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Conan Reunites With Jordan Schlansky | Team Coco

  • Published on Aug 15, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Conan confronts Jordan about his new look.
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  • AllGoodThingsNetwork
    AllGoodThingsNetwork 11 months ago +2714

    Jordon "I did not let myself go, I just *went* " 😂

    • It is I
      It is I 11 months ago +110

      To be precise he went in verious ways...

    • Cesar Arteaga
      Cesar Arteaga 11 months ago +15

      Bring Conan back to tbs

    • Beastin Thesky
      Beastin Thesky 7 months ago +22

      Empowering words.

    • Marvin Cool
      Marvin Cool 6 months ago +14

      Epic quote

    • Antoine Silva
      Antoine Silva 5 months ago +6

      Now he looked like some French colonial governors…

  • Femboy Skeleton
    Femboy Skeleton 11 months ago +2238

    Its incredible that even without the audience laughter you can still occasionally hear stifled laughter from the crew, a testament to Conans genuine comedic skill

    • Overland Bobcat
      Overland Bobcat 8 months ago +49

      They laugh more at Jordan's comments, and I'm sure this drives Conan crazy.

    • Femboy Skeleton
      Femboy Skeleton 8 months ago

      @Overland Bobcat he's absolutely*enraged* beneath his smile

    • Juilce
      Juilce 8 months ago +16

      that was 100% Jordan. Unintentionally hilarious. And educational.

    • Orion Jimmy
      Orion Jimmy 6 months ago +3

      Conan are fun sometimes but are mostly just mean and insecure when it comes to Jordan.the real genius is Jordan.he is a natural just by being himself.he did not even have to try hard to make conan insecure.I think it was fun as hell.

    • Spooky
      Spooky 6 months ago +11

      @Overland Bobcat Jordan can only be as funny as he his with Conan around. They complement each other so well it’s crazy.

  • Dudeomfgstfux
    Dudeomfgstfux Year ago +2105

    I love that Jordan remembers a obscure child hood story just to call out Conan

    • Florian Adolf
      Florian Adolf 11 months ago +18

      Still, I sense this entire thing isn't about the pork chop, though, LOL😆

    • ♛ Mr. King ♛
      ♛ Mr. King ♛ 11 months ago +16

      Jordan doesn't seem like the type to have hood stories from when he was a child.

    • Tupper
      Tupper 6 months ago +12

      His improv has only gotten better! The character may be more natural because it started from his actual personality, but he's still really good and stays in every bit following every improv rule too, guy's top notch.

    • Michael's Explorations
      Michael's Explorations 5 months ago +1


  • Blackenstein
    Blackenstein Year ago +882

    Jordan is still getting paid even after the show has been over for a year is one of the most Jordan Schlansky thing

    • ASMR Buddha
      ASMR Buddha 2 months ago +21

      Can’t fire a guy when you don’t know what he does

  • Graham Van Dyke
    Graham Van Dyke Year ago +1084

    It's honestly strange not hearing the crowd laugh for 30 seconds or so, but then once you ease into the transition it just reminds me how Conan is hands down the best and funniest talk show host ever.

    • pakyomadapaka
      pakyomadapaka 10 months ago +12

      yeah. really weird just hearing myself laughing out loud without the audience.

    • jaz525
      jaz525 10 months ago +3

      I feel like without (added) laugh Conan is an unnecessary loud old man who thinks he is funny, but only comes out as annoying clown. Makes me cringe. And I used to like his show in the '00s.

    • Fatrick Star
      Fatrick Star 10 months ago +60

      @jaz525 that last sentence makes me think youre the loud old man

    • ירדן כהן
      ירדן כהן 8 months ago

      Huh... thought you were going the opposite direction with that..

  • karatevaldi
    karatevaldi Year ago +723

    Another golden quote from our boy: "I know how to protect myself from the various threats that exist"

    • RickJoystick
      RickJoystick 6 months ago +12

      I wonder if he sees Conan as one such threat

    • Abhishek Rao
      Abhishek Rao 2 months ago +5

      He conducts various tasks to protect from various threats.

  • SlowMobius
    SlowMobius Year ago +10283

    I'm seriously relieved to see that Jordan is still preparing his body in various ways.

