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Building The World's First MANUAL Dodge DEMON!

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I bought the WORST Dodge Demon on the planet to build into the ultimate American muscle car so OF COURSE it's getting a proper six speed manual transmission!
    In need of the perfect donor I bought a complete manual Dodge Challenger Hellcat, thoroughly tested it (did a burnout..) and yanked ALL of the parts we need for the swap!
    I also picked up a BEAUTIFUL (and dirt cheap) Hellcat Redyee roller to complete the trifecta. At this point we should have everything we need to get this demon back on the road!
    Or so I thought...
    Looks like we may have to pick up a FOURTH Mopar donor, a widebody Challenger Scat Pack or Hellcat!
    Have a Totaled Dodge Hellcat or Demon story of your own? You know what to do!
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  • ScrapLifeLee
    ScrapLifeLee Month ago +364

    🚨We'll NEVER ask you to contact us via telegram, don't get got by bots... Winners are ONLY announced in videos! 🚨
    USE THIS AS THE OFFICIAL "SELL ME YOUR DEMON PARTS" COMMENT THREAD (and while you're here, follow this channel for behind the scenes, Q&A and more)

    • Aaron Avalos
      Aaron Avalos 7 days ago

      I have some some red demonic demon seats for sale front and back

    • clintz95
      clintz95 21 day ago

      I have a 1987 Dodge Dakota standard cab long bed the Gen 3 hemi would be perfect in. I wanted to do a hemi swap but haven't had the funds to do so. I have owned the truck since high school and I am now 28 so I've had it for 12 years. I live about 2 hrs 45 minutes from you guys and could make the drive down

    • Antone
      Antone Month ago


    • Zachary Howard
      Zachary Howard Month ago

      I'd love to Frankenstein that drive train in to my 1991 Toyota Mr2!

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B Month ago +515

    This guy is an absolute mad lad he must be protected at all costs

    • Simple Logic 101
      Simple Logic 101 Month ago

      Protected from what? Shop tools?

    • talon minnick
      talon minnick Month ago


    • YoungbenfrankSinatra
      YoungbenfrankSinatra Month ago

      Car want last to long Naming It That janky Demon

    • J. Granger
      J. Granger Month ago

      This guy is an absolute mad lady he must be protected at all costs, from himself. He needs a court appointed guardian, to handle his money.

    • Jeff B
      Jeff B Month ago +1

      @Benny S you must get all the ladies

  • Bagel Licker
    Bagel Licker Month ago +94

    Despite everything, I still firmly believe that this is not a bad financial decision! A manual demon? Fuck yeah. I love watching you rebuild this and can't wait for the next one 💕

  • Aladdin.3fx
    Aladdin.3fx Month ago +4

    Just came across your channel with this build. Looking forward to see whats next. Also love the energy from you and your people at your workshop. Good vibes make everything much better!
    Good luck man!

  • salecon
    salecon Month ago

    Love how this build rebuild is well documented from a very passionate guy , hope this turns out awesome at the end! Nice job crazy how you guys bought 3 cars for that lol

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O Month ago +20

    I would put that drive train in a 1976 Plymouth Volare Roadrunner!! I've been looking for engines recently, this one would be perfect!!
    Great videos by the way! I can't wait to see the demon live again!!

  • - K
    - K Month ago +3

    This is such phenomenal content explaining the nitty gritty little details and differences between the two beast trims of Challenger. I own SRT 392 and it feels outright amazing, can't imagine how good it feels in hell cat and demon!!
    And always drive responsibly and sensibly guys no matter how good the car feels, we all need our dear body parts intact and love ones to go back to

    • Melchizedek Agbaroji
      Melchizedek Agbaroji Month ago +1

      needed to hear that last bit, much love bro god bless you on your travels 🙏🏾

  • orbacron
    orbacron Month ago +150

    I would say to get the frame squared up, stripped, and ready for a base coat of paint so then you can start swapping parts for reassembly after its sprayed

    • Jake S
      Jake S Month ago +1

      Surely the steel in the frame has been severely weakened by heat and is no longer structural?

    • Daboiw
      Daboiw Month ago +1

      @Tony Brown yea there’s no way that demon is structurally sound without replacing the roof, and all the burnt panels.

