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Robert Greene: How To Seduce Anyone, Build Confidence & Become Powerful | E232

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Robert Greene is the best-selling author of 7 books. In this enlightening conversation Robert discusses his life’s work, from the rules of power and seduction, to mastery and human nature. Robert explores how we can use the lessons of history to succeed in all areas of life.
    00:00 Intro
    02:14 Your book & its international success
    11:44 What is power?
    22:18 Learn how to use your enemies
    24:53 Conceal your intentions & be a strategist
    33:42 Is it being a narcissist good or bad?
    42:10 The power of seduction
    45:24 What makes you anti-seductive?
    51:18 Best dating advice for single people
    01:02:48 Your body language betrays you
    01:11:26 Learn the art of mastery
    01:26:16 Ads
    01:27:17 A stroke changed my life
    01:34:23 My struggles and how to overcome them
    01:39:14 What have you learnt about happiness?
    01:48:02 Last guest’s question
    Robert Greene:
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  • The Diary Of A CEO
    The Diary Of A CEO  2 months ago +1905

    If you enjoyed this episode, please do me a little favour and like the video 👍 It helps us gauge what type of conversations you like! Thanks everyone ❤

    • The Human Story
      The Human Story 2 months ago +35

      at long last!! been waiting for this episode like for forever, would have been angry with you for forever if you never brought RG, this man and his books literary raised me.

    • Gavin Readman - My journey from Fat to Flat & Fit
      Gavin Readman - My journey from Fat to Flat & Fit 2 months ago +19

      Our modern day Machiavelli and whether we like it or not we act and sometimes it’s not pretty but not knowing can get you into very deep water. Read Laws of Power his book when it came out and changed how I interact with the world for the better

    • Matthew Ede
      Matthew Ede 2 months ago +15

      Great episode. I need to read more

    • blaqsteel9
      blaqsteel9 2 months ago +12

      if it wasn't for Robert Greene I don't think I've ever would have really managed getting ahead in my career. This is also the knowledge that nobody teaches you just like financial literacy, manners, communication, and general psychology. I just want to say I do really appreciate the content you put out here from all the great people you interview and for being such a great human being yourself. Listening to this podcast each morning while I'm on my way to work and at work is really, really helpful in my life. And I can definitely imagine the impact you're having on everybody else's lives with the content you put out. Thank you very much again. 💯👍🏾👍🏾 Stay blessed 🙏🏾

    • Star88
      Star88 2 months ago +3

      Thank you for inviting the great RG 🙌🏾

  • Robert Greene
    Robert Greene  2 months ago +9203

    Thank you very much for having me on the podcast Steven.

    • Josh G
      Josh G 2 months ago +96

      Great podcast!

      UITYGER 2 months ago +75


    • Das Bewusstein
      Das Bewusstein  2 months ago +77

      Thank you so much for your words! You´re books are amazing!

    • Suzannax
      Suzannax 2 months ago +59

      I enjoyed hearing your perspective on disability ♿✊

    • NJD
      NJD 2 months ago +32

      Wish your are my mentor.

  • TheYonori
    TheYonori 22 days ago +291

    The one thing that I love about this podcast over some other is that you actually allow your guest to talk and express their points without interruption. That is so amazing.

  • Travel by thought
    Travel by thought Month ago +313

    Robert Greene is the epitome of the wounded healer. So humble in the way he comes across. He is becoming one of my top favorite speakers. This is one of his best interviews as well.

    • ALESKA Official 2
      ALESKA Official 2 Month ago +6


    • onomy
      onomy 21 day ago +4

      Wow, couldn't have put it better myself!

    • BT 900
      BT 900 11 days ago +1

      Most definitely. Robert Greene is gift to this world. Especially, of those who have decided on a path of self construction. Studying the human sociology is such an amazing and very indepth project.

  • Don't be happy in your weakness!

    00:00 Intro
    02:14 Your book & its international success
    11:44 What is power?
    22:18 Learn how to use your enemies
    24:53 Conceal your intentions & be a strategist
    33:42 Is it being a narcissist good or bad?
    42:10 The power of seduction
    45:24 What makes you anti-seductive?
    51:18 Best dating advice for single people
    01:02:48 Your body language betrays you
    01:11:26 Learn the art of mastery
    01:26:16 Ads
    01:27:17 A stroke changed my life
    01:34:23 My struggles and how to overcome them
    01:39:14 What have you learnt about happiness?
    01:48:02 Last guest’s question

  • Moe Wilson
    Moe Wilson Day ago +1

    Thank you for this. I truly wish in 2003 when my dad passed, combination of cancer and stroke, that Clip-Share had existed so we could have watched these inspirational talks together. I was 33 when he passed and still miss that man.

