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Respect to Christian Bale 🔥| Ford v Ferrari

  • Published on Jan 11, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Respect to Christian Bale 🔥| Ford v Ferrari #shorts
    Movie - Ford v Ferrari
    Music - HENSONN SAHARA (Slowed)
  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

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  • A little razzle dazzle
    A little razzle dazzle Month ago +42775

    If your car's paintwork gets blemished by being touched the paintwork is shit.

    • abioye victory
      abioye victory 5 hours ago

      real sigma spotted

    • rao samahir
      rao samahir Day ago

      ​@Bumstead bumcheek who told you?

    • Tmp Thechat
      Tmp Thechat 4 days ago

      Not the paintwork... But imagine you want to present a clean car to get first impression that's covered with oil and fingerprint and stuff.... Brings down the rand value, nothing wrong with what ceo done... Totally with him! Ikr it's a movie but still.

    • Savage Kid
      Savage Kid 5 days ago

      Name plz

  • Lawyer Lawyer
    Lawyer Lawyer 4 days ago +234

    A funny comeback would have been.
    Well your son seems to like it 😂

    • Sate Sate Sate
      Sate Sate Sate 2 hours ago

      "He's 10, he'll grow out of it like the rest of us adults" was waiting right there for a return volley lol.

    • Steve Kahungura
      Steve Kahungura 8 hours ago +1

      Yeah. He's a kid, likes shiny things and so do you apparently but if you listened, I was talking about the inside 😂

    • T J
      T J 2 days ago +7

      I'd have said in rebuttal, "Well, we all started off as rookies that didn't know any better"

  • Ronald Nelson
    Ronald Nelson 11 days ago +245

    Props to the guy who just took that level of disrespectful with a straight face

    • Gagan S
      Gagan S 3 days ago +1

      He later makes the guy lose a race purposefully to satisfy his ego

  • Phulen
    Phulen 2 months ago +138628

    Now let's see Paul Allen's choice of car

    • joann
      joann 4 days ago

      Toyota Supra

    • JayBon
      JayBon 7 days ago


    • Anthony Ng
      Anthony Ng 7 days ago

      Paint job in Pale Nimbus

    • Balazs
      Balazs 7 days ago

      Bye the way: cool it with the anti-semitic remarks😅

    • Fever Dreame
      Fever Dreame 8 days ago

      No 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tmp Thechat
    Tmp Thechat 4 days ago +161

    "Is this your son?"
    "Yes *IT* is!" 😂

    • Farz
      Farz 16 hours ago +1


  • Nerd Gamer
    Nerd Gamer Day ago +1

    He's quite a savage dad!

  • Acapella
    Acapella 14 days ago +13288

    Thought he was gonna pull the “Your the VP? Ya I’m the president dude” card

    • Martin Vaupell
      Martin Vaupell 5 days ago

      haha see the current mustang generation.. they are really just a common sedan now.. 😂

    • Khaos Pilot
      Khaos Pilot 7 days ago

      ​@Glizz9 cuz they don't get hired by him. They move up thru the company

    • sydney reid
      sydney reid 8 days ago

      I swear I thought that too

    • Aaron Stiner
      Aaron Stiner 8 days ago

      Same 😂

    • Richboi
      Richboi 8 days ago

      Like dhar mann

  • James Bond
    James Bond 7 days ago +165

    Bro got to pressed cause someone told him to get his kid.💀

  • FB  Sports
    FB Sports Day ago +1

    This move made me cry 4000 times😢

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin Month ago +15711

    Bro spoke a whole new language trying to defend the son, good job

    • Charless4.3
      Charless4.3 7 days ago

      I speak that language so it just feels normal

    • Elon Tusk
      Elon Tusk 9 days ago

      yes english lmfao

    • Ava S
      Ava S 10 days ago +1

      @Tremarri Morris do you not know what subtitles mean?

    • Edson Butacan
      Edson Butacan 11 days ago

      he just wanna say it's a terrible car. in the movie he and carroll shelby have to work together to make Ford better.

