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The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel

  • Published on Nov 22, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Penny Morris
    Penny Morris Month ago +765

    Fred, your production quality has gone skyward. The way that you tell stories is as marvellous as the stories themselves. I really appreciate the effort that you and your team are putting into these recent documentaries! They are truly deserving of that classification. All the best to you & everyone.

    • davID Griffin
      davID Griffin 14 days ago

      @Greg Engel
      Fair enough Greg... but my response is still valid :
      "You may laugh - but let's all pay attention to the never before seen population decline in the first 6 months of 2023... 🙂"

    • Greg Engel
      Greg Engel 22 days ago

      @davID Griffin sorry, I must have sent the 😂 to the wrong person. But I will say, I don't understand where the world's population has anything to do with the subject at hand. Saying that, I don't wish to discuss it either. Have a nice day 😀

    • davID Griffin
      davID Griffin 22 days ago

      @Greg Engel
      You may laugh - but let's all pay attention to the never before seen population decline in the first 6 months of 2023... 🙂

    • Tango Alpha
      Tango Alpha 23 days ago

      "I think we've learned our lesson." Yeah, the lesson that Plantation Slavery was Literally the Best business model Ever created and America should utilize its full potential.

    • Greg Engel
      Greg Engel Month ago

      @davID Griffin 😂😂😂

  • HenRex
    HenRex Month ago +411

    This is a love letter to engineering. I never thought I would experience this on Clip-Share of all places. Great quality work going on at this channel. Keep up the good work!

    • Kimmy Kero
      Kimmy Kero 18 days ago

      I couldn't have said it better myself, truly amazing!!

    • Wallflower
      Wallflower 20 days ago

      Did you expect you'd learn it on snapchat where your pfp came from?
      Most of us have learnt more from Clip-Share & channels like this than we've learnt from school or uni

    • Chris Davies
      Chris Davies Month ago +2

      @Gabriel Pettiersubbed. Thanks

    • HenRex
      HenRex Month ago +4

      @Gabriel Pettier I already subscribe to that one :).

    • Gabriel Pettier
      Gabriel Pettier Month ago +6

      If you like this kind of content, you might love the practical engineering channel. There is actually quite a lot of good content about engineering on youtube, as there are about almost anything :).

  • BikeHelmet
    BikeHelmet Month ago +170

    Fred, your production quality has gone skyward. The way that you tell stories is as marvellous as the stories themselves. I really appreciate the effort that you and your team are putting into these recent documentaries! They are truly deserving of that classification. All the best to you & everyone.

    • Alexander Elfsten
      Alexander Elfsten Month ago

      Fully agree!

    • Kip Brown
      Kip Brown Month ago

      BS //////////////////////////////////////////////

    • Savon
      Savon Month ago

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  • OneWoman Army
    OneWoman Army Month ago +64

    I still remember the first time my family took the Öresundsbron instead of the ferry. We went to Germany from Sweden atleast two times a year for vacation and I always looked forward to the ferries. Even as a ferry lover I was in awe the first time we drove onto the new bridge. It was massive, looked beautiful and as a kid, my mind went wild trying to figure out how the under water tunnel was made. I had a very similar feeling of awe when I took the train over the bridge the first time even though I was a teen by then. It's been a joy seeing the man made islands flora expand and see how much easier many peoples lifes has become. This new project will come with good, bad and neutral consequences and although some can be foreseen, many simply can't be. I still belive this project will end up helping more than it's harming and I can't wait for the awe I will feel the first time I travel through this mindblowing feat of engineering.

    • vibratingstring
      vibratingstring 3 days ago

      I steamed across the straight from Warnemünde to Trelleborg and back in Oct-Nov 1998. I dropped a friend off in Malmö on my way to Otterbäcken. I was on the Mecklenber-Vorpommern and returned on the other one, forgot its name. Overnight, in a cabin. One of my favourite ways to travel. Unfortunately trip a bit too short. Would have been better if 9 hours would have gotten a proper night's sleep!
      The friend going to Malmö was picking up another ferry to København. None of this Baltic Undersea Tunneling had been completed yet,

  • What if?
    What if? 2 months ago +1038

    Totally amazing. As a retired engineer, I wish I could have worked on a project such as this. This is astonishing.

    • Finn Carl Bomholt Sørensen
      Finn Carl Bomholt Sørensen 9 days ago

      @Frank Little The enormous crane used for lifting the bridge elements for The Storebaelt and Oeresund became bought by Maersk and at one time sailed to the US for use during a bridge building on the large lakes in the US!

    • system2
      system2 23 days ago

      My grandfather was an engineer who designed some of the London Underground, worked on the PLUTO project for D Day, and designed a forerunner for the tunnel boring machine, that my grandma sold the patent for a 1000 quid in the late sixties after he died just before I was born. I wish I'd met him. Architects and engineering designers should be rockstars.

    • anonymusum
      anonymusum 25 days ago +1

      @Kangenpower7 Ok - ok, you´ve got the longest ... what else ...

    • Michael Mccarthy
      Michael Mccarthy 26 days ago +1

      We have a near $100 billion dollar boondoggle of high speed rail project in California that always can use more people...

    • Happyjon n
      Happyjon n 27 days ago +1

      I could have been your boss

  • Anna Pacholczyk
    Anna Pacholczyk Month ago +68

    I love the enthusiasm of the engineers responsible for the build. ❤️

  • Kalle Klæp
    Kalle Klæp Month ago +255

    We love our neighbors, be it Sweden, Norway, or Germany. :)
    This is a once-in-a-century investment to connect us all together.
    Having already built the Storebæltsbro and the Øresundforbindelse, the Fehmarntunnel will be the icing on the cake!
    An engineering challenge, but with joint forces, I'm confident we will succeed.