    • Nangoto Man
      Nangoto Man Year ago +66

      and it seems to work for him!

      kLONDIKE69 NONE Year ago +47

      yeah he makes his mouth nice n purty for that tarantula lol

    • thekornrole
      thekornrole Year ago +56

      judging by the fact that only his face aged and his body is still pretty fit, I guess he is still strong in the body preparation game.

    • James Flynn
      James Flynn Year ago +66

      It’s among his various duties

    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis Year ago +7


  • Just a girl on the internet
    Just a girl on the internet 10 months ago +688

    “I don’t have angular cheilitis.” As a doctor I must say that is comedic gold.

  • Dinjur
    Dinjur 11 months ago +414

    "I didn't let myself go, I just went"
    Once again Jordan with the awe inspiring quotes.

    • Nick
      Nick 5 months ago +3

      Awe inspiring

  • Don
    Don 10 months ago +137

    omg this turned out to be surprisingly super hilarious. Jordan has proved time and time again that he can stand toe to toe with Conan's antics.

  • Jackdaw
    Jackdaw Year ago +147

    It's honestly heartwarming to see these two together again. Always love seeing them together

  • MinorityMans
    MinorityMans 10 months ago +190

    The Conan-Schlansky duo is the funniest thing comedy has ever produced.

  • Miro Caro
    Miro Caro Year ago +5412

    A year after his show ended, and he’s still the funniest out of all the late night hosts

    • Geetally Gee
      Geetally Gee Year ago +53

      Always has been 😂

    • John Wayne
      John Wayne Year ago +192

      late night died with conan's show. all that's left is propagandists.

    • Federico
      Federico Year ago +24

      Conan’s the GOAT.

    • Ty McLeod
      Ty McLeod Year ago +53

      Authenticity and lack of political bias does wonders for an entertainer.

    • あくすぴりえな
      あくすぴりえな Year ago +19

      Nowadays, late night tv is full of woke political pundits trying to be funny.

  • Jackie Chiles
    Jackie Chiles 5 months ago +35

    Watching Jordan try not to laugh is always the best part of their bits. I wouldn't be able to do it - Conan is too funny and charming.

  • samlol23
    samlol23 10 months ago +29

    People don’t give Jordan enough credit for being a perfect “straight man” to Conan’s comedic genius

  • Richard Monocchio
    Richard Monocchio 10 months ago +68

    I love how you can see the slight crack of a smile in Jordan's face when he is about to break character. It happened when Conan said he was being tarantula raped. I give Jordan a lot of credit because I literally fell out of my chair laughing when he said that.

  • ITS J.F.E
    ITS J.F.E 8 months ago +31

    I love the fact that the producers just bust out laughing! they couldn't help it after a while 😂😂😂

  • Andrew
    Andrew 6 months ago +32

    I’ve never seen a video more heartwarming in my life than to see these two legends together

  • Mastadon the Destroyer
    Mastadon the Destroyer Year ago +3824

    "I didn't let myself go, I just went."
    If that was improv, Jordan really is a genius.
    A terrifying genius.

    • Zeb
      Zeb Year ago +104

      Why do you think he's still getting paid

    • Boliusa bol
      Boliusa bol Year ago +34

      I would like to have heard him elaborate on what he meant unfortunately Conan interrupted. Something to do with graceful vs in denial.

    • I Can't State an opinion on the Internet
      I Can't State an opinion on the Internet Year ago +19

      that was a good quote and his explanation was good , jordan is amazing

    • kaladinstormdepressed
      kaladinstormdepressed Year ago +111

      ​@Boliusa bol "Let myself go" implies a sort of inactivity/laziness that led to his state -- much in the same vein of someone gaining a lot of weight due to a lifestyle change. Jordan didn't let anything happen. He's still meticulous about his appearance, eats healthy, and is obviously still working out. However, one can only do so much against the inevitability of aging and decay. Time pulls all people forward -- despite their best efforts and whether they want to or not. Thus, he never "let" anything happen to look a little worse for the wear; he simply "went" because there's nothing you can do to stop entropy.

    • Boliusa bol
      Boliusa bol Year ago +3

      @kaladinstormdepressed Good points.. I'm not sure one can say he is still working out. Though he did say that Conan had let himself go. I wouldn't say Conan is lazy but he is maybe in denial. You make a good point, a meticulously groomed beard with some grey in it isn't letting yourself go, it's just going. I'm not sure that conan let himself go though by your definition of it?

