Cannot wait till 7th.

  • Repolyo
    Repolyo Month ago +2

    I just discovered that Dark Arts Pack can be purchased separately if I bought the standard edition.. so the real exclusive for deluxe edition is 72 Hours Early Access and Dark Arts Garrison Hat only.

  • Arlo
    Arlo Month ago

    I really hope they release more stuff or dlcs later on in the game with stuff we dont see in the start now!

  • AtomicBeats
    AtomicBeats Month ago +1

    Can’t wait to watch this play through!

  • Dan Wiley
    Dan Wiley Month ago

    I am trying to care about this game because it looks beautiful. I'm just having a bit of a time getting into the Harry Potter universe.

  • Triple J Gaming
    Triple J Gaming Month ago

    Bro I can't wait to play it. I'm so excited! Too many teasers from TmarTn lol. Can't wait to see what house you'll pick to be in.

  • lone_wolfxj9
    lone_wolfxj9 Month ago

    I think it would be so cool if later on they make a expansion where you can duel other players online. It was done for Elden ring so hey why not do the same for this game?

  • Gunumn
    Gunumn Month ago

    at least its 1 year of exclusivity. hoping theres a new expansion coming out around that time, it would be great extra content.

  • Flying Spirit
    Flying Spirit Month ago

    I Literally agreed with every word you said my friend can’t wait to play!

  • Ousama El Baghdadi
    Ousama El Baghdadi Month ago +1

    Honestly im not a harry potter fan, never really watched the movies or read the books but DAMN am i hyped for this game

  • Cnut The Clown
    Cnut The Clown Month ago

    In goblet of fire Dumbledore says he set fire to the curtains of his bed in 4th year
    I am hoping this is a side mission and we see how it happens

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt Month ago

    I just bought the deluxe edition. Super Ready for it. Been waiting for a Good Harry Potter-themed game since HP the sorcerers stone on PS2

  • RePeNT
    RePeNT Month ago +1

    This game is like my oxygen supply and I'm literally gasping for its release

  • Kirk Redgate
    Kirk Redgate Month ago +2

    Jealous of those who are already exploring Hogwarts 🥴. I’m counting down the hours for midnight release in the UK, the hype is real!

  • Philip Sparks
    Philip Sparks Month ago

    Im so broke, but I want this game so incredibly badly. I havent wanted a game this bad since Breath of the Wild!

  • At The Top
    At The Top Month ago +1

    All I ask is that we can make the HUD smaller!!! I don’t understand why more games don’t let you adjust the HUD size and transparency🙏🏽

  • Starchild_Tommy
    Starchild_Tommy Month ago

    I’m SO SAD I have to wait until APRIL to play this game 😭😭😭 I’ll be watching you play it until then. I am SO FREAKIN HYPED DUDE YOU HAVE NO IDEA! My childhood and comfort place in a game! 🥺

  • rik sterenborg
    rik sterenborg Month ago

    Trevor are you gonna do playthroughs or live streams? If so I’m looking forward to it bro

  • Qus
    Qus Month ago +2

    So damn excited for it, but gotta wait till April😥

  • Jessica Pedley
    Jessica Pedley Month ago +7

    Just preordered the digital deluxe edition and the house I’ll be choosing is Slytherin 🐍💚

  • Caleigh Rosebud
    Caleigh Rosebud Month ago +1

    I've been debating on buying a PS5 and this game is pushing me towards it hahah. There's definitely other games I'd want to play for that console too, so it seems worth it!

    • biggenius0891
      biggenius0891 Month ago

      I’ve had a PS5 since it released in 2020 and honestly this is the 1st game after Spider-Man that made me glad I bought 1. And I think I’m more excited about this than I was for SM

  • Farbror Nilsson
    Farbror Nilsson  Month ago +2

    All you have to do before release is visiting wizarding world and take the test so you see what house you belong to.

  • Manuel Zay
    Manuel Zay Month ago +3

    Trevor please do hour long playthroughs I know it’s a lot to ask for. But it will be great.

  • Mariya Baileys
    Mariya Baileys Month ago +2

    I’ve never been a Potter fan, but I’m stoked to check out this game! 😊 The open world reminds me a bit of red dead

  • Zachary Guth
    Zachary Guth Month ago

    preordered it yesterday, so hyped!!!

  • Danmanson 7
    Danmanson 7 Month ago +1

    This is actually going to be my first dive into anything Harry Potter related... but I still couldn't be more excited for the game

  • MaStAg4Ce
    MaStAg4Ce Month ago

    Looking for an advise, for someone who only watched the first HP movie. I am an RPG lover and this game looks fantastic. Would this make an impact if I do not know the story?

    • fefefwe vvgege
      fefefwe vvgege Month ago +2

      I'm 95% sure the game takes place before the books/movies so you should be good. Might be a few small references though

  • Spooner763
    Spooner763 Month ago +2

    God I hope the Microsoft deal for activision goes through. Will be nice to see PlayStation shown the door after all their exclusivity crap

  • Fantasy Gamer
    Fantasy Gamer Month ago +2

    Watching all the movies before it comes out! And almost done Re-reading all the books! 😅

  • James Jones
    James Jones Month ago

    “I feel like these days are getting longer” bro facts you just earned a sun for being so real.