    • DANIEL Olsen
      DANIEL Olsen 7 days ago

      The Swedes and the Germans are wild about you 🤣🤣🤣

    • Kalle Klæp
      Kalle Klæp 28 days ago +1

      @expansionone The Nord Stream project has nothing to do with the tunnel!
      We are in the middle of investigating the whole thing. It happened in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea near Bornholm, so Germany has no business there. However, I'm sure Germany has gotten some intel from PET (Danish intelligence) and SÄPO (Swedish Security service). We have great cooperation (Europol) and we also cooperate with our intelligence services BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) MAD (Militärischer Abschirmdienst) for Germany, SÄPO (Säkerhetspolisen) and MUST (Militära underrättelse - och säkerhetstjänsten) for Sweden, and PET (Politiets efterretnigstjeneste), FE (Forsvaretsefterretningstjeneste) for Denmark. Believe me, I used to work with them all back when I was in active service.

    • expansionone
      expansionone Month ago

      @Maybe I'm an idiot but why not? Because the US wants to sell their expensive fracking LNG to Germany and rest of Europe? Or to undermine Germany’s and Europe’s economy and competitiveness? Wondering what the US would do if another country would blow up one of their major energy infrastructures. That would be a declaration of war. Germany and and Europe have to wake up and see who’s the real enemy

    • Maybe I'm an idiot but
      Maybe I'm an idiot but Month ago

      @expansionone Orcstream should not be repaired

    • Maybe I'm an idiot but
      Maybe I'm an idiot but Month ago

      @One Nobody in Europe needs orcish gas

  • Robin Watters
    Robin Watters Month ago +50

    Fascinating! I first heard of immersed tube tunnels over 30 years ago when they crossed a river in North Wales UK to avoid a bottleneck in the medieval town of Conwy. it was only 1 km long but the first in UK. This is a bit more ambitious. I have total respect for the designers and engineers.

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson Month ago +3

      @Decontee Sawyer So these tunnels have been built in the USA for over a century... So what? Your comment is nothing more than a willy waving exercise.

    • prawny12009
      prawny12009 Month ago +1

      no doubt that single 1km stretch cost uk tax payers more than the budget for this one.
      Every government backed vanity project/contract in the uk is nothing but an excuse for officials and associates to embezzle billions.

    • Thyra'sSword
      Thyra'sSword Month ago

      @Decontee Sawyer Damn, that was brutal!
      😆 I thought the video was shit too!

    • Decontee Sawyer
      Decontee Sawyer Month ago +1

      @Robin Watters You have very little exposure to the history of these tunnels as the Shirley Gut Siphon, a six-foot sewer main was laid in Boston, Massachusetts in 1893. The first example built to carry traffic was the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel constructed in 1910 under the Detroit River, and the first to carry road traffic is the Posey Tube, linking the cities of Alameda and Oakland, California in 1928.  The oldest immersed tube in Europe is the Maastunnel in Rotterdam, which opened in 1942. What's all this fuss about your Conway tunnel as though it represents something special ?

    • Robin Watters
      Robin Watters Month ago +2

      @Decontee Sawyer Yes the work done on the Conwy tunnel was quite cutting edge thirty years ago. The engineers have learnt and moved on. Nothing is stagnant. Big steps on the shoulders of giants!

  • Freddie Jackson
    Freddie Jackson Month ago +15

    Great video. Well-researched, balanced views, well produced and narrated. Newsworthy and educational. I enjoyed it and vowed at a relatively young 62 to live long enough to drive through it when it is finished lol. My father was an engineer and he would have loved and admired this project. Great job thank you.

  • Will Canavan
    Will Canavan Month ago +12

    This video was great and comprehensive, but I also loved the bits of personality and fun transitions. This channel just gets better and better!

  • Steve Houze
    Steve Houze Month ago +24

    Things like this give you a little more faith in humanity in times like these.. Kudos to all people working on this engineering marvel!

  • Large Larry
    Large Larry Month ago +1

    I would like to see the plan for replacing one of the sections if it is damaged or defective. This could end up being a mega waste of money and ecological blunder.

  • Sebastian Ag
    Sebastian Ag Month ago +32

    Wow, what a video. I had no idea I was gonna be captivated for half an hour watching a video on a tunnel. Very well presented!

  • tissot233
    tissot233 Month ago +11

    First of all B1M really has gone long way. Amazing video! Second I remember reading about this project on Finnish science magazine 20 years ago as this pie in the sky thing. How in earth I had not heard this is really now happening with our lovely neighboring countries. Amazing!

  • Andrew George
    Andrew George Month ago +31

    Thank you very much for this very helpful informative video!

    • Tomson Gerald
      Tomson Gerald Month ago

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      Klaus Mark Month ago

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    • Ana Carlos
      Ana Carlos Month ago

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    • Ana Carlos
      Ana Carlos Month ago

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  • Hamymac1
    Hamymac1 Month ago +4

    These projeects are always going to go ahead. The best we can ask is that the companies and countries that need them give due consideration to the environment and act on promise to restore to thebest possible standard any disruption they cause through construction and use.

  • Richard Allsebrook
    Richard Allsebrook Month ago +4

    Great video! First time watching one of your videos but instant subscriber. Good level of detail where it counts and good to see the environmental / social impact of big infrastructure being discussed. I think in this case, it'll have a positive social / environmental impact.

