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John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) MOVIE REACTION!!


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  • Blind Wave
    Blind Wave  3 years ago +189

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    • Linards Ž
      Linards Ž 2 years ago

      Shooting bultet into watter makes bullet velocity decrese significantly.

    • Top Movie
      Top Movie 3 years ago

      Blind Wave when will you watch john wick 3?

    • Kratos The Ghost Of War
      Kratos The Ghost Of War 3 years ago +1

      John wick chapter 3 parabellum

    • Pass alente
      Pass alente 3 years ago

      But You know that John is a son of .... ;)

    • Kelvin W.
      Kelvin W. 3 years ago

      DREAD 3D

  • Daniel Hansen
    Daniel Hansen 3 years ago +1273

    Fun Fact: The actor who played the tailor who made a new suit for John is Luca Mosca,
    the costume designer for all 3 John Wick movies.

    • novembervoid.
      novembervoid. 6 months ago

      @SF he was also Ronny Proxin from Barry!

    • fakecubed
      fakecubed 7 months ago

      I had a lot of fun with that fact, thank you for t he fun.

    • bait
      bait Year ago +1

      @Vean Studio hold on. It really make sense now

    • bait
      bait Year ago

      @damyr55 yes

    • KCM Pikachu
      KCM Pikachu Year ago

      It's like thay reunited in a bar getting drunk and someone proposed let's make a coolass movie custing all of our friends!! And Keanu was like "yeah, in my lifespan of 30,000 years, you guys are my best friends ever!! I like this movie actor life!! Let's do it!! After some thousand years, when I will feel lonely, I can watch this movie and remember you all!!"

  • Kyle Knight
    Kyle Knight 3 years ago +4202

    - “Why is there a second part? He already killed everyone
    “Well there are more people alive in the world”
    This sums it up so well😂😂

    • FenixNade
      FenixNade 2 years ago +5

      There's 15 Final Fantasies Aaron!

    • JonnyFR23
      JonnyFR23 3 years ago +2

      Kyle Knight facts badass name dude

    • Daddy Romeo
      Daddy Romeo 3 years ago +4

      A really badass name. Sir.

    • Hoh?
      Hoh? 3 years ago +2

      Darrell B thank you

    • Darrell B
      Darrell B 3 years ago +32

      Your name is awesome. Just had to say it.

  • CFRF13
    CFRF13 3 years ago +1919

    Favorite scene in this movie is easily the shopping/preparation sequence in Rome, tactical lining and “robust, precise” plus dessert.

    • Thunder 3IRD
      Thunder 3IRD Year ago

      Ikr. No cap

    • Jordan Collins
      Jordan Collins Year ago

      My favorite was the pencil scene when he stabbed the two guys that was awesome

    • 20sForyou
      20sForyou Year ago

      true, i dont know why but that scene looked delicious to me

    • Jose Francisco Suarez
      Jose Francisco Suarez Year ago +1

      @Blake P 😃

    • Blake P
      Blake P Year ago +1

      @Jose Francisco Suarez no worries I was just wondering

  • Brown Recluse 🕸️
    Brown Recluse 🕸️ 3 years ago +1252

    Aaron: "What is that statue doing? That statue is throwing a baby."
    Eric (after 3 seconds of contemplation): "I like it."

    • fakecubed
      fakecubed 7 months ago +1

      @TechnocraticDreadnought Correct, it's Hercules and Lichas, sculpted by Anonio Canova about two hundred years ago. They filmed that scene in the Galleria Nazionale Arte Moderna in Rome, and just pretended it was a museum in New York.

    • रोज
      रोज 2 years ago +8

      I like that Eric takes afew seconds to actually contemplate the vitures of the statue before answering.

    • Jack
      Jack 3 years ago +2


    • dani
      dani 3 years ago +19

      i laughed so hard at that😭😭

    • TechnocraticDreadnought
      TechnocraticDreadnought 3 years ago +21

      I think the statue is
      heracles and lichas en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lichas

  • H240909
    H240909 2 years ago +147

    For John’s two “boneheaded” decisions:
    1) Even if he had taken the mark right away, he still would have been a loose end the moment the job was complete and he’d still have a 7 million bounty.
    2) If he didn’t break hotel rules, what would be his other option? Just try to wait the guy out, all the while fighting off the waves of assassins coming for the bounty? Just find a place to hide and ignore Santino as he starts a full on crime war? No, the least destructive option was to kill him and deal with the bounty later.

      HIMADRI Month ago

      @A Passionate Nerd. Did you miss the part about 'war to take control of New York' ?

    • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
      Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access 2 months ago

      Santino's mark is a suicide mission anyway. It's not surprising that Santino was trying to silence John to avoid getting exploited about Gianna's assassination. Otherwise, John is dead if he tries to break the mark rule.

    • Dave Sunhammer
      Dave Sunhammer Year ago +6

      @A Passionate Nerd. you should add points to "perception"

    • H240909
      H240909 Year ago +39

      @A Passionate Nerd. He was already a target to every hitman on the planet.

    • A Passionate Nerd.
      A Passionate Nerd. Year ago

      How was the least destructive option making himself a target to every hitman on the planet?

  • LawofCinema
    LawofCinema 3 years ago +906

    John couldn't have just waited for Santino. Hes extremely rich and could've stayed in the continental for as long as necessary, all while taking over NY and hunting John via the contract. Killing him was the fastest way to stop him. Either way, there would be people coming for him.

    • DNish
      DNish 11 months ago

      @griz312 Though Santino wouldn’t be so stupid as to have Wick at his mercy and decide to leave him to be suffocated instead of just shooting him in the head.

    • bait
      bait Year ago


    • Shashwat Tyagi
      Shashwat Tyagi 2 years ago +3

      Somebody sees cinemawins

    • Kira TheKillerNote
      Kira TheKillerNote 3 years ago +83

      @houseofaction But still you pay with them. Even John, who is well known, has to give coin for the entry. Similiarly, there should be a renew day limit for stay. Santino definitely could use his privilege to stay in continental longer, while John has to fend off whole bunch of assassins outside.

    • houseofaction
      houseofaction 3 years ago +35

      santino wouldn't have had to be rich. even if he was destitute as a member of the underworld who hasn't been excommunicated he would have been allowed to stay at the continental indefinitely even if he was flat broke. the gold coins don't have monetary value they just get you benefits from the underworld.

  • Jon Reese
    Jon Reese 3 years ago +1986

    There are three rules in this world
    3 honor the marker
    2 no blood in the continental

    • Multiverse_Media🌟
      Multiverse_Media🌟 6 months ago

      @The Undertaker
      Or KILL John Wick’s Dog.

    • Daniel Alushaj
      Daniel Alushaj Year ago

      @‌ in this movie he says *No Blood*

    • The Undertaker
      The Undertaker 2 years ago +1

      no rule 1 is DONT TOUCH JOHN WICKS DOG

    • I Hate Introductions
      I Hate Introductions 2 years ago +1

      I feel like after this movie, another rule is "don't kill a member of the high table". That's the reason for all of the events of Chapter 3. But then again, the final and most important rule ("DO NOT CROSS JOHN WICK"), kind of supersedes the preceding rule because John Wick still must face consequences but not without others being affected in the process.

    • Echodec
      Echodec 2 years ago +1

      @mobïus helldoctor the continental is a hotel chain that has buildings all over the place, every other hotel is just a boring hotel with no benefits

  • Doco56
    Doco56 3 years ago +2273

    the John Wick franchise is some good shit

    • fakecubed
      fakecubed 7 months ago +1

      The first movie is the best film, it's a work of art. Subsequent films keep ramping up the stunts with gorgeous and often hilarious set pieces, and I enjoy them a lot, but the realism is gone and they are just stunt show pieces. So for pure entertainment value, the movies get better and better. I would argue they are not as good.

    • Multiverse_Media🌟
      Multiverse_Media🌟 9 months ago

      @Daniel Fernandez
      That’s the general idea, General.

    • Thomas Robertson
      Thomas Robertson Year ago

      @NJ223Gaming the ending of this movie was all it

    • aman salwan
      aman salwan 2 years ago

      @The Flower of Spades to

    • Brix Cer
      Brix Cer 2 years ago +1

      @Jesterinadeck _ the knif throwing was the best scene in the third movie it was awesome. The problem i had with the 3rd movie was that all the fight was like a dance for instance the fight with hally barry was to long and it got boring because it was just her shooting the bad guys over and over again it

  • S Visuals
    S Visuals 3 years ago +402

    *-Literally everybody who hears John's name*

  • Zebrion
    Zebrion 3 years ago +54

    John didn't want to take the contract because he knew that he was going to be wanted by the high table for completing it. So his options were: refuse and hope the guy goes away (which he tried), complete the contract and be hunted by the high table, or kill the guy and be hunted by the high table. There wasn't an option for him to "stay out" and that's why he had that scene after suiting up where he just yelled. He knew he was stuck in it.
    Haven't seen John Wick 3 yet, but I'm guessing he's going to dismantle the entire assassin network. The Continental, high table, all wiped out.

