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Daniel Negreanu BLUFFING Like It's Nothing ♠️ Best Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  Year ago +24

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  • Peleg Bar
    Peleg Bar Year ago +1846

    This guy will forever be my favourite poker player

    • Guillermo Izquierdo Manzanera
      Guillermo Izquierdo Manzanera 5 months ago

      @Xyril Dan Manuel he is so fun besides the pro plays and the incredible reads

    • Xyril Dan Manuel
      Xyril Dan Manuel 5 months ago

      i have a hard time choosing between negreanu and ivey as my favourite. it changes a lot but negreanu takes it for now by like a 5% advantage

    • Guillermo Izquierdo Manzanera
    • Youngboynaz
      Youngboynaz 5 months ago

      I like spindles but Daniel is a favorite too

    • Ody Lobo
      Ody Lobo 7 months ago

      Me too, second i choose tony because his british

  • Jacob Loladze
    Jacob Loladze Year ago +722

    Daniel Negreanu will forever be the man

    • Alexander Kings
      Alexander Kings 7 months ago

      @Nicolás Chacón Hellmuth.

    • Owen Jarom
      Owen Jarom Year ago

      @Nicolás Chacón t

    • Nicolás Chacón
      Nicolás Chacón Year ago +6

      @Jorge Herrera oh yeah? And who would be best to learn “optimal poker” from? And don’t say some online poker players, those are teams and IT experts behind a player.
      Face to face in a table like a normal game, Negreanu is the best one.

    • James Fischer
      James Fischer Year ago +1

      @Jorge Herrera Image is everything with Daniel. He can do it all

    • Jorge Herrera
      Jorge Herrera Year ago +3

      He’s great to watch, but not the best if you want to learn optimal poker from what I understand

  • JeremyCuddles
    JeremyCuddles Year ago +298

    Tony G with the massive assist on Daniel's bluff on Robl. LOL.

    • Flame Fusion
      Flame Fusion 19 days ago +1

      @captmcneil definitely justified. Bro taking years on each hand is insane.

    • DJAssCheekz
      DJAssCheekz 25 days ago

      @Myphrerh a charming Dick sometimes

    • Myphrerh
      Myphrerh 2 months ago +1

      @JeremyCuddles I feel like Tony is a dick. But thats just my opinion.

    • JeremyCuddles
      JeremyCuddles Year ago +14

      @Abed Rahman I don't think that was purely what set off Tony. To be fair. Tony is a troll and he'll generally go at anyone to get them off their game. He likes to talk, poke, and prod. Robl is a rookie, that makes him an even bigger target. You see it in sports all the time. The old guard taking advantage of the new guys. There are a lot of things that went into this, I doubt it was purely Tony being a boomer hating on the internet guy.

    • Kadzuli
      Kadzuli Year ago +5

      @JeremyCuddles I like Tony, I think his attitude is pretty funny at almost every video I watch, and I thought this reaction was so funny. I can understand his frustration but I also understand why robl takes time, but at the same time like you said he was playing pretty slow.

  • MaskHero Zo
    MaskHero Zo Year ago +484

    Whenever he's play you know it draws us in to watch. The guy makes poker fun. Him and Phil Ivy.

    • Doodle Bros
      Doodle Bros 2 months ago

      There is nothing fun about Ivy. He is entertaining to watch because he is an assassin

    • Jodee B.
      Jodee B. Year ago +2

      Guaranteed, more people know Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak and Phil Ivey's names than anyone else. There are better players historically though whose names are well known amongst other professional. I'm speaking of the general public not professional poker players.

    • Lavinia Frincu
      Lavinia Frincu Year ago +1

      negreanu is romanian by origin, he s the 1% that beats the sistem

    • Lavinia Frincu
      Lavinia Frincu Year ago +3

      @Peter Bak Petersen phil, phil, phil, phil
      wtf do you see something strange there?

    • Peter Bak Petersen
      Peter Bak Petersen Year ago +36

      Along with Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak, Phil Galfond and Phil Galfond. They should do a battle of the Poker-Phil's

  • MJS
    MJS Year ago +345

    Daniel will forever be one of the best poker players ever.

