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  • Umna OG
    Umna OG 3 months ago +16321

    Hearing Dylan thanking us and trying to express his gratitude and emotions is like watching your sibling being vulnerable with you and them trying to let you know that they appreciate you. It's weird, awkward but so wholesome and heartwarming.

    • Kellie Njugi
      Kellie Njugi 3 months ago +93


    • Clem BB8
      Clem BB8 3 months ago +169

      Couldn't have put it better myself! It was so cute and heartwarming

    • ValeBellei
      ValeBellei 3 months ago +41

      You stole the words from my mouth!!!

    • Caroline
      Caroline 3 months ago +78

      I was thinking how nervous he looked expressing ✨ feelings ✨ 😂

    • Maja Kowalska
      Maja Kowalska 3 months ago +11

      Dude, i wouldn't say it better

  • Somnath Mukherjee
    Somnath Mukherjee  3 months ago +511

    My heart absolutely melted while Dylan thanked us and called his channel our channel. This is so wholesome. Keep on being incredible dylan!

  • Alisha Karriem
    Alisha Karriem 3 months ago +293

    omg when he started expressing gratitude for us I was holding my breathe about to sob thinking hes going to quit youtube. even though you post every monday without fail, we appreciated every video you put out for us this is legit the only channel i can watch over and over again and look forward too

  • Khadija Ebrahim
    Khadija Ebrahim 3 months ago +1096

    We DO feel comfortable here. This entire community feels like a close group of friends hanging out, between our inside jokes and favourite moments, I feel like I'm happy here. So thank YOU Dylan because you mean a lot to us and we really appreciate you. We love you

  • Briana C
    Briana C 3 months ago +89

    Honestly feel so safe in this community. We love you Dylan!

  • Emily Matthews
    Emily Matthews 3 months ago +831

    Aww this was so wholesome, you seriously do mean so much to all of us. We truly appreciate you taking the time to make these videos and put a smile on our faces, you have made this community into a safe and supportive place and we could not be more grateful. We love you Dylan x

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 3 months ago +1

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
      ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6‬:‭9‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Jurney
    Jurney 3 months ago +3473

    Anyone else absolutely terrified for a second that he was leaving youtube?? So happy he's doing well and I am so excited for that 3 hour friends video. Let's make it trend guys!!!

    • Mihaela Baltic
      Mihaela Baltic 3 months ago +105

      I SWEAR TO GOD I felt exactly the same (I remember when he had the heart monitor) and omg it would have completely ruined my day

    • Pisceslove♥️
      Pisceslove♥️ 3 months ago +53

      He would have to fight me

    • Layla Monae
      Layla Monae 3 months ago +12


    • A
      A 3 months ago +32


    • Angles
      Angles 3 months ago +41

      SAME WHEN HE STARTED WITH #2 point oml, it was Dylan will not participate trauma all over again OOF

  • Bii 636
    Bii 636 3 months ago +57

    The fact that Dylan is comfortable around us as fans means so much. Let's not disappoint him or this community guys. ❤

  • Kady Harris
    Kady Harris 3 months ago +35

    Dude, we just love you. You make us feel comfortable too. You’ve actually helped me through a lot, I’m not gonna lie, this is where I come when I’m not feeling it. Even if you haven’t uploaded anything new, I’ll go back and rewatch. We all love you.

  • Galaxy Cox
    Galaxy Cox 3 months ago +315

    “You guys could be anywhere, and you guys choose to be here” That made me cry, for some reason. Happy tears, not sad ones. Truly, this channel means everything to me. Every time I see your videos posted on schedule every single Monday, I audibly gasp and stop anything I’m doing to watch your video. There are many reasons why you are my favourite Clip-Sharer… Your videos always make me laugh out loud, multiple times, like basically non stop (shout out to your editor btw, a true comedic genius). Every now and then you say some very insightful stuff about filmatogrophy or whatever, forgot how to say that. It’s really interesting!! And also the way you sometimes invent words and look em up to make sure they exist, very relatable. Cinematography! But most of all it’s because it does feel like hanging out with a friend. You’ve got something comforting about you, maybe cause I’ve followed you for a while so I get all the inside jokes, or maybe cause you’ve got the sort of personality that chases all the clouds out of the sky. So I want to say thank you for always making me smile, especially when you somehow sneak in those audible sponsorships (it always catches me off guard, how tf do you do that??)

