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I Built a GOLD FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • aCookieGod
    aCookieGod  2 months ago +4293

    brand new COOKIE MERCH is out! only on sale for a limited time, so get some before its too late! :D acookiegod.shop/

  • Hahidak
    Hahidak Month ago +183

    Alternative title: aCookieGod slowly losing his sanity for 28 minutes

    • Madden geek 2
      Madden geek 2 6 days ago


    • Thomas Primett
      Thomas Primett 9 days ago

      @MissRobloxia_Pendemic I didn’t know he was ill

    • Denx Hsoma
      Denx Hsoma 16 days ago

      @Grammarly fake grammerly lol

    • Cool Potato
      Cool Potato 17 days ago

      Correction: 5,000,000 years

    • DallePlayz
      DallePlayz 18 days ago

      @MissRobloxia_Pendemic he meant the 28 mins of the video not the whole playing

  • Ivan Chen
    Ivan Chen Month ago +3

    10:26 got me there bro😅🎉

  • E_King
    E_King Month ago +2

    Happy New Year, aCookieGod! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Just wanna say that your content is awesome! It entertains me when I am bored. And I hope every one who reads this comment have a wonderful day!

  • The Dark Gem
    The Dark Gem Month ago +2

    "secret bank that's all protected" yes, a glass window you could easily break through is very protective of your gold 23:45

  • Nicholas Karn
    Nicholas Karn Month ago +1

    I don’t know how we planned this and build this so well he’s just a great Clip-Sharer

  • Raynan Nga pala
    Raynan Nga pala Month ago +54

    Just a suggestion mister acookiegod I would like you to make a tutorial vids for those different farms you have made in the previous video so that everyone or just me can understand the whole systems of redstones in your farm. Just like from the wood farm thou

  • Lyndy Bush Fine Art
    Lyndy Bush Fine Art Month ago +7

    Does the chest room hold the gold or does the bank hold the code and confused?

  • Koala Fan
    Koala Fan 21 day ago +2

    I haven’t even gotten a minute in yet and I had to comment. Yes, traditionally gold factories are in the nether but they don’t have to be. My very first ever gold factory I built in the overworld using 13 maxed sized nether portals linked for a big cube basically and the piggies came through and went down a water way to a hole where I killed them manually to get my gold.

  • NotV
    NotV Month ago +1

    Love this, this is a masterpiece.

  • ༒𝑻 𝑵 𝑫 𝑹 𝒀༒

    I just discovered your yt channel and I really like it the content it’s enjoyable the time flys by like click it great 👍

  • Clu3lessidk
    Clu3lessidk 2 months ago +67

    I love how he says "time to speed it up" even tho for him it's hours of relentless, determined work, keep it up Cookie👍🍪

  • Isabella Walker
    Isabella Walker Month ago +1

    Yes it does make it cooler.

  • Sean Nathan Antioquia
    Sean Nathan Antioquia 22 days ago +3

    A legend says the more pilars you make the cooler it gets

  • Assassin plays with a friends

    Make a bank please 😭❤

  • stupid
    stupid 15 days ago +1

    Did you know: you can actually get rid of mobs its a mode called "Peaceful" if you have 1.19.

  • Eric R
    Eric R 2 months ago +12

    You always bring joy to my day even when I am sad but every time I watch your videos I always feel some like happiness in my heart

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Dinoboy_2214
    Dinoboy_2214 Month ago

    Can we appreciate that he probably Learned how to do redstone for us

  • TTV_GamerBoom
    TTV_GamerBoom Month ago

    this is to good i wish he could make the vault part in his base

  • #Weird Rosie
    #Weird Rosie 8 days ago +1

    Yes, brick pillars look so good

  • Mara bo bara PARKER
    Mara bo bara PARKER 6 days ago

    The pillars definitely make it look 10 times cooler You're really good at building I never be able to build anything like that Plus my mom would probably kick me off before I could Even start on actual building.😶😑

  • Luca MB
    Luca MB 2 months ago +4

    I love all of your videos keep up the work

  • stinky snakes
    stinky snakes 19 days ago

    I like the pillars I think they make it look cooler

  • Money Club Official, Jammer version!

