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Putin and the Presidents: Antony Blinken (interview) | FRONTLINE

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Antony Blinken is currently the U.S. secretary of state. He held multiple roles in the Obama administration, including deputy secretary of state from 2015 to 2017, deputy national security advisor to the president, and national security advisor to then-Vice President Joe Biden. From 1994 to 2001, Blinken was a member of President Bill Clinton's National Security Council staff.
    The following interview was conducted by the Kirk Documentary Group’s Michael Wiser for FRONTLINE on Oct. 14, 2022. It has been edited for clarity and length.
    This interview is being published as part of FRONTLINE’s Transparency Project, an effort to open up the source material behind our documentaries. Explore the transcript of this interview, and others, on the FRONTLINE website: www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/in...
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  • Marsha Fish
    Marsha Fish Month ago +36

    I have really had my eyes open to what is ACTUALLY going on right now! Thankyou for this incredible interview.

  • kilmer009
    kilmer009 17 days ago +7

    Thank you Blinken, and Frontline PBS for this interview. Honestly I love the Putin and the Presidents series. Incredibly informative.

    • Joseph Shreeves
      Joseph Shreeves 4 days ago

      The Timothy Snyder one was my favorite, but the Bolton one was very good too

    • masterchinese28
      masterchinese28 9 days ago

      PBS has been creating some quality content recently.

    • Scorch429
      Scorch429 10 days ago

      A. Blinken
      Ayyyyyy Blinkin!
      Abe Lincoln
      Im sorry, I just cant focus on this interview at all with a name like that.

  • Matthew Sutton
    Matthew Sutton 8 days ago

    This is an excellent series. A few years ago I thought Frontline was kind of juvenile and reached quite a bit in supporting some of its investigative journalistic theses...but lately I feel like the standards and material have gotten much better.

  • Patricia Goodson
    Patricia Goodson 12 days ago +3

    I’m so relieved and grateful that we have such exceptional people on our side.

    • Garri Kent
      Garri Kent 3 days ago


  • Gerels Production
    Gerels Production Month ago +43

    Great, informative interview. A true, rare statesman in the States these days, seems like.

  • capitandelnorte
    capitandelnorte 9 days ago

    Just came across these interviews, concept and execution both great. Very impressed. They should have brought steven kotkin along, but then maybe there is enough stuff with him out there already.

  • Lord Fluffykinz
    Lord Fluffykinz Month ago +15

    Incredible interview

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Month ago

    I never really liked Blinken but this made me change my opinion a bit. He comes off as pretty intelligent and aware in this interview.

  • David Clawson
    David Clawson Month ago +34

    “…had a clearly adversarial relationship with the truth.” Lol. I’ll have to remember that one. I really like him.

  • babak tabarrok
    babak tabarrok 21 day ago

    Fantastic interview.

  • DizzyDog
    DizzyDog Month ago +47

    I had a negative opinion as this man however this interview has reversed that. A good man in the right place at the right time.

      LIMPBIZKIT 25 days ago +2

      ​@dano727 better than answering to Epsteins buddy trump 💯

    • lame chantre
      lame chantre Month ago +2

      An empath in the political world dominated by narcissists.

    • dano727
      dano727 Month ago +3

      Meanwhile he answers to dementia Joe and Kamala the clown.

  • PleaseRelax
    PleaseRelax Month ago +2

    Excellent interview.

  • Kathleen Mann
    Kathleen Mann Month ago +3

    “… an adversarial relationship with the truth.” An understatement 👍😂👏

  • C Kiendl
    C Kiendl Month ago +1

    A true statesman, thank god he's there

  • tamas gyorffy
    tamas gyorffy Month ago +23

    coming from a family of diplomats, with some foreign service experience and studies myself, I really like this guy! Just like. from Hungary. Slava Ukraini! Thanks for this/these excellent interviews with excellent people! Great job!

  • zarr zarr
    zarr zarr Month ago +10

    Antony Blinken right man for the job wise talk

  • Marco Araújo
    Marco Araújo Month ago +60

    For a guy called Blinken hardly blinks an eye. Very thoughtful, measures every word twice. Accesses a lot of information while talking. Appears to be truthful or disguises it very well. Factor in a little more emotion to get voted president. But I think he makes all the difference in the current position.