    • Suminka
      Suminka 3 months ago +6

      OMG, my sentiments exactly. I started crying and feel so happy to be here watching Dylan’s videos. I literally make a happy dance every time a new video is out 😂

    • Natália P.
      Natália P. 3 months ago +3

      I thought I was the only one who cried hahaha I feel seen now and I love this community so much 💖

  • Hafsa El Malhouf
    Hafsa El Malhouf 3 months ago +45

    I completely understand, having a community like this is very rare and I'm very happy that I'm a part of it. I love Dylan's dark humor, weird taste and stories and watching his videos always brought me joy.

  • Tragic Simmer
    Tragic Simmer 3 months ago +24

    As a shy person who loves to joke around, I completely understand only cracking jokes when you're comfortable. Your channel is on another level, I can never get enough of it and I'm glad you feel comfortable in this community.

  • all because she liked a boy
    all because she liked a boy 3 months ago +2801

    i don't think dylan really realises how much he means to us and how much we appreciate him. dylan we love you.

  • Jelena C
    Jelena C 3 months ago +19

    When he said our space,I felt that. It really is our little place of joy :) Thank you Dylan for everything.

  • Miss Anthropy
    Miss Anthropy 3 months ago +14

    i was introduced to this channel when the friends video popped up on my recommended feed and i couldn’t be more thankful. i really appreciate the effort and quality you put into this and the pure wholesomeness the community you’ve cultivated emits. you guys have really taken the edge off of a hard week, thank you

  • S. B.
    S. B. 3 months ago +83

    Everytime you say „Toodles!“ at the end and do that mini-salute, I copy you with the biggest grin on my face and it makes me so damn happy everytime - I‘m very selective when it comes to who I let into „my space“, but you‘ve felt like a friend from the beginning. Thank you for existing and making me laugh for so many years now 🧡☺️

  • Shadeyy
    Shadeyy 3 months ago +10

    It’s 1am in the morning and i can’t sleep so i came to your channel for some comfort. You definitely succeeded in creating a fun and comforting community. Love you Dylan, and all you guys in the comments💕

  • Sophie Wilkinson
    Sophie Wilkinson 3 months ago +82

    I never comment, but I have watched every video for the past few years and they never fail to brighten my day. I love the content you make and this community. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to spend my time than being in this community and watching your content

  • Lina Mekhatishvili
    Lina Mekhatishvili 3 months ago +2149

    Expected to cry about something bad happening, but crying because Dylan being vulnerable and grateful to the community is so sweet

    • Sally's Wonderwall
      Sally's Wonderwall 3 months ago +6

      Me too😭💞

    • Angela Cole
      Angela Cole 3 months ago +14

      It’s so sad that we expect negative content from Clip-Sharers, the drama (like Dylan said). But Dylan is such an amazing creator that he just took the time to be greatful. Gives me major CoryxKenshin vibes🥹 love Dylan and Cory, my literal comfort channels♥️

    • Soumeya Ferhat
      Soumeya Ferhat 3 months ago +2

      Honestly. Crying over a Dylan video was not something I expected but here we are.

  • 18:38
    18:38 3 months ago +9

    Dylan, you don’t realize it maybe but we’re grateful for you, you’re a safe space for a lot of us. Thank you ❤

  • A Person
    A Person 3 months ago +25

    I hope you know how much we love you too. Every time i watch your videos, i feel like i’m just watching a movie with a friend at a sleepover or smth and we’re just hanging out. And I have never seen someone who gets cancelled more than once and keeps going as if nothing even happened and the fanbase stays has healthy as ever. Truly incredible

  • Heeiya Ananthan
    Heeiya Ananthan 3 months ago +11

    can we just let him know there's really no need to thank us, and we're genuinely here out of love and appreciation for him and his content :(

  • Loreta Ruiseñor
    Loreta Ruiseñor 3 months ago +4

    Dylan honestly means so much to me, and I'm sure to all of us, he personally was one of the few people who helped me get through some rough times and I don't know if I would be here without him. Thank you Dylan

  • Kasey Taylor
    Kasey Taylor 3 months ago +6684

    A 3 hour video coming out tomorrow? Dylan is blessing us

    • Sarah Eringdahl
      Sarah Eringdahl 3 months ago +33

      He sure is!!!