    I watch his vids 2 times a day, one to let me sleep (calming voice) and one to keep me entertained

  • FriendlyFinn23
    FriendlyFinn23 Month ago +1

    Love it but I got a suggestion. Just crouch on the magma blocks! Stops you from taking damage.

  • AbandonedServer
    AbandonedServer Month ago

    I think he should have at least over ten million subscribers because his content is so good😊Keep up the good work!

  • Sydney Icardo
    Sydney Icardo Month ago +3

    You always make me happy and make me laugh 😂

  • Ronetta Fraser
    Ronetta Fraser Month ago +3

    Nice videos

  • vaporeon13
    vaporeon13 Month ago

    Cookie: I hate mobs

  • Aman
    Aman Month ago

    Upgrade it by placing hoppers under where the piglin zombies die so you could collect the gold nuggets and leave the rotten flesh

  • Bonk Bonk
    Bonk Bonk Month ago

    He needed a redstone inverter to make the door work

  • CoolKid Gaming
    CoolKid Gaming 2 months ago +9

    The pillars look good 🏰

  • ウルフ Wolf
    ウルフ Wolf Month ago

    I knew how much you like cookies 🍪
    I like it too!! You are so clever! I will make it in my world.
    You worked very hard! Good work!

  • mecha base
    mecha base Month ago

    Make an ender pearl factory!
    It would be so cool

  • Red Stone
    Red Stone Month ago

    build a chunk loader in the nether so you can forever have the waterfall of pigmen

  • Marley Peters
    Marley Peters Month ago

    This is sick idk how you make all of this stuff

  • stryder
    stryder Month ago +4

    Bro you are the most creatieve person i've everseen damnn, you got a new subscriber👍

  • GirlGamer
    GirlGamer Month ago +1

    I love your videos and I want to build one someday when I get Minecraft

  • Zoro Idk
    Zoro Idk 25 days ago +1

    I have a suggestion @aCookieGodYT once you finish the series, if you do because minecraft has so many updates, you could release the world so that viewers can play.

  • Alejandro Merino
    Alejandro Merino 8 days ago

    The brick Paris actually do give up a a factory divide great I love your videos

  • Jack Singer
    Jack Singer Month ago +1

    You make me laugh whenever you do any jokes or anything kind of funny

  • Kim Hope
    Kim Hope 2 months ago +123

    Anyone else just love that cookie is just like a regular guy never hides his mistakes actually makes them part of the vid he's just dead chill and normal no big front like other mc youtubers the only thing not chill is the mad dedication to his crazy builds!!! Love it x

    • michelle odero
      michelle odero 2 months ago


    • Chelsea Schubert
      Chelsea Schubert 2 months ago +1

      He is my 3rd favorite Clip-Share his videos are so funny and they make me laugh when I’m sad or stressed

    • Iwosh8
      Iwosh8 2 months ago +2


    • Aleksandra N
      Aleksandra N 2 months ago +2

      I love this, too. Thanks to him I'm playing my world on "chill, bit*h" mode. And I'm not overwhelmed by Minecraft world and I don't delete it after a while, like I used to do

  • Ferrei SD
    Ferrei SD 23 days ago +2

    Anyone else heard the sticky key sound when he was shifting in mid-air?

  • Eli Flo
    Eli Flo Month ago

    My question is how does he know how to build everything literally everything like who knows how to build a sheep face😅

  • Jslaubaugh
    Jslaubaugh 24 days ago

    You can just shift in lava to not take damage

  • Lucy Luchador
    Lucy Luchador Month ago

    You should make a totem factory! First you would need to transport the Illager that drops totem of undying lol next you should transport them to the nether, then to your factory. Then in the kill chamber make them die from fall damage. Finally, you will have thousands of totems every day

  • Eric Opoku
    Eric Opoku Month ago +42

    Can we just appreciate how he works on his video he spends so much time making his video for us ok we love you cookiegod 🥰

