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Customer Tantrum Story

  • Published on Jun 4, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    This annoying retail customer story from reddit brought me back to when I worked in retail. I thought it was a good story to share and animate over and add my own reaction and commentary. This is a first when it comes to animating someone else's story but I thought it was a good story of an annoying customer. I hope you like it! and I hope you have a great day filled with no annoying customers :)
    DavidToons - DavidToons_
    BigChapula - bigchaslappa
    AbnormalChaos - linktr.ee/abnormalchaos
    Thelaserbearguy - Thelaserbearguy
    and me :)
    Thank you for watching.
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  • Ice Cream Sandwich
    Ice Cream Sandwich  3 months ago +1761

    💥 wtplay.link/icecreamsandwich - Download War Thunder for FREE and get your bonus!

  • Kingmerki
    Kingmerki 3 months ago +10728

    It's always good to see Tony

    • Spob popicle
      Spob popicle 3 months ago +92

      Was it Tony or Donny? I genuinely don’t know

    • Joshua Coldwater
      Joshua Coldwater 3 months ago +91

      @Spob popicle You may want to get your ears checked… it was Tony 😂

    • A l a n
      A l a n 3 months ago +47

      We all love a guy like Tony in our lives

    • The Default T
      The Default T 3 months ago +37

      I raised Tony myself

    • A. Buster
      A. Buster 3 months ago +19

      @Spob popicle Paul was honestly amazing. can't beat Paul.

  • Meganuke5000
    Meganuke5000 3 months ago +2511

    I really like how the owner told him specifically "tell me what will make you happy, and I'll do it." And then he just left. Just an admission that NOTHING would've made him happy.

    • Dubious Information
      Dubious Information 3 months ago +154

      Unfortunately there's a lot of people like that.
      Sometimes I feel like people like that never had any interest in the food in the first place.
      Sometimes I think they wake up and think to themselves "I want to yell at someone, but I need to have a reason, so I'm gonna go to the nearest food place and find something to get mad about".

    • Vixx Celacea
      Vixx Celacea 3 months ago +67

      @Dubious Information Anger is addictive. Twitter and lots of other forms of social media, protest, outrage, cancel culture, people usually don't want solutions, they just want to be mad and they want an easy target to direct being mad at. It's culturally acceptable to be cantankerous and hostile. Anger is a useful emotion, but it needs a purpose that can be resolved to keep us or others safe or it quickly becomes an addiction as well as toxic.
      I feel sorry to that old guy if that was his motive and he's just a bitter person who wants to spread the misery. At the same time, it needs to not be tolerated, because even if it's sad, people like that are out to hurt others, even if it's just to ruin their day because misery loves company. It's not cool I wish more people would stand up to it. Maybe bitter angry people would realize how miserable they actually are if people didn't just stand their awkwardly or bow to their whim.

    • Caleb Tomlinson
      Caleb Tomlinson 3 months ago +17

      @Vixx CelaceaYES ABSOLUTELY!! i work at a target and we are basically obligated to make sure our customers are happy regardless of how angry they are and how they treat us. it’s very frustrating when they just want to be upset and complain

    • Michaela Chapman
      Michaela Chapman 2 months ago +7

      @Vixx Celacea its healthy to let yourself be upset if you've genuinely been wronged but don't come up with, or go looking for, reasons to be mad

  • connor J
    connor J 3 months ago +595

    In ironic fashion, the "child size" ice cream was perfect for that big baby of a customer.

    • Oleg Kamen
      Oleg Kamen 2 months ago +5


    • W. A.
      W. A. Month ago +7

      That’s not irony that’s poetic justice.

    • Lucifer Domine
      Lucifer Domine Month ago +11

      I would have escalated the situation when he asked if he looked like a child by saying “You’re acting like one…”

    • Jensen
      Jensen 6 days ago

      I know right, if I were Ice Cream Sandwich I would have snapped back at the old man after when Ice Cream Sandwich said he could charge him for a "small sized cone" instead of a "child sized cone" and he threw a tantrum like a toddler, saying that he has a son and 3 grandkids. I would have said well if you want don't want a "small sized cone" instead of the "child sized cone" you can order the "wawa baby sized cone" (just the child sized cone with spit in it) since you're acting like one, and by how "old" you look it seems like you need a diaper so it's VERY fitting.