    • Tony Brown
      Tony Brown Month ago +4

      I've seen classic muscle car restorations on many wrecked vehicles. They never get the chassis right again. They end up with problems like doors not closing right and uneven tire wear and unaligned steering. All these things they try to correct with spacers and all kinds of tricks but in reality they are just freshly sprayed and polished ruined cars. A lot of classic muscle cars for sale on the internet are like this.

    • build time 78 years
      build time 78 years Month ago

      @nleippe my man

  • DexMeetsDexter
    DexMeetsDexter Month ago +10

    this is probably the greatest rebuild of all time so far. cant wait to see it fully rebuilt. Best of luck

    • that guy
      that guy Month ago

      This will be amazing when its all finished

  • JbassPlayer28
    JbassPlayer28 Month ago +10

    Went way better than I expected since you opened the engine. And good to see PPE with that nastiness

  • bigern15022
    bigern15022 Month ago +1

    Love the projects and showing what it takes to make these builds happen! As a die hard mopar guy I love seeing the hellcats and demon come together. Extra special love for putting the man pedal in it ❤️ . I hate Nissan jukes

    • Sr j Nova
      Sr j Nova Month ago

      New to your channel here. And i love the build more over how you make it simple plus the amount of educational stuff you put out. I got my self a working project MAGNUM RT AWD rebuilt tranny and engine not even 500 miles on it since. Would love that engine but i guess I'm too late. Hopefully i can fix it and sell or sell as is

  • Tarv Singh
    Tarv Singh Month ago +6

    this series is fire excited to see how it turns out 🔥

  • Salvador Alcala
    Salvador Alcala 4 days ago

    I just found this channel and nobody compares To the quality content they post.

  • Gavin Zemke
    Gavin Zemke Month ago +46

    I just discovered your channel recently and really like the Smoked series you have. It's crazy how you can pull value out of the wrecks you bring in. I'm currently a senior in college and I've got a 2003 red TJ Wrangler that could definitely use an engine swap. I know its not quite built for speed but I think it would be a fun swap. I think this would fall under "No replacement for Displacement" and it would be fun to build a rig to explore some of the great outdoor areas around. Thanks for the amazing content and best of luck with the demon!

  • Travis Little
    Travis Little Month ago +5

    I cannot believe your getting this done! I respect the determination

  • Chevapasaurus
    Chevapasaurus Month ago +1

    Fam! your videos are wild af!!! defs subscribed, seeing you work way into the night, obviously weekends and any other spare time, to bring us content, massive respect to you man, just subscribed for life, loooove this content!!!!

  • Mongrels Garage
    Mongrels Garage Month ago +3

    This has been a fantastic build to watch. I will give you my answer on what I’d put the engine in (38 Pontiac). I am little far to come pick it up though lol, that and I have an Eagle that will be going in it. Just want to play along and I hope someone gets to puts it to good use!

  • Kyle 7K
    Kyle 7K Month ago +3

    I wish I had this skill set. I'm here just trying to figure out how I can rebuild my old high school car from the 90s thinking it's a lost cause for me and you all doing this crazy stuff!

  • Spoopy Taters
    Spoopy Taters Month ago

    Man, love watching the videos of this build. Just came across the channel recently but I like it. Good stuff. A buddy of mine has a 1997 Chevy C/K1500 with a 4.3 V6 and a 4L60 that's on it's way out. That Hemi would be a pretty nice little upgrade considering he's looking for a V8 to put in it.

  • Mod2Fame Vlog
    Mod2Fame Vlog Month ago +67

    Lee this is a massive undertaking, glad things seem to be going your way with the world's first Manual Demon.

    • ScrapLifeLee
      ScrapLifeLee Month ago

      I'm gonna need some help from the mopar OG here shortly...

    • andy adelmann
      andy adelmann Month ago +2

      Does that mean the 71 and 72 original demon 340 4 speeds don't count?

  • Acromantula
    Acromantula Month ago +3

    love this project, also love this channel and your personality, I loved watching all of this, even the bloopers!

    • ScrapLifeLee
      ScrapLifeLee Month ago

      Thanks for the support! glad you're enjoying it!

  • Walker STR
    Walker STR Month ago +4

    Fell in love with these series. Discovered your channel just from the demon project.