  • Amer Abbasi
    Amer Abbasi Month ago +249

    Great work on this video - clearly a ton of effort went into making it, from the research, video editing, logistics of getting on the sites, interviewing people and exceptional writing as always. Keep up the great work B1M! Thank you.

      J SUTCLIFFE 9 days ago

      The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel 0858am 21.1.23 do the danes know they're forking out for this? if so, i wonder how long it'll take for the toll charges to claw back their initial outlay?

  • HyperactiveNeuron
    HyperactiveNeuron Month ago +3

    Fascinating. This is a very interesting project and I would love to keep up with it as it progress. I hope you go back and visit during construction and after completion. Long bridges always make me nervous when crossing. The 7 mile bridge in the Florida Keys and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (17.6 miles with two 1 mile tunnels) are both unnerving. Being in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay almost 9 miles from shore made got me.

    • harry walker
      harry walker Month ago

      hows those earthquakes..

    • howard baxter
      howard baxter Month ago

      If it helps, just know that if your car falls off the bridge a quarter of a mile from or 8 miles from shore, or in 3 meter or 300 meter waters, you are equally screwed.

  • fujin09
    fujin09 Month ago +2

    shows how magnificent the long present uk - europe tunnel actually is. maybe less challenging but in terms of impact even more, cause there was no detour available, only ships.

  • JozefN
    JozefN Month ago +35

    My mother lives nearby the building area on the danish side, and we went to visit it this summer. The size, noise, dust, smell and even the taste in the air is absolutely incredible to witness

    • Will A
      Will A 24 days ago +2

      @macondo 01 I do

    • Icarus
      Icarus 24 days ago

      @macondo 01 Idiotic and inhuman, but your nickname suggests a culture where such barbarism is typical and even praised.

    • J Bird
      J Bird Month ago +17

      @macondo 01
      I care,
      Whats your problem?

    • macondo 01
      macondo 01 Month ago +6

      so..... who cares ?

  • Dave Ricketts
    Dave Ricketts Month ago +1

    One of the best presented, well-researched, interesting and informative documentaries, I have ever seen. Well done. Just subscribed.

  • R Sutherland
    R Sutherland Month ago +1

    A problem for the island s economy is that the rail line to the train ferry will be closed, rather than replaced with a branch line or light rail. This will impact tourism I feel.

  • chainzsawmaster
    chainzsawmaster Month ago +4

    Haaha that is so cool, I was inspecting a wind farm off the coast of Rødby in Denmark last month and went over the Storebælt bridge which is equally impressive as the Øresundsbron bridge and also saw the big crater where they are putting the dirt which they dig up in-order to dig this tunnel. Cool engineering.

      J SUTCLIFFE 9 days ago

      The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel 0902am 21.1.23 aahahahah indeed. this IS cool. and i enjoy their learn as you play interaction with the project.

    • natalie hidalgo
      natalie hidalgo Month ago +1

      Wouldn't it be so awesome if they found some sunken treasure while digging that trench?

  • P K
    P K Month ago

    It would be pretty great to see this and via Carpathia finished or maybe connected as a loop through Norway or Sweden and Finland and then at the south

  • KaosKrusher
    KaosKrusher Month ago

    1st video of this channel I came across and I was worried it might be too "ecological" (like: poor mother nature blablabla) or too "engineerical" (like: screw mother nature) but no it's perfectly balanced (and also very interesting) ;)

  • Rich H
    Rich H Month ago +5

    Just wondering... How long will those critical sectional gaskets last before the corrosive sea water's pressure takes a toll on them?

    • howard baxter
      howard baxter Month ago

      I think they should be fine as the tunnel will be covered back up. As long as it doesn't take too long, the gaskets should hold up fine.

  • Dmitrij Paškevič
    Dmitrij Paškevič Month ago +2

    Amazing episode, thank you 🫶🏻

  • Douglas Wentworth
    Douglas Wentworth Month ago +3

    The presenter did a really good job of setting the tone of the documentary! This was fascinating to watch :)

  • RecordableID
    RecordableID Month ago +1

    Wow! That's the first I've seem from this channel. Great production value, you've earned yourselves a new subscriber!

  • Rahul Shivaram
    Rahul Shivaram 2 months ago +824

    One of finest documentary-style Clip-Share productions I've ever seen from any outlet, let alone from an independent Clip-Sharer! Thanks Fred & team!

    • Michin Waygook
      Michin Waygook 2 months ago +1

      @Alan hat Wow. You missed the total point of unbiased third party.

    • Alan hat
      Alan hat 2 months ago

      @Michin Waygook tell us when you've filmed & published it

    • Maher Hamadouch
      Maher Hamadouch 2 months ago

      @Michin Waygook I mean it provides 2 points of view, so I wouldn't say so

    • Liam Murphy
      Liam Murphy 2 months ago

      @Michin Waygook Sad to say, the 'unbiased third party' failed to make a documentary on this subject.

    • John Johansen
      John Johansen 2 months ago +1

      I totally agree! 👍

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams Month ago

    We have a similar tunnel here in Quebec that was built in the mid 1960s,my father worked on this project.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis-Hippolyte_Lafontaine_Bridge%E2%80%93Tunnel

    PYTHAGORAS101 Month ago

    From experience going across a high bridge with a cross wind on a motor bike is quite terrifying.
    I was constantly wrestling with my bike to keep it leaning into the wind to keep me from getting blown off my bike and into the oncoming traffic in the other lane.
    I don't think engineers consider how dangerous it is for motorcyclists on high bridges. They should put Perspex wind shields along the sides of them.