    • Ethan Orille
      Ethan Orille Month ago +1

      @Qwerty5k Which episode is that in series so i can watch it

    • Mr me man
      Mr me man Month ago

      @Qwerty5k k idc u just bad at the game like @itsmrtiny said

    • Qwerty5k
      Qwerty5k Month ago

      @Mr me man i dont watch him anymore, tf

    • Qwerty5k
      Qwerty5k Month ago

      @QuinnMewo :3 No i just hate it when people fake videos

    • Qwerty5k
      Qwerty5k Month ago +1

      @Ethan Orille That has nothing do to with it

  • Sholom Dovber Dukhovny

    I really like your factories make more episodes with factories

  • Spa
    Spa 27 days ago

    Yes the pillars make it look cool

  • Giovanni Cardoso
    Giovanni Cardoso Month ago

    I love your constructions

  • Prince Moncrief
    Prince Moncrief Month ago

    This is such a good episode

  • Kim Hymer
    Kim Hymer Month ago +6

    I feel like the whole factory should have been quartz because it’s half bank and half factory like a lot of banks

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago

    Me in this entire video saying:Stay strong buddy.

  • Prince
    Prince 23 days ago

    If you still read your comments then i want to remind you that you are doing great and you always come up with awesome ideas that the cookie army loves. You are just doing great and i am always so excited when you post a new video, so keep up the good work because the whole cookie army loves you too.
    P.S. you are my fav youtuber i promise i watch you vids all the time.

  • JMAX 0621
    JMAX 0621 4 days ago

    Hi super nice video :)
    i need held, whiters are spawning on the platform but not a sinle one is comming out did i messed up something with de cordinates maybe or what?

  • Coop🙃
    Coop🙃 Month ago

    You should really get some fire resistant potions

  • DarkUltima
    DarkUltima 2 months ago +227

    And cookie never disappoints us with whatever he builds

  • Miniminer1999
    Miniminer1999 Month ago

    Ah yes, hardcore minecraft where you can die, and play multiplayer, and make world backups
    AKA, your health bar just has a different texture and thats literally it.

  • Hulk Lego
    Hulk Lego Month ago +1

    Wow A Gold Factory So Amazing.Minecraft Hardcore Is Hard,You Need To Collect The Item You Need To Think Idea How To Build It.I Wish I can Make A Bigger And An Amazing Factory.

  • Martin Wilson
    Martin Wilson Month ago

    Him:the pillars make it look cooler,right?

  • Russel Agcol
    Russel Agcol 8 days ago +1

    2:42 Dude's so rich he tried to throw away ancient debri lmao

  • RobloxianRay
    RobloxianRay 2 months ago +48

    "We will put a code so nobdoy will steal our gold"
    **Proceeds to show the code to 3 million people**

  • Python NERF
    Python NERF 18 days ago +1

    28:18 He already lost his sanity 😂

  • Jamar Lee
    Jamar Lee 25 days ago

    It does look better with the pillars

  • giorgos topalov
    giorgos topalov 3 days ago

    btw can i put a villager in my place so the gold farm works? because i play in survival and i can't clone myself without mods

  • giorgos topalov
    giorgos topalov 7 days ago +1

    can you make tutorial for this factory i want to make it

  • Destiny 9
    Destiny 9 2 months ago +12

    First a Iron Farm then a wood farm and now a gold farm

  • Franklin
    Franklin Month ago

    You should use a looting 3 sword to get more gold nuggets and also exp

  • daddy nuggets
    daddy nuggets 3 days ago +1

    Hey cookie I know this is asking a lot but if you have a little extra time can you make tutorials for all your factory's I would really like to build them and maby other people would too.

  • Oliver Cerovski
    Oliver Cerovski 14 days ago +1

    a cookie god: i hate mobs who added them

  • jeremy
    jeremy Month ago

    The fact he tried to threw ancient debris in the lava triggers me

  • Loise Bahjin
    Loise Bahjin 2 months ago +11

    Can we appreciate how much time and suffering he has to go through to make these videos? You have my respect.

  • Matthew NZ
    Matthew NZ Month ago

    Just built this, and I’m only getting magma cubes. I’m starting to think the farm is in the wrong nether biome, which would be so great.

    • Matthew NZ
      Matthew NZ Month ago

      I see my error, I didn’t add the platforms between the main portal levels, so the space between levels is big enough to allow magma cubes to spawn. I’ll be fixing that next. Thanks for the video, dude.

