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Portugal vs. Switzerland Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Round of 16

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  Month ago +2461

    Does Portugal need Ronaldo to win a World Cup?

  • JayCFC
    JayCFC Month ago +5725

    What a day for Goncalo Ramos. A hattrick on his first ever Portugal start. Especially in the knockout stages. That is absolutely incredible.

  • Stef
    Stef Month ago +1388

    a team that has CR7 and Leao on the bench is surely a team that can win this world cup. Incredibly talented team.

  • Murad Ali
    Murad Ali Month ago +477

    As a Ronaldo fan I do believe that the team is dominating and competitive without him too. At this stage he is important to the team morally more than physically. Kudos to Portugal for the amazing win and I hope to see Ronaldo bouncing back in the up coming matches

    • Samuel LP
      Samuel LP Month ago

      @Yusmar FS who's Ronaldo🤔??? JKing😏

    • brian herrera
      brian herrera Month ago

      @Scott Gibson That’s what I said bro, all I’m saying is that he was essential for Portugal at some point. I said that because the other dude said Ronaldo was never good for Portugal even at his peak.

    • Scott Gibson
      Scott Gibson Month ago

      @brian herrera That was a lifetime ago. Athletes age out, even the great ones.

    • eel
      eel Month ago

      @Mettamoose i don't like ronaldo, for the reason that he is credibly accused of r*pe

    • Gomes Sylvester
      Gomes Sylvester Month ago +1

      @Penguin R9 also had Rivaldo !

  • Sir Rami
    Sir Rami Month ago +103

    Ronaldo for Portugal this year is like Miroslav Klose for Germany in 2014. Both record-breaking legends past their prime, but still valuable assets to the team with the experience and mentality that they bring.

    • Elias Roy
      Elias Roy 4 days ago

      @Sir Rami Pendu still scored more penalties overall. Cry more

    • Sir Rami
      Sir Rami 4 days ago

      @Elias Roy None compare to Pessi who got the most penalties in World Cup history. Five penalties in seven games 😱

    • Elias Roy
      Elias Roy 4 days ago

      Difference is that Klose has a World Cup at retired meanwhile Pendu 😂

    • Tesla Cyber Truck
      Tesla Cyber Truck Month ago

      Are you calling him Old???

    • Arman Zaidi
      Arman Zaidi Month ago


  • MG_ 33
    MG_ 33 Month ago +176

    Is no one gonna mention João Felix’s performance?? Absolutely phenomenal every touch was beautiful to watch. This is what we’ve been waiting for all these years

    • Jeffrey Thao
      Jeffrey Thao Month ago +1

      Everything Felix does on the pitch is world class but he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

    • Twist BS
      Twist BS Month ago +1

      Felix be giving them assists like it’s nothing

    • Chelsea Ferreira
      Chelsea Ferreira Month ago

      Absolutely true!! It was beautiful ❤️

    • Raul Melo
      Raul Melo Month ago +1

      He had some amazing runs super smooth with the ball and great passes 😮‍💨🔥

    • Edgary Zen
      Edgary Zen Month ago +5

      @Gabriel Ramos and Felix = dangerous duo

  • Ehsan Jalalpour
    Ehsan Jalalpour Month ago +7

    What a wonderful game congratulations Portugal 🇵🇹

  • CosmosNut
    CosmosNut Month ago +4

    A dominant win, and done with style by each individual. Amazing teamwork and discipline.

  • CalebGamer
    CalebGamer Month ago +12

    This team is doing us proud Força Portugal 🇵🇹

  • David Gee
    David Gee Month ago +2

    Rafael Leão, 2 goals in 62 minutes all off the bench in his first World Cup tournament in case anyone was wondering.

    • b conni
      b conni Month ago +1

      he's an incredible player. he's been lighting it up in Serie A for a while now. with CR7 on his way out, i'm sure Leao will be getting more playing time with the national team going forward.

  • Kyekye Eminah
    Kyekye Eminah Month ago +939

    Pepe is a true warrior of a defender. To have this athleticism and dominance at age 39 speaks volumes of his class. He is part of a dying breed of defenders with his commitment and putting his body on the line. A true great!

