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[ENG/JP] EX MusicBank MC who appeared in front of Baby MC! (feat. the most nervous ever Manchae)

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Aster*
    Aster* 3 months ago +5139

    These trio is so cute. I Love their interaction. Sunghoon keep asking eunchae back is so funny. Heeseung being a funny older brother. Fighting Enhypen and Lesserafim❤

  • Valery Portuguez
    Valery Portuguez 3 months ago +2579

    When Heeseung said "it was really comfortable" at the end and Eunchae teased him for it, he really meant that ❤ Engenes know how shy he usually is with other hosts so we could tell how comfy she made them feel, this whole interview was so endearing and genuine! such a cute trio

  • Anne
    Anne 3 months ago +1310

    "Our youngest is different, he's busy teasing us."- Sunghoon to Ni-ki
    Heeseung being shy but still loves ramen.
    Eunchae is soo cute.

  • bangtan keren
    bangtan keren 3 months ago +2701

    for some reason after watching this I like them even more, of course I've always liked them. but this time I like it very always. Their interactions are so cute, I salute Eunchae, Sunghoon and Heeseung's courage to talk to each other.

    • ambar
      ambar 3 months ago +13


  • Yana
    Yana Month ago +129

    as an introvert myself, i find this episode so soothing. the way they acknowledged the awkwardness and did not force the interaction at first until they all eventually naturally talked to each other was so endearing to me.

  • Fatemeh
    Fatemeh 3 months ago +582

    Heesung is just so funny effortlessly! and I love the way that seunghoon was trying to answer everything so cheerfully so that eunchae would feel like a professional mc like the way she is🩷🪄

    SUNGHOON 3 months ago +3736

    Eunchae is so cute. I'm so happy that Heeseung and Sunghoon are together. Let's be forever.

    • sumaiya rahman
      sumaiya rahman 3 months ago +22

      i love eunchae im suprised they didnt mention that funny moment where sunghoon forgot her name

    • vernons
      vernons 3 months ago +21

      @sumaiya rahman they did mention it at the end tho 😟

    • sumaiya rahman
      sumaiya rahman 3 months ago +5

      @vernons im blind whoops lol

    • 𝐕𝐢𝐧.𝐭𝐚𝐞.𝐠𝐞_103%
      𝐕𝐢𝐧.𝐭𝐚𝐞.𝐠𝐞_103% 3 months ago +8

      ​@sumaiya rahmani was too.. but at the end, i was happy that he mentioned that by himself

    • Dave Robert Lim
      Dave Robert Lim 3 months ago


  • SeliZee
    SeliZee 3 months ago +349

    I just love Eunchae's personality even when she's shy. it's natural and I love that she's not forcing herself but using her personality as a strength. She accepts to the awkwardness then timely tries to break it in a natural way

  • thankyouverykamsa
    thankyouverykamsa 2 months ago +66

    heeseung is so real for finding sunwoo's conversation with eunchae entertaining 😂 that man says the most ridiculous things with a poker face

  • dena_deonu22
    dena_deonu22 3 months ago +338

    Why can't i stop laughing seeing heesung was so serious talking about his favorite ramen 🤣

  • suzu
    suzu 3 months ago +291

    Heeseung is soft spoken he normally talks with that tone even with his own members so attractive

  • Rara
    Rara 3 months ago +170

    The way heeseung really said “can we go now” made me cry 😂😂😂

    • kiity love4
      kiity love4 2 months ago +16

      they where hungry they hadn’t eaten 😂

  • matchaBUNNY🦄
    matchaBUNNY🦄 3 months ago +1880

    I love that HEESEUNG tried to make a conversation with EUNCHAE, 11:50 so that the interview will not look like one sided, Q&A session only, he even asked questions tried to make it more fun. Sunghoon also make a good and funny conversation. It still baby step but I hope all HYBE artists will be comfortable with each other soon.

  • Heedeugie
    Heedeugie 3 months ago +109

    Love how Sunghoon is so supportive and complimenting Eunchae about her mc skills

  • Sonnrio
    Sonnrio 3 months ago +166

    This is sooo cute. We all know how shy Heeseung and Sunghoon are but they still did their best to interact well with Eunchae. I was amazed with how Sunghoon communicate with Eunchae (maybe because he has a younger sister too) I was waiting for this. Thanks Eunchae for having our Milk and Carrot duo!