  • sgtigereye
    sgtigereye 3 months ago +10

    I love Conan, he will always be the best late night show host ever. Never fails to make me laugh.

  • Ashish
    Ashish 11 months ago +18

    This duo is amazing. It totally seems like unscripted old-school bashing between fast friends. Love you Conan and Jordan.

  • OfficialAbass
    OfficialAbass 10 months ago +107

    I like how Conan hugs him despite their "argument". It really seems he misses Jordan.

  • John Baek
    John Baek 11 months ago +12

    Conan is still the comedy GOAT! Thank you for all the years you have brought joy and laughter in to our lives.

  • Yofresh
    Yofresh 10 months ago +23

    I actually love this duo, been watching for years, their chemistry is unmatched

  • shai.loves.tacos
    shai.loves.tacos Year ago +1213

    “you think my face got fat?”
    “there’s been a…widening.” 😭🤣
    they are so hilarious & I’ve really missed them together !!

    • Driango
      Driango Year ago +2

      At least it was better than 2002 Conan

    • Space
      Space Month ago +1


  • John N
    John N 11 months ago +34

    Jordan seems like a dude you should be honored to hang out with. The amount of wisdom inside this man’s head is astonishing.

  • My Playlist
    My Playlist Year ago +12

    Omg!! We NEED more Conan and Jordan!! Best duo EVER!! I can’t stop laughing!!! I love them so much!!

    • Braydyn Niewiadomski
      Braydyn Niewiadomski 9 months ago

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      He was buried for three days and rose from the dead on the third day according to the scriptures.
      Repent and believe on His name and you will be saved! God bless you and your family in Jesus mighty name!

  • Elite Diver Co
    Elite Diver Co 4 months ago +25

    i love how really jordan loves conan and wants him to be great. what an amazing human

  • James Evans
    James Evans Year ago +5817

    "I did not let myself go, I just went" is one of the greatest lines ever.

    • Paris Ye
      Paris Ye Year ago +119

      I need to start saying this

    • 101 Design
      101 Design Year ago +26

      Jesus loves you James, He sees you. 🙂

    • Kokún de Nazareth
      Kokún de Nazareth Year ago +32

      @69 design
      What a weitd thing to say man. Don't be weird.

    • Kryptonite 365
      Kryptonite 365 Year ago +29

      the inevitable forward march of time

  • CharlieGunnerLearns
    CharlieGunnerLearns 10 months ago +9

    HONESTLY, THIS MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD WITH TEARS. I had to walk away from my desk I was laughing so hard. this was needed. brilliant

  • friendlystonepeople
    friendlystonepeople 6 months ago +10

    Jordan had to try so hard to stifle his laughter. Love it.

  • Scott H
    Scott H 11 months ago +7

    I thought the pandemic and the stress of everyday life was hard on me... But now that I see Conan has aged 30 years in the past two, I feel a lot better about myself. Thanks Conan!

  • G.S
    G.S 10 months ago +92

    Jordan and Conan should have their own talk show

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine Year ago +2912

    I love how Conan mercilessly bashes Jordan's appearance- but then loses it completely when Jordan makes the slightest, gentlest remark about his own appearance 🤣🤣🤣

    • Things That Makes You Wonder
      Things That Makes You Wonder Year ago +56

      I like the blank looks that Jordan gives Conan

    • Mike Ledger
      Mike Ledger Year ago +24

      Conan is getting that “grabby” old man syndrome

    • aparna776
      aparna776 Year ago +6

      What are you talking about? He didn't even get to his receded greying hair line, wrinkles on the face etc. Man there was so much material there and Jordan looks like he aged really badly by a few decades.

    • katon3645
      katon3645 Year ago +17

      @Mike Ledger Conan talks about how he has always roughhoused. Those 'angry grabs' are his way of covering his break when Jordan says something amazing.

    • snack☆entity🥨
      snack☆entity🥨 Year ago +4

      that's like the entirety of their dynamic together

  • vidya
    vidya 11 months ago +19

    Man.. Even without the audience's laugh Conan and Jordan are so damn funny. Made me crack up so many times.