    • Jaime D.
      Jaime D. Year ago +4

      *Zebrion* You ain't wrong there, man. Chapter 3/Parabellum was a taste of the hell that's about to commence in CHAPTER 4.

  • Jaszcz07
    Jaszcz07 3 years ago +143

    You may not have thought about why John killed the guy in the Continental. Well, he had pretty much infinite money, so he wouldn't have needed to ever leave, so John didn't want to give him any chances.

    • bait
      bait Year ago

      @Dave Sunhammer nevertheless, John would have died if he didn't kill him there

    • Dave Sunhammer
      Dave Sunhammer Year ago +1

      Yea? is that why he gave a stack to the cleaning crew ? Because they have no value?
      Wick was tipping the Concierge not proving who he was.
      You think dude didn't know John Wick belonged?

    • bait
      bait 2 years ago +3

      And just like Viggo
      He would hire an assassin to kill John wick even if he is in continental

    • Daniel Harrison
      Daniel Harrison 3 years ago +24

      In the first movie, he gave the guys that cleaned up his house a coin for each body. That makes me think it’s for a ‘favor’, be it a body, a stay, access to whatever you’ve stored, etc..

    • Jaszcz07
      Jaszcz07 3 years ago +8

      @houseofaction Well, we don't know how much value one coin has, but they are used as payment throughout the movies so I'm not sure. I don't think we have enough information to be able to say for sure.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 3 years ago +107

    The John Wick and Mission Impossible franchise are the golden standard of the current action genre, they're great at what they do!

    • Jimmy2Hertz
      Jimmy2Hertz 6 months ago +1

      @Anika Jarlsdottr MI are a lot more campy but the stunt work is really good.

    • NixoloChenkov
      NixoloChenkov 9 months ago +1

      "Anna" and "Salt" was good too...

    • Anika Jarlsdottr
      Anika Jarlsdottr 11 months ago +2

      @Gabriel Rodriguez thats fair, I didnt consider it that way.

    • Gabriel Rodriguez
      Gabriel Rodriguez 11 months ago +3

      @Anika Jarlsdottr No for sure we all have our preferences, this was just in general based on their franchise success. Mission Impossible is one of the longest running franchise today, and not only do they continue to dominate the BO, but they've gotten higher praise and better ratings with each one. The same with John Wick, that's why I say they're top of their game atm 👍

    • Anika Jarlsdottr
      Anika Jarlsdottr 11 months ago +3

      I agree with the john wick films, not so much with mission impossible. but hey ho, personal preference and all that. the MI films are ok, just not my personal cup of tea.

  • Franz Haas
    Franz Haas 3 years ago +101

    " Tell them , you tell them all . who ever comes Who ever it is . Ill kill them. I kill them all" AN EPIC LINE.

  • lol :D
    lol :D 3 years ago +275

    “Damn how many assassins are in this world???”

  • Jon Reese
    Jon Reese 3 years ago +31

    21:53 Disagree John didn't make a mistake when he didn't keep his promise. if he kept it quickly this will happen.
    Killing Santino on the Continental had to happen. The guy was planning to live in the Continental until John Wick is killed John can't live in the Continental permanently he doesn't have the gold to match a crime family's and as we have seen in John Wick 1 there are assassins that would try to claim the bounty on John's head even if he live in the Continental. I would find it funny though if John had put Santino into one of his holds and dragged him kicking and screaming out of the Continental and killed him outside.

  • ryanxp001
    ryanxp001 3 years ago +204

    This might be the best reaction this channel has ever had. And John Wick cares more about getting the kill than living, that's why he killed the guy in the Continental

    • Daniel Harrison
      Daniel Harrison 3 years ago +3

      Once he’s officially part of the table, he’d be even better protection + the open contract on John, would make it a pain in the ass (not that it would have changed the outcome =)

    • Kira TheKillerNote
      Kira TheKillerNote 3 years ago +20

      No, santino had open contract on him. Essentially for John, things would have been same while Santino lives . Santino, with his infinite resources, could stay in continental untill John is plucked out.
      Here, at least Santino got what he deserved. Letting him live would just prolong the inevitable

    • dasher 346
      dasher 346 3 years ago +8

      @Klapp Stuhl doom

    • Klapp Stuhl
      Klapp Stuhl 3 years ago +33

      "Man too angry to die, kills everyone."
      Wait... where have I heard that before...

