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Creator Clash 2

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • For all fighter info and event information go to:
    Fighters include: @iDubbbzTV @Wassabi @epicmealtime @MuscleParty @Starkilla @abelinasabrina @DadFeels @jaelaray9258 @charalanahzard @RIPmika @Leonhart @ethan @criticalrole @JackManifoldTV @dakotaolave1892 @FroggyFreshRap @ChrisRayGun @Myth_YT @Ididathing @Fitz @jarvis @GameGrumps @yodelinghaley4651
    Edited by Froggy Tonic / @froggytonic
    logo animation: SGBluebell
    Intro -- 0:00
    Trailer -- 0:47
    Fighters -- 4:20
    Commentators -- 6:34
    Event Info -- 6:53
    Creator Clash 2
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 7 833

  • MikeyM32_
    MikeyM32_ 2 days ago +293

    I stand with Froggy ✊️ only reason I was tuning in

    • Wyatt Emge
      Wyatt Emge Day ago +6

      FROGGY FROGGY 🐸🐸🐸🐸!!!!!

    • Ofauvi
      Ofauvi Day ago +10

      STAND 🧍‍♂️‼️ WITH 🤝✊‼️ FROGGY 💪😤‼️

    • fiendskull
      fiendskull Day ago +18

      I would say it's so sad it's funny but it's not it just makes idubbbz look even more pathetic than he already does being anissas puppet

    • Flat Horizons
      Flat Horizons Day ago +25

      SAME HERE! If Froggy don’t fight the price ain’t right

  • Van Goghs Severed Ear
    Van Goghs Severed Ear 2 days ago +84

    Imagine getting rid of a fighter over Twitter beef 3 weeks from your event because he was trying to sell tickets for you 💀
    And then locking the Twitter thread 💀

    • Wyatt Emge
      Wyatt Emge Day ago +4

      Which IDUBBZ mother in law STARTED!!!

  • Ceskero
    Ceskero 2 days ago +70

    Very disappointed to hear that Tyler got removed from the card. He's had such a positive outlook towards the whole thing and done a great job promoting it. If the real motivation of the event if to raise money for charity, why remove one of the biggest fighters that people were looking forward to watching? Not sure that I will be buying the card anymore and wondering who's the next to be removed.

  • Green Lion
    Green Lion Day ago +65

    Froggy literally did nothing wrong. If you stick with kicking him out, you're only proving how little respect you have for yourself. The only one being truly against your so called "image" you want for this event, was your mother. Clean it up, get it together, and right your wrongs, otherwise me and thousands of other viewers no longer have any interest in this. There are other better organizations to give charity to.

  • 04dram04
    04dram04 Month ago +40

    Creator Clash is something OG IDubbbzTV would have made fun of. I guess its true, you eventually see your heros become what hey hate

    • nhpivotlk
      nhpivotlk Day ago

      @Wise Wigga max and chad still doing their own thing. Only creators from that era i still watch.

    • Joe Shanks
      Joe Shanks 8 days ago +4

      @Wise Wigga I’ve never seen them eat ever single bodily fluid in a cake on cold ones yet. It’s just not the environment for it anymore

    • Wise Wigga
      Wise Wigga 11 days ago +5

      They've all changed, George, h3, idubbz, maybe max and Chad haven't

  • Cody NotH
    Cody NotH Month ago +74

    Damn shame that Hasan still hasn't been seen in public or online since last year when one dude called him out.

    • Daniel Anderson
      Daniel Anderson 3 hours ago

      That one dude is goat’d

    • Zikavirus
      Zikavirus Day ago +14

      That "one dude" is the Candy Man, and dont you be forgetting it boyo.

