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English Makes No Sense: Eight vs. Height

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Rockerboy Deadbeat
    Rockerboy Deadbeat 3 months ago +84751

    French: strange exceptions to every rule
    English: there is no rule; embrace the chaos

    • PeterDivine
      PeterDivine 3 months ago +6475

      I believe it was best described when someone once called English the language that mugs other languages in back-alleys and rummages through their pockets for spare vocabulary and grammar

    • Gamistry
      Gamistry 3 months ago +1130

      ​@PeterDivineyeah I read that comment too. Laughed my ass off reading that.

    • Just me
      Just me 3 months ago +164

      So true

    • Talie Clandestine
      Talie Clandestine 3 months ago +279

      T-shirt worthy. Yes, humans are the source of all choas. Why should language be different?

    • jewsco
      jewsco 3 months ago +312

      @PeterDivine pretty much dead accurate as English will happily take from French , German , Latin , Greek and Scandinavian languages

  • ScrapBandit
    ScrapBandit 27 days ago +246

    French: Why would you do this?
    English: YOU did this to me!!!

    • Jeremiah English
      Jeremiah English 9 days ago +7

      Don't forget German and Latin

    • ScrapBandit
      ScrapBandit 5 days ago +5

      @Jeremiah English No, French influence did this.

    • Jeremiah English
      Jeremiah English 5 days ago +1

      @ScrapBandit do you realize the English language has more than French roots?

    • 5US
      5US 3 days ago +2

      ​@Jeremiah Englishbro im french and no, im 15 and we learn to conjugate 2 words verbs that the second word could agree with an object if hes before the verb and if the first part is the good one.

    • Anaïs
      Anaïs Day ago

      Le français c trop dur à comprendre

  • Ayan Qureshi
    Ayan Qureshi Month ago +1080

    He plays that French character so good Lol

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago +16825

    You don't learn English, you memorize it.

    • Con_El_Maestro
      Con_El_Maestro 2 months ago +280

      Same as chess

    • PerryTheDapAPus
      PerryTheDapAPus 2 months ago +153

      ​@Con_El_Maestrou memorise the rules yes, like everything else😑

    • lyfislemons 00
      lyfislemons 00 2 months ago +113

      Facts! I remember our teacher teaching us different words and how to pronounce them on a whole ass blackboard.

    • Walter Summers
      Walter Summers 2 months ago +28

      That’s a whole fact!

    • Kitty4Catz
      Kitty4Catz 2 months ago +46

      Underrated comment! 🤣 As a French speaking person, I bet your everything that learning English is beyond difficult! 😅 And I HATE words that starts with a H!

  • Chase Spencer
    Chase Spencer Month ago +794

    Sometimes I take for granted how lucky I am to be born speaking English

    • vere pani ille
      vere pani ille 27 days ago +42

      Granted that easiest language is ur mother tongue?

    • Antonio Ivanov
      Antonio Ivanov 27 days ago +10

      ​@vere pani illeapparently its not the easiest. Indonesian is classed as the easiest

    • Ryan Hammonds
      Ryan Hammonds 27 days ago +30

      @vere pani illethat’s not actually true though, English is considered one of the hardest simply because of spelling and grammar. Now the basics of learning English fairly easier than most, but much harder after that. So it’s easy to pick up at first, but extremely difficult to actually learn. If that makes sense. Usually learning a new language is extremely difficult at first, but after you learn the basics and patterns it gets significantly easier to actually form sentences. With English it’s the other way around.

    • errornumber73
      errornumber73 27 days ago +8

      When I look back at my studies. I'm amazed how I could accept the chaos

    • vere pani ille
      vere pani ille 26 days ago +3

      @Antonio Ivanov have u studied both indonesian and english?

  • Achim Yi
    Achim Yi Month ago +52

    When I was an English teacher, my korean students used to ask me why. I said ‘ i didnt make it so i dont know either.’

    • Dickey
      Dickey 27 days ago +3

      I am learning korean and I ask WHY most if the time🥴 so learning any foreign language is same I guess🤗

  • Christopher Mason
    Christopher Mason 3 months ago +7630

    French : I don't get it
    English : neither do we

  • Lightningflex
    Lightningflex 27 days ago +196

    "You don't learn English. You memorize it"-Once said a wise random Clip-Share commenter

    • Ronald Dixon
      Ronald Dixon 23 days ago +1

      Aka EricSorensin

    • Ronald Dixon
      Ronald Dixon 23 days ago +1


    • Antrey
      Antrey 9 days ago

      No. You butcher it every time you speak, and the one you speak with just figure it out

  • Carito
    Carito 16 days ago +8

    I swear this guy's a genius for compiling all the absurdities in these languages

  • Jay Smagata
    Jay Smagata 3 months ago +5483

    Truly, English is a matter of, “If you know, you know…”

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago +132

    This guy needs a oscar😂💀

    • A B
      A B 15 days ago +2

      an oscar

    • Kearney Taaffe
      Kearney Taaffe 3 days ago

      Better than anything on Netflix

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith Month ago +24

    Ah the ole Gallagher bit. Classic.