  • Rohit Chahar
    Rohit Chahar 10 days ago +38

    the dads prepared for this, their entire life.

  • Disciple of the Holy One

    Right on 👍

    HUGECITOSIM 11 days ago +8149

    Bro just didn’t want his car door opened by a random kid 💀

    • Joel Ivuso
      Joel Ivuso Day ago

      ​@Star Pillars He was actually being rather polite

    • Augustine Stephen Steve7rocK
      Augustine Stephen Steve7rocK 4 days ago

      ​@Aryan Awasthi exactly

    • Gman
      Gman 5 days ago

      @Julie Ann Intan doesn’t matter. So you’re not allowed to go in the car like you usually do in a dealership?

    • His Anatomy
      His Anatomy  5 days ago

      ​@Star Pillars no it wasn't the child was disrespectful he played it nicer than I would have

    • Zenni
      Zenni 5 days ago

      ​@Nicholas Salmon and it seems you don't have any to take this as seriously as you seem to be lol

  • Terry Alldredge
    Terry Alldredge 15 hours ago

    Omg slay

  • AK74reflected
    AK74reflected 12 hours ago

    Very nice,
    Impressive. Now let’s see Paul Allen’s choice of car

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. 2 months ago +27148

    Bro these are literally those types of conversations people have in their showers.

    • Jai s
      Jai s 6 days ago


    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz 11 days ago

      Why do you think these clips get so many views?

    • Claytonbeastboy
      Claytonbeastboy 11 days ago

      Don't call me out

    • Jadey
      Jadey 12 days ago


  • Berath Crossdivor
    Berath Crossdivor 38 minutes ago

    Bro was being so respectful, nowadays you touch something they come like they wanna cut off your hands.

  • Rock the Block
    Rock the Block 16 hours ago +1

    These shorts makin me wanna rewatch the movie 🙏

  • Cat needs logic
    Cat needs logic Month ago +13600

    "Can you tell your son to please not damage the paintwork?"
    "Your car sucks, he can do what he wants."

    • Blue.
      Blue. 8 days ago

      that is the example of karen’s dad.

    • ﷺ
       13 days ago

      @M M You know nothing about cars lad

    • Sakura Smith
      Sakura Smith 13 days ago

      @M M Fr

    • Sandhya Chayal
      Sandhya Chayal 13 days ago

      ​@Shadow_Killer Well He's Ken Miles! The Father of Ford GT

    • Frankary
      Frankary 22 days ago

      Mustang doesn't suck. Not the 1960 and 70 models anyway

  • l_i_l_y
    l_i_l_y 3 hours ago

    Dude bro just told that kid not to do that 🗿

  • TheKickanora GM
    TheKickanora GM 10 days ago +30

    Dude literally sneaked into the presentation car. Don't act like executer did the wrong thing. He wasn't rude or anything either. Just calmly asked to get out lol.

  • BrandonCRFC
    BrandonCRFC Month ago +10743

    back when you could insult a man based on the quality of his work, for which, beholds his pride.

    • Agu
      Agu 10 days ago

      @Shankar it's a movie called "Ford vs Ferrari"

    • Sam I Am
      Sam I Am 12 days ago

      I’d take a chevelle over a mustang any day…💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    • Shankar
      Shankar Month ago

      can you guys tell me this series name?

    • Islixxn
      Islixxn Month ago

      @HanaVolta “I mean…” and blushing anime pfp and u want me to take your reply into consideration

  • Armando Hdz
    Armando Hdz 8 days ago

    Está bien, la veré una vez mas

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones 30 minutes ago +1

    “Dude just get ya kid and tell him not to touch the car, it’s as shrimple as that.”🦐

  • KEA
    KEA 13 days ago +6441

    Alfred raised him well

  • WhitR
    WhitR 2 days ago +3

    'And lower the price' got me 😂

  • David Cox
    David Cox 6 days ago +17

    Teach your kids why they shouldn't touch cars at a car show until they ask the owner if they can.