  • Epic Meal Time
    Epic Meal Time 2 months ago +7778

    …I’m fighting a professional wrestler?!
    This is shaping up to be 10x bigger than Creator Clash 1

    • Wyatt Emge
      Wyatt Emge Day ago

      Get froggy back

    • Damian Morningstar
      Damian Morningstar Month ago

      Warning do not go for body shots, you will break your hands on his abs

    • Sarah
      Sarah Month ago

      Starship pain inc

      INATE INATE Month ago

      I bet he's never made fast food lasagna, so you have an advantage over him.

    • Carrissa Sky
      Carrissa Sky Month ago +1

      @Deadbrain I don't think he's in the WWE anymore. That's probably partly why he doesn't use John Morrison as his name now.

  • gznobgoblin
    gznobgoblin Month ago +550

    Excited to see the Candy Man!

    • Marin Outdoors
      Marin Outdoors 2 days ago +3

      Candy man!!!! Now we need Hassan 😅

    • Trip Jou
      Trip Jou Month ago +6


    • Denis Ddd
      Denis Ddd Month ago +59

      Dead men tell tales of the candy man....

  • EMS
    EMS 2 months ago +726

    Hassan vs Sam would easily double the funds raised for charity

    • eggy
      eggy 7 days ago

      ​@Nathaniel Faheythen why did Ian write a hitpeice about influencer boxing before the first creator clash then ? Clearly a cash grab. Just like he claims to be against the drama which his channel has been completely built around

    • Rellik Laires
      Rellik Laires 10 days ago +2

      I seriously fuckin’ hope Yoko Ono’s breaks give out. Let Ian find another woman to tell him what to do, maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll find a girl who wasn’t raised on twitter

    • Dead animator
      Dead animator Month ago +6

      @Groniu9 No need, idubbz fame let her leap frog to make alot of cash, now he leap frogs to get that free cash from her

    • Tbird Flocka
      Tbird Flocka Month ago +34

      @Nathaniel Fahey Love how 'projecting' found it's way into twitter buzzwords to just be used whenever. You're telling me OP is a big content creator whos bf used them for fame and then dumped them? Sounds like slackjaw silly billy logic to me.

    BOA CONSTRICTORS Month ago +113

    U should have Samuel Hide on creator clash 2. He is so funny. WITH BUTTER . YUMMY DINER FOOD

    • xX_____SAINT____
      xX_____SAINT____ 4 hours ago +1

      @JPdubbz gf has previously said that she started dating idubbz because he reminded her of Crg

    • JP
      JP 13 hours ago

      @XKong Care to elaborate for the uncultured such as myself?

    • Tezmard
      Tezmard Day ago

      @XKongunderrated comment

    • XKong
      XKong Month ago +10

      I'm surprised Chris Ray Gun is on here, we all know that was Anisa's idea.

  • Cameoux
    Cameoux Day ago +50

    Taking Froggy Fresh out of CC2 is clown behavior 🤡

  • Celuan1999
    Celuan1999 Month ago +33

    So excited to see Candy Man fight Hasan

  • MrsCurioCheerio
    MrsCurioCheerio 2 months ago +6375

    That clip of Joe Rogan thinking that the Dad vs. Matt Watson fight was a father beating up his teenage son will never cease to make me laugh

    • Reg
      Reg Day ago

      ​@Keith Larsen this comment shows who still watches Idubbz. Did you just call another man a caveman ,poptart? 😂 Imagine? Dumb will suffice , girlfriend.

    • We Remotely Low
      We Remotely Low 6 days ago

      He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit

    • Cute Doggy Dogs Puppies
      Cute Doggy Dogs Puppies Month ago

      Where's the lie?

    • Goblin
      Goblin Month ago

      Atleast we know he has moral obligations atleast

  • EdgyShizzle
    EdgyShizzle 2 months ago +814

    This is gonna be crazy, can’t wait to see Sam there

    • Flavortown
      Flavortown Day ago

      @Holister Bruxly Got his whole fan base in the comment section huh?😆

    • Holister Bruxly
      Holister Bruxly Day ago

      @Flavortown Yup thats why all the top comments are about him.