  • hahaha
    hahaha 3 months ago +295

    은채 웃는게 진짜 다른 사람들도 보기 좋게 한다 은스타를 하면서 은채의 진행력이 점점 늘어나네 자랑스럽다 홍은채💛

  • Miraelle
    Miraelle 3 months ago +21

    Jake running like that and slamming the door and still no where to be seen is the most funniest thing

  • Daanney Huan
    Daanney Huan 3 months ago +74

    sunghoon and eunchae give me siblings vibes I loved their energy together I want to see them in more shows

  • Nzms
    Nzms 3 months ago +4534

    I didn’t expect this from Sunghoon. He’s so gentle and friendly and honest. He even hold the eye contact and try to communicate well. Proud of u baby Hoon.

    • jakehoon
      jakehoon 3 months ago +155

      Ikrrrr. I feel like it's partly because Heeseung was there with him.

    • Stop wasting time-Stream GRL GVNG now piece of ass
      Stop wasting time-Stream GRL GVNG now piece of ass 3 months ago +170

      I’m sorry but the “baby hoon” was kinda cringe💀

    • Sandy M
      Sandy M 3 months ago +104

      I think the young girl reminds Sunghoon of his little sister, whom he adores.

    • ari bloomfield
      ari bloomfield 3 months ago +28

      If the commentor calls him baby Hoon it's just them no need to be so critical

    • jimin
      jimin 3 months ago +2

      @Stop wasting time-Stream GRL GVNG now piece of ass baby hoon

  • Kristoffer Kimball
    Kristoffer Kimball 3 months ago +89

    낯을 많이 가려도 은채만의 텐션 올리기 좋아요 😂😂

  • Ohorat Kkaebsong
    Ohorat Kkaebsong Month ago +7

    3 extreme introverts in the same room😂 i love how despite being so shy and introverted, Sunghoon and Heeseung tried to keep the conversation going and make Eunchae feel comfortable ❤ this episode also reminded me of Hybe x Game Caterers where Sunghoon was so nervous that he momentarily forgot Eunchae’s name😂 hoping to see more interactions from them in the future ❤

  • Mayuuu
    Mayuuu 12 days ago +2

    Seeing mah shy boys interacting so well makes me proud. Huhu. 😭❤️ Heesung never really change, he's still listens and speak softly. As well as mah boy Sunghoon. Such a cutie!

  •  Benav
    Benav 3 months ago +112

    heeseung is so handsome and humble every time they call him ace, but at the same time naturally funny, he answered their questions by returning a question to the mc so they could interact more, it made me nostalgic to see sunghoon there because he was also a mc and now she is eunchae, very good on her show by the way, the vibe is nice

    ZTOIC 2 days ago +1

    sunghoon was sooo naturally funny and inclusive while talking with eunchae and heeseung soooo adorable ❤❤

  • Sofia Green
    Sofia Green 3 months ago +1225

    Heeseung saying 01:44 'Come in come in' so Eunchae won't have to wait too long is so sweet of him

    • ninaien nur
      ninaien nur 3 months ago +30

      It was so gentlw actually😭❤

    • Mf this acct's for work (should've been)
      Mf this acct's for work (should've been) 3 months ago +26

      wasn't it Ni-ki tho? and he was closest to the door

    • Mae Lyka
      Mae Lyka 3 months ago +8

      @Mf this acct's for work (should've been) it is Ni-ki!!!

    • FC
      FC 3 months ago +2

      ⁠​⁠@Mae LykaDidn’t really sound like Ni-ki though

    • Nanana
      Nanana 3 months ago +3

      It's Heeseung with his gentle voice not Ni-ki.

  • Balqis Fatiha
    Balqis Fatiha 3 months ago +65

    I like how nice and caring Sunghoon was during the interview. Heeseung also really considerate and funny. This episode is best, I love their interactions ❤🎉 Eunchae, fighting!