  • Djentelmen Baphomet
    Djentelmen Baphomet 3 months ago +178

    In Australia, there’s a strict policy of respecting employees. You can’t talk sh*t to hardworking customer service employees. And that’s how it should be. We respect you, you respect us. Also, tipping good service generously is always a good idea.

    • Ectofish
      Ectofish 2 months ago +9

      We need rules like that over here in America; but until then we're stuck kissing customers asses with our bot ass bosses

    • The Dude Abides
      The Dude Abides Month ago +4

      "I'm Australia"....this made me piss myself laughing, and not in a "you're an idiot because you didn't put an n at the end of Australia" way, it's just the concept of a continent posting on a YT thread and being very proud of it!
      Good on ye Champ, you're a fhaaakin' Legend!

    • Philosjutsu
      Philosjutsu Month ago +3

      In many places that I worked, if someone is being disrespectful you can refuse their service and if they refuse to leave just call the police because they're probably on private property. If you're not a manager at all, then get a manager. You should have some extra patience while you're at work, but there is no reason to deal with someone as unruly as the old man in the video.

  • CarrieTooTired
    CarrieTooTired 3 months ago +611

    Whatever Tony's doing as a customer... we need more of that in this world 🥺

    • George H
      George H 2 months ago +9

      I think Tony might be running a protection racket

    • DukeApples
      DukeApples 2 months ago +10

      Have a guy once a year walk into our store and just tip the entire staff 500$ (to be split)

    • TheEepyMagi
      TheEepyMagi 2 months ago +7

      Sometimes all it takes is a customer to smile and say "you have a nice day, got it?" Or something along those lines to make work better. Thanks tony :]

    • TonY
      TonY Month ago +2

      Appreciate it

    • LunarTFM
      LunarTFM Month ago +2

      @TheEepyMagican confirm, once I told a worker at Chili’s “you can do it, I believe in you” and she told me “thank you, that gave me the strength I needed to finish my shift”

  • Gouda Female
    Gouda Female 3 months ago +113

    This is the only guy that can possibly make every sponsor possible enjoyable.

    • Awake and Ready
      Awake and Ready 2 months ago +2

      I recommend Internet Historian cause he also makes great sponsor segments.

    • Cheese Man
      Cheese Man 20 days ago +1

      The snail has my kids at gun point

  • Enigmaticmuffin
    Enigmaticmuffin 3 months ago +4904

    i can appreciate that he was so floored by this story that he made an entire animated video about it

    • P
      P 3 months ago +3

      My farts are better than Ice Cream Sandwich’s farts.

    • Conscious Ness
      Conscious Ness 3 months ago +75

      My god, the bots have moved on to self-deprecating humor in their "epic owns"

    • Rosette Canlas
      Rosette Canlas 3 months ago +4

      @P HAHAHA

    • Adam David
      Adam David 3 months ago +2

      Boom! I was the 1 thousandth like for this comment 😀

    • Gared Stark
      Gared Stark 3 months ago +12

      I'm sure it had nothing to do with the sponsorship money at all.

  • BiteyMax
    BiteyMax 3 months ago +189

    I guess I should comment here... This is my story from Reddit and I can validate all of it. Huge shout out to Ice Cream Sandwich as you made this way more entertaining than I did.
    I notice a lot of people in the comments giving kudos to the owner/manager. I can vouch, he was a great guy and defended us to the death. After this incident he sat me down and told me "the next time someone complains about how things are done here tell them the owner has an asking price for the store and if you want to pay it, you can make the decisions".
    The store was sold and he is now retired, but I have a lot of memories from there!

    • Nyan Cat
      Nyan Cat 12 days ago +5

      I guess someone found the asking price affordable xD

  • i5usko
    i5usko 3 months ago +450

    I Love the dead inside and nobody's home look of all his viewers. He really captures the essence of us there.

    • Voltar
      Voltar 3 months ago +5

      I read this comment so wrong.