  • Andrew Gibson
    Andrew Gibson Month ago +1

    So well presented. Well done and thanks.

  • Marv Watkins
    Marv Watkins Month ago +6

    His delivery style is something else. And when he's not producing B1M videos, he's pumping iron.

  • BaikaRider
    BaikaRider Month ago +5

    i can totally say that the quality you putting out could be 10 hours long and i still would watch it...amazing....

    • Kip Brown
      Kip Brown Month ago

      Get a life /////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • Paul Wooton
    Paul Wooton Month ago +59

    Early estimates for replacing only the eastern portion of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge were around $600M. It was completed 10 years ago at a final cost of $6.4B--ten times the estimate--and was a tiny project compared to this one. I don't expect this tunnel will get done for 7.5B.

    • Abaddon
      Abaddon 4 days ago

      Both of the great bridges here in denmark, was on schedule and within budget. The Øresund bridge to Sweden was even finished 3 months before deadline. So it will probably stay near to the budget and within timeframe, as long as there are no major hiccups along the way, like when we found old ww2 bombs buried in the sand when dredging for the Øresund bridge :)

    • Charmander
      Charmander 13 days ago

      @Andrew Koa Stephens Kinda funny you make this comment on this video. The Öresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark used as an example in this video was finished on time and actually under the budget set.

    • Dark Quintet
      Dark Quintet 18 days ago

      @Frank Little so what?

    • Dark Quintet
      Dark Quintet 18 days ago

      @The Swamp Thing ohh stop. Yoi can live in europe you love it so much. Curioisly Europeans are mograting to United States in numbers far greater than the few Americans the other way. And thats NOT COUNTING ALL the illegal europeans that remained after their 'tourist' visa expired. Yes Criminals they are

    • Frank Little
      Frank Little Month ago +8

      @S Armstrong Nope. Europe is far more unionized and regulated.

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith Month ago +2

    I wish the US would start upgrading our infrastructure especially rail travel…we have fallen back into developing nation status due to a lack of infrastructure

    • Jay C
      Jay C Month ago

      I think rail here is best for freight, passenger lines would have to be confined to densely populated areas or it'd be expensive to speed through vast open areas with no people. Doesn't help either that people like to drive everywhere due to the huge car culture.

  • ivtch51
    ivtch51 Month ago

    Amazing project but I have serious concerns. We know how vulnerable infrastructure can be to damage and even destruction in this Ukrainian War. How vulnerable is this project?

  • Eric In SF
    Eric In SF 2 months ago +2711

    It’s kind of Amazing to think that you’ve gone from doing little tutorials and sales pitches for BIM software to discussing construction projects to now basically a full fledge BBC/National Geographic quality shows. Bravo!🎉

    • Randrew
      Randrew Month ago +1

      @BikeHelmet "it might be your equipment rather than your ears."
      In another reply I explained that it's my internal equipment - my brain. Tries to process EVERY sound and fails. Not that uncommon, but apparently people without the problem find it difficult to imagine.
      Now I've edited my original comment here, explaining that.

    • BikeHelmet
      BikeHelmet Month ago

      @Randrew It was fine here - it might be your equipment rather than your ears. Lower end speakers, headsets, and sound cards will warp and garble certain frequencies. I noticed this a lot back when I had a 2002 computer, 2007 computer and 2014 computer up and running. I was listening to a movie on the oldest one while working on an old project and couldn't make out a line. When I went to listen to it on the newer ones, the audio clarity got progressively better, and was crystal clear on the newest one. I can tell you that with Realtek HD Audio on a Ryzen X370 board, with Logitech Z200 speakers and an old SennHeiser PC151 from 15 years back, the audio clarity of his voice was fine and very distinct from the music. I think they balanced it well. But that might not be the case on inferior equipment. (Cheap laptop speakers, etc.)

    • L R
      L R 2 months ago

      @ba sillah which culture are you from? Cutting corners and faking, most certainly isn't part of Scandinavian culture. Look into the facts and share the irregularities, instead of measuring decent people with your lousy standards and moral.
      Denmark as a tiny wealthy democracy most certainly isn't based on your questionable standards!

    • Sans Neural
      Sans Neural 2 months ago

      @Randrew Epic rant, buddy. Don't blow a fuse ;)

    • Hadi Baker
      Hadi Baker 2 months ago +3

      @Randrew haha yeah it’s classic, my grandpa has trouble understanding when there is more than one source of sound. If it’s just me talking he can understand me with no issue. Quick tip for idiots going all ham, ignore em. You were giving nothing but constructive criticism ;)

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube Month ago +24

    The longest IMT to date is the Chesapeake tunnel/bridge crossing at 28k and is exactly what this complex will be like. The effect has been to connect two disparate communities on either side of the bay that were once isolated from each other. Here we are talking about two different countries and the effect will be enormous! What next? Maybe a bridge or tunnel across the strait of Gibraltar?

      J SUTCLIFFE 9 days ago

      The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel 0906am 21.1.23 in the long run, then, this project may be beneficial to the environment as opposed to it's initial impact which does seem a tad filthy.

    • J Bird
      J Bird Month ago +1

      Straits of Gibraltar are only 13 k at narrowest. A suspended tunnel like Norway would be economical and earth quake resistant.