    • Roma Invicta
      Roma Invicta 2 days ago

      @Flavortown 🤓

    • Mister NovelBro
      Mister NovelBro Month ago

      @Flavortown So you don't have a sense of humour? its okay to admit that much at least lol

  • Monster Swamp Studios
    Monster Swamp Studios 2 months ago +796

    I've never been more excited to see Froggy Fresh in my life.

  • Herc G.
    Herc G. 2 days ago +39

    Let Froggy Fight! I can’t believe I would ever see the day Idubbbz would fuck over another creator because of the mildest Twitter beef ever. Nothing really happened and you’re essentially sucker punching Froggy Fresh for no reason. I don’t care if you do bring him back, I’m not watching anymore. I’ll just watch the reuploads of his fight like an hour after it happens. Sad to see someone who once stood for free speech now punish others because of slightly rude words they said.

  • ZacTheHarpoon
    ZacTheHarpoon 2 months ago +6

    So hyped to see my guy Froggy Fresh, he's the baddest of them all

  • Chris Rubin
    Chris Rubin Day ago +22

    People should pirate the footage, or just boycott this, and donate your money directly to charity. Can have a community event when you betray that same community. I hope other fighters collaborate and refuse to participate unless Froggy is reinstated. Every single joke Idubbbz has ever made is infinitely more offensive than every joke Froggy has made combined, smh at them calling THIS inclusivity.

  • Leonhart
    Leonhart 2 months ago +2999

    Excited to be part of Creator Clash this year!

    • Wyatt Emge
      Wyatt Emge Day ago

      Help get froggy back

    • marsbars
      marsbars Month ago


    • SpitfireGames
      SpitfireGames 2 months ago

      @evan You must be new here.

      MUSCLEcarMANIAC69 2 months ago +1

      @Leonhart shouldn't you be unboxing Crown Zenith right now?

    • typo
      typo 2 months ago

      You are my least favorite content creator on Clip-Share

  • Crulgao
    Crulgao Month ago +67

    Kinda mind blowing to hear jacksepticeye narrating an iDubbz video

  • mrmoble65
    mrmoble65 Month ago +36

    I can’t believe I get to live in the right timeline to watch Chris RayGun and Froggy Fresh in the ring together.

    • BofinQ
      BofinQ Day ago +3

      Unlucky bro…😢

    • Macdaddyrick123
      Macdaddyrick123 Day ago +9

      They kicked Froggy Fresh off the card because Anisa's mom called him an imp and he told her to stop and that this was a charity event. Iam sinks lower ever day.

  • Lu
    Lu Day ago +20

    Gonna buy a spell on Etsy that turns Anisas mom into a frog.

    • Wyatt Emge
      Wyatt Emge Day ago +1

      I maxed out my credit cards I'm never gonna pay back

  • Kerky Berky
    Kerky Berky Month ago +295

    Something about a bunch of people with black eyes smiling about the good they’ve done is so very heartwarming

  • Darragh Dillon
    Darragh Dillon Month ago +236


  • Lucas Qualls
    Lucas Qualls 2 months ago +3830

    I would pay good money to see a Rhett vs. Link. That would be hilarious.

    • Something Edgy
      Something Edgy 11 days ago

      Yeah but they won't fight

    • Ally Rose
      Ally Rose 18 days ago

      @Matěj Plachta yup!

    • Ally Rose
      Ally Rose 18 days ago

      @DJxJESSE yes!!!!!

    • Ally Rose
      Ally Rose 18 days ago

      @kyaterina I thought the same!

    • Ally Rose
      Ally Rose 18 days ago +1

      @Unusual Activities they do a lot for charities that I think they would do this. But I think a possible reason for them not doing it is they both have some past injuries that I think would keep them from doing it

  • Big Tom
    Big Tom 2 months ago +5

    I’m so exited for froggy fresh, HE IS THE MVP

  • Lucas Dg
    Lucas Dg 2 months ago +139

    No fucking way you got Marisha to do this. Hyped for this year's event!