  • Elendryl
    Elendryl 12 days ago +27

    Wow. This episode gave me real chills. So raw, authentic and honest. Thank you so much sharing this amazing content to us. More people need to listen to this.

  • Body Project
    Body Project 2 months ago +594

    Hi Steven, I just wanted to let you know whenever I'm in the car, mowing the lawn, or doing a workout, I listen to your podcasts. Your interview style really brings the best out of your always interesting guests (including Robert) It would be difficult to properly express the amount of ways your work has helped me in every facet of my life. From work and relationships, to purpose and lifestyle. Thank you. Daniel

      NINOSHKA DSILVA 2 months ago +6

      Daniel! So happy to see you here. O do the same and am thankful to Steven, too. Also, have to say that YOU and Your positivity and compassion have enriched my life in many ways. Thank you! ❤️

    • Variacom Studios
      Variacom Studios Month ago +1


    • allsawa98
      allsawa98 Month ago


    • Brandan Tobin
      Brandan Tobin Month ago

      Same, every time I mow the lawn, it’s gonna be Diary of a CEO on
      When I take breaks, I share the link and summarize the best snippets to friends and family it makes me think of

    • Sheen Annika
      Sheen Annika 24 days ago

      I definitely agree. Stumbling and being to listen to Daniel's podcast of these brilliant minds has in two weeks dramatically changed my life and the way I see the world and myself now. Thank you very much Daniel and your team for creating this channel. You have enabled me to be a better person for myself and in turn be a better person to the world around me. Thank you very much

  • Graciela
    Graciela Month ago +53

    I’ve been a Robert Greene fan for decades and read his books every year. He’s been a distant mentor for me during my life. Thank you Robert!

  • Emma Muparadzi
    Emma Muparadzi Month ago +78

    Used to think of seduction in the negative sense but from now on, I know it’s a powerful tool when well used. What a fascinating talk- thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago +52

    I had a stroke two years ago, and everything that he said is exactly how I feel going through such a traumatic experience. It definitely changes you and you see things from a completely different perspective. I appreciate his message because he spoke some truths that I needed to be reminded of. Thank you so much for this interview.

    • d coughla
      d coughla Month ago +4

      Wishing you the very best for your recovery.

  • SH
    SH 19 days ago +1

    This video was extremely interesting. I love learning about how our mind works and how different personality types thrive.

  • Deanna Maich
    Deanna Maich Month ago +43

    I really admire how the interviewer Steven Bartlett allows Greene to talk and listens and in fact Greene acknowledges this towards the end. Fantastic interview. Thank you.

  • N M
    N M 2 months ago +1154

    His book is incredible - the wrong people view it as a weapon, the right people view it as a shield. Protects me from the evil in this world, thank you Mr. Greene!

    • Luc Castermans
      Luc Castermans 2 months ago +64

      Shield or weapon… it should not be used as a core element in your life’s navigation. Shaping life with this as it’s root will never open you up and experience life as you should. It’s the wrong type of anchor imo. You should always search for the beauty of things, not the ugly.

    • Sumaya Kenan
      Sumaya Kenan 2 months ago +2


    • SonnyG -
      SonnyG - 2 months ago +2

      Which book?

    • N M
      N M 2 months ago +38

      @Luc Castermans Yh no you can’t search for the beauty when someone is trying to do wrong to you - this is life, not a fairytale, good luck with it though!

    • N M
      N M 2 months ago +8

      @SonnyG - 48 laws of power

  • victoria golbert
    victoria golbert Month ago +32

    What a beautiful, heartfelt interview. Robert- what a beautiful soul. And Steven- you’re a FANTASTIC interviewer. Well done ❤

  • u.v. ray
    u.v. ray 25 days ago +13

    Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction are phenomenal books. Not just as self-help books but endlessly interesting in their extensive content. I've read them both several times.