    • sclera 🌀.
      sclera 🌀. 3 months ago +186

      not me reading this as a three hour coming out story 😭

    • aawd wawdaw
      aawd wawdaw 3 months ago +15

      @sclera 🌀. LMAOO

    • Magpie_Media
      Magpie_Media 3 months ago +32

      Maybe I'm thinking too much into it, but if Movie commentary Monday videos are never released on a monday.. I'm thinking tomorrow, which is not a Monday, might also not be released on time, on time being tomorrow. 'o.O
      ..Maybe tomorrow is next Monday?

    • Mar
      Mar 3 months ago +1


  • Hatty
    Hatty 11 days ago

    I can't believe I've only just seen this video but it is the sweetest! Thank you for creating this community and for putting yourself out there as the internet can be a scary place, but your channel is a ray of sunshine!

  • Amina A
    Amina A 3 months ago +8

    This was so wholesome 😭 Dylan never fails to make me laugh or smile which is why I love his channel sm, in difficult times I've literally watched his videos on repeat

  • haniya
    haniya 2 months ago

    this video literally melted my heart i NEVER thought dylan would say all that to us and the fact that you find comfort in this community is so crazy cs i find so much comfort in your channel alone. from time to time when i get time to watch youtube i think “oh i wonder what dylan’s up to” and binge a few of your videos, did that rn and it left me with relief. keep doing what you do, you make a lotta people laugh & smile :)

  • maryam
    maryam 3 months ago +2459

    THREE HOURS!!! ABOUT FRIENDS!!!!! this is gonna be so fucking good, dylan. I’ve been watching your videos since your first channel and followed you throughout them all and I’ve been a quiet enjoyer in every era. thank you for all you’ve put out so far and I’m excited about everything else you’re going to share !!

    • kemma fiu
      kemma fiu 3 months ago +10


    • Nash
      Nash 3 months ago +9

      if I could retweet this, I would!!

    • Keyanap00p
      Keyanap00p 3 months ago +4

      So excited 😋

    • kaiii
      kaiii 3 months ago +1

      i’m so excited

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 3 months ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
      ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6‬:‭9‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Dan A
    Dan A 3 months ago +4

    People come here because you have a very welcoming and amazing personality. Not everyone has that. Keep up the great work and continue to be unapologetically yourself

  • Giann Hoonjan
    Giann Hoonjan 3 months ago

    Honestly Dylan always brightens my day, I’m constantly checking for uploads and we he does it brings a smile to my face. His channel is a place I always know I can come and any video of his feels like a comfort video. He never fails to make me laugh and I’ve never found another channel like his. His videos are my favorite thing to watch ngl ❤️

  • Sabrina Garza
    Sabrina Garza 3 months ago

    We appreciate you and your content too, Dylan! Honestly, for me personally, watching your videos and going through the comments really does feel like hanging out with friends. I’ve even misremembered watching so many of the movies you’ve made videos for because your style really makes it feel like I watched a movie with a (delightfully) chatty friend and it’s the best haha. So thank you for starting up and sticking around! We love you!