  • Young Thugly
    Young Thugly Month ago +2

    Love the video brother and it's awesome what your doing! If that engine runs id love to put it in my 2020 Dodge Challenger. I've owned it for 2 years and actually had the engine and trans pulled out as of yesterday. That hemi would make this Challenger next level. Thanks either way brother. And keep up the good content you make. 👍🏼

  • your boy bray
    your boy bray Month ago +3

    In all honesty I’d like to put this in my 2010 dodge charger se , only a v6 but haven’t been able to afford a v8 😁 love the channel and the attitude you all have , much support

  • Suburban Js Garage
    Suburban Js Garage Month ago

    Love the progress you all are making on the Demon! Keep up the good work! Banana!! 🍌 😆

  • ItsAlwaysFriday
    ItsAlwaysFriday Month ago +48

    I think it's awesome your saving that Demon.
    I would put that drivetrain in my 2011 Challenger that currently has a 3.6. The car has 217,000 miles and has seen it's share of pain. It is on it's second motor (hydrolocked the factory one) and it's been in a couple of fender benders, but it has been fixed every time. I think it would be a cool project for my son and I to undertake.

    • Mail S
      Mail S Month ago +1

      @ItsAlwaysFriday freak accidents happen. My jeep pulls from the front passenger corner of the hood. The problem is that if you hit lets say 1 foot of water at a decent speed the water is pushed up to the hood and then back down into the air box. Ive had to drain it and replace the filter a lot. I ended up just cutting my nice vented hood and added a snorkel lol. Cried a bit to cut that hood cus its not stock, but its better than trying to convince someone to tow me away from an offroad park with a hydro locked engine

    • ItsAlwaysFriday
      ItsAlwaysFriday Month ago

      Rift33SRT When I turned 40 my wife went and found it for me. There is a lot of sentimental value on it. The hellcat route would be fun for sure.

    • ItsAlwaysFriday
      ItsAlwaysFriday Month ago

      @Mail S It really surprised me too. The factory air cleaner box pulls from the bottom in the bumper area. Freak storm in Oklahoma and I was going to pick my wife up from work. The water that I went through was just about curb high, maybe a little higher. I know the door sills did not get wet and driving through that area in the dry based on curb height it wasn't very deep. I was going slow because I didn't want to push water into the intake. It still pulled water in and broke the rod on piston #1. I avoid any standing water with that car now. There were other vehicles driving through there no problem, which was why I went for it.

    • Mail S
      Mail S Month ago

      how in the hell did you hydro lock a challenger? I have a jeep with the 3.6l, they hyrdo lock easy, i have a snorkel haha

  • Steven Engstrom
    Steven Engstrom Month ago +1

    Now that 5.7 drivetrain looks perfect to replace the non-running 225 3 speed on my 66 Valiant! Would be nice, but good luck to anyone here trying to grab it up!

  • Zach Dake
    Zach Dake Month ago

    Damn beautiful car so far can’t wait to see it done

  • Walt King
    Walt King Month ago

    I own a 1994 Wrangler that was burnt to the ground and we rebuilt that thing and its still going today but I know it would come alive with your motor and trans put in. That would be impressive thing to drive. Keep up the good work so we can see the Demon finished!

  • Gage Puffinbarger
    Gage Puffinbarger Month ago

    Whether or not this is a bad financial decision, we admire your dedication to the project.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago +28

    It’s pretty incredible to see you turn something that looked impossible to fix and give a whole new life

    • Matthew Davies
      Matthew Davies Month ago

      Rebuilt cars with that much damage are never quite right. Never.

  • H Tahana
    H Tahana Month ago

    Awesome video totally enjoyed this, look forward to more on the dodge demon project.

  • River Sunhawk
    River Sunhawk Month ago +1

    If your nuts enough to try this, then I'm watching till its done! You've earned another subscriber! Looking forward to seeing the finished car!

  • Akira
    Akira Month ago

    Can't wait to see the times it can put down when it's finished compared to the auto version

  • Nicholas Foster
    Nicholas Foster Month ago

    This series is awesome guys keep up the good work

  • Wicki
    Wicki Month ago

    That 5.7 would be great to put in my 1975 w100. It’s Full gold and has a flat bed. It has a 318 and 4 speed which have been used quite a bit. The swap would make my truck daily worthy and give it some cool factor.

  • Why_U_Bully_69
    Why_U_Bully_69 Month ago +24

    As a dodge guy watching this series makes me happy because your doing a near impossible task but I believe you can get it done

  • kfaws68
    kfaws68 Month ago

    Love this whole build, I just found your channel and subscribed. I've got a 1971 Plymouth scamp I'd love to drop that Hemi in! Can't wait to see you finish this project

    LUNA MARBLE Month ago

    I love the fact that tho almost everyone who supported you said no and you still did it is incredible, my dream build is a new challenger body chassis with a 68 charger body, with 6.1L srt8 hemi swap, new interior with old body, with a blower

  • FixHeatingAndCooling

    We can see how much the Supra went in value. Best thing you love what you do! Feel like a kid at the candy store!