  • Catherine Operiano
    Catherine Operiano 27 days ago +15

    The knowledge and life skills that we get from this interview is extremely important for our survival in this changing world.Thank you much Mr. Greene.❤❤❤

  • Yera Nuñez
    Yera Nuñez Month ago +74

    I read it when I was 29yrs old! Now 20yrs later.... reading this book again and this one time I learned the advice Do not "outshine the master" Thank God in the end my ex-boss pushed me further in my career. But at my new job, I'm definately paying more attention. Boss ego's are something else. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this great interview.

  • Bajerian99
    Bajerian99 21 day ago +5

    This is such an awesome episode. I gotta be honest and admit I learned a lot about myself and a ton of mistakes I’ve been making socially. I’ve always struggled with social stuff being adhd but ive been working on getting better at this over time. This was much needed. I’m going to listen to his books on audible and continue to learn.

  • Cinda Gilford
    Cinda Gilford Month ago +706

    This man embodies all that he has spent his life writing about. Such a mesmerizing mind. Thank you Robert Greene for your works.

    • Yuyi Leal
      Yuyi Leal Month ago +1

      This comment!! Super agree!

    • Tovah
      Tovah Month ago +1

      Agreed x 100❤

  • Éléonore
    Éléonore 20 days ago +10

    I guess Robert Greene really came from a loving family background because someone who lived through that traumatized childhood and teenage times will never want to experience that kind of life if they’ve had the choice to leave. The people who turned their most painful memories into something contributing to the society, being a better person will never say, it’s okay to experience those bad things, you’ll grow up more and be more fruitful.

  • giba232
    giba232 Month ago +16

    I usually am too impacient to listen to a full podcast, or I do skip parts of it, to end it quickly. this one, I fully enjoyed it all. Great Interviewer, great pace. Job well done.!

  • Mz Red Dear
    Mz Red Dear Month ago +4

    Such an amazing interview . I read Art Of Seduction 13 years ago ,a brilliant work of astute observation, skillfully written and thoroughly entertaining . Two wonderful, erudite minds in conversation here . There will be more wonderful books written by Mr Greene with the same informed position and enlightened perspective .

  • onomy
    onomy 21 day ago +1

    I remember on TikTok, the community was trying to scare people with his books and its power. But this really humanizes it all despite the legitimacy of that power.

  • Just Montina
    Just Montina Month ago +480

    This interview was phenomenal. I purchased , “48 Laws of Power” in 2016 and after reading the titles put it on the shelf because I saw it as a ‘sword’ instead of seeing it as a ‘shield’. I appreciate what he shared about narcissism and how to shift that energy outward. By the end of the interview, I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and am so thankful YT recommended this video. I immediately subscribed.

    • WOLF [Video Editor]
      WOLF [Video Editor] Month ago +5

      THIS IS EXACTLY what happened to me...read the titles of the book and decided no thank you

    • Robert Maybeth
      Robert Maybeth Month ago +8

      I read them of course, they are the two most powerful books I've read. I realized probably the best way to utilize the principles, which are ageless and universal, is to re-read the most relevant (to me) parts until they're imbedded (takes less effort than you'd think).

    • Lily
      Lily Month ago +5

      Best comment here.

    • chipsmannen
      chipsmannen Month ago +7

      Knowing how to make a bomb does not make you a bomber

    • WOLF [Video Editor]
      WOLF [Video Editor] Month ago +1

      @chipsmannen Well, like anything, putting into action makes the suffix -er make sense...means to do xD

  • Miss Nirvana
    Miss Nirvana 11 days ago

    So grateful for this podcast.
    Helped me a lot 🙏

  • Margie Callahan
    Margie Callahan Month ago +28

    Thank you for talking about becoming handicapped. A botched hip replacement 4+ years ago made my life miserable. Other surgeons said it is too risky to correct. I'm finally having revision surgery in 6 days by a hip replacement revision specialist. I'm finally feeling my life isn't over yet. Hearing Robert's experience makes me realize how lucky I am, and I look forward to making a comeback at age 70. I praise and give thanks to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who I came to know only a year ago!

    • SD
      SD Month ago +5

      howd it go

    • cooked
      cooked Month ago +3

      All the best Margie love from Australia ❤

    • Steph H.
      Steph H. 26 days ago +2

      Good Luck 🤞🍀🙏✨🙌, Man ❤❤❤ God Bless

    • PMA
      PMA 22 days ago +1

      I hope you're healing well. How are you?