  • Monse Rangel
    Monse Rangel 3 months ago +228

    Ame esta interacción, me encanta ver cómo Eunchae hace sentir cómodo a Heeseung y Sunghoon, y de igual forma ellos a ella ❤ Espero ver más interacciones de ellos en el futuro

  • appusser00
    appusser00 3 months ago +45

    The introvert trio was actually so entertaining even the staffs cant stop laughing
    Like their interactions were better than the other ep ive seen💀💀

  • NotShy Notme
    NotShy Notme 3 months ago +54


  • abcdefuandurex
    abcdefuandurex 3 months ago +68

    Heeseung try to maintain the conversation is the cutest thing

  • adorahoney
    adorahoney 3 months ago +2266


    • sunghoon's_ishhh
      sunghoon's_ishhh 3 months ago +7


    • cami ♱
      cami ♱ 3 months ago +24

      We should give them a nickname like ummm maybe Iz? bc they are all introverted 😭

    • sunghoon's_ishhh
      sunghoon's_ishhh 3 months ago

      @cami ♱ oh it sounds good😆

    • Daanney Huan
      Daanney Huan 3 months ago +6

      omg yess I think maybe because eunchae is close to sunghoon little sister age

  • Ohorat Kkaebsong
    Ohorat Kkaebsong Month ago +6

    3:14Heeseung mentioning he watched the first episode featuring The Boyz and remembers Sunwoo’s conversation with Eunchae 😭 my Deobi-Engene heartttt

  • 존
     3 months ago +48

    Eunchae does a great job even when she’s shy or nervous, it just adds to her charm!

  • Sliver Halo
    Sliver Halo 3 months ago +95

    Manchae was so well taken care by her seniors thank you Sunghoon and Heesung for do you best to talk and take care of her you are such good seniors ❤

  • Sneha Swati
    Sneha Swati 3 months ago +33

    Lesserafim are really following in Seventeen's footsteps, as Na PD said " Seventeen's general problem is that they always want to be funny" and Lesserafim's motto is "Life is content" also 2 groups who are very synchronised and have amazing stage presence ❤ as a carat and fearnot I'm very proud of them and am always looking forward to any content that they post or appear on!!!

  • Purple Cake
    Purple Cake 3 months ago +72

    10:55 this part is really touching my heart and make me laugh... Heeseung such a good brother and I love how member solve their problem 💞

  • Siti Shovia
    Siti Shovia 3 months ago +955

    So happy to see them in 1 frame. Eunchae was so cute, Heeseung and Sunghoon looks so handsome. They all adorable

  • Madhu Thakur
    Madhu Thakur 3 months ago +38

    Needed this interview to have 20 more minutes, they looked so happy talking, teasing, questioning back each other, we would have gotten more behind the scenes 😂❤

  • delay cious
    delay cious 3 months ago +12

    Heesung looks like a talkative person once you know him, and it didnt actually take him too long to speak up in this show👍🏻

  • idk
    idk 2 months ago +18

    eunchae is such a great idol, i love how she's getting all these connections 🫶🏻🫶🏻

  • Jasmine Namata
    Jasmine Namata 21 day ago +3

    It was fun to see Eunchae interact with Sunghoon and Heeseung. They tell fun stories but Sunghoon 17:43 also made up from game caterers and it felt more conversational together

  • somi
    somi 3 months ago +663

    i love how sunghoon asks eunchae questions too he's so caring 😭❤

    • Bang Tan
      Bang Tan 3 months ago +37

      Fr I’ve always noticed he’s the kind of guy to want to know a lot about you, but not reveal much of himself

  • 곰이다 🐻
    곰이다 🐻 3 months ago +79

    은채의 해맑음이 너무 좋아 bright, innocent, untainted

  • Marlene La Rosa
    Marlene La Rosa 3 months ago +59

    why is heeseung so handsome? I love how he tries to make the conversation with the mc more enjoyable, and the program with this trio

  • christina ayala
    christina ayala 3 months ago +20

    Heeseung is not only handsome but the funniest comedian 💜💜💜

  • Flavia
    Flavia 3 months ago +29

    Sunghoon se ve tan relajado, amo tanto su evolución con su timidez

  • Vale ♡
    Vale ♡ 3 months ago +37

    Heeseung look so cute and funny ❤ but I love when Eunchae met Enhypen's members so cutie ..💜

  • Bang Tan
    Bang Tan 3 months ago +32

    Idk if I’m weird but I literally watch this every single day. I just can’t get past their cute interactions and I just wish the episode was longer 🥲

  • justcallmeterry
    justcallmeterry 3 months ago +16

    I really like heeseung and sunghoon's bond they are an underated duo

  • hiimyuu
    hiimyuu 3 months ago +61

    Eunchae has this vibe where she makes people want to tease her, I guess this is what makes people can be comfortable around her.