  • Antone
    Antone Month ago

    Awesome channel!!!! I'm glad I stumbled apon it. I have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 4x4 with a bad transmission and an engine on its last leg, it sure would be awesome to get that drivetrane and stuff er in there. Thanks for the consideration and the content of your videos.

  • John’s King Cabbie

    As I’m sick of all the LS swaps, I would put it in my ‘81 square body 3+3
    Love your work!! Thanks

  • Trey Praduktionz
    Trey Praduktionz Month ago +9

    I like how much hope this guy has. I subscribed, Im not gonna touch those burned out or stripped cars when I start my business, but I respect the dedication this man has! Good luck and I hope to see the Demon beautifully reborn!!!

  • Mardi Vukic
    Mardi Vukic Month ago

    You need to save that demon man no questions about that, it's nice to see that project is going forward :) waiting for new updates :)

  • Alpha 1
    Alpha 1 Month ago

    I love how determined and off the chain your content is on the channel. Like myself I like to do what others say cant be done ,or they are just snowflakes, I would love to give the 5.7 hemi a home in my 06 P71 CROWN VIC .

  • CorruptApp
    CorruptApp Month ago

    man if i had that 5.7 i’d drop it in my 2000 dodge 1500, c-notched and dropped super low but it has the 3L v6 in it🤧 definitely got the ways to pick it up too:)

  • Slushy72
    Slushy72 Month ago +2

    I would put the drivetrain in my 1996 Lincoln Town Car, (in my profile picture but the drivers door chrome panel is fixed now), the big ol boat isn’t exactly made to be a racecar but it’s been through hell and always got me home safe every single time but now the transmission is going out and the drivetrain would fit pretty easily in the similar body style plus itd be a really fun project for me and my grandpa to work on. Great video though he thinks your manual demon swap idea is super cool 😂💪

  • Clayton Cowell
    Clayton Cowell Month ago

    First time on the channel - this whole Demon thing is absolutely insane.
    I love it.
    "Give me the shaft"!

  • Jordan Neely
    Jordan Neely Month ago +11

    This is quickly becoming my favorite series. Keep the work up boss!!

  • Rotten Russ Garage
    Rotten Russ Garage 15 days ago

    I want the 5.7 for my v6 challenger... but I'd need the entire wire harness with it to do the swap...

  • Mark Smithson
    Mark Smithson Month ago

    Always love watching your videos you sure can make a guy wonder. Will he get it done?? But as we all know it takes time and the right know how.

  • Andrew OGara
    Andrew OGara Month ago

    Respect, I would have never gotten involved, but you look like your set up for this kind of stuff. good job

  • Jomad
    Jomad 29 days ago

    I would use the drivetrain for a 61 C10 I have, it was my grandfathers project, but unfortunately he passed before he ever got to finish his build, me and my father have been trying and find the perfect drivetrain to put in it, I feel this would be a great fit.

  • justin tamsberg
    justin tamsberg Month ago

    I found you through Ricer Miata's channel and have fell in love with what you do. if I won the motor I would put it in my 1927 t-bucket project. I currently an restoring it and have been looking for a 392 engine to put in it just to be different but a 5.7 would do just fine. it only weighs 1200 pounds. That would be plenty of power.

  • Ron De
    Ron De Month ago +7

    Hey been watching you from the early days I really enjoy your channel. Much respect to you and your crew you deserve all good things that come your way. Your a good man and its nice to see.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Month ago

    I have a odd question, aren’t you guys worried about the strength of the metal after the fire? I’m just curious that’s all. Keep up the awesome work!

  • catman9000
    catman9000 Month ago

    I love this build, so interesting.

  • Gypsy Man
    Gypsy Man Month ago

    This guy is living my dream. Since a young boy I always wanted to do this. Take broken and stock vehicles and build them from scratch. To know how to do this is a dream.