    • Bullettube
      Bullettube Month ago

      @harry walker You are a fool to believe Putin's lies! I feel sorry for you.

    • harry walker
      harry walker Month ago

      a tunnel from the u.s. to russia..putin is not the problem, nato is..& its boss. k.schwab..

    • John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
      John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈 Month ago +2

      A huge problem with a tunnel across the Strait of Gibraltar isn't just the length or the depth. It's that it's geologically active. The entire Baltic and North Sea are above continental shelf. Gibraltar is where two continental plates meet. I'd expect there to be quite a few earthquakes in that area.

  • u4tubular
    u4tubular Month ago +1

    In Hawaii they’re building a 20 mile (32 km) elevated light railway for $12 billion so even if this tunnel doubles in budget it’s still a bargain in comparison.

  • Sascha Heuterer
    Sascha Heuterer Month ago +1

    God, this narrator is such a joy to listen to.
    First time stumbling across this channel, will keep my eyes open for more documentaries from it that interests me.

  • oc2phish07
    oc2phish07 Month ago +1

    An extremely interesting video. Well presented and grabbed my attention 100% throughout. Well Done. I will now have to see what other videos you have made. Oh, and Merry Christmas for 2022 and a Happy New Year for 2023.

  • TheStrawberry Sunday

    let me tell you one thing, as a local resident, as long as the fehmarn sund bridge is not renewed or exchanged for a tunnel, the whole project is only useful for a short time! the bridge which connects the mainland and the island is absolutely dilapidated

  • Nigel Kippax
    Nigel Kippax Month ago

    Very impressive, interesting and balanced documentary. Thanks

  • Mr Harry
    Mr Harry Month ago +2

    It's absolutely irrelevant what the people of that Island think.
    It HAS to be done.
    The amount of time, money and pollution it will save is VAST.
    The good FAR outways the bad.
    Stop hanging on to the past and embrace the future, hanging on is just nostalgia, embrace evolution.

  • Dominic Lester
    Dominic Lester Month ago

    Excellent video, as usual 👏👏👏Thanks!

  • rob
    rob 2 months ago +2116

    You must feel very lucky to be able to view these projects, while still under construction.

    • L R
      L R 2 months ago

      @Riding Weeb This is created and built by Danes in Denmark.. Try watching the video before commenting 👀
      No German involvement in neither engineering nor practical process

    • Peter Mages
      Peter Mages 2 months ago

      @Ulrich Petri That is too bad. Thank you for your help.

    • blank
      blank 2 months ago

      @The B1M You deserve it daddy ❤️

    • Ulrich Petri
      Ulrich Petri 2 months ago +2

      @Peter Mages No it's not going to be entirely underground. That would be the longest tunnel in the world by a very wide margin. There is a 25km tunnel however that's planned to go through the Erz mountains.

    • TheBaconKing
      TheBaconKing 2 months ago +2

      A great north south running bridge that gets hammered with heavy wind and ice is the nearly 5 mile long Mackinac bridge in Michigan. With that said I would hate to do 20k on it in bad weather.

  • Duncan McAuley
    Duncan McAuley Month ago +26

    I wish more people set their sights on the long-term benefits of projects like this instead of focusing on the short-term consequences

    • Jonathan Bowen
      Jonathan Bowen Month ago

      She has an emptiness in her life so she fills with with nonsense about protecting some ugly cold beach .

    • oldschoolman 144
      oldschoolman 144 Month ago +13

      That's the" not in my backyard " attitude. One thing constant in life's is change no matter how apposed we are to it. Its hard to have progress without change.

    • AuH2O
      AuH2O Month ago +1

      Well, people are idiots - especially germans. Let's see... Shutting down absolutely vital green, clean, carbon neutral and sustainable energy (i.e. nuclear) in favor of making themselves dependable on gas from a russian dictator. Stalling aid to Ukraine. Now making themselves dependent on gas from middle eastern dictators instead. Cozying up to China. Just to name a few things. Germany is the perennial enemy of Europe; two world war defeats didn't change that.

  • Nick Surface
    Nick Surface Month ago

    Fantastic video for a fantastic project. Thank-you B1M.

  • Peter Rajdl
    Peter Rajdl Month ago +1

    Brilliant vid, very informative. I just have one gripe - the black land and white water scheme on the maps was a bit confusing and not natural to process. I still give it a 9/10.

  • grant dennis
    grant dennis Month ago

    love the channel. I worked in precast concrete before retiring. Best job i ever had.

  • Primelegionaries
    Primelegionaries Month ago

    There are so many benefits to this tunnel.
    As someone who works for rail company in Denmark our no.1 priority is safety. This tunnel adds to that safety example, January 2nd 2019 which was caused by a Cargo Train that could have been avoided if the trains were in separate tunnels due to the high winds and an unsafely loaded container.
    The people protesting are always the ones USING the method to get to their protests. They use their cars on the bridges they protest to spread hate. I read someone say they should get their names and ban them from using these links. I totally agree, if they are against it they shouldn't be allowed to use it.
    many companies will benefit from this link, as well as people. Goods can be transported faster and cheaper which in turn can reduce costs for transports as well as the time it takes to arrive. People need to stop having such a negative perspective all the time

  • Wagoo
    Wagoo Month ago +5

    I'm sure there were some nice fields where the M1 was built too, but a modern Britain without it would have been unthinkable

    • %%
      %% 3 days ago

      Much of M1 is in a historic transport corridor.

    • harry walker
      harry walker Month ago

      plus,,you never know what you,ll dig up.. remember, the sea was 400 ft lower..