  • The Crypto Ginger
    The Crypto Ginger 3 months ago +11596

    French ate at eight but his hate for extra height and weight must wait because it’s great to eat! 😂😂😂😂

  • 𝕏𝕖𝕣𝕒 𝔻
    𝕏𝕖𝕣𝕒 𝔻 Month ago +21

    Don't mind me, just laughing my jaw off while playing the video on loop 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Maxippo
    Maxippo 28 days ago +2

    I'm English and I'm now realizing how fucked our language is

  • Silver death
    Silver death 3 months ago +5854

    English: Let's confuse the french, they started it

    • Tashnah TV
      Tashnah TV 3 months ago +261

      French really shouldn't have been bragging about confusing the Americans.

    • Stormex Australia
      Stormex Australia 3 months ago +64

      I was thinking the same thing 😂😂😂😂

    • Gavin Brown
      Gavin Brown 3 months ago +96

      I mean their ancestors are partially at fault for some of this

    • gerome blara
      gerome blara 3 months ago +22

      ​@Gavin Brown we created partially English

  • Griya Satwa Asri
    Griya Satwa Asri Month ago +5

    Fakta: Bahasa Inggris tidak untuk dipelajari, tapi diingat dan dihafalkan!

  • *•Lunart•*
    *•Lunart•* 29 days ago +4

    This is me trying to learn French! 😂💀

  • FOXTR0T1
    FOXTR0T1 3 months ago +3750

    English: there are literally no rules, just memorize every word

    • Alexis
      Alexis 3 months ago +67

      Online dictionary is a godsend for audio pronunciation

    • Hit and run commentor
      Hit and run commentor 3 months ago +28

      English language enters the chat: yel I've got 5 million words about counting, enjoy.

    • Matteo
      Matteo 3 months ago +3

      Yes just...

    • Aiman saleem
      Aiman saleem 3 months ago +3

      exactly 💯

    • houtarou
      houtarou 3 months ago +5

      Which in the ass coming from a language that has clear and strict rules for spelling

  • Derek D
    Derek D 27 days ago +11

    You don't learn English, you memorize it

  • Temi Abiloye
    Temi Abiloye 2 days ago +1

    Why does the French guy always come across as an adorable younger brother when he asks English guy for help? I kinda want to give him a hug.

  • Ryan Magnum
    Ryan Magnum 3 months ago +16045

    As a second language learner, I confirm this is the case😂. I was told that English is so systematic but look at all the messes. The English pronunciation never makes sense

    • Adam Abdelfattah
      Adam Abdelfattah 3 months ago +1695

      Whoever told you English is systematic is a liar. It's literally the most inconsistent language haha

    • Aringrey
      Aringrey 3 months ago +1118

      ​@Adam Abdelfattah the grammar is more or less consistant, but the spelling and pronunciation are the language equivalent of alphabet soup

    • K Han
      K Han 3 months ago +346

      English is my first and only language and sometimes when I’m reading and come across a word that has more than one form of pronunciation and definition, I sometimes I have reread a sentence about three times before it makes sense because when I read it the first time I used a different pronunciation and was thinking of a different definition in my head. My favorite example of this is desert…depending on the context, you can talking about a dry area of land or you could talking about abandoning something or someone and each definition have difference pronunciations. The abandoning something one, the pronunciation is the same as the pronunciation for dessert (with two “s”), which is something, usually sweet, eaten after a main course/dinner. So I feel for non-English speakers learning English.

    • Ton W
      Ton W 3 months ago +209

      I already abandoned the thought "English must be systematic" and just rely on my instinct or how it sounds

    • Beliserius1
      Beliserius1 3 months ago +37

      @Adam Abdelfattah There are far more inconsistent languages out there.

  • thatguymaple
    thatguymaple 27 days ago

    *inserts that video of a cat speaking French* mer mur meer mure

  • NumPad
    NumPad 5 days ago

    English is like 5 different languages hiding in a trenchcoat.