  • XBLonTwitch
    XBLonTwitch Year ago +387

    Dude, revealing you bluffed all happily like that 😂 Must be so gut wrenching for those opponents...

    • B H
      B H 11 months ago +3

      He's such a gremlin sometimes but we love it.

  • Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa
    Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa Year ago +140

    Daniel plays so disciplined in all forms of poker, and is so unpredictable.

  • Jonny Kent
    Jonny Kent Year ago +69

    I wish they'd bring this show back. I'd love to take a shot at some pros!

  • The Tricky Outdoorsman

    Dan will forever be my favorite poker player. Would love to meet the guy.

  • Sam Plautz
    Sam Plautz 7 months ago +5

    I feel for Helmuth getting screwed over with his hands. I was just in an online tournament and it got to the point where the blinds were so much that my opponent had to go all in on every turn. He won 11 hands in a row against me, and I had stuff like straights and 2 pairs

  • Tiuhtimymman
    Tiuhtimymman Year ago +23

    Negreanu just looks like an honest person how could you not like him??

  • Rob
    Rob 2 months ago

    Daniel will forever be the poker player ever.

  • металл
    металл Year ago

    Парень неплохо играет! Приятно смотреть 👍

  • ziwuri13
    ziwuri13 Year ago +5

    I love Dan. What a fun guy.

  • The Forever Puddle
    The Forever Puddle 10 months ago +5

    "I had a 6"
    Lmao. Daniel is so entertaining.

  • Steven McWilliam
    Steven McWilliam 9 months ago

    Favourite player not only because he’s good (many others are as well) but he’s also so likeable. He has fun and has fun with others. Never mean spirited.

  • Wayne Upham
    Wayne Upham 9 months ago

    Fun to watch him play!

  • Dip Do
    Dip Do Year ago +5

    And Siever’s face was priceless!!

  • Adrian
    Adrian Year ago +2

    The way he subtly runs it in their face😂

  • 4thandinches
    4thandinches Year ago +20

    8:22 Hachem's expression went from "why did I fold 10/J of diamonds?", to 1-minute later at 9:22, "great fold!"

  • Butch Cassidy.
    Butch Cassidy. 5 months ago

    Tony knew what he needed to do for Daniel to get that fold haha

  • Faith Jones
    Faith Jones Year ago +4

    Tony always gets annoyed when they take forever to make a move 😂😂 I agree my man.

  • Frøst
    Frøst 11 months ago +3

    God I love poker, such a brutal game where you can have the best setup and get totally destroyed on the river 😂

  • noapology88
    noapology88 Year ago +6

    The king of Bluff, saying: I can't believe I got away with it!".

  • harold wilkes
    harold wilkes 7 months ago

    He plays the cards but also plays the player, winning combo.

  • Henry
    Henry 7 months ago +1

    LMAO the editing of Daniel high fiving Tony G for the assist and then the transition saying "Destroying Tony G" is priceless.

  • Davey B
    Davey B Year ago +3

    “I can’t believe I got away with a bluff! Yayyy!!” 😂😂😂😂

  • ptschafer
    ptschafer Year ago +12

    Cool to see that Edward Norton is still doing stuff these days

  • erosxcaos
    erosxcaos Year ago +7

    Being known for having a “favorite hand” like 10C/7D is genius. People will be forced to consider that in your range.

  • Chris Sennfelder
    Chris Sennfelder Year ago

    Nobody can manipulate opponents by talking like him.

  • aBoodGamer
    aBoodGamer Year ago +3

    This man is the type of guy you lose all your money too and will still be happy anyways

  • Akash Deep Lakra
    Akash Deep Lakra 5 months ago

    His reputation is good n his personality is lovable

  • Roshan Lobo
    Roshan Lobo Year ago

    This guy. Being annoyingly good at what he does.

  • Patrick Quinn
    Patrick Quinn Year ago +102

    7:45 Brunson says “man I had a queen”. Hilarious🤣🤣

    • Alen
      Alen Year ago

      @Punk Fingerboards Sick!