    • Chong Yuen Ming
      Chong Yuen Ming 18 days ago +2

      I am so ready for the dope monk shit

    • Quickman 26
      Quickman 26 24 days ago +1

      ​​@Jehuty989 To this day, there are still people who wish they were the 1966 Batmobile.
      Don't give me that weird stare, i'm speaking on behalf of my friend.

    • Jehuty989
      Jehuty989 Month ago +3

      yall remember Marisha's carwash vid? oh.. my.. goodness...

    • The Slaw
      The Slaw Month ago +6

      here inner beau is gonna come out in full force

    • Queen of the Hounds
      Queen of the Hounds Month ago +13

      Pop pop!

  • rombuck of godlick
    rombuck of godlick Day ago +18

    I stand with Froggy

  • 16-Bit Disaster
    16-Bit Disaster 2 months ago +103

    I cannot put into words how excited I am to see Arin get back in the ring. What a champion.

    • Jehuty989
      Jehuty989 Month ago

      @16-Bit Disaster Ding Dong had an 18 hour stream talking about it, but you can get the summary on his twitter

    • 16-Bit Disaster
      16-Bit Disaster 2 months ago +1

      @AdrenalineKick All of this is new to me, haven't heard anything about this until today.

    • AdrenalineKick
      AdrenalineKick 2 months ago +7

      @CaptainAACC he used to be a member of Game Grumps like 6 or 7 years ago, I could be off. He left because they abused and manipulated him. Some people at Game Grumps encouraged him to take his own life. He attempted to but thankfully didn't succeed. Then quit gg and collabed with OneyPlays for awhile. Game Grumps since then had been trying to bribe his silence so they don't get cancelled.

    • COLEADA ♱
      COLEADA ♱ 2 months ago +2

      @CaptainAACC He was on a channel called oneyplays & got kicked out of the GG office because he said something on stream

  • ChippyGaming
    ChippyGaming 2 months ago +861

    Absolutely taking this event to the next level
    can’t wait!

    • Bruhtholemew
      Bruhtholemew 11 days ago

      Fight AntVenom bro.
      Real Minecraft vs Terraria hours.

    • Chickin Nipples
      Chickin Nipples 2 months ago +1

      Didn't expect to see you here Chippy

    • Jeeves
      Jeeves 2 months ago +2

      @ChippyGaming lmaooo it’s for charity!!

    • ChippyGaming
      ChippyGaming 2 months ago +3

      @Jeeves CS would kick my ass into next week 😂😂

    • Jeeves
      Jeeves 2 months ago +2

      fight captainsparklez

  • bingoblackdynomite
    bingoblackdynomite 2 months ago +87

    Arin Hanson vs Jarvis Johnson is going to absolutely tug at my heartstrings haha there are a lot of people I like in both clashes, but this is the only fight between two guys I'm a HUGE fan of

  • Angel Cortez
    Angel Cortez Month ago +17

    Bro the fact that the commentators got me more hyped than the fighters themselves is wild

  • narshkajke
    narshkajke 22 hours ago +19

    Bring froggy back...

  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 days ago +30

    No doubt this was Anisa’s decision and icuckz wasn’t man enough to put his foot down even a little and save the single person bringing in the most viewers

    • Kyle
      Kyle Day ago +3

      @minecraftgamer can’t help but sigh for the homie

    • minecraftgamer
      minecraftgamer Day ago +2

      tbh she probably made the decision and the tweet without even telling ian. the backlash from this is huge. poor ian i hope he can overcome this eventually.

  • Ochara
    Ochara 12 days ago +2

    jacks voiceover is just splendid

  • Tony Jeffries
    Tony Jeffries 2 months ago +874

    So excited to be part of this event.... fight fans get ready as your going to see some real toe to toe action! See ya there

    • Wyatt Emge
      Wyatt Emge Day ago

      Get froggy back

    • EdgyDabs
      EdgyDabs 2 months ago

      @Slumped he's commentating

    • Bwern
      Bwern 2 months ago


    • Joe G
      Joe G 2 months ago

      You’re gonna fight the fans?

