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USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter on starting 11 at the FIFA World Cup | State of the Union Podcast

  • Published on Jul 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The fans love to debate who Gregg Berhalter places in the starting lineup on matchday. Alexi Lalas and David Mosse talk to the man himself on his decisions ahead of the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar.
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    USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter on starting 11 at the FIFA World Cup | State of the Union Podcast
    • USMNT head coach ...
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Comments • 59

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  8 months ago +7

    Do you agree with Gregg Berhalter?

    • Joe
      Joe 8 months ago

      I agree with Burt Reynolds.

    • Kreig Alm
      Kreig Alm 8 months ago


  • westcoast1axxx
    westcoast1axxx 8 months ago +4

    We are no where closer to knowing what the starting lineup is going to be than when the interview started….

  • Chris Frank
    Chris Frank 8 months ago +4

    I hope Carter-Vickers is chosen as a backup at least. He has really emerged after finally getting out of Tottenham and playing at Celtic. I think he was named in the 11 of the all-league team after doing such a great job at Celtic last year. But like so many positions & especially the backups to fill up the 23 or 25 man roster, there are options which is a good problem, but makes some decisions difficult. We all have our own thoughts on who should be chosen at whatever position, but not everyone will be happy with every choice. At least until they beat Wales in that first game, then beat Iraq & have 1st in group clinched before England, or that game just determines 1st & 2nd.
    If only it were that simple😇!! We know its not! Just hope by 3rd game the whole group isn’t tied at 2 points, or worse after all 3 games everyone isn’t at 3 points. GD would then be irrelevant, then is Goals Scored the next tiebreaker?
    WC is Just under 4 months away!!!

  • Mack Hawthorne
    Mack Hawthorne 8 months ago +5

    I want to see some Sean Johnson in September in the friendlys I think he looked good against Uruguay

  • Bryan V
    Bryan V 8 months ago +1

    I would love to see a Brooks/Richards CB partnership at the WC but looks doubtful, would also like to see Weah at the 9, Aaronson at the RW & Reyna at the 10 but that's all fantasy dreaming for Gregg, man I wish we had a better coach lmao 🤣

  • NIs Sancho
    NIs Sancho 8 months ago +2

    I honestly think sean johnson should be starting ive seen his quality and also OG MLS player

  • Tom Hanlon
    Tom Hanlon 8 months ago

    That didn't sound like Tim Ream needs to bother packing if they are going to move a RB to LB. Would love to see Matt Hoppe get another chance if forwards continue to be uninspiring. If Adams is going to play on the wing, then I think best center backs are Zimmerman, Long, and Brooks in that order....And biggest thought is that based on existing team, there needs to be a spot in starting 11 for Brendan Aaronson.

  • James Sanitate
    James Sanitate 8 months ago +2

    Based on Steffens recent performance for club and country, why does it always feel like berhalter favors him over matt turner?

  • js858sd
    js858sd 8 months ago +49

    Play John brooks! Or at least try him out! Hes still better than most of your defenders.

    • TheLoneWolf11
      TheLoneWolf11 8 months ago

      @Ryan Nations dawg neither can Aaron Long but he keeps getting opportunities 😂
      And FWI , brooks can definitely pass , him with Richards are our best ball playing CB

    • Ricky Ricardo
      Ricky Ricardo 8 months ago

      @Ryan Nations lol passing out of the back is literally the only thing he’s good at… have u ever watched him play?

    • theonlyjosue
      theonlyjosue 8 months ago +1

      @Ryan Nations dude what are you talking about ? out of everyone besides richards, John Brooks is our best passer from playing out of the back, where did you get that idea that he can’t play from the back, there are clips showing his passing ability 😂

    • Lemi
      Lemi 8 months ago

      @nFWAYGo fr

  • Matthew Levy
    Matthew Levy 8 months ago +17

    Gregg Berhalter is the weakest link of this team.

  • One&Only
    One&Only 8 months ago +1

    Plz put in Johnson he doesn’t disappoint

  • Corey Holt
    Corey Holt 8 months ago +1

    That was one of the silliest non- answers I've ever heard.
    "We're gonna play the one that plays better and does the exact things a goalkeeper is there to do"

    • Corey Holt
      Corey Holt 8 months ago

      @Evan Oliva then say that. He tried to make that simple concept sound like it was something technical and clever

    • Evan Oliva
      Evan Oliva 8 months ago

      Nah, that makes sense. He is saying that he is gonna go by form

  • chamberlain wonder
    chamberlain wonder 8 months ago

    Geo arena must be in a line up along with huppi...