  • penguins forall
    penguins forall Month ago

    With a cost similar to ferries makes me wonder just how underwater such a project is on financing.

  • Plusutralinstinctmiliano

    I can picture the architects being like "sight... We gotta do the *bored* tunnel"
    While engineers were like: HELL YEAH, BORED TUNNEL GOES BRRRRR!

  • yacce
    yacce Month ago

    This was a beautiful documentary. Thank you !

  • b w
    b w Month ago

    two things I would like to know: how much did the cost go up with UA cement plants go off line, secondly what will be done with the construction site once the tunnel is completed

    • Weatherman
      Weatherman Month ago

      Not noticeably and the site will be used for other projects in the pipeline.

  • deadeyedick428
    deadeyedick428 Month ago

    Thank you for a very informative production. Not slanted to the Left or Right, just honestly showing both sides of the coin. Very rare, in today's World..
    Keep up the Excellent Work ........👍👍👍👍👍

    • Jack Shea
      Jack Shea Month ago

      Just to show how Americans benighted can’t simply observe without referring to possible viewers political preference, (in other countries everything sits in a religious context), Here’s a way out: ‘Science doesn’t care what you believe”

  • Lin Mal
    Lin Mal Month ago

    A great report from a mega-project. Well done and thankyou from AUS .

  • John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈

    Something I was wondering while watching this: What's the lifetime on a tunnel like this? Or on the Chunnel?
    You see, there was a bridge in the NY metro area, some ways north of Manhattan, called the Tappan Zee Bridge. It had a lifetime of about 50 years, and by 2010, it was beginning to fall apart. It was well past its 50 year lifespan. However, it was an _enormously important_ connection between Rockland County and Westchester County. It carried massive amounts of traffic. It's since been replaced with a new bridge.
    But, my point is: it had to be replaced. Nothing lasts forever [except maybe the Pyramids … what's that old saying about "time fears the Pyramids"?]. So we need to replace our aging bridges and tunnels at some point.
    So I wonder, again, what's the lifetime of a tunnel like this…

    • lee kinesis
      lee kinesis Month ago +1

      7 year guarantee for £150.10 yrs for £200.

    • Bonefish Grill
      Bonefish Grill Month ago

      Long time... if you love in NYC the Battery Tunnel has been around for 72 years.....

    • Victor Capel
      Victor Capel Month ago

      The Chunnel is a bored tunnel, so it will last (more or less) forever with proper maintanence. It's just drilled holes in the bedrock.
      Concrete does have a much, much shorter life span (usually you'd calculate 50 years, in reality maybe 60-70 depending on exposure to the elements and a lot of other factors. You can make concrete structures that lasts longer than that though, but it's hard to calculate).
      The pyramids should erode away in about a million years or so.

    • WeylandsWonders
      WeylandsWonders Month ago +1

      Tunnels are much more resilient to wear compared to bridges but I wonder about the lifespan too. The Channel tunnel is twenty five years+ now, how long for that?

    • John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
      John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈 Month ago +1

      @natalie hidalgo 🙄I know you're not one of them, but people who think aliens built the [name structure here] drive me nuts. There's a certain amount of racism behind it when the structure in question is in the Americas. Humans is Humans no matter where they're from. And biologically, we humans really haven't changed all that much in the past 70,000 years.
      As Neil deGrasse Tyson says, "Just because _you_ can't figure out how to do something, doesn't mean that _nobody else_ can."

  • Theo Rouers - Solar E-Bike Touring Europe

    Calling a bridge one of the best infrastructure projects where it does not allow the use of bicycles does not fit for me, the use of bicycles should get maximum attention as it still is the most ideal way of transportation (health, energy use and environmental) - besides that great video

  • Darren Mitchell
    Darren Mitchell Month ago

    Never heard of this tunnel before, but great idea. I have done the trip by road, ferry, tunnel and bridge. This would definatly save time. 100 Euros seems expensive, but i guess it needs paying for. Sorry Germans, by 2040. It will look nice again.

  • SlickStretch
    SlickStretch Month ago +1

    18:52 That was some of the most measured pacing I've ever seen. My marching band instructor would be proud.

  • Thiesi
    Thiesi 2 months ago +923

    Is it just me or has the quality of videos on this channel gone through the roof recently? Take this video for example - it is better than many of the documentaries you watch on TV which are often done by production companies with decades of experience and many more people involved in the process of creating those documentaries. Wow!
    _Thank you for putting out such high quality content here on Clip-Share!_

    • Devon Detroit
      Devon Detroit 2 months ago

      @Stephen Baker I’m asking if he is gunna perform oral sex on the owner of the channel aswell

    • Harry Molyneux
      Harry Molyneux 2 months ago +1

      @Omar Abdul Production quality is not video quality, which concerns cinematography, writing, direction, subject knowledge, use of graphics, diagrams, illustrations & information all wrapped into a compelling story.

    • per simonsen
      per simonsen 2 months ago +1

      @Omar Abdul Nobody is talking about resolution. They are talking about the quality of the content.

    • Simon
      Simon 2 months ago

      Very good. I had written it off as a listicle channel a year or two ago and this one popped up and was hooked

    • Stephen Baker
      Stephen Baker 2 months ago

      @Devon Detroit English??? Better not to post messages in a language cannot write properly.