  • Cristina Gardon
    Cristina Gardon Month ago +14

    I love the dose of reality that was present! I'm more idealistic in nature, so this has great value to me! Thank you both for your inspiring work!

  • Angela Cussons
    Angela Cussons Month ago +14

    my father suffered a stroke back in 2014 I've shared this video with him, this was a really great episode love hearing Robert's wisdom

  • Tell Me Something Good

    I really enjoy this podcast and appreciate all of the unseen elements involved in creating it. It’s not really your genre but I’d love to learn the behind the scenes of what the roles of 30 staff look like in order to produce your show. Perhaps a special episode?
    I appreciate your commitment to providing quality interviews and authentic interactions. They provide me with insights that matter in my own life and inspiration.
    I’d like to offer a learning moment that I saw at approx. 1:30 ish.
    Robert shared such a beautiful reframe of his stroke story that moved me to tears and it appeared you completely missed it. You sped forward with a question on your list about losing power. It felt jarring and lacking of compassion. So much so that it took me out of the moment to share my observation with you.
    That was IMHO the most powerful moment of the whole two hours. It deserved a pause and your receiving of it would have really honored him for sharing it. I believe could have inspired in you an opportunity to connect more deeply which would have demonstrated mastery in your own work.
    Wishing you the best as you continue to grow your craft!

  • Promoting Sounds
    Promoting Sounds 2 months ago +112

    Brought this book because of this podcast - thank u!

    • Julia Caro
      Julia Caro 2 months ago


    • Err Vega
      Err Vega 2 months ago +1

      What book is it?

    • Kali
      Kali 2 months ago

      Love your channel PromotingSounds!!

    • Sara Bel
      Sara Bel Month ago +1

      What’s the name of the book ?

  • L Garay
    L Garay Month ago +90

    After reading all of Robert Greene book’s, people noticed my self-esteem and confidence improved and asked me what I was doing ❤

    • Lucky Duck
      Lucky Duck Month ago +1

      Which books do you recommend reading? I haven't read anything from him yet.

    • cooked
      cooked Month ago +7

      @Lucky Duck each and every!!! I think his books build on each other chronologically, start with 48 laws and continue 😊

    • Someone
      Someone 21 day ago +1

      @Lucky Duck I recommend the laws of human nature. Valuetainment channel also recommends that book.

  • TheProtagonist
    TheProtagonist Month ago +13

    This was truly a good episode. I've tried reading the 48 Laws of Power, but I just couldn't get into it. However, after seeing into the mind behind it, I'm motivated to give it another try

    • Robert Maybeth
      Robert Maybeth Month ago +2

      ...It doesn't fit your particular mind-set, nothing wrong with that. Try "33 laws of war" instead, maybe that one you'd find more relatable.

  • Justine King
    Justine King 29 days ago +8

    Wow! What an emotional, open and honest interview, a fabulous gentleman, a true inspiration thank so much Robert Greene x

  • Juan José Martínez
    Juan José Martínez 14 days ago +8

    Amazing interviewer, amazing guest and amazing content for learning. 10/10, this video deserves a LOT more views.

  • Katie Sundermier
    Katie Sundermier 12 days ago +2

    Wow I almost didn't watch because I was trying to get to sleep early, but I'm grateful I did. 10 min in and I couldn't stop. I am taking this all in like a sponge. Fascinating interview and love the realness from this channel always. Also, the part ab men's "cheapness of spirit for not wanting to treat a woman/not deeming her worthy" struck such a chord for me. I just recently went on a date with a man who asked to split the check...I thought it was fine in the moment, but Robert is absolutely right. It was a massive turn off and I am so glad my intuition helped me leave his tight ass in the dust :)

  • SNH-A
    SNH-A 27 days ago +3

    What a wonderful discussion. So many gems…I had an aneurysm last 2017 so the portion in reference to the stroke was extremely relatable. Thank you both!

  • nenerob101
    nenerob101 11 days ago +7

    Now this is a conversation that I could listen to over and over again. An EXTRAORDINARY interview if I must say.

  • Black Laid Back
    Black Laid Back 29 days ago +1

    Very elite interview. This was cool thanks to the both of you n the team

  • Jessica Wales
    Jessica Wales Month ago +5

    I am addicted and obsessed with this man’s intelligence….I’ve just read 48 Laws of Power and now reading The Art of Seduction - omg I cannot put this book down. ❤❤❤❤

  • T
    T 22 days ago +2

    I'm thrilled to have watched this podcast. Robert talks so much sense. Not pretentious on empty words, just straight to the point talk. Loved it!