    • MaskedLover
      MaskedLover 2 days ago +2

      he was invited to that show, surely he bring his son with him
      The way the kid behaviour when being talk by the man is scare and even try to stop his dad mean he is very not bad manner, which mean surely the father and son did talk and if not the kid then his father will touch the car, surely the man will talk the same if that the father touch the car, which mean an insulted to him as he was invited to check the car

  • Arbaz Khan
    Arbaz Khan Month ago +11236

    Bro had 2 options
    1. Buy his company
    2. Invite him to his refrigerator
    He took the cheapest path

  • MrGabbar
    MrGabbar 7 days ago

    😂😂😂 Destroyed in Second

  • Karim Karim
    Karim Karim 5 days ago +1

    الان دعونا نرى اختبار الين للسيارة

  • Mason Koch
    Mason Koch 2 months ago +6108

    Bro politely asked him to not touch the car and daddy got pissed

    • NeonBuckaroo
      NeonBuckaroo 11 days ago

      @Diom because it doesn’t belong to you. I take it you’re the kind who sticks their fingers on everything they see because “there’s no reason not to”.

    • Sandhya Chayal
      Sandhya Chayal 13 days ago

      Yea th father got pissed...

    • BJF
      BJF 28 days ago

      @R3CKL3SS I’m just going by the scene. I plan to watch the movie so I don’t have the full context. From this snippet though Bale’s response seems like an overreaction.

  • Bwah
    Bwah 10 days ago +5

    Dude, Bale's transformations are on another dimension

    OYO ALPHA 17 hours ago

    I loveed this movie especially at end 😭

      OYO ALPHA 15 hours ago

      @Kai Long Ford vs Ferrari

    • Kai Long
      Kai Long 15 hours ago

      What is the name of this movie?

  • SaVVY
    SaVVY 2 months ago +22318

    The man got roasted for doing his job.

    • Banshiii
      Banshiii 12 days ago

      More like backhanded 😭

    • Sandhya Chayal
      Sandhya Chayal 13 days ago

      @Angel k

    • Angel
      Angel 13 days ago

      @Sandhya Chayal well won't jude, just saying ok. If you think what you think. I don't mind.

  • Vighnesh Khatu
    Vighnesh Khatu 6 days ago

    Movie name kya hai ?

  • Austin Bryant
    Austin Bryant 6 days ago +1

    Love this scene. Love this movie.

  • Jake Cobie Selgas
    Jake Cobie Selgas Month ago +25450

    The guy was being actually nice and polite he doesn't deserve that smoke💀

    • TJ Houston
      TJ Houston 11 days ago

      You don’t tell a kid to stop doing something, you know potential future customer checking out a car and might tell their parents about the car which in turn, gives your shitty ass company more sales, then proceed to tell his dad who saw everything 💀. If the car wasn’t meant to be touched, they should have put something around it then a sign that says DO NOT TOUCH!

    • greg mckiney
      greg mckiney 11 days ago

      @James S. thats not badass

    • Anastasia Okwuchi
      Anastasia Okwuchi 12 days ago

      ​@greg mckiney Yes. Then he proceeded to tell his father to tell his kid not to touch the car since a 10 year old buy does not have enough home training to know not to go around touching other people's things.

    • James S.
      James S. 13 days ago

      ​@greg mckiney oh man you're so badass

    • Akio Asakura
      Akio Asakura 13 days ago

      Passive aggressive. Not nice

  • Joseph Hale
    Joseph Hale 6 days ago +2

    Such a good movie

  • Illustrating King
    Illustrating King 6 days ago +2

    what movie was this?