    • Braydyn Niewiadomski
      Braydyn Niewiadomski 9 months ago +1

      Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of the world to save mankind from death and hell and offer instead the gift of forgiveness and eternal life.
      He was buried for three days and rose from the dead on the third day according to the scriptures.
      Repent and believe on His name and you will be saved! God bless you and your family in Jesus mighty name!

    • Irani
      Irani Month ago

      @Braydyn Niewiadomski amen brother

    NVR DWN FX 5 months ago +30

    For those that don’t know, (I didn’t know either until Conan’s recent podcasts.) Their relationship was already like this and the producers and Conan came up with the idea to just film them both. They are genuinely like this day in and day out. They both know they love eachother and we love them for allowing us to witness their beauty together. 😂😂

    • NVR DWN FX
      NVR DWN FX 5 months ago +1

      I forgot to add that I don’t have many idols in life but Conan will always be my idol for being a narcissist and unfiltered personality while making a living out of it. Long live my favorite American talk show host.

  • Michelle Farrier
    Michelle Farrier 11 months ago +3

    I loved you both together. I could lol all day🤣 Please...come back full time 😆

  • Orpheusftw
    Orpheusftw 11 months ago +2

    These guys are so hilarious together, it really makes you wonder why they never had their own show.

  • Mike D
    Mike D 11 months ago +8

    Oh man I miss their banter. Their trip to Italy was amazing and I'd love to see that get made into a whole travel series.... and probably an episode of Dateline at the end.

  • FunGamerClips
    FunGamerClips Year ago +5581

    Just can't get enough of Conan making jokes, him laughing at them himself and Jordan staring blankly at him back. AH I miss these moments so much. Thanks Conan for this reunion!!! :)

    • Madhu Aditya
      Madhu Aditya Year ago +48

      lol hes trying so hard not to laugh

    • LeckMichImArsch
      LeckMichImArsch Year ago +78

      Jordan is still the deeply emotional man who performs various tasks.

    • Aaron
      Aaron Year ago +8

      My father has a similar sense of humor to Conan. XD

    • snavis
      snavis Year ago +2

      @Aaron oh yeah is that right?? Please do tell us more...

    • FattyFunkaPotamus
      FattyFunkaPotamus Year ago +11

      @Madhu Aditya I bet a lot of the cuts in this vid were Jordan cracking up. 😆so good to see these 2 together again

  • Sqwash Gaming
    Sqwash Gaming Year ago +4

    I love watching Jordan try not to break. These two are timeless.

  • JonG
    JonG 11 months ago +4

    The dynamic between these two on camera has always been magic

  • Darius Yang
    Darius Yang 9 months ago +46

    The tarantula joke is so great 🤣

  • YankeeDudelDandy
    YankeeDudelDandy Year ago +10

    One of the greatest comedy duos of all time. Still not sure if Jordan is in on it. Either way.

    • Jensen
      Jensen 3 months ago

      Both 😂

  • Marc Faur
    Marc Faur 9 months ago +3

    These two need to start a project together. I would watch anything with them!

  • Hunter Honda
    Hunter Honda Year ago +2391

    Glad to hear Jordan is "adequately progressing through this current period of his life"

    • AI Bot
      AI Bot Year ago +9

      All those years, living off the largess of Conan's empire. And now, he's penniless without a job. Makes sense.

    • Isacius
      Isacius Year ago +21

      @AI Bot Bro what?

    • Eikott
      Eikott Year ago +4

      @AI Bot ummmm did you even watch the video?

    • AI Bot
      AI Bot Year ago +5

      @Eikott There was a video? Where?

    • Jomar Felipe
      Jomar Felipe Year ago +2

      I wish we could all say the same 😅

  • V M
    V M 11 months ago +8

    Conan finding Jordan hilarious and laughing when he starts ranting also makes me laugh

  • Ryan Beckenbaugh
    Ryan Beckenbaugh 18 days ago +1

    The room laughter at 6:12 really gets me 😂😂😂

  • DoveofWar
    DoveofWar Year ago +1

    I’ve missed seeing Jordan so much. It’s so funny sticking these two in the same room together and what the chaos ensue.