  • S W
    S W 3 years ago +66

    This is some of the best reactions this channel has had. Seeing Aaron freak out so much and Eric hold his ear. Classic 😂😂😂

  • Ken Crowley
    Ken Crowley 3 years ago +14

    Unlike the scene with Cassian( Common), Wick left the knife in his chest to allow
    him to live. He DID NOT give Ruby Rose's character(Ares) the same "Professional
    Courtesy) as he did Cassian. If you watch closely, he pulls the blade out of her
    chest and hand...another words, he left the bitch to die... I was really looking forward
    to see Cassian return, maybe in John Wick 4

  • Joshin’ Around
    Joshin’ Around 3 years ago +15

    It wasn’t a bonehead decision it shows the characters resolve to show the lengths he is willing to go through to stay out of that life, he didn’t want to be brought back they made him and betrayed him so he finished it by killing them idgaf what the rules are if I was head of the high table I’d be like damn let’s just leave this guy alone

    • jeremy roberts
      jeremy roberts 3 years ago +2

      Hxc Gamer91 lol right? I would leave him the hell alone. The guy is unstoppable

  • Raf Dad
    Raf Dad 2 years ago +7

    The franchise, throughout each installment, is paying homage to movies, especially action movies. The John Wick stunts are a mixture of old school hand-to-hand combat and CGI shooting. Also the car stunts remind me of the French Connection and the Seven Ups. Just fucking awesome!

  • Ward Toledo
    Ward Toledo 3 years ago +312

    Infinity War: "Get this man a shield."
    Infinity War: "Bring me Thanos!"
    John Wick 2: "Get this man a gun."

    • Flesh Apple
      Flesh Apple 3 years ago

      Shut the fuck up. Please shut the fuck up

    • Ward Toledo
      Ward Toledo 3 years ago

      @Orange Taxi Yeah, guess I should've done John Wick first lol. I just didn't think about that at the time.

    • rebelpoxy
      rebelpoxy 3 years ago


    • Jon Reese
      Jon Reese 3 years ago +4

      John Wick 2 Get this man a Pencil
      John Wick 3 Get this Man a book
      John Wick Get this man an eraser

    • Orange Taxi
      Orange Taxi 3 years ago +8

      John Wick did it first though.

  • Kaie Johanson
    Kaie Johanson 3 years ago +21

    "I would hate to be one og those guys.." reminded me of this Pratchett quote:
    “They may be called the Palace Guard, the City Guard, or the Patrol. Whatever the name, their purpose in any work of heroic fantasy is identical: it is, round about Chapter Three (or ten minutes into the film) to rush into the room, attack the hero one at a time, and be slaughtered. No one ever asks them if they want to.
    This book is dedicated to those fine men.”
    ― Guards! Guards!

  • ThePl4y3r01
    ThePl4y3r01 3 years ago +806

    "Put some points in perception, Jesus"

    • A Passionate Nerd.
      A Passionate Nerd. Year ago

      Legit, he got hit the same way by 3 different cars lmao

    • Noble 6
      Noble 6 2 years ago

      needs to pick up strong back, my mans always running a light load

    • Luke
      Luke 3 years ago +6

      he's maxed out, his VATS is on point.

    • 【J】【O】【H】【N】🏮
      【J】【O】【H】【N】🏮 3 years ago +13

      Wick never uses earplugs when firing all those weapons, guaranteed he has Tinnitus 😂.

    • Wishvesh Chaturvedi
      Wishvesh Chaturvedi 3 years ago +26

      John Wick is a man of "focus"😂

  • Jeffrey Nunya
    Jeffrey Nunya 3 years ago +59

    Another Bruce Lee connection - Chad Stahelski, the director, was good friends with Brandon Lee and actually doubled him as The Crow after he was tragically killed during that film. And that area of Central Park is in a lot of things, it's also where Dany and Davos fought in Iron Fist.

    • iamthemetalgod
      iamthemetalgod 3 years ago

      @DannyDarko27 Damn, you are right, I completely forgot about poor loras.

    • DannyDarko27
      DannyDarko27 3 years ago +1

      @iamthemetalgod yeah he played Loras Tyrell. Lol

    • iamthemetalgod
      iamthemetalgod 3 years ago

      Iron fist was in GoT?

  • karon mcgregor
    karon mcgregor 2 years ago +23

    His girlfriend lost their baby, and about a year or so later she died, which is why he's never been focused on another relationship.

  • Lou E
    Lou E 2 years ago +4

    I truly believe the creators of John wick are setting up for one of the best prequels. They don’t just simply talk about an impossible task. And leave us wondering what really happened back then. I just think a prequel is the best move and I like to think that’s what we are going to get.