  • PobonsPing
    PobonsPing Month ago +13072

    "I just bought ur company"
    "oh sorry i didn't know its you mr. Bruce Wayne"

    • Dixcy Scott
      Dixcy Scott 9 days ago

      Bruce Wayne already has batmobile far more better than this cars🤣

    • Sam I Am
      Sam I Am 12 days ago

      @comedystrikes I tried to translate this to English, but with no avail…😢

    • Sandhya Chayal
      Sandhya Chayal 13 days ago

      ​@Cody Labelle kanye west would like to have a word with u

    • comedystrikes
      comedystrikes 15 days ago +2

      ​@Zach Galifianakis
      Oh ya American the killer of Iraqi afgani viyatnamis and flee after loosing all the war the loosers amarican and nato

  • Chef Imran
    Chef Imran 5 days ago

    fantastic febeulas

  • imad Eddine
    imad Eddine 5 days ago

    Sigma face 😂🎉

  • Henry_For
    Henry_For 2 months ago +5162

    bro had the shower argument power during the argument

  • Mosa Norway
    Mosa Norway Day ago

    So Cold sigma 2🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Limbuh
    Limbuh 11 days ago

    Goated Movie

  • 𝑴𝒂𝒆𝒍𝒊.
    𝑴𝒂𝒆𝒍𝒊. 2 months ago +5764

    Imagine thinking this guy is a villain for simply doing this job 💀

    • Mountain Nomad VFX
      Mountain Nomad VFX Month ago

      The film made him into a villain.
      Whether he was being reasonable in reality is a completely different affair.

    • Firewolf 00
      Firewolf 00 Month ago

      ​@WuKongyes it does? That's pretty much the definition of villain 😂

    • Steven Johnson
      Steven Johnson Month ago +1

      Like a kid is going to do anything to hurt the paint job. When I was 10 my dad took my to the Ferrari dealership and I ran over the this red Ferrari and the salesman opened the door and put me in the drivers seat if the floor model. My dad was so nervous but the salesman had an ear to ear grin as he saw the look on my face as I put my hands on the steering wheel "Awesome car huh kid??"
      I'll never forget it.

    • John Aguilar
      John Aguilar Month ago +1

      I haven't watched this movie but from this clip i could tell that this senior executive vice president is actually looking down ( criticizing but not openly) on the kid and the father saw it well and just confirms it after he has been approached and told not to touch the workpaint as if they were not a guest or costumer.

  • Shazam Online
    Shazam Online Day ago

    The next?

  • Jaime Ozuna
    Jaime Ozuna 6 days ago

    Still is I wish I could choose a new Chevelle now a day.

  • Duc*
    Duc* 2 months ago +5806

    “Get your hands off the car please”
    The dad: and I took that personally

    • NikyBee
      NikyBee Month ago

      ​@Mia Mitten 🙄🙄🙄

    • Mia Mitten
      Mia Mitten Month ago

      Well he would. It’s his son.

    • Duc*
      Duc* Month ago

      @PyjamaPrince I am honoured to get 5000 likes

    • Eric Stevens
      Eric Stevens Month ago

      Period correct, I think we might still be in that period.

  • ari
    ari 11 days ago

    i love bale ❤

  • Erda Nanda
    Erda Nanda 2 days ago

    Gua ga ngerti artinya 😭

  • American GT
    American GT Month ago +5730

    When he said Chevy Chevelle you know he's a man of class👌🏿

  • YoungB19
    YoungB19 2 days ago

    Amazing movie💯

  • Raul alarcon
    Raul alarcon 7 days ago +4

    A iconic moment in history

  • Kira
    Kira 12 days ago +3289

    All that from a guy politely telling him to manage his child 💀

    • JxrZ
      JxrZ 5 days ago

      don’t be “polite” if you’re going to tell another parent (especially a father) how to manage their child. If you’re going to open that door, don’t let them close it.

    • Irfan Ilahi
      Irfan Ilahi 5 days ago

      well, i don't really know wtf is going on in the movie scene but he said *I'm responsible for the launch of this mustang* or whatever, so why don't he make the staff put up a border so the other people won't be able to touch it if the paint job is that shitty? 0,0

      PRINCE DWIVEDI 6 days ago

      Manage of what?
      Just for exploring?
      Doesn't make sense

    EAGLE VERSE 13 hours ago

    Movie name???