  • ju ju
    ju ju 3 months ago +13


  • anjana
    anjana Month ago +16

    Never ending saga of HYBE sending the introverts to MC

  • blazerchic15
    blazerchic15 3 months ago +722

    The fact that Eunchae, Sunghoon and Heeseung together is just adorable.

  • Valeri
    Valeri 3 months ago +22

    It would be really cool if hybe would do shows like this often. I so want to see interactions between other groups.

  • Nico Robin
    Nico Robin 3 months ago +21

    Thanks to Eunchae for lead this content, my boys have amazing conversation comfortly. As a engene i hope more interactions next time♥️

  • user95prkji
    user95prkji 3 months ago +83

    at some points heeseung's voice were so soft while talking to eunchae like I've never heard him like that before obv he was shy but he made it comfortable im proud of my man💜

    • suzu
      suzu 3 months ago +13

      No he always talks like that even with his own members especially sunoo and jungwon if you see him in interview he always talks like that it's his natural tone

    • suzu
      suzu 3 months ago +8

      He is soft spoken person and always like that it's his charisma

  • Shiba씨바
    Shiba씨바 3 months ago +28

    The program did a really good job of researching its guests. Lee Heeseung is real all-round member who is good at literally everything and he is truly the perfect Ace. And host Eunchae is cute and young, but she also did a good job of hosting while trying to create a comfortable atmosphere for the guests. I really liked the chemistry of these three. Thank you very much for inviting Heeseung and Sunghoon, I really enjoyed watching it

  • vyncry
    vyncry 3 months ago +34

    eunchae is honestly so loveable and adorable

  • Layla
    Layla 3 months ago +373

    The way sunghoon said " no no our youngest is different, he's busy teasing us" Ni-ki is Ni-ki😂

  • Elis Room
    Elis Room 2 months ago +11

    Heesung is so attraktive in this. How he takes with her and trys to make her feel good and stable

  • shigerun
    shigerun 3 months ago +5


  • jenolevi
    jenolevi 3 months ago +54

    heeseung and sunghoon with manchae is the cutest interaction i've ever seen

  • Halina Taha
    Halina Taha 3 months ago +24

    Rewatch for 5 times hahahha cant get enough watching this episode happy to see them happy and comfortable to each others…hope to see them together again..More Enhyphen and Le serrafim interactions

  • LaVacaRosa LaVacaRosa
    LaVacaRosa LaVacaRosa 3 months ago +25

    Let’s support LeSerafim and Enhyphen !! They are both good and talented. Its so nice seeing boy and girl idol able to talk and chat freely let’s support both groups in their future projects this year ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • xoxo
    xoxo 3 months ago +562

    Heeseung is effortlessly funny 😂

  • Hajira. –taylor’s version🫶🏻

    The whole interview was so fun! All of them being “I” & being nervous. Eunchae still managing to ask questions. Heeseung love for ramen & that “commercial” audition😭 Eunchae’s ghost story! Sunghoon ranting about how heeseung plays without the members. All of them talking about their embarrassing moments. And finally the end of the Eunchae’s star diary. I would suggest to make it a lil longer 😭🥹 atleast of 30 minutes so we all can enjoy more

  • Hazlina Hamid
    Hazlina Hamid 3 months ago +12

    I really love heeseung in here always coming back to see this interactions❤

  • ninaien nur
    ninaien nur 3 months ago +62

    Heeseung is so soft talker and gentle😭😔

  • abcdefuandurex
    abcdefuandurex 3 months ago +38

    Heeeseung is so gentle and sweet with eunchae😭he's effortlessly funny&cutee yaar

  • 현서
    현서 3 months ago +16

    은채 긴장한 모습 귀엽다 !!
    타그룹 아이돌들과 함께 어울리는 모습 보기 좋아요~

  • junfairy
    junfairy 3 months ago +336

    heeseung eldest child, sunghoon middle child and eunchae youngest child
    i love their interaction sm

  • Selena
    Selena 3 months ago +6

    Okey, amo que Hee y Hoon estuvieran tan cómodos como para hablar libremente y bromear con Eunchae

  • Varada Krishna Kumar Varier

    Sunghoon really helped Eunchae through the entire interview.I think his ex-MC experience really helped him get out of his super shy phase.He's much much more confident these days and funny as well.Eunchae did super well too!

