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Richard Spaven | "Muscle Memory" by Frederic Robinson

  • Published on Feb 18, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Vic Firth Artist Richard Spaven joins artist Frederic Robinson on his second single, "Muscle Memory" from Frederic's EP "Hiding Music In Everything".
    Frederic Robinson is proud to unveil 'Muscle Memory', the second single taken from his upcoming EP 'Hiding Music In Everything' due for a summer 2021 release.
    Following 'ENGRAM' which receives great support from across the board, this new track features world renowned drummer Richard Spaven bringing his trademark subtle yet incredibly skillful and tasty playing to Frederic's intricate production. This is not the two musicians' first collaboration as Frederic co-produced a couple of tracks from Richard's last album 'Real Time'.
    "'Muscle Memory' feels like the perfect fusion of what both Rich’s and my music is all about. It’s been a really exciting process getting all the elements together; from finding the right colors and textures for the instrumental, to locking in one of Rich’s masterful grooves. I’m so proud of what we made here and I hope you feel the love that went into it!" ~ Frederic
    Frederic Robinson - Muscle Memory ft. Richard Spaven
    ‘Muscle Memory’ written by Frederic Robinson and Richard Spaven
    Production: Frederic Robinson
    Drums: Richard Spaven
    Mixed by Patrick Phillips
    Mastered by Lachlan Carrick
    Video: Barbara Klein
    Artwork: Kristina Saganova
    Recording Engineer: Fabian Knof
    ➤Website: www.robinson.audio/
    ➤Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/3wCcW...
    ➤Instagram: spaven23
    ➤Instagram: vicfirth
    ➤Twitter: vicfirth
    ➤Website: www.vicfirth.com
    ➤Clip-Share (Marching): / vicfirthmarching
    ➤Clip-Share (Concert): / vicfirthconcert
    ➤Facebook: vicfirth.com...
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Comments • 75

  • Julien LaPierre
    Julien LaPierre 2 years ago +45

    That was possibly the most graceful drumming I’ve ever seen

    • Sanchit Batra
      Sanchit Batra 2 years ago +2

      Check out Gavin Harrison if you haven't already 🙂

    • Führer chan
      Führer chan 2 years ago +2

      @Sanchit Batra Was about to comment the same.
      Gavin Harrison's 19 days is the epitome of graceful, elegant and beautiful drumming

  • shootsbraw
    shootsbraw 2 years ago +45

    So sophisticated and restrained! No one like him.
    Gotta give props to the sound engineer. Rarely do you hear such clarity and focus in drum recordings!

  • Todd Dane
    Todd Dane 2 years ago +7

    The drumming completes the whole composition; Just perfect, not abit more, not abit less. Bravo👏👏
    I like 👍

  • Sebastià Gayà
    Sebastià Gayà Year ago +1

    Sounds like Hidden Orchestra. Love it! :-)

  • TheGuy
    TheGuy 2 years ago +5

    This mix is gorgeous, the drumming is amazing

  • Alex Robera
    Alex Robera 2 years ago +3

    That’s just sonic magic. Great playing!

  • Vladimir Lebedev
    Vladimir Lebedev 2 years ago +1

    Потрясающе. Не особый любитель такой музыки, но тут голова сама в такт качается.

  • Yeet Feet
    Yeet Feet 2 years ago +5

    Man those ghost notes were unreal! Great job dude!

    • Ga8riel
      Ga8riel 2 years ago +1

      Blended so beautifully with almost dead sound of the cymbals.

    • Yeet Feet
      Yeet Feet 2 years ago

      @Fromth3d3pths it’s very calm.

  • Miguel De La Rosa Torres
    Miguel De La Rosa Torres 2 years ago +4

    phenomenal Richard a lot of coordination, subtlety and musicality every time you play the drums. meinl byzance cymbals great sound i'm in love with them

  • Goin' Drummer
    Goin' Drummer 2 years ago +2

    To me, this sounds like advanced version of JD Beck drumming. Amazing

    • bishopoftroy
      bishopoftroy 2 years ago +2

      They have absolutely nothing in common. JD Beck is just a wind-up toy.

    • Rhys Graham
      Rhys Graham 2 years ago +2

      @bishopoftroy JD's like 15 though, give him a few years to figure out how to play with a bit more restraint and he definitely has the technical ability to pull this off. Although it's a rare drummer indeed that's as tasteful as the Spave

    • bishopoftroy
      bishopoftroy 2 years ago

      @Rhys Graham I agree, though his style is kind of already there but it`s nice that everyone is unique. Linear playing is a trend now that everyone is jumping on.

  • Roger S Rivera
    Roger S Rivera 2 years ago +1

    Excellent composition and audio production. I think this is my path. I refer to my path as I will start composing this type of experimental music, I am just waiting a couple of days to finish my studio (acoustically treated).

  • gastrein11
    gastrein11 2 years ago

    no one could have played better, just beautiful

  • P D
    P D 2 years ago +8

    Control, poise, grace.