  • Bram van Scharen
    Bram van Scharen Month ago +2

    Cool documentary, amazing project!
    Concerning the maps in the doc.:
    Is it me or should water by dark and land light? So confusing for me 😅

  • Anmordal-Swe
    Anmordal-Swe Month ago +56

    When building the Öresund Bridge, there was a lot of environmentalist protesting the project. Excavating the bottom of the sund was limited and constantly monitored to minimize impact. Today we know that the bridge actually created a reef and good breeding ground for mussels and small fish. The foundation of concrete, the man made island has created a whole Eco system. I'm pretty confident environment is not a looser even in this project.

    • SioxerNikita
      SioxerNikita 8 days ago

      The constant ferries back and forth was actually worse for the local ecology

    • emptyforrest
      emptyforrest Month ago +3

      these people dont actually dont care about the ecology. they just dont want to live next to a construction site, or they complain for the sake of complaining. this is nothing new and have happened for even the slighest things. there is litterly nothing in the world that there isnt atleast somone that oppose it.

    • claire dionne
      claire dionne Month ago +4

      When man thinks with the equal components of his brain, heart, skill and a real and genuine sensitivity towards allowing Nature to remain our guide for survival, nothing can stop him from creating the most unthinkable and durable structure. We can!

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray Month ago

    Comprehensively presented. Intriguing dynamics. Purposeful within current offsets.

  • Samuel Saunders
    Samuel Saunders Month ago +1

    I watch this video and am blown away by what Clip-Share has become
    Incredible channel! Fantastic story telling.

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    I know everyone says this, but I love how this channel did not turn into one of those one-sided types of content creators. (biggest building ever!!!) but this incredible production team covers many valid and important environmental as well as societal impacts of construction whilst reveling in their beauty and scale.

    • Ex Umbra
      Ex Umbra 9 days ago

      1:42 "Environmental groups are critical of this."
      You don't say? Tell me more...
      "They're destroying our Nature."
      Wait, who would the be displacing? A few crabs and oysters?

    • Dave Zirkle
      Dave Zirkle Month ago +3

      @Hofhouder Thank you. This was interesting, but it seemed like a piece to minimize the negative.

    • Hofhouder
      Hofhouder Month ago +3

      Not really. "There are concerns..." followed by "oh well they'll forget about it" is not very far away from "the biggest project ever!"
      There are many megastructures that had devastating effects on their surroundings, decades or even a century later. You can trivialize the impact, but that doesn't make facts go away.

    • Raiden Wolfe
      Raiden Wolfe 2 months ago


    • Funkywallot
      Funkywallot 2 months ago +9

      Agree, the (mostly) American productions are far to shouty,shallow and ´sensational´ to watch. As a European its a pain in the butt. Quality over quantity any time

  • GeeQ
    GeeQ Month ago

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  • erik schaepers
    erik schaepers Month ago

    B1M is easily one of the top ten info channels in the world

  • fastbike
    fastbike Month ago

    I don't see the gradient issue with the bored tunnel. At 50m down and a workable 1:50 gradient that is less than 2.5km lead in and lead out.
    And you are going to have similar issues with a tunnel that sits on the sea floor, which is only slightly less deep.

  • NorTac Paddy
    NorTac Paddy Month ago

    Fascinating, balanced, informative. wow. Subscribed

  • DarudeDude Vlogs and Comedy

    Fun fact: I work for the company producing the mega sized production halls! It's called Give Steel and it's the largest steel truss manufacturer in Denmark

  • Phelim Murnion
    Phelim Murnion Month ago

    Fascinating video. But you'd know it was done by an engineer and not an economist. A multi trillion project to connect to what - 10 million Swedes? That's the pop of a single large metropolitan area in most countries.

  • Tristan Patterson
    Tristan Patterson Month ago

    I think the shortcut excuse is a moot point. The capital behind projects like these are all about growth. You'll just end up with more traffic overall.

  • Galen Haugh
    Galen Haugh Month ago +2

    Nature will adapt. It might even thrive!
    Proof of concept is critical to the success of the whole project!

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago +1

    I can't imagine paying a toll that enormous to drive anywhere.

    • Weatherman
      Weatherman Month ago

      It's not going to be EUR 100, but that's what the ferries are currently milking their monopoly for.

  • Rowan Mackenzie
    Rowan Mackenzie 2 months ago +505

    I'd be interested in seeing a video on how underwater trenches are dug, no idea how that would even work haha

    • arohaukka
      arohaukka Month ago

      @Adam Cheklat The alternative route to Germany via Jutland is 160km longer and includes currently a €34 toll for cars and vans at the Storebælt Bridge.

    • Thomas Goldsby-West
      Thomas Goldsby-West 2 months ago

      @Adam Cheklat same price as ferry but faster. Saves €€€ on fuel vs the current route. Cheaper and more convenient than flying.
      Oresund Bridge is €65 toll but is heavily used.

    • Dirtey
      Dirtey 2 months ago

      @Adam Cheklat That is slightly less than what the Gedser - Rostock ferry currently costs. I believe that is the best comparision. As long as it is cheaper than the alternatives it wont be a problem.

    • Comedy Caterpie
      Comedy Caterpie 2 months ago +1

      @TMO One thousand dogs in scuba masks digging for bones, held on 40 metre leashes by a tugboat.

    • DC Spangler
      DC Spangler 2 months ago

      @Adam Cheklat what about the train?

  • holmbjerg
    holmbjerg Month ago

    There are many many dilemmas between preserving nature and reducing carbon emissions. When you create spots for renewable energy (wind, solar, waterpower) sites for example, you will nearly always come into conflict with nature, as the best spots for renewables are in the midst of nature.
    Perfect solutions doesn't exist. There will always be a catch somewhere.