  • catstar
    catstar 3 years ago +662

    Eric: this is the craziest scene in John Wick so far
    *John Wick kills 2 guys with a pencil*
    Eric: Ahhhhhhhh

    • Julio Almoite
      Julio Almoite Year ago +1

      @Walter Honwana john wick, is a man of sheer fucking will

    • Walter Honwana
      Walter Honwana 2 years ago +8

      @vikki luo A foooking PENCIL!!

    • vikki luo
      vikki luo 3 years ago +9

      three guys, at a bar, with a pencil

  • Taimur Muggo
    Taimur Muggo 3 years ago +8

    I think it’s pretty good ( though the weakest of the three imo ).
    The world building is still well done and interesting , filled with colorful characters . The action is great and the choreography is some of the best I have seen .
    My only issue is the ending is a bit too ridiculous ... not everyone can be an assassin lol.
    My ranking so far
    1.John Wick
    2.John Wick Chapter 3
    3.John Wick Chapter 2

    • The Infinite Draw
      The Infinite Draw 3 years ago +4

      It's not implying that everyone is an Assassin. Just that Winston has enough pull to summon most of New York's Assassins whenever he wants.

  • Facundo Brouwer
    Facundo Brouwer 3 years ago +242

    "Put some points on perception " I mean im pretty sure he has agility and perception up to 10 but Luck is just 1 haha

    • bait
      bait Year ago

      @Khorne, The Blood God he has luck too.

    • Khorne, The Blood God
      Khorne, The Blood God 2 years ago +7

      John has 10 in every stat but luck which is a negative number because his build used skills that reduced luck.

    • Wishvesh Chaturvedi
      Wishvesh Chaturvedi 3 years ago +9

      Facundo Brouwer John Wick is a man of "focus"😂

  • ritik yadav
    ritik yadav 3 years ago +2024

    John wick is Neo if he took the blue pill

    • bait
      bait Year ago

      @A Passionate Nerd. Bro wtf

    • bait
      bait Year ago

      Hey hey hey now

    • A Passionate Nerd.
      A Passionate Nerd. Year ago +1

      I thought you ment viagra then I realized lmfao

    • Scott Lynch
      Scott Lynch 2 years ago +1

      John Wick is if Ted “Theodore” Logan ended up at military school

    • Greg Gallacci
      Greg Gallacci 2 years ago

      I took the yellow pill, am I gonna be OK?

  • Mio Mio
    Mio Mio 3 years ago +5

    The statue is of Hercules exacting his rage upon his servant Lichas (he thought Lichas betrayed him but it was instead his wife).
    A symbolic way of showing John exacting his rage due to his loss upon the world under the table.
    Tumbs up so the guys can see it please :)

  • Quinten Cornelius
    Quinten Cornelius 3 years ago +36

    “It’s a Yu-Gi-Oh card” I literally said the same thing when I first watched this movie lol

  • LawofCinema
    LawofCinema 3 years ago +254

    Lmao, the crowd thought John shooting that guy on stage was fake/part of the show. They arent satanic

    • Banana Cat
      Banana Cat Year ago

      @ThePinkRubberDucky Why would you assume it was a concert for assassins? I never got the impression it was an Assassin-only concert?

    • MixerPlayz
      MixerPlayz Year ago

      @Suzi Danielle that's what a satanist would say...

    • The Onion System
      The Onion System 2 years ago +1

      @Stefanniko damn may he rest in peace

    • Strider
      Strider 3 years ago

      The people partying there were drunk.

    • hol up
      hol up 3 years ago +1


  • Tribal Chief
    Tribal Chief 7 months ago +3

    " I would hate to be held there to be an afterthought and then get shot" that shit killed me 💀💀

  • Willie Harrison
    Willie Harrison 3 years ago +391

    The John Wick movies from one to three all happen within a week

    • Vlad Cirus
      Vlad Cirus 3 years ago +4

      Probably longer than the new Star Wars trilogy.

    • Jacky Chang
      Jacky Chang 3 years ago +42

      I think it's more than a week, but less than a month.

    • griz312
      griz312 3 years ago +62

      Willie Harrison John wick 3 the Adjudicator mentions that it's been weeks since John Came out of retirement.

    • Nabneet Bhattacharjee
      Nabneet Bhattacharjee 3 years ago +47

      not exactly a week. john wick 2 starts 5 days after john wick 1.

  • erul reza
    erul reza Month ago

    john wick + pencil = legendary

  • ShogunEnder
    ShogunEnder 3 years ago +21

    Such an awesome movie just takes the good parts of john wick and makes it better

  • Joseph Post
    Joseph Post 3 years ago +17

    He chose not to honor the marker because he wanted out, even after everything that had happened. He killed in the Continental because he had nothing left to lose in the heat of the moment. He realizes he wants to live when cold reality sets in.