  • FunnyApple
    FunnyApple 2 months ago +2023

    you don't realize how hard your language is until you have to teach it 💀

    • Løgicbreaker
      Løgicbreaker 2 months ago +89

      I tried to explain basic spelling to a 2nd grader once and I confirm I lost understanding of English myself

    • Jessica Baker
      Jessica Baker 2 months ago +10


    • Blank Sama
      Blank Sama 2 months ago +4


      IQBAL EASY TECHNOLOGY 2 months ago

      if you know tamil!!!!!

    • Egg
      Egg 2 months ago +7

      Ikr when I was 10 in an English class and nobody spoke English (I was better at grammar then even my teacher) and the whole class would always ask me for help I can say I got a headache from explaining stuff to at least 3 people at once 😀

  • Shefter Shade
    Shefter Shade Month ago +3

    Pov: french people at their firt English class

  • Doctor Squirt
    Doctor Squirt Month ago +4

    My man channeled his inner Gallager

  • Victor Gabriel
    Victor Gabriel 3 months ago +2262

    Learning to read English is almost like learning Kanji, you basically have to remember how everything sound

    • 37_Putu Bagus Arjawa
      37_Putu Bagus Arjawa 3 months ago +23

      I heard harder chinese language than english bru😅

    • silver atractic
      silver atractic 3 months ago +121

      @37_Putu Bagus Arjawa Kanji is Japanese...
      also languages' difficulty depend on your native language. English is harder than Chinese for a Korean or Japanese person, who would a similar language, while English is easier than Chinese for a Dutchman or a Swede, because English is similar to their languages

    • iOS 21
      iOS 21 3 months ago +15

      I don't think so. Kanji seems to need memory, whereas English pronunciation works on intuition

    • iOS 21
      iOS 21 3 months ago +14

      ​@Azeara Azymoto okay, there is memory involved. Pronunciation gets pretty random sometimes. I wouldn't call it Kanji levels of memorization though

    • Yoru
      Yoru 3 months ago +30

      ​@silver atractickanji is Chinese origin. Japanese adopted it to their own language as writing system because they didn't have one before.

  • Sunny Dsouza
    Sunny Dsouza Month ago +8

    Addressing him as English, is the funniest part.

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer 19 days ago +2

    🤣🤣🤣This is so friggin true!!🤯

  • John Weatherman
    John Weatherman 3 months ago +2072

    English doesn't borrow words from other languages, it chases them down dark allies, beats them up and goes through their pockets for syntax and spellings.

    • patrick morrey
      patrick morrey 3 months ago +56

      This made me laugh way harder than it should have

    • Ilúvatar
      Ilúvatar 3 months ago +7

      @patrick morrey Agreed!

    • Lori’s Place
      Lori’s Place 3 months ago +6


    • Cody Vaughn
      Cody Vaughn 3 months ago +18

      This is fucking great, you should make t shirts

  • Gabz
    Gabz Month ago

    English is not about being smart; it’s about memorising 💀

  • CC
    CC 22 days ago

    French dude was bouta slamdunk english into a *QUASO*

  • KarimB)
    KarimB) 3 months ago +2756

    One does not just speak English,
    English speaks you.

    • Jean Roch
      Jean Roch 3 months ago +17

      So many Russian oligarchs in London, englishmen are now making Soviet Russia jokes...

    • Theepash Mani
      Theepash Mani 3 months ago +1

      ​@Jean Roch 😂 lol

    • Christian Palmer
      Christian Palmer 3 months ago +6

      In Soviet Russia Russian speaks you

    • King Comeback TV
      King Comeback TV 3 months ago

      Ain’t that the god damned truth 😤😤😤

    • Mosi
      Mosi 3 months ago

      Like in Soviet Russia 😅

  • Tim Tsai
    Tim Tsai 17 days ago

    As an ESL student I have to say, English isn’t that hard to be honest, just memorize all the common words and you’ll be fine

  • Upset Instinct
    Upset Instinct Month ago

    You don’t learn English, you memorize it

  • AquaSky
    AquaSky 3 months ago +5734

    Gosh gotta love French, he is asking questions that did not even cross my mind. I share your videos with my English Teacher.

    • undisclosed_
      undisclosed_ 3 months ago +19

      Wait you actually share it???

    • Mikáci
      Mikáci 3 months ago +127

      ​@undisclosed_ You mean shair it, like sh and air.

    • Павлина Желева
      Павлина Желева 3 months ago +16

      I share some of them with a friend who is a teacher 😁

    • Mikáci
      Mikáci 3 months ago +33

      @Павлина Желева Is he a teechur, you said? Chur like from church.

    • AquaSky
      AquaSky 3 months ago +4

      @undisclosed_ Well yes, I was in school in the 90s and I have been in touch with her since.