  • Blueberry Tea
    Blueberry Tea 2 months ago +1

    I love Jordan almost broke his character. It’s so hard not to laugh when Conan talks🤣

  • RenEWok
    RenEWok 11 months ago +3

    I needed this so badly today. Thank you for this Conan and Jordan

  • Gagan Karna
    Gagan Karna Year ago +1582

    You know it's a good video when you hear the crew laughing in the background. Absolute gold.

    • Bee
      Bee Year ago +13

      All jokes asid. He needs to fix that beard.
      That shii looks crazy

    • sy las
      sy las Year ago +9

      @Bee He needs a full body shaving. Like he can remember lots of electrical shaving device serial numbers and even bought some of those. Why didn't he execute that program to shave himself.

  • Ilia Figueroa
    Ilia Figueroa 8 months ago +22

    At exactly 7:20 jordan is holding on for dear life and trying not to burst out laughing and crying!

  • faranak jizan
    faranak jizan 7 months ago +2

    More videos together!! You guys are just a great duo lol

  • Surfgator
    Surfgator Month ago +1

    I love how both Sona and Jordan respond to Conan with "OK"!!!

  • Alex Acevedo
    Alex Acevedo 10 months ago +1

    Can’t stop laughing this is awesome both incredible Thanks a lot 🎉😂

  • Amanda Henderson
    Amanda Henderson 2 months ago +1

    Even without seeing each other because of covid the magic is still there

  • deetjay
    deetjay Year ago +8063

    “I am adequately progressing through this period of my life” is the perfect phrase to describe the last couple of years.

    • Salt
      Salt Year ago +59

      Your display picture is quite appropriate for this remote

    • Chimera
      Chimera Year ago +49

      The Covid virus fears Jordan

    • Sven Poletka
      Sven Poletka Year ago +28

      It does seem like Jordan gained some personality in return for losing his physical form, though.

    • Gert Neumann
      Gert Neumann Year ago +16

      He‘s still got it.

  • Victoria Iacoviello
    Victoria Iacoviello Year ago +2

    please do a show together again. The world needs you two😂🙏🏽🙏🏽🤣

  • David Eberline
    David Eberline 2 months ago +1

    I'm shocked more people aren't put off by Jordan's personality.

  • William Diaz
    William Diaz 11 months ago

    The Best Comedy Duo . Love the sarcasms, passive aggressive comebacks and fluent interactions. THANK YOU 🎉 Coco and Jordan!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼

  • AlexLun
    AlexLun 8 months ago +4

    At this point I just need a one hour special where conan and jordan go out on a roadtrip.

  • Tokiya Kills In Sight
    Tokiya Kills In Sight Year ago +1493

    I love how Conan embraced Clip-Share before any other Late Night talk show host, and he makes content exclusively for Clip-Share. He really does know how to change with the times in order to stay relevant. When Covid hit, Conan was one of the few late night talk show hosts who carried over to Clip-Share without issue.

    • Jeremy C
      Jeremy C 11 months ago +30

      I remember back in the day Conan mentioned how much he loved Clip-Share waaayyyyyyy before he even had any videos on it.

    • Yofresh
      Yofresh 10 months ago +4

      This is big facts, hes the goat

    • Sly88Frye
      Sly88Frye 10 months ago +2

      Wait how long has he been uploading some videos exclusively to youtube? I was always under the impression that all the videos I saw from Team Coco were clips taken from the show. Trevor Noah adapted the best to the pandemic in 2020 and really did seem like he truly was a Clip-Sharer instead of just the host of The daily Show

    • Potaters12
      Potaters12 8 months ago +8

      Conan has no idea how to change with the times it's his crew that does. Conan himself doesn't need to change with the times because he is timeless.

  • lisa luv
    lisa luv Year ago +1

    Hi Conan,
    Missing ur funny videos .
    Watching this video , had me rewatch all of the old ones - which I so enjoy the most . Thanks to you cuz u make me laugh the most when my surroundings fails miserably.

  • TheSheerohimada
    TheSheerohimada 9 days ago

    Still hilarious to see these two interact.

  • NinjaGamer13
    NinjaGamer13 11 months ago +1

    This is outrageously funny. Conan and Jordan are so great.