  • 39editz
    39editz 4 days ago +1

    i can see the Patrick Bateman in him 💯

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 months ago +5578

    "Sir, I was just asking that your son not touch the car."

    • आपको अपने पापों के
      आपको अपने पापों के 2 months ago

      ​@Michael Collman it's a troll, stop trying to guess his feelings

    • Michael Collman
      Michael Collman 2 months ago

      ​@Fake Name Broskie, did someone hurt you as a child? There's more to this storyline. I'm picking up on some deep Eeeeemooootional daaamaaage..... 😂
      But I gotta know what's the Good Ending??

    • Charlie G.W.
      Charlie G.W. 2 months ago

      ​@Fake Name hahahahaha

    • Rathish
      Rathish 2 months ago

      @Amit Halder1999 its paintwork bro if u touch it what would happen the paints going to rip off

    • TheNooblet987
      TheNooblet987 2 months ago

      @Fake Name im so confused that its funny

  • Σοφία
    Σοφία 10 days ago

    love this movie in my top 5

  • this guy
    this guy 4 days ago

    God I love him

  • Walter Hartwell White
    Walter Hartwell White 13 days ago +1840

    Damn, bro went from a cold-blooded killer to a badass father, proud of patrick.

    NIKHIL BHARDWAJ 👻 8 hours ago


  • Ahmad Alastal1998
    Ahmad Alastal1998 8 days ago +1

    وين العصير؟!؟!!!!

  • Big Jatt
    Big Jatt 2 months ago +24398

    The guy was polite and had a reasonable demand.

    • Gloria sanchez
      Gloria sanchez 2 months ago +2

      Ok im just wondering how this shit went so far, its a youtube short of a clip? Yea i aint reading this i just scrolled but im just confused why its about to reach the 500 reply limit

    • ty smith
      ty smith 2 months ago

      @CuRist and yes I did point out a scene - the dudes introduction scene that was before this .. which gives context to this scene. That is how story works... prior scenes affect current scenes and current scenes affect future scenes.
      As that is how we watch the entirety of a story. But building upon scenes. Not taking a scene by itself.

    • ty smith
      ty smith 2 months ago

      @CuRist except ... he isnt the future villian. He is literally the current villain to the other main character. He is the villain to the Punisher guy... that has already happened. He is established as the Villian in the story. He is opposing the race team. Already ..not future. He is currently the villain. He has already set a roadblock up even before meeting miles.
      He was introduced as a corporate asshole who stood in the way of the racing division.. which is the point of the movie .. that Ford was going racing. Already before this scene.. he is the villain.
      So Dahmer makes no sense. As Dahmer isn't introduced as an asshole or a villain. THis guy literally is introduced scene one with him in it - as the antagonist. We already know by this point that he is the villain. So this isn't his introduction so Dahmer has 0 relevance. This is like meeting dahmer after you know he killed a guy.
      As the guy was already a road block earlier to the efforts of the leaders of the film.

    • CuRist
      CuRist 2 months ago +1

      @ty smith And like you said, someone and I used Dahmer as an example like you did because everyone knows what he did and who he is, it seems youre struggling to even understand that.

    • Mr Pinapples
      Mr Pinapples 2 months ago

      @I_Commission_DSPriscilla_Art you definitely the type of dude to rant on twitter about police brutality before body cam, statements, and general context releases.

  • Tom Davies
    Tom Davies 8 days ago +33

    The vice president guy was completely in the right, he politely asked the dad to stop his son from messing around with the car and then the dad shows typical Karen energy.