  • SS
    SS 3 years ago +22

    So let me get this straight...
    The 12 seats of the High Council are the heads of each global mafia? The Russians, The Italian, etc? I'd imagine the Yakuza has a spot as well. Am I correct?

  • Timed Revolver
    Timed Revolver 3 years ago +118

    The reason John did it was because the guy would keep sending people until John is killed.

    • sssssssssssss
      sssssssssssss Year ago +2

      yes but stupid people don't understand this..They keep saying ”whY hE’s kİllEd eVerYoNe lOllL”

  • gi4dtv
    gi4dtv Year ago +3

    I can't believe they waited until part 2 came out on Blue Ray to see it. I saw it as soon as it came out in theaters. I could not wait.

  • Ringo 101
    Ringo 101 3 years ago +30

    No movie has better sequels like John Wick. Seriously, it is very consistently consistent.

    • Ringo 101
      Ringo 101 3 years ago +2

      @Rasseabreeze what I meant was that each of its sequels were better than the last, more so than any other movie. Didn't mean there were no other good movie sequels.

    • Kickinthescience
      Kickinthescience 3 years ago

      Victor Olesso if you remember captain America and empire strikes back you should remember Godfather 2 and The Dark Knight

  • John
    John 3 years ago +473

    Shane tried to cover up his fart lmaoooooooo 5:09

    • Sean Morton
      Sean Morton 2 years ago +4

      It’s like Link yelling in Ocarina of Time 😂😂😂

    • Son is watching
      Son is watching 3 years ago +18

      Eric's face LMFAO.

    • beastmasterbg
      beastmasterbg 3 years ago +39

      at least they know each other so they're okay with it
      which is cool

    • Sedly Holmes
      Sedly Holmes 3 years ago +25

      😂 😂 didn't see that

  • Nerd Boy2002
    Nerd Boy2002 3 years ago +11

    Omg if you think John wick 2 was good I am definitely excited to see your reactions to 3 it's gonna be priceless

  • Niall Brooks
    Niall Brooks 3 years ago +41

    Hench men: Sir we got a problem
    Thanos: I wiped out half the universe, what problem could I have?
    Hench men: the john wick kind of problem. He is still alive
    Thanos: Oh!

    • AP4e_
      AP4e_ 3 years ago

      Niall Brooks „you kinda dusted john wicks dog“

    • Niall Brooks
      Niall Brooks 3 years ago +1

      @Prot07ype Its still funny

    • Prot07ype
      Prot07ype 3 years ago +2


    • JCM55
      JCM55 3 years ago +2


  • Overlord0011
    Overlord0011 2 years ago +2

    Hey, if you guys haven't seen them, I'd suggest watching the Cinema wins episodes of these movies. They point out a lot of details and behind-the-scenes aspects that I didn't pick up on until he pointed it out.

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith 2 months ago

    Something I find very interesting about the premise of this film was that Santino, as far as the assassin society was concerned, was entirely within his right to do everything that he did. We don't know John and Santino's history exactly, but there was enough respect / honor between them that Santino, for all intents and purposes of assassin society, did John a massive solid with his favor that gave John the chance to break away from all of it. He presumably had every intention to not cash in his mark and let John live his life. We can argue he would've eventually knocked on John's door without John coming back into the society, but we don't know that for sure. All evidence points to him being true to his word. And all the backstabbing that Santino does outside of Continental is completely fair game among assassins.
    At the end of the day, even though John is the protagonist and arguably more likeable of the two, Santino, as far as assassin society goes, was completely in the right.

  • sofiyan ali
    sofiyan ali Year ago +1

    I love seeing Detective Calvin react to these action movies!
    You can tell he’s analyzing the crap out of them!

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat Year ago +3

    10:18 If Santino kills his sister, it's a war between two factions in one crime family.
    If John Wick kills his sister and he kills John Wick it's an asassin killing his sister, a brother inheriting the power and avenging his sister.
    It seems like no ones going to blab about Santino ordering the hit or that no one would care.

  • Sercease
    Sercease 3 years ago +3

    IMO At the end, John wanted to die. He knows he will just keep getting dragged back into this life and he doesn't want it anymore. He breaks continental rule cause F$% that coward, and accepts his fate so he can be reunited with his wife. Winston at the end gives him a mission. They both know the only way out now is to kill the high table and Winston sets him on that path. John needs a reason to live, Winston gave him that.