    • Phylippa Pembrey
      Phylippa Pembrey 6 days ago

      War monger Blinken

    • Scorch429
      Scorch429 10 days ago

      It Abe Lincoln. Not A. Blinken.

    • Sphere723
      Sphere723 16 days ago +1

      ​@Marco Araújo I don't know, you can go look at 1420's street interviews in Russia. He finds plenty of older people who want to see a genocide of Ukrainian's. Obviously that's driven by state propaganda, but still, it's not a hard view to find. It's interesting to see the contrast with the street interviews from Minsk. That sort of genocidal viewpoint just doesn't seem to exist in the same way among Belarussians.
      So yeah, in some ways this is a conflict with the Russian populace. Quite a few are on board with committing genocide.

    • chrisrishermn
      chrisrishermn 28 days ago

      @유주나 I wish he were a robot. Then he wouldn't deceive people. If Ukraine doesn't surrender, what will be left of it?

  • jason1656
    jason1656 Month ago +1

    When I see men like Blinken makes me feel good that my tax dollars aren't being wasted

  • Livin on my own
    Livin on my own Month ago +39

    Perfect man, direct, polite, completely confident , calm and very very human being, hats off for Mr blinken person and personality 👏👋

    • AG
      AG Month ago +1

      Mr. Blinken is an amazing politician. He’s very straightforward, smart, class act. And I AM an American.

    • Георги Паскалев
      Георги Паскалев Month ago +2

      Nothing about him is as it seems

    • Livin on my own
      Livin on my own Month ago +3

      @Hoosier_Daddy no, I'm not even an American ☺️

    • Hoosier_Daddy
      Hoosier_Daddy Month ago +4

      This is most likely Antony blinkens private account.

  • Eric Nutsch
    Eric Nutsch Month ago +218

    28:00 “I think what we saw play out was the Achilles’ heel of autocracies, and that is that there is no one in an autocratic system who is either able or willing to speak truth to power.” - Antony Blinken

    • Alter
      Alter Month ago

      @V Vdh you sre notveven able to distinguish significance from importance, but earn 6 likes for sounding smart - so what do you complain?

    • chrisrishermn
      chrisrishermn Month ago

      @Hahaha you must be a good man. Blinken's lies didn't work on you.

    • Eric Willis
      Eric Willis Month ago +1

      @Ego less Suits me, don't forget to show me how right you were !

    • Junior Roselyn Roselyn
      Junior Roselyn Roselyn Month ago

      @Matthäus LIll true

  • marTin Tapia
    marTin Tapia Month ago +14

    Blinken is quite a bright statesman. Very poised and inteligent, he chooses his wird VERY carefully

    • Guenther Steiner
      Guenther Steiner Month ago

      @Veronica Gallo any examples?

    • Veronica Gallo
      Veronica Gallo Month ago

      *He has became a professional liar. When he was lying Blinken used to blink a lot. Now Blinken hardly blinks.*

  • Matt Winkeler
    Matt Winkeler Month ago +7

    Awesome interview!

  • Andrew Miles Broughton
    Andrew Miles Broughton Month ago +14

    A superbly practical man. Salute.

  • Jakas9797
    Jakas9797 Month ago +3

    Anthony Thankyou for your service rn . So underrated at times but so comprehensive in your speeches and well calculated in all. Thankyou man

    • Garri Kent
      Garri Kent 3 days ago


  • Gerrit Stegeman
    Gerrit Stegeman Month ago +36

    Amazing. Excellent interview. Compliments 👍🇳🇱💯

  • Pensamientos de un cubano americano

    16:45 the moment you place an ultimatum…never ends well.

  • Pheasant Philms
    Pheasant Philms Month ago +47

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The world is blessed and honoured to have such a statesman in our midst.

  • F. David B
    F. David B Month ago +4

    The way he talks is unique. Calm and yet every word is determined and confident

    • D M
      D M Month ago +1

      It reminds me a lot of Obama, minus the Obama smirk.

  • Travis
    Travis Month ago +43

    I think Blinken is my favorite full length interview on this topic after Julia Ioffe (obviously). They are both such ballers.
    EDIT: corrected spelling error

  • Antonio Palumbo
    Antonio Palumbo Month ago +1

    Great work ❤

  • Zinaida Parker
    Zinaida Parker Month ago +60

    The most decent man in the whole american establishment. At least,
    among the public persons.
    An empath in the political world dominated by narcissists.