    • Punk Fingerboards
      Punk Fingerboards Year ago +1

      I had twips....

    • Kevin Krusen
      Kevin Krusen Year ago +13

      Just because that makes it the case Queen that hit the river making it that much more sickening for Tony G.

  • josh piquette
    josh piquette Year ago

    I saw 2 bluff the rest he had the best hands 😂

  • Sim Kieu
    Sim Kieu Year ago +2

    hahaha my favorite poker player, he makes everyone look so dumb haha

  • Mark Irish
    Mark Irish 10 months ago +1

    the fact he got Amanda is more impressive than any poker hand

  • Permabanter
    Permabanter Year ago +1

    I like how everyone has seen the Robl hand many times, but noone has seen it because of the bluff.

  • Mark Birmes
    Mark Birmes Year ago

    Working the table & the pretty lady on the couch. A great player in all areas.

  • El Barto
    El Barto 5 months ago

    Possibly the best poker player to watch

  • Rabbit Hole
    Rabbit Hole Year ago +3

    That AJ fold was hilarious, this is how you play when you play with money you cant afford to lose
    i´d call within 1 second

  • Amarsanaa Otgonbaatar
    Amarsanaa Otgonbaatar Year ago +166

    Tony g blaming the dealer, classic

    • Khariii
      Khariii Year ago +4

      "noice deelah" like bro shut up, please. you lost, get over it 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • ali hussain
      ali hussain Year ago +9

      Tbf that queen on the river was so sick

    • who
      who Year ago

      That girl really cost him a lot of money!

    • IamSkippy
      IamSkippy Year ago +8

      You’re right. He blames the dealer *🤦🏼‍♂️EVERY 🤦🏼‍♂️SINGLE 🤦🏼‍♂️TIME*
      _It’s never HIS fault_ in his delusional mind.

  • Alex Fuller
    Alex Fuller 11 months ago

    When Daniel counts back his stack to you, your most likely beat and drawing dead to him 🤣

  • TheMustang064
    TheMustang064 Year ago

    Everytime negreanu is bluffing, he is silent

  • notthatinnocent86
    notthatinnocent86 8 months ago +1

    Ive seen this video at least 4 times already and I always forget Tony G crying away at 5:20 🤣

    • Marsh
      Marsh 6 months ago

      Gotta love his support for Daniel on the Robl bluff though lol

  • Ace Holtzie
    Ace Holtzie Year ago

    He played poker with heath ledger? What a legend.

  • illicityapper1
    illicityapper1 Year ago +1

    to be fair on the last one, all he had was pair of 5s. Which was a 3/5 low pair so it wasn't a terrible fold.

  • Chris Fitch
    Chris Fitch Year ago

    Danny repping big Bugs Bunny energy. “Oh no, I just have 2 pair. A pair of ones, and anudda pair of ones”

  • Ready Mike
    Ready Mike Year ago +87

    Tony G is very punchable, if someone was upset I tanked for 14 whole seconds I would take a lot longer out of spite. Also blaming the dealer, true professional right there.

    • Huy Huy
      Huy Huy Year ago +4

      It took roughly 10 minutes

    • Wandamian Crucifixplate
      Wandamian Crucifixplate Year ago +10

      @Ready Mike it was actually closer to 10 minutes, dude always takes forever deciding

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson Year ago

      @Serakiel who has time to watch the whole thing? You’re speaking to the wrong audience, we’re here to get clips, not watch multiple days of poker

    • Serakiel
      Serakiel Year ago +3

      Dude if you've watched the whole thing you'll understand his frustrations. There were handa that were pretty much standard and its taking him forever to make his move.

    • Lifted
      Lifted Year ago +33

      @Ready Mike that’s why even Daniel sounds annoyed and goes “after all that he just lays it down” and even shows the bluff to add insult to injury lol.

  • Ualisson Carlos
    Ualisson Carlos Year ago

    Wish I could play with Dan

  • Joseph Dale
    Joseph Dale 9 months ago

    Tony G has literally been mad at the dealer so many times.