  • Aditya Kumar Ghosh

    Hey guys, this is my first visit to your channel. I absolutely loved the fact that you guys take notes while watching the movie and having a discussion about it at the end. I absolutely loved and admire your love for movies and am your subscriber from today. By The Way you guys have a Great collection in the Background.

  • Jimmy McFly
    Jimmy McFly 3 years ago +2

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  • Aaerondight
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    I love you guys 😂😂

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    Tom Kennedy 10 months ago +3

    "Why is there a second chapter? He already killed everybody!"
    "There are 15 Final Fantasies, Aaron…" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rose Carmichael
    Rose Carmichael 3 years ago +33

    the actual reason he yells at 7:05 because he swore he wouldnt go back to that life (Hitman Life) and is putting together what is happening.If ya didnt know

  • blackkatt777
    blackkatt777 3 years ago +2

    Idk if you guys noticed that there were 3 former support or co-star actors who played in a Keanu featured movie. In the first movie, the "doctor" that stitched him up in the Continental was the "Key maker" from the second Matrix movie. In this movie second movie, the Russian brother that took his car in storage, played Lucifer in Constantine. And of course....the legendary Morpheus Fishburne. Lol

  • Phoenix Lennard
    Phoenix Lennard Year ago

    "Put some points in perception!"
    Okay, hands down the best joke 😂😂😂
    *EDIT* I changed my mind, Calvin's reference to Joker's pencil trick is the best joke LOL

  • itsVegas
    itsVegas 3 years ago +1

    I think the main reason John decided to ultimately kill him on Continental grounds is because that asshole could send assassin after assassin after assassin after John for the end of time and remain safe in the Continental for the rest of his life. Not wanting to always be under threat of being killed by a man who essentially cannot be killed..he ended his life to prevent that, but ended up creating the same fate for himself.

  • Rophy
    Rophy 3 years ago

    My favorite shot in the movie is John on the subway after his house blew up and the lighting illuminating John compared to the rest of the riders. So good.

  • - Skinner -
    - Skinner - 3 years ago +16

    Another great reaction to amazing movie.

  • Gaunter O'Dimm
    Gaunter O'Dimm 2 years ago +2

    I like the fact the continental manager assumed the only target that would bring John out of retirement is the Pope.

  • Michael Y
    Michael Y 3 years ago +325

    "That going to be John Wick 3." lol

    • bait
      bait 2 years ago

      @heavyrain4485 member

    • Sumflo
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      I like how John Wick 3 literally started off from that

    • Lowe
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  • J.V.R.
    J.V.R. 2 years ago +1

    I only now realised that his wife loved daisies. You could see one on the coffeemug in John Wick 1, the puppy was named Daisy (hence John wasn't surprised by the name) and the card has daisies on it.

  • Angel Leach
    Angel Leach 2 years ago +4

    14:17 the moment Aaron’s needle phobia becomes a pencil phobia 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Elie
    Elie 3 years ago

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  • Mythdefied
    Mythdefied 3 years ago +2

    Ian McShane is awesome. Perfect in the role of Winston.

  • Pee Wee Wallabowski
    Pee Wee Wallabowski 2 months ago +1

    Having Peter Stormare play Viggos brother is such a delight for me as a Swede. He and Mikael Nyqvist was good friends in real life

  • Bumble Butt
    Bumble Butt 3 years ago +45

    @4:38 Yes, Keanu lost his fiance and unborn child in a car accident during the filming of the first Matrix, if I remember correctly.

      YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR ! 3 years ago +16

      @echo 13 It is amazing he can still be such a nice and caring person after the tragedies he has been through.

    • echo 13
      echo 13 3 years ago +2

      @YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR ! 18 months after Ava Archer Reeves was stilborn.

      YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR ! 3 years ago +6

      Bumble Butt actually, I read his baby was stillborn and his girlfriend died a couple years later in a car accident.

  • hex1c
    hex1c 3 years ago

    Awesome reaction guys! Keep em coming!

  • Gregory Ma
    Gregory Ma 2 years ago +1

    anyone noticed at most fight scenes eric, (the second person from the left) shane and aaron are in pain looking at where john wick stabs the people who are trying to kill him while rick is calmly enjoying the scene

  • R M
    R M 2 years ago

    Love the scene with the tailor - kind of sums up the world he lives in.