  • PissMyAss Lynch
    PissMyAss Lynch 3 months ago +1

    They were hilarious enough to make the camera men laugh 😂 😹 🤣 😃

  • ibarra isaac
    ibarra isaac 7 months ago +2

    If Conan and Jordan had a podcast they would top the charts

  • Andrew Hirsch
    Andrew Hirsch 6 months ago +1

    More Jordan! Love this guy, how is he able to keep a straight face is amazing.

  • Island Fox
    Island Fox Year ago +1208

    No matter what ... The Jordan Conan skits will always have a special place in our hearts. It was a different kind of comedy unlike anything on TV or youtube

    • The Cowboy
      The Cowboy Year ago +11

      Absolutely, and we also miss the live audience laughing at their skits.

    • Brian Kiger
      Brian Kiger Year ago +14

      It's the ultimate personality clash. It's modern day Odd Couple.

    • Chris Greenhough
      Chris Greenhough Year ago

      It was quite a similar dynamic to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's stuff with Karl Pilkington. Worth checking out if you haven't already!

    • VideoNozoki
      VideoNozoki Year ago

      I do NOT like the Jordan bits AT ALL. I would be just as happy with Conan and ANYONE ELSE! Just be sure to include Conan - that is my only request. (NO need for Jordan)

    • Chris Greenhough
      Chris Greenhough Year ago +7

      @VideoNozoki Thank you, Mrs. O'Brien

  • TK-0327
    TK-0327 5 months ago +1

    They really need to bring Conan back to tv with a live audience.

  • Amy Kim Anderson
    Amy Kim Anderson 11 months ago +1

    this is the only man in comedy that deserves the courtesy laugh because you know we all laughing. every single one of us lol.

    NVR DWN FX 5 months ago +2

    6:07 you know it’s a great joke when the people on set can’t hold their laughter in. JORDAN THE LEGEND.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 10 months ago +1

    Conan and this guy, get a show now!! I would give anything to see them just be lol. A funny ass duo.

  • Solo6R
    Solo6R 6 months ago

    I haven't laughed in a good while, but this one did it. I miss Jordan and Conan.

  • SNES drunk
    SNES drunk Year ago +1115

    Even the crew is cracking up lol... need Jordan on the podcast to interact with Sona and Matt

    • team 89er
      team 89er Year ago +26

      that would be 3 hours of podcast

    • Aleksandar Ivanov
      Aleksandar Ivanov Year ago +43

      They would talk about various topics

    • Rohit Chauhan
      Rohit Chauhan Year ago +8

      @team 89er and the bad thing is?

    • Christopher Townsend
      Christopher Townsend Year ago +15

      Fun Fact: Sona does not wish to spend time with Jordan.

    • mealbaffler
      mealbaffler Year ago +9

      wow spotted one of my favorite youtubers on a random Conan video, snesdrunk 10/10

  • atm na
    atm na Year ago +6

    the only thing i hate about this duo is that it's a delicacy, it's like if we get too much of them, it might ruin those glorious moments they reunite. 😢

  • mark peirson
    mark peirson 10 months ago +2

    “I didn’t let go! I just let.” Jordan is truly a genius

  • Fresh Air
    Fresh Air Year ago +6

    Conan losing it at the pork chop family dinner table flashback absolutely killed me 😂😂😂 AHAHAHAAAA 🤣

  • ennenra smoke
    ennenra smoke 11 months ago

    I can not get enough of these Jordan videos. Funny as hell

  • Joe Brucato
    Joe Brucato 4 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣I love this I can’t help but to cry 😭😭😭

  • Vítor Martins
    Vítor Martins Year ago +929

    Jordan Schlansky is low-key one of the funniest characters on TV ever.

    • John
      John Year ago +12

      Hes not a character

    • Oscar Martinez
      Oscar Martinez Year ago +10

      He’s being himself

    • Fraggan
      Fraggan Year ago +2

      @Oscar Martinez no 😀hes in character

    • Blondie
      Blondie 8 months ago

      Him and Karl pilkington

  • D L
    D L 2 months ago

    Only Jordan would find a way to bring awareness to “Angular Cheilitis” 😂😂

  • Pierre
    Pierre 11 months ago

    How can I have seen this only after a month??? These two are pure gold. I missed these.

  • Xeranxies (8T8)
    Xeranxies (8T8) 11 months ago

    Could you imagine Conan as playing The Mask? I never even thought about it until I saw this. Personally I think he's fit the role really well.