  • kyujin
    kyujin 3 months ago +71

    은채 너무 귀여워❤❤ 이 그룹의 아이돌들이 함께 어울리고 잘 지내는 것을 보니 정말 멋져요~

  • Aee Zee
    Aee Zee 3 months ago +14

    The heehoon mildangz duo is so adorable, and eunchae made it so comfortable 💓

  • ArmyEngene is LeftandRight
    ArmyEngene is LeftandRight 3 months ago +38

    I do not know why I find everything about heeseung attractive here. His way of speaking his voice his eyes his smile, well I love the expression heeseung makes while talking. I really like this man's calm yet strong charisma

  • xoxo
    xoxo 3 months ago +330

    eunchae is really good at bringing herself, and to make people feel comfortable around her !! proud of manchae 💕💕

    • 쿵쿵.02
      쿵쿵.02 3 months ago +1


    • Seth Nielsen
      Seth Nielsen 3 months ago +2

      Although Eunchae made her debut after 4 months of practice, her performance on stage is very good! Always with a signature sunny smile, chatting with handsome seniors is not jerky, and you can't tell that you are a shy person at all!
      This girl is so cute, I hope to see her on variety shows interacting with boys more😍

  • Hoonie_Myeon23
    Hoonie_Myeon23 3 months ago +31

    I enjoyed watching them together, esp. Sunghoon, I love his humor. I'm amazed by how well he communicate to Eunchae, he talks a lot in detailed and very attentive, with eye contact. Such an improvement to Our MC Baekgu. I feel so proud of him. Hoping to watch him again in any variety show. Can't wait for it.

  • Happy Pie
    Happy Pie 3 months ago +85

    Как же классно, малышка Ынче отлично справилась, Хи и Хун тоже очень старались ☺️💕 вот бы было больше взаимодействий артистов HYBE 🙏🥺

  • Catalina Santana
    Catalina Santana 3 months ago +11

    love this!! heeseung and sunghoon are so kind and cute

  • yzkkoch
    yzkkoch 3 months ago +15

    Sunghoon and Hee are both introverts so this was really nice to see, both boys tried their best to make Eunchae feel comfortable 💓 the chaos when she knocked 😭 also this is probs the fastest that kbs has provided captions

  • Black Tourmaline
    Black Tourmaline 3 months ago +25

    Aww, too bad Eunchae had to dye her hair back to black so quickly. She looked good in the red hair.
    Jake (?) zooming into the waiting room and slamming the door in their faces killed me 🤣🤣
    It would have been interesting if Ni-ki was here to give his perspective as a fellow maknae. He has mentioned that he's the type that doesn't go to others when he has worries or things that bother him and deals with it on his own, so it would have been interesting to see if he would say anything to a fellow maknae.
    I'm so proud of Sunghoon. I can see that his previous Music Bank MC experience really improved his conversation skills and moving past his shyness with people he's not close to.

  • nicole
    nicole 3 months ago +483

    all three of them are introvert, but they still made it fun and enjoyable to watch, i love heehoon duo so much! and eunchae looks so cute!!

    • appusser00
      appusser00 3 months ago +13

      Frrr their interactions were better than the other episodes

    • ESTHER
      ESTHER 3 months ago +1

      but what is INSTP tho😂😂

    • Blurry
      Blurry 3 months ago


    • kookie-py
      kookie-py 3 months ago

      im still surprised that eunchae is istp, considering her bubbly personality

    • appusser00
      appusser00 3 months ago

      @kookie-py istp??? I thought she despises T personality 😹

  • Alin Șofan
    Alin Șofan 3 months ago +21

    the best reality show on bank network never dissapoints. eunchae you are an awesome bank president!

  • isita
    isita 3 months ago +63

    QUE FOFOOOOOOOOSSSSSS 😭😭😭😭💗💗 na próxima vez qro o sunoo e o niki com a eunchae

    • capreseclem
      capreseclem 3 months ago +4

      siiii lo mismo pienso!!!!! sunoo el siguiente :))

  • Aaron Gordon
    Aaron Gordon 2 months ago +9

    Manchae is literally perfect for this show

    AULIA ZAHRA PUTRI ROYUN 3 months ago +5

    Saya selalu memutar berulang-ulang acara ini karena adanya sunghoon dan eunche🥰semoga kedepannya kalian bisa berinteraksi di satu acara lagi.kami sangat menantikannya ummmaaa😘😘