  • Matt Black
    Matt Black 24 days ago

    "Me after KFC..." had me laughing for a while. lol

  • Ezekiel Eden
    Ezekiel Eden Month ago

    You have really good content

  • CookieBacon🍪
    CookieBacon🍪 19 days ago +1

    “Who’s idea to add mobs to the game like bruh”
    Notch of course..what do you think?

  • Cobdon
    Cobdon 2 months ago +7

    love the videos keep up the great work

  • law chuks
    law chuks 16 days ago +1

    Acookiegod: I'm gonna be the richest Minecraft player out there
    Mrbeast: are you sure about that

  • ^_K2_^ [BS]
    ^_K2_^ [BS] Month ago

    This gold vault is super protective
    The glass: I'm a joke to you
    The Password: I'm a joke to you

  • vipex(:
    vipex(: 26 days ago +1

    And he does it again he builds factories in minecraft this man is too good

  • fourp0ds
    fourp0ds 10 days ago

    I don't know how you get the motivation to do this- I honestly would quit making the first part of the portal-

  • MyFaceIsZed
    MyFaceIsZed 2 months ago +41

    Take a good care of yourself King, you're an absolute unit, a mega Giga Chad, and a legend. We don't want you dying on us fam. Stay safe.

  • Lincoln Lutes
    Lincoln Lutes 23 days ago

    I almost fell asleep 😴 cause your video is so good 😊

  •  cat_gaming
    cat_gaming Month ago +1

    u building this in Hardcore is amazing

  • Honey Maestrado
    Honey Maestrado 11 days ago

    I hope you built some highways to connect those factories

  • Ants Ria Zhang
    Ants Ria Zhang 10 days ago

    You know you could just mine thru the gold blocks 😂😂😂

  • ッιтz¢¢ッ #RoadTo210Subs

    He never dissapoints us, no matter what he builds, it is still a masterpiece.

    • Ting
      Ting Month ago

      Me to

    • ★Sofia★
      ★Sofia★ 2 months ago

      @ッιтz¢¢ッ #RoadTo210Subs it's ok and yw :)

    • ッιтz¢¢ッ #RoadTo210Subs
      ッιтz¢¢ッ #RoadTo210Subs 2 months ago

      @★Sofia★ oh yeah i spelt it wrong-
      Ty for telling me!

    • ★Sofia★
      ★Sofia★ 2 months ago

      @Clifford Akrill idc i like anyway like wtf is wrong with 69? It's just a cancer sign that's not sideways?

    • ★Sofia★
      ★Sofia★ 2 months ago


  • Reymart Magauay
    Reymart Magauay 25 days ago

    Wow perfect build 6.0/10

  • BAM
    BAM 26 days ago

    When you said “somebody say yes, please..” I actually said yes.

  • Tiffany Thompson
    Tiffany Thompson 22 days ago +1

    Question, what type of cookie are you? I wanna know.

  • ninjago dude
    ninjago dude Month ago

    The golden golems are torture machines you stuff mobs, villagers or players into them and they get crushed/suffocated slowly...

  • Vasillijes Broadbent
    Vasillijes Broadbent Month ago +4

    Yes the brick pillars look great

  • Jon Ellis
    Jon Ellis Month ago

    Love the vids keep it up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anamika Kumari
    Anamika Kumari 17 days ago


  • Angel Hope
    Angel Hope 25 days ago

    We need a glass factory🙃

  • Click’s
    Click’s 28 days ago

    Yes it is soooooo cool I wish I had skill like that

  • Graham Turner
    Graham Turner 2 months ago +56

    I think you should try to set up a Baritone bot when you need to do these massive builds, so you can prevent your carpal tunnel from getting worse.

    • Vicky Welling
      Vicky Welling 2 months ago +1

      Use your code for free 😅😅😅🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Igen Nem
    Igen Nem Month ago

    the brick pillars are good for a factory but quarc are better for a bank

  • Civciv
    Civciv 27 days ago

    i think quartz will be better because of giving a bank vibe or something

  • The Godlike Banana Suit

    Get frost walker: this will make it soooo much easier
    Cookie: continues to crouch