  • Malak Haifa
    Malak Haifa 3 months ago

    A lot of the time your videos are the only reason I laugh in a day. I feel comfortable in this community and I appreciate you making so many videos for us. You are truly an amazing person. This video was so heartwarming that I can’t even describe it. We love you

  • Kate Rambolamanana
    Kate Rambolamanana 3 months ago +3

    Dylan, you’ve literally been such a huge part of my happiness for - I can’t even remember how long. You’re so talented and smart you remind me that it’s okay to just exist watching funny movies and videos sometimes. Really, we love your content, but we love you even more. Thank you for caring and for creating this community ❤️

  • Angelica Gomez
    Angelica Gomez 3 months ago +1974

    This wasn’t an update, but a love letter! How cute and nice of you, Dylan. Have a wonderful day 🥺

  • Mep___
    Mep___ 3 months ago +1

    As someone who has watched every single one of your videos but like rarely comments I do feel like your videos are just like me and a friend and I want to thank YOU for creating this content because it definitely means a lot to me

  • Reem
    Reem 3 months ago

    Watching your videos is one of my most favouriteeee parts of the day, whenever I feel stressed or upset and I just wanna escape my life for a moment I almost instantly head over to one of your channels and rewatch some vids :-)
    I’m sure loads of others troublemakers can relate as well
    You’re like a hugeee ray of sunshine Dylan and we all appreciate you so much, I can’t begin to fathom the countless laughs I’ve let out because of you, my brother and I occasionally have quite the gathering over your newest uploads
    We all should be thanking you really x

  • Ellie D.
    Ellie D. 3 months ago +1

    Dylan, the community is comfortable because you make it that way for us. You make sure we don't take things too seriously while also making it feel like a place that is cool to make jokes but also just chill. Alot of online communities aren't like that and are often so revolved around drama instead of just... being friends with each other and letting go of all the nonsense for awhile.
    I can say as someone who is more quiet in commenting and kinda just sits on the sidelines but loves all the people here regardless, it definitely feels like a hangout where I can just laugh and go to escape all the bullcrap in the world for awhile. So thank you. Thank you for creating a place for us and yourself. ❤

  • Katriel Tai
    Katriel Tai 3 months ago

    :( Dylan, you're just so genuine with your videos and it's so rare to find that especially when most people do it for the likes and views. Yes this feels like family and everyone giving their honest comments on your video is heartwarming. Again, thank you for being genuine and I hope our comments give you a smile on your face just like how your video brings joy to us. To the editor, you are included, thank YOU too.

  • Frida
    Frida 3 months ago

    In 3 minutes you made me smile, laugh, squeal with excitement for the friends video, shed a tear from your lovely words, made me feel loved and appreciated, and thereby loving you and your content even more than I thought possible. Thank you for being you❤️

  • Giselle Ferns
    Giselle Ferns 3 months ago +1721

    Was it just me? Or was everyone else smiling really big and wide the entire time watching Dylan being the best thing on Clip-Share.

  • Silvia Balcazar
    Silvia Balcazar 3 months ago

    You mean so much to me, I found your channel at a time in my life where I was going through some problems and your videos were the only thing that would make me laugh. I feel so proud of you for building this amazing community for all of us. 💗

  • Tanima Jain
    Tanima Jain 3 months ago +1

    Ok I did not expect this to be so wholesome. I was smiling so hard throughout and being awkward as if he was thanking me personally lol. Love your content and you. 🫶This was weird.

  • Miriam Mihalčinová
    Miriam Mihalčinová 3 months ago +3

    it’s crazy i was here’s since like early 2017 and you grew so much since then i’m happy and proud of you, and this community is the most awesome thing dylan could ask for truly, i will be here till whenever dylan is

  • Box Bo
    Box Bo 3 months ago

    Yo I’ve been here for 4 years now and I just have to say that your content has evolved in the best way, while also keeping the same amount of heart. I can always click on a vid and know it’s gonna be a good time. Also, your commentaries are truly one of the best on this platform. It’s your reaction for most of the video while you make genuinely funny or insightful comments. We love being here and wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for taking the time to grow your channel and community into something meaningful to you and so many others

  • 🌷TeenageGarnet🌷
    🌷TeenageGarnet🌷 3 months ago +1

    I just want to say thank you dylan for making videos and thank you to fellow commenters on his channels who make things more hilarious💖🌻

  • HK
    HK 3 months ago +1224

    Not Dylan being so open and honest about how much he appreciates us when I literally thank the stars everyday that he exists and I am so grateful for his content 🥺🥺