  • m rothko
    m rothko 3 months ago +55

    Heeseung is so gentle and caring but I really love his dorky side He is so attractive

  • Mel Pask
    Mel Pask 3 months ago +705

    My HYBE family! Love this! Their convo about Eunchae being the maknae and Sunghoon says, “no our maknae is different. He is busy teasing us.” 😂 I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • Sweet Lypophrenic
      Sweet Lypophrenic 3 months ago +26

      So you stan all groups in HYBE??
      Cause' me too😂
      Like how can I not stan such talented artists and crackhead comedians... It's like one requirement of being in hybe is being crackhead😂

    • Sweet Lypophrenic
      Sweet Lypophrenic 3 months ago +28

      That "our maknae is different" made me laugh soo hard😂😂

      APPLE PIE 3 months ago +3

      ​@Sweet Lypophrenic my god..... same me tooo

    • Sweet Lypophrenic
      Sweet Lypophrenic 3 months ago +4

      @APPLE PIE stanning all groups?? Cause' ikr 🤭

      APPLE PIE 3 months ago +6

      @Sweet Lypophrenic yeah....i stan boy next door too even though they jst debuted....idk how to xplain bt hybe always manages to catch my attention with their toptier idols. they r so pure nd talented

  • gss
    gss 3 months ago +8

    I love the way both of them were talking casually with her and asking her questions.... It's good bcz that made eunchae less nervous

  • Aline Regina De Souza
    Aline Regina De Souza 3 months ago +7

    Lee Heeseung is super cute and Sunghoon is kind best boys ever ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Uwi Fajaryani
    Uwi Fajaryani 3 months ago +23

    heeseung is really soft spoken. the way he speak is almost whispering for me. hahaha like its gentle soft warm..

  • Carlos
    Carlos 3 months ago +8

    que episodio tan agradable y Heeseung muy guapo

    • Ms Titin
      Ms Titin 3 months ago

      Yes,He's very handsome and calm ,his voice's so soft😍😍

  • Kim Jessy
    Kim Jessy 3 months ago +4

    O Heeseung me lembra muito o Boun, ator tailandês, o sorriso, cabelo loiro, muito lindo, me cativou 😍❤️

  • ʚj@sm¡neɞ
    ʚj@sm¡neɞ 3 months ago +1126

    ACCKKK! My ultimate duo is here! HEEHOON!!!! Get them that Ramen ad asap! Also Sunghoon's attentiveness really shines through. Whenever eunchae asks them something, he asks her back. King of communication~ and his reactions are good!

    • ʚj@sm¡neɞ
      ʚj@sm¡neɞ 3 months ago +46

      just noticed she's wearing jersey 23 same as Sunghoon's jersey no. and the other mc doubled it 46. Mubank connect!

    • 쿵쿵.02
      쿵쿵.02 3 months ago +6

      @ʚj@sm¡neɞ oooooh😯

    • nanaaaaaaaa
      nanaaaaaaaa 3 months ago +4

      same ult bias 🥰

  • 오엥
    오엥 3 months ago +27

    보면 볼수록 은채여서 진행 할 수 있는 프로그램 같다... 뮤뱅 엠씨로 발탁이 된만큼 진행 너무 잘하고 어색할텐데도 활발한 분위기로 이끌면서 너무 잘하고 있어 항상 팬들이 챙겨보고 있으니까 화이팅해 은채 ❤️❤️

    SWAG MINARI 3 months ago +3

    I love how they are so considerate towards each other 💓💓

  • SeliZee
    SeliZee 3 months ago +22

    Cracking up at sunghoon cute crying to heeseung omg i'm definitely stanning enhypen fr now. I wasnt a casual cause I definitely know their songs but now? Totally sold especially since i watched their comeback and bought the album.

  • EN- happens ~☆
    EN- happens ~☆ 3 months ago +81

    뭔가 틀에 박히지 않고 자연스러운 편안함ᆢ 넘 재미있고 보고 있는 내내 즐거웠다ᆢ 엔하이픈도 르세라핌도 이런 시간들이 많았음 좋겠다ᆢ 넘 편안해 보인다ᆢ ❤

  • iamscoliosisgirl
    iamscoliosisgirl 3 months ago +3

    Super cute interview ! I think they are comfortable talking to each other and didn’t became awkward at all.