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith Month ago +1

    I would put the 5.7 in my automatic 2014 v6 Camaro, that has 100,000 miles. I also wouldn’t mind getting some spare z/28 parts for it aswell 😅

  • Rodney McCracken
    Rodney McCracken Month ago

    I love watching your videos, makes me want to follow in your footsteps! My dad has been trying to find a 5.7 Hemi power train or better to drop into a 1973 Roadrunner he’s been trying to build to look like a 71’ Cuda he had back in the 70s… we would be happy to come take it off your hands

  • Brendanio
    Brendanio Month ago +3

    Absolutely amazing the work that you do on these cars! You have inspired me to start repairing wrecked cars and will always be at the top of my watchlist. Give me the shaft!

  • Russel Barns
    Russel Barns Month ago

    Hey Lee...another great video mate..really enjoyed the commentary...some pretty funny comments in this one...its a big job, glad you're remembering what goes where and came from where etc etc 😂😂 cheers

  • Jeshua Penner
    Jeshua Penner Month ago

    I would definitely find a way to fit that into one of my volkswagen bugs!! That would be insane!!

  • NotA Fatguy
    NotA Fatguy Month ago

    Mannn how sweet would it be to drop that red eye in my 2001 dodge ram 2500. Would be awesome project lol. Good luck to whoever gets it. But im just saying i have the bed and the time to pick it up and install it next day lol. Awesome video and i believed in the demon from the start goodjob bud 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • karl bachman
    karl bachman Month ago

    Wonder if that would fit in an 02 Z71?❣️ dang sure worth a try! P.S. I do own the pickup! Lol

  • Will Perry Creative

    I'm thinking them empty bottles might have something to do with the crash 🤔 😁

  • ᴡɪʟᴅ ᴘʜᴏᴇɴɪx

    BRO, your optimism is INSANE, idk how yalls are gonna pull this off but im very excited to be on this journey and waiting to see the end result.

    • Jared Slabaugh
      Jared Slabaugh Month ago

      Easily my favorite series on this channel!!🙂

  • snakeyhedger
    snakeyhedger Month ago

    So cool to see you save this Demon!
    I’d put that in my ‘55 Chevy gasser project and call it Blasphemi 😂

  • Jonathon Couchey
    Jonathon Couchey Month ago

    The engine from the redeye would be going in a 1987 dodge d150 white base with factory blue stripes and a ton of patina with a 4 inch lowering in the rear to make the truck level. Lots of patina really clean truck. Currently working on a n engine for it.

  • Ian Johnston
    Ian Johnston Month ago

    I was pretty sketched out on the first video of this car, but you're making me a believer

  • thebeanband1t
    thebeanband1t Month ago +1

    I have a 1961 Dodge Town Wagon that I'm currently restoring.
    That redeye drivetrain would be a nice touch of modern, while still preserving the town wagons legacy.
    Nothing better than building a Dodge, with Dodge parts !!

  • Captainahab
    Captainahab Month ago

    So glad your restoring the demon! I have a 2021 scat pack but that’s not what I would put that engine in I would but it in my 1988 bmw 535is that’s currently a rolling chassis. Keep up the good work.

  • Wheen
    Wheen Month ago +12

    this series just keeps getting better

    NOLUVGIO Month ago

    They’ve got a cease and desist coming their way right after this build is complete 😭 (ALL JOKES) love this idea 💙

  • Mazza Construction
    Mazza Construction Month ago

    Definitely fighting the demons on this build

  • Stephen Landrum
    Stephen Landrum Month ago

    Love the stuff you do

  • Wyatt Rue
    Wyatt Rue Month ago

    Loving the series so far! The Demon is my dream car so I'm super stoaked about winning the chain! How do I get in contact with you about it?

  • Dylan Slater
    Dylan Slater Month ago

    I’d honestly put that motor in my 99 2 door Dakota, either way it’s getting motor swapped in the future! Love what you’re doing with the Demon!

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller Month ago +5

    I recently discovered your channel and fell all over the burnt demon. Me and wife watched together in disbelief as you said you were going to rebuild and Ive waited for updates since and was excited to see you post this video just a few hours before I saw it. Now, Im going to have to make a statement the government wishes we would all ask for, "please, would you give me the shaft?" Weve been getting it for all our adult lives, this one I might enjoy making into garage art.

  • Mark Griff
    Mark Griff Month ago

    I think you guys should build the red hellcat back instead of selling the engine of the silver cat. The body doesn't look all that bad. Like you said, shouldn't be all too difficult to get it back on the road. It looks like you've got plenty of parts available to make it happen. Definitely looking forward to see the demon back on the road.