  • Gennie Deckssar
    Gennie Deckssar 3 years ago

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    Loved it

  • coligraphy
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    The reason he killed him on hotel grounds was because he was on the high table he could call more back up and help so he took his opportunity

    • coligraphy
      coligraphy 3 years ago

      @houseofaction yeah that's what I meant thx

    • houseofaction
      houseofaction 3 years ago +1

      no he killed him on the grounds of the continental because if he didn't kill him than and there he would never kill him

  • chanel henderson
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    5:08 had me dying, had to play this at .25 speed 😂😂😂

  • Kushagra Ursal
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    the bad guy is lucky john wick didn't have a pencil for the whole movie or it would have gotten over in 5 minutes .

  • TheKiza02
    TheKiza02 3 years ago +1

    I think it was Aaron that said it but fuck i'd love to see a prequel where we see how john put the mob boss from the first film on top, a chance to see the Bogeyman in his prime, I think they'd go way crazy with it because it was the job that john was promised freedom for

  • Merecir
    Merecir 3 years ago +23

    The actor is Peter Stormare.
    Funny how both the russian mob bosses are Swedish actors. =D

    • KA5H 95
      KA5H 95 3 years ago +2

      And John Abruzzi in prison break

    • Dany89
      Dany89 3 years ago +5

      He also played a Russian in Armageddon.

  • Alexis
    Alexis Year ago +2

    Fun Fact: The guy who played Santino, Chad Stahelski, is also the movies director.

  • Ralph Shadow
    Ralph Shadow 3 years ago +6

    My favorite scene had to be how he killed the guys with a pencil. 😏 Seriously who does that!

  • C. Sophia S.
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  • Christina Kapaun
    Christina Kapaun 2 years ago +1

    I love your reactions. You sound like me when I watched the movies ..."Owwwww .... Nooooo.... Ooooooft ...Woahhh... F*****ck" ...I'd struggle to watch them at the cinema where I can't yell at the screen. Btw ... could not see this in the comments (may have overlooked it), but Gianna's suicide was reportatedly Keanu's idea who thought just killing her would fall too flat. And right he was. I love those John Wick movies.

  • Enso
    Enso 3 years ago +20

    The russian guy is Peter Stormane, he played Lucifer in Constantine.

    • Daniel Harrison
      Daniel Harrison 3 years ago +2

      King Sisyphus agreed, I enjoyed the movie for the most part, but the way he played Lucifer was just perfect.
      I also really loved Viggo’s performance of Lucifer in The Prophecy, Christopher Walken made the movie, but Viggo was the icing on the cake (as short as his scenes were).

    • Enso
      Enso 3 years ago +2

      @Daniel Harrison He saved that movie for me, the best Lucifer portrayal ever

    • Daniel Harrison
      Daniel Harrison 3 years ago +1

      He is such a good character actor.

  • Nicholas Gan KC
    Nicholas Gan KC 2 years ago +1

    Interesting movie, put more effort into the gunfu shootouts. A true assassin will be an expert in shootouts. The movie should emphasize this in more innovative ways. Like something we haven't seen before. Dual welding for example. Nevertheless an entertaining movie but falls short in realism.

  • Malak
    Malak 3 years ago +2

    Pretty sure the mute henchman died. John allowed Cassian to buy him a drink out of respect and subsequently let him live (due to their mutual respect), where as John refuses the offer from Ares (The mute henchman) to buy him a drink then later on decides to kill her and not give her the same courtesy as Cassian.

    • Malak
      Malak 3 years ago

      @AP4e_ yes you are right, thanks for correcting!

    • AP4e_
      AP4e_ 3 years ago +1

      *mute i think, not deaf

  • bassliveevil
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    I loved it when they revealed Fishburne in JW2.

  • ToqKaizogou
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    John Wick 1 Reaction: "Such a cute puppy!"
    John Wick 2 Rraction: "Hell of a house."

  • Nin The Frog
    Nin The Frog 9 months ago

    The last scene will always be a masterpiece

  • Douglas Reuber
    Douglas Reuber 3 years ago

    keanu the best person to play someone who lost their wife by far, the emotion is well shown

  • EPRGGP/ EpicRageGameplays

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  • Ioan Taf
    Ioan Taf 2 years ago

    Seeing the pencil kills it made me think, the most inefficient objects can result to some brutal deaths

  • jjef
    jjef 3 years ago +3

    Please react to no escape, an amazing movie that makes you feel more fear than big budget horror movies without even being one

  • S Visuals
    S Visuals 3 years ago +7

    Basically the plot of every *John Wicks* movie:
    Someone messes up with *John*

  • CM_87
    CM_87 Year ago +1

    @13:08 Winston standing on front of Shiva the Destroyer while talking about how much John has been wronged, and Antonio oblivious to that fact he should have come to a revelation that his life will come to an end and start repenting. Karma in the movie is glorious.