  • Saber 569
    Saber 569 26 days ago

    When you're language is based of every major language in the world and has English as its base

  • King Poxy!!!
    King Poxy!!! 25 days ago

    That's what happens when you mix like 10 different languages while also mixing those languages with each other

  • Sam Wallace
    Sam Wallace 3 months ago +2786

    You don't get English, English gets you, has it's way with you and leaves you broken and defeated.

  • GarbageDidUdirty
    GarbageDidUdirty Month ago

    I will never complain about how hard it is to learn a second language cuz English is a straight up crime

  • Gentym Moure
    Gentym Moure Month ago

    People who are born speaking English are just super lucky to know one of the hardest languages in the workd

  • mossy mushroom
    mossy mushroom 3 months ago +1952

    Poor French was so enthusiastic about learning 😭

  • comteqfr
    comteqfr 10 days ago +1

    I see so much of myself in French, it hurts.
    Genuinely trying to learn and understand, even asking questions and being rewarded with emotional damage and a headache. Oh god the headaches.

  • XxGŁ1TÇHxX
    XxGŁ1TÇHxX 15 days ago

    That wall needs an Oscar 💀

    MINA ASHIDO 3 months ago +2334

    My english teacher once told me that in english there is only one rule. And that rule is, dont think, be chaotic.

    • Sapna Singh
      Sapna Singh 2 months ago +15

      What does chaotic means?

    • Danielz sozenl
      Danielz sozenl 2 months ago +37

      ​@Sapna Singhin a state of complete confusion and disorder.

    • Adrian S
      Adrian S 2 months ago +22

      and when someone makes a typo on the internet they'll start a war in the comments lmao

    • Kota Le Artist
      Kota Le Artist 2 months ago +2

      @Danielz sozenlthat is absolutely applicable to english what is this language. this is why teaching the sound it out method is dumb

    • Chris Mill
      Chris Mill 2 months ago +1

      and have good memory.

  • Sahiba Thind
    Sahiba Thind 26 days ago

    The English really went, "To conquer the world let's baffle them with bullshit!"

    NINJA. WIDAGUN 29 days ago

    The French should be the last to talk with all those silent letters 😂

  • NJ Duff
    NJ Duff 2 months ago +4439

    "English isn't a language, it's three languages stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat."

    • Mekenzie Burns
      Mekenzie Burns 2 months ago +65

      Thats so true tho

    • E Rock
      E Rock 2 months ago +34

      This is the most underrated comment

    • Inm0rtui
      Inm0rtui 2 months ago +48

      Damn that was better than my explanation of “english is a language created by two people, one is overdosed on all the drugs at the same time, besides LSD just to make grammar, and the other person invented LSD and overdosed on it, and gallons of every alcohol, along with enough caffeine to give a water buffalo a heart attack, to create the spelling and pronunciation logic”
      Im going to quote you

    • quinn
      quinn 2 months ago +7

      Just 3

    • Cherry blossom
      Cherry blossom 2 months ago +4


  • J
    J 14 days ago

    Nobody will ever top Gallagher's version.

  • Ben Perry
    Ben Perry 27 days ago

    French is the last language to question phonetics

  • Astrogirl
    Astrogirl 3 months ago +1422

    As a native speaker, I never realized how hard English was😂

    • greymatter1999
      greymatter1999 3 months ago +7


    • Enigma
      Enigma 3 months ago +33

      Well I'm a native Quebecan French speaker and I found English to be easier to learn than French and easier to think with it too.

    • Razorfloss razor
      Razorfloss razor 3 months ago +18

      @Enigma well you live right next door to one of the biggest English speaking countries in the world. It's why Spanish is easier for Americans to learn because of how often we're surrounded by it

    • McGwee
      McGwee 3 months ago +36

      Thats fine, ive found that most English only speakers can't speak English either

  • Mlv
    Mlv 19 days ago

    Just saying as a French myself I’d rather relearn the entirety of the English language than my native language
    Edit: I’m a lucky one as I learned to properly speak English at just 5 months from my aunt

  • Ricardo Valles
    Ricardo Valles 28 days ago

    I'm not dyslexic I was just born into the wrong language 😂

  • Darth Dyrnn
    Darth Dyrnn 3 months ago +1817

    Us English speakers:: "They will never know our next move...and neither will we"

    • Nightshade
      Nightshade 3 months ago +16

      If neigh is pronounced like nay, it’s pronounced like nayther, right?

    • issai 0108
      issai 0108 3 months ago +7

      The English even try to battle against the enemy with their linguistic 'ambush' rules!😂

    • Aaron
      Aaron 3 months ago +1

      The perfect predator.