  • Tayzha Steele
    Tayzha Steele 3 months ago

    this has been the place i come to when im sad or hurting. your channel has helped me in ways i couldn’t have imagined. you put a smile on my face every time you say something incredibly stupid. i’ve rewatched like all your videos more than i’d care to admit. you are a light in the world

  • sabreen
    sabreen 3 months ago

    ahhhh this made me smile so much and my heart feels all warm. you definitely succeeded in making this channel a comfortable and safe place to hang out!! and yeah, it literally does feel like hanging out with a friend. we love and appreciate you just as much dylan! thank you for all the time and effort you put into the videos, it makes my day every time you upload.

  • nyxldx
    nyxldx 3 months ago

    I can't express how much comfort your videos always bring me. It doesn't matter if it's a reaction to a movie, or poking fun at the reddit community. I've been struggling a lot with my mental heath for years, and your videos always give me the distraction and escapism I often need. So thank you for everything you've given us Dylan ❤

  • Caitlinnss
    Caitlinnss 3 months ago

    honestly my favourite youtuber at the moment, its so hard to find people to watch that seem genuine these days and seem to enjoy what they're doing. like who else is going to make a 3 HOUR video of a whole tv show with voice overs and edits. you are so consistently reliable and funny and good yknow? thank YOU dylan and continue to do everything in your own time and to your schedule. you dont owe us anything at the end of the day and everyone in this community im sure is happy with whatever you give us :)

  • Milena
    Milena 3 months ago

    That's so cute ❤ I think when I say we appreciate you as much as you do, I can speak for all of us! It's not taken for granted that you put in so much effort in your videos. We are thankful for the safe space that you are giving to us 🥰

  • absjakajzjal
    absjakajzjal 3 months ago +874

    LOVE YOU DYLAN , Make sure to prioritise your health ....authors need a break too

  • M Lynch
    M Lynch 3 months ago +4

    It genuinely does feel like a friend community in this space. Dylan's energy feels like a mash of two friends of mine from different spheres and I love watching his videos because it feels familiar and safe. Thank you for your efforts in putting out great quality content 😊

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 3 months ago

    DUDE I was so scared about what this was about that I postponed watching to prepare myself emotionally but then I got a notif from the subreddit saying how wholesome this short video is and - the relief I felt! Unexplainable.
    I don't comment that often but I've been a troublemaker for almost five years now and I gotta say, you're one of my favorite youtubers out there and I really appreciate you.
    I'll be here for many more years, promise!

  • Hawwa
    Hawwa 3 months ago

    Hi Dylan, I think this is a good time to thank you for always making me smile when I have a bad day. Your humor and kindness are really appreciated. You thank us but we also thank you ♡

  • Ana H
    Ana H 3 months ago

    I didn't expect this from Dylan, but I'm glad he took the time, this video is so heartwarming. I'm almost on tears. Thank you Dylan!

  • BigBlueEyes21
    BigBlueEyes21 3 months ago +3

    No matter how long or short of a video that Dylan makes, it always makes me smile. I can rewatch his videos over and over again and not get bored.

  • Late Night Noelle
    Late Night Noelle 3 months ago

    the way i just spontaneously burst into tears hearing about what our community means to you- that might sound dramatic but i think i’ll blame most of it on the fact that my mother passed away less than 2 weeks ago. dylan, you’ve been my safe space for half a decade and i can’t begin to express how much i appreciate you. i have youtube itself solely FOR YOU and as soon as i’m done watching and rewatching your content, i close the app. you’re loved by many and i can’t wait to watch all your future videos (:

  • Morgan Crossen
    Morgan Crossen 3 months ago +1224

    I don’t think Dylan will ever understand how much he means to us. Ik for myself and many others whenever we’re sad he’s the first person we’ll watch to make us feel better ❤

    • Carmen Diallo
      Carmen Diallo 3 months ago +1


    • Coroner
      Coroner 3 months ago +6

      He doesn't really mean that much to me. I like his videos but he's just another youtuber.