  • Mark Hansen
    Mark Hansen 23 days ago +2

    These are great interviews. They’re not driven by the interviewer, but only enough to nudge it in some direction. Blinken seems honest, knowledgeable, experienced and intelligent. I’d be surprised if he could be forceful in a negotiation.

  • Павел Ковалёв

    About everything and about nothing at the same time. Perfect diplomat

  • Jobayer Jisan
    Jobayer Jisan Month ago +42

    Hats off to Mr. Blinken.

    • marty
      marty 4 hours ago

      @Dynamic ascension Blinken for prison

    • Dynamic ascension
      Dynamic ascension Month ago

      i would actually like to see him as next VP

    • KingLutherQ
      KingLutherQ Month ago +2

      @Majid Benyounes For not being a 21st century Neville Chamberlain like Olaf Scholz

  • Muad'Dib
    Muad'Dib Month ago +6

    That was a great interview. Thanks

  • steven schararth
    steven schararth 11 days ago

    2023 might be a real turning point in history with Russia , which means in some ways more trouble and hardship for many that must face this coming crisis. Clear eyed and straight speaking will help us make the best of this, I feel better that Blinken is in the role he occupies.

  • Dawani Ali
    Dawani Ali Month ago +8

    What a clear headed and smart diplomatic / foreign policy gulu! Very measured in his words and straight to the point with a high sense of clarity. Great Sec!

    • ParivM
      ParivM Month ago +1

      Famous american slogan :
      We lied, We cheated and We Stole , We destroyed , We destabilized , We killed , We removed , We made people flee

  • Ukopia
    Ukopia Month ago +8

    Blinken for POTUS! Smarts, a great grip on world politics, masses of diplomatic experience. That's what's needed!

  • Dr. Michael Little
    Dr. Michael Little Month ago +12

    I could listen to his thinking for hours. 👍👍

  • Pathetic but harmless
    Pathetic but harmless Month ago +2

    Mr Blinken, you are awesome!

    • marty
      marty 4 hours ago

      Blinken for prison

  • Paul Kruse
    Paul Kruse Month ago +7

    Well spoken, thanks for the insight. Question, would it help if multiple leaders from multiple countries were to keep stating on the international stage , that the WAR in Ukraine will stop , once Ukraine has removed the Russian aggression from its lands , and will not enter into Russia, thus depleting/ neutralizing Putin’s Nuclear threats?

  • Scotty D
    Scotty D Month ago +14

    This guy is so intelligent and well spoken. I lean right but I'm glad this guy is in bidens administration

    • masterchinese28
      masterchinese28 9 days ago +1

      Me too. I'm center-right, but glad Biden has brought in people like Blinken.

  • Mike Owens
    Mike Owens Month ago +25

    I like how focused this guy is on this situation man

  • Dr. Michael Little
    Dr. Michael Little Month ago +14

    Blinken is one of the most intelligent and effective Secretary of State cabinet members since Obama left office. He’s soberly focused, non-partisan, and truthful citizens in our government.

  • misa bito
    misa bito Month ago +1

    my heartfelt wishes to whole team for the movie. Also, the song is very beautiful and sung in a good tone

    • Bob Bowles
      Bob Bowles Month ago +2

      @Shayne Brown It's a bot. Nothing with a thumbnail like that should be taken seriously.

    • Shayne Brown
      Shayne Brown Month ago +2


  • g4m3r 222
    g4m3r 222 Month ago +10

    very calm and professional, impressive

    • g4m3r 222
      g4m3r 222 2 hours ago

      @marty why

    • marty
      marty 4 hours ago

      Blinken for prison

  • Manuel Corzo
    Manuel Corzo Month ago +24

    That was a civilized way of a meeting between the two leaders of the more powerful countries in the world.

    • Anna Markova
      Anna Markova 22 days ago

      @cheapbruh exactly🤣

    • Brandon Smith
      Brandon Smith Month ago

      @cheapbruh t😅😮

    • cheapbruh
      cheapbruh Month ago +11

      RUSSIA has the second strongest army in Ukraine, I wouldn't call it a powerful country, loool

  • Es_kay
    Es_kay Month ago +2

    President material 👏

  • Ben B
    Ben B Month ago +28

    This war was 18 years in the making.

  • Insu Maniac
    Insu Maniac Month ago +27

    Tony is such a professional, can't help but admire his intelligence! Respect!