  • Shrill_
    Shrill_ 2 months ago +30

    Complete throwback seeing froggy fresh pop up again! So psyched

  • yungjiggamayne226
    yungjiggamayne226 Day ago +16

    If you cared about raising money for charity you wouldn't be removing people from the card 3 weeks before the event starts.
    We're gonna treat you like you did Keemstar.

  • Staarline
    Staarline Month ago +102

    So glad Mark and Jack are just commentary, cause my heart couldn’t take watching them get punched

    • Dead animator
      Dead animator Month ago +1

      they would not risk people that matter, anyone actually realize this is just faltering "creators" doing this for attention? its hard to tell who is playing along, and who doesnt know this.

    • T-Millz213
      T-Millz213 Month ago

      i think jack would do some damage

    • Rainbowz Grqce
      Rainbowz Grqce Month ago +3

      Ikr, I heard someone say they were gonna be on it and i literally had a heart attack cause i thought they meant fighting 😭

    • UnknownGamer40464
      UnknownGamer40464 Month ago +20

      I would 100% show up in person if I could watch Markiplier sleep some people though tbh.

  • Adriana B
    Adriana B Month ago +64

    So excited for Marisha! I love her in Critical Role 😭

  • Jaden
    Jaden Month ago +2

    Idubbz really is the Adam sandler of youtube. Dude gets all his friends to star in stuff

  • trax72
    trax72 2 months ago +1748

    The inclusion of Joe Rogan getting fooled by the Dad fight clip is funny af 😂

    • frick
      frick Month ago

      @greninja10k lmao ok dude

    • Dreeph
      Dreeph Month ago

      @We All Like it So Milk It lmao it’s barely sad it’s mostly funny
      Also just sharing my opinion why do I feel like a father and son in the ring isn’t sad? I feel it’s amazing, an accomplishment made by both a father and a son to get in ring, kinda to me sounds beautiful no matter the outcome

    • _RobinMc__ - The Steve!
      _RobinMc__ - The Steve! 2 months ago

      I can't stand Joe Rogan

    • greninja10k
      greninja10k 2 months ago

      Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross. Repent and believe in him or you will be separated from God The Father for all eternity and face hell forever, never ending

    • Zionswasd
      Zionswasd 2 months ago +17

      @LeastBasedCommie the truest mark of wisdom.

  • gdellivocals
    gdellivocals 18 hours ago +13

    Froggy Fresh was the only fight I was looking forward to. Welp 😅

  • Superfly Johnson
    Superfly Johnson Day ago +27

    Get rid of Yoko Ono, Ian.

  • Emma Esta
    Emma Esta Month ago +8

    Im still not over the shock that i had when watching how wholesome it all was. At the end of each fight, everyone was a good sport. It was so admirable to see this. Im so glad its returning!

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 10 days ago +4

    Froggy Fresh is gonna brain that kid 😂💀

  • Shroomer
    Shroomer 2 months ago +4264

    Airsoftfatty singing the anthem was amazing. Dude has balls to sing a song in front of 10K+ people while not even knowing the lyrics yet still trying his best.

    • Joe Gleason
      Joe Gleason Month ago

      Airsoftfatty as a fighter(faked lightsaber fight) needs to happen lol

    • Jack Wong
      Jack Wong Month ago

      @FriscoRisk oh wow never knew

    • FriscoRisk
      FriscoRisk Month ago

      @Jack Wong Not him, I mean Idubbbz

    • FriscoRisk
      FriscoRisk Month ago

      @Lil Internet was always mean, this dude was saying the n-word left right and center

  • Skylol
    Skylol Month ago +9

    Lmao Chills is commentating? That's gonna be absolutely amazing, I can already imagine "rOuNd tWooo"

  • Sappy
    Sappy 2 months ago +6

    If Sam don’t fight the price ain’t right

  • JC
    JC Day ago +11

    What a cowardly move to kick your own fighter off the card

  • Jamie FlowerChap
    Jamie FlowerChap 2 months ago +30

    This lineup is absolutely killing me. I cannot wait.