  • IamSkippy
    IamSkippy Year ago

    Daniel is *Captain Canada* 🇨🇦
    *He’s a great ambassador for Poker* ❗️❗️❗️
    My favorite players to watch are *Daniel, The Unabomber, Tilly, Annie Duke (I loved her on Celeb Apprentice), The magician, Jamie Gold, Doyle and Doug Polk.*

  • jake hensley
    jake hensley Year ago +396

    Tony G messed this hand up for Robl

    • jake hensley
      jake hensley Year ago

      @hickmon1 do you think that your karma is fine? What makes you say that?

    • Luis Treviño
      Luis Treviño Year ago

      Different tables have different rules but in all of them anyone is allowed to call the clock on players that are taking too long

    • Robert Schleeter
      Robert Schleeter Year ago +2

      Yeah but if you watch Robl he does take a really stupid amount of time to make a decision..

    • jake hensley
      jake hensley Year ago +1

      @hickmon1 I wasn't talking about you, catch up.

    • hickmon1
      hickmon1 Year ago +2

      @jake hensley my karma's fine buddy! lmao imagine getting this dramatic over a card game you weren't even involved in

  • perry young
    perry young Year ago

    should also show Negreanu's bluffing led him to lose over 575,000k on the big game from the end w8 until the middle of the 4th show in week 9.

  • Omar Velázquez
    Omar Velázquez 10 months ago +1

    When I see Negreanu I always match him with Luigi (Mario's brother)

  • Deano Bravo
    Deano Bravo Year ago

    Truly amazing

  • Jack Mott
    Jack Mott 6 months ago

    Doyle correctly computing the number of outs in that first hand!

  • Nehal Sayyad
    Nehal Sayyad Year ago +3

    Negreanu thanks Tony and destroys him in the next hand🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matthew Bowerman
    Matthew Bowerman Year ago

    lol i love this guy

  • junioRr
    junioRr Year ago

    NEGREANU ..... TOP ...IM FAN.....

  • Doogieboi
    Doogieboi 11 days ago


  • Nguyen Ngoc Quang
    Nguyen Ngoc Quang 5 months ago

    I love Dan and Mr. G as well haha

  • Brandon Christen
    Brandon Christen Year ago +1

    Literally the first hand shown isn't a bluff cause he turns two-pair.

  • irsute8833
    irsute8833 Year ago +9

    I had my favourite hand you know that is ?
    10 - 7 ?
    Haha no, 10 - 7.

  • Johnny Wang
    Johnny Wang Year ago +1

    How did he bluff that first hand? I’m confused

  • Butch Cassidy.
    Butch Cassidy. 5 months ago

    Tony g lays awake thinking of Daniel for sure

  • IDDQD Sound
    IDDQD Sound Year ago +1

    Literally 2 out of these 5 hands were bluffs

  • kh2freek
    kh2freek Year ago

    If Seiver calls the turn he HAS to call or raise (as a bluff) the river, terrible

  • Dip Do
    Dip Do Year ago +1

    Anything worse when you’re told you “played it good” when you lose?? Hahahahaha Blowhard Tony G for Gerk!!

  • Develen Tsai
    Develen Tsai Year ago +3

    This is no bluffs, he just got lucky winning cards

  • Joe Farley
    Joe Farley Year ago

    Great Video :)

  • SoldMyWife4Gems
    SoldMyWife4Gems Year ago

    3:56 can anyone tell me how Daniel had any chance of winning of tony g called?

  • getsomepantson11
    getsomepantson11 Year ago +56

    Is it bluffing if you shove with the best hand?

    • Johnny Bravo
      Johnny Bravo Year ago +2

      @Côme Duret exactly. Semi bluff is when you might be beat now, but you have the equity of hitting a bigger hand that would make you the winner by a big margin. Like 4 clubs while your opponent has top pair or trips.