    • HeyIndieGamer
      HeyIndieGamer 3 months ago +6

      Totally my one brain cell 24/7

  • HedgeWedge
    HedgeWedge 3 months ago +34

    Every time Ice Cream Sandwich posts a new video, a collective "yay" is heard throughout the world.

  • I don't know.
    I don't know. 3 months ago +234

    "Stop using the word *disrespective* when you're the only one being disrespectful." 👏🏾👏🏾

    • Grace Frederick
      Grace Frederick Month ago +3

      *disrespected, but close

    • I don't know.
      I don't know. Month ago +2

      @Grace Frederick k?

    • Nyan Cat
      Nyan Cat 12 days ago

      @Grace Frederick dude even edited it yet didn't fix it lol

    • I don't know.
      I don't know. 3 days ago

      @Nyan Cat I edited way before they ever commented..

  • KFC 11 spices recipe#8214
    KFC 11 spices recipe#8214 3 months ago +46

    I love Tony. He saved my marriage!
    Also, these are the only sponsorship videos I will never skip over

  • NvRp
    NvRp 3 months ago +9335

    "If violence is not the answer, then you're not using it enough" - Icecreamsandwich, apparently

    • Goosetrail
      Goosetrail 3 months ago +375

      Violence isn't the answer.
      Violence is the question, the answer is yes

    • sf27
      sf27 3 months ago +101

      ​@Goosetrail I imagine something more like this: Violence? Violence.

    • A Man?
      A Man? 3 months ago +92

      "if you kill a killer, the number of killers doesn't go down" bro just do it again, you're not gonna commit mitosis are you?

    • I have no friends :c
      I have no friends :c 3 months ago +10

      @Goosetrail which npc says that in Pokémon

    • The tiny turkey
      The tiny turkey 3 months ago


  • S o҉ L
    S o҉ L 3 months ago +258

    I love how everytime Andy animate a character representing *us* (his subscribers) he makes an emotionless empty-minded walking boi, which is only there to probably suffer from Andy's stick hands and then receive a comfy hug, followed by a punch in the face. Which is quite accurate, tbh

  • Andrea Blair
    Andrea Blair 3 months ago +19

    It's really sad how some customers just don't understand how damaging it is to deal with something you cannot fix and then to just be berated for it. I actually have PTSD from a few of them and I hate them for it. 😢
    I at least have a lot of customers who love me and are happy to see me. ❤

  • Mr.Nobody
    Mr.Nobody 3 months ago +17

    Everyone loves Tony
    There’s always that one customer the employees love to see

  • Austin Trober
    Austin Trober 3 months ago +89

    The ending got me. I sat there for like 10 seconds waiting for him to say something else lol

  • Snek
    Snek 3 months ago +62

    Violence is the answer, as Ice Cream Sandwich showed us here 0:41

  • CookieJarVR
    CookieJarVR 3 months ago +5531

    this is the only guy that can keep my attention through a sponsored segment

    • Asadk.
      Asadk. 3 months ago +18

      Th2 vid was uploaded 1 minute ago?

    • CookieJarVR
      CookieJarVR 3 months ago +71

      @Asadk. i watched his other ones and the sponsored segments are absolute fire

    • Patched_Doodlez
      Patched_Doodlez 3 months ago +9


    • TheGaminator
      TheGaminator 3 months ago +9

      NakeyJakey has great ones too. Love the recurring attorneys at law bits.

    • Spase_Axolotl
      Spase_Axolotl 3 months ago +4

      Yeah relatible

  • N. Colt
    N. Colt 3 months ago +52

    As someone who did retail for a decade and finally got out, I would have been the one guy who clapped.

  • SMToon Entertainment
    SMToon Entertainment 3 months ago +34

    The fact that Andy put a giant glass cup over the viewer is comedy gold 😂

  • Emylee Maestaz
    Emylee Maestaz Month ago +1

    Please never stop making videos. You're the only creator that makes me laugh every time.

