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The Lost Battalion ( full movie )

  • Published on Aug 10, 2012 veröffentlicht

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  • candy donnelly

    My grandfather, was an American Doctor who was responsible for setting up the French Field Hospitals, during WWI .Looking at him in his uniform was so impressionable as a child. His love of his life died in his arms, she was a French nurse, named MaryAnne. This experience changed his emotional well being, he was always kind and loving to his 5 grandchildren but had a broken heart his entire life. Peace and Light to your spirt, Dr. Norman James Quinn, Sr.

  • Amadeus Nelson
    Amadeus Nelson 8 years ago +141

    "Nein, mein brot" carved a pit into my heart, and when he let him keep it I teared up. You almost never see things like kindness towards wounded soldiers (even if enemies) in movies any more; people are too concerned whether or not "the Germans get what they deserve".

  • James Hardman
    James Hardman 4 years ago +173

    The Lost Battalion is one of the best telemovies ever made. I remember watching it back in 2001 on TV and I was blown away by it, and it still holds up well even today. It captures the hell of WW1 and Meuse-Argonne Offensive masterfully. The events that occurred at the Meuse-Argonne Offensive showed the world that America was a force not to be reckoned with. Maj. Charles W. Whittlesey and his men were extraordinary brave individuals. Ricky Schroder did an excellent job as Maj. Charles W. Whittlesey, a great performance by him.

  • Joseph Stach
    Joseph Stach 2 years ago +120

    "Far from their land, they made their stand, they stood strong and their legend still lives on!!!!!!"

  • George Turner
    George Turner 8 years ago +904

    The movie doesn't tell what happened to the Major later in his life. Major Whittlesey would survive the war and return to his civilian law practice, but he could never forget his ordeal or the men that he lost. He'd eventually take his own life as a result. I am filled to tears when I think about these men, all of them from every nation that fought during this war, because the world seems to have forgotten them. Sadly there are no more of them left for us to honor and thank for all that they had endured. May GOD bless those 'honored dead'.

  • Kris Obradovich

    Having grown up seeing 'Ricky" Schroder on TV everywhere back then, I must say his performance in The Lost Battalion was terrific. He was able to bring the realism of that Battle to life along with the cast. This movie is very well done.

  • meme12
    meme12 6 years ago +358

    Sadly a "forgotten war" These men were just as brave as in any war. Both my great grandfathers fought in WW1, grandma and grandpa said they were never the same. Left as boys, came home shattered men.

  • Malgremor
    Malgremor 5 years ago +34

    My father, Alfred Dixon, was in this war. He joined rather than be drafted. 36th Texas. He came from the backwoods and had never been exposed to common childhood diseases, so he contracted them all and almost died from the measles. So he spent much of his tour in the infirmary and was put on "light"duty

  • Stuart Thorne
    Stuart Thorne 9 years ago +433

    My great granddad fought in one of the last cavalry charges in ww1, I am lucky because I remember him before he died. but I always remember his voice when he told me about when he had to charge towards the Germans, he said he was so terrified when he and his friends were charging that all he could do was scream in fear. He ended up getting blown off his horse and he had a shrapnel wound at the side of his head, I always remember seeing the scar. A brave and kind man and I will never ever be as worthy compared to the men who fought in that war.

  • Dan LaPierre
    Dan LaPierre 2 years ago +332

    Thomas O Cyr died in this battle, on Oct 7, 1918. He was my great great uncle. The Madawaska Legion Post in Madawaska , Maine is named after him.

  • Tyler X
    Tyler X 8 years ago +163

    The first WWI movie I've seen, and I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. This movie captures the true American grit and pride we once had as a nation. Five stars

  • Thomson's Bokhörna
    Thomson's Bokhörna 2 years ago +133

    ”If I would stand at the gates of hell the day I die, even the devil would be speechless, for he would know I have already been through hell...” -Anonymous survivor of First World War

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 7 years ago +532

    There is literally no way possible to thank you for actually uploading the movie and not a virus link or a "click here to watch full" scam.

  • Anthony Belfiore
    Anthony Belfiore 2 years ago +51

    I remember the Argonne, 1918

  • Adam Newell
    Adam Newell 8 years ago +80

    My favorite quote from this whole movie?

  • Fifth Business
    Fifth Business 21 hour ago

    There have been hundreds of war films made, and I’ve seen my share. This particular film stood out, and I was quite surprised by just how good it was. It’s one of the best films of this genre. Props to the director, set designer and actors ... they all did an incredible job. Thanks for uploading this and making it available.

  • harneyempire
    harneyempire 8 years ago +12

    In November 1921, Whittlesey acted as a pallbearer at the burial of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, along with fellow Medal of Honor recipients Samuel Woodfill and Alvin York. A few days later he booked passage from New York to Havana aboard the SS Toloa, a United Fruit Company ship. On November 26, 1921, the first night out of New York, he dined with the captain and left the smoking room at

  • Centurion Wizofid
    Centurion Wizofid 5 years ago +6

    My grandfather was there, 14 to 18. He chatted with me, the same age as him in the trenches. Its almost 40 years now and I feel the numbness, hollow words that could not describe, but were all we had available. Thank you.

  • Ted Gross
    Ted Gross 9 years ago +57

    I find it amazing that these guys were able to hang on this long. By the time it was over, out of 600 men only 194 were able to walk out of there on their own.

  • Jonyt3hChunk Racing
    Jonyt3hChunk Racing 2 years ago +26