    • lxryb 8
      lxryb 8 Month ago

      Pepe a legend

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6‬:‭33‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Lando_Solo
      Lando_Solo Month ago

      That’s the Brazilian blood in him 🇧🇷👏🏼

    • Archii J
      Archii J Month ago +1

      And what's crazy is back in the day he wasn't even top 5 cb in the world , that's how bad cb have fallen, we have midfielders who know how to tackle playing cb

    • StratsPokerVlog
      StratsPokerVlog Month ago

      body on the line? what is this the ufc. I just dont see it in that way.

  • ojasvi chaudhary
    ojasvi chaudhary Month ago +8

    Waited a long long time to see such a performance from Portugal in World Cup

  • Rick SDF-1
    Rick SDF-1 Month ago +2

    Es algo histórico, Ramos

  • Chelsea Ferreira
    Chelsea Ferreira Month ago +2

    I hope to see Portugal playing like this in every game. What a game, what a great team, strategy, goals, everything ❤️

  • Cemre Demir
    Cemre Demir Month ago +9

    We might have just witnessed the birth of a new star.
    Ramos was absolutely unbelievable!

  • Naru Nanigoto
    Naru Nanigoto Month ago +1435

    You know Ronaldo isn't needed when two defenders score goals.
    Shout out to Pepe and Guerreiro.

    • Armando Garcia
      Armando Garcia 10 days ago

      @SickiR Ronaldo and Messi

    • Bald Mista
      Bald Mista Month ago

      @SickiR you mean mbappe or neymar. Messi and CR7 are average now. Not bad tho, both still awesome players.

    • dau1024
      dau1024 Month ago

      I like Guerreiro but he's a defender in name only. Basically a 3rd winger

    • Edward C
      Edward C Month ago

      Well we can say Portugal did horrible considering the score could have been 12-1 had Ronaldo started, the Swiss are just bad. So you’re wrong, they did need Ronaldo.

    • Leonard Donato
      Leonard Donato Month ago

      Dont you mean Ron-old-no!

  • Chris F
    Chris F Month ago +2

    Congrats to Portugal 👏🏽
    Heart goes out to Switzerland to see them end their run in that fashion.

  • James Han
    James Han Month ago +1

    We can acknowledge the passing of the torch while still giving Ronaldo his flowers. All I know - this last 8 is going to be amazing. Every matchup this Friday and Saturday is 🔥. Pumped 💪

  • S A
    S A Month ago +3

    This was so beautiful and amazing and hopefully they bring it on to the finale

  • meltem cinar
    meltem cinar Month ago +7

    Congrats, Portugal! Parabéns! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    • 𝕁
      𝕁 Month ago +2

      Whenever i translate i see the Brazilian flag instead of Portugal

  • MIA
    MIA Month ago +2

    That gaol from Rafael Leao is just like hand crafted 😢. You represented AC Milan well..👏🏾

  • H
    H Month ago +7

    That first goal was so powerful even slow mo cant make it look slow

    • watching99134
      watching99134 Month ago

      Thought the goalie should have been off his line with his hands up

  • None Yourbusiness
    None Yourbusiness Month ago +18


    • Mr. E
      Mr. E Month ago +1

      2006 was better. The ones after everyone knew who was gonna win Spain, Getmany, France. But this world cup there’s a few favorites

    • m Gonçalves
      m Gonçalves Month ago +2

      To me the last exciting WC was the 2006 one. Finally we have an exciting WC 2022

    • TheDumpbin
      TheDumpbin Month ago +1


  • Crown Prince
    Crown Prince Month ago +5

    This is considered a blowout in soccer. Makes you wonder if Switzerland was even that good or prepared

    • Srinath Satuluri
      Srinath Satuluri Month ago +1

      same swiss team that beat france in euros they just got outplayed today simple. sam way germany hammered brazil in 2014

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago +472

    Out of all the teams in the knockout stage Portugal impressed me the most considering the fact that EVERYONE thought this game would be a toss up and Portugal came out and dominated

    • Nova
      Nova Month ago

      @Ayrton Pazsoldan I got a France and Brazil final
      Then an argentina vs portugual 3rd place

    • Argentiskyblau 15
      Argentiskyblau 15 Month ago

      Ronaldo makes such a huge impact on the pitch even if he doesn’t score.

    • Nico Emilio
      Nico Emilio Month ago

      France has been impressive too

    • GigaMad
      GigaMad Month ago

      If Portugal goes against Argentina in the final, even if Ronaldo does well or not, I would be happy.