  • Asphalt - Cowboy94
    Asphalt - Cowboy94 17 days ago +2

    Man this is going to be soo awesome. I'd love to be able to make it down to FL but life is too complicated rn. I'll for sure be watching on my phone tho. This is such a good thing you guys are doing.

  • AntiVector
    AntiVector 2 months ago +1920

    I admire the career move to go from bad unboxing to good boxing.

    • Phille
      Phille Month ago


    • *-*
      *-* 2 months ago

      Underrated comment

    • Tellah
      Tellah 2 months ago

      Gold star

    • Parking_lot182
      Parking_lot182 2 months ago +1

      @- Well I doubt Ian does 😂

  • winlars
    winlars 2 months ago +16

    Creator Clash was such a great event, I was glued to it the whole time and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The staff was also really incredible and Akinola got the energy dialed

  • Aaron Davidson
    Aaron Davidson 2 months ago +14

    After the event last year I was definitely hoping for Creator Clash 2. After getting a glimpse at just how hard they went conditioning and how taxing/ time consuming it was, I wasn't expecting it to come so soon though! The sportsmanship and heart showed last year was the overall highlight for sure, can't wait to see this!

  • everything will be ok
    everything will be ok 19 hours ago +7

    In the candy cane ring with sweet twizzler ropes, the CADNY MAN comes for your cotton candy soul…

  • S. Taranda
    S. Taranda 2 months ago +21

    idups my man you cannot imagine how wonderful this journey with you has been
    as my favorite creator on youtube... Man, I was so into save the squirrels and now I'm here. One must just love how fast this universe is moving

    BLACK CHI Month ago +2

    I'm stoked to see Froggy Fresh!!!

    • Macdaddyrick123
      Macdaddyrick123 Day ago

      Ian just kicked him off the card for petty reasons

  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike 2 months ago +482

    Let’s goo CC2!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

    • Bump3rst1cker
      Bump3rst1cker 2 months ago +5

      Dr Mike for ring doctor in cc2!

    • aAáÁAA
      aAáÁAA 2 months ago +2

      Oh he's already gone pro, alright good for him

    • GrimReaping
      GrimReaping 2 months ago +24

      @aAáÁAA He already beat the final boss

  • Rat King
    Rat King 2 months ago +27

    Can't wait to see Marisha! Rooting for you, girl

  • JustValHere
    JustValHere 2 months ago +5

    I'M SO EXITED! The Creator Clash was the first time I bought a ticket for a pay per view event! And I'll 100% be buying a ticket for the next one!

  • Ethan Dusenberry
    Ethan Dusenberry Month ago +1

    Never thought I’d see the day where jacksepticeye would make cover a idubbz video. Back in 2016 that would’ve never happened lmao. What a different Wrld. Also Fitz boxing it’s going to be fucking awsome very fun exciting for this sick event!!!👍

  • Zicky
    Zicky 2 months ago +9

    Really hyped to see Marisha Ray do some dope monk shit

  • Sham Dunk
    Sham Dunk Day ago +7

    Justice for Froggy

  • brooke
    brooke 2 months ago +1381

    AB saying he'll never fight again and then agreeing to fight Dad is truly insane to me

    • Jones Jermaine
      Jones Jermaine  2 months ago

      Went to high-school with Idubbz, we got into an argument one day in Social Studies about and how I thought George McClellan was a coward and a yellow belly after class he came up behind me while I was at my locker and whisper in my ear to "Whip it Out" I was stunned and as he walked away he called me a coward biggest regret of my life wouldn't be surprised if they made this into a movie.

