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Comedy Moments In Football

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • 🔔 Comedy Moments In Football
    Hey y'all. What's up? 😃 Hope you enjoy the video ;-)
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  • Tom Janssen
    Tom Janssen Month ago +20

    the smiles on benched players when the fieldplayer made saves as keeper was gold

    • Tom Janssen
      Tom Janssen 20 days ago

      @FINNMegurine hope everyone knows;)

    • FINNMegurine
      FINNMegurine 20 days ago

      Fyi they are Giggs, Rooney, Ronaldo.

  • TrueFootball
    TrueFootball 2 months ago +61

    That Morata backheel miss still amazes me. I mean, it is one of the most easiest tricks to pull off.

    • Soul Reaper
      Soul Reaper Month ago


    • Soul Reaper
      Soul Reaper Month ago


    • Anxo Silva
      Anxo Silva Month ago +9

      Trust me, Morata can be the best fw in all Spain and 2 days later he is the worst player in Europe

  • N 2J
    N 2J 2 months ago +33

    Anthony is a true comedian.

  • Liam Booth
    Liam Booth Month ago +4

    Norwich saw Brandon Williams miss that shot and went, "we'll take him"

  • Marine
    Marine 2 months ago +71

    My boi get a hat trick but it all offside

    •   VictorySkyz
      VictorySkyz 23 days ago

      ​@Heker 💀chain

    • OchoaIsMyIdol
      OchoaIsMyIdol 23 days ago

      @Heker bro why make such small spelling corrections, like no one cares 🗿

    • Heker
      Heker Month ago

      Got* was*

    SHARK-AN Month ago +8

    3:36 😂Ramos seems to be on the field

  • Rockyescape89
    Rockyescape89 Month ago +1

    Faes defending ability reminds me of David Luiz, sometimes it's gold sometimes it's pure horrific. Doesn't help that they look alike as well.

  • c0pyright
    c0pyright Month ago +17

    1:18 best goal in world football😂😂😂

  • Nadzir Rahim
    Nadzir Rahim 20 days ago +1

    anthony a real spinner clown 😂

  • yousef abdelakder
    yousef abdelakder 2 months ago +31

    7:11 was too funny

  • Guy Wood
    Guy Wood 12 days ago

    And to think these dudes get paid unreal amounts of money to kick a ball and can't do sometimes the simplest things xD

    BRIAN CHEBOI 2 months ago +4

    That Red card for W.Zaha was not true red,that ref did poor decision

    • Pulse Faith
      Pulse Faith 15 days ago

      @Gunnar Karotte bad ref, shoulda known the situation but decided to just go for red. hope he doesn't get to ref again.

    • Gunnar Karotte
      Gunnar Karotte Month ago +5

      His reaction is a second yellow, he is not the first player to get those. Should have been 2x yellow, but he would have been sent off anyways for that.
      Pretty unprofessional to react in that way, that was rather dumb... he has only himself to blame for that one to be honest.

  • Laís K Abegg
    Laís K Abegg Month ago +4


  • Soccer HD
    Soccer HD 2 months ago +4

    thank you for giving us this fun content, I hope my channel will come up to your level one day❤️

  • Gana Ardhiansyah
    Gana Ardhiansyah Month ago +5

    7:57 best moment

  • Ivan Lee
    Ivan Lee Month ago +3

    Ah women’s soccer still amazes me 😂

    • スズメ Sundown
      スズメ Sundown Month ago +1

      Ah Clowns still calling that game soccer still amazes me too! 🤡

  • M.a2Z
    M.a2Z Month ago +4

    Thumbnail shows sportsmanship🙌

  • C&A
    C&A 24 days ago +2

    2:42 is insane.

  • 1ELT1
    1ELT1 Month ago +2

    3:45 الإتصال توقف فجأة عند الكل 😂😂😂

  • راكان 🦜
    راكان 🦜 2 months ago +4

    فكره رائعه😂😂

  • Hamza Udai
    Hamza Udai Month ago +1

    Good God that bench 2:39 !!

  • Deyyum Deyniyel
    Deyyum Deyniyel Month ago +2

    Lionel Messi 🐐
    February 5, 2023

  • BenComedy 2020
    BenComedy 2020 2 months ago +29

    0:54 - Neymar moment

    • Shirsha Barua
      Shirsha Barua 28 days ago

      Even his teamates not taking it seriously 🤣 🤣

    • スズメ Sundown
      スズメ Sundown Month ago

      He was a perfect fit in this team together with Biscuits,Alba, Alves and Mascherano - Catalan Hollywood.
      (and I liked how messi just ignored mascherano acting and kept going) 🤣

    • Zedman1111
      Zedman1111 2 months ago


  • Mega Knight
    Mega Knight Month ago +7

    7:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Khadija Bouzihay
    Khadija Bouzihay 2 months ago +9