    • David Olatunji
      David Olatunji Month ago

      Who’s everyone?

  • Zumasa
    Zumasa Month ago

    Portugal played so well. Although I’m happy they’ve won I feel very sad seeing Ronaldo declining. It’s his age. He is not ready to accept it or maybe mentally he’s still being plagued by the events that have happened recently in his life. I believe he’s gotten to an age where his body will not do what his mind and instincts say to do. Many of you out there hate him simply because he rivals messi and I really don’t care what you guys have to say because you’re not true football fans. It’s a sad reality. Our Legends have one thing they can’t beat. Time. This may be his last World Cup. Im hoping Im wrong and he’s just in a rut.

  • Cristhian Macias
    Cristhian Macias Month ago +2

    What a beatdown by Portugal! So impressive!!

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez Month ago +1

    Amazing performance by Portugal- Disappointing from Switzerland- they seemed to be completely off that game from the start- like they had already achieved more than they thought they could by reaching the round of 16 and they had already gave up from the start- their minds were not there at all.
    As good as Portugal looked in this game- I think they haven't found a truly challenging opponent just yet- same with France. I think France will be challenged for the 1st time this tournament by England - Portugal will go out against the best defending team in the cup so far- Morocco- that will be a challenge in itself, I hope that Morocco shows a little more in the offense than they did against Spain to really see if Portugal can be considered a candidate- I just think their defense has not really be put to the test so far- Ghana challenged them a bit as did S. Korea- Portugal offense has been so good that has covered any defensive hiccups- but I really want to see if they can keep it up against a team that goes all out in offense.

  • Rafael Lopez
    Rafael Lopez Month ago +2

    I'm so happy with al Portuguese fans. . Great performance of a focus team... I'm happy with CR7 too.. putting beside any distraction and supporting his team mates...

  • Raptorman0909
    Raptorman0909 Month ago +529

    The Swiss have been punching above their weight but against Portugal they were no match. One of the most impressive wins of this cup...

    • Tarkus
      Tarkus Month ago

      @Moparjo_ So is Portugal apparently :)

    • Vital
      Vital Month ago

      @Jose Cristina 😭😭😭

    • Joseph Noneofyourbeeswax
      Joseph Noneofyourbeeswax Month ago

      @Richard Rabbit Straight A's but in what classes and how good is your teacher. You don't know this yet but the education you have been receiving is watered down. Does not mean you are not as smart as anyone, but rather what you are probably being taught is wrong, misleading or just not very challenging. The world is going socialist. Do you know what that is? Hint: it is not sitting around talking.

    • ChefCardo
      ChefCardo Month ago +4

      @Jose He's obviosly past his prime but you couldn't be more wrong about the Euros. That team had very little offense besides Ronaldo. The fact that Eder was the next best striker on that team should tell you all you need to know about that 2016 Portugal side. Ronaldo was the offence and that's why it took 110 minutes and a world class performance by Patricio and the defence to beat France.
      But now Portugal has so much youth and speed up front with players willing to move the ball its clear Ronaldo doesn't have a spot in the starting lineup. But he will be a major sub in future games, just watch.

    • MESSI
      MESSI Month ago

      They haven’t

  • Cryptohood
    Cryptohood Month ago +3

    Portugal England France Brazil are stacked with young talent 😮
    What a year for this World Cup

  • Bem Diar
    Bem Diar Month ago

    For me, since the beginning I though that Portugal could win this whole thing. They are strong in defense, midfield and forward. Their midfield is fantastic Joao Felix, Fernandes, and my favorite guy Bernardo Sylva will make a difference against any team. Now with Ramos, they are really scary.

  • Cristhian Macias
    Cristhian Macias Month ago

    incredible hat-trick by Ramos, what a display!

  • J M
    J M Month ago +4

    Ramos scored 3 and assisted for Portugal and for Switzerland what a player

  • André iii!!!
    André iii!!! Month ago +958

    Portugal is even a good team without Ronaldo
    At least we know when Ronaldo retires they will still be consider a great team 👏
    Congrats Portugal 🇵🇹 ❤️

    • commonsensedatcom
      commonsensedatcom Month ago

      What portugal is choke full of talent r u kidding

    • z
      z Month ago

      @Emmanuel Hernandez CR7 was a great player, was...