    • user1qaz2wsx
      user1qaz2wsx Month ago +1

      A fool warning Putin. 🤣

    • hawkbartril
      hawkbartril Month ago +1

      This is a joke isn't it ?

    • Chicken Nuggies
      Chicken Nuggies Month ago +1

      @AUGUSTUS OMEGA ~You mean he speaks coherently unlike trump and biden?

  • Ibo Oguz
    Ibo Oguz Month ago +2

    Thanks for kind and generous support on earthquake in Turkey sir.

  • Jakas9797
    Jakas9797 Month ago +2

    Thank god we have Anthony blindken honeetly

  • CATGeezzz~
    CATGeezzz~ Month ago +3

    You are doing the best job ever . no other has ben so clear and to the point honestly .
    thank you .

  • Jas Kharaba
    Jas Kharaba Month ago +2

    He's played a central role in the Ukraine war. History will remember him for bad and good.

  • Rafal Zych
    Rafal Zych Month ago +12

    Poland already sends fighter jets to Ukraine as donation but names them as "spare parts"

  • Artonio
    Artonio Month ago +37

    Blinken is such a good communicator, says things very clearly and easy to understand

  • G1Arduo
    G1Arduo Month ago +21

    You can see the stress in this man's face. Like he's got the fate of the world to deal with.

    • chrisrishermn
      chrisrishermn Month ago +1

      He feels guilty and is worried about his place in history.

  • CatDog
    CatDog Month ago +34

    blinken is such a kind thoughtful guy.

  • Margaret Lamb
    Margaret Lamb Month ago +60

    Love listening to Anthony Blinken. Great speaker and sensible.

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson Month ago +2


    • Gary Fletcher
      Gary Fletcher Month ago

      @attila hamvas More U.S propaganda in another cold war.

    • Sophie Scholl
      Sophie Scholl Month ago +1

      fake account, ministry of truth

    • attila hamvas
      attila hamvas Month ago +2

      Yes a professional liar

    • Sipriano Ramos
      Sipriano Ramos Month ago +3

      He is a great liar he is saying they are looking for peace in the world and they do the opposite

  • Sheri Zamani
    Sheri Zamani Month ago +4

    Thank you Antony Blinken for explanation.

  • Nollaig Ire
    Nollaig Ire Month ago +24

    He's a legend, so is jake sullivan

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson Month ago +1

      in their own mind

    • Craft Paint
      Craft Paint Month ago

      Sullivan is already the President basically, Lol 😂

  • D.
    D. Month ago +1

    Who would've thought a lone soldier can defeat a column of tanks before breakfast, apparently Putin, didn't think?

  • Skibbam
    Skibbam Month ago +36

    Great Interview. Understated, but he is a very smart dude.

    • Skibbam
      Skibbam Month ago +1

      @Hang Tuah I did look at one of Emil Cosman's vids just to look at both sides. Ahh... you Russian Troll. Whatever dude or dudette... We will both find out soon enough.

  • Devin Mounce
    Devin Mounce Month ago +4

    This is about the west and United States. He has talked about NATO expansion for a long time. It’s silly to pretend otherwise. That doesn’t mean Russia/Putin isn’t to blame, but it also should shine a light on how poorly we handle our foreign policy.

  • #YOUdon'thavetoreadthispost.

    Straight talking man. Magnificent communicator. Just what the world needs today !

    • 1jx7wlt9 ic7rk3ld8
      1jx7wlt9 ic7rk3ld8 Month ago +1

      @1966grappler Hitler lied all the time I couldn't spot a single lie in this interview.

    • mlnxzy
      mlnxzy Month ago

      Maybe your western world, but mine don't.

    • marianne faulkner
      marianne faulkner Month ago +3

      Thank you. Blinkton could have but did not.

  • m0rtl
    m0rtl Month ago +1

    How popular would a possible President Blinken be?

  • Pietje Bel
    Pietje Bel Month ago +9

    The russian border to the west in ukraine just expanded with 300km with the new american missle delivery

  • Baltasarmk
    Baltasarmk Month ago +1

    My father is in Ukrainian armed forces. Late fall they all were deployed. So while publicly Zelenskyy was trying to deny possible invasion, they were preparing

  • Thomas Larsson
    Thomas Larsson Month ago +57

    Impressive work by secretary Blinken. Big thank you from Sweden and the high north of Europe.