    1:05 tiki taka at it’s finest

  • Tibcsii
    Tibcsii 23 days ago

    0:54 Ronaldo kick Mascherano on his stomach. So ye funny

  • Sven Grand
    Sven Grand Month ago +1


  • -Superstar2-
    -Superstar2- Month ago +2

    7:11 bro earned a red card while being the one who gives bookings

  • همگامان پایدار پاسارگاد

    most of them is from liverpool😁

  • Arijit Das
    Arijit Das Month ago +3

    Allison moment 😈😈

  • Evil dick
    Evil dick Month ago +5

    2 autogoals in 1 match loooool

  • 4c3 BeasT
    4c3 BeasT 2 months ago +3

    Bro where you get these clips without watermark. Please reply

  • Bisirsky
    Bisirsky Month ago +1

    6:36 - that was the dirtiest football moment ever seen 🤢

  • Muhammed Ali
    Muhammed Ali Month ago +1

    6:32 ahahah

  • Abul Wahid
    Abul Wahid Month ago +2

    8:00 the goalkeeper is so dumb😂😂😂

  • Ashraf Ismail
    Ashraf Ismail 2 months ago +1

    Bro where do you get such videos? Like originally from where?

  • Soccer Almanac
    Soccer Almanac 25 days ago


  • BenComedy 2020
    BenComedy 2020 2 months ago +5

    3:44 - Bro just score the damn goal! I gotta like retire asap!

  • Shorts4Cats
    Shorts4Cats Month ago


  • YAS creations
    YAS creations Month ago +13

    6:36 is very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Raba
    Alex Raba Month ago

    To stop making Blunders, we have to have the ball squared!

  • Bush Crime Syndicate
    Bush Crime Syndicate Month ago +1

    @2:52 this guy made a youtube about his miss. Look up "WHAT JUST HAPPENED…" by Willian Akio

  • helber corcino
    helber corcino Month ago +1


  • Shrek
    Shrek Month ago +1


  • Beach_Volley
    Beach_Volley Month ago +2

    Cool cool

  • xXxBodzio101xXx
    xXxBodzio101xXx Month ago +1

    Gut spiel, liebe Frauen. XD

  • Real Madrid HQ
    Real Madrid HQ 2 months ago +2

    Please teach me to edit like this

  • Lu
    Lu Month ago

    I can't with of anything but BRUH

  • Prateek Sarin
    Prateek Sarin Month ago

    Who the hell is he to tell stop crying and not ?

  • Tales by Tirzah
    Tales by Tirzah 2 months ago +1

    epic vidoe

  • kuzz dallux
    kuzz dallux 18 days ago

    Minute 2:52 it's goal

  • EstebanTheGoatOfEverything

    I keep seeing earling haaland

  • Mads 91
    Mads 91 23 days ago

    Mascherano is so embarrassing to watch. I wonder how much pain he will feel if he get stung by a bee or something.. If he want to be an actor, then go to that damn audition.

  • Oppo Realne
    Oppo Realne 2 months ago +1

    កាតនៅប្រពន្ធ ចាំមួយភ្លេត

  • 𝙺𝚒𝚝𝚘:)
    𝙺𝚒𝚝𝚘:) Month ago +3

    8:07 best.

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      sold match
      they paid him to do that

  • TakiTam Wenor
    TakiTam Wenor Month ago +1


  • ApexNitro
    ApexNitro 2 months ago +8

    Women ☕ 7:20

  • Basheer Baloch
    Basheer Baloch Month ago

    Hi Tony sir I need your help I have football telent please put me your club please please please my dream team is real madrid

  • Ranked gamer
    Ranked gamer 2 months ago +2

    why is there only 7 comments on this video

  • BrxckMoon
    BrxckMoon 2 months ago +1

    mbappee kissing griezman

  • ElReyTilin88
    ElReyTilin88 Month ago

    In summarize:Manchester United

  • lương quân anh
    lương quân anh Month ago

    Stop falling to get penalty Penaldo!
    God of gym = easily fall by a blow. Lol

  • Sandip Singh
    Sandip Singh Month ago +1


  • Super Idol
    Super Idol Month ago

    5:28 offside rule says that hand and arms dont count

  • ItssmeItach1
    ItssmeItach1 Month ago

    Women ☕️

  • Jamuna Dahal
    Jamuna Dahal 2 months ago +1

    Abt 15 min

  • m m
    m m Month ago

    2:46 え...???

  • IamPedro
    IamPedro 2 months ago +1

    nem sub

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    7:57 they paid the gk to do that
    i watched the match

  • rikypesca
    rikypesca Month ago

    07:21 mh women

  • Zedman1111
    Zedman1111 2 months ago +1


  • kirstayyy92
    kirstayyy92 2 months ago +1


  • Dr Sloth
    Dr Sloth Month ago


  • lala lala
    lala lala Month ago


  • MoHeat
    MoHeat Month ago

    vivek is susu

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