    • Katjerøuac
      Katjerøuac Month ago

      @Brandon Juache Argentina never have had a decent squad. Maybe just 2014 but that's it. This Argentina is pretty underwhelming

    • ρнαηтσм
      ρнαηтσм Month ago

      @I Squat On The Toilet And Poop Hard Like A Dog he is leaving to arabic club cuz they'll pay more ))

    • Michael Scott
      Michael Scott Month ago +2

      I've been waiting 28 years to see Portugal finally win it.
      I think they can finally do it this year!

  • Carlos Anderson
    Carlos Anderson Month ago

    This has to be the event that turns the page on Ronaldo's career and that's ok. I will say I'm very proud of Pepe despite being a Barca fan myself. He still has quality.

  • Oya  bal
    Oya bal Month ago

    Out of all the teams in the knockout stage Portugal impressed me the most considering the fact that EVERYONE thought this game would be a toss up and Portugal came out and dominated

  • Pasan
    Pasan Month ago

    From my time playing rec and club soccer, I can safely say that if the defense is really bad, anyone can score. If the defense is really good, sometimes it take a special playr to break through. Does Portugal need Ronaldo? We will see won't we, when they face a tougher defense. Wait.. Morocco is around the corner.

  • armand sant
    armand sant Month ago

    Ramos is a gunslinger indeed 👏🏼 what a performance

  • Ethan Welsh
    Ethan Welsh Month ago

    Great match, the teams played at the highest level! I think Portugal can win this championship1

  • pele11201
    pele11201 Month ago +1

    Os tugas foram muito perigosos no campo sem “O Capitão”. 😮😮

  • Henry Cruz
    Henry Cruz Month ago

    As I love Renaldo, Portugal has proven that they can win without him. ❤

  • gbm420
    gbm420 Month ago +2

    Pepe not the psychopath he once was...but dude still is quality, aging like a very fine wine

  • Nuri
    Nuri Month ago +405

    That gaol from Rafael Leao is just like hand crafted 😢. You represented AC Milan well..👏🏾

    • walker nighswander
      walker nighswander Month ago +1

      that goal could never be beaten it was so inane an amazing I bet there gonna win the World Cup

    • Owen’s Roblox stories.
      Owen’s Roblox stories. Month ago +1

      @dau1024 It’s not stupid, it was funny to some of us admit it.

    • Panthera Onca
      Panthera Onca Month ago +1

      Leao means lion in portuguese.

    • S A
      S A Month ago +1

      Go AC Milan, he is one of my favorite although my favorite team is Real Madrid

    • dau1024
      dau1024 Month ago +1

      The stupid dance ruined it though

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Month ago +1

    Honesty the Ronaldo snub was very unnecessary by the coach, but so much respect and praise for the rest of Portugal they played so brilliantly, not even rooting for them but this was definitely a great moment for them

  • 13muller
    13muller Month ago +1

    Look at Ronaldo's face at 1:29 He looks sad instead of being happy for his team following the 1-st goal. If you had begun watching the video from 1:29, you would have thought Switzerland had scored a goal!!!!

  • Carlos Mckay
    Carlos Mckay Month ago

    Portugal great victory, you will do good and you can make history. Good luck, love Portugal.

  • Omar Henry
    Omar Henry Month ago

    This was a training session for Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Wavy Esco
    Wavy Esco Month ago

    U cant help but smile when Pepe scored that header

  • brianyarde
    brianyarde Month ago

    Great finishing...goals wins matches

  • Tanner Morningstar
    Tanner Morningstar Month ago

    Imagine a team having cr7 and Raphael leao on the bench and still be so good they don’t even need them

  • FifaMessi010
    FifaMessi010 Month ago

    The things I would do to be able to rest Messi in a knock out stage game and let Argentina do all the work.. would never be possible 😭

  • Ethiopian Language
    Ethiopian Language Month ago +376

    Congrats, Portugal! Parabéns! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    • Elias Roy
      Elias Roy Month ago

      I love when you click the translate option. It changes to a Brazilian flag

    • Leontinus
      Leontinus Month ago

      @David Silva
      Stop projecting and go eend what you call "life".

    • Leontinus
      Leontinus Month ago

      @David Silva
      Do something productive like playing in the road.