  • Louis B's Music Reviews

    Drum parts exhibit a great balance of science and emotion, and the tune is dope. Keep these coming!

  • Seba Sayt
    Seba Sayt 2 years ago

    Such a great drummer! He plays really delicated and sounds great! Awesome cymbals

  • paul budd
    paul budd 2 years ago

    One of my favs! This track is unreal!!!!

  • Lehlohonolo Mathe
    Lehlohonolo Mathe 2 years ago

    Sounds fantastic.

  • mason rent
    mason rent 2 years ago +5

    Waitin for some spaven stuff for too long!:-) beautiful! Dryest drums ever and alway

  • Tim Richter
    Tim Richter 2 years ago

    Pure Mastery! Wow..

  • Jörgen Ivarsson
    Jörgen Ivarsson 2 years ago

    Just fantastic!

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross 2 years ago +7

    I NEED that middle stack, such a beautiful dark sound

  • Gordon Perkins
    Gordon Perkins 2 years ago


  • Dom's Drum School
    Dom's Drum School 2 years ago

    Class man!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Niels Peter Kjeldsen

    Beautiful. 👍🏻

  • Siemy Di Drums
    Siemy Di Drums 2 years ago


  • ptitsa phoenix
    ptitsa phoenix 2 years ago +1

    очень стильно и музыкально играет молодой человек
    большой молодец
    я бы весь концерт слушал

  • Christoph Meirich
    Christoph Meirich 2 years ago

    Awsome! You are a top musician!!! Thx for sharing!!!! Greetings from germany Christoph 👏👏👏👏👏 Chapeau!!!!!

  • EricT43
    EricT43 2 years ago

    Wow, perfection.

  • jeffrey kwon
    jeffrey kwon 2 years ago

    Beautiful touch and sound~~~

  • Reuben Gingrich
    Reuben Gingrich 2 years ago


  • Papapoo Do
    Papapoo Do 2 years ago

    So good!!

  • Holb Alexandra
    Holb Alexandra 2 years ago +1


  • Gniewomir Tomczyk / Music

    Great! 🔥

  • Álvaro
    Álvaro 2 years ago

    Smoothest drummer ever!

  • Mc Fly
    Mc Fly 2 years ago +1

    Wow, just wow. This really fine ghostnotes and the dynamics.
    In the beginning it's Fusion and turns into Samba, right?

    • pacman lp
      pacman lp 2 years ago

      No about samba. Yes everything else

  • lentzintl
    lentzintl 2 years ago

    Dang!!! 😲🙌👏👏👏👏

  • Angela Solis
    Angela Solis 2 months ago

    Sounds like a Mario kart song……drumming is impressive.

  • antkn33
    antkn33 2 years ago


  • Buddythunder1
    Buddythunder1 2 years ago

    Reminds me a bit of Yellowjackets. Super clean playing, really tasty too.

  • Ju Sin
    Ju Sin 2 years ago


  • Jaquan Xanthan
    Jaquan Xanthan 2 years ago


    • Andreas Breitwieser
      Andreas Breitwieser 2 years ago

      well, it's not exactly the same (because Richard is unique), but check out GoGo Penguin......

    • Andreas Breitwieser
      Andreas Breitwieser 2 years ago +1

      .....also check out the videos from Jharis Yokley at MEINL Cymbals, and - of course - JD Beck and DOMi..........

    • M Phase
      M Phase 2 years ago

      Check out his album with sandunes

    • Jaquan Xanthan
      Jaquan Xanthan 2 years ago

      Thanks! Is there a playlist of drumset music like this, with a track and irregular hits?

    • nameloss
      nameloss 2 years ago

      amir bresler is great too

  • Kyle Adams Drums
    Kyle Adams Drums 2 years ago

    this is really enjoyable wow

  • Dom's Drum School
    Dom's Drum School 2 years ago


  • man tos
    man tos 2 years ago

    Neuron Memory* if we want to be precise! ;)
    Spaven is God!

  • victor quintana martin

    Yo soy su primo.Fuí yo quién lo introduje en la percusión,desde niños,con los calderos de la abuela.

  • Xiangqian Feng
    Xiangqian Feng 2 years ago +2

    That's dope! Love from HK, China.

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross 2 years ago +1

    patrick phillips and lachlan carrick are fucking masters of their crafts

  • mindsfun -
    mindsfun - 2 years ago

    His hands are like mittens 👌 feels like booter

  • Hommerecorder
    Hommerecorder 2 years ago


  • mtthwclrk63
    mtthwclrk63 2 years ago

    Jesus 🙌🏾

  • David Müller
    David Müller 2 years ago

    Is the mix binaural?

  • Simon Peter Green
    Simon Peter Green 2 years ago


  • Kurt Diedericks
    Kurt Diedericks Year ago

    Can anyone tell me where the 1 is ?

  • Stefania De Los Rios

    Si alguien supiera que platos está usando? Por fa!

  • Дмитрий Хмельницкий

    На троечку)

  • Pier Paolo Tancredi
    Pier Paolo Tancredi Year ago +1

    no one like spaven