  • Turf Surf
    Turf Surf Month ago +2

    Only person I like and admire in the Biden adm.

  • Scott Clemens
    Scott Clemens 18 days ago

    Putin's consistent role as Russia's leader with no complaint from his people.

  • Mike Owens
    Mike Owens Month ago +4

    Keep them in line Anthony

  • Florence Davis
    Florence Davis Month ago +23

    I like Mr. Blinken very professional look you straight in d eyes and answers all questions in a professional manner.

    • Euripides
      Euripides Month ago +1

      You watch not what he says and why, but he talks;You'd better watch Oprah

    • Wilson Private
      Wilson Private Month ago

      How are you Florence?

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith Month ago +3

    We should make this man the mascot of all our social institutions.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith Month ago +1

      @Vlad Zoubenko Yea. Someone doing their job properly. What else are you going to make the mascot for functional institutions.

    • Vlad Zoubenko
      Vlad Zoubenko Month ago +1

      The guy is literally just doing his job

    • Hello It's me
      Hello It's me Month ago +1

      do you know where i can get a blinken tshirt

  • suneku78
    suneku78 Month ago +32

    I saw Blinken here and then heard him on BBC hard talk yesterday. The difference in the real journalism is astounding.

    • S. M.
      S. M. Month ago

      @Michael Smythe they wanted to protect someone with anonymity because I was of more value anonymous.
      The things happening next, boy o boy, when I will have grandchildren they could hear dangerous stories.
      I don’t care about fucking danger. I don’t need to tell stories to my grandchildren.
      I want to be the next Kissinger.
      Advisor to the USA president.

    • Michael Smythe
      Michael Smythe Month ago +1

      And yet here you are...

    • Taliban Atrocities
      Taliban Atrocities Month ago +1

      Stephen Sackur is good, every guest gets it tight on Hardtalk

    • robert browne
      robert browne Month ago +8

      It’s all Sesame Street stuff over here. This man is very concerned about countries invading other countries unless it’s USA or NATO.

  • An Taín Hunting Kennels Ireland

    Anthony Blinken is my all time hero, who has bloody amazing hair.

  • Hafoka Hafoka
    Hafoka Hafoka Month ago +26

    Id vote for this guy if he ever ran for president. Its too bad voters arent concerned with ppl who are great with foreign policy.

  • Motsielo Nyane
    Motsielo Nyane Month ago +3

    I like that man from U.S. Antony

  • darreng34
    darreng34 Month ago +16

    Awesome statesman. Just makes you realise how disastrous trump was.

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago +10

    Im not a supporter of the Dems and never have been but i have always admired Blinken and believe hes a very smart person maybe one day should go for the top job!

    • stafford777
      stafford777 Month ago

      Please, please use apostrophes.

    • zamfir octav
      zamfir octav Month ago

      @Sophie Scholl I am

    • Sophie Scholl
      Sophie Scholl Month ago

      are you real? all comments sounds like bots here

    • Craft Paint
      Craft Paint Month ago +1

      The man has no real authority, your kidding yourself.

    • zamfir octav
      zamfir octav Month ago

      Same here

  • 신중용
    신중용 Month ago

    I’m conservative and will always vote Republican due to the current positions that the Republican and Democrat party’s hold. But I have to admit, Blinken did an excellent job in this interview.

  • mama2moonstar
    mama2moonstar Month ago +3

    Profoundly inspiring and informative!

  • Aladin Wunderlampe
    Aladin Wunderlampe Month ago +8

    A very great Interview. One of the best I ve ever seen in my life. Hugs from Germany

  • J A
    J A Month ago +1

    This man would be a great new JFK future president.

  • Shohruh Saidkarimov
    Shohruh Saidkarimov Month ago +96

    the word chemistry used between Obama and Putin got me damn choked. And Blinken with a smile goes like: I wouldn’t use the word Chemistry 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

    • Howard Campbell
      Howard Campbell Month ago +5

      I raised my eyebrows when the interviewer used the term "chemistry" to refer to Obama-Putin and couldn't help but chuckle at Blinken's response 😁

    • Nubreed
      Nubreed Month ago +3

      That was a tense moment between Obama and putin and that was on video too for the world to see , imagine behind the scenes 🤣🤣 tensions have been sky high since.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Month ago +1

      Repent to Jesus Christ “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.”
      ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭40‬:‭1‬-‭2‬ ‭NIV

  • Joanna
    Joanna Month ago +57

    Cool calm and collected. Heavy stuff. Thank you frontline.