    • PsPlay
      PsPlay 3 months ago +4

      @Coroner tru

    • shockedpikachuface
      shockedpikachuface 3 months ago +6

      ​@Coroner well that's you, he helped me through deadline season by lightening up the mood w his jokes and company

    • Lilly Alnes
      Lilly Alnes 3 months ago

      Totally agree with this! ❤

  • Christy💕
    Christy💕 3 months ago

    Dylan, I dont know how to thank you either. Your channels are my safe space. You absoluetly make watching a video feel like hanging out with a friend. My face lights up and all my troubles seem to fade away when I see a new thumbnail of yours pop up and I start watching. I can be myself and be worry free when I watch your videos. This is such a fun place, you always make my day and I hope I get the chance to meet you one day to thank you.

  • Adriane Fagundes
    Adriane Fagundes 3 months ago

    Thanks Dylan, I found your videos in a very dark time in the beggining of this year (2023). My dad had a heart attack and was in a hospital for like two months before he passed... And It was hard and Sad. And your videos were a big part of making me feel a bit better during all this. You made me laugh a lot as you continue to do. I'm glad you also like what you do and is so nice and receptive to us. Thank you ❤️

  • I’m the lady🪄.
    I’m the lady🪄. 3 months ago

    I wanna shower this boi with love, he’s so adorable at expressing his feelings. You did creat a comfortable community where we can just hang out and have fun dylan, I often find myself rewatching your videos when I’m not at my best, when i feel lonely or when i need support from a friend. Thank you friend

  • Kiran
    Kiran 3 months ago

    Love your content! So funny and you somehow always say what's on my mind lol In this busy, fast paced, doomed planet that we live on, we appreciate YOU!
    Also, this video is awkwardly sweet and it gives me Chandler Bing vibes. Anyone else? 😊

  • Leah Bairos
    Leah Bairos 3 months ago

    I haven't been back to this channel for a long while, but it's nice to come back and get the same happy and comfortable feelings that I had back in the day. It's like coming home after a really long road trip - I'm so glad to see that the community is still positive and thriving and that Dylan is the same old goof he always has been. :) Overall, it's really nice to be home again and I can't wait to see what's up next for the future.

  • Sam Carmen
    Sam Carmen 3 months ago +561

    I love when Dylan says “toodles” is honestly so adorable and always makes me smile

    • Clem BB8
      Clem BB8 3 months ago +4

      Yess!! I love it too 💗💗 I missed it so much when he stopped saying it

  • Quinten Craenen
    Quinten Craenen 3 months ago

    We love you SO much Dylan, thank you for all your content, you have made my (and so many other people's) day more times then I could probably count. You are the example for this community and the reason why it is so wonderful. This video really warmed my heart.

  • Ismini Zybert
    Ismini Zybert 3 months ago

    Thank you Dylan for all the amazing, high-quality content over the years! Keep being yourself and we will always support you :)

  • Askarvi
    Askarvi 3 months ago

    I just wanted to say, I watched your Until dawn series a couple years ago when I was bedridden and in pretty bad pain, and it made my days actually feel nice and memorable despite my sickness back then! Thank you for that! Toodeeloo! 🌟

  • Paola Acevedo
    Paola Acevedo 3 months ago

    oh my god, i got so scared i thought i would be losing my favorite youtuber and i wasn't ready. i loved how you expressed your feelings about us and about our little community. it is our safe place where we can be ourselves and i'm so happy you feel like you can be your truest version of yourself with us. thank you so much for the effort you continously (idc if that's not a word) put in each video you upload. love u so much.