  • Fantalox
    Fantalox 3 months ago +27

    I have to admit that I needed to watch the joke about the camouflage at 2:50 twice to understand it... the second time I laughed a lot

  • preeti Devi
    preeti Devi 3 months ago

    You are legitimately, genuinely, the absolute only person in the entire world who I love watching your sponsored segments 💙

  • tamiirae
    tamiirae 3 months ago +4313

    With every customer that loves you there's one that literally act like you're ruining their life when nothing is your fault and you just work here 😂

    • Radiant Knee Knight SharaShaymin
      Radiant Knee Knight SharaShaymin 3 months ago +78

      "Your machine is out of ice! My day is ruined!"

    • CurseOfZeal
      CurseOfZeal 3 months ago +73

      It's definitely not a 1:1 ratio, and it's not skewed in favor of the nice customers, unfortunately.

    • Lunavellous
      Lunavellous 3 months ago +32

      My life is ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All because you don't have an extra ketchup packet!!!!!

    • Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right?
      Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right? 3 months ago +17

      I left the drive thru window and they forgot my straw and a napkin. I did not go back and complain. Does that make me one of the nice customers or one of the normal ones, which DO outnumber the bad ones by many many many many times?

    • Jpotato King The Squeaker
      Jpotato King The Squeaker 3 months ago +12

      Where is my EXTRA OUNCE of KECTCHUP in my BURGER... I *MEASURED IT!*

  • Samantha Forhan
    Samantha Forhan 3 months ago +15

    As someone who works in customer service for years, I can confidently say the old man was either lonely and wanted any kind of human interaction, or he was haveing a bad day and needed someone in a place where he never planed on going to to let off the steam. Or both.

  • Jeremy Lindquist
    Jeremy Lindquist 3 months ago +11

    I love all of his weird little interactions with the “viewer”.

  • Brandie Bunnie
    Brandie Bunnie 3 months ago +2

    i'm really glad i found your channel some months ago. Your short videos really uplift my inner mood and make me laugh 🥹from the animations to the way you just... capture unfortunate events with such a humor.
    So thank you! for making content and putting it out there for others to watch and relate to.

  • FadedSkull
    FadedSkull 3 months ago +7

    As a cashier who recently had a Karen encounter, this is….eerily well-timed.

  • _Slippery_
    _Slippery_ 2 months ago +1

    I can’t describe how much I love your stuff. I am so entertained by your stories.

  • natalie hogan
    natalie hogan 3 months ago +3077

    Legend says that the employees are still patting Tony to this day

    • the larryman
      the larryman 3 months ago +32

      think thought it was donny LMAOOOO 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Kendra Rathbone
      Kendra Rathbone 3 months ago +28

      I just imagine standing at the edge of a canyon at night listening to the soft whispers of "hey Tony" on the wind

    • Malhaloc
      Malhaloc 3 months ago +34

      Patting who, now? Oh, hey, is that Tony?

    • Sydney Beu
      Sydney Beu 3 months ago +32


    • choi an
      choi an 3 months ago +1


  • Loki Chresire
    Loki Chresire 3 months ago +3

    We all need that one good customer we all love 😌🤟

  • Heartless Zombie
    Heartless Zombie 3 months ago +10

    I used to work at the testing center for my college. We had one student as a regular, clearly just starting out. Poor guy was a nervous wreck and had chronically bad luck, but he was always super kind and understanding. He was apologizing to me for causing problems all the time and i basically told him that it was my job to help and he made my shift better whenever he came in. Still remember the smile that put on his face.

  • Insert badass-funny-wierd name here!

    I will never get tired of this man's sponsor transitions, like ever

  • Kittyman
    Kittyman 3 months ago +1

    He always finds out someway to make anything funny, even the sponsors, it’s amazing

  • Reece Perry
    Reece Perry 3 months ago +2482

    One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn in customer service is that some people just want to be mad at someone.

    • local_idiot???
      local_idiot??? 3 months ago +69

      I could never be in customer service. I like to think I'm generally a nice person like I wouldn't ask for my order to be corrected if it's wrong as long its not seafood I'll eat it and I have 4 other siblings so my patience is quite long but if you get mad at me for nothing to the point of wanting to fight? I would just leave the store completely and take my break early because once that patience is out there is anger

    • Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right?
      Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right? 3 months ago +63

      its literally how many people get freebies. they know that if they complain, most places allow customer service to compensate to some degree. at some point you know the company you work for is being suckered, but you say nothing. Well, I am an owner that doesn't put up with it. If you used the product, and there is nothing wrong with it, you cannot have a refund. Its why the girl that make slime with mixins and glitter and shiz no longer does refunds. Its why even walmart has stopped a lot of that and requires id.

