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Wild 'N Out Stars Nick Cannon, DC Young Fly & More Will Make You Laugh | Hip Hop Awards '22

  • Published on Aug 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Watch us countdown the 5 biggest laughs from last year's BET Hip Hop Awards! #BET #HipHopAwards #NickCannon #DCYoungFly #85SouthShow @The85SouthShow @DcYoungFly @NickCannon @WildNOut
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Comments • 39

  • KeDarius Ingram
    KeDarius Ingram 9 months ago +65

    They definitely need to do 2023 cause they need a chance to interact with the stars for laughs this was good but they need to bring it even harder

  • Lauryn Rhodes
    Lauryn Rhodes 9 months ago +52

    2:27 "you too rich to be musty"😭

  • Nike Air Fubu
    Nike Air Fubu 9 months ago +92

    They so 🔥 they should host 2023’s

  • Hair Master Deluxe
    Hair Master Deluxe 9 months ago +25

    Back when the BET Awards was
    Litt💥 like this 😂😂

  • Sagittarius Vibez
    Sagittarius Vibez 9 months ago +15

    Praise God for Our Black Culture! 💯✊🤎🖤❤

  • King David
    King David 8 months ago +3

    They should host every year.

  • KayJay!
    KayJay! 9 months ago +17

    “Who that is martin luther king son” 😂😂

    • Sibulele
      Sibulele 9 months ago

      I laughed at that 🤣🤣

  • Robel kindalem
    Robel kindalem 9 months ago +34

    U know these three are the best and thx to nick canon

    • Life is too precious
      Life is too precious 9 months ago +4

      Uhhh these are self made people who got an opportunity. Nick didn't make them

    • ADA 1995
      ADA 1995 9 months ago +2

      @Life is too precious of course nick cannon didn't make them but without wild n out they wouldn't have blown up like they did and Nick also created 85 South especially for them and they said that themselves

    • Hound S3
      Hound S3 9 months ago

      @ADA 1995 Nick didn’t create 85 south it was Karlous and Chico idea, since they was close with Dc and Clayton they brought them in too, their fame from the show helped but they blew up majority on their own talent, Nick has nothing to do with 85 south

    • Tamara_Diamonds
      Tamara_Diamonds 9 months ago +2

      @ADA 1995 Nick had nothing to do with 85 south show. You’re only right about Wild N Out gained them more exposure.

  • Phronesis7
    Phronesis7 9 months ago +13

    Chico Bean’s comments bruh…!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mitch Nochill
    Mitch Nochill 9 months ago +1

    Bruh the real money playing monopoly 🤣💯

  • Victoria Brown
    Victoria Brown 9 months ago +3


  • Tyesha Cross
    Tyesha Cross 9 months ago +4


  • Late Nite With Qutie
    Late Nite With Qutie 9 months ago +6


    BIGNELL TV 8 months ago

    Happy Birthday
    Queen Momma Dee
    Love and HipHop Legend

  • Jason Gunn
    Jason Gunn 9 months ago +3

    you too rich to be musty 😂😂

  • Wake-🌄-And-Bake 🌿With     "Uncle Ray"

    Blessings 🙏....

  • Jaybbydaboii400
    Jaybbydaboii400 9 months ago +3


  • Ben Rugo
    Ben Rugo 9 months ago

    He too old to be a water boy😂

  • Lee Styles
    Lee Styles 9 months ago +20

    Ummm wild out stars…. Y’all hired them as 85 South Respect Them In That Way

  • luciddarks
    luciddarks 9 months ago +1

    The people laughing be lookin like everybody hates chris

  • FyrstTeam Jay
    FyrstTeam Jay 9 months ago +1

    Missing Clayton

  • Emerald Kay's Garden
    Emerald Kay's Garden 9 months ago +4


  • kangwa chisongo
    kangwa chisongo 8 months ago


  • D E
    D E 9 months ago +1

    Please tell my story…

  • Anthony Hodnett
    Anthony Hodnett 8 months ago

    You know what is really funny? Fat Joe hosting this year's awards.

  • Ytnbrazy
    Ytnbrazy 8 months ago


  • Orateng Thelo
    Orateng Thelo 9 months ago


  • Trey Turner
    Trey Turner 9 months ago


  • Robel kindalem
    Robel kindalem 9 months ago +10

    U know these three are the best and thx to nick canon

    • Kash Moni
      Kash Moni 9 months ago +6

      These niqqaz been popping waaaaay before wildn out. Yall niqqaz late asf