    • Tom Davies
      Tom Davies Day ago

      @Tsrenis yes I can see that

    • Tsrenis
      Tsrenis Day ago

      its not real

    • Raul Pernas
      Raul Pernas 7 days ago +1

      @ART_McSweat exactly people gotta actually watch the movie before commenting the so called “rude dad” became a legend in this film while the Karen vice president remained a Karen vice president

    • ART_McSweat
      ART_McSweat 7 days ago +1

      He is Ford's Competition driver so he has a right to comment on the car

    • Raul Pernas
      Raul Pernas 7 days ago +1

      The the Vice President was the one displaying Karen behavior not the dad lol

  • Marmordor
    Marmordor 6 days ago

    Mustangs are so cool especially the old ones

  • Shahid chaudharyzz
    Shahid chaudharyzz 13 days ago +1488

    I like the verbal dynamics here...he wasn't actually rude to kid..and so was his dad ..he just gave a plain constructive criticism

    • Katherine Peace
      Katherine Peace 8 days ago

      👀 uh..

    • Furan Duron
      Furan Duron 9 days ago +1

      He gave constructive critisim at first but ended it on a rude note.

    • Johnathan Argow
      Johnathan Argow 9 days ago +2

      @Pink Panda wat. I don't even know how to respond. You said "im pretty sure" and made a statement based of that guess.
      Im confused

    • Pink Panda
      Pink Panda 9 days ago +19

      ​@Johnathan Argow pretty sure their checking out cars and I feel like if you have a problem with someone sticking their head in to check it out there's problems on the inside also if touching it ruins the paint there's a problem with the paint

    • gotbigdreams.
      gotbigdreams. 9 days ago +1

      Then the paintwork is shit work if u care about it being ruined

  • Queen Crawfish
    Queen Crawfish 8 days ago +9

    Bro don’t know the difference between insult and politely asking someone not to do something💀💀

  • FazeChoco
    FazeChoco 9 days ago +1

    The movie was Fire 🔥

  • RelaX&ChiL
    RelaX&ChiL 2 months ago +5517

    My gosh...that man was only doing his job and doing it in a polite way

    • W. e.S
      W. e.S Month ago

      My gosh... it's a film

    • Shaquille Edwards
      Shaquille Edwards Month ago

      Y'all was just allowed to touch shit that wasn't yours as a child huh..?
      I know I won't be one of those parents because my child will have enough respect to just simply not do it....

    • Miguel Martinez
      Miguel Martinez Month ago

      wow I'm scared for you in life if you can't detect passive aggressive tones his tone was rude or snobbish he's a kid it's a car being shown why can't he just let the boy dream ?

  • Natures Remedies for Men

    They still have bed springs for the suspension

  • Collin Holland
    Collin Holland 8 days ago

    This movie is 🔥🔥🔥!!!

  • Mohib Elahi
    Mohib Elahi Month ago +2795

    Bruce Wayne in an alternate universe:
    didn't buy the company, just roasted the hell out of it

      EMPEROR ALL FOR ONE Month ago

      @Mohib Elahi Lol!🤣

    • Mohib Elahi
      Mohib Elahi Month ago +1

      @EMPEROR ALL FOR ONE ayooo I didn't even realise it

      EMPEROR ALL FOR ONE Month ago +1

      2,4k likes lets change that old sport

    • 2900Naz
      2900Naz Month ago

      whats the name of the show?

    • Shinixsan
      Shinixsan Month ago +6

      buying the company and literally just firing u is a lot more disrespectful imo

  • فكتوريه بنكهة _عربية📻

    انا التعليق الوحيد العربي ياصديقي✨

  • Dominion Adewusi
    Dominion Adewusi 22 hours ago

    Title please

  • Comment Section Comedy
    Comment Section Comedy 2 months ago +1697

    The car: “fuck did I do ?”

  • Kiara v.F
    Kiara v.F 8 days ago

    I always will go for the Chevy Impala 1967. Just sad that I can't find some... And I don't think they will be around when I'm able to buy one...

  • Zionikk
    Zionikk 7 days ago +5

    This conversation right here nearly destroyed Ken's opportunity to race for Ford.

  • wes
    wes 2 months ago +6236

    Let's not forget what famous man he's acting as. Ken Miles was a hero on his own. He deserves the respect this movie gives him.