    • Kayden7kun
      Kayden7kun 3 months ago +18

      ​​@local_idiot??? I thought the same thing, but after working at a gift and delicacy shop (in Germany) as a parttimer while studying for almost a year now, I've realized that it highly depends on what kind of store you work in and thus what kid of people you'll be mostly seeing. I'm really sensitive to other people's emotions so I was kinda scared working there at first, but up to now I've only had like 3 or 4 actual bad encounters with customers. Of course there were some weird people or tight lipped ones, but mostly they were glad to have someone help them with finding a gift and wrap it up nicely or being able to taste some of our stuff before deciding to buy it :D
      Christmas is of course stressful as heck, but I think that's in every store the case ^^

    • Alyson Martin
      Alyson Martin 3 months ago +8

      I work at a wealth management firm and I am SO glad I am just the marketing person and not an advisor. Imagine selling a service working with people’s money.

    • Gavin E****
      Gavin E**** 3 months ago +2

      @local_idiot??? 🤣and then there was anger

  • A&B
    A&B 3 months ago +6

    you’re like the only channel on this app that actually makes me belly laugh 😭 even if your videos are short they’re absolutely high quality. we love you!!

  • akira Miller
    akira Miller 3 months ago +4

    I cannot express how much this guy makes me smile every time he uploads. I just know its good before i even open the video

  • jan Misu
    jan Misu Month ago

    Love that you gave me a blankie and a little snack to get comfy for the story - that just made my day :)

  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams 3 months ago +3

    I absolutely love this animation style. Its so simple but effective. Like why have I watched 0:25 at least 10 times and it keeps getting funnier??

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy 3 months ago +1

    You’re literally the only Clip-Sharer that I watch the sponsor segments for cuz it’s always hilarious 💀

  • Willow_O_The Wisp
    Willow_O_The Wisp 3 months ago +2428

    The fact that Andy put a giant glass cup over the viewer is comedy gold 😂👌

    • Jonny45k
      Jonny45k 3 months ago +49

      You just gotta respect the game at that point

    • Willow_O_The Wisp
      Willow_O_The Wisp 3 months ago +10

      @Jonny45k Definitely

    • David Ashmore
      David Ashmore 3 months ago +5

      I read this right as it played for me

    • Alice White_1
      Alice White_1 3 months ago +13

      Greatest transition for an ad of all time

    • IzL
      IzL 3 months ago +29

      It's actually what made me stay through the sponsor instead of skipping it lol

  • Dara
    Dara 3 months ago +2

    I’ve met a lot of scary customers, but surely one of the most memorable was the man who stormed in just after closing time, demanded food he hadn’t even paid for, cussed us out, snatched someone else’s takeout bag, and hurled it at us. The bag exploded against the wall within 1ft of the manager’s head! It was terrifying

  • Lenore Wright
    Lenore Wright 3 months ago +9

    I just discovered this channel with my fiance today and we've ended up binging this stuff on the couch for over an hour. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time lol this is gold!

  • Goldhunterbob
    Goldhunterbob Month ago

    I love this creator so much he always puts out 10/10 content. I've watched this video like 5 times now.😂

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose 3 months ago +6

    That one dude getting a lil too excited about Tony genuinely made me laugh so hard

  • Ananda Hartono
    Ananda Hartono Month ago

    even if its just a random daily story, if its animated and narrated like this, id watch every single of it

  • diggoran
    diggoran 3 months ago +1910

    The old dude didn't fail twice. He met his goal of causing a scene, and didn't have to pay a cent for it. Complete success.

    • h
      h 3 months ago +100

      Yep. That guy didn't want single scoop of icecream when he walked in.

    • P
      P 3 months ago +5

      My farts are better than Ice Cream Sandwich’s farts.