    • Blythe
      Blythe 3 months ago +3

      Even the word “neither” has too many ways to be pronounced
      Neither n - eye - v - er
      Neither n - ee - th - er (but with the “th” and “er” pronounced together to sound different..)
      Either eye - v - er
      Either ee - th - er (but once again with the “th” and “er? Pronounced together to sound a specific way)

    • Muntajiboddin Khatib
      Muntajiboddin Khatib 3 months ago +1

      I actually WAS down on the floor on
      NEITHER DO WE!!!

  • JAHDuffy
    JAHDuffy Day ago

    As someone who had the chaos of learning English as a second language I can relate

  • Thatoneguy663
    Thatoneguy663 25 days ago

    The English language is 5 languages in a trench coat in a dark ally mugging you for pocket change

  • Mebh
    Mebh 3 months ago +1435

    Sorry french. We native English speakers feel pretty much the same way when learning how to spell and pronounce things as kids. 😂😂😂

    • Your Little Insomniac
      Your Little Insomniac 3 months ago +89

      Even as adults! You'll find new words written down and just have to take your best shot at it until you get corrected.

    • Mebh
      Mebh 3 months ago +28

      @Your Little Insomniac yes good point! LoL! I'm always learning new things! I forget what it was now, but there was a word I pronounced wrong for years because I didn't say it out loud often, just read it. Finally said it out loud in front of the right person and they corrected me. English is confusing for all ages. 😆

    • HungarianGiraffe
      HungarianGiraffe 3 months ago +43

      ​@Mebh I'm Hungarian and when I was learning English we didn't even had to memorise any pronunciation rules, we just accepted that we have to learn it for each and every new word. I think it's true that English is not one language, but three different ones in a trenchcoat pretending to be one.😂

    • Skad
      Skad 3 months ago +12

      As a french, I would not have get that english prononciation is so messed up unless I heard the native speaker talk about it
      You listen to english, and then you'll naturaly learn the prononciation
      In french, there's also several ways to write a single sound, so I guess I just didn't notice while learning english

    • Mebh
      Mebh 3 months ago +5

      @HungarianGiraffe LOL yes! That's a perfect description! 😂
      And yeah learning every word individually is unfortunately about all you can do. So much easier when it's your first language, but it has still confused me since I was old enough to talk! 😂 I actually know a french guy and a Romanian girl who speak better English then me because they don't use bad Grammer and stuff like I do. They have strong accents and make a mistake here and there but they seem to know more about English than I do because they worked so hard to learn it.
      How hard do you think it would be for an English speaker to learn Hungarian? Is it a difficult language?

  • largercameraman_edits

    Bro is actually from France and knows English 😂😂😂

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 9 days ago

    Just wait until French realizes that English is just three languages in the trench coat

  • Psychologymajor PTSD
    Psychologymajor PTSD 3 months ago +1998

    As a native English speaker, I appreciate the ridiculous nature of the language. It makes sure anyone who wants to speak/read/write in it is willing to suspend some disbelief and just roll with the chaos.

    • Magnolia M
      Magnolia M 3 months ago +33

      This channel makes fun of French and Spanish often too, it’s not like English is the only one with quirks.

    • Nelson Sorhaindo
      Nelson Sorhaindo 3 months ago +12

      lol never try french nor german you'll rethink about the defintion of chaos

    • Skad
      Skad 3 months ago +28

      As a french, let me introduce you to silent letters

    • Science Freak
      Science Freak 3 months ago +1

      ​@Nelson Sorhaindo Why?

    • Antonio Liles
      Antonio Liles 3 months ago +2

      @Science Freak LOL Look up Twain's single sentence German article.

  • UvaGrip
    UvaGrip 20 days ago

    Now french knows how i feel when my teacher asks what gender my pencil is.

  • Aushwada
    Aushwada Month ago

    English is one of those languages where once you learn 25% of it, magically the other 75% makes sense for no reason at all other than it has become common sense for you.

  • newhuskytwenty
    newhuskytwenty 3 months ago +2181

    As my English teachers told me: don't try to find any logic of pronunciation, just learn each word individually.

    • Delai Lama
      Delai Lama 3 months ago +43

      That's a terrible way to learn to read. Phonics is the superior method.

    • Infernal Stan
      Infernal Stan 3 months ago +7

      Well that explains a lot 😂

    • AV_Kay
      AV_Kay 3 months ago +44

      @Delai Lamahat they’re trying to say is rules and pronunciation r extremely inconsistent to the point where u could just learn words individually and maybe have better luck learning
      It’s just that typically u use phonetics for when u see a new word u dk, even then though an English speaker will most likely get a word right by following what they think it’d sound like in English over using logic

    • Delai Lama
      Delai Lama 3 months ago +5

      @AV_Kay No. What they are talking about is known as "whole word" method of learning to read. The phonics method of learning to read is superior.
      If you have kids and you want them to have the best results, you use the phonics method.