    • Euripides
      Euripides Month ago

      He just came out of the deep freezer

    • Константин Сиротин
      Константин Сиротин Month ago +1

      I see exactly the same comment under other nickname on my screen right now, it is from user "Fluke Skywalker".
      Now I really believe in bots.

  • Applewhite
    Applewhite Month ago +9

    frontline pbs continues to prove its the best at its documenteries, no BS no partisanship just pure facts. much love

  • ajskirdonOn
    ajskirdonOn Month ago +5

    Хорошее интервью

    • Giulia
      Giulia Month ago

      Как можно договариваться о чем-либо с хроническим лгуном ??? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • ajskirdonOn
      ajskirdonOn Month ago +1

      @lost souls.. language

    • lost souls
      lost souls Month ago


  • JBH
    JBH Month ago +6

    Clear and precise politician, the world is in short supply of .

  • Lufteze
    Lufteze 27 days ago

    It's weird that when you see and listen to him, you believe in his honesty, he must be amazing actor or he really is an honest person and political

    • Missy Aman
      Missy Aman 24 days ago +1

      Probably mixture of both. He's honest at times and lie here and there.

    • chrisrishermn
      chrisrishermn 25 days ago

      It's hypnotic sorcery. It you do evil your mind is easily deceived by these hypnotists. Those who keep pure cannot be hypnotized by these people.

  • Rexus
    Rexus Month ago +178

    I am in awe of the apparent dignity, seriousness, and competence, with which Antony Blinken operates in his field of work. Much respect, and thank you, sir. Your efforts are much appreciated.

    • Sophie Scholl
      Sophie Scholl Month ago

      8. 12. 2022 you have to be a youtube boot. Another wise i cant explain your comment

    • BadWolfTX21
      BadWolfTX21 Month ago +1

      You can tell he's lying because his lips are moving.

    • Hang Tuah
      Hang Tuah Month ago

      @Lash LaRue Please don't resort to name calling as it is infantile just like your mindset.

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell Month ago +17

    Thank you Sir for everything you are doing to protect us all. We wish you safety and happiness, a long life filled with surprises and laughter in your heart and home.

  • Khang Vu Tien
    Khang Vu Tien Month ago +2

    Impressive explanation. Thanks.
    One question: although I understand it was a Republican president and not a Democrat, but how long do you think that it would take for the USA to recover the trust of the world after the stories that M. G.W. Bush has told about Irak?

  • C B
    C B Month ago +8

    What an incredible speaker. You can feel his sincerity and passion. The best answer to tell someone that is an aggressor, is to put it back on them and make them choose their path. It means you stand strong on your views.

    • Makaron
      Makaron Month ago +1

      If you can "feel" his sincerity, your senses might be off

    • Karol S
      Karol S Month ago +4

      All I see is the same deer in the headlights look he had after abandoning 100,000 allies in Afghanistan

    • Артем Артем
      Артем Артем Month ago +4

      You can't be serious, dude.

  • Antivlog
    Antivlog Month ago

    There was indeed chemistry between Obama and Putin judging by how Obama addressed the first Russian invasion and encouraged this war.

    SLOPPY Month ago +39

    Spot on, says it exactly how it is without stoking the fire.

    • Jake Bredthauer
      Jake Bredthauer Month ago

      @Constant questioning
      If he were against the war
      he would have told Ukraine
      to stop fighting.
      Were you replying to me?

    • Constant questioning
      Constant questioning Month ago

      Optical illusion I guess

  • Rex69 ishmael
    Rex69 ishmael Month ago +14

    Questions was on point 🙏🏾

  • Harry He
    Harry He Month ago +24

    Blinken is a great diplomat

    • Chris 1
      Chris 1 Month ago

    • Sophie Scholl
      Sophie Scholl Month ago

      i can not name worst one. And i can name 10+ diplomats(puppets dont count)

  • Russ Baez
    Russ Baez Month ago +3

    PBS better do this interview AFTER Blinken retire. compare with interview with Bolton.

  • D.
    D. Month ago

    Putin could quite possibly have a deep lack of knowledge, of just about everything.