    • Matthew
      Matthew 3 months ago +36

      He didn't pay a cent because he didn't get anything, he caused a scene but embarrassed himself in front of others when someone reasonable made it impossible for them to continue their rant and therefore no more attention for the lonely old man

    • diggoran
      diggoran 3 months ago +30

      @Matthew he’s probably so self assured that he wasn’t embarrassed, he just fully played his hand and then went to go find a new thing to cause a scene over

    • Min Suga Genius
      Min Suga Genius 3 months ago

      Ye and embarrassment

  • DarkHollow
    DarkHollow 3 months ago +1

    I always get excited when I see a new Ice Cream Sandwich video come out, and this was no exception. Good job, Andy, and keep up the good work cause me and a lot of other people really enjoy what you do and love creating chaos with you! I salute thee :3

  • Clementine
    Clementine 3 months ago +1

    As someone who spent a year working at an ice cream shop, I've had SO MANY experiences just like this, its unbelievable. Full grown adults throwing temper tantrums over ice cream. The difference was that this ice cream place was a total mess, and we had no managers and our boss was NEVER THERE. Ended up getting injured due to poor working conditions, and then the place closed for renovation and never reopened.

  • B Ricks
    B Ricks 3 months ago +7

    Hadn’t seen this video before, so the moment Agent P’s voice (my calendar alarm) overlaps the old man’s rant at 1:39 minutes in…. I burst out laughing! Thought it was a sound effect on the video 😂

  • Scribble_Rodent
    Scribble_Rodent 3 months ago +1

    Ok honest question, do you ever just genuinely giggle while making these? Your videos are one of the little things on the internet that make me genuinely laugh and I cannot imaging drawing and animating these goofy frames or recording the pitter patters and silly noises without laughing my head off 😂😂

    RED FOX 3 months ago

    This guy must get way more downloads on sponsors than anybody else because he's the only person that is found that makes entertaining sponsors

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +1774

    You can really see all the love and work that goes into the lil silly faces

  • Alesha Singleton
    Alesha Singleton 3 months ago +4

    As someone who works at the hospital. the amount of people who come in asking for help and o be treated, but then refuse all medical care is astounding.

    • Cade Mahler
      Cade Mahler 3 months ago

      it’s not that astounding tbh

    • Annistar
      Annistar Month ago

      Not that astounding when medical care leaves you living in a cardboard box.

  • sincerelybells_
    sincerelybells_ 3 months ago

    Watching your videos is so refreshing -- you are hilarious, original, and your content always keeps me on my toes. Thank you so much for telling us your stories in a never-ending cycle of creative, pure and genuine humour

  • Sio
    Sio 3 months ago

    as a service worker, i love you
    thank you for a relatively cathartic story & as always, a goofy storytelling style (:

  • Mr.HugPug
    Mr.HugPug 3 months ago +1

    Your videos are getting me through a hard time, I love you dude

  • coolexy88889
    coolexy88889 3 months ago +1

    I can never go a full video without laughing til' I cry. TY for the never ending amazing content

  • Ahmed Hussain
    Ahmed Hussain 3 months ago +1104

    Its honestly amazing that your managerr actually stood up for you like kudos to that guy

    • Bestseabass
      Bestseabass 3 months ago +22

      I know right. So many people would have gotten fired lol

    • Brendan Rudell
      Brendan Rudell 3 months ago +47

      Honestly I think it’s kind of the bare minimum if the customer is being unreasonable.

    • Jonathan Olsgaard
      Jonathan Olsgaard 3 months ago +4

      yes, wonderful managerr

    • The Jingo
      The Jingo 3 months ago +16

      Owner not manager they’re vastly different

    • Chocolate MilkMan
      Chocolate MilkMan 3 months ago +14

      it says a lot about this society where doing the bare minimum of human etiquette is considered really nice

  • S Lara
    S Lara 3 months ago

    Great video! I will presume the senior customer was agitated due to low blood sugar and/or triggered by something which caused this type of responsive behaviour. The manager did a good job to try and de- escalate 👏

  • DogeEffort
    DogeEffort Month ago

    Tony is an amazing guy I'm always happy to see him

  • SmolTIgor
    SmolTIgor 3 months ago

    as a warthunder addict i love seeing my favorite youtubers getting sponsored by them, we need an icecreamsandwich decal in the game lol

  • Bap
    Bap 3 months ago +1

    Ice Cream Sandwich is the only youtuber who I will sit there and watch the sponsors because of the level of personality he puts into them.