  • Remi Wang
    Remi Wang Month ago

    You guyes are just as impressive as the workshop. Can't wait to see the finish product. The best of luck 😊👍🫶

  • Addicted To Octane
    Addicted To Octane Month ago +1

    Just found your channel, great videos and will watch for the next one

  • John Meier
    John Meier Month ago

    You’ll need a non demon set of back tires for burnouts😂

  • Johnathon Graham
    Johnathon Graham Month ago

    Love these project car videos, you guys are smashing it! Where’s the baby GTR? 😅

  • TheUsmc0802
    TheUsmc0802 Month ago

    That Demon is going to be amazing and totoally worth the investment.

  • orbacron
    orbacron Month ago +5

    Definitely a win to see a rolling chassis👍

  • Cobra3441
    Cobra3441 Month ago

    Love the video man!! First time seeing your channel and I love what you guys do, I would love to have that 5.7 hemi motor for my dodge challenger I’ve been working on. My parents are the first owners of the car but lent it to some family and it wasn’t cared for as much. So I took over and now am in the process of getting new stuff for the car. It’s a 3.5l v6 right now so it would be cool to get something a little bigger

  • Francis Valentino
    Francis Valentino Month ago

    Hey guys I'm a new subscriber to your channel but I've been watching you or weeks and you're positive outlook on something that is so far from being done I think it's awesome so good luck keep chipping away and keep that positive attitude that you seem never to lose oh yeah and I don't know if I'm late with this but you can't give me the share lol

    • Francis Valentino
      Francis Valentino Month ago

      I'm so sorry I just got that you texted me back I didn't think in a million years that you would text me back I work third shift at night I am a car guy throwing through and I don't even know what to say I don't think you would text back I mean you're a great guy I feel personality wise but wow I hope I'm not too late I'm just getting home

  • Donald Anderson
    Donald Anderson Month ago

    I’d love to have to get the 5.7
    I’d be putting it on my 99 sport ram 1500 we take it out to the local drift track and have been preparing to do a turbo kit but this would be so much cooler sitting in it

  • Omar Alcalde
    Omar Alcalde Month ago

    Hola los veo desde argentina y me encantan todas las locuras que hacen sigan así

  • BionMTG
    BionMTG Month ago

    Found your videos way too late. I would have loved that 5.7... would go straight into a 2015 Jeep JK. AEV makes a full kit for mounting, etc, so no custom fab would even be needed...
    Either way, great videos and you got a new sub today! keep em coming!

  • Tapestry
    Tapestry Month ago +3

    i have a 2004 Mustang v6 which actually blew a while ago you guys give me a lot of inspiration for whats possible in the car world. thanks for making this series

  • Hckd_213
    Hckd_213 Month ago

    Subscribed ! Great content , keep it up lol
    Can’t wait to see this project done…
    H o p e f u l l y 💀

  • Megaton 392
    Megaton 392 Month ago

    Part 2 ASAP love the SRT build series

  • LcZ Gaming
    LcZ Gaming 21 day ago

    That 5.7 drive terrain would be perfect for my 1969 c10

  • Luke Amato
    Luke Amato Month ago

    Use one of the decent ones to make a roof mold and make a carbon roof...or fiberglass

  • Joshua Baxter
    Joshua Baxter Month ago

    Although it’s not mine, I’d love to have this engine to put in my dads V6 2014 dodge truck. Been looking for an engine around Tennessee at a decent price for almost 2 years. Had to settle for another sketchy v6 that ended up running but we don’t know for how long Haha

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +6

    Hey, I'd love the engine! I'm actually local (right across the bridge) and have bought some parts from y'all before. My plan would be to use the engine in my street buggy I'm building. I've got pictures of the frame and work I've already done on it and have the means to actually finish the project so it'd be going to a good home!

  • Christian Jones
    Christian Jones Month ago

    I would put that hellcat drivetrain in my 392 T/A that I want to build up and eventually boost. That would be a dream.
    Just stumbled across your channel but so entertaining, love it

  • Roger Phillips
    Roger Phillips Month ago +1

    Love that you bringing back such a rare car. So many rare cars get scrapped because people get scared of doing a little body work. Ok, a lot of bodywork in your case. Lol. I watch another Chanel named graveyard cars. They've brought back some amazing rare old school molars that were in this type of condition. It all jist matters on the work your willing to put in as to how much reward you get back out of it. Good luck, can't wait to see this running!