    • OutFlame
      OutFlame 3 months ago +1

      i learned through watching English cartoons when i was little

  • Waxyraindrop446
    Waxyraindrop446  26 days ago

    Well that’s what happens when your language is actually a bunch of languages hiding in a trench coat

  • Good_Cookie_
    Good_Cookie_ 27 days ago

    A mistake French made:
    Never draw with a sharpie on the wall

  • Ruby Starr
    Ruby Starr 3 months ago +675

    When my friend was learning Spanish, I had to teach her to not adjust pronunciations randomly like in English. I had to teach her to be phonetically consistent 😂

    • Erika Gehm
      Erika Gehm 3 months ago +16

      That's why I failed Spanish.

    • mouthy_maestro:D
      mouthy_maestro:D 3 months ago +19

      Consistency is unAmerican😂

    • Nick V
      Nick V 3 months ago +17

      Spanish isn’t built of as many languages as English is. Hard to be consistent with words from: German, French, Greek, Latin, and a few just invented by English.

    • kaouter Mouslim haliba
      kaouter Mouslim haliba 3 months ago +17

      ​@Nick V Spanish has a mix with ,Latin ,greek ,Iberian and Arabic. It has its mix in the pot to deal with.

    • Guillermo Lledó Wolkowicz
      Guillermo Lledó Wolkowicz 3 months ago +11

      Es muy frustrante. He pasado por eso.
      - di "O"
      - ow
      - prueba alargando la "O"
      - oooooooooo...
      - y ahora para en seco
      - ...oooow

  • Ed Drow
    Ed Drow 7 days ago

    The weird thing is that as a german, where those problems nearly don't exist, I never struggled with those things or thought about it.

  • CJ Maine Collection
    CJ Maine Collection 20 days ago +1

    As a English person I can totally agree 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Chelsea Despain
    Chelsea Despain 3 months ago +1434

    As an English speaker I didn’t realize how true this is. 100/10 relatable😂

    • 👋🏼 shifty
      👋🏼 shifty 3 months ago +6

      How is it relatable if you never realised it. Jesus

    • Mincat
      Mincat 3 months ago +8

      @👋🏼 shiftynow that they have realized it it is now relatable.

    • 👋🏼 shifty
      👋🏼 shifty 3 months ago +2

      @Mincat that doesnt make a lot of sense. Something is relatable if you relate to it, by having the same experience, but if you never even realised it, how can you have the same experience as someone who does realise it.

    • I’m Your Real Sensei
      I’m Your Real Sensei 3 months ago +3

      @👋🏼 shiftyit can still be relatable after noticing how weirdly English works, and understanding the language.

  • SeniorSuiki
    SeniorSuiki 8 days ago

    I was today years old when I realized how difficult English could be

  • rhinosbecrunk
    rhinosbecrunk 25 days ago

    I just want to hear him say "you have disturbed the dirt"

  • Bob The englishman
    Bob The englishman 3 months ago +1577

    His performance is everything... he deserves to get a gig from it

    • Matt S
      Matt S 3 months ago +2

      yep....every language class in the US talks about this as if no one has ever thought of how English is difficult/confusing...he did really great to bring up something everyone knows and talks about every time they think about the English language. Really bright individual...can't believe he recognized something people have known for over a hundred years....great job he did. really thinking outside of the box and getting as creative as I'm sure he could ever be...lmfao. Language professors....only useful as translators for people who actually use their brains like: engineers, doctors, scientists, etc.

    • crockoaches
      crockoaches 3 months ago +3

      He's a musical actor

    • Renascitur
      Renascitur 3 months ago

      ​@Matt S ok

    • Falcon Windblade
      Falcon Windblade 3 months ago

      @Matt S You want a medal or something?

    • Matt S
      Matt S 3 months ago

      @Falcon Windblade no but this guy deserves one for being so original and creative...such a great video 10/10

  • HA! Savage!!
    HA! Savage!! Month ago

    Me In a nutshell In english class:

  • Hoovy
    Hoovy 3 months ago +376

    My English Teacher used to tell us that English isn’t a language, it’s 4 languages stacked on top of eachother in a trench coat

  • Drunk Captain 🍺
    Drunk Captain 🍺 25 days ago

    This one is smarter than most my students

  • Madi Perez
    Madi Perez Month ago

    My ESL teacher was so annoyed with me because it didn't make sense. Her solution was say it and Wright it enough you'll get used to it, I can't explain why it's that way.