  • Long Hoang
    Long Hoang 13 days ago

    Hello sir Gregg ! You are still one good couch of American soccer team . But I have a lot of experiences in soccer that I can help you with . America soccer is number 1 . Argentina soccer or Brazilian soccer is nothing and if they are not very happy with what I am just saying , they can talk to me fairly and openly in front of the public to see that how well they play soccer .

  • Drew
    Drew 8 months ago +3

    Did they even mention mckennie

  • chamberlain wonder
    chamberlain wonder 8 months ago

    Men shaun johnson gona put all the goal keepers in world cup to shame in quatar. Shaun johnson keep with both hands n legs too. Shaun johnson is fearless..

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani 8 months ago


  • kid Doonski
    kid Doonski 8 months ago +20

    "umm let's see, Jordan Morris, Paul Arriola, Christian Roldan, Sebastian lletget, Gyasi Zardes..."

    • MG Shorts
      MG Shorts 8 months ago +1

      you guys all realize that Alex Roldan represents the El Salvador national team. It’s Cristian you’re talking about.

    • Kobra
      Kobra 8 months ago +2

      Fck no, I don't want paul arriola, christian & Alex roldan, sebastian lletget and zardes in the usmnt

    • MG Shorts
      MG Shorts 8 months ago +2

      When you say Alex Roldan, you mean Cristian Roldan right?

    • Mohammed Ismail
      Mohammed Ismail 8 months ago +1

      Yup probably as bad as it gets

    • I sk
      I sk 8 months ago +1

      Zardes starts and Morris bench

  • Fam3
    Fam3 8 months ago +1

    Ariola , Morris 😂 he’s a 🤡

  • Eric Perez
    Eric Perez 8 months ago +8

    Turner, Dest, Zimmerman, Richards, Robinson, Adams, Mckennie, Reyna, Weah, Pefok, Pulisic

    • A-Wal Patches
      A-Wal Patches 8 months ago

      @Darnell Alexander If we play Ramsdale in goal and leave out Maguire I'm sure we'll win. With Maguire and Pickford on the pitch we'll probably mess it up. I know they've both been fine for England but they've shown with their clubs that they're a huge liability at times, especially Maguire.

    • Darnell Alexander
      Darnell Alexander 8 months ago

      @A-Wal Patches that game is gonna be a draw

    • A-Wal Patches
      A-Wal Patches 8 months ago

      anonstriker England play with two holding midfielders to cover for our weak defence. Southgate gets critisised for doing it but this is why.

    • A-Wal Patches
      A-Wal Patches 8 months ago

      anonstriker Disaster waiting to happen. Pickford, Stones and even Walker worry me too. If all four are playing the US might actually win. Hopefully Ramsdale will have a good start to the season and force his way in.

    • A-Wal Patches
      A-Wal Patches 8 months ago

      @Fatman101isReal Yea, that's why I didn't put him in that team.

  • Hector G
    Hector G 8 months ago +1

    Keep Paul arriola away from the World Cup bruh💀

  • John Miller
    John Miller 8 months ago

    Our best left back is some dude playing in German 2nd league?

    • §aturn
      §aturn 8 months ago +1

      2nd best left back*

  • Adrian Fonseca
    Adrian Fonseca 8 months ago +2

    Zack is not good enough to be the started mat turner is better

  • Adam Tash
    Adam Tash 8 months ago

    morris and arriola aint doin jack sht at the WC GREGGORY.....they shouldnt even be in consideration for the team at this point

  • Long Hoang
    Long Hoang 13 days ago

    Hello sir Gregg you do not have time to contact me . I am so sure that America soccer is number 1 . Argentina soccer or Brazilian soccer is nothing . If they are not happy with what Iam just talking . We can talk about that fairly and openly to the public . And see how well they play soccer .

  • Fam3
    Fam3 8 months ago

    Aarón long is 🗑

  • Vic Vibe
    Vic Vibe 8 months ago

    Please don’t bring none Brooks not good enough