    • palermothegoalgod
      palermothegoalgod 14 days ago

      ​@INiko gods got a mustang cruisin round heaven with his firm

    • MojoRadio
      MojoRadio Month ago +2

      @Shaquille Edwards The whole point of the scene was to show him being disrespectful, and to have Christian Bale return the disrespect in kind. If you didn't pick up on that I don't know what to tell you...
      You don't tell a child what to do in that tone (dismissive and impolite) if you want them to respect or learn from you, and you especially don't do so to a someone else's child. The added insult of walking over after the kid had stopped to confront his dad (essentially implying he isn't a good parent). Not to mention that this was on the showroom floor in front of potential buyers. Imagine losing even just a single sale of a Mustang because you cared too much about a kid's fingerprints on a paint job of a show model. If he cared so much about the car's finish, he probably should've had the car roped off right? Someone has never worked in sales before. :P

    • Tiger Stripes
      Tiger Stripes 2 months ago

      ​@Palapa yap, also related to Justin Kilowatts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Joe Troutt
      Joe Troutt 2 months ago

      @Aush Begosh don't you mean the odometer?

    • Palapa
      Palapa 2 months ago

      Ken Miles is he related to Jim Horsepower

  • Samuroto
    Samuroto 11 days ago +13

    Bro just spoke something out of a ' be a shit' book 💀

  • Wonderful Uday
    Wonderful Uday Day ago

    Movie name please

  • Rick Bivins
    Rick Bivins Month ago +5044

    Later he invited Peter to his high rise condo and gave him a music lecture then murdered him with an axe.

  • StellarLimpkin
    StellarLimpkin 7 days ago

    One of the best movies

  • trug7e
    trug7e Day ago


  • Dalton Brown
    Dalton Brown 2 months ago +3533

    Imagine asking someone politely to not touch something. And somehow YOU become the "bad guy"

  • Alexander Kibira
    Alexander Kibira 4 days ago

    He really did that for his son?! Man 😌

  • DonutEnthusiest
    DonutEnthusiest 7 days ago +2

    I've never seen blue eyes so blue before 💀

  • Alfred Heimler
    Alfred Heimler Month ago +1645

    He literally did all of the things he asked lol

    • Zepto
      Zepto Month ago +1

      @Paul Richards exactly

    • Paul Richards
      Paul Richards Month ago +4

      @Zepto Like the GOAT Lee Iacocca

    • Zepto
      Zepto Month ago +26

      not him, other people at Ford did.

    • Jay Clark
      Jay Clark Month ago +41

      It took a couple of decades

  • Wisdom Obiekezie
    Wisdom Obiekezie 2 days ago +2

    Well served... that's what you get for being polite!

  • Joshua Cruz
    Joshua Cruz 4 days ago

    Bro suddenly pull out the necro sword😂

  • JakeSanMartin
    JakeSanMartin 2 months ago +3967

    He wasn’t even being rude.

    • Mountain Nomad VFX
      Mountain Nomad VFX Month ago

      @JK "This is Hollywood writers that can't write dialogue"
      Nor understand corporate etiquette 🙃
      A company VP does not act like a bouncer or usher at an important product launch.
      They have staff for that so they don't get their hands and company reputation dirty in the process.
      You can always fire a staffer for making a scene to save face, but you can't just snap your fingers and reclaim a high level exec making a scene in front of national and international press - that stink does not just go away with a pink slip.

    • Jona Nolåkers
      Jona Nolåkers 2 months ago

      @faithful adejoh Ford vs Ferrari

    • faithful adejoh
      faithful adejoh 2 months ago

      Movie title please.