  • Charlie A
    Charlie A 3 months ago +146

    we just pronounce words based on their vibe

  • Feimicha
    Feimicha 22 days ago

    *Smiles in etymology nerd because I know why English is so chaotic*

  • Joshua H. Lim
    Joshua H. Lim 12 days ago

    English is that one weird kid who makes up his own rules, and makes it hard for everyone.

  • Battlefront Tezzlar
    Battlefront Tezzlar 3 months ago +769

    As an English speaker i want to apologize to everyone who is trying to learn English.

    • Enormous
      Enormous 3 months ago +15

      We just do broken english

    • Yohan Andrade
      Yohan Andrade 2 months ago +32

      As a not native English speaker I can say: English is easy compared to other languages. Portuguese, for example, have so much rules you'd never get it. We have like 12 different words with the same damn meaning and each word is applicable depending of pronom, verbal time and plural or singular.

    • Julka Sobol
      Julka Sobol 2 months ago +10

      I'm Polish trying to learn English :D

    • Xaid the Nobody
      Xaid the Nobody 2 months ago +12

      As an Englander, I apologise for nothing! Embrace the chaos that is our language!

    • K.U9
      K.U9 2 months ago +12

      English is quite easy to learn honestly

  • Coleen Lou
    Coleen Lou Month ago

    This was exactly me and my nephew when he was in first grade. Gave me existential crisis.

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 12 days ago

    The funny thing is that French played a big part in the great vowel shift, which altered how we pronounce our words and why we have odd spelling patterns

  • Oraclesofthemoirai
    Oraclesofthemoirai 3 months ago +910

    English: Never let them know your next move.

    • Being Raktim
      Being Raktim 3 months ago +12

      English took it to another level 🤣🤣

    • DreaB
      DreaB 3 months ago +6

      (Cont'd) English:.... because we also don't know our next move

    • I'm gonna get us all killed
      I'm gonna get us all killed 3 months ago +9

      English: you cant mind game me if i dont have a mind

    • Marmageddon
      Marmageddon 3 months ago +1

      I am your 420th like. Savor this moment

    • Ghost
      Ghost 3 months ago +2

      Portuguese: Amateurs

  • BowtIsBowt
    BowtIsBowt 28 days ago

    As someone who's first language is English, I often have moments where words simply don't seem like words- just strange sounds of gibberish.

  • hi
    hi 3 months ago +183

    Anyone who learns English as a second language is an actual gigachad and should be appreciated

    • Human being
      Human being 3 months ago +8

      You don't know what chaos is always happening in Russian language, as a second language English should be a lot easier

    • Pixel Zebra
      Pixel Zebra 3 months ago +1


    • Chizuruツ
      Chizuruツ 3 months ago +1

      as a 3rd language English I am not surprised anymore

    • Ciro Ebro
      Ciro Ebro 3 months ago

      I'm Italian bro

    • Agiks F.
      Agiks F. 3 months ago +1

      English is easy, you tend to grow up being surrounded by it if you have any interest in pop culture. Don't try to make up to be some high level skill to grasp.

  • Mason Burke
    Mason Burke Month ago

    This is 90% of the reasons my dyslexic ass couldn’t spell stuff right till 6th grade

  • Lalit Sajwan
    Lalit Sajwan Month ago +1

    That's why Hindi is always best

  • Kittykat7
    Kittykat7 2 months ago +983

    As an American, I have no idea how to explain English to non English speakers

    • Robi 99
      Robi 99 2 months ago +36

      Relatable. The English language makes sense because it makes sense, even if this explanation doesn’t make sense, the pronunciation makes sense because it’s easy for the brain to process. 😅

    • Phillip Erasmus
      Phillip Erasmus 2 months ago +16

      Americans barely speak English anyway...😅

    • amoldivo
      amoldivo 2 months ago +10

      Uhh, actually we don't really care about Americans?! 😅🤧

    • fairy
      fairy 2 months ago +9

      @amoldivo but you bothered to comment. yeah, ok. Americans live in your head rent free.

    • fairy
      fairy 2 months ago +9

      @Phillip Erasmusmericans speak great English and some of the greatest writers of the English language are American. It’s also our form of English that is the standard for new learners and it’s the american form of English that is used all over the internet, so be real.

  • Spencerinio5
    Spencerinio5 Month ago

    In the wise words of Churchill himself:
    *it just works*

  • BluesFanUK
    BluesFanUK 16 days ago

    The only thing that made sense was the Frenchman giving up.