  • Luke Bonser
    Luke Bonser 3 months ago +1269

    A good way to deal with customers like this that rant at you while refusing help is to just ask them directly what they want you to do, like what the owner of the ice cream shop did. It made the old guy realise that he was getting nowhere because even he didn't know what he wanted from them at that stage, so the only thing to do was to just leave awkwardly.

    • Chococat 6649
      Chococat 6649 3 months ago +112

      I’ve had to do this several times; a customer is complaining to me about something, so as soon as I can get a word in, I immediately tell them their options and apologize for whatever upset them. Several times I’ve gotten the “oh, I don’t want you to do anything about it. I just wanted to tell you something was wrong.” *Huh?!*

    • CheesyPies
      CheesyPies 3 months ago +43

      Why are people like this i can never understand

    • fanime1
      fanime1 3 months ago +42

      I did this and got fired anyway. Just a warning that it might offend the Karen even more to do this. However, if you have a good manager, which I didn't at the time, I'm sure they'll take your side.

    • GingerMedMan
      GingerMedMan 3 months ago +30

      Similarly, is baffles me how often people are dumbfounded when you simply ask them "why?". Like they never even try to think about justifying their actions or beliefs, just letting raw emotions rule them, and when you expose that they immediately feel stupid.

    • Sakura Moonflower
      Sakura Moonflower 3 months ago +18

      In my experience, people like this just want to vent and be mad and they don't want to be helped as they're only interested in sh***ing all over the customer service rep they're actively abusing.

  • Rock
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    Okay, so I had an interesting customer story during COVID times (because, of course it was during COVID). I was at the register, and it was my job to make sure everyone who entered the store was wearing a mask. I saw a person walk in while actively blowing his nose. I figured "Huh, okay, I'll give him a minute before asking him to put a mask on." He continued blowing his nose while walking into the store, and he was about to walk away from me and walk out of my line of sight. So I finally asked him, very politely, to put a mask on. He stopped. Fully turned around to face me. And started yelling at me "Can't you see I'm blowing my nose?? Why on earth would you ask me to put on my mask while I'm blowing my nose?" (Keep in mind, I was fifteen at the time, this man was an adult). I kept politely explaining that the rules of being in the store during COVID meant he had to wear a mask, and that I had to ask him before he left my line of sight because I also had to run the register. He kept yelling at me, then eventually marched further into the store.
    He eventually left, and as he left I told him to have a nice day. He stopped, fully turned towards me, and said "I hope you enjoy your authority."
    A lot of the customers walked up to me after the fact and apologized for him, saying I handled the situation very well and was very polite, so that made me feel better about everything.

    • girl1213
      girl1213 3 months ago

      I'm pretty sure he was just faking "blow his nose." It's pretty easy to do.

    • Chumpinator
      Chumpinator 2 months ago

      @girl1213 but why though, i feel like some people just want a way to be insufferable to service people because if they try to argue against their stupidity they risk getting fired

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      While i've not had any actual social service worker experience, i have done a looooot of tech support for people trying to mod a game.
      And my god, meeting people who read the stuff you tell them to, and actually put in the effort to learn.
      It's such a breath of fresh air.

    • DragonNexus
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      The relief upon sering a nice customer is palpable. Like "Oh thank God you're here"

  • Sinory
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    And that's why I always smile, be polite and kind to the employees. Myself had to help out customers when I was a trainee at different shops. It makes everyone happy and everyone life's easier

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    As a McDonald's employee, I can say that I've had similar experiences
    And the cool customer everyone loves :)

  • Ashurean
    Ashurean 3 months ago

    When I worked at ALDI's, whenever a "problem customer" entered the store, the other 2 staff members would disappear to do other tasks and leave me to deal with them. To be honest, I never actually had a problem with any of the customers. Some were a tad abrasive, but they were easy enough to distract off topic. It probably also helped that I had that long-suffering people-pleasing attitude from a lifetime spent pacifying adults. Like a salaryman keeping up pleasantries and a grateful smile while being told he's not getting a bonus this year.