    • David Silva
      David Silva Month ago

      @Leontinus If you think your going to offended my by clicking a keyboard your very mistaken... go to sleep keyboard warrior!😂

    • David Silva
      David Silva Month ago

      @Leontinus How many times do I have to say that I'm not offended! Can you read! Why are you so pressed? Did my comments describe your life? Commenting and hating on others because your life sucks! Go on respond to this with another unoriginal attempt of a joke!😂

  • Lia Mar
    Lia Mar Month ago

    Wow, Portugal is making me afraid 😳 Parabens, Portugal!!!

  • The Humanity
    The Humanity Month ago

    My heart goes out to all the Swiss fans. Seeing the US lose to the Netherlands the other day had me really bummed. Hate seeing good teams like Japan and Switzerland get knocked out. I'm really rooting for an underdog to take the Cup this year

    • John Dong
      John Dong Month ago

      Switzerland was a weak team. No effort whatsoever. They just laid down and let Portugal run them over.

  • Aneta Augustyniak
    Aneta Augustyniak Month ago

    Unbelievable what a game 🎉👍👌

  • robert4uh
    robert4uh Month ago +2

    Portugal played good, but let's not forget that Switzerland is not France or Brazil. Of course they will need Ronaldo in his best shape for the next games

  • Josh O.
    Josh O. Month ago +589

    Portuguese coach looking like a genius after starting Goncalo Ramos

      SKYRISE SENPAiii Month ago +2

      They will still win without Ramos tho🤷‍♂️ and who say Ronaldo will not score if he start from the start since is different opponent haha

    • Gonzalo
      Gonzalo Month ago


    • Tiestokygo Ericprydz
      Tiestokygo Ericprydz Month ago +2

      Roger Federer watching this match 😰😕

    • Vinh Duong
      Vinh Duong Month ago

      @I Squat On The Toilet And Poop Hard Like A Dog so you are a Mbappe fan?

    • I Squat On The Toilet And Poop Hard Like A Dog
      I Squat On The Toilet And Poop Hard Like A Dog Month ago

      I’m a Ronaldo fan but I gotta admit, Ronaldo is garbage he couldn’t even score against South Korea or a washed up Switzerland 🤡🤡 Mbappe is carrying France 🔥 While Penaldo is getting carried by Portugal all Penaldo has is his little Mickey Mouse penalty goal.💩💩 🤡🤮
      Mbappe >>> Penaldo 🥱

  • Libo He
    Libo He Month ago

    Props to CR for putting Team before himself 👍👍

  • RC
    RC Month ago

    I can't believe they didn't show the amazing buildup of the 4th goal.

    • Leonardo Vielma
      Leonardo Vielma Month ago

      The spanish highlights on Telemundo shows it here on Clip-Share

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Month ago

    Ironically, Ramos missed his easiest chance of the day when one v one with Sommer. His first goal was well taken though

  • legniak1
    legniak1 Month ago +1

    Hat-Trick goal was beautiful

  • Uncle Drew
    Uncle Drew Month ago +193

    Forca Portugal 🇵🇹🔥

    • Balla jallow
      Balla jallow Month ago


    • mahsa
      mahsa Month ago +1

      Portugal wil beat a liones of dessert Morocco son

  • Eon K
    Eon K Month ago

    Switzerland is a good team, a GGooodd team very very solid team,
    so I just never saw this coming. I even thought Swiss has a very good chance of winning
    Is this the same team that played and lost to Korea last? Really?
    Phenomenal performance, Wow.... This game was something.... Time for Ronaldo to retire

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez Month ago

    Portugal 🇵🇹 scored 5 goals with Cr7 on the bench and when he subs in the team scored another 1 to sealed the game on the other hand 🇨🇭 couldn't Stop ramos but they did things that other big names in soccer history couldn't make..