  • George Serbezis
    George Serbezis Month ago +1

    Wow I love that futuristic Mega-Tunnel!! I am still 19, in the future I'd like to drive through it!

  • Jef Wisse
    Jef Wisse Month ago

    I get it that people are worried about the destruction of the environment but I think these projects contribute to preserve the environment in the long run. 2.000.000 tons of CO2 seems a lot but how much CO2 is produced right now by cars that have to make a detour of 160 km. Consider the fact that after completion the number of flights will be reduced as well so the environment will benefit from it.

  • Joe Mroz
    Joe Mroz Month ago

    excellent video. I don't quite get though why the third option is better than the second one. Why does the bored tunnel have to be so much deeper than the immersed tube tunnel? Which also not only causes cloudiness in the water but destroys the bottom of the body of water, like dredging or trawling.

    • Avantime
      Avantime Month ago +2

      Because with a TBM you're disturbing the rock as you drill, and you're drilling multiple tunnels right next to each other. So deeper, harder rock is preferred, especially with an ocean above. That water weighs a lot, and a cave-in during construction would be catastrophic.
      In practice most trains can handle a steeper gradient, but Sweden's main export to Germany is iron ore, and that's something freight locomotives have a bit of an issue pushing up an incline.

  • Anna Looney
    Anna Looney Month ago

    Great quality work

  • roman szefler
    roman szefler Month ago

    Daring project, would be nice if someone would think of using vacuum tunel at list for trains 🚄
    That would seve tremendously on energy.

  • Goatmeal
    Goatmeal Month ago +4

    It's actually mind-boggling that all that is only $7.5 billion. To think that any of the uber-rich could easily finance something like this... or SIX of these projects instead of, say, buying a social media platform as a vanity project.

    • howard baxter
      howard baxter Month ago

      $7.5 billion for now. I suspect the cost will increase as it always does.

  • ne0tic
    ne0tic Month ago

    Amazing content man!

  • Nick The Quick
    Nick The Quick Month ago +1

    Apart from the all-year-around Mr and Mrs Negatives we also hear all the usual suspects complain about ecological devastation every time there is a major infrastructure construction of this type going on (often just a more publicly acceptable form of NIMBYism). We heard it when they we going to build Storebaelt and when they were going to build the Oresunds bridge.
    Once the job is done and we see that no harm is done, all those people usually find some other thing to worry and complain about.

    • Lahelia
      Lahelia Month ago

      Its not your island or even country. So pls don't tell people how they should act.

  • Star man
    Star man Month ago +2

    Only $7.5 Billion?
    That seems like pocket change after having just watched your HS2 video.

  • Theswissman17
    Theswissman17 Month ago

    The entire Infrastructure in Europe is Inpressive(for me The Gotthardbasistunnel) but that will might top it👍🏻

  • myplane150
    myplane150 Month ago

    Oh, man. I can't wait to see what the overruns cost for this beast. 7.5 billion is probably a pipe dream...☺

    • Kevin Grewe
      Kevin Grewe Month ago

      Not if the Swiss were in charge.

  • tilmaen
    tilmaen Month ago

    Break video, you leave out one important aspect though: I read that there are some problems with huge amount of second world war weapons and ammunition ordinances lingering on the sea floor.

    • Weatherman
      Weatherman Month ago

      Not an issue. There was very little, and it was disposed off

  • suckmylol
    suckmylol Month ago

    I imagine they'll need some quite impressive ventilation/air pumps to bring the carbon monoxide out of the tunnel, given it's length and the fact it's underwater.

    • suckmylol
      suckmylol 26 days ago

      @Weatherman It's been a while since I researched this information, and from my research I made then, what you said about piston effect is true when the tunnel's length is shorter than a specific distance. (Wish I had sources to site, but it's been a few weeks.) From what I had researched, it seemed that in the instance of a tunnel this long, it would require an actual ventilation system. in some cases multiple ventilation exit points along the length of the tunnel (Which I imagine would be the case here, incase of fires in the tunnel etc).

    • Weatherman
      Weatherman Month ago

      Actually the tunnel is passively ventilated through the piston effect of the traffic it self. In essence the cars are pulling their own air in to the tunnel. There are ceiling mounted fans though, that can be activated in case of accidents that stops traffic / causes fires.

  • David Green
    David Green Month ago +14

    That B&W map of Europe at 3:32 with its embossed edge around the white relief was a real visual conundrum for me and really did my head in ... I couldn't figure out which was sea or land! I had to rewind at least 3 times to read it right

    • simplysimple
      simplysimple Month ago +1

      I had to actually open Google Maps just to comprehend what I was looking at. Incredibly confusing

    • DDPAV
      DDPAV Month ago +5

      That was just bad design without a doubt. Maybe it looks good on a blue print for engineering but looks like crap on a youtube video.

    • O.G. Dubbs
      O.G. Dubbs Month ago +5

      I was wondering if anyone else had trouble with this.

  • Victoria
    Victoria Month ago

    I'm a Dane and have genuinely never heard of this. Apparently we just sorta... do it, no fuss? Apparently the vote in our parliament was 104 in favour and 3 against. Oh, and we got a massive achaeological site out of it first, too. Nice

  • Area108
    Area108 Month ago +1

    I might have to do a 1:25 scale diorama of this project!

  • jravell
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    1:33 Oh my god, you’re building without the manual? You’re gonna have to take it apart and put it back together again.

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