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B 7 months ago +1

    The distinction Jordan makes between letting yourself go and just going 😂😂

  • foodie animal
    foodie animal Year ago +2

    I don't know how Jordan can maintain that kind of composure with Conan.. I almost died laughing.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohammad Hammad
    Mohammad Hammad Year ago +1350

    The best part is when Jordan has the slightest hint of a smile but he is holding in the laugh. Good to know there is a human inside that robot.

    • Captain P.
      Captain P. Year ago +68

      You misunderstood. It's a glitch within it's vile programming.

    • bub
      bub Year ago +37

      its only attempting to imitate human emotion

    • Arzachel
      Arzachel Year ago +4

      @bub yeah, it 😂

    • John wild
      John wild Year ago +2

      Tbh its proven that Conan makes even robots laugh.. so this proves nothing

    • Ferocity Rocket
      Ferocity Rocket Year ago

      Do you have a timestamp?

  • Dan Mcclellan
    Dan Mcclellan 10 months ago +2

    I wish Conan and Jordan would do a show together 🙏🏻 the real life odd couple 👏👏😂😂😂✌️

  • Plate Techfonics
    Plate Techfonics 11 months ago +2

    This filled my heart in various ways.

  • Jarvis
    Jarvis 8 months ago

    Conan we've all been saying this for years...a show with and Jordan traveling the world would be Gold

  • zul448
    zul448 11 months ago +6


    • Braydyn Niewiadomski
      Braydyn Niewiadomski 9 months ago

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      He was buried for three days and rose from the dead on the third day according to the scriptures.
      Repent and believe on His name and you will be saved! God bless you and your family in Jesus mighty name!

  • LîlîthGrey
    LîlîthGrey 6 months ago

    They need to make a reality show starring Conan and Jordan just pal-ing around.

  • Alexander Robinson - Movie & TV Reviews

    I lost it when Jordan basically referred to Conan as he said “when people decay physically” 🤣

    • nirradical
      nirradical Year ago +4

      Oh my god...same 😂

    • Tim Triplett
      Tim Triplett Year ago +1

      Who said that? I was too pissed Conan seemed like he was YELLING!!!! And Yes. you will Decay if you've been jabbed aka you will look Older by 20 years.

    • credenzamostro
      credenzamostro Year ago +1

      @Tim Triplett ok

  • sarahsue123
    sarahsue123 5 months ago

    Omg them just yelling at each other😅😅. I love their friendship

  • Jay Matheson
    Jay Matheson Year ago +1

    My friend got me a Cameo with Jordan. I really do think this guy is as smart as he portrays on Conan! Thanks for the cameo Jordan!

  • Emisfit
    Emisfit 5 months ago +1

    The show just ain’t the same without the audiences laughter.

  • Antony C
    Antony C Year ago

    We need a part two of getting Jordan back to his true self!

  • Efrain Quevedo
    Efrain Quevedo 5 months ago

    6:19 you can tell it's as true story by the way Conan breaks character and give a true laugh. He then goes back into character. Lololol
    Conan is the Best and Schlansky is dope too

  • Sage Saks
    Sage Saks Year ago +1470

    “I know how to protect myself from the various threats that exist”
    Jordan, you are truly a gentleman, and a scholar.

    • BrianNIL
      BrianNIL Year ago +10

      Honestly, if he really cared about covid he wouldn't let Conan's disease ridden mouth that close.

    • costanzafaust
      costanzafaust Year ago +14

      I wish when Conan said he got covid, Jordan replied "Because you don't wash your disgusting hands and please don't touch me."

    • Palapa
      Palapa Year ago +4

      Covid is ridiculous

    • Huntstyle
      Huntstyle Year ago +20

      He had already prepared his body in various ways

    • YAHUsha
      YAHUsha Year ago

      Jesus Christ died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who has faith in him. True faith in Jesus will have you bear good fruit and *drastically* change for the better! You will not abide in wickedness with the Holy Spirit leading you.
      God is three in one the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Bless him!
      As I am led by the Holy Spirit, nothing I state is a lie, but the truth of God. Anyone who tells you differently is misinformed or a liar. They do not know God, nor led by him.