    • Cody Kester
      Cody Kester 2 months ago

      Dad would beat Mayweather and McGregor in a 1v2 with ease

    • Eduardo
      Eduardo 2 months ago

      Bro is gonna get SHCMIXED but I believe in the dream

    • Dr. Timmers MD
      Dr. Timmers MD 2 months ago

      Crazy that guys a real n-word f-word to say the least 😂

    • Kwhyell
      Kwhyell 2 months ago +1

      Nathan Barnett (Dad) has been dancing and doing other physical stuff on Clip-Share for 10+ years, I think he's generally just a lot more fit than the average youtuber

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +1

    It brought me to tears of both laughter and happiness when the whole crowd helped fatty sing the anthem. That literally was a moment straight from a movie.

  • Nostalgia Addict
    Nostalgia Addict Month ago +2

    This event is absolutely star studded! Great work, guys

  • Damian 1989
    Damian 1989 Month ago +5

    I like how Dad is literally doing the *Kubrick Stare*

  • J A
    J A 2 months ago +2

    I'm excited for this one.
    I watched the first one after the fact but I watched the whole this in one go!!
    And now Mark and Ethan are gonna be it, I'm so hype for this one.
    Let's just hope E doesn't get his ass kicked

  • HumanDude
    HumanDude Month ago +1

    This is just one of the best events in youtube creators ive ever seen its beautiful. We all want more 100%

  • Wisp
    Wisp 2 months ago +565


  • Decepticon master
    Decepticon master 3 days ago

    Leonhart needs to pull all those fighting energies to sweep the competition

  • Asphalt - Cowboy94
    Asphalt - Cowboy94 17 days ago

    I havent been to the channel since the ricecum content cop. I gotta say tho i've thoroughly enjoyed seeing how Ian has grown over the years and LOVE what he's doing with creator clash. Keep up the good work man.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor Month ago +1

    So excited for this!!! Last one was a roaring success and I have the utmost confidence that you'll blow the roof off of all of our expectations this time around.. Dare I say, I guarantee it!!! Ian, you are the Dana White of Clip-Share except you aren't a money hungry asshat. You're a gift to humanity, and Creator Clash is right up there with Content Cop in scale of cultural importance. The world already feared your cunning wit and smart/fast humor, but now they fear and respect your certifiably deadly fists and fluid footwork, give 'em hell !!

  • Lord HONK
    Lord HONK 2 months ago +2

    I'm soo excited!!!! Thank you Ian for making the show.

  • AnimeMemers
    AnimeMemers Month ago +1

    I did NOT expect Jack manifold to come and fight, this is gonna be awesome

  • Æther
    Æther 2 months ago +1797

    Jack, Mark and Charlie is gonna be the ultimate casting trio

    • ordinary name
      ordinary name Month ago

      @Slugworth Look at these children defending their favorite millionaire influencers.

    • Benjo
      Benjo 2 months ago

      ​@Slugworth my yt channel is probably older than you xD

    • Totty
      Totty 2 months ago +1

      Wade is gonna complete the casting group handsdown

    • Slugworth
      Slugworth 2 months ago

      @Benjo you're not fooling anyone pal.

    • Benjo
      Benjo 2 months ago

      @Slugworth and yes, i can just fast travel across the world in games but not in real life, thats how it works xD

  • Cheng-Fa Shen
    Cheng-Fa Shen Month ago +3

    This entire concept is a beautiful thing and it brings a tear to my eye. I love it! So glad it's back

  • Danni Derpy
    Danni Derpy Month ago +1

    Markiplier commentating as his bouncy baby boy eef gets beaten is gonna be so fucking good

  • KINGJK144
    KINGJK144 12 hours ago +6

    Treat froggy right man, disgusting what you've done to him.