    • Jona Nolåkers
      Jona Nolåkers 2 months ago +2

      If you have seen the movie, or read the history, you will know that Ken Miles, the guy Christian is playing was as some of you said, was quite ride to most people. He had no filter, and always said exactly what he meant.
      The reason to why he defended his son was because he was a driver and deeply involved in the development of the legendary Ford GT40, and therefore felt that Peter (his son) should be able to look at the car.
      This scene is important, because this is what starts Ken and Leo's bad relationship, which ultimaetly leads to Ken losing out on the win at the 1966 Le mans 24 hrs.

  • #HORRORFAN 666
    #HORRORFAN 666 9 days ago

    Great movie

  • عبودي الشاوي 🤍🫀

    Movie name

  • BraindeadJoker
    BraindeadJoker 2 months ago +1989

    The man was just doin his job 😭

    • East Siders
      East Siders 2 months ago

      @Unknown Player have you ever been to a car show? You would know what happens if you did what the kid did, if you've ever been to one. Also I'm not talking about car meets that's something your average joe goes to. Car shows are way more serious with big money on the line. A hand print can make a big difference

    • Unknown Player
      Unknown Player 2 months ago

      @East Siders nah bro, that's just BS, if it was an millionaire adult or something, I bet he wouldn't have said anything, and I don't think nobody cleans their hands or uses a handkerchief to open the door

    • Toxic Hawk
      Toxic Hawk 2 months ago

      @samuel berard wildest connection you could make. prettys sure most german soldiers were in favor of the nazis.

    • viralvegetable
      viralvegetable 2 months ago

      @samuel berard bro just compared a guy politely asking a kid to not do something to killing millions of people

  • K. Zern
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    Lenny, don't get me wrong. But your character is as good as the car 😂

  • Moon Moh
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    An actor deserving of the hall of fame by far.

    • DoporeusX
      DoporeusX 2 months ago

      ​@Resolve Yeetlord he said you telling that information is irrelevant but yet still thanks you for sharing it.

    • Resolve Yeetlord
      Resolve Yeetlord 2 months ago

      @da beast you think Leonardo DiCaprio is irrelevant? Man I don’t even know how to have any kind of conversation with you in kind spirits, knowing you hold my boi in such low regard. I’m just saying, I think he’s the goat. Leo is great, for sure but you honestly can’t tell if bale is playing a role or not in my opinion. Leo is absolutely amazing, but I think genuinely bale has a more realistic approach.
      Genuinely, do you even think at all?
      I didn’t even go to college, kid.

    • Suman Mondal
      Suman Mondal 2 months ago +2

      Movie name please

    • da beast
      da beast 2 months ago +2

      @Resolve Yeetlord irrelevant but thanks for letting us know.

  • G.K
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    Entry of GORR😅😅

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    oh yes iknow arabic

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    Bro the man was being nice as possible, he didn't deserve that. 💀

    • Asif Sab
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      @Jadyn Gale thank you

    • Jadyn Gale
      Jadyn Gale 10 days ago

      @Asif Sab ford vs ferrari

    • Asif Sab
      Asif Sab 10 days ago

      ​@Jadyn Galewhat's the movie name

    • Mountain Nomad VFX
      Mountain Nomad VFX Month ago

      He's the company VP getting involved in gate keeping for a product launch PR event.
      You get down in the mud you gonna get dirty 😂
      Seriously tho that is NOT how a company VP would act.
      He would be off hobknobbing with the press and his PR underling would just ask an usher or something to ask the kid to step away from the display before cleaning off the fingerprints.
      As a high ranking company exec it is his duty to protect the reputation of that company for the shareholders - that doesn't work when you are sullying yourself with petty gatekeeping that can easily lead to this kind of escalation from the wrong person.
      On the other hand if the kid was Nancy Sinatra he would have not only ignored the fingerprints, but he would have brought out the PR photographer to take photos of it.
      The point of the scene was to show the VP guy as a snob more interested in product appearance than product performance - true to life or not that was the sole point of the scene, and presumably to set up the antagonism.

    • Jack hogan
      Jack hogan Month ago

      @Luís Silva And what does PPL mean?

  • Tongam S
    Tongam S Day ago

    whom is he doing there?