  • Eddie Chavez
    Eddie Chavez Month ago

    Everything from that first goal screams fifa 😂 from rocket to the first post to the jumping over the corner flag celebration 💀

  • Jeff Morrison
    Jeff Morrison Month ago +1

    Star of the game was the Swiss goalkeeper ⭐️

    MANUNTD RED DEVIL 👹 Month ago +94

    All the commentators predicted a 0-0 scoreless grind fest. This was absolute domination. Please please please repeat the 2016 euros , except this time on a international scale. 😍

      MANUNTD RED DEVIL 👹 Month ago +3

      @M. deWylde thank you Einstein, we know this. Great job on your research. Can someone please get this man a certificate. 👍

    • M. deWylde
      M. deWylde Month ago +1

      A little geography for you: Europe is not a country, but a continent made of nations, therefore the Euro is an international competition. 😍

    • Derrick Bird
      Derrick Bird Month ago +2


    • ArcangeloSports NOS
      ArcangeloSports NOS Month ago +4

      @MANUNTD RED DEVIL 👹 Intercontinental technically, but better off saying "global scale"

      MANUNTD RED DEVIL 👹 Month ago +10

      @Mikau2403 yes but not like the World Cup

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago

    Really proud of Korea for beating Portugal 2-1
    Portugal is a beast!!

  • Gab Gotti
    Gab Gotti Month ago +3

    FORÇA PORTUGAL!!!!!!! 🇵🇹 🇵🇹

    • Domenic Daluz
      Domenic Daluz Month ago

      Vamos lá

    • Domenic Daluz
      Domenic Daluz Month ago

      Esse Google e muito estúpido

    • Gab Gotti
      Gab Gotti Month ago

      @David A because Brazilians have 215 million people. We Portuguese only have 10 million.

    • David A
      David A Month ago

      Odd, when I click translate to English the Portuguese flag gets corrected to Brazil flag 🤨

  •  melike  uz
    melike uz Month ago

    You know Ronaldo isn't needed when two defenders score goals.
    Shout out to Pepe and Guerreiro.

  • Watermelon Hearts
    Watermelon Hearts Month ago +1

    Bruno Fernandes is my player of the tournament so far.

  • Tdoe Gaming
    Tdoe Gaming Month ago +5291

    Imagine being the guy that replaced Cr7 and dropping a hat trick🔥🔥

    • DirtyDan
      DirtyDan Month ago +2

      Imagine being the guy trying to start over the goat and doing absolutely nothing in the quarter final against morocco

    • Tdoe Gaming
      Tdoe Gaming Month ago

      @Alex Rahgozar you are confusing me acknowledging that the kid step up when he replaced a legend for being an Portugal fan. I was happy watching them lose. There’s no reason Cr7 should be benched in a elimination game no matter if he has issues with the coaches. Certain player you play them no matter what and deal with the issues after you win

    • Alex Rahgozar
      Alex Rahgozar Month ago +2

      Who is Ramos? did he even play in the morocco game?!🤣

    • Mr Kilo-G
      Mr Kilo-G Month ago

      Lonaldo stays still getting L's lol

    • Talon Price
      Talon Price Month ago


  • Harris Ntemar
    Harris Ntemar Month ago

    So many hot goals from Portugal🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥They are on fire! The Swiss had no chance👎

  • Josh dongchul Kim
    Josh dongchul Kim Month ago

    Makes absolute sense for Portugal to invest on young players that can play throughout the years and not on a has been player that is continually showing degradation in skills and eventually have to retire in a few years.

  • Jorge Delgado
    Jorge Delgado Month ago

    People forget that Portugal didn't have a solid team through 4 world cups when Ronaldo played through a couple of decades. Portugal has more talent now than ever before which is great. Don't forget one man has carried a team for some time.

  • ChrisChras 9000
    ChrisChras 9000 Month ago

    Goncalo Ramos can sign for any big team!!! Portugal proved that their winning the wc. 🇵🇹 well done Performance. They completely obliterated Switzerland.

  • AZK
    AZK Month ago +5

    Bro was really doing the griddy 4:35

  • Dzo-ec
    Dzo-ec Month ago

    Ronaldo at MU and Portugal national team remind me of myself the first days I started playing amateur soccer. I was either sitting on the bench or substituted in when the match was already set. Even when I was in the game, I was told not go back to defense, just running around to interfere the opponent. I was glad at some point I got the job done. Isn’t this what big players do? I am so proud.