  • Shaun Attwood
    Shaun Attwood 2 months ago +497

    You can't get enough of Robert Greene excellent interview

    • The Diary Of A CEO
      The Diary Of A CEO  2 months ago +21

      Glad you enjoyed this one Shaun! Thanks for listening

    • RR
      RR 2 months ago +4

      read the unplugged alpha by richard cooper

    • Interesting
      Interesting 2 months ago +2

      Shaun Atwood!

    • nightmareTomek
      nightmareTomek Month ago +2

      I can get enough.
      He's just some dude with traditional views that preaches his opinion. Which is not even all that deep. O_o

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C 19 days ago +3

    Wonderful, wonderful conversation. Nothing touched me this deeply in a while, on Clip-Share. I wish Robert all good and much love, and thank you, Steven, for creating this. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  • Darren Stewart
    Darren Stewart 21 day ago +1

    What a fantastic and insightful interview! This man is wonderfully honest and frank, something that is truly missing from todays people in government office and politicians. He would make a great president for the American peopke because he understands how to motivate people and give insight. He is also obviously a great thinker and instinctively seems to know the right path to take. As a side note on his talking about depression, how important it is to have someone special in your life. Adding to that get yourself a pet, a dog that will love you and not judge you no matter what. That unconditional love is something really special ❤

  • Niki Welch
    Niki Welch Month ago +4

    I enjoyed this video so much. Robert Greene you are a blessing to this world. You said "go into a field that offers the most learning opportunity" at 40 I landed a job in the tech field, completely opposite of where I've always been, and only because of the endless opportunities to learn. I've never been happier. That warmed my heart to hear. We need more people like you Robert.

  • Iva Stoianova
    Iva Stoianova 4 days ago

    Such a wonderful interviewer and wonderful guest!❤

  • Tejeshwar Kainth
    Tejeshwar Kainth Month ago +13

    Generally don't comment, but this is probably the best I have heard in terms from a podcast. The interviewer is very good at selecting the questions and the Expression of the answers from Robert are priceless.

  • cassie rabe
    cassie rabe 2 months ago +238

    I've been watching for 4 consecutive days now on your channel. I've learned a lot. Write it down, process the thoughts, questions myself about my own opinion about the topics. I'm so glad this platform exist. I've been on the process of knowing myself clearly and being straightforward with my negative traits because I really wanted to change and grow for more better version of myself. I'm 35. And sometimes, I had this regret, because I feel like I've wasted so many years. I wish I had been wise at 17, or 20. I had a lot of trauma growing up. From my parents seperation to failed marriage, to single parenting. Fighting my own darkside while I didn't have any idea how to raise my kids while I had them early at a young age. Looking back, I can say, I'm now in the stage of my life to be really brutally honest so that I can heal. Thank you for this! I really appreciate all the member of the team, even I didn't know them, you and all the guests! Salamat! From The Philippines. ❤❤❤

    • Captain Morguen
      Captain Morguen 2 months ago +8

      Don't worry about that. Nobody's wise at 17-20 ))) Even if they're absolutely sure that they are. Wisdom requires experiences. A lot of 'em. Especially the negative ones. The losses and the heartbreaks, moments of hopelessness and overcoming those - that's what makes you wise... or it breaks you... But if it doesn't - it does make you very wise for sure))

    • IAR88
      IAR88 2 months ago +8

      Rooting for you and I'll know you'll get there, going through the same❤

    • cassie rabe
      cassie rabe 2 months ago +2

      @Captain Morguen Thank you!

    • cassie rabe
      cassie rabe 2 months ago +3

      @IAR88 Thank you! Be safe and let's always move forward

    • RR
      RR 2 months ago +1

      read the unplugged alpha by richard cooper

  • Dominic Karabo
    Dominic Karabo Month ago

    This has to be one of the greatest interviews I've ever came across

  • Alexis
    Alexis Month ago +15

    I had a stroke 7 months into my pregnancy and I love how you describe the serendipitousness because there was medical stuff in my body brewing that all came to a head and in the moment it happened I was there with someone when usually at that time I wouldn’t have been or I would’ve been driving. Losing that freedom forces you to find the appreciation of your life. The worst was feeling so hopeful and working hard to recover only to find you’ve hit the ceiling, you will never be the same and you’ve got to make peace with it.