  • Amber R.
    Amber R. 3 months ago

    I’ve been here since Dylan Will Not Participate Days, it’s been wonderful having your content as one of my major comfort channels when life gets rough. It’s been amazing watching Dylan get to where he is now with his content and in numbers. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making all of us feel good for few minutes

  • Makyela Ramos
    Makyela Ramos 3 months ago +587


  • Sanne
    Sanne 3 months ago

    I agree with this community feeling comfortable. You’re different from most other Clip-Sharers and manage to make us feel like one big family or something. Watching your videos always warms my heart ❤️

  • Brie
    Brie 3 months ago

    I’m so glad someone as kind, funny, gracious, and hardworking as you exist and found success and a loving community who values your art and you as a person. We appreciate you Dylan 🫶🏽

  • Dana
    Dana 3 months ago

    I found you through your 'First and Last episode' series and really enjoy a lot of what you say. What I really appreciate is that you don't just watch the first episode like a lot of reactors who react to pilots do. You react to two episodes, so when pilots are two parters you don't get only the set up, and when they're single episodes you get to see the quality of the show outside of the pilot. I'm going to check out some of your other series when I get a chance, but wanted to let you know that I really appreciate that series and the work you put into it.

  • Loading...
    Loading... 3 months ago

    Awe man I actually thought Dylan was leaving or something (always manages to prank us in some way!)...this is so beyond sweet! There is no better place or community to be on Clip-Share and even sometimes in real life. Thank you for being our reliable, hilarious friend Dylan!

  • Rhea Rupika
    Rhea Rupika 3 months ago +1

    I really can't begin to explain how your channel means to me. During quarantine I always watched your videos on repeat and they always made me happy like I was watching movies with a friend and chilling
    Luv u Dylan. Keep doing what you do ❤

  • Josephine Fefer
    Josephine Fefer 3 months ago

    Dylan making me tear up on a random Wednesday morning. Thank YOU for all the laughs and jokes you deliver with always such great content! We always come back for more cause it’s just so worth it! Definitely my favourite time of the week/month (depending on uploads) is watching your videos over and over (even if I know them by heart by now) and being part of this community so thank YOU Dylan for it!

  • delicate park loey
    delicate park loey 3 months ago +616

    ive been a troublemaker since 2019 and i found dylan in a dark time, i actually need to thank dylan for being here and doing this for us

    • Bambi
      Bambi 3 months ago +10

      im currently in a dark time and found him about 2-3 weeks ago. he's a definite comfort youtuber

    • Aysan Alikhanloo
      Aysan Alikhanloo 3 months ago


  • Ittsel Quiterio
    Ittsel Quiterio 3 months ago +2

    I almost teared up, I feel like this community is kinda like that friend group that bullies each other and is rarely sentimental. But we know we love it here and it’s just so sweet to see him take a moment to remind us he genuinely cares about this community because he loves what he does ❤

  • Miyhotsy Rodríguez
    Miyhotsy Rodríguez 3 months ago +1

    We appreciate you so much dylan!! From Venezuela I send you good vibes, good wishes and a lot of good energy so you can continue making these videos. Your comunnity is bigger and reaches more places than you may think!!

  • Amélie réagit
    Amélie réagit 3 months ago

    If anything, I'm grateful to you man! You're one of the content creators that truly inspired and motivated me to do reaction videos as well. Keep up the hilarious and good work, this community is sooooooo cool ♥

  • bumdkoala
    bumdkoala 3 months ago

    This was so unexpectedly wholesome, I can't... it was too cute. This community is the best, we love u king Booga

  • razzmatazzled
    razzmatazzled 3 months ago

    Dylan, you us laugh and smile, helping good times and bad. Making both our day and lives better. We love your humour, film critics, and inside jokes. You're so wholesome and you bring us comfort. In crazy time, and you brought me a lot of calm. I could write a whole 3 hour essay on my apprication and love for you, but I'll watch the Friends video instead. Thank you ❤

  • cola malfoy
    cola malfoy 3 months ago +1041

    "you could be anywhere, but you choose to be here" Dylan, where else would we be? you make awesome & memorable videos, and the Troublemakers are some of the best people in the world. Thank you for it all

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 3 months ago

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people"
      ~ Carl Jung

  • no no
    no no 3 months ago

    As an OG (Dylan will not participate RIP) : Honestly with you Dylan I always feel better, it's like when you're down and you hang out with a friend to vent and escape problems. Your videos are like my comfort food, I literally watched at least 3 times each of them and it always feel great with a good laugh. Seeing you being vulnerable means a lot. Thank You, for being my remedy !