  • whatever works, mate.
    whatever works, mate. 2 months ago +1

    This lineup is amazing, it's gonna go even harder than last time!

  • JonBoiSugoi
    JonBoiSugoi Day ago +4

    Ian I hope the “fans” you garnered with your content at the time dance on your career

  • Matthias Jonas
    Matthias Jonas Month ago +1

    Damn such a cool lineup, really looking forward to this

  • Ben Hall
    Ben Hall Month ago +1

    jacksepticeye and markiplier doing BOXING commentary gonna be hillarrious

  • silverfilms
    silverfilms Month ago

    Great to see this will be a thing going forward, CC1 was one of the most enjoyable things in Clip-Share history IMO

  • Tony Luengas
    Tony Luengas Month ago

    Arin vs Jarvis is what I am looking forward to.

  • P. Rubin
    P. Rubin Month ago +2

    Damn everyone wins. Contenders get more recognized, money goes to good causes, audience is hyped. Good luck to everyone.

  • Jimyif
    Jimyif 2 months ago +611

    Rogan thinking dad was actually Matt’s dad is golden 💀😂😂😂

    • Phoenix Ace
      Phoenix Ace 2 months ago

      @Lucifer might wanna delete your first point because the frogs gay thing was absolutely true but I have no idea about the second

    • ba doem
      ba doem 2 months ago

      @Jimbo he was dead serious... Wich made it funnier off course :)

    • peach
      peach 2 months ago +4

      @Lucifer yea joe is literally a clown everyone knows this

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 2 months ago +6

      @Jimbo No, he didn't. One of the people that worked for him said he was mistaken and he admitted agreed. He didn't point to shit.

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 2 months ago +12

      @Jimbo He went on a hard rant about how fucked up society is based on his own misunderstanding. It not being a huge deal doesn't negate the fact that he's willing to go that hard over some shit that didn't happen because he just ran with an assumption. Little shit piles up until you're yelling about chemicals in the water turning frogs gay and literal vampire pot belly goblins.

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    Splinter 2 months ago +1

    I've never been excited for a boxing event, till now.

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    TheObicobiHD Month ago

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  • RoseBlud MMA
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    • I am Pluto
      I am Pluto Day ago

      @Jamie even what happened

    • Jamie even
      Jamie even Day ago +1

      Well this aged like milk sadly

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      Ailsa Evans 2 months ago

      A legend

    • Dylan Jacobs
      Dylan Jacobs 2 months ago

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    Last Name First Name Month ago +1

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    creator clash 2 will be so much more.

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    SmoofDizzle (gm) 2 months ago +1

    I'm super stoked for every one of these fighters but HOLY SHIT I was not expecting to see Froggy Fresh on there, one of my favorite OG youtuber/rappers.

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    Sasha Dame Month ago

    The moment where Harley says what a champ Arin is always makes me tear up 🥲

  • maronin'
    maronin' 2 months ago +227

    Props to Fitz agreeing to fight "I did a thing" mans a concussion machine

    • SrLemo
      SrLemo 2 months ago

      @Glopple Well of course his first video in a year would do well get a good amount of views if he returned and started to upload consistently I don't think he would do as well. Ive seen this with other Clip-Sharers where they get into controversy loses a bunch of subscribers and post for the first time in a year and get a few million views on that video starts uploading consistent again. The views on the videos drop and starts losing subscribers again.

    • Glopple
      Glopple 2 months ago +1

      @SrLemo fitz could comeback whenever realistically he still will have a large audience. He just decided to do other things now. His most recent video has 5.3 million views and that was after a year of not uploading and people still go back and watch his old content

    • SrLemo
      SrLemo 2 months ago

      @Zacharias Hes gone offline because he knows his channel dead. The Drama with him and kate really killed his channel and wasn't able to recover since.

    • Sacred Datura
      Sacred Datura 2 months ago +5

      Alexa is so fucking crazy, like actually a really powerful dude. Props to anyone for agreeing to fight him.