  • MyNameIsAndroidImTheCyberlifeSentByConnor

    As someone who worked in customer service: some people go into shops/call hotlines *just* to argue. 100% this dude didn't even really want icecream lol

    • dingalingdongly
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      Yep 👍. When some people feel lonely or powerless and then try to take their emotions out on anyone they can. Which inevitably makes people want to spend less time with them. It's sad.

    • Radiant Knee Knight SharaShaymin
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      Like the prank callers that just about made one of the MODs (Manager on Duty) where I worked loose it, we were super busy and that stupid phone wouldnt stop ringing for probably 2 hours

    • Lane Van Holland
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      This ladies and gentlemen, is why society is kind of broken.

    • DragonNexus
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      This is what he wanted to spend his precious last few months doing.

    • girl1213
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      @Radiant Knee Knight SharaShaymin I've seen businesspeople unplug their phones because of callers like this. It sucks for the actual customers, but the business employees have a right to not be harassed by people who are seeking to make other people's lives miserable just because they think if they do that they'll feel better.

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    I’ve worked in retail for 5 years now and if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that if you want good service be friendly and respectful to the employees. I myself and most of the people I work with currently will do anything we can to help you if you are polite. You start giving us a hard time and forget it.

    • nelmaven
      nelmaven 3 months ago +25

      I think everybody should have the experience of working in some customer-facing job just to better understand that sometimes, things just don't go well and you need to be patient and understanding with the people that are providing a service to you. It would make for a happier world.

    • DragonNexus
      DragonNexus 3 months ago +7

      All depends on the management. I've had times when I've given the rude customer what they want because, despite upholding policy, I know if a manager comes down they'll overwrite me and tell me off for wasting their time when I could have handled it myself.
      Might as well save time and a tongue lashing at that point

    • Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right?
      Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right? 3 months ago +4

      That is what I tell my customer service. I tell them that they do not have to put up with a single bs thing out of a single customer. They can hang up, walk away, refuse to answer, block them from the page, etc. Given the choice, they often just deal with the person the way that person needs to be dealt with. They are in that unique situation and have common sense and know what needs to be said and done. My customers allow me to continue to do business, but I am responsible for the experience my employees have. I cannot let people just abuse them.

    • Lilac Penguin
      Lilac Penguin 3 months ago

      I'm curious to know how to make things better :/
      I was waiting in line and there was a mother ahead of me. I had like, 10 things in my cart. The mother ahead of me had her whole entire cart full of lots of stuff, but the cashier was almost done. He stalled and stalled for at least 10 minutes, wasting the mother's time until another cashier took over. (She blasted through all of the mother's stuff and then my stuff and I was out in under 2 minutes i swear lmao she was a champ.) By this time, three other people were waiting behind me.
      I had him before a few months prior. Like I normally do, I said nothing while I put my stuff on the conveyor belt, hurried through the checkout process and hoped I wasn't bothering anyone. The cashier trash talked the magazine I bought.
      It was really obvious he didn't want to deal with me in both instances. I 100% get that a cashier's job is HORRIBLE and EXHAUSTING. One time this other cashier accidentally dropped something while he was rushing through my stuff and he asked if I wanted to replace it but I said "no that's okay, that's fine."
      I literally don't do or say anything and I don't really care the state of my items, just as long as I get out of checkout alive with all my stuff because checkout causes me anxiety. Juggle my items for all I care and kick-box me out of the line, I just want it done and over with and I want to get out of the way as soon as I can, just like the cashier does.
      What did I do that was so offensive and wrong to this man? What do I need to do to make sure I don't piss off another cashier where they hold up a line by stalling? Sometimes I wish I could say sorry to this man that I exist and that I'm sorry that I have to eat. We're all struggling to get through life and If I didn't have to, I would never go to the store or bother cashiers ever again.

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    Keep making videos like this and we'll keep watching!

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