  • Lella B.
    Lella B. 3 months ago +915

    As an Italian who loves to read in English, I'm always a bit frustrated that any time I encounter a new word I have to check how to pronounce it.
    Italian is super consistent. Any first grader, at the end of the school year, could (should be able to) read and write any new word. And that's why we don't have any spelling competition. 😁

    • StarlingKnight
      StarlingKnight 3 months ago +31

      Same with Finnish.
      Super systematic, but also syllabic (so example syllable "mik" is always pronounced the same no matter the word) and children usually learn to read and write before end of the first school year.
      Only problem with Finnish is that we have like 14 grammatical cases and learning to use them right takes time. But usually kids who have been read to a lot (bedtime stories and such) before school age have quite a solid grasp of the more common cases at 1st grade.
      The clause is that while certain logic in cases conjugation fits with words A and B, it doesn't go with word C _even_ if it sounds similar/ends in similar fashion, and kids just have to learn to remember the exceptions... 😅

    • TemKin
      TemKin 3 months ago +5

      Get use to it meaning is given by context. Learn enough to understand the minimum amount then you will learn the rest even if it may be rough.
      For context I am trying to learn German and french , my second language is English.
      I am using it daily and it got bad now that my inner dialogue became mostly English. ;D
      My mothertounge isn't related to any core european language.

    • Anna Mir
      Anna Mir 3 months ago +31

      Same with Spanish. When I was a kid I remember watching The Simpsons and wondering why they would do spelling contests... I thought it was SO easy. Now I get it.

    • Synia Synia
      Synia Synia 3 months ago +13

      In Polish this also is rarely the problem.
      For non Polish speaker it's hard to pronounce words, but not because you don't know how to read them.
      You mostly read the same as you write.

    • finpin
      finpin 3 months ago +14

      Honestly, English is my first language and sometimes I STILL have to look up new words to know how they're pronounced. There's nothing more annoying than saying a word out loud that you've only ever seen written, and getting weird looks from everyone in the room.

  • Laura Blanchard
    Laura Blanchard Month ago

    People from different countries really just don't understand our language 😂😂

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays 3 days ago

    so cutely he says English in the begining

  • Bruno Quintino
    Bruno Quintino 3 months ago +515

    My english teacher was straightforward with us about that. "A lot of times english pronunciation doesnt make sense, so don't get too attached to rules, focus on listening and practicing".
    Best advice she could ever give, it made things a lot easier.

    • Richard S
      Richard S 3 months ago +5

      Yes, don't think about it. Just use the words that you already know, adding a few words here and there.
      It is what it is ;-)

    • kayemm_86
      kayemm_86 3 months ago +9

      ​It aint no thing No, it isn't a conspiracy. The printing press cemented English spelling just as the sound changes of Early Modern English occurred/started occurring. So the pronunciation changed, but the spelling stayed the same.

    • gerry o sullivan
      gerry o sullivan 3 months ago

      Cough,dough,rough,bough,through,trough......what insanity!!!!

    • peachii
      peachii 3 months ago +1

      also, most native english speakers (the ones with half a brain, anyway) will understand what you mean regardless, at least here in 'murica. since there's a lot of non-native english speakers here anyway, a lot of us are used to hearing mispronounced words.
      and if a native english speaker does still make fun of you, remind them that you're at least bi/multilingual, while they (probably) aren't.

    • thecameronator
      thecameronator 3 months ago +1

      I think it's pretty consistent. You just gotta accept that sometimes the rules are bent because there are a metric fuck ton of words that are just lifted from other languages at some point or another. That does admittedly get more confusing because of the slow morphing of pronunciation across different dialects and eras over time.

  • Eric Ellis
    Eric Ellis 21 day ago

    I’ve always wondered why we don’t have a system of accent marks like French or Japanese.

  • Aman Chauhan
    Aman Chauhan Month ago +1

    I was waiting for him to write
    And ask, this is EIGHT and how it becomes FIGHT

  • swaftler
    swaftler 2 months ago +603

    Us English speakers underestimate how strange English is

    • ApocalypseZer0
      ApocalypseZer0 Month ago +7

      Oh no we are aware we just like to watch as yall try to decipher the chaos that is english

    • boko06
      boko06 Month ago +4

      I didn't realize until I started watching these shorts. That's also this other video reciting a confusing english poem

    • TopSideRhyme706
      TopSideRhyme706 Month ago +6

      Dude, the word “fridge” has a D in it, but the word refrigerator doesn’t. That’s how messed up it is.

    • Nickey Hewitt
      Nickey Hewitt Month ago +2

      I legit have a problem with English n I only speak English soooooo........

    • mip92
      mip92 Month ago +2

      I height it

  • N8
    N8 7 days ago

    I have never related to someone about English so much

    ROCK FIRE GAMING 27 days ago

    Bro was roasted english in a minute 😂