    • Coach Q Gaming
      Coach Q Gaming Year ago +9

      Short answer is no - Long answer is nope

    • Côme Duret
      Côme Duret Year ago +6

      @Jonatan Raja That's not what a semi-bluff means. You're either thinking your opponent is going to call with worse hands often enough and it's value, or you're thinking your opponent will fold worse hands often enough and it's a bluff. Semi-bluffs are bluffs that have some equity like a flush or straight draws that still have a decent chance of winning the hand.

  • cMc
    cMc Year ago +7

    I'm as good as Daniel. I'm also really fast and incredibly strong......also in my dreams.

    • AaronWS
      AaronWS Year ago +1

      You too?! I am simply a legend in my own mind.

  • sponsianus
    sponsianus 6 months ago

    Proud that he's romanian

  • BlackRain79Poker
    BlackRain79Poker Year ago

    Easy game, easy money :)

  • dannyboyspain1
    dannyboyspain1 Year ago +26

    Brilliant when Tony G gets stuffed

  • Darth Yoda
    Darth Yoda 10 months ago

    ok, i'm 2:49 into this and so far I've seen suck outs, not bluffing....come on PokerStars...get the title correct or make a compilation that is actually correct and consistent

  • Na R E L E
    Na R E L E Year ago

    How can anyone call themselves "professional poker players" and blame the dealer for anything that comes out???

  • Ethan Vsetula
    Ethan Vsetula 2 months ago

    Who can really put someone on Jack 4 holds up really well now

  • Tstan Da'ManDontChanoo

    Comment is based off the first hand. Something that always bothers me about poker players who get upset when other player call big bets with crap hands. The commentator says “Daniel trying to justify why he called 10K with J4” it’s called gambling for a reason. As a player you have to take chances every once in a while.

  • MACE
    MACE Year ago

    How was he bluffing against tony and david

  • Dead by Dripper
    Dead by Dripper Year ago +1

    Am I missing something on the first one? Where was the bluff lol

  • Conor Good
    Conor Good Year ago +4

    So many of these weren’t really bluffs

  • NxFxKW
    NxFxKW Year ago

    I’m not an expert but is it really a bluff if your just calling? I thought bluff is when you raise with nothing…

  • that guy Isaac
    that guy Isaac 10 months ago

    Kid poker is the best there is when it comes to cards no doubt

  • Tyson
    Tyson Year ago


  • Harsh Maheshwari
    Harsh Maheshwari 11 months ago

    Forever a NEGREANUIAN🔥💯

  • collins7426
    collins7426 6 months ago

    But the first one wasn’t a bluff

  • Jerzy Rokicki
    Jerzy Rokicki 8 months ago

    when does the bluffing happen? most of the time he has a winning hand.

  • Max Ivanov
    Max Ivanov Year ago +1

    why are 3 out of 5 "top bluffs" not even bluffs?

  • Kevin Mahoney
    Kevin Mahoney Year ago

    Never go all in with just a lousy pair folks

  • H
    H Year ago

    all the fiddeling with the chips are making me insane!

  • Brody Reynolds
    Brody Reynolds Year ago +1

    The first hand wasn’t a bluff he was ahead when he shipped it.

    • Brody Reynolds
      Brody Reynolds Year ago

      Love the video hate the title.

    • Brody Reynolds
      Brody Reynolds Year ago

      Never mind now that I’ve watched the whole video the title makes no sense. Yeah Daniel played all these hands great but he only bluffed on maybe 2 at most.

    • Brody Reynolds
      Brody Reynolds Year ago

      Besides that he’s an amazing player and I still loved the video

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson Year ago +1

    Mine as well.. its people like this I only hope are just as cool if you were to meet them in person

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W 11 months ago

    The first hand he had two pair THAT’S NOT BLUFFING.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 2 months ago

    You know my favorite hand? Girl says the most random 2 cards perfectly naming it and he goes no, it’s the 107 lol.

  • Gingah
    Gingah Year ago +1

    at 1:10 when daniel said “once or twice”, what does that mean?

  • Armando Henrique Ramos Minucci

    Didn't know Ravier Barden was a poker star's brodcaster.