  • Kevin servHis
    Kevin servHis Month ago

    You can see the lack of deep joy for Ronaldo...being a fierce competitor AND wanting to be the main reason your team wins also means it's hard to enjoy your team's success if you personally didn't have anything to do with it.
    Hopefully he finds joy in his country's victory even if it doesn't involve his direct contribution.
    This is why balance is so important...and why his 'nemesis' the GOAT is celebrated all the more because that other guy GENUINELY enjoys his team's success even if he didn't directly contribute. He celebrates every assist he ever received WITH the teammate that assisted him and he celebrates every goal together with his teammates with or without being involved in the play that led to it.
    #Messi #Ronaldo #DifferentMindsets #LegendaryPlayers

  • Percy Calahorrano
    Percy Calahorrano Month ago

    There’s life without CR7 too much talent, gotta keep a close eye on Portugal

  • Beta Teta
    Beta Teta Month ago +51

    Potugal played completely different after losing to SK, what an adjustment by the coach. Btw Pepe's goal reminds me of puyol's goal against Germany 🇩🇪 in WC 2010. Good luck Portugal 🇵🇹 👍

    • b conni
      b conni Month ago +1

      they played with their B team in the SK match after securing the top spot in the group against Uruguay 4 days earlier. Portugal didn't have anything to play for in that march were as SK did.

    • Gerardo Guzman Rico
      Gerardo Guzman Rico Month ago

      @fairfeatherfiend Agreed!

    • CalebGamer
      CalebGamer Month ago +1

      Portugal didn’t use all their starters against South Korea

    • fairfeatherfiend
      fairfeatherfiend Month ago +5

      core players were not at the sk match, of course it was different.

    • Gerardo Guzman Rico
      Gerardo Guzman Rico Month ago +2

      Come on! There is no comparison. I liked Pepe's goal, an absolute hammer hit, but Puyol's goal was something else.

  • مهند
    مهند Month ago

    Portugal coach knows something that we don't. Ronaldo's replacement made coach look genius!

  • Alexander Woods
    Alexander Woods Month ago

    Pepe scores
    Presenter: “THE OLD MAN GETS HIS GOAL!”

  • dau1024
    dau1024 Month ago

    Yeah Ramos hat trick is nice and all. I'm more impressed by him clearing the corner flag from a lightly jogging start

  • AHHA
    AHHA Month ago

    7 goals in this game, and I swear we spent just as much time on all of them combined as we did watching Ronaldo on the bench. Pretty lame that’s where the focus is

  • John von Bron
    John von Bron Month ago +1

    congratulations Portugal from a Dutchy! 🇳🇱 ❤🇵🇹

  • DJ Noise
    DJ Noise Month ago

    Goncalo Ramos the future star for Portugal?
    Julian Alvarez the future star for Argentina?
    Vinicius Jr the future star for Brazil?
    It sure does look like it
    One thing for sure we gonna
    miss Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar

  • Rodolfo Diaz
    Rodolfo Diaz Month ago +1

    Ronaldo coming off the bench is huge cause easily he could start if he complained,but the reality is CR7 humbled himself and is thinking BIG… out for 🇵🇹 Portugal.

  • drksdofthmoon
    drksdofthmoon Month ago

    Swiss goal keeper is possibly the smallest goal keeper I've ever seen in a world cup

  • johnellously_ me
    johnellously_ me Month ago +1

    my two cents: maybe they dont see Switzerland as a threat to them that's why they let Ronaldo be on the subs. ;)

  • Raid Chaser
    Raid Chaser Month ago

    ...OUCH. 🇵🇹 absolutely overdid it. The match FELT lopsided...

  • Beat
    Beat Month ago +1

    So… we’ve reached the super sub Ronaldo era for the National team too? Interesting bc I’ve heard some things about how you can’t win without him

  • Gi Me
    Gi Me Month ago

    Feels like a great "passing of the torch"

  • Erick Ibarra
    Erick Ibarra Month ago +23

    Amazing performance from Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Karen Lily poe and Jackson poe channel……

    He is too good when he was young but now I think Portugal don’t really need him. He is old right now and also he doesn’t have power like before.

  • sila  nur
    sila nur Month ago +1

    Forca Portugal 🇵🇹🔥
    come bayb

  • A. G
    A. G Month ago +1

    It was a drive though for Portugal congrats!

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman Month ago +1

    Look out WC, Portugal peaking at the right time!

  • #SaveTheManuals
    #SaveTheManuals Month ago +1

    3:54 - when you're up 5 to 1 but still need external validation so you celly 😱