    • Stefan Allard
      Stefan Allard Month ago

      Put a low light laser to your brain and recover

    • Alexis
      Alexis Month ago +1

      @Stefan Allard It don’t work like that shoog

  • Zachary Rodriguez
    Zachary Rodriguez Month ago +5

    I second Mr. Greene's statement: you're a great interviewer. There were a number of times where you could've gone on a tangent or really challenge what was being said, but you kept your speaking time in moderation and you kept the dialogue focused and at a good pace. It was a pleasure to listen to!

  • Mixa
    Mixa 13 days ago +2

    One of the best RG’s interviews. As raw as it could get! Thank you!

  • LaDonna Galloway
    LaDonna Galloway Month ago

    I'm so happy to see you both, having loving mates in your lives and allowing your vulnerability that even in this day and time humans are findimg it hard to share. I truly love you both so very much, please keep up the great work. :)

  • Jason Frye
    Jason Frye 2 months ago +212

    Only tonight had I heard of either of these guys, and tonight I just became a HUGE fan of both of these guys! What an amazing respectful and heartfelt interview.! Thanks to the both of you for allowing me to sit in! This kind of interview actually gives me hope in humanity again. WOW!

    • Dantoinette Taylor
      Dantoinette Taylor 2 months ago +4

      I knew of both of them but I’m so happy they got to come together. Double wow!

    • Jason Frye
      Jason Frye 2 months ago

      @ TheDiarryOfACEO huh?

    • Alex B
      Alex B 2 months ago +1

      Welcome to the club!! Your life will change

    • RR
      RR 2 months ago

      read the unplugged alpha by richard cooper

    • Fotini Kordos
      Fotini Kordos 2 months ago

  • Diorella
    Diorella Month ago +1

    Thank you so very much for this interview Steven. It has given me so much more to ponder on and explore about my own life and what has been thrown at me.

  • K Chavez
    K Chavez Month ago +3

    This was amazing to stumble upon while I took my 3 hour bath. I’ve been having so much trouble with the way I look at life currently and I can’t wait to read his book and pass it onto my son as well.

  • Ashley Harris
    Ashley Harris 20 days ago +1

    This was a very pleasant, interesting and informative interview. This podcast was outside of my norm but clearly I have a lot to learn…Thanks for sharing!

  • Tay Son
    Tay Son 25 days ago +2

    What a incredible interview! I really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you ❤

  • J B
    J B 21 day ago

    A brilliant conversation. Thank you.

  • Judy L. Beres
    Judy L. Beres Month ago +130

    I needed this podcast 40 years ago...great interview. A lot of people figured out what was important during the pandemic. Then we were forced back into "normalcy" and we left it behind. Perhaps the next generation will find a good work/life balance.

    • x y z
      x y z Month ago +7

      Left it behind?? It made me open my eyes.

    • Git Gen
      Git Gen Month ago

      You were not ready then.

    • Git Gen
      Git Gen Month ago

      I'm sure back in your day they said there was no internet.

    • fredneedle123
      fredneedle123 Month ago +2

      Why do we have this word normalcy? I don't like it. Why can't we use the word normality?

    • Velcro
      Velcro Month ago +1

      @x y z Me too. I spent my time learning about stocks and investment. I'm no expert, but the time out was wonderful and it allowed me to carve out a career working from home. I have interviews coming up with some major companies and they are going to have to bargain with me big time. It's on my terms and if they're not willing to bend I'm not going to offer my expertise. None of that would have happened without lockdown.

  • Dear Maria
    Dear Maria 7 days ago

    Ive been doing this without knowing this is seduction, I have sooo many people to call friends and they are all nice, I can say I'm surrounded with good people but also... being open and being extra kind, generous and open has left me drained many times and I have to get back up again, picking myself up to maintain the energy I was giving. If I'm not in the mood, I dont go out hahahaha or else I'd ruin everybody's day, that's how powerful a seducer is.. I know I affect other people's mood by my behavior, so I try to always just give and be nice but it is draining. It is good but comes with inner strength.

  • J.Luqoto
    J.Luqoto Month ago +8

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      read the unplugged alpha by richard cooper

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  • True Talk | DNA Mister Dreams

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