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 3 months ago

    I relate with Dylan a lot (and with most of you). It’s hard to be easy going nowadays and this channel is my oasis, I can truly relax 😌
    I appreciate your hard work Dylan

  • Betul Ozakkas
    Betul Ozakkas 3 months ago

    I came across your channel recently and fell in love with it! I love watching movies and tv shows especially talking about them and reviewing them to my liking, sometimes excessively. Unfortunately I don't have friends who are as passionate as me about this all the time so it really is nice to watch you talk and sometimes ramble stupidly as I love to do. It feels like I have that friend I know this is stupid for some people but who cares? Thanks for everything and if my few likes and comments is adequate to your work and sincerity than that makes me happy ❤

  • Classy_C88
    Classy_C88 3 months ago

    We really appreciate you Dylan! Definitely got me through some tough dark days!

  • dots_com
    dots_com 3 months ago

    I’ve watched you since your Will Not Participate days and I can’t express how cool it’s been to watch you develop your channels and yourself. I am so happy my partner thinks you’re hilarious because we love watching your videos together. The days you upload a video are always just a little bit better because I know I’m in for a good time no matter what it is. Even this video was awesome! I hope you never feel pressure to upload for us and take all the time you need for things. 3 hours? Sign me up! You’re doing great Dylan!

  • amy b
    amy b 3 months ago +474

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    Valeria Talavera 3 months ago

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  • elisha
    elisha 3 months ago

    Me personally, I love this channel because there's no drama anywhere. It's such a simple but sweet place ❤

  • Hanya Naeem
    Hanya Naeem 3 months ago

    Dylan you and your channel have been a source of escape for me, I am sure it is the same for others here. The exact point of feeling safe, happy, and comfortable brings me back to your channel. Thank You!!! ❤😊

  • audrey hill
    audrey hill 3 months ago

    thank you dylan!! i also struggle to find words to express myself, even in the comment section, but just know that we all appreciate you so much. you never fail to make me laugh and smile with every video; they truly are the highlight of my days. can't wait to buckle down with a bag of sour patch for the friends video!! have a lovely rest of your day and congratulations on finishing this big project :)!!

  • bittybit
    bittybit 3 months ago

    This is so nice and wholesome 😭😭😭😭Thank you Dylan for making new videos as welll!We are all grateful as well.I personality feel comfortable when i watch your videos becouse i like your vibe!The nice vibes can certainly be felt expesially becouse you are being sincere.I love this little community/fanbase we have here with all my heart.All troublemakers are so chill and understanding

  • Wolerna
    Wolerna 3 months ago +892

    This was so wholesome. I was scared this was going to be a goodbye or something but it was the complete opposite! This is a wonderful community you’ve built. Glad to have been here for four years!

    • bec
      bec 3 months ago +9

      me too i came to the comments to see before i watched it.

    • Look Away Ma'am
      Look Away Ma'am 3 months ago +25

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    • omgthisissoawesome
      omgthisissoawesome 3 months ago +6

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    • Ariana García
      Ariana García 3 months ago +1

      Me too, I didn't watch the video yesterday because I was afraid it was bad news and I wasn't ready for the emotional damage that would cause me. Today I felt ready and it just make my day way better. Lots of love in this community, to Dylan and my Troublemakers peers💛💜

  • Maya Abhari
    Maya Abhari 3 months ago

    I felt like he was literally talking to me. That was sooo genuine. You can really feel what he’s feeling. Thank YOU Dylan soo much. Your Videos literally are the reason I have the Clip-Share app. I love to watch your videos, they always lighten up my mood and I love your humour and how you put so much effort into these videos. (Well except late night Dylan of course, cause there is no budget) So also a big thanks from us to you.

  • kora
    kora 3 months ago +2

    thank YOU for all the videos

  • KitCat25
    KitCat25 3 months ago

    It’s such a comfortable space. Thanks for being a genuine content creator Dylan. Please don’t change just being you!

  • Amaya Nyf
    Amaya Nyf 3 months ago

    Being here is forever a comfort and safe space, in an environment that you created and helped us continue in the comments🫶 will always appreciate you so much for that❤️