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LIVE: ROC Nations Cup Sweden 2023


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  • TheRUB
    TheRUB Month ago +32

    Thanks for letting us watch this show directly on Clip-Share! Always loved ROC!

  • RC Roo
    RC Roo Month ago +3

    Great event - outstanding driving by all - and flying by the quad operators - great angles folks and so close !

    RUDI RAKETE Month ago +28

    Sunday, January 29:
    11:00 a.m.: Start of the supporting program
    11:45 a.m.: Driver presentation
    12:00: Start of the Race of Champions
    15:00 h: End of the Race of Champions

  • Soba Noodlez
    Soba Noodlez Month ago +3

    Great event, thanks fro making it available
    Just a shame we don't have an event on tarmac anymore with more different cars

  • nantenangel
    nantenangel Month ago +6

    2:21:20 Jesus Christ man, that's too damn close. 👍🔥🔥

  • D
    D Month ago

    ROC nailed the transmision. Oliver solberg amazing drive

  • Dmitry Kniga
    Dmitry Kniga Month ago +5

    Seb and Mick❤ DreamTeam for Audi 2026🙏

    RUDI RAKETE Month ago +20

    Sonntag, 29. Januar:
    11:00 Uhr: Beginn des Rahmenprogramms
    11:45 Uhr: Fahrer-Präsentation
    12:00 Uhr: Beginn des Race of Champions
    15:00 Uhr: Ende des Race of Champions

  • 3D - DAW Deep-Dive
    3D - DAW Deep-Dive Month ago +10

    Top job MICK!

    RUDI RAKETE Month ago +46

    go Sebastian,Lucas ,Mick

  •  Month ago +3

    Mick eres el mejor❤️

  • fetzonk
    fetzonk Month ago

    Astonishing that the roc track designers never manage to design a track, where both lanes take approx the same time for one lap. Just give the faster lane one more turn.....

  • ocryos
    ocryos Month ago +1

    Why you don't show lap times?
    Please show both lap times and gap after each race!

  • Naruto Neoji
    Naruto Neoji Month ago +4

    Shouldn’t they start on place with the same speed on a hotlap?
    Exit of corner vs straight is unfair no?

    • Naruto Neoji
      Naruto Neoji Month ago

      @g Ah yeah, I didn’t think about that. So the time to reach hot lap speed is a bit longer on the outside.

    • Naruto Neoji
      Naruto Neoji Month ago

      @JJ Yes, that’s true. In total it’s kinda fair. (They change cars) But for one duel not completely

    • g
      g Month ago

      The braking point for the outside is a bit deeper so I think they carry the lower speed for a longer time and it balances out

    • ocryos
      ocryos Month ago +1

      Yes, that would be fair. The one starting on outside lane obviously has an advantage.

    • JJ
      JJ Month ago +2

      They do one lap on each configuration, so it's balanced out

  • Andreas Petzold
    Andreas Petzold Month ago +9

    Sebastian & Mick ich drücke euch ganz fest die Daumen

  • Peoples Ambassador DM

    Ken block would b beast on that.. may he r.i.p.. pastrana can he take it on?

  • Rastei
    Rastei Month ago +1

    Is like looking to RC cars lol

  • Sandani Perera
    Sandani Perera 23 days ago


  • Akrep
    Akrep Month ago

    FIA se régresse.... La HONTE!

  • Олег Ковальський

    Hello everyone from Ukraine))

  • bernardo santos
    bernardo santos Month ago

    Me has a Portuguese need race of champions in Portugal in lousada or anywhere really I just need it

  • Akhmad Prasetyo
    Akhmad Prasetyo Month ago

    Ngl the start light implementation is very terrible. No wonder some drivers mistakenly did jump start. For an event with many legends participating, this is just simply inexcusable.

  • Yudhi pamungkas [Pungki]

    oliver solberg he a swedish or norwegian?

    • renomoreno5656
      renomoreno5656 Month ago


    • MUDMAN
      MUDMAN Month ago

      Dad is Norwegian and Mom is Swedish, he has Swedish citizenship but speak Norwegian

  • quby33
    quby33 Month ago

    Whoever made the track did a bad layout...
    that 90 degree slowdown on the inner track right before the tunnel makes the second lap unenjoyable...
    too much distance between the two vehicles!
    Should have put an overshoot 90 degree on the outer track before the jump to make both track achiveable apoximately the same time!!!

  • JLeon D
    JLeon D Month ago +6

    stop giving raly drivers rally cars, makes no sense. Dont get me wrong i love ROC but that sometimes makes it a bit boring.

  • Pablo Pmfm
    Pablo Pmfm Month ago +22

    Sorry but it's scary these electric, blender sound and where the real race cars are

    • Marco
      Marco 28 days ago


    • Marco
      Marco 28 days ago


  • Simon Gelencsér
    Simon Gelencsér Month ago